It’s YOUR Past Life Competition

Two Years of Mega Mystic to the person who wins the “It’s Your Past Life” Competition.

Using your South Node as the clue, sketch one of your past lives.

The South Node is always exact opposite to the North Node and you can find it on your Astrodienst chart or I am sure kindly peeps will help you here. Unless they don’t want rivals, lol.

The South Node is said to signify your past lives; so you’re going for the sign it is in, the house it is in and – for the smarty-pants – any aspects it makes.

This counts as a lesson as well as competition.

As always, bonus points for wit & humor.  You can enter if you’re insanely astro-erudite or if you just figured out what your Sun Sign was the week before last.

Just figure out your South Node and riff off it.

For example; mine is Saggo/11th House and square Mars/Pluto/Uranus & Saturn.

So my entry would be something like that I was a traveling bard with vast acquaintance and a taste for mead, gossip, wenches, new tunes + being a double agent between warring religions. The latter didn’t work out too well. I still – this is true – in modern life – get weak knees when i see a suit of armor and not weak-knees in a cute way.

Two Rules: each comment has to start with “once upon a time I was…” and you can’t cite what some past life regressionist person told you. Work it off the South Node in your chart. Have fun!

Image: Francois Boucher

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163 thoughts on “It’s YOUR Past Life Competition

  1. Once upon a time I was making all the rules and even controlled the game, but it wasn’t a game to be king. I couldn’t let go of going atop the mountain, the pyramid, the ragged cliff up high where the goat climbs up alone to be in the middle of winter to read Nietzsche and shout the scripture into the wind. It was lonely up there with no one to really call home.

    So I noticed that if I really tried, I could imagine things differently and it would radically be that way for me. My own mind became the place where I would be in the body and feel electric waves of knowing everything in the universe. But it would only work if I was in a crowd of other people. I didn’t get there, into my own universe, all alone. But together, I guess with others going too, I found the place inside me that allowed me to shed the past and move home.

    Capricorn south node, in the 10th, with Sag on the MH
    Mystic rectangle of the nodes with Sun in Pisces 12th and Uranus in Virgo 6th.

  2. While of course I then turn to the symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s book for my Sag Sth Nod ruler, ie. Jupiter in Gemini, at 6deg26 Gem, conj the Taurus Sun, along with Venus & the Gem Nth Node, in the 2nd.. And so at *7degGem..

    A WELL WITH A BUCKET & ROPE UNDER THE SHADE OF MAJESTIC TREES.. Man’s primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life.. the power of Collective & bio-Spiritual energies which sustain all Earth-rooted Cultures is stressed, in contrast to whatever the technological mind can make available to increase to increase personal comfort & mastery over matter.. A FUNDAMENTAL TRUST & CO-OPERATION WITH LIFE…

    While the symbol for my natal Venus in Gem, at *9deg39.. also reads, at *10degGem..

    AN AIRPLANE PERFORMING A NOSE DIVE.. A superior ability to challenge nature & play with danger.. Through the controlled use of mental powers, one is able to challenge the most basic force in nature: gravitation.. But what he or she challenges is within, as well as outside.. The symbol has a strong sense of finality.. No half measures exist.. One is comitted irrevocably to success or failure – at least as a Conscious & Self-reliant mind.. The alternatives are clear-cut.. MIND V MATTER…

    And meanwhile this also leads me to the ruler of my natal Jupiter-Venus-Gem Nth Node, ie. Mercury in Taurus, in my 1st.. at 7deg41.. ie. as the final depositor in this story of my birth chart, in mutual reception with Venus in Gemni.. my nodal story.. And so I read the symbol at *8degTau..

    A SLEIGH ON LAND UNCOVERED BY SNOW.. The value of anticipating & preparing for expectable conditions.. a combination of two factors, “the sleigh,” a product of traditional skill, & the ability to foresee & prepare for a future situation.. This relates to Taurus 7, ie. the “Woman of Samaria,” ie. the capacity to receive a revelation of the future state of human evolution, though in a different & subconscious sense.. but also of relying on the natural order of unfoldment of all life processes.. FUTURE ORIENTED IMAGINATION…

    AND.. so this little story reveals exactly how I so often feel about my life & of life in general.. but only perhaps fully understood after years of Self exploration, personal experience & eternal questioning etc.. ie. questioning of myself & the world we all live in…..

  3. Oh yes, then of course there is also the Sabian Symbol for my & all those born in mid 1965, with natal Sag Sth Node at 13-14 deg Sag. And so at *14degSag..

    THE GREAT PYRAMID & THE SPHINX.. The enduring power of occult knowledge & of its quasi-Divine Custodians, “Seed-Men” of a previous cycle of existence.. suggests that occult knowledge & the traditional process of aquiring it is still available, & that by accepting their principles modern individuals can best meet the challenge of the present world.. THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY…

    From ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & It’s 360 Symbolic Phases’ by Dane Rudhyar.

    And who are the one’s who are actually living this out & who are not, perhaps the past always repreats itself, in one way or another.. And are’nt we all here trying to remember who we are etc? Apart from all the other “stuff” etc,

    Also speaking of the Moons Sth Node, the symbol for my natal Cap Moon is, at *29degCap..

    A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES.. The ability to see the Signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.. What is implied is the ability not only to perceive the facts of everyday existence, but to see through these facts & discover how they are related to the realm of basic meanings or archetypal processes.. ie. by true Clairvoyance, the capacity to “see” in everything the “signature” of deeper realities.. CLAIRVOYANCE…

  4. Mystic,

    Well I was also born in the same ‘grand mutable cross’ generation as you, Uranus-Mars-Pluto in Virgo et al.. in the 5th.. with a Sag Sth Node 8th.. And one of my favourite movies is ‘Man of La Mancha’.. Don Quixote rides again.. With this classic of course being written about the infamous period of the Spanish Inquistions.. It is such a powerful, Soul uplifting & deeply moving film for me……….

  5. Very much impressed and entertained by all the creative-astro ability here.

    PostModScorp had to place.

    Monte is runner up!

  6. Seriously, I want to award the whole lot of you the prize – these are seriously, truly awesome…I am in awe at the talent on display here. Wow.

    But someone has to win and so i am giving this to Post-Mod Scorp…Pls email me and a Bliss Mystic sub to the runner up which my Scorpio Intern is choosing.

    I have seriously gone like black swan batshit insane trying to pick just one of these.

  7. (south node aries) Once upon a time I was a small negro child living in a beautiful village near the coast of africa. My family had lived there for many many generations in peace and tranquility. I remember the smile on my face and the joy in my heart when jumping into the river with my friends or chasing monkeys through the village. One day everything changed, strange white men came to our village with powerful weapons that our elders had no way of repelling. They rounded us all up in the village centre and first separated the men the women and the children. I saw my father dragged off into the forest tied to other men by their necks. As he looked back I knew that I would never see him again. My mother screaming with fear was also taken, while me and 10 other young boys were tied together and prodded to walk out of the village to who knows where. I was 7 and after 4 days of walking with no food or water I started to feel weak. I fell many times and the white men would beat me till I got up and started walking again. We slept for short periods and I got weaker by the day. One day I couldn’t walk any more. They untied me from the group and a man grabbed the chain around my leg. He hammered a peg into the ground and they left me in the sand dunes unable to move and extremely weak. I started to lose consciousness and I saw a spiral of light move towards me. As it surrounded me I felt peace and passed from this earth. This was my first life and I wont forget it.

  8. Once upon a time I lived in a circular walled city on the outskirts of the kingdom of Miasma – a region of Malocracy. My people and I were members of a mystical sect of code makers, frequency jammers and apothecaries who were charged by the oligarchy with the job of using crystal technology, harmonic frequencies and vibrational remedies to keep the population under control and blind to the reality they lived in.

    The sinister oligarchy kept the people enslaved by projecting imagery onto the walls of the city. Images of gladiatorial conflict and mock battles from which the kingdom would always emerge victorious were used to instil a sense of comraderie and nationalism and images of the latest physical enhancements in order to conform to the ideal shape and size as deemed by the Elders.

    There were also propagandist frequencies – the council of elders referred to these as “FACTOMS” emitted from towers on the edge of the kingdom that marked the four elemental directions or air, fire, water and earth. The frequencies would be used to feedback and temper any stirrings or imbalances amongst the people. The towers also transmitted messages to small tablets telling the people where and what to trade their tokens for and when. Each citizen was assigned a tablet at their coming of workage – seven eons – and were funneled into the state sanctioned manufactories where they performed their duties obediently and without question. It was important the people maintained an unending cycle of token exchange in order for the kingdom to thrive. The wealth of the elders and the state was totally reliant on the servitude of the people and their use of the tokens earned in the manufactories owned by the Elders. The people used to be able to resign from the system when they reached 60 eons but the Elders keep asking us to change the frequency emitted so the people believe it’s better for them to remain in thrall until 70 eons and no one ever lasts that long so we have no knowledge of what happens after 70. What we do know is the state takes ownership of the tokens when the aged disappear.

    My father was the head code-breaker and was taken from me by the secret police for subverting the codes and trying to use them to open the eyes of the populous so they knew the truth. They COULD be free if only they stopped feeling and honouring the malfactom frequencies. He was seen as a dangerous subversive and locked up, leaving me to carry on his work in secret while maintaining a facade of obedience in the face of the powers that be.

    I knew I would never see my father again, but I was committed to his work and he had taught me well the codes of the ancients. I assuaged the guilt I felt for being able to design elegant, efficient code that worked faster and more successfully for the Elders than that of any of the other member of the sect by spending the nights of the dark of the moon clad in a pitch-black velvet coat and noiseless embroidered silk nuno boots wandering the streets of the city dropping homeopathic doses of freedom and truth serum into the fountains and wells.

    It was the embroidered nuno boots and a false friend that were the cause of my demise. My affinity for colour and lustre were not pure vanities – my sensitivity to colour frequencies meant I was not able to function wearing all black, even if it was silk velvet – my body would start to dematerialise – and the boots were my only protection from this. They were embroidered with 7 types of rare metal threads spun from the hair of seven sisters and brought to the kingdom by nomadic purveyors of goods from far-flung corners of the galaxy. The boots enhanced the powers of the dark of the moon and as long as I only worked then they meant I was indistinguishable to the watchers in the towers.

    One night I was distracted by another member of the sect who I had always suspected was a double agent. She had been covetous of my cloak and boots and our sect did not naturally feel covetous of material things. She had pointed out an unusual wobble in the orb of the moon and as a result I forgot it was again growing and went out with my vials. The fine threads of the boots transmitted an alert frequency to the towers. Suddenly I was surrounded by the secret police and carried away to the grey lands. The face of the double agent flashed onto my tablet, which I had secretly hacked so it only transmitted the truth and I realised I should have trusted my intuition and queried her motivations sooner.

    Because I believe that all time is happening simultaneously, I know that although my work was halted in that frequency, the nodal opposite will allow it to continue in the layer ruled by Ares for the betterment of all.

    south node in libra in the 4th – house of the ancestors and ancients + end of cyclic matters + caretaker of the household

    – conjunct sun/uranus conjunction on the IC = uranian freedom fighter + technology and code + the sun = the father

    – trine lilith & Ascendant in Gemini = trine is assimilation + fiesty lilith energy + gemini communication/technology/code focus

    – semioctile natal mercury, venus, pallas athene conjunction in Libra = semi octile in Harmonic system of astrology = intense energy and power – venus+mercury = words, images, elegant code & fabrics + Pallas = goddess of warfare, strategy & crafts.

    – novile Mars in virgo = physical & spiritual extremes + constriction can be unlocked and lead to self advancement in the Ares (god of righteous indignation and courage – roman equivalent = mars) layer

    – sextile descendant with a pisces MC – descendant = known enemies + pisces = imprisonment, self sacrifice & clandestine acts

    – semi sextile Jupiter in the 3rd = semi-sextile = groundwork for the future laid + Jupiter in the 3rd = short trips out and about in the neighbourhood

    – semi square neptune in the 6th – neptune rules potions, medicines and veiled enemies + semi square is about releasing the inhibiting structures of the past + 6th = routine duties

    Pisces MC Pisces rules feet & unknown enemies = the boots

    saturn in the 10th in aries – imprisoned or absent father – government & authority figures

    chiron on the MC conjunct North node in aries – aries ruled by mars = the healing for the “future” continues in the transformational ares frequency

    Soz this is so long but it was fun I go full immersion when fings is fun x

    • Are you sure this was one of your “past” lives? It sounds more like a vision of the future, maybe one not even on this planet. 😉 So if the South Node indicates past lives, does the North Node indicate our lives yet to come?

  9. Hey Lauren,

    Thanks for that. I seem to be a confusing mix of Scorpio and Libra- Mercury in Scorpio wishing to explore hidden depths and taboos- yet Mars in Libra- desiring peace, balance and harmony. A precarious balance!

    Thanks again!

    • I’m in the same boat almost. Scorpio in Sun/Mercury/Mars/Venus/Uranus, but on the cusp of Libra and with Pluto in Libra. A battle between dark, heavy, watery depths and light airy weightlessness. Dangerously charming. 😉

      Btw…for anyone who knows, does it mean something when your North Node is situated at the very top of your chart? Or when your South Node would be at the very bottom? My North Node is 24′ 44″ degrees Virgo in 9th House. I thought I remembered someone mentioning a special significance to those aspects that are at the top of your chart. Does it mean anything special?

  10. Oh dear- can anyone help please? I thought I was quite comfortable with my astro, but have only just realised how out-of-depth I am!

    I have checked out my astro chart but cannot make head nor tail of it. I have my ‘true node’ in Taurus 10’33 d (labelled IC) and my MC (?) at Cancer 8’31….. Which is which?

    If you want to check out my chart (because I haven’t given the right details, likely) I was born 30.10.1985 at 4am in Gladstone QLD.

    Thanks in advance! x

    • Your North node is in Taurus in the 7th house therefore your south node is opposite that – Scorpio 1st house. It is conjunct the sun and pluto and square jupiter in aquarius :~)

    • Hey fellow Scorpio, I checked out your chart and (as far as I can figure, though I’m also a beginner compared to many here) it says your North Node is in Leo, setting your South Node in Scorpio, 1st House. Just eyeballing that, so I’m not sure of the degrees, but if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will jump in and correct me. If you’re very much a Scorpio in this life, it looks like you may have been similarly so in a previous one! 🙂

  11. Wow these stories are so great and creative!!!

    Once upon a time I was a gypsy who, with my horse would travel far and wide to spread wisdom and healing to people.

    Oh that is all I got… haha

    SN Saggi 7th house conjunct Uranus, opposite Chiron and trine Mercury.

  12. Once upon a time I began a revolution to stop witch-hunts on healers who used complementary medicine, including tai-chi and yoga, I travelled the globe giving lectures on the uses of tinctures and am the reason acupuncture, skincare and homeopathy is now used and many people can heal themselves through natural medicine, affirmations, and generally avoiding the western medical model. Perhaps I was Louise Hay! Ha.
    Nevertheless, I died having made a big difference, but lonely, with no deep lasting relationships but many entries of my name in history books.
    South node in Aries in the tenth conjunct venus and chiron, opposite Pluto.

  13. Once upon a time I was a beautiful princess who lived in wealth and splendor, in a prosperous city perched high atop a craggy hill that overlooked the blue green sea below. My family was quite large and some said that in total my father claimed 50 sons and 50 daughters as his own, though not all of them were born of my mother. Among my numerous siblings however, my father favored me the most and I never wanted for anything. As a child I especially enjoyed music and song, taking naturally to the flute and the lyre, as their music reminded me of trickling water, both playful and tranquil. I would spend long days in the courtyard of the palace, basking in the sun while strumming the lyre and letting my feet dangle in the cool water of the reflecting pool. My music soothed me on the occasions where the palace would be full of bickering between my domineering mother and my stubborn, yet kind hearted father.

    I remember that on one occasion one of my father’s advisers remarked that I played so skillfully that the god of music would surely be tempted to steal me away for his own. “Nonsense!” I remarked defiantly and told the silly man that my talent was my own and that the gods had nothing to do with it. I played only for myself and would never be coerced to do otherwise, not even if a thunderbolt struck me down. Apparently, I had said the wrong thing, though I did not know this at the time. To insult the gods was a fatal flaw and when he had heard of it, my father (being prone to superstition) reprimanded me. But being his favorite he couldn’t bring himself to punish me as severely as he did his other children. Instead he suggested that I move out of the palace and take residence within the local temple, where I could train as a priestess (hopefully placating the gods, so he thought) while embracing the solitary and peaceful existence that I so wished for.

    I enjoyed my life in the temple and though it may be seen as lonely to some, I found that being left alone only enhanced my musical skills and artistry. Soon I began to write my own music and sing my own songs. I even began a rather lucrative business on the side (when the priests weren’t guarding me) writing “divinely-inspired” songs that young heart-sick men would use in hopes of wooing their sweethearts. I told them that my songs were potent, as powerful as any charm that the goddess of love would bestow upon them, and without the need of sacrificing your family’s ox or an entire season’s harvest of grapes. This too angered the gods, though I was headstrong and arrogant, but also young, naïve and unassuming.

    As I grew older the head priest of the temple noticed that I was gifted with other abilities, outside the realm of music. I had always had an affinity for water, but now I felt increasingly drawn to it. I believed that I saw things in it, and not just the brightly colored fish of the pond or the lilies that glided gracefully over its glassy surface. I saw pictures and images of terrible things! Of war and destruction, the great walls of our city being torn down and blown to pieces! People running everywhere, screaming and wailing as armored men invaded the town square, setting fire to houses and ransacking the marketplace. I told this to the priest, but he thought it nothing more than a nightmare. But while he dismissed my visions, he proclaimed that I was a prophetess and that the gods were speaking through me. Oh, I could see the look in his eyes. He had plans for me and would use me as a pawn to deliver whatever messages the priests wished to, for their own benefit. I had heard the stories of how other young priestesses had been turned into oracles; how the priests had drugged them with herbs and made them sit in a stone chair above a place in the earth where a foul-smelling fumes would contort their senses and pollute their minds until they fainted.

    I went to my father then, who I felt certain would listen to reason. I told him of my visions, of the great blazing fire that would engulf our beloved city and how it would be the end of all of us! But he too refused to believe me! There was already too much concern over something foolish that my younger brother had done while overseas, and all for the sake of some foreign girl who was already spoken for! I pleaded my case to anyone who would listen, but no one believed me as all they could talk about was taking back the kingdom’s pride and being hungry for war and revenge. I grew so incensed with rage and frustration that I lost all control. My entire body trembled and shook just as I knew the earth would, just as I knew the women would when they saw the broken bodies of their husbands and sons, slaughtered and blood-soaked and littering the once pristine and gleaming streets of our city. I pulled at my hair, my long coppery golden hair; much admired as the color of the setting sun and now feared as it reflects the scorching inferno that will swallow us all in the wake of this stupid war! My family thinks that I have become mad, insane even, that I have offended the gods one too many times and now I must suffer for it. Indeed I am cursed, but they are equally so, and their continued ignorance will only quicken their doom. I return to the temple then and for the first time seek real guidance in its patron goddess. I worship at her sandaled feet, implore her not to send the enemy crashing over our gates. I have seen how it will happen, the trickery and deception of it all and the shame that will haunt my father at the realization that if only he hadn’t accepted their “gift” that my older brother, everyone’s hero, would still be alive.

    And so it came to pass, just as I envisioned it. Soon enough our city was sacked, caught completely off guard and unprepared. Our vanity and pride had been our downfall, as my father had long insisted that our city’s defenses were impenetrable and our coast was formidable enough to sink even the sturdiest of ships. As the walls of the city crumbled around me I stayed by the statue of the goddess, clinging to her ankles even as a young army soldier leapt on me and dragged me away from the temple by my hair. I was kept as his prisoner until the enemy was victorious. When the debauchery of their triumph had settled down I was given to their general as a prize of war. After sailing away with him to his island home (an idea that I had resigned myself to with much sorrow, but thought that perhaps I would be content enough with the sea surrounding me), I was tortured with a final vision. Although I had previously seen and murderous deaths of my entire family, I had yet to see my own…until now.

    Shortly after our arrival both my captor and myself were murdered at the vengeful hands of his wife. I can’t be sure, but while I lay dying (bleeding from an axe wound to the gut) I overheard something about him having sacrificed their daughter to the goddess of the hunt, so that he might gain a favorable sailing wind. What a bastard! Can’t say that I blame her for wanting revenge. It’s a shame she had her lover kill me. We probably would have gotten on well as friends.

    Once upon a time my name was Cassandra…and I foretold the fall of Troy.

    South Node Pisces/Cusp Aries in Third House

    • Oh, lovely story Lauren (I’m glad those 100 childrean were not born of you mother soley! 🙂 ) Where is Cassandra in your chart? Mine is on the MC, Pisces.

      • I hadn’t thought of that!

        Mine is in Leo, 8th House, conjunct (within 10 degrees, yes?) my Virgo Moon. Dying as a result of no one paying attention to me? Sounds like a Leo-worthy way to go. 😉

        • A 2.5 degree orb is usually used for asteroids but if something feels right I will go with it.

          Ha, funny about your Leo in 8th, and maybe Cassandra there has some secrets yet to tell?

  14. “That man from that stage opera ‘Ye Olde Hoarders’ will be be here soon,
    quick, throw some of Marie Antoniette’s lingerie on the floor to make it look messier.”

  15. Once upon a time I was an impressionable young sailor in love with the sea. My deepest desire was to swim in the ocean and to feel the salt spray on my face. My sense of duty meant that instead of joining the merchant navy, I sailed with with military navy obeying the orders of my king and country. For the few nights a year that my head lay on a pillow on a bed on land, my dreams were of the ocean and my heart longed to be back in her care.

    (South Node in 6th house Pisces conjunct Moon)

  16. South Node in sadge conjunct 0 cap ascendant conjunct lilith conjunct ceres:

    The most humiliating moment was of course being burnt at that stake. It wasnt the burning I minded so much, having bought a gunpowder bolus on a rough rope so I did in fact explode quite impressively all over the square as I had planned nearly ten years prior with a lovely grizzled old nun who handled such things.

    It was simply that my woodcutter boyfriend could not be bothered to cut me a *nice* one, distracted as was by his marriage at St. Brendans that very same morning to a thickheaded hog farmer’s daughter who was younger than me and called herself a Christian; simply a cow I tell you with one eye half crossed and her mouth *always* open and wet — a mouthbreather, can you believe? The arms on that girl. Like a hamhock. And after all I had done for him. I do hope the blast marred their vows and I did wish, while the flames curled against my toes, that my innards would fly across the square and fleck her petticoats with all variations of steaming internal matter.

    I know. I was in a bad mood.

    He barely even gave a thought to smoothing the edges. I *specifically asked* that he carve three of my best incantations round the bottom and he barely paid attention and I am sure this is why my curses for vengeance only came true partially and only after the complete annihilation of my enemies was beside the point. *mostly* annihilated simply will not do, you see.

    If they are not *entirely* annihilated, they come back.

    Men. Exhausting. You explain and explain.

    One thing you dont realize is how bloody cold it always was back then. Cold. It would lick around your ankles, caress the neck and send the shiver of death all through to the bottom of your belly. My knees were always blue. When they came for my mother and I that night I don;t remember the rape so much as the cold of the stone behind me and the altar fire dead, smoke escaping their nostrils and my poor mother, half frozen, her blood running purple on the steps. I stood up and the air stole under my skirts as I watched them ride away.

    I was numb I think. It’s the only explanation for what I did next, which was to follow them back to the garrison and mount seven of his comrades night after night. Got myself warm, the succubus that I was, and when he came to kill me I smiled into his face and told him he would never know if he had killed his own child or not.

    His men were silent behind him. They were numb I think.

    That was how I got to live.

    For a while.

    That time.

    It was good for me though, the cold. I spent a lot of lifetimes outside the gates. In the winter I’m as silent as the mist over the killing fields and in the firelight I disappear. I spent one whole lifetime with my mother collecting the girlbabies they were idiotically leaving on the hilltops to die and another burying their idiotic dead. The life they waste is astonishing to us, astonishing.

    I’ve only loved one man throughout millenia, now. I’ve cried on stones, against the necks of horses, against the embrace of a noose, clinging to the planks of ships, in the red dry dust outside of a dead Eden, hoping one day he’ll see me in the firelight, in the mist over the killing fields, and know what I know.

    But he’s never yet been brave enough to follow me.

  17. Born into a lower middle class family in the East end of London at the turn of the 20th century I was known as a spirited girl. Not beautiful but passable. Boyish. Extremely feisty. A tomboy.

    My father was a pretend religious fanatic alcoholic. We clashed from the day I was born. He bashed me relentlessly as far back as I can remember. And handed me over for ‘further education’ to his friend; the local publican and pimp.

    By this stage I was smart enough to play the game and became one of the most sort after whores in the district. To me it was all about getting inside their heads, then taking charge and fuqing them until their balls dropped off. I liked the power.

    By the time I was thirty I was servicing upper class public schoolboy types with various fetishes. I was good with a whip. Looked fantastic in leather. And could give the best kickin’ and slappin’ you could ever want.

    I became rich enough to run my own brothel run on ‘feminist’ principles. The girls were all looked after. And the clients were cared for. And if any harm came to my girls I had the ‘law’ on my side. The chief inspector of the London police was a personal friend shall we say. And he would do anything I ‘asked’ of him. I had many influential ‘personal friends’.

    I mixed with various social groups and was invited to many parties. I was intellectually aggressive and dominated conversation. I belittled men who thought they were better than anyone else. And it was one of these men that knifed me to my death at the the age of 45.

    South node Aries/8th house.

  18. Sorry if this sounds serious. I’m just not funny… This has been really fun to think about- thanks Mystic.

    Once upon a time I was a travelling charity worker (who was secretly quite intuitive) in all corners of the globe and my role was to protect and look after children. I never stuck it out in any one place. I am fairly sure I ran away from the man I loved and ended up with a lower neptunian type, or even perhaps alone. Perhaps I was disconnected from my family and particularly my father. I think I had to keep my beliefs and knowledge to myself. I always took on new challenges but found it hard to finish what I had started.

    I know i’ve been in West Africa before and maybe Spain- said to be associated with Sagittarius.

    South Node in Sagittarius 5th house, conjunct neptune, opposing venus in Gemini in 11th.

  19. Once upon a time I was the highly-driven daughter of an 18th C Enlightenment maths genius, who inherited part of his talent… only to contract an unfortunate alliance with one of his favourite (but dull) pupils, who I eventually left in disgust to set up my very own salon of great minds and witty conversation, where I could groom the next generation of geniuses (genii?) whilst writing my secret tract on the laws of physics and having a series of light-hearted love affairs, all the while distressing my household with my increasingly erratic behaviour: all pure logic one moment, next tears and a terrible desire for the latest scandalous French novel. I suspect I eventually caught the pox and was forced to retire from society, to spend the end of my days between trying to puzzle out the last equations from my unfinished physics tract and writing a three-volume romantic novel (equally unfinished, because never perfect!).

    (South Node in Virgo/6th house, conjunct Moon, square Venus & Mercury in Gemini, opposition Mars in Pisces)

    • South Node in Virgo/10th House.

      Once upon a time I was a scholar who studied different languages and illuminated manuscripts.
      I still dream of calligraphy, speaking in foreign tongues and writing in
      Latin etc…and towers, castles monasteries filled with books of secret knowledge.
      At one time I adhered strongly to the rules of an institution I though highly of only to be betrayed by that very institution.

  20. Wow, fuq, i am unbelievably impressed with these.

    I think peeps could learn heaps about astro and the Nodes just by scanning these amazing interps story.

    Were any of us non-hot in a past life? Lol

    Am going to have to come back and scrutinize tomorrow to determine a winner. It’s really hard to pick xx

    • I couldn’t help being Hot … I was a 3rd house Leo. If I had’ve been a SN 6th house Capricorn you might have a different story on yer hands! 😉

    • How could we not be non-hot in past lives? I mean, we’re all hot in this life too, aren’t we. I think that’s been pretty clearly established in the comments here 🙂 😉 LOL

  21. once upon a time i was joan of arc. 😉 hehe

    a warrior who was led by the mystical voices to lead an army and who channelled a spiritual path into being a fierce trailblazer. a woman before her time…

    we all know how that ended!

    South Node Aries in the 12th

  22. once upon a time i was a scorpio…. super sleuth, controlled obsessor, sexual experimentor, secret-keeper, dark-side dweller…. she on the left can’t wait for she on the right to get straight to the point; take off the garb and drink some full-bodied red wine (they are women, right?). In minimal clothing. On clean covers on the chaise. Talk stuff. Any stuff. But seduce each other with conversation. Talk smutty and make it good. And for god’s sake, put the cat outside. Please.

  23. I was a psychic opium addicted whore turned muse then courtesan for degenerate Parisian Artists on the Left bank. I was sold on the black market to settle debts from the family estate of my father the aristocrat and I the bastard daughter to an underage milkmaid of his fancy. I ran away from a life of forced sexual slavery to the street of Pigalle where I learned to dance and entertain a variety of clientelle. I was blackmailing my father the Marquis, for money so his wife and socialite daughter of a famous salon would never hear of me.
    This picture was painted in my left bank days when I was the muse for this artist whom I met drinking absinthe with my friend Marguerite (right) I was showing her my ‘innocent’ flash stocking slip routine that made me a small fortune. Eventually I met my husband the Parfumist slash suspect occultist, the first born son of a very wealthy Parisian family, where I was initiated into the secret society and learned of the magic of the dark arts.
    I died of a blood letting incident on an alter under the floorboards of the parfumery which was intended to learn secrets from the book of the dead yet had also mis-calculated my dosage and did only faintly note the loss of blood as I left my body in a stoned trance in the ultimate sacrifice for my husbands work.

    South Node Pisces 8th house

  24. Once upon a time I was a peasant girl living on the Isle of Harris. Im thinking after the dark ages, maybe pre-reformation, but I cant be sure. When I was old enough to be counted a woman, but not really an adult by todays standards, my sister lay dying in childbirth in a bed in a wooden hut lit only by firelight. The doctor, such as he was, had attended the birth, but he had decided that there was nothing he could do to help her. I pleaded with him to save my sister, but he could not help. I argued, oh how I argued. I cried. I screamed. I could not understand why he was engaged in such futile inaction. But alas, I was just a woman.
    So being rendered so powerless, and having suffered such a loss, I went looking for power in the Old Religion. Real power. The power in the stones, and the earth and the waters. The Callanish stones were a favourite haunt. Many were the revels we held there. I became a priestess of the old ways during the time of christ. Sometimes I was a military virgin, sometimes a holy whore, and I hope I made it to becoming a crone, but I suspect it didnt end well with the Christian menfolk, and Im still a bit cranky about it.
    South node in pisces in the 8th house square neptune.

  25. I’m having some trouble figuring out what my South Node is. My North Node is in Aqua, so does that make my South Node Leo? Haven’t a clue what house it’d be in, but my NN is in house 3.

    • Yes, your south node would be Leo =)

      And there’s a very good chance that being polar opposite would place your south node in the 9th house. Hope this helps Cats! can’t wait to hear about your past life =D

      • Oh, thank you! Whether the house is right or wrong I’m going with it because it’s inspired me now and I shan’t turn back!

        I was a mystic of great renown. A clairvoyant of sorts, a medium even, able to communicate with the spiritual plain and all that resides there. I was one that told your fortune. All manner of people came to me for my transcending advice, whether they be poor peasants of some wayward town or Kings and Queens. I myself was a Queen in my own right, naturally. I preferred to covet and govern knowledge, philosophy and spirituality, but I of course I never turned away a patron’s gift of thanks. Jewels, gems, heaps of gold… I wore the finest things, or the boldest at the very least. My hair was a wild, fiery mane befitting of any lion, and my eyes could see into the world beyond much like a cat’s can see in the dark.

        Of course no one could resist my charm, though I was always too busy searching for the meaning of things and bestowing my great intellectual/spiritual prowess on those less fortune to ever settle down. I even managed to charm the Catholics, curious as I was about all religions, theirs included. Dressing down into something more appropriate whenever I visited one of their chapels (there to learn about their beliefs) felt very much like being an actor on stage. One of my finest roles. That my seductively feline nature could never be quelled completely and shone through my chaste portrayal, tempting many a virtuous priest into renouncing his faith, was about as good as the applause of an audience. Later on I’d roar my laughter among fountains of wine and salacious men and women just waiting to please me.

        I traveled with Gypsies for a time, all throughout Europe to gain a better knowledge and understanding of foreign lands and varying cultures. I had my own wagon, bigger than all the rest and at the very front of the caravan. Leading the way for them, of course. I had horses with the sleekest coats and demanded that they were well-fed and cleaned at the end of every day. Inside my wagon was a plethora of things I collected on my journeys. The wagon itself had to be modified so that I had my own seat above the driver, where I could perch myself much like a Queen at her thrown, lording over him and everyone else in the caravan.

        After some time I broke with the Gypsies. Their way of life just wasn’t grand enough for my Leonine tastes, though I greatly appreciated all that I learned and experienced from our travels. For a few years I spent my time mainly between Italy and France, before heading east to learn even more, everything from Buddhism (from the monks of Tibet) to the ways of the Samurai in Japan. I eventually fell for a reserved and kind Japanese noble, who I delighted in scandalizing with my wild ways… But it was around the time that Christianity started infiltrating the east, so he had a healthy curiosity wherein THAT was concerned. Where I told him all I knew of western religions and cultures, he happily shared his own. The amount of ghosts, spirits and demons that pervaded Japanese lore never ceased to bore me, and neither did their lush and sophisticated culture. 😉

        Leo SN in the 9th house (if it is the 9th house that it’s in, hehe).

  26. once upon a time i was an eccentric (read completely bonkers) magician/scientist/part-time revolutionary born probably in the Dark Ages. that was the time when i tried to establish the first ever anarcho-syndicalist commune AND discover the secrets of time traveling. of course that annoyed the local authority figure, established church and my ever-changing love-interests. got kicked in the face by some of the latter too! since no one was interested in creating a martyr, they decided to lure me far far away in the mountains where i spent the rest of my life looking for that strange document that contained the TRUTH.
    south node aqua sextile neptune in saggitarius

  27. South node – gemini – 6th house.

    Once upon a time I was a bipolar… oh bugger it..

    “Using your South Node as the clue, sketch one of your past lives.”

    I read this and thought oooh, you want me to sketch something!!? Far better than trying to connect my mouth to my brain today.

    Off to find my charcoal….

  28. Once upon a time I was … a young woman of the Queen’s Court noted for her great beauty and regaled for talents in the arts, excellent prose and fabulous bosom. A feighted musician called Mo-something regularly gibbered at my feet. One of his sonatas sounded suspiciously like a little tune I made up on a dreary Sunday afternoon when my Aunt invited him to tea. How insufferable! Horrid little man.

    When my father … a nobleman to the King, tried to marry me off to some wealthy, but hideously ugly and OLD Count … I objected with a torrent of outrage and language that apparently had only been heard by swarthy men who sailed for months in the open seas! I even suggested the fat OLD Queen marry Count … whomever!

    The court was in an uproar! My mother in hysterics. Father insulted and publically embarrased. So I bribed my handmaids with jewellery and fled to the stables and the arms of my true love – The Naughty Saggitarian Stableboy. Actually he was a touch older than me but MY LORD what a fine fellow (great ass). In one tender moment he grabbed me by the back of my dress, flung me over his horse and said “we better get the fuck out of here” …. ahhhh the Romance! The fact that I didn’t have to shag the fat, old Count! Bliss!!!!

    We disappeared into the vast forest of which he seemed highly acquainted and settled down into a private, but volatile life of love and the occasional throwing of pots of soup at his head.

    Then they found us via villainry and scoundrels! Murdered him cruelly (please spare me from the wretched retelling). I was sentenced to life in a convent. My mane of golden red curly locks hacked off by the Evil Mother Superior (may the bitch spend her afterlife in an acid bath!) and forced to cleaning the chamber pots. I had my revenge though … the Head Priest took quite a fancy to me despite my hacked hair and being forced to dress in a head-to-toe potato sack, which gave me ample opportunity to urinate in the Holy Water and spit in the church wine.

    SN Leo in the 3rd house trine Neptune

    • LOLOL!! I love the last sentence particularly. Hysterical prowln.
      Maybe MM can give us a chapter each to write for a romance novel, I reckon it’d be brilliant.

    • I really enjoyed your past life story. Similar theme in my fantasy life, except mirrors used during make up sex after pot throwing.
      I think we might be soulmates 😉

      Leo N Node & Moon in 4th ~ Moon square Neptune

    • Oh Leo Uranus in 3rd (sq. Taurus Venus-Lilith and trine Sun Merc concurs with much of this rebelliousness of course.

      Where is my potato cloth uniform? And is a tissue provided once we do our spittal and urination? Cappy Moon nearly aghast but Leo Uranus 3rd saying to rock w/it


  29. Once upon a time, during a former life, I was a beautiful Androgyne (it’s a habit I have perfected over the incarnations) loved by many but wedded to none. As a young woman I shaved my hair and coloured my eyelids with kohl, i was tiny in stature but cut an imposing presence. Although I remained chaste I would turn the heads and gladden the loins of all and sundry, male, female and those in between, you could say – everyone wanted a piece of me.
    So I let them think they had it.
    I was of course devoted exclusively to spiritual pursuits and only got my sexual kicks on the astral plain. But I’d indulge great bouts of intoxication and addiction, which only fueled my ecstatic prophecies and frivolous flirtation. I would rant people’s secrets and fortunes in the sticky back stalls of taverns and brothels by way of bartering, blackmail, and the betterment of my social station.
    I was a loner, but I kept birds. I wrote many great things that largely went unread. I saw vivid visions of the future which mostly made me frightened. I died young. I died pretty.

    South Node
    0.01 degrees Pisces, conjunct 1 degree Pisces Descendant, conjunct 29 degree Aquarius Pallas Athene, sextile 2 degree Capricorn Pars Fortuna

    • OMG Lexi … it’s a good thing we never met in your past life because there’s nothing like a beautiful Androgyne to gladden my loins … especially with shaved hair. 😀 And the more unavailable, the better.

      Yes, my past life sailor boy would have definitely had some lonely nights at sea with you on his mind *LOL*

      • hehehe, even in the current life I seem to cast a terrible spell over married men!
        In fact, it’s surprisingly telling just how apt the Sth Node analysis can be. Eek.

      • Lovely Lexi, *I died young. I died pretty*, so well written as usual. I’d love to know where this fits in your life with the overtures from the married men! Naughty marrieds. Well you are very fetching.

        • Aw shucks, don’t make me blush.
          Now, I should clarify – yes the married men may be drawn to me, but that don’t mean i entertain them… well, all except one, but he was mine long long before he got married…
          It’s interesting, the whole Athena on my Descendant thing, one legend tells of men needing to bed Athena in order to become king, no?? yikes, how apt.

  30. South node is conjunct Part of Fortune and rising in Taurus; opposite Descendant (Scorpio) and square Midheaven (Aquarius) and IC (Leo); sextile Pallas and Vesta in (Pisces) the 10th/ 11th Houses

    Once upon a time I was… a woman from unknown background who married into into wealth and became a feature of the 17th century French court. Initially revered for my sensual beauty, I consequently turned my persona, intellect and capacity for tete-a-tete to innovative use, emerging later in life as the hostess of the most radical ‘salon’ of the period, drawing around me the great intellectuals of Europe, and creating an environment where advancements in science and literature abounded.

  31. Once upon a time a was a physic. I wore brocade and fur, gold and jewels over my ample belly. I served mankind, one of which was I. Fees could waived, for use of a pretty enough wench, whether a daughter of the house or serving girl. My fame in cures was renown, my manner reassuring and steady, my elixirs always presented in gorgeous vials, which gave rise to a belief in the mixture, even if it was rubbish.

    I did not suffer the stench of the poor; I left those to less successful men. My home was lush with all the comforts of the prosperous. I lived predictably, I took no undue risks. I lived to a hearty, hale old age and died, leaving my vast fortune and properties to my son.

    South Node Taurus in the 6th.

  32. Once upon a time I was a popular mistress to a King. What you would call a socialite with a hippie chic style nowadays, having a sense of style trying to incorporate to her curriculum all kinds of trascendental stuff while pretending not to care about money (plus, exotic things helped getting freaky with the king since I wasn’t just going to woo him with my looks, I was WAY classier) and creating jealousy dramas and tantrums every now and then, just to see if I was losing my throne or still have the purrring effect on the King. I often fantasized about total destruction, gossip, wars, orgies, and resented I wasn’t -in fact- not just a King, but God itself (himself would be more character-appropiate). I almost did the “mirror, mirror in the wall who’s the fairiest of them all” but servants were going to think I was a witch, and a bitch I was already.
    I managed to charm him when I lost my appeal and became a mistress- agent to him.

    South Node in Leo-8th house-sextile Libra Sun-trine Aries Moon

  33. Not such a stretch since I’ve recently shared some of my Aries SN/Sun (Medusa) conjunct and square Saturn 7th/Iranian roots, so for fun….

    Once upon a time there was a Persian Princess who took her tea from a rose petaled tray. Gingerly, she dipped her fingers into a rose scented water bowl as it was part of a cleansing ritual before a sugar cube was placed just as delicately between the teeth, whereupon the subtly spiced tea was drank through.

    Not sweetness of the sugar cube, nor the delicately held hands… the tray adorned in rose petals and the scent wafting up from the water where she had briefly caught a glimpse of herself – she knew the reflection of a lie – none of them could convey the fact that she would have just as easily held them around her husband’s sun worn collar. A collar of majestic shimmering colors that shown in the sun, reflecting his might as a conqueror as he sat on his horse afield of his opponents and blinding them. Often, the princess wondered if he considered that he was as blind.

    He did not.

    The princess wanted to take up a shield as well, just as easily as she had dismissed the servant who had delivered the tray, like a sentence of her docility as she was not a deliverer, but a seemingly complacent bystander, helpless really, and she felt as sorry for the servant as she felt for herself. Any power she felt she posessed, had been thwarted.

    After the death of the prince she did take up a shield. This was so afar from the mere concubine that he had relegated her to that now, in the reflection of the rose watered bowl, she truly scarsely recognized herself. For she saw liberation in the water bowl…the ripples echoing and stretching out through time.

    What she saw in the water bowl, just a glimpse….was her shield with Medusa and all of those who had come before who had slain her upon that bloodied metal. They had sought to conquer her spirit. The title “princess” still held some esteem, but none like the “queenliness” she felt within as the water bowl continued to ripple throughout, as she dipped her fingers once again.

    • Oh my goodness Sweetpea.. what a sensitive and delicate story of shimmering beauty! I don’t know why I feel surprised, but I haven’t read anything like this from you before. Wonderful!

  34. Once upon a time I was a young society Miss is Regency London. I flitted about attending an endless whirl of inane Haute Ton activites, giggling with my pea-brained contemporaries, and suffering through unrequited passions for dim-witted young men who would pose elegantly in drawing rooms before strutting off to spend their evening in their club, or with a ‘fancy lady’. I was married off to older and much more dissolute scion of society for my dowry by 20, and through him got syphilus. I spend the rest of my short life praying to the saints, taking the waters in Bath, and putting my faith in what ever Quack was currently fashionable to cure me. I died a painful death from lead and arsenic poisoning, thinking I was in a haze of anguished ‘spritual’ enlightenment.

    South node Pisces in the 11th.

  35. Once upon a time I was a wandering sage, shaman and philosopher. My theories were grandiose, drawing together aspects of the natural world, and the stars, to explain the emotional condition. I was often found in the fields, or under a tree, communing with animals, and people one and the same. I asked for no monetary payment, but instead accepted food, wine and fine fabric; my appetites were as well known as my wisdom. Nobles would request my presence at their summer houses, and I would gladly stay to counsel their guests (and luxuriate in their offerings of fine food and clothing). So blessed was I that never did I want for food or shelter, because my various patrons always ensured I was kept in comfort.
    South node in Taurus, 9th, conjunct Jupiter and part of fortune, sextile moon.

  36. Once upon a time I was born in an average village to a modest family. The 3rd of 5 brothers, there would not be enough left in the family coffers to support the lifestyle I wanted. at a young age I joined the clergy of the local church, deciding that the structure and ability to access the masses would be suitable tools to climb into a postion of authority, influence and power. Lofty goals for a young lad…..

    I settled into the routine quickly and worked and prayed tirelessly. The fathers were impressed, so much so that when the regional patriach died (coincidence or not, he was old and past his time and I just helped him along a bit) I was first in line to take control of his parish.

    Spurred on by the fervor of my piety, the congrgations swelled, as did the church coffers. Such was my influence that when the church bells tolled on the hour, everyone in the village stopped for a minute of prayer. Impressed by the devotion (which of course I measured in collections, as did the superiors) I was raised higher and higher in ranks until I became the Arch-bishop and second in line to become the next Pope.

    Naturally, I’m missing several years here as nothing like this happens overnight. I took many years of careful planning and putting in the hard yards to ensure that I, the forgotten middle-child of a going-nowhere family would rise to a postion of power, influence and authority, with the comfortable lifestyle to boot.

    My reputation amongst the common folk was a pious and exalted man who was blessed accordingly. Some called me a saint, but one can’t help the simple minds of the common-folk. Amongst my peers I was feared and respected as I took my position as Arch-Bishop very seriously. The punishments for tardiness or work not being completed were severe, and then there was the verbal lashing they’d cop from me. I had a clergy to run, and a country of devotees hanging on my everyword. When your job is to uphold the faith of a nation there is no room for emotions. You just do what must be done.

    My rivals feared and evied me. My socio-political netwrok amongst the wealthy, the ruling and influencial peoples was second to none and imfalliable. So it was really no surprise to anyone that shortly before the reigning Pope’s death, the first cardinal in line found himself in an unfortunate and scandalous encounter with the wife of a would-be nobleman. Hardly becoming of one who upholds the moral virtue of our lord…

    While the Church collapsed into anarchy at the scandal and argued who’d be next, I tended to the dying Pope. With everything in the right place the time voting passed and naturally, my hard-work paid off.

    Unfortunately, in the 60+ years of intrigue, politics andhard-slog to get me where I was I’d become quite the rigid old bugger. Still, there was structure, and there was results, and the coffers of the Church ran over. There’s a lot to be said fora bit of hard work and planning…

    (South noded Capricorn conjunct Sun in Capricorn in the 11th house)

  37. South Node – Gemini – 1st House – SN square Jupiter

    Once upon a time I was a Venetian Jewish import/export expert, dealing in legal issues and documentation for the boats. I hopped from boat to boat doing double entry book keeping for the incoming importers, striking deals and bribing officials. I carried a brown leather satchel with lots of inky documents.

    I was manipulative, cold, independent and callous. With my long red-gold hair and dissipated good looks I was known at every pub and bar.
    The aristocracy tolerated me and the lower classes were bamboozled by me.
    I knew everything about everyone and yet I couldn’t care less about anyone. My unmarried sister and mother lived in poverty and never heard from me.

    Eventually I had a stroke. Realisng my mobility, good looks and profession were gone, that I had no friends, no family and little money I then purposefully screwed up a dangerous deal with a noble.
    His heavies killed me one night next to a canal. My blood spilled black over the cobble stones in the moonlight, and I laughed as the blood filled my throat…

    *Like Appleskies, little bending of rules. I had this vision while under hypnotherapy. I just couldn’t be creative when this fit the astrology so clearly!
    My karma in this life played out by having to date one of the ‘heavies’ from this life. Weirdly, he was a Jewish Morroccan boy with a Venetian name. Most combustible relationship I ever had…

  38. Once upon a time I was a silent movie starlet. I went through a brief period of extreme success that got me the attention of several Mr. Wrongs – all at the same time. It took a lot of talent to keep my options open in that manner and it eventually caught up with me when I finally choose the wrong “Mr. Wrong” to make me an honest woman. Always ahead of my time, it was a very short marriage. I lost a jerk but ended up with a darling baby girl from the relationship. Too bad I was too busy being a lush and trying to resurrect a dead career to notice. In the end, I was remembered for my string of suitors and train-wreck of a marriage rather than my acting.
    (All I could out was that my South Node is in Taurus. If this really is one of my past lives, it’s peanuts to the lives of Taurus’s past and present in my family.)

  39. South Node – Gemini – 1st House – SN square Jupiter

    Once upon a time I was a Venetian Jewish import/export expert, dealing in legal issues and documentation for the boats. I hopped from boat to boat doing double entry book keeping for the incoming importers, striking deals and bribing officials. I carried a brown leather satchel with lots of inky documents.

    I was manipulative, cold, independent and callous. With my long red-gold hair and dissipated good looks I was known at every pub and bar.
    The aristocracy tolerated me and the lower classes were bamboozled by me.
    I knew everything about everyone and yet I couldn’t care less about anyone. My unmarried sister and mother lived in poverty and never heard from me, which I felt slightly guilt about.

    Eventually I had a stroke. Realisng my mobility, good looks and profession were gone, that I had no friends, no family and little money I then purposefully screwed up a dangerous deal with a noble.
    His heavies killed me one night next to a canal. My blood spilled black over the cobble stones in the moonlight, and I laughed as the blood filled my throat…

    *Like Appleskies, little bending of rules. I had this vision while under hypnotherapy. I just couldn’t be creative when this fit the astrology so clearly!
    My karma in this life played out by having to date one of the ‘heavies’ from this life. Weirdly, he was a Jewish Morroccan boy with a Venetian name. Most combustible relationship I ever had…

    • Ha ha, we have exactly the same south node positioning. Maybe we should have teamed up! (although slightly different eras – I was hanging round with Ghengis Khan I do believe)

      • Oooh, I have a Khan-era life too! But I was just a simple hunter and I preferred being on my lonesome. The shoes I wore were really naff.

        • Ha ha!
          Do you remember a cheapo French 80’s label called Naff Naff. I had some awful cotton happy shoes in turquoise from them – your comments made me think of it.

          I really have no idea about my real past lives. I have had some corker dreams though, beginning from when I was 2 and saw Jesus hanging on a wall next to a huge fish (both my parents were professed atheists so no idea where this came from ) But when I went to London at the age of 10 and went to the museum which documents the Great Fire and the life lived around London then – my spine truly crawled and I had distinct senses of deja-vu. I read everything I could find. if I had a past life, it was as somebody not very well-off who maybe died in the Great Fire. It truly terrified me then and the thought of it still does.
          My south node is in my natal first house, and my north node is in my house of lerve, in Sagg of all things.

          I attract excellently weird foreign dudes who love the outdoors.

          But I STILL cannot shut up, I have a bit of little dictator in me, and seriously, if i am not careful, it will still be my downfall (again!)

          • Yes, I have NN in Sagg 7th house also. Me got burned by a Saggi foreign person big time. The pendulum swung back the other way and I married the Gem boy next door, bliss (but so weird as he grew up in the SAME flat my sister and brother separately lived in for years).

            That’s super interesting about the fires! Am sure you would have myriad past lives from what I understand. I don’t know why, but it seems not to be linear as to how we redress the karmic imbalance, as I have had other lives since the Venetian one, but it’s the one that I identify as being most important to this life atm.

            I remember Naff Naff, those happy shoes’d be back in fashion by now.
            Have to blog to maintain balance in my life. I cannot shut up and run at maximum talking speed most days, gotta spread it round, it’s too much for one person..

  40. How long does the contest last? I want to write something up, but fighting a killer headache tonight and can’t focus to get my ideas together. >.<

  41. Once upon a time, I was a queen bee whelping forth parthogenetic progeny at a rate of knots, so overpopulating the neighbourhood that the family dialect evolved into its own language.
    I liked to keep all my chickadees in claustrophobic orbit around me, a buzzing constellation of servant-satellites; and blood being thicker than water, my pestilential little rascals got up to all sorts of hi-jinks to keep the clan fed and kept.
    Inevitably, internecine intrafamily warfare annhilated us all, save the last and least and wiliest one.
    With nary a backward glance, she swaggered off into the sunset on her own vaingloriously wayward way – small of stature and lame of gait, but singular and swashbuckular, ever ready to fight the good fight wherever she might be needed.
    She didnt answer to her old petname Eadie-Puss anymore.
    (SN kataka cusp 3rd house conjunct moon and in t-square with mars/uranus libra 5 and chiron/hekate in aries11)

  42. Once a upon a time I was an ambitious Spanish catholic priest who traveled to the New World to convert the native peoples. I was righteous. I was pious. I whipped myself. I sublimated my bodily desires. I was revered by the other clergy and honored by my country. Then… I met a Mayan shaman (artistic liberty here since the empire had already fallen) and he introduced me to peyote and tequila chasers. He showed me the Mayan calendar and I could see the decline of the Catholic church (sorry papists). I made a radical move, dissappeared into the deepest of Mexico. I became infamous to the Spaniards. I took up with some Aztecs but was unfortunately killed as a human sacrifice because afterall I was still a virgin. South node in Sagittarius in 10th house. Moon, Mercury and Venus in the 9th . Saturn in Pisces in the 12th.

        • Lex said: In fact, it’s surprisingly telling just how apt the Sth Node analysis can be.

          So true I think.

          What I’ve found is that I’ve been many things, a quaker, a mayan, an American Indian….had an experience where I heard my own cries as a babe being born. Was really quite magical, all of them, but, think our current astro is what we’re especially working on present life.

          This is just my take as we have been so many things, our souls are very creative and multi dimensionally diverse. Teacher said tho this this life is the most important life as we’re at a pivotol time and in awakening, the hardest challenges (leading to personal power) are left for last.

          Not that we can’t have our fun (if not taking right out of own history books) and making/re-writing a story.

    • WOW … you need to change the end bit because Mayans and Aztecs are kind of from different regions. And HEY that story is so cool about … well it just is.

  43. My first encounter with past lives was when I dreamt one the night of my 17th birthday, and actually fully died in the dream, which is not a feeling I’ll ever forget (I’ve almost died 3 times alone in this life, hi 8th house pluto, but that’s not the same feeling). After I actually woke from the dream, my room being so dark, it took me 10 minutes to fully understand that I was still living and breathing, as the sensations in the dream were so very real.

    I was living in Spain, a quite big house which I’m sure I could locate if I ever went to Spain here and now, I had inherited a family business as my father was without sons and had become very successful because of this, truly transforming what my father had given me. I was married, in a very loveless way to man extremely tied to the old beliefs of man-must-be-highest-earner-and-preferably-only-earner who was extremely jealous of my success, and felt it looked bad to his image. Long story short, I was coming down the stairs and he shot me. I felt my lung collapse inside my body, which is not a sensation I’ll ever forget, and my eyes get heavy and my body slowly die. They say you never die in a dream, but I did. I immediately knew when I woke up that this was a past life. I just…KNEW.

    A while later I did a reading with a psychic aunt who, without any details from me, told the exact same line of events, and details of that life. Since then I’ve done Akashic records readings with a family friend who’s a master at them as well as reiki and have garnered more knowledge of other important lives. A few years later I got into detailed astrology, and I think my South Node in Leo, 6th house, is a perfect reflection of that life.

    • I cheated loosely, but a dream is once upon a time in my eyes. But to make up for it I will stick strictly to the rules in the next DIY Astro 😀 *pinky promise* I just thought it fits so perfectly, my body refused to make up a fantasy.

      • Had an experience that started out as a dream. I was shot in the head by Nazi’s and waited to feel the pain but there wasn’t any.

        Slowly, I moved up out of my body through the top of the head and was flying across some sort of landscape. I’d found my death so interesting that I wanted to go back and experience it. A voice (in the darkness where I felt no body at all), said, “for crying out loud, you don’t have to do it over again!”.

        Woke up and just sobbed…

          • Sobbed because of the liberation I’d felt. We are not our bodies. This life is a dream.

            But fuqing real dream. It is to be honored of course. One time, teacher was talking about this life being an illusion…big mouth Aries chimed in….”but a real illusion”…What about pain for gawds sakes?

            In a greater sense, even illusions are real, as long as we are in them of course. The trick is to know the difference. Working on it….

        • What an intense, and I expect life-changing dream, Sweetpea. I noticed the same thing with mine, there was no pain, almost like instantly transforming into spirit, no body. Thank you, truly, deeply, for having the courage to share, particularly the compassionate response you received from out in the void.

    • That’s amazing applepieskies! I really enjoyed reading your story. How is your SN aspected? Dying for being good at working, feminine ability being crushed.. there’s lots of stuff to work through there! Does this story reflect in fears in your own life in any way, like with MM’s fear of armour?

      • Very interesting questions, andromeda! I can’t answer about the south node aspects, as I have no idea, but I shall look into them! But for only real fear in life is choking/not being able to breathe. The 3 times I’ve almost died in this life, including my very traumatic birth were all related to not being able to breathe. Feeling my lung collapse in that dream could be related to this, as that was the area where I was shot. I’ll have to consider this more in depth, thank you for asking, something to roll around in the mind for a while as the Sun transits my 12th house!

        Apologies for the very late reply, hope you didn’t think you were being ignored! Also hoping you’re having a very pleasurable weekend!

  44. It’s in Sag and I was(am) Amelia Earhart. No one knows this, but I didn’t crash. I landed on a private island and spent the rest of my days frolicking with the natives 😉

  45. Once upon a time, I was once a performer, belly dancer glamour-puss extraordinaire (this would be the South Node Leo, 5th house), probably from North Africa. Venus Aries, trining the South Node: I was captured by some pillagers, most likely a gorgeous, hunky, huge, blonde Viking with crazy blue or gray eyes. He captured me, fuqed me, and decided to return me back to his home, SomewhereFrickinCold-ia. A bunch of Pisces in the chart: Much of my time was spent on the water, in those one of those Viking ships. This clearly explains my irrational fear of orca (killer) whales. Sun/Merc & SN square: I probably died being eaten by one, after the crew tossed me overboard for refusing to dance for/sleep with anyone but my gorgeous blonde Viking.

    I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately, so this is as good as I can get it. I can’t say I’m sure about the Sun/Merc squaring my South Node.

  46. Once upon a time I was a little-known world conqueror in the style of Alexander The Great. I conquered parts of the world that nobody has ever heard of before or since, and I did it using my incredible eloquence backed up by my massive army of feather-wearing ninjas. As I went along, I also converted the populations of my conquered countries to my own private religion, Fastararianism, which involved lots of wild dancing to phat beats, followed by days of total silence and seclusion. At first, my conquered peoples took to my leadership style, my eloquence, and Fastararianism like ducks to water, but when I wouldn’t shut up, and when I enforced the law that the dancing part of Fastararianism could only last for a day and a night, and then the silence and seclusion had to kick in, they all got a bit bored and somebody assassinated me by feeding me a massive overdose of magic mushrooms in my daily quaff of bilberry wine. I died ecstatic, at the age of 17.

    (South Node in Gemini, 1st house, square Jupiter in Pisces)

  47. Once upon a time I was a famous world explorer (who discovered several lost civilizations/secret treasure troves, and never mind that I stumbled upon a few of them just by luck) who was struck by a sudden spiritual epiphany bolt while posing for publicity photos on a mountain peak and spent the rest of my life in solitary contemplation of Big Important Issues, pausing only to thank/bestow wisdom on the fawning followers who would bring me food and presents.

    (South Node in 10th house conjunct Jupiter and the Midheaven (exact), all those conjunct Uranus in the 9th house, all in Sagittarius.)

    • South Node Leo in the 9th trine my asc (I think I got the trine right).

      Once upon a time I was an equerry to a king. A damn fine equerry if I do say so myself 🙂 I particularly enjoyed the long distance trips abroad, the long discussions about the politics of the day, and a bevy of foreign beauties to share my bed. Unfortunately I could see ALL the ways in which a kingdom could be better run and told my liege so. I was beheaded of course.

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