Libra Or Scorpio?


Backyard Bill

Adam Wallace    New York

Where did you grow up?
America: New Jersey (born), Indiana, Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio (finished high school) and after that I just kept on going and going and going…

Where did you live?
South Williamsburg.

What is your personal soundtrack at the moment?
Whatever is floating thru the air.

Your star sign?
On the cusp (libra/scorpio).

Who is your style icon?
Depends on the the location, inspiration is everywhere.

What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?
I am a lover of life and hope to continue doing so…

Backyard Bill is a bit like the The Selby but he’s less about interiors, more on the mood. I.m.o. And he always asks his stylish peeps their Sun Sign!

What concerns me here, re Mr Wallace, is that there IS, of course, no such thing as being “on the cusp.”  It’s a very last century thing to say. Verging on naff. So maybe he is being ironic? You are one or the other as the Sun would have been in either Libra or in Scorpio when he was born.

So is he a Libra throwing in the Scorpio to sex up his astrological image?

Not sure what time he was born?

An indecisive Libran type?

A Scorpio in denial?

I’m thinking Libra – if they could possibly be an elf in Lord of the Rings, you suspect Libra, always. But he’s got cruel Scorp mouth…

Someone please settle this?   The Moon in Taurus is always really good for banqueting and poring over pics of beautiful people, for research. For one’s Art.

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71 thoughts on “Libra Or Scorpio?

  1. I’m a Libra Scorpio cusp, w/ Scorpio rising conjunct mercury, venus, and pluto… and I have to say, I resent being “just a Libra” by the sun-obsessed.

    To answer your original question Mystic, I’d go with the sexing-up-the-sun-sign scenario. But the others seem viable, too, so I’m not sure (oops – Libra!)

  2. And I don’t just mean re Scorps. Feel sorry for all the neg vibes that poor fella is copping. Jaysus, read back over all this tripe & think again.

  3. my only experience with the cusp people here is the libran scorpio frenemy. An equal distribution of planets across Libra and Scorp, stellium in each. Sun in very early scorp.
    Essentially a thick layer of libran icing over an often jealous and manipulative scorp cake. also scorp loyalty but too much of one overshadowed the good things. the scorp side only appeared / manifested / took hold when the frenemy felt threatened in some way, even though this was almost always in their head. Or something that could be dealt with much more pleasantly in another way. Maybe the jealousy component has softened with time and maturity but I don’t think so. arm’s length…

  4. The Pisces used to wear a striped shirt similar to this model’s pixes. He basically had nothing in Libra except it was intercepted in 7th with Ceres.

    Think the stripes (sort of sailor stuff) was indeed his Pisces but, had Venus in Aqua opposite Leo Mars-Moon so a bit of a zanier side.

    If this is a Scorp tho, he’s just wearing what he was told to wear. Spoze even a Scorp can withstand that for a hefty payday?

    He’s probably a Libran tho. Hell I don’t know. Speaking of stripes, anyone heard the White Stripes broke up? They did! (What the hell is going to happen to ~goin’ to Wichita?~ 🙂 )

      • god FINALLY I know what you’re talking about sweets – I knew I’d heard those lyrics somewhere – I have all their albums and I’ve been all wtf is up with that wichita reference? You crack me up. Maybe now meg will be able to lie a normal life? Whatever that means.

  5. Scorpio with libra leanings. Face looks too masculine and not sweet enough to be Libra esp the brows. Also something about the hair. I had to google more pics of him to decide. But he seems more Scorp and his wishy-washy answers want people to think he’s Libra but he’s just being private. Plus that way, people will underestimate him.

  6. IF he were a scorpio he would not say cusp. only Libra cusp people say they are Scorpio cusps. He probably has a couple of Scorpio planets and is therefore confused.

    Also: What is your personal soundtrack at the moment?
    Whatever is floating thru the air.

    Hello. Libra

    • Totally agree. Im a Scorp and I definitely don’t like everything or anything that’s floating in the air. There’s an awful a lot of shit floating about. I’m very definite about what I like and dislike.

  7. a libra playing bad ass.

    his limbs seem to be just hanging off him. he looks like an accessory to the surroundings.
    can we picture him coming out of the ocean
    a mirror on hand?
    i always wonder where their core strength lays, in their beauty???

  8. What’s all this about MEN & Marriage??????
    He looks very AmerIndian which is a plus but a bit creepy
    & the Liban men, not women, i have known have had some
    strange tendancies. Dislike the way you have to wait whilst THEY
    get ready…will i wear this or that, does this look better than that, or
    will i choose the other, O what jacket? Then they go on about which
    pair of sox. FFS!
    That look he’s just ‘thrown together’ would have taken hours to plan.

  9. Yes he is quite attractive. But the photos in the garden are nicer that the Ford Models ones… he looks too mean there. Nice cheekbones, but he seems a bit surly and up himself.

    I have my moon in Taurus. Maybe that’s why I am never attracted to men who aren’t (at least slightly) beautiful, despite their sterling qualities. Hmmm, that explains the attraction to gay men, and arty Robert Smith types that has made my love life so difficult.

      • Yes!! unfortunately they are often gay or just too wimpy for me (I have Aries rising as well!) I was always falling in love with fragile, intense, beautiful boys as a young woman!

  10. This dude is SO Scorp, he’s oozing it, I’m one I can see it a mile off. Find it kind of gross in the opposite sex tbh, Scorpios like a bit of mystery (as we all know) and we can just psych 101 our own kind in two mins flat which = boring.

    Also he sounds like an jerk.

      • That is so funny and true. Being a Scorpio, the last thing I want is a Spy vs. Spy thing going on. I actually find them creepy.

        • Haha, I was talking about sun sign compatibility with a friend awhile ago, and she asked me why I didn’t go for Scorp guys, and I actually said “I don’t want a relationship that would turn my life into a perpetual episode of Spy vs. Spy!” 😀

    • Have to disagree – I am all for being vegan. I am so against how pretentious all that sounds. “Oooh, honey, let’s get married in an animal shelter. We’ll buy all the animals and guests will just HAVE to take one home…. because how could they not, seeing as it’s OUR wedding and it IS in an animal shelter!?!” God, and I worked in an animal shelter. Seriously. Last place I would want to have a wedding…. mangey animals; sick, beaten, mistreated animals. Rejcted animals. If they were unlucky enough they would be wed on the day they put the overstay animals down…. Feng shui???

      Yep. Essence of cool. Go bottle that!

      • I think that it would be much cooler if they spent their honeymoon working for an animal shelter. Or channeling all that time off work into animal rights advocacy. Not slap up one big day with “I’m so cool, look at what I chose to do for my wedding” bs.

        If it was his idea….. REEEEEEKS OF LIBRA! I have two Libra friends and this is the kind of pyscho-bats idea that they would come up with spur of the moment, followed with “wouldn’t that be cool?” Signalling MASSIVE eye roll for moi!

        • I’ll have to disagree with you both. True, he’s a model and that alone could make him superficial and pretentious, but giving him the benefit of the doubt…being a model who refuses to wear fur, wool and leather would severely restrict his ability to work with a lot of designers. Anyone who is that committed to their principles I don’t think would go to the trouble of having their wedding at a animal shelter just as a publicity stunt. There’s nothing that says they’d be buying up all the animals or giving them away as wedding favors. That’s kind of ridiculous. But if there are wealthy, famous-type people in attendance then they could end up donating a lot of money to the shelter, which would be hugely beneficial. And just because it’s a shelter doesn’t mean it’s a dismal pit of abuse and despair. I’ve worked as a veterinary tech for 5 years and have volunteered with numerous shelters. Most shelters take excellent care of their animals and their staff are caring and positive people.
          True, I wouldn’t want to have my wedding there, but then again I’ve worked most of my life around animals in similar settings. So maybe if I were a model and used to luxury and being around superficial people most of the time, then I wouldn’t mind doing something a little less glamorous and having my wedding at a shelter.

          Sorry if that seems a bit defensive. I am a Scorpio afterall.

          • Oh I totally applaud anyone who sticks to their principles, especially in fashion and obviously I think it’s great if the animals benefit from it in some way. People who work in shelters are amazing, really.

            I’m a horrid cynic though, trendy looking, Willamsburg model getting married in one kind of screams contrived in some way to me and also kind of odd BUT I want to get married in the British Museum so I should probably shut up! 😉

            • Weddings in museums are also cool! I used to work at a natural history museum and one of the paleontologists on staff got married there. They said “I do” under a huge skeleton of a T. Rex. I love nontraditional weddings. 🙂

            • This is more what I meant – of course I think it’s great they are moral and have principles. But it is also contrived. I agree with below: nontraditional wedding – oxy-emphasis on-moron. It’s called a time and a place.

              I was being sarcastic with the buying up of animals – it’s called a joke. Don’t take everything so literally.

              I think if anyone is being daft, it’s believing that just because you invite people to your wedding at a shelter then they will donate. Ironically, I bet there will be someone there in fur or leather. Unless of course they only keep vegan friends too.

              And again, I never sai the shelter itself was a dismal pit of abuse and despair AT ALL. It’s just the animals just came out of environments like that. Yes, of course they all do a good job, and look after the animals. Doesn’t change the fact that these animals are there in the first place. Duh!

              • Ouch. I was just playing devil’s advocate. No need to get snippy. And I still don’t see how “nontraditional wedding” is an oxymoron. Not by definition. Unless I’m being too literal. 😉

      • I wouldn’t even go to the wedding if it was in an animal shelter. I might not iron my clothes but no way is this Virgo risking my best suit getting dog hair or animal poop on it 😀 . Not even for the most important wedding in the world … I do have standards *ROFLOL*

  11. Isn’t the classic test of being a Scorp, whether they could pass as a vampire? In that case he looks distinctly scorpy/ vampirey to me…

    although…he does look like he cares if you think he’s beautiful, which says libra imo.. (as opposed to don’t-give-a-flying-fruit-bat-what-you-think-of-me Scorpio)

    he could be beautiful if he weren’t trying so hard.

    • Now that you put it that way, yeah, I’m going to revise my statement and yes more Libra. The hair is another telltale sign imo. And Scorpios know what they are; no wishy-washiness on their part.

    • Yes. I was thinking the same thing. If he looks like an elf, then it’s more like he resembles an elf vampire.

      And his clothes don’t go with Libra.

      • I’m with you! A Scorp wouldn’t be so open an honest about their birthday for starters – but to say “on the cusp” nah – that is a not a Scorpy at all. They usually tell you to F off when you ask their birthday. This guy is a Libra who can’t quite make up his mind……….

  12. Hey! Wait just a minute here. This “being on the cusp is naff” thing is new to me. I’ve always kind of identified as being a Scorpio with Libra tendencies. My birthday is October 26th, so does that mean I actually don’t have any Libra influence?

    Btw, I too was born in New Jersey and have short legs. But I’m 5’0 and a girl, so that makes me “petite”. He actually reminds me of one of the guys who was on the first series of MTV’s “The Real World”. The one that was the long haired alt rock musician. Although he’s too pale and makes me think of what Robert Pattinson would look like with long hair. 😛

    • The Sun IS always in one sign or the other but I’ve found people born on the day the Sun changes over always display some tendencies toward both signs, especially physically. However by the 26th you’re deffo a Scorpio. Depends on what the rest of your chart is really and your rising? Maybe you have a lot of planets in Libra?

      For example I’m a Scorpio but with some ridic 7 planet/house stellium in Libra/7th house so I identify quite strongly with Libran issues etc.

    • My Birthday is October 26th too! At 10:34 AM in Baltimore, MD but raised in Laurel, MD. I think it’s really fitting being born in the “Charm City” which is also sometimes known as the “Harm City” as well. Charm is a characteristic of both since signs I think and the concept of extremes and dualities that can be associated with my place of birth is a factor as well. If anyone can provide some insight that would be great.

      • Wanted to add that I’m a proud Scorpio with noticeable Libra traits and definitely consider myself born on the cusp and get annoyed with sites that don’t agree.

  13. i remember being shocked by this man’s beauty on Backyard Bill. Honestly just gorgeous!
    I would predict a heavy dose of scorpio, just because I seem to have a fail-safe attraction to those with scorp writ large in their charts.

    – on a side note, a scorp or scorper is a type of tool used for hand engraving.

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