Marlene Dietrich: True Love Is Astringent

Marlene Dietrich with Horse

“It’s a flower: Trillium erectum [aka the American True-Love]. Also called birthroot and bethflower. Medicinal use: astringent. “

Wow. She said this. When asked about true love.

Marlene Dietrich was many things but the astrological her is mega multiple conjunct Capricorn – Mercury, Sun, Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars – with Virgo Rising, Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius.

A la this Vanity Fair article, she was very, VERY Aqua-Venus:

…”Dietrich, on the other hand, was an intrepid and pliant lover. When her daughter asked her later in life why she had had so many sexual partners, Marlene responded with a shrug and said, “They asked.” She clearly thrived on pleasing her partners and didn’t believe in condoms, finding men “so grateful when you tell them they don’t have to wear it.” Once she discovered diaphragms, she called them “the greatest invention since Pan-Cake makeup.” Until then, she had sworn by her secret weapon against pregnancy: douching with ice-cold water and wine vinegar, which she carried with her by the case everywhere she went. (Decades later another of her co-stars and grand amours, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., warmly recalled their “lovely liaison,” adding, “You know, sometimes when I am in a restaurant and a waiter walks by with a salad vinaigrette, I’ll find myself thinking fond thoughts of Marlene.”)..”

True Love as astringent is a fantastic concept – is it her Venus in Aqua or Virgo Rising talking do you think?  Or she is just insanely super-Capricorn all over?


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Virgo/Virgo rising here (Aqua in the 5th): Botanical description def Virgo tho I rather think she was making a double entendre about the astringent qualities of TRUE love, because true love is sharp, penetrating and can be bitter. An emotionally mature outlook, probably easier for Aqua Venus. Many lovers because Uranus thrives on novelty. I had a magic 7 year affair with Aqua and fab intellectual and other, erm, stimulating pastimes. And a note to the younger set: don’t judge your predecessors by your standards: life looks very different to every generation which, if you’re lucky, you’ll live long enough… Read more »


Hmmm… I am an Aqua Venus with an Aries Moon, and yes I understand the emotional detachment bit – when younger I preferred to have sex with men I didn’t like. And Aries Moon also meant that I was able to move on pretty quickly.

However, I am such a romantic and very emotional (Pisces Sun), so my love style sits uneasily with me.

aqua lion

I don’t know whether it is all the Capricorn in her or what, but I am quite cold on Marlene Dietrich. I really just do not get the fascination with her.

fallen angel

Though most Venus in Aqua folks I know like to go the friendship route before getting involved, I don’t actually think her laisse faire attitude was about friendship as much as it was about freedom. Clearly her Cap sun and Virgo rising addressed the practical bits, and is more Saturn paving the way for the her type of chaos. Though I could never have (wish as I may) such as unbeholden an attitude to my lovers as she does (or really see myself using wine vinegar), I’m actually quite impressed with her answer. I mean, in the end, she took… Read more »

Little Joey

I’m from the robot “don’t touch me” Aqua (Sun) camp so I don’t get the having sex just cause they asked stuff…… makes my skin crawl shtooping someone just because… being friends with someone is one thing but shtooping them….. oh no no no …….


Love my Aquarians, but I can never decide if some of the things they say are intentionally out there or sincere.


Cap here, with Aqua Venus, and I can totally relate to all the sex partners – it’s just not that big a deal somehow – have lost count long since. All good fun! Or maybe it’s because I’m Swedish?


Beachgirl, thank God for you!! Im also Cap, Aqua Venus and toting the Leo Moon to boot. Yes, I totally understand the sex partners thing too… BUT, I can also understand the whole, “They asked thing” lol. I now have a Virgo boyfriend. Does that make the trifector?


The way it was put, as an enciclopedic entry, was definately Aquarian.
She actually disliked the act of sex (Virgo) eventhough she loved chasing and conquering (Moon in Leo).
How to use that kind of phrase in an interview so that it’d contribute to continue being a movie star: Capricorn.


Ha ha that’s all so Aqua venus, my Aquarius sister who also has Virgo rising, Venus in Aqua, Cap Moon all in the 5th house has some pretty interesting (far out) ideas about love and life in general. Ditto all the venus in Aqua people I know which is a fair few rather randomly.


Cripes, Virgo Rising, multi-Cap with Venus in Aqua… That’s MY Astro…!! Naturlich, ich habe viel Lieb fur Dietrich gehabt.


Down with the vinegar douche?!





Perhaps the vinegar is the Virgo rising.


We have our very own Dietrich! AWESOME Lex!


I’ll try and keep it fittingly smutty from now on


~oooh Dahling~ (wasn’t she the one who said “dahhhling”)


Think we should just nickname Lex “D” for short… 🙂


Ha ha, get the impression with that Astro you will just sound elegantly jaded or sophisticatedly suave – no matter HOW you try on the smut! but go on, give us line in smut if you can.. 🙂


I am a Cap with Venus in Aqua too and I do relate to Dietrich’s attitude. My sex life has been similar (except for the vinegar!). Some astrologers interpret Venus in Aquarius as emotional detachment – which is partly true – but it’s also a sense of self, independence and a determination to be unconventional in love. It’s about not being fenced in. But I also have Mecury and Moon conjunct my Venus, so I think I also feel the impact of it rather intensely.


When I see a stellenium like that I think opposite sign—Cancer in this case. Leo moon, memories of past kingdoms. Virgos are sign most associated with Hookers and it take Capricorn to make a good call-girl…
Venus in aqua, “Aren’t we all friends”?


Think the openess to several and/or different partners Venus in Aquarius and the Vinegar, Virgo rising.

Virgo rising daughter has a pump bottle of “Germ X” in every room. I’ll have to ask her if she would use a vinegar douch!

Also think the because “they asked” is Cappy being practical…

“Diaphrams greatest invention since pan-cake make up” is Leo talking, laced with again, practical Cappy.


virgo ascendant here…sex with many men without condoms…venus in aquarius. Douching afterwards to not get pregnant…virgo rising.

All these men had to do was ask? I dont even know what that is.
That getup she has on is venus Aqua.
The flower she spoke of, Trilliums, grow wild here. They are lovely and white, grow with 3 huge petals and 3 large leaves. As they die, the white petals turn a gorgeous dark fushia.


Just realized that along with the virgo rising I also have leo moon like her. Yes, that response about Trilliums being the flower called True Love is something I would possibly say. I have a great love of plants too.


“She clearly thrived on pleasing her partners and didn’t believe in condoms, finding men “so grateful when you tell them they don’t have to wear it.” ”

…Why does that make me lose a considerable amount of respect for her?

It’s the Venus in Aqua. If it had been the Virgo rising, it would have made me like her more. (I have Virgo descendant.) She just comes off as a bit of a moron in this, so it must be the Aqua clashing with some Taurean aspect of mine.


Re that comment, I get the impression a lot of actors need to feel loved by everyone and care deeply about being graceful and accommodating in a way that objectifies themselves. They don’t consider that a loss of a power, in fact it is their power.


she also said this back when condoms were only considered birth control, not STI-protection, and any canny cap who didn’t want to get pregnant would have myriad control options up their sleeve, you can guarantee…


Oh dear, so close to my astro too! Multi Conjunct Cap (Sun, Merc, Mars, Saturn) Leo Moon, Aqua Eros, Jup, MC. Sagg Venus, Toro Rising. When me and the Cap/Melb shag (Aqua Venus, Eros) first ‘hooked up’ years ago condoms were used. The main reason was STD fears as we didn’t know each others history etc. I remember my Pisces mother having vinegar and old fashioned douche bag in the bathroom back in the 60s. Thought it was a hygiene thing at the time only later in life discovered what it was used for. Btw…disposable vinegar/water douches were sold in… Read more »


As a kid in the 60’s, early 70’s, remember seeing my Mom’s douche bag on the back of the bathroom door. Had no idea what it was for but it looked disgusting! lol

Haha funny about the vingegar too…(what type 😉 )

The Pisces/Leo Moon had Aqua Venus and like I’ve stated here before I believe, my Mars/Gem Asc understood the Aqua Venus but my Venus Taurus/Cap Moon did not!

And yes, he was passionate about things because of that Moon. Mixed messages…jealous but not jealous… 😕

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