Astro Lucretia Borgia

Lucretia Borgia is simply fascinating.  Love how in this picture she is depicted with both the cross and the Pagan snake.  Oh and I just noticed the blood dripping down from the cross and it is also a dagger. She was super villified, you understand.  Mother of eight, seductress, aristocrat, child housemaid, proto-type independent woman & apparent astrologer, she led a complex life in dangerous times:

“…Italian renaissance woman who was 12 years old when her dad became Pope Alexander VI. Raised as a servant, she was dealt as a sexual pawn in her dad’s political machinations. Before age 22, three engagements for her were contracted and broken, and three marriages to princes were agreed upon. Her first marriage at age 13 was annulled. Her second husband was murdered by her brother Cesare in 1498. In 1501, she was married to the Duke Alfonso of Ferrara. When her dad died two years later, it freed her to live her own life. Borgia made her court a salon of the arts; it was a brilliant center for letters and culture and played a highly instrumental role in the Renaissance….”

Her chart is here:

Sun-Venus-Mars in Taurus square Lilith in Aquarius (seriously don’t fuq with her), Neptune conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter in Gemini, Moon-Mercury in Aries. She is notorious for having her jeweller create a hollow ring in which she could store poison but then again, a lot of stuff was said about her as she rose to power.

Her father, Rodrigo Borgia was Capricorn…“a man of immense shrewdness and ability, devious and ruthless, avid for money and possessions but at the same time possessed of overwhelming charm, a quick sense of humour and a great lust for life and beautiful women. Pope or not, his sexual power was intense.”

She had a Virgo brother – Cesare Borgia, the most handsome man of the day and dude who inspired Machiavelli (Taurus) to write The Prince. He wrote it in jail to suck up to Cesare, apparently.

All the Earth signs….My god , what a family. Are their descendants still charging around nowadays? Thoughts?

Oh and there is an asteroid Lucretia – number 281, currently in Aquarius.

Perhaps, when faced with a situation of complexity, intrigue, power-tripping and highly charged psych0-sexual batty merde, you could think “what would Lucretia Borgia do?”

Vintage Lucretia Borgia movie poster

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57 thoughts on “Astro Lucretia Borgia

  1. so what does this mean if my Lilith is in Aries?

    I have been looking up my asteroids, and apparently my Vesta is in Pisces?!! Eek.

  2. This lady seriously rocks.
    I appreciate the way that she has spun shit into gold all her life (it must have been exhausting). I am so glad that these social conditions are not an extra element that women have to deal with today (we have our own set of problems, thanks:)).
    The asteroid in my chart is a little bit interesting.
    10th house 4 deg of Leo. This means that she squares my Toro sun. She also does sommit with my moon (at 4 degree Libra… it has a blue asterisk in my chart), my Venus and Saturn (both have a black ‘less than’ symbol). I am not sure that the symbols mean… if anyone can let me know, that would be great.
    I find it interesting that she is linked with my moon and my venus.

  3. Facinating, this blog is great for my reading list. Poor Lucretia, but it seems she handled it. Want to know more about childhood and astrology now. My Saturn 1st house and Pluto in the 4th conjunct the ic should explain something but not sure wot. No slavery or servitude was required thankfully.

    • Have Lucretia in the 4th House in Libra conjunct Vesta & close to Uranus. And Pluto. It’s like the Nun, the Power tripper, Death and the Freak. Seriously, what a spazz 4th house. Not even going there.

      Gave my dad a membership the the genebase project, will ask to find out if the Borgias and us are rellos.
      I bet we aren’t as am sure my family destiny is not nearly as ruthless, fame hungry or interesting as this. Dad was disappointed Ghengis wasn’t a family member.

      Brooke Shields, it must be through her mother’s side of the family?

  4. I blinked at the cross she’s brandishing as it’s a ringer for a cross with genuine citrine stones that I own. I came by it quite by synchronicity. So just pass me the poison ring and Lucretia’s my middle name, lol.

  5. Is it just me – but at first glance that thingie on her forehead looked kinda like, well, a bullet wound… Kinda icky… had a little shriek and a double take… Oh dear, I think I may be touched by this incessant heat.

  6. Lucretia is at 26 deg cancer conjunct my north node, 10th house. In trying to understand the connection to me it is all about the use…and misuse of power. With a life lesson #8, this is the same issue. So bottom line for me, having seen power misused in so many ways, is to let power, Mother Consciousness, use me…for higher purpose. I have learned from the past that I am quite dangerous when in pursuit of selfish aims and that nothing turns out the way I intend…and it is always back to the drawing board. So I have learned to get and stay out of the way and let life lead me, otherwise still and silent and in retirement…

  7. Hey, is that a Mystic Rectangle in Lucretia’s chart? Yeah, I think it is. The corners are Jupiter, Moon/Merc, Neptune/Uranus, and Pluto. Very interesting, that is an amazing chart.

  8. I always wanted a poisoner’s ring. I’d never use it, obviously–I’d just show it off as a conversation piece when I wanted to make someone nervous 😉

  9. Asteroid nut that I am of course I’m checking out where she sits on my chart. 🙂

    Lucretia 1 deg Scorpio in the 11th. Depth in friendships without the merde. Or else?!? 😮 She trines my Gemini moon and sextiles my mc too (as well as being semi-sextile lilith – minor I know but it’s lilith). She’s currently squaring my Venus (can vouch for taking no crap whatsover re love and stuff at the mo) and the north node seems to be beautifully sextiling my natal Lucretia just to help out 🙂

    Find these women endlessly fascinating (currently in the middle of reading Theodora). How they deal with such painfully constricting lives and yet are empowered all the same.

    • Interesting Empress as years ago, had a lady read my aura and she saw a past life. She said “I see you sitting there with a large feather doing sort of “notes to myself”.

      You so wanted to write but knew that what you had to say would not be of importance as a woman was only valued as far as whom she was married to, the daughter of, etc.”

      This life I get to write whether it be notes to self or otherwise!

      • OMG! What you have written here, just now Sweetpea, resonates so much you wouldn’t believe. We have so much more freedom than ever before and yet we sometimes have the habit of restricting ourselves now. I know that’s not what you were talking about per se but it’s like an AHA moment. *HUGE HUGS*

        Did she read your aura directly sweets or use one of those machines (can’t remember there name)?

        • Yes, we do restrict ourselves so much. It’s ingrained. Spiritual teacher said that women bleed as they have so much karma that has been thrust on them that they need to cleanse!

          Okay, just a thought to think about in a wider sense. But why the freak do we have pms (pmt) and feel a crap and ready to kill someone?

          On another note, the woman who read my aura came into the room, dressed in white (L.A., late 80’s), whilst I sat back reclining comfortably on a stack of pillows (ha, quoting straight out of my book!).

          She lit a candle and closed her eyes.

          That’s how she read. She introduced me to Lynn V. Andrews. She told me had so much yellow.. was too much in my head and drowning out the feminine side.

          She told me of another life, as a man, and that in that life I had so loved a woman who loved me too but she was betrothed to another….I hadn’t known she was pregnant with another’s child also (okay, maybe she didn’t love me so much? lol)

          No, but the feeling was that this was sort of middle ages type stuff with Kings and Queens and arranged marriages (ha, smacks of association with the middle east). She said I had walked away with sort of a ‘clunk’ in my heart…dissapointment. Did actually live that sort of thing, present life.

          But with natal Saturn in 7th square Sun-Merc and the challenges in this life with men and arranged things and dissapointment that too makes sense! x

          • Makes a lot of sense Sweetpea. Fascinating stuff. I’m wondering if at the time (say in a relationship) you had felt this past pattern kind of tugging at you before you had the reading?

            As for Lynn Andrews – came across her name last year and was pondering getting Medicine Woman. Have you read many of her books?

  10. I looked up the asteroid, but it wasn’t named for Lucretia Borgia, it was named after Caroline Lucretia Herschel, who was one of the first female astronomers. Born March 16 1750. I’m sure I’d have something more profound to say if I was more of an Astro expert, but I can say that despite contracting Typhus at age 10 and never growing above 4 ft 3 inches as a result, she made valuable contributions to astronomy and discovered several comets (even though her mother believed she would be better off being trained as a house servant). Small similarity there with Lucretia Borgia maybe?

    • Just goes to show one does not have to be tall to see the stars!

      And wow, I think it does fit as far as what one sought for her (servantry), but she did otherwise. Think it’s the vibe of the name, energetically.

      • That’s an interesting connection! Maybe our Lucretia is where we’re underestimated (or underestimate ourselves) but have the power to excel on our own terms.

  11. Guys, she was accused of poisoning, witchcraft and incest non-stop but that was just considered normal in those days, especially if you were a female somehow managing to triumph under the circumstances. I mean, the accusations of such, not neccessarily doing it.

    What fascinates me re her (and a few like empress Theodora, in previous post) is that their destiny was to be pawn, concubine, breeder and yet they turn it into the greatest prize of all for them then, independence and the ability to dictate the terms upon which they take or do not take a lover.

    • Oh I agree MM. Reminds me of the “Bolyn Sisters” movie in which one saw how a daughter would be a pawn on the larger political chessboard. Don’t remember that movie ending with a triumph, sadly.

      My Lucretia is 18 Aqua 9th opposite Leo Uranus 12 degrees, 3rd house.

      Wide for an asteroid but she plays into a square with Taurus Venus/Lilith, 11th square Uranus.

      Uranus the focal point. Like Lucretia we have our own philosophies and way of thinking (3/9th house)…And can say that a bit of those themes have played out what with my middle easter background and all.

    • I like that last line re independence and ability to dictate the terms upon which they take or do not take a lover

      I think I want that branded on my… something. Can’t decide where. Since Lucretia’s name is in my 12th, I’ll go with branded in my mind

  12. Ms. Lucretia is loosely conjunct my NN in 12th Cancer. Have no idea what that means except maybe I’m more likely to dwell on poisoning someone(?) in their food:)–at a hospital…when….I’m moody…

    She’s about to transit my 7th. Watch out!:)

      • I answered this a few days ago on my FB page . . .

        The North and South Lunar Nodes are imaginary points that mark the crossing of the Moon, up and down as it were, over the ecliptic, which is the imaginary path of the sun around the Earth. With the moon, or Lunar nodes, the true and the mean are usually no more than 0 – 2 degrees apart.

        True and mean are just different ways of calculating the node’s position at any given time, which is pretty erratic (within a couple of degrees.) True reflects the earth’s wobble and the mean (average) does not.

        I use both, like an orb of influence. My True is 17 Cap and my Mean is 15 so any transits in the ballpark I ‘count’ as IN!

        Does that help?

    • o0o0o0h, Gem, guess you could wear the “poison compartment ring” while making coffee just in case anyone gives you a hard time! They’ll never know what hit them!

      “My but this cup delicious!” **ZONK** Too bad they didn’t tell you that before acting a jerk!

      “Yes, I’m quite true to myself….Me and my True Node”


  13. I imagine that being raised as a servant and in a time when nobody of that ilk had “rights” as such would have given her the edge in later life, you think?

    • It’s so interesting that she was raised as a servant. Venus rules her 3rd house early life but Saturn in the 1st trumps that – hard work straight off the bat. Was mother trying to hide her (Moon in secret 8th opp Pluto?)

  14. IMO as an amateur astrolo- gatherer: she’s got great Saturn aspects and placed near MC she would be noticed no matter what, especially with Leo rising. The Chiron- Lilith connection might relate to her sexual “utility” and the squares to her venus how she is not to be fuqed with, Toro sun ( Leo rising) . Great angles in her chart. I wonder if she really looked like this? I imagine stronger features, or perhaps she was tall or broad shouldered. Also reckon lots of creativity going on there,not so much of the needlecraft. Masterminding poisonings perhaps? I’m sure they were fragrant or tasted of peaches and she sang like a bird when she delivered them…

    • I am trying to imagine her appearance too, a la the Asc, 6th house, ruler sun with Venus . . . It’s hard to know how stylized the portraits were. Who said ‘Art is what you can get away with’? That’s right, McLuhan 🙂

      • Aries sis Leo rising (but with Pluto in 1st), trine Sun and Venus conjunct in 9th. Being blonde I think she stood out quite a bit (esp. when young) as she had this immense “glow” about her. People literally stared.

        (Anyone heard the news today that researchers think Mona Lisa was actually a guy? They think either Leonardo’s lover or apprentice)

  15. When I read ” Mother of eight, seductress, aristocrat…” and saw that picture, I immediately thougt “Taurus,” before reading further down.

    Lucretia, 11 deg Virgo, trining my Merc in Taurus. Oddly enough, I’ve written novels (unpublished, still) about a girl simliar to her, only it’s her mother & boyfriend pawning her, not her pope dad. (my girl’s dad is a clone.)

  16. That Sun/Venus/MC trine Saturn in the first house screams of a powerful (and Capricorn-like) father. Mother isn’t mentioned but the conjunction to Mercury in the 8th opposite Pluto and trine the Ur/Ne in the 4th speaks of power behind the scenes. Much manipulation. I have a hunch Mum put Cesare up to the murder–all ‘out darn spot’ style.

    Many of us must trace our ancestors to Lucretia’s DNA. Apparently Brooke Shields’ does but according to genealogy research, anybody who had children more than a few hundred years ago is likely to have millions of descendants today. Think about that!

    • Kim, re our common ancestral DNA, did you see that show on ABC on the wkd? I love that we are all more related than separated. Breaks ethnicities down into the variety of human arts of life rather than the tools of trade or divisions. And as for skin colour and skull shape- irrelevant in terms of DNA commonalities.

        • No fb for me either and do not miss it, but have a 7 inch screen on one of my smartphones for watching.

          In case you or anyone interested that documentary twas called Faces of America, broadcast on sbs 1 at 7:30 on sun 31st of Jan.

          12 famous Americans who appeared racially different, turnout each one of them is related to another in the group. Beautiful and explains DNA geneology really well.

          Goddess bless SBS.

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