“So yah, can someone, like, blood test me please? Or is this just like how my astrologer said Venus in Sagittarius would manifest for me because I AM a Sagg?Β  Venus in Scorpio since last century or whatever was weighing me down man. This is WAY better. Everyone at work loving me, lecture ranting about religion at lunch, shopping for make-up whilst drunk, new appreciation of flowers (LILIES- FUQ YEAH!), Yoga class and even better…getting the Yoga instructor back to mine for a quick, um, Kombucha juice. I told him that the mushroom is still marinating in the Shiatsu and now i’m going to show him my chakras. Downward Dog? He ain’t seen nothing yet…”

Image: Dazed & Confused -Kacper Kasprzyk

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39 thoughts on “Saggosvana

  1. What I wanna know is where do I get me some of those marinatin’ mushrooms in the Shiatsu?

    I have a Shiatsu machine but it didn’t come with mushrooms… πŸ˜†

    Venus is a hair away from my Sagg Jupiter. No wonder I feel splendid lately. No mushrooms needed altho N.Y day I had a terrible hangover from the cab. Last thing I remembered was something about Hwy Star…lol

      • Me too Sweetpea ! I was snowed in and had fun rock star gabbing on NYE ! Soz, my Merc MC got booted for talking too much last night (me?) haha
        I’ve been singing “I LOVE it, I NEED it” all week ! thx
        Is dat you ? no wonder you got men clients hearts like putty ~ pretty AND smart AND funny !
        Oh, and I got to looking Chris Robinson is a Saggo rockstar. I can’t look now, theater kids overunnin’ the place,~ Leos are off the chain ’round here !
        ta! x

        • I started the cab at around 4:00 pm and by midnight the computer screen was sorta bouncin’ around πŸ™‚

          You’re sweet but pix from 2003 (no other current on upload). Bit older, not as thin, missing a front tooth (joke) …but you know, just lousy stuff like that…

          Have not touched a drop of wine since then and am going to keep my NY resolution of no alcohol this year, gambling, and no ciggie binges…That shit’ll make you old before yer time if not careful.

          Chris Robbinson…is he a crush? He’s cute in a scarecrow look kinda way…lol

          Saggo bestie loves Black Crow.

          • Aww, gone but not forgotten πŸ™‚ I was trying to get rid of my little greenie over there~> on wordpress, will have to look at ‘how to’ again. (maybe I’ll may Liz my icon-lol.)

            Good luck with your resolutions, you can do it, and probably feel better too ! I stayed away from New Years bash, Neptune transit was really making me want to hit the bottle, though I have been sober for 3 years.

            Chris…he’s not a crush, but I dig him. R&R needed a kick in the A$$ when the Crowes came along ! Saw a pic of him and Kate at some awards show slinking all glassey eyed outta limo… he looked soOo swagger~ I thought gotta be Sag. Decked out in rumpled hippie with some sorta fringe leather and really nice mojo bag dangling from neck. Saggos always look fresh as a daisy even after the full on raging festies. My ex drove me crazy, but he was FUN. I am cardinal earth but the fire boys are like a magnet, so many ex’s are archers. sigh.

            Off to bed, another big day tomorrow. x
            I’ll post an old fave for all the lovely saggos out there ~>

            • Rox,

              You got this one?


              Your description of Chris sounds like some of the pix Mystic has put up of Saggo’s. Fringe and hippie. Can see that so now with Chris.

              Yeah, Saggo bestie always wanted to listen to Black Crowes and I wanted Def Leppard or something. Guess on some level she knew Chris a Sagg. Peeps stick to their own kind? lol

              Good choice on the video!

              Congrats on your sobriety for past three years. Cab and I have had our moments and I have plenty of drunken posts around here over the past two years (funny but not funny πŸ˜• ) New year tho. New goals. Uranus is coming!

              • Peeps stick to own kind? Possibly!

                This saggo singer/singing teacher has always adored black crowes and sung them in a couple of cover bands…but never knew the astro. Ditto Hendrix and Morrison, and even Frank S, but DID know the astro there.

                Been told I do accurate (or funny, if in the mood)impersonations of a couple of female Sagg singers – Tina T, Divine Miss M and Shirley Bassey – too; but sadly, I generally have to drop the key a whole tone, to do the women justice (Leo dad was a bass opera singer so there is a genetic limitation to my soprano there – sad, since I love Maria Callas!).

                By the way, sweets, loved your pic, too. So nice to put a face to a name and it so fits.

                As Saggo, know all too well about struggles with excess….giving up the ciggies and increasing the alcohol free days per week on my list too, this New Year!!

              • ooooh, would love to hear Tina!

                Noel Tyl, astrologer, Leo Moon, was an Opera singer also. You must have had a very musical household growing up!

                All my parents did was yell at each other….Can you imagine tho if peeps would sing instead of yell?

                Singing begins…..”I hate your fuqing guts”….la te ta de do..


                Oh we’ve had a terrible shooting over here today in Arizona. I’m goofing around but the world goin’ more mad by the minute. πŸ˜•

              • woops, sweetpea, there is a reply for you below re shooting and tina etc that i posted in wrong section x

    • Oh, and had no idea Kombucha was a mushroom and peeps make tea….thought we were talking MAGIC mushrooms…(which I’ve never eaten in my life but my Saggo best-o might have)

      • Bet she did, and if she didn’t, this Saggo did it for her….oh my goodness, the sun has turned into a kite -ooh, look, I’m pulling it down to earth over there in the west with a string – and what’s that almond crescent shortbread I see rising on eastern horizon? gosh, think I’ll swim out there in direction of california and catch and eat it, but do I really have to put clothes on?

        • πŸ˜†

          Yeah, funny the things you find out after kids are adults… My sweet Virgo rising, Gem Sun SAGG MOON daughter dropped acid at Disneyland and thought everyone’s faces were melting…

          I’ve never done that either!! My older sister told me not to so I didn’t!

          • hee hee…have funny Disneyland and afterwards story involving a substance that is now kind of legal over there that wasnt then, Mickey and fairy hallucinations, the midnite show of Rocky Horror in downtown LA, an all-nite diner, and me, little oz girl aged 17 who knew she could pass for older, illegally ordering drinks for everyone, and then spinning out stone cold dead to the world in the diner….(I was studying in canada and visiting the now-millionaire Taurean boyfriend who was at stanford at the time)….Ah, those were the days. Everything you hear about Saggos from Mystic is true!!!!

            • Haha…Would not know where to START Fi with Saggo bestie and our escapades…We got picked up by the cops one night because we could not find the car and she walked “the line” for a Driving Under the Influence but no arrests… lol

              Some of the funniest/fun peeps in the world, you are…x

              • And we love Arians (or is that just my Aries moon?!) My Aries bestie from age 8 is still bestie today, even though we live in different cities. She brings out the stand-up comedian/clown in me like no one else, and even in middle age, we still unconsciously compete as to who can crack the other up for the longest over the phone…

    • Thanks, you two S’s, Saturnrox and Sweetpea, I really enjoyed “tuning in” to your chatter on here while everyone else was away. Nice to know someone was “holding down the fort” while everyone else was partying or cocooning, depending on their respective transits.

  2. I love this!!! <3 My Saggo Rising approves!

    Because Venus in Scorp…so done with that!

  3. me too YoF. V in Scorp nearly turned me into a howling at the moon, raging nympho. However, sagg is more my style. Love the post MM. ” I’ll show you my downward dog if you show me your upward cobra” wink wink

  4. Luving this Venus in Sag – had best afternoon / evening, things that would horrify me now don’t bother me so much and life definately feels lighter. Guess all that Venus in scorp work has blessed us and what a lovely energy to roll on into after. Yah Yah Yah to the Venus in Sag, guessing Venus in Cap will be a more coming back to earth feel before we hit wham bham Venus in Aqua – that has got to be mind blowing.
    Realising I am not as sensitive to the Mars shifts, but definately the venus ones.
    Hope everyone is having fun!! (tempted to do a flip but I don’t know how and would likely be injured, note to self – be a little careful during this time)

  5. I got three planets in Sag in my 9th house but tempered by sun in cap. Still, I definately have to watch the rants about buddhism, taoism, ayuahasca, etc.

  6. Goodbye Scorpio. Thanks for the ridiculous insights and heavy shit but me and my trio of Sag planets in the 9th house are so ready for some light entertainment.

  7. Venus in Sagg sounds sporty, fabulous fun! Been wanting to check the transits but Astrodienst is not opening sesame for me? Anyone else finding that?

  8. My Neptune is in Sag.
    My dreams are free for the first time in ages.
    And I feel like a bit of a drink in a park, actually…

    • Sag also straddles my first and second house (how do I know which one it is really in?). I am feeling the second house effects, I have to say…
      Enjoying the Breezy:)

      • Veenie,

        Sagg is intercepted in`1st.

        Sagg is on your 2nd house cusp so Sagg & ruling planet Jupiter, rules the 2nd house.

  9. oh sweets, that shooting so sad. You probably already read Michael Lutin and Daniel O’Dowd (astrology columns) but they’ve been saying this kind of individual violence against the system about to get a whole lot more ramped up with Jupe/Uranus joining Saturn/pluto into the T-square.

    Thinkin about that shooting and your parents fighting makes me (a) want to give you big hug and (b) sing this bit of Tina (which I can actually do in her key!):

    And I wonder when we are ever gonna change
    Living under the fear till nothing else remains
    We don’t need another hero
    We don’t need to know the way hom
    All we want is what’s beyond the Thunderdome

    Thunderdome being mad world expedited by fuqing ridiculous gun laws and the narcissism and Darwinism promoted by free-market capitalism (in my book, anyway…so get your earlier comment re Chuck – ha ha Neptune in the 9th; delusion thanks to seductive – “freedom” – but wildly hypocritical, impractical and badly thought-through ideology….)

    You are right luv; I was so lucky. Whatever his faults, and however he fuqed me up by expecting so much from me, my Dad was amazing – made sure I got one hell of a musical education by age 8. Played piano -CHopin to Jerry Lee Lewis – by ear, on black keys, with most amazingly sensitive left hand I have ever heard, and without being bothered to learn theory. It was all by ear, from memory.

    And I totally agree that singing is a great antidote for fighting – I use it to blast the cosmos – instead of object of rage or some poor innocent bystander – whenever I am mad.

    Just watched Shine (movie bout David Helfglott) for second time. Balled my eyes out. Made me think of my Dad, me and the nervous breakdown I had myself, from overwork and high expectations.

    Hugs to you, possum.

      • And thanks for your thoughts on Neptune in 9th & regarding Norris. After I heard some of his stuff it turned me right off.

    • Your Dad sounds very naturally gifted. Gem daughter took piano since age 9 but claims she cannot sing. At the beginning she began slacking off with her lessons so I threw her keyboard in the trash.

      Told her “you’re the one who wanted the lessons so if you’re not going to practice your Dad is not going to pay for any more lessons”. Never had to say another word after that. She gave her first recital at 16. Hopefully one day she’ll get another piano. She has not been playing for several years now.

      I just looked at David Helfglott’s site. Had never heard of him!

      Sorta freaky today that the Linkin Park song – “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” in the Chuck Norris video that I posted is on the shooter’s website.

      The right and the left over here usually so busy on hating, power trips that nothing ever gets done for the people. Hopefully they might watch their acts and mouths or they might be next? I had not read those particular astrology columns but will.

      I’m going to go watch Thunderdome video now. Love that song, and Tina of course. x

      • David Helfgott used to play in a small bar in Perth, Western Australia, when we were living in Fremantle many, many moons ago. I can remember reading a reviewer raving about him but also warning not to get put off by his incessant cigarette smoking. It was good to see him take off and fly later, and to see his astrologer wife supporting him so much.