Clones Of Pluto

Steven Klein US Vogue

“…After a few months of Pluto in Capricorn, it became clear that even my considerable multi-tasking skills were not sufficient.Β  So i had myself cloned. Was it expensive? Absolutely. Though having it off with a senior particle physicist certainly has its perks. Worth it? Totally. Productivity is up 200%.Β  Scary? No more or less so than my boob job when i had a hangover. Top Tip:Β  Doing the data uploads manually in the back of your limo allows for privacy. I’m multiple Aquarius. Who needs bourgeois judgement?…”


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50 thoughts on “Clones Of Pluto

  1. bahhaaahhaaa…. fantastic… that is hilarious… maybe thats the message i needed to receive today, clone yourself and conquer…

  2. Jeez you crack me up Mystic!! I’ve been well below par for the last few months……wish I could have cloned my better /higher self!!
    thanks for all your insights.
    Have a good one. R

  3. Cloning especially necessary when people start asking why you’re suddenly so busy and you’re trying to keep it quiet. Even with sun, moon, saturn and merc in gemini lying for me is still the most transparent strategic manoeuvre. Pisces rising is so good at illusion but hopeless at hiding what they are thinking.
    If only I had a clone I could pep talk with “I’m okay, you’re a filthy liar but it’s working”.

      • Hahahaaaa. True. Hey PG , I just watched a doco on Kate Bush. They could’ve edited out the dimwit tossing on about nothing from his old velvet armchair ( is it an unwritten law in docos that biographical experts sit in dimly lit old velvet armchairs? Like it’s story time with dadda?)
        But she is amazing and I looked up her chart and she has a whopping big Pentagram formation of her moon-neptune-mars-saturn-sun.
        And she has chiron so I speculate she has just gone through a “growth period” , you know those ones wot don’t quite kill you, and we might see some new work from her soon. No pressure, Kate.
        What I love about her secondly after her talent is she’s the antithesis of Pollyanna without being the punk. Well Plutonic, I justthought u would like to discuss Kate Bush πŸ™‚

        • It’s funny that the pentagram “star” can be found in a lot of actual celebrity/star horoscopes–for instance, Thomas Gibson and James McAvoy. Sometimes, it’s a wonky star, not perfectly symmetrical, so it’s harder to spot.

              • I know! The first time I saw him, I went “Gaah– who is that man? WHO is that MAN???” Later, being the astro fiend I am, I looked up his chart and guess what? His Eros in 14 Aqua is conjunct my Psyche in 10 Aqua . . .

              • No, he doesn’t look like Shia Labeouf to me, Sweetpea. Shia has a very open, cleancut, immature look on his face. James McAvoy has a self-contained, aloof, yet intense look, which I think of as typically Scorpio. I believe he must have Scorpio Rising. I think he looks like Edward Norton, an actor who does have Scorpio Rising.

  4. MM love this pic!!! Never mind cloning (useful though), I covet her wardrobe – no doubt all various textures of black πŸ™‚

  5. lol as always at the fashion-astrology-humor blend but life has not been the same since Pluto went into Capricorn and no insult to you mystic but is there any place on this site where we have mutually assessed the collateral damage?

    To me this picture is a bit also like a woman trying to keep it together but part of her mind has fallen out – sorry to sound so negative

    • Yes, I get what you are saying. There’s a “building” piece of Pluto in Cap, but so much damage early on.

      Agree with your assessment of this woman, too. She looks like she’s using every last ounce of energy to appear steely and perfect, yet a body snatcher is halfway through overtaking her. (of course, that plays into clone theme somewhat…)

      It does go with Pluto in Cap, but there’s a dark side

        • it’s the barefaced, all in black, full of chutzpa, author, who wrote
          the pre-mentioned book in a different incarnation of who she
          REALLY wants to be.

  6. She’s tired, that’s all, at the end of yet another 18-hour day. That’s okay. A bloody steak, four hours of sleep and a pot of coffee will put her back on top.

  7. Pluto squared Mercury about 4 hours ago as I write this. As I interpret that aspect, it is time to receive a hard message about powerful, painful past experiences.

    I didn’t know that until just now. At exactly the moment the square was exact, I was doing a little Facebook stalking on the guy who stole all of crazy Miss Gemini’s money and turned her into a homeless crack whore. He just got out of prison 2 weeks ago and I am tracking him closely so I can have him busted if he turns up in my town again (it would violate his parole).
    On Mr. Crack Dealer’s Facebook page, he said he’s looking for Miss Gemini because he thinks she owes him money (yeah right). Someone told him that crazy Miss Gemini has just moved away, hundreds of miles away. I will certainly never see her again.

    • Oops, miscalculation. 4 hours ago was a Pluto/Mercury sextile. It was the Jupiter/Pluto square an hour ago. I will have to reinterpret. This must be a good thing, with Jupiter involved, right?

    • “You’ll never see her again” in a proactive sense?

      Or a sad, wistful sense?

      Definitely steer clear of him!

      • She is running away so I can never see her again. I don’t make any proactive efforts to see her. The last time I saw her was by accident, in a grocery store, I don’t think she even saw me.
        She said she wants to leave this town and everyone in it and never again think about what happened here. She always runs away from her problems, and they keep piling up. The last time I spoke to her, I told her that she was running away from herself so she can never run far enough. I tried to not be bitter about it.

  8. mmmmm A Bentley?
    What sort of Pluto in Capricorn Coup do i have to do to
    ride in that, not own, as one is obliged to have a chauffeur
    as well. Ok then, a chauffuer that looks like Tom Brady?

    No! Got it….have Gisele to drive it for me!
    Then i would go collect Fallen Angel, go for a drive and collect
    SweetPea. Cross country and pick up the East Coasters as well
    then drive down to Louisiana.
    (anyone else on the way will need to be ready on side of road on theway thro’ πŸ™‚

    • haha Sounds like fun Pegs. Would love to meet your “Weezianna” voo-doo Baptist (or is it 7th Day Adventist?), friend! I’ve never been to Weezie as it is and we’d also have to go by Savannah GA to visit Paula Deen…She’s a Cap but believe her Moon in Sagg and so tons of fun and good food too!!

      Yes, we’ll make Gisele drive and make her do all kinds of bad habit things… πŸ˜† (drink, smoke…. of course only as long as she is no longer breast feeding, I mean we have feelings, right? :mrgreen: )

        • Pluto is conjunct my Saturn right now, 7th.

          Major overhaul of things 8th house (Saturn ruled) but I think the worst is behind me and new revelations. Typing everyday. It’s my future now more than ever esp since new revelations have kicked in. Have to take breaks from the writing tho (it can be hard on my back…go out and take a little walk, do a chore etc ) and of course come here and peek in at Mystics!

          Like you, that’s all I got…. (ain’t that enuff? πŸ™‚ )

          • More than. x
            YaY ! on the writing ~ soo happy ! Not having the best of weeks, then my ipod speaker thingy konked out, which is, as you can imagine, tragic for a music-lover…
            Then I was on youtube and stumbled upon the story of a man who was covered with warts to the point of utter misery. Reality check. pronto. (Man has since been operated on by docs and is on the way to cure, thankfully)
            Cheers to enforced growth ! πŸ™‚

            • Roxy, that is very beautiful, you-tube seems to be working again.
              Women are like flowers, i thought that clip was symbolically
              Have managed to freeze dry myself in full bloom, but don’t know
              for how much longer, tho’.
              Have stopped tabacco & maryjane 4 weeks ago, have never felt
              as good or as clear, it was just a Habit, an uneeded one that’s tossed.
              Energy levels rebooted to nearly max output. It’s true, both interfere
              with aura & psyche. This being said from an original electric kool aid acid tester Oz variety is amazing. Am buzzzzing like a bee.

              • Yes, good, very good ! Drinking fruit smoothies and sparkling H20 for me going on a few years now. Feel much better, funny I used to smoke, now too much incense can make me hack. I burn it on the way to work in my truck, my boss jokes I smell like those weird Bindi cigs again.
                Shedding the addictions was like crawling out of a deep dark hole for me. Still have work to do there, but on my way ~ have definately felt the energy all around me clearing, is awesome ! Glad you like vid, ya know after I posted, I thought the wart man was *perfect* Pluto transit Saturn (wart) example I *happened* to stumble across.
                Amazing universe…

            • Yes, that video is lovely! I’ve always found it neat how nature, like birds singing and flowers wake up with the Sun…And us too of course…We are flowering Rox…forced “open” so to speak, I like that…

              Neat for you Pegs. Yes, I’ve certainly moved thru some stuff since having quit my old habits. (My remarks above were a joke about Gisele and her purity thing…just in case πŸ˜• ). A road party would be fun tho!! If we get there alive!! haha

              • Oh, interesting that they each have their respective time tables. Learn something new every day.

                Speaking of Saturn, noticed Cap Moon is conjunct my Saturn and trans Pluto currently.

                Just got done wrestling for two hours with google docs. Thought I’d lost everything I worked all day on, and/or could not access properly to make changes, add on, etc.

                Pleeze Saturn, not ~this!~

                Sorted now, thank goodness. **Off to smell the roses** (oh, maybe they are asleep….will tip toe πŸ™‚ )

            • Speaking of Louisiana too, I’m making white beans with Andouille sausage (Cajun, for those who don’t know). I’ve never made the beans this way. Mom used to make beans but they were very, very simple. I’m changing things around a bit with veggie additions and chicken broth instead of water. A warm thing to have as Palm Springs on 53 degrees today!!

              • The outstanding bebefit from tossing the smoke is increase
                interest in food & flavours. Another is more time, not wasted.
                The decrease in red meat in leiu of just duck & turkey has made
                the butcher shop smell bad & offputting. That will go too as soon
                as i obtain more culinary skills.
                When i was vegatarian aeons ago before travelling the planet
                interfered with that regime, couldn’t pass a butcher w/o nausea,
                it’s happening again & so fast. Memory is re-activating on nutrition.
                This is truly a rejuvenation at the speed of light so to speak πŸ™‚
                Yup….more beans, black-eyes peas, mung, lentils the whole
                9 yards is coming on.
                So sure am experiencing the Pluto in Cap paradigm after it being in Sagg for the learning.

              • β€œtruth is brief, the rest is merely commentary”.

                If that is not “the truth”

                Thanks for that poem Rox. Looked up Sophia…