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Libra tattoo on neck

Wow, a Libra tattoo on the back of the neck? It seems crashingly un-Libra. So, would you trust this guy or what?

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Also, as others have mentioned, there’s something wrong with the set of those ears. Wonder how they look from the front? I’m surprised that he or she doesn’t cover them.


No thank you.

I have a 69er on my foot…


Haha, saw a guy with a sun encircling the Capricorn sign at the cinema today.. He vibed a bit like the guy in the photo above. I shook my head and laughed a bit. It’s a lot of information to be wearing when you are really into astrology!


Thanks Saturnrox, Cruithne at 9 aries, right beside eris – maybe i should get an eris tat !!! What does eris look like ?? Would I trust this man ? I try not to be neg about libras, as the justice & balance thing is essential for all of us … BUT – my experience of these folks been mixed – recently had a nasty attack by one I regarded as friend – no more of that narcissistic crap thanks. And I once worked for a libra lady who was unbelievably self-obssssd & blind-sided. Is venus really the tru ruler… Read more »


You could get a tatt of the Golden Apple of Discord, the one that Eris famously gave to Paris of Troy, to judge the beauty contest between Aphrodite, Athena and Hera, which then lead to the Trojan War. That would be very cool I think. 😉


Leo Heiress friend (ex-heiress, she blew half a quarter of a mill in Venice St.Tropez, Tahiti & the rest living in 5 * hotels) said to me ‘If i ever get with another Libran….shoot me’. Tatooage would definately toughen them up looks-wise. Ever waited for a Libran to get ready….used to drive this fast-or-the-dead Saggo quite nuts. Had a gorgeous looking model boyfriend aeons ago & he had a black panther on his forearm, was very tanned with blue eyes but just not deep enough for me. Again it was the 70’s (was there life after for me????) it’s like… Read more »


LOL re waiting for a libra to get ready – aqua factors in time for last minute costume changes whenever we’re going somewhere and sometimes vetos said change – no allowance made for cc’s is a stipulation.


Zero Aries point. ~shwoosh~ 😀 I have to add, I found it interesting because I have a small tattoo of a petroglyph of the sun, uh, prominent ! Got it before I learned astro as a personal reminder to keep on the sunny side, simply put. Turns out my tattoo has grown in personal meaning ever since, I quite love it. Wow, so strong woman resonates in your chart as well ! Think it is interesting it is called ‘like a second moon’ ~ as if we need more emotional storms and depths, eh ?! We got that one covered,… Read more »


Hellen Keller has Cruithne conjunct Jupiter, she was one tough cookie, and so close to Anne, her teacher who opened up the whole world to her.


hilarious I LOVE that you have the mainline to helen keller astro knowledge and keep dropping it in – I have a mild yet enduring fixation with her – did you know when the first shopping mall was invented in Paris and window shopping became a leisure activity – a way to see and be seen – Helen Keller was photographed window shopping? Helen def had her finger on the pulse : o)


I did not know that about Helen window shopping ! cute ! Makes me wonder about how her other senses compensated for the loss of sight and sound. She was a sponge for knowledge once she finally got the ball rolling, and probably liked to ‘see and be seen’ out on the town with Mars in Leo! Here’s Loretta Lynn too: Cruithne conjunct Chiron in Taurus with Venus MC in Gemini. She’s a tough old gal too, gave Doolittle as good as she got, and she tells it like it is ! How many women love her for singing their… Read more »


Mine is 15 Pisces 3′ 15″ r … though not sure what that means exactly. Oddly enough it’s the only thing in my chart that’s in Pisces. Would this make me more of a peaceful, dreamy, healer, priestess-sort of warrior woman then? It would contrast to the nature of the Phoenix tattoo I have, which is all masculine, yang, fire-related energy symbolism.


I’m no expert, but you are on the right track. Tight conjunctions more important than other aspects. Some say 3 degrees or less, some 1 1/2 degrees. The link to Kim’s page on the left of this one has lots more info.


OMG, I have my Cruithne conjunct Chiron in Aries!! I don’t think I will get a tatt now, I would probably be the one to get a disease from a needle or blood poisoning or some far-fetched disease related to tattooing. Ai yaa.


Hi all, stumbled across the asteroid Cruithne (3753) which involves ancient Scots, warrior women, goddess worshippers, standing stones, petroglyphs, and tattoos. You all might find it interesting if you plug it in over at astro.com. I did !


Where is your’s at Rox?

I have it at 2 Pisces conjunct Sun/Mn midpoint 3 degrees and MC 5 Pisces opposite Pluto.

Have not resonated with tattoos but then I’m from a time when they weren’t considered fashionable other than sailors, bikers and truck drivers (yes, acknowledge alot has changed!)


and Cher. 😛


January’s Vanity Fair has Cher on cover & inside an article plus
collage of photos.
Check it out on their site, she looks absolutley fabulous, AND 63!


Read the whole thing ~ *love* Cher ~ last line cracked me up !
Thanks so much for pointing it out Pegs !


thanks for sharing saturnrox – I have a thing on the simmer which involves warrior ancestry – that asteroid is all over my MC chiron and north node + aspecting mercury venus pallas conjunction + neptune + sun/uranus on the IC. I’m not sure if I have an opinion either way re the introduction of the asteroids but whenever a new one comes up I whack it in and wahey, there is always an interesting connection. This one bodes pretty well esp considering Jupiter and Uranus are up there transiting so it brought a little smile to my dial. She… Read more »

deep blue ocean

A Libran with a tattoo ?!? – Pleeeze, I don’t think they exist.

Don’t Libran’s like clean, soft, shiny, beautiful and smooth skin, and change their mind like the airy-wind?

I don’t think the person in the photo is a ‘real’ Libra.


haha, yes Mystic had stated on another thread that SHE…..SHE,SHE,SHE..

Her Libra Moon does not have a tattoo. I think she just likes playin’ with us. 🙂

Libra bro no tatts either…

venus a-go-go

I have a Libra Moon and I have a singular tatt. Thoughfully placed so that it does not strecth, warp or anything.

And I know a female Lib with lots of tatts (bad ones) and piercing (on all of her ‘most sensitive’ areas).
She is not a nice Lib.

venus a-go-go

Nothing about it that I like. Horoscope tatts in general, not a big turn on. Other tattoos are a little bit sexy. Never been with a guy with one, though.




Love the laconic motto in CAPS! Will use it. 😉


I’ll remember that (IN CAPS) next time I clap eyes on one hungrily. I too don’t think Lib males are tatt types, guess it would depend on other aspects etc.

fallen angel

hahaha.. goodness, this entire thread is so resonating. Ok, first of all, yes, the Double Lib is tatted up, glyph on his inner right wrist, both sides of his torso (one is a huge flaming eye which is beautiful btw, the other is an iron T), pin up girl singing in a mike on his left shoulder, and a cobra head inside his right arm. AND he is planning to get the Heath Joker tatted on his right arm. Wot do I think? It’s all advertising. The tatts lend him a dangerous, artistic look which he compliments with piercings. His… Read more »

venus a-go-go

Hey FA,

I commented below and then saw your post. I too have a solitary scorp (rising) tatt, my ‘reclaiming of me’ tatt.

I think tattoos look best when they are artistic and dangerous. When they are naff, its hard to look dengerous when you look like a ‘human stickerbook’ (as a friend put it).

fallen angel

OMG that is too funny, the human sticker-book. Well, here’s the thing, it’s really become a huge sub culture here that I wonder if the meaning gets lost in all that. It makes me wonder if it goes hand in hand with the detailed profiling facebooking culture i.e. let me tell you who i am off the bat. But I’ve begun to see more and more that peeps journey THRU their tatts, and that for some inking provides a short cut to a resolution that hasn’t quite yet arrived. Or an experience not yet fully owned. High five on the… Read more »

venus a-go-go

It’s totally a signifier. You own personal logo? (I first wrote this with the number lock on the keyboard. As you can tell, I type, don’t look and send. Glad I looked up for a change!). People never believe I have a tattoo. They always ask to see it as proof. Mine is placed just above my lower back. A former friend used insist that it was a tramp stamp (it no wide across the hips) and that totally goes against my reasons for getting it. I have never been so offended in my life. Mine is for me, you… Read more »


people dont know , or , believe ive got a tatoo even when they see it cause it is huge… i love that i can choose to show or not show and i love the shock when people who dont know im tatoo’d see it and how huge it is i love it cause when im really old i have proof i was young brave and stupid which eva way you want to see it no silly little stickers for me and i need no little symbol to mark me i have a big fuck off one and i like… Read more »

venus a-go-go

*sigh* beginning… not begging.

fallen angel

UGH. I loathe that term, “tramp stamp”..but unfortunately yes, I have seen many a tramp with one.

And I like how your friend has meaning behind her tatts..something that’s personal and significant. After all, it seems better to bear what is essentially a scar and have a good story to tell (or not tell).

My scorpion btw is red and black.. the colors of Pluto 🙂


It’s not even real.


what a libran with a phony exterior…. never?! 🙂


😆 Remember our very own Libran Prime Minister Julia Gillard who said that her election campaign was a little too stage managed and promised us the “REAL” Julia Gillard.

Enough said! I actually find Moon in Libran peeps flakier than Sun Librans.

Of course there are exceptions and there are some lovely Librans out there and on here.


Hey do i know you?


That’s one ugly tattoo. I wouldn’t trust him based on his poor taste alone.

I’ve always wanted an astro tattoo, but I’m arachnophobic. I definitely do not want the image of a scorpion on my body (I could get the Scorpio symbol, I guess, but most peeps would think it was an M, and I’d have to explain it, and I don’t know, I think tattoos should speak for themselves, being symbols and all). Ah well.


~I wouldn’t trust him based on his poor taste alone~


Looks sorta like an alien thingy


Right? Such a weird style for (what should be) such a simple, striking design.

aqua lion

it’s weird, and prejudiced of me, but if I saw a scorpion tattoo, I would think …cool, but a Libran one makes me go …hmmm, tryhard. Not logical, but its like, why would you want to advertise that you are a Libran? So as if to advertise you are charming and witty? Well don’t write it on your neck, show me. A scorp tattoo on the other hand hints at hidden depths… hmm maybe I should get one (not much scorpio in me, but a leo tatt would probably put people off just as much.) I agree, this is a… Read more »


In terms of the pic rather than a symbols which I wouldn’t do, I always wanted a tiger tatt but the Jolie bird – who is a Hare anyways – has one and now it feels passe. I wouldn’t do a Leo tatt if you paid me.
I would totally do a mer-goat or centaur! Pisces tatts are too easy as Jap Koi make gorgeous tatts, or crabs.. Prefer Aries to the Bull as an image. Scorps am not mad on.. Too dark for me as a symbol to want wear it.


That is I would do a mer-goat/centaur if I WAS one. Libra as the classical blind woman holding the scales could make a wonderful tatt as it is such a powerful image, but it would have to be big enough to be a little detailed so as to capture the gravity of her classical lines.


A mer-goat similiar to the one MM posted a few days ago would be awesome! Very stylistic and unique. I’m a Scorpio and have a huge Phoenix covering my left shoulderblade. It’s one of the other images associated with Scorp and quite frankly better looking than a lot of the Scorpio tattoos I’ve seen. Most have been on guys and they always look too dark and heavy. Always on the look out for a feminine Scorpion design though. As soon as I have some surplus cash I want to get some more ink, either an opposing Phoenix or maybe a… Read more »


Ooh, I love the idea of a Scorpion curled over your hip, it doesn’t have to be of equal size to the phoenix either, that’s awesome. The Tiger I wanted curled round my body too in a predatory posture… probably best I didn’t get it what with my body’s response to pregnancy anyway. Get that Scorpion for sure. Or as lobsters and scorpions are both considered non-insect arthropods, a lovely lobster with long whiskers that curl could be elegant.. I always like the idea of lobster tatt instead of a desert scorpion, as they are a water sign afterall..


Ooh, always had an affinity for lobsters. I had a lot of family in Maine, U.S. and one of their state symbols is the lobster. I used to have a t-shirt as a kid that said “Maine is for lobsters!” and I would wear it all the time till I grew out of it. I never even tried lobster as food until a few years ago and even then felt slightly guilty about it. To this day I can’t pass a lobster tank at a restaurant without staring fixedly for several minutes and feeling a twinge of pity. Great suggestion… Read more »


Dainty lobsters lol, I am not sure everyone would approve of merrily exchanging cthonical and meretricious symbols like the groovy scorpion – I mean you have movies about them – The Scorpion King , The Black Scorpion, Curse of the Jade Scorpion etc.
But I love that you have a childhood connection to the lobster, that’s really sweet. I’ll think about the tatt, it’s also that I met someone who wanted the exact same tatti in a bar and freaked out. But I did want a snow tiger in greys, unlike he who wanted colour..


I’d never get a Leo tattoo simply because the symbol looks like sperm to me. I actually love that about the symbol (makes me laugh as a Leo). But on my body? No thank you! I’ve thought of a Scorpio tattoo myself. For all the reasons you named! Hints at a hidden depth. I have Scorpio rising and in True Lilith and Pluto (both of those in the 12th House). So I can be very intensely Scorpian even though my sun is Leo. I used to think it’d be nice to have a scorpion tattoo to symbolize that “protective” outer… Read more »


I never noticed that sperm symbol – but now you have said it I will always see a thousand little Leo’s chasing an egg from hereon in! 🙂


“why would you want to advertise that you are a Libran? So as if to advertise you are charming and witty?” Recognise that this one is one the BACK of the neck so it’s not one the owner can see easily but I always thought tattoos were for you and no-one else (scorpio moon might be overriding libra sun here) – unless you’re in the gangs and need to show you belong or you’re planning on making a lifetime commitment to the art and will go full-body when you have the time and the cash? Have never considered that a… Read more »


no, sorry, libra men are long on show and short on reel…


Nope. They try to please entirely too many people at the same time.


I do not know ANY libra men! Can’t think of a one. Though a couple libra friends–one who is fantabulous and one who is not. I also have a fairly strong libra presence in my chart with 2 planets there, including mercury (I’m a Virgo).

The neck in the pic is a nice enough neck, but I immediately think he’s gay and would assume friendship status and not even consider something other than that.


It looks like a badly tattooed … pacifier, if you ask me! And the guy, yuck, seems like a “sensitive” frat boy who got a little something “edgy” on him to get the girls’ attention.


NEGATIVE attention, I might add, if this thread is any indication! 😉

double liblotta scorp

his scales are unbalanced………mmmmmmmm

virgo cat

I noticed that too.
And it seems so un-Libran to have a tattoo like this, non?

Luscious Leo

A Libran with a tattoo??????? Sorry, can’t see this.


Former friend has a similar tat. Claims to be uber balanced towards others and tres open-minded. I offered to do her astro, she said ‘wouldn’t even read it’. YOU HAVE IT TATTOOED ON YOUR BODY !?! what.ever.
So the answer is no.


btw, I have 3 tats, all self-designed. Same ‘friend’ said I should let the ‘tattoo artist’ tweak them into something ‘more artistic’ before getting them.


Soz peeps, sore subject. Pluto transit is bearing down on natal Saturn. eep. Do-over…Mars Q asteroid Karma compels me to say she does have good points, those were just a series of particularly harsh remarks from an old friend that were painful.
Unrelated, but fun, asteroid Bilbo is conjunct my Sun~appropriate !


Thing about tattoos is it can be so personal. Therefore I never WANT to judge, but if you’re going to put a symbol in my face like that…. answer is no. He’s telling the world he’s got great taste and he’s presuming we’ll agree. I’d sooner trust Snoopy.

tati scorpitini

Hey, don’t be down on Snoopy. Snoopy has great taste. 🙂


Wow, yesterday i was in a queue behind a woman in a pale yellow see through dress (with a lovely cornflower blue slip underneath..i digress), I could see inside the circle tattooed on the base of her neck this same libran tattoo, i was trying to work out the symbols round the outside, i’m sure there were the planets…although one looked like a wishbone… i would have struck up a convo, but her wee little man chucked a wobbly in his stroller so i left Madame immaculately painted blood red toenails to it. PS Andromeda and Fluidfeline..cool gravatars. PPS my… Read more »


goldfleece, i stole my gravatar image from one of Mystic’s posts a while ago btw. such a gorgeous image. I hope you don’t mind MM. this is so random but i always always have immaculate blood red toenail pedi’s – with natural fingernails i attend to. I have gemini venus and people always notice my hands and feet (fish rising too?).

Not going there psychologically atm. but love to u, xx


MM posts the most wonderful pics – so many worth making a gravatar to remember them!


the more I stare at the perfect hairline the more his ears morph into antlers on the periphery of my vision I might trust him if only I could inspect his hooves to see if they’re cloven before answering.


nope. freaks me out. And I can’t believe a libran even made a lifetime commitment…to the tattoo that is!

year of the fox

hahah! Could be a temporary tattoo!


Eeeww! At first I was reminded by Mark Zuckerberg again… But he is a Toro (with Moon, Saturn & Mars in Scorpio opposing). Then J. Timberlake, but he is Aqua.

No, this is just some random geeky dude that i wouldn’t dream of sharing my astro details with let alone confidence in, much as i adore Librans. Doesn’t advertising this tatt on a bare neck with that haircut just scream i want to be seen at any cost? Unbalanced.


I want to smell/kiss his neck but i’m not sure about the ears.

year of the fox

Those ears looks eew. gross.
Libra Male is all i need to see before running away. Probably good friend material and that’s about it.


Is it a guy?




A Libran male I could trust?

I don’t think so….


exactly !


Libra sign reminds me of Pluto…

I might steer clear. 😯

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