Rad Hotness & Synastry In Action

Tom Brady is an American football player who seems to have spawned a number of “why do I hate this guy?” style sites & columns…Written by guys, not the gay ones.

How could you hate something that looks this amazing?  It’s probably something to do with his immense sporting prowess, successful acting/modelling career, shitloads of self-made $$$, hotness and marriage to super-mod Gisele Bundchen.  You think?

He’s got the Bill Clinton combo of Leo Sun/Libra Rising but his Sun is conjunct Saturn for extra oomph. ie; untold hours training, to be top of his game, literally. And a competitive little Aries Moon throbbing away there.

He and Gisele Bundchen have the ULTIMATE in awesome Mars-Venus Synastry (the relevance of which is detailed here)  as his Mars in Gemini is bang on her Venus in Gemini. Nice.

Her Pluto is on his North Node in Libra & her Sun on his Midheaven.  Her Lilith conjoins his Ascendant so he triggers her Lilith energy, big time.


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65 thoughts on “Rad Hotness & Synastry In Action

  1. I think people are just being haters because of his success. I see nothing wrong with him but I’m also not wowed by him either. He’s utterly ignorable.

    I believe Gisele was also the psycho saying it should be a law to breastfeed babies for at least 6 months. That’s great if you are healthy and CAN, but I know plenty of moms who don’t make enough milk and can’t and feel horrifically guilt tripped when they have to resort to other means. Encouragement is different than forced.

  2. I hate them both! Out of extreme jealousy, obv. Most ridiculously good looking couple ever, Miranda and Orlando have got nothing on them. AND they’re having amazing sex, sigh. I wonder what rising sign is Gisele? And how her Cancer sun goes down with all his fire.

  3. Agree with Foxy, he isn’t my cup of tea but he is a box-ticker for a successful life for some. Gisele was a bit silly to say anything as a public figure when she was clearly tripping on hormones.
    I am not surprised he is so ambitious. And I looked up Gisele’s chart and she so has runway queen astro! Libra MC, Leo NN…

    Hm, my Venus in Kataka trines Gem Hub’s Mars in Pisces? I hope provides evidence of our, ahem, compatability.
    Also his Jupiter is conjunct my NN and my NN is conjunct his Lilith. What’s a man’s Lilith about?
    Plus my Gem Rising is conjunct his Sun. It’ll do!

    • Nice synastry there with Gem hub Andro. No complaints in the bedroom huh?? 😉 The trine makes it flow and is so easy… A mans Lilith i would guess, would be about women he finds attractive but scares him a bit??

      Personally, I have found the conjunction extremely hot in the beginning and then it just fizzles out. My Mars was on my ex hubs Venus in Scorp and it was just too much..Right at the end we were not even sleeping together…maybe it was something else also? Toro and I have a sextile with my Venus in Crabb and his Mars in Toro and that is working out just nicely. Conjunction feels like obsession and craziness and can end badly. Just my experience..

    • Thanks for that Sassy! That trine sounds good to me (nearly said feels good to me, lol). A sextile sounds really great too – something different romantically but contributing something new to a relationship in a happy way? Glad the Toro is sextiling your Venus with such happiness!!

      My NN conjunct the Gem’s Lilith is the one I don’t quite understand.
      Do you think his Lilith in Sagg is like his feminine side? If my NN is conjunct that do I have lessons karmically about it?

      Yes this photo is little Kataka Moon Face child. (He doesn’t look Saggi Rising to me really, I see more Kataka!).

      • Thanks for that, I just bookmarked it. 🙂

        Maybe you bring out his sexuality?? He feels like he can be anything with you? Shows his raw, emotional side with you , feels comfortable with it?? Just a guess…

        • Okay! That is a help! Sometimes my brain freezes trying to link all this stuff, worse when it’s your own chart can’t be objective.

          Well, I enjoyed Raym’s book, I think he writes very well indeed. Elegant and simple.

      • He’s a little heart melter 🙂
        Don’t babies smell divine.
        Wonder if that smell could be bottled, no, not vanilla.
        Maybe it’s the aroma of ‘Purity’?

    • I don’t broadcast my love of crystals, my 1st was given to me by
      a New Zealand friend in ’88, it was love 1st hold.
      Had a strange thought about the earth changes being caused by
      too much crystal mining because of nu-age popularity, of them being
      taken from their natural power spots.
      Used to place an egg or wand quartz on any book i wanted to absorb,
      then hope when held, it transferred the knowledge to me…..well people
      do stranger things than my little idiosyncronistic habit.
      Don’t they?

      • I have some sort of communication with crystals, Pegasus, so you’re not alone. Actually, I caretake about 600 of the suckers at present. I’m catalogueing them to sell because I’m not carting them with us next time we move. BUT the communication is at some unknown level, I don’t know how it works and it was a hell of a shock to me when it opened up as I’d been extremely logical until that time. Now I just enjoy it and wait to see what happens. But like you, I’ve been concerned at the wholesale mining, so some of my best buddies are staying with me, but no more acquisitions.

        • This is what another friend has said to me, she says there are crystals being mined that are caretakers of the earth. She actually cries when she ‘meets’ certain crystals in a shop and she calls buying those particular ones a ‘rescue’. Her house is full of rescued crystals!

          • Yup, know the feeling. I went into a “sale” room in a crystal warehouse in the UK and I was swamped by a feeling of intense sadness that these crystals had been rejected for one reason or another. I actually took home a clear quartz pyramid with 1 corner missing. As I picked it up, I felt a great shock of energy go through me and the lady with jumped and shot back as she felt it too. I often caretake damaged crystals on the basis that we humans get a fair amount of dings on the way through life and we’re still perfect, so it’s the same for crystals. Gotta give ’em a good, loving home. Oh hey, just realised – THESE are my kids!!!!

  4. Mama said if you ain’t got somethin’ nice to say….

    Okay, on the sheer petty side…he has never done a thing for me even tho he does look good in that pix, and I’ve never found her all that pretty but glad they’re happy.

  5. He’s not my type at all, but I do know a ton of guys who hate (meaning, are incredibly jealous) of him, since he’s basically living their fantasy life. It’s sort of adorable when guys get catty.

  6. I read a while ago that Cancer has the potential to be one of Leo’s best matches (more so in the case of a Leo man/Cancer woman). Something about them being so caring and attentive that they satisfy Leo’s “worship me!” nature. Makes since to me. I’ve known a few Cancers in my day and while I’ve never felt romantic about them, they really ARE attentive, way more than any other sign I’ve encountered. It smothers my Aqua moon a bit, but really fluffs up my Leo sun like a big ol’ cat being happily petted. 😀

    And when I read that about Leos and Cancers, I instantly thought of this duo. I’m jealous of Tom that he gets Gisele. The woman is gorgeous!

    • Leos are heartbreakers. I had my heart broken by a few of them.. Very lovely creatures, but find them a bit elusive like you cant quite catch them.

      • Oh really?! That’s really interesting seeing it from a Cancer’s point of view. Thank you for that insight! As a Leo myself, and with an Aqua moon to boot, I do have my moments when I just want to be alone. I’ve been known to go MIA, but not because I want to block anyone out. I just get in certain moods that need to be self-contained? But I do like to make up for it by coming back as generous as only a Leo can be! 🙂

        Is that similar to what your Leos were like? Ahh, I’m sorry they broke your heart!

        • Very generous and warm, love them, love them..Leo envy perhaps? 😉 One was Moon in Saggi, like me. And he was fun, caring and gorgeous but he didnt want a long term realtionship. The other was Moon in Scorp, well what a crazy combo. he drove me insane!!! Never could tie a Leo down is what Im trying to stay….but I think mine hung around becuase I showered them with Crabby adoration and devotion…

          • Yes the High Maintenance BOTS is Leo sun, scorp moon and Virgo rising, what a combo, I don’t think he can even figure himself out, I’ve got crabby rising, have been known to shower him with devotion accompanied by the famed Toro tenacity, he runs a mile saying leave me alone, leave me alone like the cat he is but equally like the cat, comes back for more just to make sure it’s still there!

            • Oh, that sounds SO Leonine of him. I’ve been known to do the same thing. It’s like, we’ll always walk ten feet ahead of you but will glance back every now and then to make sure you’re still following. And I mean that literally. 😉

              • i think Leos really ARE cats! and i adore cats and the way they behave, they are so f*** you, i don’t care! very appealing, i don’t like men who are like dogs, sooky woo woo and fawning!

          • My best friend is a Virgo with Saggi moon. I love a Saggi moon, but friend also has commitment issues. People try to get too close to him (i.e. make things more serious) and he’ll do a runner.

            I can’t imagine having a Scorp moon along with a Leo sun… Seems like it could be disastrous for the person. Leos can be sensitive enough, I don’t want to think of what would happen if someone hurt their feelings and they had a Scorp moon lurking in the background. o_o I have a Scorp ascendant myself, and am I ever glad it’s just the ascendant and that I lucked out with an Aqua moon. The Aqua keeps me stable and helps me brush off the blows to my ego.

    • My husband’s a Leo, my good friend a Cancer, and they each shudder about being in a relationship with the othe. My husband think’s my friend is wet and wimpy and my friend thinks my husband is over-powering and extinguishes her. I love ’em both but acknowledge they’re incompatible. I actually have another Cancer friend, triple Cancer, who was married to an Aries and she said the same thing – she felt flattened and extinguished all the time. And yes, they’re now divorced.

      • Really now? How interesting… I’ve actually never met a Cancer man, so maybe it’d be different. The Cancers I’ve known have all been women and we get on very well. But we aren’t romantic either, and being romantic/sexual with someone can really change the dynamic of a relationship.

        It’s interesting though because sometimes I feel, with one Cancer in particular, that I’M the one being extinguished. It’s the wetness, probably. Like a heavy blanket of emotion surrounding me, that sometimes exhaust my flames (unintentionally, I’m sure). Sometimes I just need to break away and come up for a gasp of air. When it happens I can feel my Aqua moon shouting “Freedom! Freedom!” as it fans my flames back to full brilliance. 😉

    • My ex was a Leo boy, me and little Crabby girl. It was the best match. My Mars in Leo, his Venus in Cancer, my Venus in Cancer. Haha. I dunno if that’s relevant.

      Cancer wants loyalty, and gets it. Leo wants attention, and gets it. Triumphs over the confusion of Cancer’s dreamy-headedness and Leo’s emotional self that doesn’t understand other’s emotional selves. Ahh.

      But, despite all that, it still didn’t work. Needed some security beyond the emotional, into the material. Leo was still in fun mode, living off the parents.

      ANYWAY! Tom Brady. I want you, NOW!

  7. First pix ive seen of Tom Brady, wondered what Gisele’s man
    looked like….and like WoW. Gisele is handsome and handsome,
    doesn’t fade, like pretty can.
    Don’t know why but the thought of something living coming out
    between my legs freaked me, let alone it sucking on my breasts.
    Wondered why people felt the need to replicate themselves.
    May have an alien gene in the mix? Maybe denial coz i didn’t?
    Maybe never the right man, maybe i just clean forgot!
    All that Mother Love goes to the 4 legged & the winged ones.

    • Aww, and that is so admirable Pegs. Know when I looked in my dogs eyes once, ready to whip his ass cuz he causing all kinds of trouble….

      I could not. He was more ancient than me…And my heart broke…

    • I got my tubes tied at 27, Pegasus, never wanted kids, don’t have a shred of maternal instinct for bringing up little ‘uns. Never regretted the decision. Not everyone is made to be a parent and I think it’s best if we admit it rather than have kids to satisfy societal pressure. Bad for the kids, don’t you know, lol!

      • That’s interesting L! I was so sure I didn’t want kids at 27 but I think the idea of getting my tubes tied would have had me very anxious. Obviously I was not as committed to the idea as yourself. I think it is important there are women who follow their dreams, be it with kids or without. I know I need strong role models of all types. Good for the animals that there are guardians devoted to their well being too.

        • Dear Andromeda, you have made a great Mother, so easy to tell
          from your writings, as thought of you as i wrote & hoped you would
          understand. You have had a dramatic change the last few years, huh?
          One needs an amazing rapport with a man & extreme commitment
          to procreate & you have both. With your studies & knowledge they will
          be very worthwhile little creatures.

          Sweetie, yup, animal lover extrordinaire is me. Dog’s eyes? Love & Loyalty
          beyond plus a dependance on our goodwill, which many unfortunately don’t

          LibAqua, a likeminded person re Kinda is appreciated, no regrets at all.
          Just found it was a full time job looking after ME and saw friends have babies
          willynilly with NO thought of education costs or stable man to assist them. Most were hippies, bless ’em, hooked up with musicians, barefoot, no money for nappies, and the man always touring everywhere, with everyone, else but home. That influenced me.Luckily for them, was available to help out and share what i had with them & must say most of the children have grown into successful artistic
          Have seen many young women have babies for the ‘baby dollars’ to buy a car!
          Resulting in 2-3 generations of ‘dole money’ (called welfare in USA) only peeps that think papa government owe them a living.
          Different lanes for different brains.

          • Pegasus, your thoughts were so poetically expressed, brilliant!
            You couldn’t offend anyway. Have NN in Sagg and wasn’t attracted to mothering per se. Had a zoo of animals and now I regard that as the best schooling. I also found the concept of childbirth etc. bizarre. It just is weird, best to get on with finding meditation in the midst of it all (eg. breastfeeding while focusing on bringing in light and passing it on to the baby was good for me).
            SaggEx was a big traveller and I was surrounded by hippies (mainly middle class rebels) who were deeply stressed by the financial requirements of parenting. It put them in the position of beggars here and there. It put me off further! So not that long ago I was standing in your camp, like you said a big change.
            Having had kids and knowing the guilt that comes with it, I think we women are objectified as breeders and when we have trouble with that, it causes an existential crisis. Having them, not having them, we are subjugated to the same onslaught of criticism – we are not just our bodies! It’s so oppressive the energy of these issues with reproduction, a real historical social burden alive in us today. (Though I am sure men would feel similar, it’s not the same entirely).

  8. Long term crush is born a week after Brady, can totes see that Sun conjunct Saturn thing working away. We have that Pluto – NN in Libra thang, my NN is exact on his Sun, his Asc is conjunct my Vertex etc etc and so on. Yes, he’s another Leo with Venus in Cancer, we can make that the 7th now (jesus).

  9. I know why he could be found not hot. You can tell he has this “no bullshit” stare, must be the Saturn Sun thingie.

    I dig him, but he doesn’t look like he lets lose unless he has some booze pumped into him? Still facinating.

    • *Puts on Gemini Rising Hat* Yes, and apparently Gisele tastelessly commented something like she knew what being a mother was like before her baby was born as she was a mother to his kid. Bridget Moynahan was not exactly thrilled poor thing – double whammy, you lose your husband to her and your kid…

    • Yup! That might have something to do with why people hate him… Although you never really know what is going on / what really happened between two people.

    • I agree – I think that’s why many people think he’s a jerk (me included!) Whenever I hear about him and his fab marriage I always think riiiiiiight….. lets ask Bridget Moynahan’s take on him.

  10. Sweet Jesus. Can you say Triceps? aaaargh i am a closet tricep addict . I just want to grab men with arms like that and ARRRRGHHHHHHH

  11. o I don’t know how to read this other than ‘interesting’ but just realised that ‘man who I have intense chemistry with’ (and confusion and frustration and also endless patience – we met venus scorp retro ….) and I have this astro going on:

    my merc/mars/venus squaring his moon/merc/mars …. my jupiter is conjunct his sun to ease things perhaps?

  12. I’ve always thought he was sex on toast mystic and this is my fave photo of him ever 🙂
    Giselle is gorge too… so they are a perfect couple in terms of hotness and synastry it seems too… though that’s not surprising – I saw a photo of them going in for a kiss on the cheek on the night they met and the sparks are jumping out of the photo!
    People are just jealous coz they’re gorgeous, wealth and successful. The timing of his meeting Giselle, with the dumping of Bridget hasn’t helped their popularity no doubt but then, if you meet the right person and it’s all cosmic and what not then maybe that can’t be helped? At least he broke up with one cleanly before getting involved with the other?

  13. I just want to say- Gisele Bundchen lies about her age. She’s actually 3 years older than she says she is. I have proof- on an ET special in early ’99, ie BEFORE her b’day in mid-year, she was saying ‘No, I am only 20. I will not get married yet.’ (To Leonardo Dicaprio) So I doan know which date MM used, the real one or the public one, but biatch is LYING.

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