Virgos In Bed

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If only the top of the bed were made properly, this would be the perfect pornography for Virgos.

But who would have to be in that bed to stop the Virgo whirring dervish-like around the room, Spray & Wipe in one hand, eco-cloth in the other, ecstatically pouncing upon pale scuff marks.

Those poles might also require a telescopic duster.

You think?

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87 thoughts on “Virgos In Bed

  1. Maybe the poles are gymnasts double training bars ?…
    But would a Virgo jump up and down on the bed to get up there ? (Where’s Herby?) I’d love this room, would think about painting the bars white though, if they had a structural significance and had to stay (alas no Virgo in chart though, drats).

    • Maybe the bars are to drape a big banner from, with an affirmation on it, like “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” or similar.

      • Hi Buckle !
        Funny! … but since finding out Nick Cave has Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon, it makes me wonder..can i picture Sir Nick in here ? Would all his dark and tormented tales comes from such a clean white space ?

          • I’m a super-charged Virgo but my desk is always a pigsty too. I am most comfortable when it’s tidy but somehow I can’t seem to keep it that way.

            (Virgo Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Asc; Pisces Moon)

            • Same here Herby. This multi Cap is struggling with de-flowering post-it notes from side of computer screen.

              • Haha … I too am a postit note on the side of computer screen person. And scribble all over my white board. And sheets of paper stuck to the wall alongside many pictures.

                I have no Cap in my chart though. And am not a big fan of Saturn … he’s too hard a task-master. I just survived his transit through Virgo (Saturn in Virgo) and will be happy never to see his influence again πŸ˜‰

          • Hey guys, re Nick C, have you read And The Ass Saw The Angel – he pretty much invented a whole new (albeit a tad wanky and indulgent) verbose language. SUCH a Virgo.
            But he, like all fellow Virgo musos is such a brilliant and clever lyricist.

            • Sexy as…new there was some scorp somewhere.
              Lexi, YES to Virgo lyricist, just discovering how many of my fav musicians/song writers are in fact Virgos.

  2. You underestimate us Virgos. Think back to Mickey Rourke’s home in New Yorkβ€”very ornate. Maybe its my Libra Moon, but I love decorations and colour. I’d theoretically be comfortable in a room like this, but I would definitely be adding many personal touches.

    • Y’all must be onto something. I’ve got Virgo Sun and, no lie, (how’d you know, Mystic?) I fantasize about some day having a room like this, containing nothing but a bed with white linens. But, I guess with my Libra Moon, when I go to actually decorate my bedroom, I end up adding color, more furniture, decorations . . . .

      • Mmhmmm.

        Virgo Sun (love love pure white walls/bedding/windows – basics)
        Leo Rising (spice shiz up with tastefully/gaudy-mild/bold decor ((wtf))
        Sag Moon (need something w/ nature energy)

        mua haa…. poles would drive me loco though… FRICK

        • Still thinking about the poles and what in the world I would do with them. Must admit they look splendid as a focal/contrast in the photo.. but if I were to reside there I’d pry replace them with wood panels (white or the color of the floorish) to even it out.

          hmm what the funk does the other side of the room look like…..


  3. I could imagine myself curled up like a snail in the middle of the bed to avoid getting the sunlight right on my face at 5am!

    Otherwise, I like this room. I feel like I can smell the cleanliness.

    (Aries, Pisces rising)

  4. This looks like the appartment in my house that I grew up in. Enormous vaulted ceilings and tons of wood everywhere. My
    mom is a Virgo of course! I’ll show her this picture and ask her what she thinks.

  5. where are the blockout shades and curtains???No self respecting virgo would leave windows uncovered…this looks more like someone’s room who’s just moved in and hasn’t had time to unpack their belongings and decorate or accessorize…and it therefore could belong to any sign except a virgo. I remember years ago when I moved from the suburbs to a flat in NYC that I couldn’t go to bed without first hanging the curtains. That might also have to do with cancer sun conj venus…

    • Oh no virgo rising … there is no need for curtains because this room is up in an attic floor so it’s above all the other houses with only the sun, moon and stars to look in πŸ˜‰

      Otherwise, yes … it would need curtains πŸ˜€

  6. cancer with virgo rising here. i LOVE this room. am in the midst of a major declutter of my home and head and i love, love, love the calmness of this room. love the not made perfectly bed, the no curtains, space to do yoga. yum. nice to have you back Mystic – all is right with the world again πŸ™‚

    • curiouser…
      i’m a cancer with virgo rising too. also have venus in virgo. ditto completely what you said. I would paint the walls though and have a nightstand with lamp and several books. The wide plank floor is incredible.

      • agreed, wide planks incredible. but white it must be πŸ™‚ my current home is mostly rich colours, but i loooove this white simplicity.

  7. That bedroom is heaps sexy! The bed’s only messy because … well … we’ve just used it πŸ˜‰

    The room looks easy to keep clean, lovely and earthy with those timber floors, plenty of light, a bit of nature with those pretty flowers …

    And the fluffy clean fresh (well fresh before) white linen would feel so good and fly so well πŸ˜‰

    And as for those bars … I reckon I would jump on the bed to try to reach them … just for a laugh and to see whether I could πŸ˜€

  8. so funny! when i was living in another country these past few months, the room i slept in was painted all white, and my bedding was IDENTICAL to the bedding in the picture. i LOVED it. all of the white really cleared my head and helped me think straight– the color just made me feel sane. my only issue with the bedding was exactly what you mentioned– the fact that it would get dirty so easily. this really frustrated me, but at least it motivated me to wash my comforter and sheets more often than i normally would. now in the context of pornography… not sure if this is my favorite type of place for that, personally, but it’s not too bad πŸ˜‰
    (oh, my sun is in virgo, btw)

  9. This looks just like my bed. Only my room is not an attic one and walls painted gray with white plantation shutters.

    My earthiness thinks a Taurus could settle down the anal Virgo in this room. Of course in all fairness Virgo would need to grow some lush green viney plant to drape on those bars and add a tasteful mini fridge next to the bed so the Taurus would feel at home. They would alternate between kink and cuddles in this room.

    Cap Sun, Merc, Mars, Saturn – Virgo Pluto, Uranus – Toro Rising

    • Yes, I’m Virgo, Cap moon. Love this room and have had a couple of bedrooms in which I had almost exactly this room.

      And yes to something alive.

  10. As Mystic’s blog loads the first thing I see is “Virgos In Bed” and think “Uh huh, yeah, hmm” My mind is somewhere totally different. πŸ˜€

    Maybe they like it neat like this so they can get down and dirty.

    *mind goes back to where it was*

  11. Hmm…this looks more like my Scorp’s bed than any bed I’ve ever had

    and as a Virgo, I have to say, those poles are a no no no.


  12. meh poles too high to do ashiatsu on peeps. I think the virgos would not like the poles to be F-ing up their qi as they sleep.

  13. Love those floors…high maintenance,tho ….must dust every 4 hours to maintain pristine condition.

  14. My sister is a Virgo and she would have this room like a f&ck*ing filthy swine pit in a day. Her idea of cleaning is having several glasses of wine and then totally forgetting about it…….. Actually, I know several Virgo slobs

  15. NOTHING like a snowy white dune of million thread cotton covered bedding… Bliss laden sigh!!! (Mars in Virgo) I want to go to there…

    • I’ll take the walls the windows the floors and most definitely those bars in the ceiling, I’d even keep the cottony thread count, but seriously, can the sheets not have even a hint of colour?? Like a splash?
      Virgo Stellium Rising aside, I just don’t do white. The Stains The Stains!

    • exactly ando- who cares if you mess em up you got 2 or 4 more pairs in the huge linen press and a capable and discreet maid to clean up the debauchery afterwards

      • NO! No HINT of colour Lexi. My Venus in Cancer finds that in the moment the stains are fond reminders of glorious times. My Mars in Virgo is handy with a bleach bottle.

        Leogroover – I WISH I had the maid!

        • Also, Mars in Virgo means you change your sheets every 3 – 5 days when you’re transits encourage OCD of the cleaning type, right?

  16. I had a dream last night & it featured a room just like this! I was shown the most beautifully illustrated tarot card that i’ve ever seen. A woman handed me three cards 1 was marriage, 2nd was children & the 3rd was obligation. I didn’t recognise the cards as that- does tarot have an obligation meaning card? She told me what they were… 😯

    Maybe she was a Virgo woman… *thinking* I only know of 1 Virgo woman… my mum… although this woman didn’t indicate she was my mother but bizarrely it felt emotional… 😯

  17. I’m with you lexicorn – love the space, the light – no curtains !! – the floor, even the poles – I’d hang stuff on them – beautiful. But white bedding – ughh – I’d have mud blood chocolate or something smeared around in no time & my virgo venus would naturally hate that !!

  18. I wonder what the feng shui is like for tall slanted ceilings. I think of myself lying back in that bed, falling asleep looking up at the big slanted plane of white ceiling, and dreaming that I’m rolling down a hill.

    • I’m a sun Virgo and I think I’d lie up looking at that slant and want to chainsaw it away to make it a nice symmetrical room. It blocks the light as well. Those poles are wrong, I’d be thinking – now why didn’t they put them somewhere else so you could hang clothes on them.

  19. My virgo sun and mercury must be dealing with some serious opposite from other planets cause the only thing I like about that room is the big comfy bed and timber floors. The sloping ceiling is freaky me out something chronic just looking at it.

  20. Hmm, this is telling of my state of mind. Read the title “Virgos in Bed” and thought it was a menu item.

    Strangely enough, I’ve actually NEVER had one, in bed that is. It would be too much V-ness with my V Rising. But this actually resembles my own bedroom quite a windows are naturally cleaner, in fact practically crystal but the all white bed, the light, the lower profile bed yes.

    Though I love the idea of flowers in the bedroom, I’m suspicious of inhaling pollen in my sleep. I’m actually stunned no one’s mentioned the feng shui aspects of the low sloping ceiling over a bed…isn’t that a no-no? And lastly, I think the only way a Virgo could abide with those poles hanging overhead is if they were strong enough to be of “sturdy” purpose. ahem.

    It is after all not known for being the sign of secret kink for nothing..

      • Only the walls darling, Rockstar.. ooh almost typed RockTsar, but I CAN imagine you working a white diamond encrusted bikini wearing a fur and a babushka, vodka dangling dangerously in one hand and nothing else but a wicked smile..

        The poles are doing my head in frankly, its making me see the sense of all that vinyasa I’d been pretzeling myself for.

        And come off it, Herby, you know I am absolutely right about the Virgoan skink (secret kink). Worse, they put their excellent time management skills to organizing such things.. hee hee

        • Hahaha!!!!! You are so right πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hence my saying you crack me up πŸ˜€

          I am building a special bookshelf in my bedroom just for the how-to books that I don’t want lying around the house on display for all and sundry πŸ˜‰ Must be that Virgoan time management thing you mention πŸ˜€

          • A shelf? Surely Herby you can do better than that. I always think the Ultimate Virgoan Skink Lair would be a bit o’ Bat-Manrie, you know, press a button and the whole thing flips over to a white dungeon version. Alfreds not included of course.

            Or maybe he is? Someone’s got to do the cleaning up right?

  21. this sun in virgo is quite into the natural thing but also likes steampunk, dark colours, and things that are a bit more ornate. the catch: has to be expensive, classy ornate, not china shit from crazy clarks ornate. i can discern merely by looking at something if it is a shoddy rip off. no joke.

  22. virgo rising with venus in virgo….who could get me to stop cleaning and get me in bed….a dark haired scorpio with amazing eyes.

  23. No sweetie you incorporate your cleaning fetish into a little play act? A naughty maid perhaps?

    Agree with everyone saying they like floorboards/white sheets and simplicity but proportions awful. Probably only way that room can be worked with. Flowers too ick for words. I would prefer a triffid

    • yeah for Brown – I hope he stays sotrng. Agree that fear has no place in our lives – much of this fear mongering and conspiracies come right out of washington and the intel community (imho) – in my opinion and in agreement with some others, alex jones is one of their assets – seems he is trying to be bill cooper for the masses -Yes, I am a member of the tin hat brigade – the mind games are played at various levels to grab the naive, more informed and those in-the-know. I love this country but the system is absolutely crawling with rats. –Keep up the good work – you have a solution for people – independence – eventually, this could tame the wild beast of what we now call our govt.Current score: 0

  24. so is it weird that that is close to my dream bedroom… white sheets white walls (no pictures! hooray!) simple uncluttered what bliss! sun in pisces leo rising and scorpio moon I aspire to such palimpsest… sadly the reality only goes as far as the white sheets that are such a bitch to keep white…. and I don’t have the staying power…
    my virgo sun, pisces moon boyfriend talks about intricate carved bedheads with forest creatures and I shudder at the heavy naffness of it all…

  25. The only good thing about this set-up is that the doona reaching the floor means no dust under the bed and, therefore, far less cleaning. Room is cold as charity.

  26. I really like the bed it looks super comfy but I’ve always hated rooms like that. Makes me feel like the walls are closing in. Give me a a more normal shaped room… Please.

    It really does look like a jail cell with those tiny windows and that ugly wood floor that doesn’t go with the feel of the room at all. The more I look at it the more I dislike it.

    I see prison. But the bed still looks comfy. I’m always down for big fluffy comforters but they wouldn’t get me to sleep in that jail cell except maybe on a dare.

    -Sagg sun; Libra moon

  27. Hmmm…bedding touching the floor might not work, though…I look at that and its like seeing someone with their clothing tag sticking out…..

  28. I think the poles are doing something structural so probably can’t just be ‘moved somewhere else’! But I wouldn’t enjoy sleeping under that ski slope of a ceiling, or the lack of curtains. I’d paint in this room instead, and sleep somewhere a bit cosier.

  29. no, no, no , i am a virgo and definitely this is not “my” room.
    i cant stand all that white thing! my room and my desk are never neat. only the book case with my fairytales is neat. piles of books and clothes all over the house. venus and saturn in virgo too!!