Stamina & Longevity Advice From A Gemini Seventies Supermodel

Seventies Supermodel NowPat Cleveland, just having done her 2nd Saturn Return, in V Magazine

“I live my life like a dog: I sniff what smells good, eat what tastes good and run after squirrels.  Think like a dog and your life will be fine, you bitches.”

Yes the Moon in Capricorn stirs thoughts of aging, relevancy, longevity, time and timing, age-status comparisons, tooth, bone and who’s got what it takes to thrive in the long-haul. So voila Pat Cleveland, iconic Gemini supermodel of the 70s and still working it post her 2nd Saturn Return.

Whilst i would prefer a more feline-catty reference, i think the sense of smell is WAY under-rated as a thrive-technique. Think about it. The olfactory nerve is the only one that is outside our body and hardwired straight to the limbic system. We can sniff out food that is bad for us, people with future mate material, enemies (because people who hate us emit v.subtle hormonal clues via their scent – true) AND potentially useful psychic material a la Proust.

So do the Cap Moon right and plan SUPER-FAR-AHEAD.

And yes i admit it –  I am always uplifted by the advice i glean from Gossip Girl and Seventies/Eighties Supermodels but then i listen to monks mantra things in ancient Sanskrit  to balance it all out: bimbonic or my Moon in Libra?

Studio 54 era Pat Cleveland

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89 thoughts on “Stamina & Longevity Advice From A Gemini Seventies Supermodel

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  6. Speaking of dogs, how amazing is Jennifer Parkhurst and her story on now Australian Story on abc. She is devoted to the only pure strain of dingos in the world – those on Fraser Island. Amazing story so far.

    • I went to Frasier Island and was told that one or some of the dingos used to catch the ferry back and forth from town! Amazing if true, but apparently they interbred thus too. Sorry I missed that doco..

      • You could watch it online 🙂 Have tissues on hand though – images from gorgeous to heartbreaking. My reaction to whole debacle is wtf is happening here – commonsense is completely missing. And why is it ethical to have the judge presiding over JH’s supposed crimes be the same judge who was the Coroner into the child death on Fraser Isl – Nick (soz cant rember his surname) – whose death was caused by (starving) dingoes on Fraser Island. Insane. And she ended up with a fine 5x what was expected and what her former partner received for the same crime. How the hell could he not be biased after presiding over a death of a child by a dingo (a starved one).

        On another tangent she is an example of an on-the-fringes-person who has a deep soulful connection with animals or here a specific animal. Truly beautiful to watch.

        And her art is amazing. Worth watching.

          • Ooh, I watched it FF, it was really sad.. I remember those hunted, hungry looking dogs and I felt a twinge, like something isn’t good here. I totally believe her story. I would have liked to have known more about the rangers and their hopes/dreams/intentions for the island and who chooses them to work there. I bet she is Cancer! I guess you could write to her and ask?

            • I agree Andromeda, Kataka energy with Neptune prominent somehow – early shyness, mother issues (close friendship and then loss) and then the “mothering” of the dingoes. Definitely water prominent – her artwork (maybe with some Virgo thrown in for it’s precision). She seems emotionally driven, I agree 🙂 Wasn’t it Diana the huntress who had dogs as her companions?

  7. Hmm. Interesting comments.

    I don’t get the impression she actually meant BE a Dog, but rather the state of mind? As in dogs seem perennially happy most of the time and are far more focused on what’s good rather than the bad, even if the bad occurred literally 2 seconds ago.

    I don’t know a person whose attention span is so short that this could literally be possible, sans fakery or being tightly strung out on a happy pill. BUT, it’s not bad advice considering it’s essentially encouraging peeps to rely on intuition, a positively expectant frame of mind and instincts via the senses.

    Btw, I thought Libras and Moon in Libra peeps totally live by their nose – except I feel that they sometimes do it to the point of being antiseptic, even disliking their own perfectly normal not unpleasant body odors. The only Libra thing I have is Uranus and Jupiter in there.

    But I can’t ever eat, drink or sleep with anything/anyone where the smell ain’t right. Oh, yet when it is..ooh lala

  8. I would love to be able to plan far ahead. 5 year plans scare me. not because I can’t think that far, its just I can’t predict how i will feel so far in advance. I have to change plans constantly due to unforeseen changes in ‘the plan’. Perhaps I am not certain what I want in the big picture. hmmm.

  9. Had two German Shepards once, Hank and Duke. Dad got Duke because he went to answer an ad to find Hank….Hank had been dog napped from the park!! Yes, dog napped!!

    Anyway, a year later Hank came running up to my sister at Jr. High school one day. He had escaped!! 🙂

    Now we had two dogs. They humped each other and ate each other’s barf…. 🙂

    But we loved them dearly!! And actually, Duke was part something else (wild)…really, he looked like part coyote and was smart as a whip. My dad trained him. Anyone touch my dad’s 57′ cherry red Ford pick up and Duke would eat them alive…We girls could walk the streets at night with the dogs although Hank would just as soon lick you to death..

    Simultaneously, we also had cats. We always had critters of some sort…hampsters..

    Did I mention Cappo Moon/Cappo Moon was very productive weekend? 🙂

    • Love the dog love story. LOL! Dogs are after all “retarded” wolves because we breed them to stay in the puppy stage for their whole lives. Genetically they are almost indistinguishable from one another.

      A Siberian fur farm did a similar evolution with foxes breeding “tame” foxes…i.e. mentally retarded. And strangely they have floppy ears, spots, and curly tails.
      I find it both interesting and sad.

      • Hmm…their head quarters are in Las Vegas, which sorta makes sense though it doesn’t make me take them very seriously. All the photos look sad to me. They all have that sad (retarded?) puppy dog face, head down and ears back like they were left out in the rain all day. I have a problem with this though:

        “Foxes are wild animals. Can they attack human?

        Naturally, foxes have never been aggressive to humans. Where many dogs are trained to guard and protect, our foxes are specifically trained to be friendly to humans. The risk of attack is lower than that for a dog. However, if the animal is tortured or otherwise feels threatened, it may bite.”

        After years of working with animals, both wild and domestic I still adhere to the rule that “anything with a mouth can bite”. If the poor thing is tortured I would hope that indeed it DOES bite!

        On the flipside of this YotF, have you read about the studies they’ve done in Moscow where packs of feral dogs that freely wander the city have begun to re-evolve, turning back into wolves, so to speak? It’s really a fascinating thing. They’ve learned to seek refuge from the cold by overnighting in subway tunnels and even riding the trains to move around the city!

        • Yes I did read the study! It’s all very interesting! The human race owes much to the dog world. They’ve been launched into space, pull sleds for us, and all sorts of things to make life better for us. Truly, they are heroes!

    • Animals are weird like that, I guess they don’t want any food to go to waste, even if already digested or belonging to another species.

      I had rabbits when I was younger and we had to put wire fencing around the bottom of their hutches because our dog would get under there and eat the poop that fell through straw. She also used to occasionally um…snack from the cat’s litterbox. I know, so gross. My cat also will eat his barf. But he acts surprised to find food in it. He’ll take a sniff after throwing it up, tilt his head all curious like, sniff again and then perk up and chow down. So even though I think I’m more a cat person than a dog person, there are some attributes that I won’t choose to emulate, lol. :p

    • Retarded…had no idea! That is sad..

      When I got Hank I had rescued him from a very mean and abusive neighbor. I would always see Hank chained to his dog house and would hear the man being mean to him so I would visit Hank (there was no side gate/fence on the house) until one day the man asked if I wanted him.

      It took him a long time to get over his fears but we used to love dressing him up with a head scarf, glasses and sit him in bed like he was reading a book….He was very patient with two crazy Aries sisters…hehe

      • LOL everybody~ the things that get brought up around here- hilar.
        My labs loved the frozen horsey snacks left at the stables in the fairgrounds, and yes, they cleaned up their own messes~ bleh !
        My aunt had no sense of smell or taste. Will have to ask Mom for deets.

  10. Hey speaking of animals .. any idea of what a long lost but much loved pet (cat) bounding up and reappearing in a dream might mean?? I SERIOUSLY loved this cat … was sooooooooooo glad to see him. Cocky lil’ fuqer.

      • you reckon’? hmmm I tend to have real clear deliniations about who’s allowed in and out (well at least these days). It was great to see my cat though … in the dream it was back in the day when he was alive and I was calling him – even though somehow I knew he’d been away for ages and perhaps not might come back – so I called him and up he runs all smoochy and fluffy and white and boofy and gorgeous. You know how cat’s smooch you when they’re happy to see you? Yeah got a big smooch … then I fed him and he fell asleep on the couch. Typical bloody cat! 😉

        • Dunno, but my Mom has always told me ‘if you dream of the dead, you’ll hear from the living’ and it has happened that way for me many times. If not a person, perhaps a new pet..? Glad to hear you are hanging tough on the new diet…say !
          Maybe your friend is too~ ever think of that…?
          Maybe THAT is the message !! ?? :O)

        • I dreamed of the most amazing dog I have ever met (she graciously decided to stay with us, I wouldn’t call it ‘ownership’ more like symbiosis) a while back. Couldn’t it just be a genuine visitation? Maybe he is checking up on you *happy bounding purrrrr noise*?

        • ahhh I get the dream now!! I said it all up there in my first post. Clear delineation about who gets in and who doesn’t. Was showing me how much I loved my cat and he could get through because he loved me too.

  11. Hmm.. I don’t think that advice is practical for anyone but a Gemini. They never age, and are usually slim as a rail. She could just as well have said her youthfulness regimen was Marlboros, cocaine, and Jim Beam. I suspect that is close to the truth (well, maybe back in the 70s).

    Now I’ll give you the Taurus longevity scheme: sheer stubbornness and force of will. I refuse to age and get old. It is not a possibility I will admit into my universe. I stomp my foot on the ground and use it to pin down the entirety of spacetime under my mighty hoof. The universe whimpers and pleads, “no, no, release me, you cannot hold back the forces of time, you must get old” and I steadfastly refuse. Bones may break and sinews snap, but I will not be moved. I shall live forever. The result? People consistently guess my age to be about 15 years younger than I my so-called “chronological age.”

    But this battle of eternity is all-consuming. The universe has tricks of its own, it is not easy but I can be distracted and lose my grip. Like for example, that car crash last week. As the air bag blew up in my face, the fabric of spacetime seemed to go into slow motion, which seemed to be vastly accelerated, compared to the fixity I maintain. As I choked on the smoke from the air bag, struggled to release my seat belts, and rushed out of the car into oncoming traffic, I could feel my grip loosening for just a moment. And all of spacetime shifted slightly as it took advantage of my plight. I think I aged almost 45 seconds in that crash, before I could get my feet back on the ground.

    • wow … but isn’t ageing about how you feel on the inside and your sprightly but youthful step into old agedness. Like what’s wrong with being old anyway, if you’re a young at heart/healthy old??

      • True. At times, I feel like I’m still 18 years old and on my own for the first time, still screwing up like a dumb kid and I have no place to hide, and that it has always been that way, but for some reason I cannot discern, people do not permit me the youthful folly of my internal age, they judge me as some older person who should know better.
        But I have chosen the age I will be, I will be 42 years old, eternally. I have been 42 for several years now, and that number is far lower than my recent Chiron return might indicate. That number is close enough to the so-called “chronological age” that people judge me to be, but slightly higher than their guess, in case I might inadvertently lose my grip and age a tiny bit. I must have some leeway.
        But I shall hold steadfast. Even so, perhaps I shall eventually lose this battle of wills with time. If that should happen, at the last possible moment, I will summon the life force of that youthful 18 year old kid within me, and charge ahead into the incorporeal realms of Chronos. I will hunt him down, and tear him asunder with my mighty horns, and trample him beneath my hooves. And the universe will tremble, as Chronos loses his grip on spacetime. Why should I care if the universe itself ceases to exist as Chronos relinquishes his power? My will shall prevail. But what is that dark thing I sense but cannot see? No, it cannot be oblivion. I forbid it.

        • Wow, Charles, you and I are very, very similar. Who would have thought? Botox is, of course, SUCH a blessing. Please get your neck etc re adjusted after the crash. Tell me, how do you deal with the pesky issue of people who actually know your chronological age and think there is some sort of a moronic virtue in owning up to it?

            • No way but i aspire to being sort of timeless. 40 – early 40s is really how far i want to age physically – chronological is clearly unavoidable and wisdom, well happy to be ancient.

          • Well of course, I am Leo ascendant.
            I can’t think of anyone who actually knows my alleged “chronological” age, except a few faceless bureaucrats that insisted on this arbitrary “truth” thing when I filled out employment forms, etc. Well, I guess maybe a couple of astrologers too. They would understand my time-related issues, I think.
            I’m headed back to my doctor in just a few hours. I’m dealing with the little aches and pains as usual, by force of will. I am too stubborn to admit the pain into my life.

        • I don’t understand the Taurus recalcitrance to time, past lives, etc … good luck! Maybe you should write a book … it could start off with “I see the world going to hell and found a spot in the mountains … “

          • I have heard it said that people under each sign live in fear of what the previous sign represents. Our ageless Gemini woman dances around death, with Mercury’s wings on her fleet feet. She is a moving target, as long as she moves fast enough, time will not catch up with her. It would scare her to death to attempt what Taurus can do but she cannot: plant his hooves in the ground, firmly face the ravages of time and stubbornly say, “I draw the line here, and you shall go no further.”

  12. cat person (leo rising)

    yet dogs are fun. I like them. I’ve even had several. But I wouldn’t emulate one, necessarily. Although, they are loyal. I like their protective streak and their loyalty.

  13. Dogs stick their snouts up anything with a pheromone … I’d get arrested if I followed that train of thought. Dogs also eat shit … no they really do. Like actual shit … if they’re hungry and lacking in nutrients. When I was a little three year old agitator in Greece, apparently I gave some guy a right royal telling off for kicking the shit out of a dog. I like them … but I ain’t one.

    • The lady who started PETA had a similar experience as a child, I wonder what her astro is about! How is the vegan lifestyle suiting you? I have been lactose free and feel good. In fact dairy smells bad to me now, when I lived in Japan they said the same.

      • It’s really hard … I love dairy and meat and seafood. I have dreams about it. Yesterday someone stoked up a barbie next door and I nearly died drooling. Have virtually given up coffee coz I can’t stand rice or soy milk in coffee. It’s a heatwave and I’m premenstrual. Honestly I don’t know why I haven’t cracked yet and gone out to grab half a roasted cow or at least some tempura prawns … but I haven’t. I’m going to stay vegan. When I’m feeling really ready to spazz … I think of Daisy the cow, or Howard the pig or how fish trawling bursts the fishies swim bladder whilst they die a slow and horrid death and all the whales and dolphins (who are mammals) caught up or slaughtered for being “catch theives” …

          • Haha, sorry but that comment and then B’Gem’s face..!!! Classic. Yeah, I don’t think I could go vegan just yet, but I figure that as far as eating a bit of organic, free range meat goes, at least I have given a cow a life. They wouldn’t exist but for us right? And in Australia I know farmers who have happy cows.. up until the day they die of course. Well that’s how I justify my bloodlust at least. I hope this improves for you prowln, I respect your integrity, but I worry if it is so stressful for you.

          • Soz Barista … I actually think she was freaking more about not drinking coffee… ok maybe some other stuff.

            It’s not easy Drom’s … one must be organised. As soon as I get hungry the mind goes to … well garbage. I have to be co-ordinated and plan my meals otherwise I crack the shits. Luckily I have found some dude online called the Vegan Zombie – he is not only really cute, but a vegan cook! Learned all about sheitan today … never freakin heard of it before!! Sheitan .. Satan.. looks good to me!

  14. Are there any aspects in astrology that are canine related that would show up in one’s chart? There’s no dog or wolf or fox as a sign in the Western zodiac, yet canine attributes and symbolism are so prevalent in so many of the worlds cultures and myths. The Chinese zodiac has a Year of the Dog, Japanese mythology has the kitsune, the Norse have Fenrir, the Greeks have Cerberus and the mythic founders of Rome (Romulus and Remus) were nursed by a she-wolf. I never thought about it before, but it is strange to realize that there aren’t any canine represented signs in Western astrology.

    • Lauren there is a canine Fixed star. Sirius is a major fixed star referred to as the dogstar and Sun of the Sun. It’s considered fortunate with the character of Jupiter/Mars. Associatied with ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity. Sirius was worshipped in many ancient cultures: it’s heliacal rising signalled the peak of summer, the annual flooding of the Nile and the beginning of the ancient egyptian calendar.

      More on Sirius

      I have Moon conj Sirius in Kataka in 5th house 🙂

    • Hey Lauren, there is The Dog Star…

      ~Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, and is also the brightest star we can see in the northern hemisphere. In addition to these two facts, there are also some interesting tidbits about this star which are less well-known.

      The ancient Egyptians called Sirius the ‘dog star’, after their god Osirus, whose head in pictograms resembled that of a dog.~

      More from Wiki….

      It is at 14.05 Cancer.

      In my Draconic chart, it is conjunct my Cancer Moon, 13 degree in 8th. I haven’t worked that much with fixed stars but some them fascinating.

      • Thanks guys! I knew of Sirius and canis major as a constellation, but wasn’t aware it had much astrological symbolism.

        My Sirius is in Cancer 7th house.

        In the Draconic it’s Cancer 1st house. Does that mean I’d also have Sirius Rising? I also don’t know anything about the Draconic chart. 😯

        • From what I’ve learned, fixed stars use very small orbs (some astrolgers give wider orbs depending on the magnitude of the star), but overall, most keep the orb small.

          So since the Star is at 14.05 Cancer, if you have that degree or within a few degrees of that rising, then that Star would be rising for you.

          • This might be a stupid question, but what are the boundaries of the rising point. Is it the exact point of the Ascendant as it’s labeled on the chart or within a certain amount of degrees before and after?

            • The rising point is the actual degree of the beginning of the 1st house…The Ascendant.

              Also, most planets (besides an asteroid or fixed star), can be within about 10 degrees of the Ascendant either side and be considered conjunct the Asc.

              Hope this helps and now I gotta get to bed! x

      • Don’t know much about Draconic charts Sweetpea but i have Cancer 8th Draconic which is empty apart from Sirius.

        Hoping Sirius being a fortunate fixed star will help with all the cardinal geopolitical upheaval energy over the next x years.

        • Kim Falconer has an area on the Draconic Zodiac at her site as does astrologer Lauren Delsak…Lauren has some videos on the subject on youtube. Really quite fascinating!!

          • Thanks Sweetpea – Just been listening to Lauren’s videos on the Draconic – fascinating stuff. Also more informed on midpoints now. the more you find out the more you realise how much there is to learn – endless really – which is just what my Sagg MC and Draconic Sagg AC needs 🙂

        • Wow! So is the Draconic system sort of the opposite of Western geometric? Because in the Draconic I have a Taurus Stellium, the same 4 planets plus Sun that I have as my Scorpio Stellium in the Western chart.

          • The Draconic starts every chart based on the NN 0 Aries point.

            The house positions of planets will stay the same but the signs and degrees will alter….~From Kim Falconer~


            ~The Draconic Zodiac is another reference for plotting the chart but instead of starting 0 degrees Aries at the vernal equinox as the familiar Tropical Zodiac does, 0 Aries begins at the Moon’s North Node.

            I really recommend her article as it’s easier to understand when one sees the whole thing.

  15. Cap-moon. This explains my melt down yesterday over the age/status/relevancy or lack therof I feel in work realms. But I did look at my goals list this morning. Its got 1, 3, 6 and 12 month goals, plus lifetime goals written down. Time to resurrect and reactivate.

    Re sense of smell – mine is acute. I drive my mother demented with it, as I am beyond sensitive to bad odours, I dry heave over every dodgy whiff. Its also helped me identify allergies. For years I said I was allergic to mushrooms, with most people telling me I probably didn’t like the texture: cue Xmas, I brought mushrooms to put on pizzas I was making for a family event, knowing how much they love them…. as I peeled one, I went into a full blown allergic reaction, face swelling, eyes swelling, it took only a minute for it to erupt. And I’d known for years, just due to really not liking the smell of mushrooms!

    • god I should do that. was let down again on w’end by peoples of unstable ground and that made me sad. I don’t know if I have goals or dreams anymore. feel totally absent from my own life at the moment. weird cause I am so on the food/yoga care plan but rest of life I could just be asleep. Will think on life goals. x

    • I too have a Cap Moon and noticed in my meditations whenever I want to hurt myself, my mind utters “your life is pushed to oblivion”.

      One dark rainy morning, I saw a bird flying off and simply realized I could very well think that bird has had a life of oblivion. This made me see what an arrogant idiot my mind had been. Since then whenever I have a meltdown of “age/status/relevancy or lack thereof” I counter the thought pattern with other stories.

      I hope it helps. xoxo

  16. Pat is onto something here… 😯

    I was drinking a protein drink last week that I had bought on the run & immediately I knew it didn’t taste right. I checked the ingredients & I saw that it contained ‘crustaceans.’ I’m allergic to shellfish & I wasn’t too worried as I thought it was similar to way they use it for glucosamine, that is they use the shell not the flesh. But still I didn’t like the taste & only had a small amount.

    I’m also have a reaction to avocados, bananas, eggs & when I was little milk – I’m not now – but I can’t smell any of those foods without feeling a but yuck esp shellfish! Anyway it is interesting to be like an animal when it comes to food, mating, enemies etc…

    Favourite smells of all time are sandalwood & vanilla… 😯

  17. Interesting, always took my sense for granted till met Toro who was born without his sense of smell. He can’t smell anything.!!! But his hearing is like a dog’s..

    • I say, I say, my Toro has no nose.

      How does he smell?


      The Toro has a sensitive sense of taste, but a terrible sense of smell as well.

  18. Moon in Libra & i swing from the ultra esoteric to beauty & grace regimes.
    Cap rising gives me longlevity, still working post 60 i a career that demands
    grooming & constant attention to body/mind state.
    being a horse, tho’, grooming me is a joyful relaxation.

    • Maybe it’s the over 200 litres of purest grade essential oils that have
      been inhaled over the years? That and constant movement results in
      hi-definition of figure.
      The old cliche of ‘you get of it what you put in’ may apply.

  19. I and a girlfriend of mine, who regularly exchange notes about the dates we’ve been going on with prospective boyfriends, start out our “reports” now on whether their smell was pleasing or not.

  20. Sorry, dogs get run over by chasing cars. Prolly not a great idea to think like one. But you know, I am biased and all. =^_^=

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