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Libran Scientist In Space

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Black-Holes, Galaxies, Dark Matter – Who Says Astronomy Can’t Be Occult?

I get quite a few scientists emailing & subscribing. They keep it real quiet. I particularly loved this charming email from an Italian Libran Scientist the other day…Italian AND Libran is like too much no? Like the Sagittarian Brazilian Belly-Dancer…but love his anecdote.  I reckon the machine would have been wonking out with Mercury Retro?

“….Thanks sooo much Mystic.

On the subject of magic and science, when I was a PhD student 10 years ago I spent far too much time at the Parkes radio telescope. Few people know this, but there are actually two Parkes ‘telescopes’. There’s the whopping big radio telescope that everyone takes photos of, and then there’s the “master equatorial telescope” which has a human-sized one hidden from view within the heart of the larger, more obvious one. The master equatorial one is ‘blind’ in the sense that it tracks the stars but doesn’t collect their light and it is coupled to the much larger ‘slave’ through the use of lights and mirrors (a marvel of late 1960’s engineering).

Occasionally, communication between the two would break down and the telescope would be out of operation. There was one observing run when this happened very frequently – a pain in the wormhole for radio astronomers that typically observe around the clock. Engineers couldn’t find the fault. So, being the type of person with a soft spot for all things metaphysical, I took a punt and drew a pentagram in the dust on the platform of the master telescope. Observing went without interruptions from that point on.

Great that you mentioned Torricelli – one of those ppl (like Tesla) that should be household names but are not. Shame.

Ciao ciao,

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40 thoughts on “Libran Scientist In Space

  1. Mystic there is a bridge Happening now that is Uniting Science, Medicine and Metaphysics . Lots more open talk about it

  2. Spoze it makes sense that Venus ruled Libra would use the pentagram

    “pain in the wormhole”…hehe

    But Torricelli….Looked up the name and watched a two minute video on “Torricelli’s Law”. Gesh, they had to make a law about water runnining slower as it runs outta somethin’?
    Any egg head can see that it does. Glad I guess that someone else wants to figure it all out though.

    How about Sweetpea’s Law? It’s sorta a free for all replete with twistin’ on table tops… If any laws are broken and we all go to jail, well, there ya go…

    Speaking of Librans…Condo owner left me a note wondering if I could change the toilet seat….Did I know how? Hell, no. What do I look like a maintenance man?

    She laced the note with “the condo looked so beautiful at Christmas time. Maybe I could hire you to decorate?”

    Does she mean that or does she just want me to change the toilet seat? I hate to be suspicious. Then again, Libran’s do appreciate beauty, no? Or, is it a double edge sword that even if they do, it can be used as a weapon? Oh I suppose we already know beauty can be used as a weapon….by lots of signs…lol

    • key word: “hire” … you could earn money and kudos from landlady? What is a reasonable rate that best represents your value..maybe she would hire you to re-decorate her other properties..maybe she has friends who also have properties that need decorating, you know word of mouth. 🙂 just a thought. if she was serious and has the moola to spend etc
      I mean short of changing toilet seats, that’s actual maintenance that some hunky man can carry out.

  3. Rightio, off to paint a pentagram onto my dishwasher with my Opi nail polish. Can’t hurt. And if it can fix a billion dollar space telescope…

  4. Ha.. I’ve been known to “de-hex” computers that nobody could fix. I also remember back in the early days when computers had dozens of memory chips and I’d use my dowsing rod to find the bad one. Sometimes it could take hours and hours to find it the manual way, taking each chip out and then trying a known good one in its place. I could often find the bad chip on the first or second try.

  5. haha, thanks U.P. Yep, bucklin’ up my tool belt as we speak….lol….

    “Oh Great One…Changer of Toilet Seats”… Lets us bow…This is the meaning to Uranus in Aries and ~change~….lol

    She lives in Palm Springs with her extremely wealthy “Ex Dentist to the Stars”….He is so stingy apparently however! Told her she better keep the condo/own place or he would dump her and has already said he will not marry her. She is Brazillian and has a phd in Sexology. Like I told someone….Moon in Cappy 8th, don’t wanna know what that means…

    Oh I really don’t know her intentions but told Saggo roomie that the xmas decorating I did was the same ol crap me and Mom dragged out every year (okay, as Mum was double Leo it was quite nice however…)

    I’m not interested in that tho….decoratiing. Just don’t care. If it comes naturally…and hey, know what? Remember when I had cut all these veggies and Libran bro told me that I had a way with mixing colors….Of veggies on the cutting board, eh? Suppose only a Venus ruled would see the veggie color beauty..or at least comment on something so simple but refreshing to the eye.

    Would love to do her chart (Libran condo owner). Drives Saggo roomie bats that she moves things around whenever she pops by. Just drives her totally crazy. Told her however that is her way of marking her territory and reminding it’s her place… 😉 Pluto in aspect to something? Or maybe Venus just see’s things differently each time?

    Funny I got on this rant…far, far adrift from space (except in my head… 🙂 ) as after the toilet note was seriously wondering about my Libran landlord…She’s always been quite kind and pleasant however. Handy men run about $40 an hour out here and prob “Ex Dentist to the Stars” won’t get his Lily whites dirty…

  6. Yes, Librans can fix gadgets in strange, unreliable and unreproducible ways. I’ve been known to resurrect officially pronounced “dead” hard drives just that one time enough to get data off of it by simply talking to it or kicking it. I know. weird. Some people blame my Uranus, but I swear threatening machinery works. 😀

    • That is so true

      I fix things all the time but have no idea how I fixed it. I just look a lot – side ways upside down, aerial view elevation etc.. Does it look right? mmm move that try that, tend not to give up to easily… oh it works cool.

      Yes communication with inaimate objects produces results, that why I don’t let people bag my car (excuse me it can hear you, don’t go manifesting issues there please).

      That email was soooo cute, the science world will be in good hands when more science folk are like him.

  7. I’ve found that with electronic objects and cars and animals, intention is very important. If you approach any one of these with the idea ‘oh I’m not sure if this will work’ , then it won’t work. You’ve got to treat them as friends and go towards them in kind.

    I’ve got a knack for starting cars that won’t start, fixing stereos, finding lost animals and reinvigorating ovens.

    Perversely, I seem to have the opposite effect on anything that operates solely by a computer.

  8. Science+Art=Magic. Completely into the Libran scientists sensibility. I’ve got the Gemini w/ Virgo ASC companion story: A 50’s record player used in an art installation crapped out mid-exhibition, and having no time to locate a new one I tried reasoning with it unsuccessfully. Finally, I took the thing apart and gave the motor a sharp crack with the handle of the screwdriver. Bingo! Started like a charm.

  9. I have a definite carrie-like effect on all things that involve electrical current – and water (plumbing, for example) – if I am very distressed. Best male friend of my twenties actually used to call me Carrie, after the time I turned up at his place in extreme emotional distress (about a man), and his cd player started opening and shutting of its own accord, while his video player started playing, while we were sitting on the couch, with the remotes on opposite side of the room.

    If my computer or peripherals go nuts as they do every merc retro (or whenever I have serious deadlines and need to print), I have to sing, or meditate, or work out like a demon – whatever it takes to calm my emotions – and that usually fixes it.

    My only libra presence is asteroid lilith (not dark moon), loosely opposite my moon (not looking forward to Saturn crossing this one). However, I suspect that my effect on electrical currents comes from emotional intensity of ven-nept-dark moon lilith all conjunct in 12th a degree or so off scorpio ascendant. Or maybe it is stationary Uranus conjunct pluto sextile that little lot and and square sun/merc.

    • Wow~ I have just been reading about geomagnetics and psi activity.
      Fi, your experiences are fascinating. I have read that humans have magnetite in their brains which of course responds to the Earths magnetic poles. (Similar to bird and bee navigation.) Also how geomagnetics will fluctuate in correspondence with psi activity. You may find this interesting.
      Article is called Parapsychology, Where Science and Magic Meet.

      • Ooh, thanks! Will look forward to reading that later…maybe it will also explain other things about me, like my totally mad sympathetic (or is it parasympathic or something?) nervous system – e.g. knowing my sister, who wasn’t married or planning to get pregnant, was pregnant, long before she told me, and even though I hadn’t spoken to her for two months while she was on safari, because I had serious morning sickness myself (when not pregnant), like she was experiencing…and so many other examples like this.

      • that’s interesting – the enhanced capabilities occurring at the time when most people report “alien” experiences. 6 hours after sundown = enhanced ability to “see” other frequencies or harmonics that are maybe always there just not normally visible due to fluctuations in endocrine system? It’s not really creatures from outer space just another layer of vibrations?

        • I feel this, my peak hours are afternoon hours at day job. Naturally left to my own devices, I am a night owl and prefer to hit a natural energy peak after midnight.
          Also of interest is Uranus – for those who have it strong in natal chart, their lives will run in 7 year cycles. I feel both a strong Saturn ruler and an equally strong Uranus influence (conjunct Sun and Pluto near MC) if it weren’t for Neptooney going with the flow, I’d have checked out a long time ago.

        • Yes ! I quite liked your link as well. thanks. The bit on dowsing was v. interesting. Strangely, on days I don’t feel well, my dowsing is more accurate. ?

          • I had a friend who used to do geomancy – energy fixes for houses, finding water under them and the like and she wouldn’t eat before she did it. So there’s something in being a bit off kilter I reckon. Do you do it as a job? She gave me some dowsing rods and I used to use them over the engine of the car when it broke down and they were very accurate in showing where the problem was but I never got around to finding water with them. Was always blown away by the power in them when they swung – bizarre. Your TMS link was a weird one to open – he’s hooked up with my old crystal wielding crew.

            • I don’t dowse as a job, only extra -curricular ! I have had success with finding a buried water drainage pipe coming off my house. I will have to google the energy ‘fixing’. Is this like polarity therapy for humans..? I found that very helpful. Sounds like Drunvalo running around planting crystals around the earth grid to heal Gaia. I generally use crystal pendulums, but have also had success with sticks and metal rods. Also google ‘zero point field’ for more golden mean DNA energy grid stuff. Quick vid link:

              • BTW, the above link of relevance to Leos of the Heart and Fi, something about harmonic energies and ‘more light’. Take a look. 🙂

      • Dammit, saturnrox, just wrote a long reply and my bloomin internet connection timed out just as I was trying to post!! Probably because I was feeling a lot!!!

        Short version: it makes a lot of sense of (a) my general sensitivity to light (b) my deep need for my red lens glasses some days, esp when under fluoro light (hated it when they wore em in natural born killers); and (c) my depression/serotonin deficit (maybe it is all being used up with these increasingly spooky psychic/telekinetic abilities).

        Hmmm….should all be very interesting if, indeed (which I doubt) we see the much hyped geomagnetic reversal in my lifetime (let alone in Dec 2012, which is my chiron return in pisces!).

        And whatevs…Any time luv – this aint just a party for two x

        • Fi re your light sensitivity, do you get migraines? I’ve noticed there’s a particular frequency of light that seems to trigger them in peeps that get them – myself and others.

        • Fi, Whatevers, Air, glad you all liked, and Robur thaks for your link too…I checked out a library book today ‘The Field’ The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe’ by Lynne McTaggart. Book jacket reads: humans are, “a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea”.
          Fi,your 12th house is strong conjunct Scorp ASC (very strong physical, emotional, mental will) and the powerful Sun/Merc squares to Uranus (magnetics) and Pluto are all working together to produce these things.
          As an aside, one day, I set up my tv to play a brand new DVD, it was stopping, starting, turned itself off at least twice~ weird thing~ it was next to a bookcase full of rocks, mostly crystals. Next day, I moved tv, DVD and player worked just fine. It hasn’t shut itself off since. So you might want to explore pizeoelectrics and magnetism.

          Also have a go at subtle energies here: (click ‘back’ at the bottom for another page chock full of other scientific reports) x

  10. the amazement is Italian+Libran+Scientist – never known a Libran to devote life to Physics … maybe there’s something in all of that rearranging of Atoms ….

    Only Libran I’ve encountered (in the HOTEST possible way teeheee) is my soulmate. & LIbran. but very engaged to a Libran Mexican heiress….. who’s 25.

    aren’t they making a film on Tesla?

    2 weeks ago dude at beach answered hot Cap super model’s question to me re ‘what’s the time’. Conversation ensued. He’s global manager for Tesla – as in the electric cars that vie Ferraris for speed. he text me last weekend asking if I wanted him to bring one over for a spin. Um – yes??

    will report back after have beed stuck to the seat by sheer power

  11. A really interesting angle is – are we unique, and alone, at the centre of the universe. The view that says that we unique is the Strong Anthropic Cosmological Prnciple.

    There are a few scientists who are sceptical, and have still yet not signed up for astrology classes with Mystic.

    The latest gem of research is called the Axis of Alpha. It says that the laws of physics vary throughout the Universe, and the only place where all the values are just right to enable life to exist, is right here, right now. It is therefore proven that life cannot exist elsewhere.

    You can read just the start of the original article here:

    Quote: “We deny the inexplicable at our peril. It looks like physics works differently in different places. If so, everything we think we know about the cosmos may be wrong. It’S not easy being John Webb. Sometimes, when he gives a talk about his work, he gets comments like, “I’m surprised you had the guts to say that.” Webb, who is an astronomer, doesn’t really understand what else he is supposed to do. “I’m just reporting what’s there in the data,” he says. The trouble is, Webb’s data says we should rewrite the laws of physics.”

    There’s another article here:

    “Scientists everywhere are simply refusing to want to believe in something that would refute their life’s work.”

  12. Was on holidays and away from the internet when MM posted this and so ended up missing all the blogging fun – so a belated thanks for all the positive and gorgeous responses to my anecdote from the Mystic Medusians. I really loved following the paths the conversation took – great links.

    Just for the record, we were observing pulsars at the time, not Venus. I was going through a phase at the time when I was obsessed with the Platonic solids, and in particular Kepler’s use of them in his cosmological models. So, the use of a pentagram was as much a homage to Kepler’s mystical use of geometry as it was a naive attempt to de-hex the scope.

    • Wonderful ! Re-reading myself because I just sent this page to a friend to read, so I for one will be doing more pulsar research~ thank you, Libran Scientist !

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