Chaos Intervention Theory

Meiko Kaji

You’d think Uranus being in Aries (from March 12 until 2018) would manifest as not only some new inventions but fresh ideas re old theories such as evolution, wouldn’t you?

It’s weird; i’ve held hands with a baby ape and felt the kinship between us, the obvious link but LOOK at this bluebird. Surely someone/something designed him/her?

Citing your Sun and/or Mercury sign, what are your thoughts on the theory of evolution?

Remember how Charles Darwin, an Aquarius, had a pathological hatred of peacocks?

Image: Meiko Kaji

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115 thoughts on “Chaos Intervention Theory

  1. Sun & Mercury in Venus

    I think we are animals & evolved from other animals – & I think there’s some higher power & wisdom behind all of it. I’m OK with not knowing for sure – life is mysterious & beautiful.

    That glorious bluebird, for instance – I feel like all the different shades of blue are pouring into my eyes & feeding me. Why is this? I don’t know but it makes me very happy.

    I think there is a logic & structure & meaning behind all of it, but our small human minds & perceptions are not nearly developed enough to understand. Striving to understand is a good & necessary pursuit – but we have to be realistic about how far we have left to go & not force the world into some poor, limited structure just to feel safe.

  2. This bird is incredibly gorgeous! It has some sort of label or tracking thingy on one of its legs. Please don’t tell me someone artificially dyed its feathers, like those tacky, sad, neon pink poodles!

    Taurus Sun & Merc, non-conj. I have thoughts that humans were some sort of ant farm type thing set on this planet by extraterrestrials as a science experiment. Sounds cult-ish, I know, but it’s funny to think that’s how we started out before we got to adjusting to the lands we inhabit.

    Then again, I don’t really worry or care much about evolution. Too slow, even for this Taurus.

    • it’s real real real.
      it’s an australian bird. . . the male Splendid Fairy Wren
      we have a less spectacular form of the bird all along the eastern coast of australia.
      it’s my favourite bird, and whenever I see one, it feels like magic.

      I believe the Splendid Fairy Wren is a Western Australian local.
      I think our wrens are the superb fairy wrens

      From Wikipedia:
      Like other fairywrens, the Splendid Fairywren is notable for several peculiar behavioural characteristics; birds are socially monogamous and sexually promiscuous, meaning that although they form pairs between one male and one female, each partner will mate with other individuals and even assist in raising the young from such trysts. Male wrens pluck pink or purple petals and display them to females as part of a courtship display.

      • What a great name! Someone was really enjoying themself when coming up with that one. (Just image-googled the name – so beautiful I could stare at those colors for an hour.)

  3. Sun, Mercury in Gem, 3rd house. Theory of evolution: It makes more sense than any other alternative, so until something with more plausible explanation comes up, I will stick with it.

    What is up with peacocks and Darwin? Have to check wiki on this one. Interesting.

    • Darwin isn’t the only one who hated peacocks. I know many people who believe that peacock feathers are bad luck. I recall reading somewhere that it may have originated from countries who suffered invasion by Gengis Khan. His armies apparently wore peacock feathers in their helmets so the peacock came to be associated with misfortune, bad luck etc. Don’t know whether Darwin’s forebears had any links with Gengis Khan of this nature, but this belief in the evil/bad luck nature of peacock feathers is surprisingly widespread.

      I agree with you about evolution making sense. Birds have evolved perfectly to suit their particular environments. This bird is probably ideally suited to its natural environment. You also should check out the glorious plummage on members of the ‘birds of paradise’ family. Just breathtaking, and also perfectly suited to their natural habitat.

      • When I was young our housekeeper was from Lancashire, she thought peacock feathers were bad luck….she wasn’t backward in making her opinions known……

        • Thank you πŸ™‚ Peacock feathers are usually sold as cat toys. No wonder the cats get annoyed with it.

      • I think they’re supposed to be bad luck because they represent the evil eye. . . some folks think peacock feathers are lucky.

        Anyone who’s ever seen a peacock knows how vain they are. They screech their way down the road, alerting all to their presence, and stop themselves at every reflective surface to admire their own beauty.

        • They do indeed. Peacocks are the most annoying neighbours πŸ™‚ But they are sacred in the Hindu tradition – Krishna always has a Peacock feather in his head dress.

  4. Gemini Sun & Cancer Mercury

    Er, I have absolutely no idea about evolution even though I’ve watched 1 BILLION documentaries on the subject. I think when it comes to science its important to keep an open mind.


    I can’t even imagine why Darwin would fear peacocks UNLESS he was chased by one at the zoo when he was a child… 😯 … Yes that makes complete sense… Hmm maybe I should dabble in a bit of science. 😯

  5. It’s actually a Superb Wren, found in south-west Western Australia. We used to see these when we walked around the lake close to where we lived outside Fremantle. And yes, the colours are just like that when you see them in nature, gorgeous little birds. We get blue wrens where we live on the mid-north coast and it’s only the males which are blue, and not as vibrant a blue as the Superb Wren. Our garden is often filled with blue wrens hopping around. And yes, I believe there’s a loving intelligence in the Universe, because I’ve had so much proof of life after death, much to my surprise. And once, just once, I was meditating and had the most amazing experiece of love suddenly descending and enveloping me. Absolutely wonderful. How it all works out I have no idea, bit of a mystery, but it doesn’t worry me, part of the magic and mystery of life on Earth. I think we’re taught to want scientific proof all the time and sometimes it’s not possible, so you just shrug your shoulders, surrender and enjoy the wonders of the mysterious. Hey, you can tell my Neptune’s in full swing, can’t you, lol??

    • I agree whole-heartedly with this! Obsessive science is just like obsessive religion, you don’t get anywhere with it because you’re trying too hard and are only coming off as crazy. It’s when you let go that things come to you, and especially in figuring out life/death and all that’s in between.

      Thanks for that bit of Neptunian inspiration, Libraquarius!

    • I love wrens, they’re brave and cocky and friendly. Didn’t know they came in blue. It’s so beautiful.

  6. Perhaps the peacock in all its glory didn’t fit quite so comfortably into his theory. But who’s to know how Darwin’s personal beliefs extended on his scientific theory. I’m not sure if it possible for an empirical science such as biology to justify just how divine intervention has no place..

    Oh wow LA, what an incredible experience!

  7. Leo Sun and Virgo Mercury.

    I don’t normally put much contemplation into all the hows and whys of our existence unless someone directly asks me, in which case I consider myself an atheist who follows the idea of evolution. It’s the most logical thing, and when I see stuff like this it makes me think the opposite. That the creatures on this earth, with their nerve endings shooting thousands of messages to their brains (and the countless other things that our bodies do without us consciously comprehending it), is just proof that we evolved this way. Because how could someone, or something, even begin to create all these living things that are so damn complex?

    I believe in things like ghosts and reincarnation but I don’t believe in a higher power. Unless that “higher power” is aliens. And I only use the term higher power to suggest a society that’s farther progressed than ours, not necessarily to say that aliens created us. But who knows? It’s definitely a possibility, just not something I’ve really thought about.

    • Maybe that higher power is functioning on another plane? We’re like their lego people and trees.

      • Somehow I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it did end up being that way. πŸ˜‰ One of my most vivid memories from childhood (and I was only about four or five at the time), was looking out the window and having this very strong sense that people and all the other living things on earth were little more than ants to something far bigger in the universe. What that something was, I’m not sure! It was just a weird feeling I got.

        But still turned out to be an atheist, somehow… Haha! Even though I’m an atheist at the end of the day, I’m completely fascinated with all the different creation myths people have come up with over the years. Don’t want to offend anyone who is religious, but for me it’s like reading a fantasy book. Magical and boundless! But I see the same kind of magic and boundlessness in science, too.

        • Oh! You sound like me! Have you read The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell? It freaking blew my mind, such an amazing book.

          • Was just recently given that book my Jungian dream/astro friend! It’s a sign, must get into it.. Sounds enticing!

            • He is just… GAH! So cool! I wish he was still alive, I would totally send him fan mail. The book is really easy to read as well, because it’s written as a series of conversations.

          • I am too. I see Aqua in your name and I’ve an Aqua moon. I’m intrigued and curious about how we came to be, but not enough to spend a lot of time trying to crack the code, so to speak. I’m busier thinking about other things.

        • I’m also leo sun, virgo mercury.. . and I describe myself as an atheist but here I am at an astrology blog.

          • Astrology is more of a science to me than a “religion,” so I’ve never even thought it strange that I believe in astrology but not religion.

        • I’ve been having a think about why, as an atheist, I believe in astrology. I was on a plane a couple of weeks ago, flying over the north of WA, and I looked down at the rivers that all fed into one another and thought how much they looked like plant root systems, and nerve endings. There are beautiful similarities between the macro and the micro, and I think that astrology is another example of this – our birth charts are representative of the cosmos at the time of our birth, and the planetary positions at that time are reflected in our consciousness.

          What makes astrology as a belief system different from religion for you?

          • Why does astrology work for me? Because everything is interrelated, and it’s an access-point that doesn’t prescribe, but allows you to let go and let your subconscious think about it.

          • Well, for me, astrology isn’t so much a belief system as it is a science. It’s more cosmic/spiritual to me than religious/fantastical (and for me, spirituality and religion are two separate things).

            I do like to have proof of things. For the longest time I actually DIDN’T believe in astrology because I didn’t think I matched my sun sign (Leo) at all. So I discounted it. But the more things I read the more I started to see that I did, indeed, match my sun sign (and pretty much every other part of my chart). That made me a believer. I also saw that astrology worked well for a lot of other people I know and that reinforced things.

            Of course, astrology doesn’t fit EVERYONE. I know a few people who might have something or other in their moon/ascendant/etc. but the characteristics of that particular sign don’t apply to them. And that’s okay. I don’t believe that everything is absolute, so the fact that astrology doesn’t fit one person where it fits five or more others doesn’t discourage me. I don’t follow astrology like a devoted Catholic follows the bible’s teachings (example). I just use it as a fun guide to my personal universe.

  8. sun in libra
    mercury in virgo

    that bird has been tagged….

    and yes absolutely intelligent design BUT also there is a randomness which raises a question as to whether the patterns in nature are the intelligence and not the other way around as we would traditionally think?

  9. This is creepy, my dad and I were only discussing this last night. I (Virgo sun and mercury) have always been unconvinced by the extreme Darwin theory, like that we started as blobs in the ocean, but my father (Gemini sun, Taurus mercury) has never been sure either way. Then he started watching a series about all these weird sea creatures that have evolved to do all kinds of funky things to survive. I find it hard to envision a god-being that would selectively lend a hand to some species and not others, but these creatures appearances and capabilities are too imaginative and magical to have ‘just happened’.

    Whatever caused them to change is obviously something I just can’t understand right now and I’m cool with that.

    Oh and the peacock thing, my brother has a bizarre fear of ants and I’m pretty sure he has never been attacked by them!

    • I have a friend who is the same – she goes totally nuts if she sees an ant, no matter how small it is! I find it kind of funny, but I’m happy to piggy-back her over ant-infested areas of the footpath if necessary.

  10. Sun & Mercury conjunct in Scorpio 2nd house.

    Aliens are us once we’ve continued to evolve and figured out time travel.

    Well that’s just one of the various theories I’ve explored over the decades.

    How about evolution’s there to weed out the inept and useless…

  11. I LOVE the theory of evolution. I don’t understand why people can’t see the miraculous in nature, and in science.

    I’m a mostly-athiest, but there’s a lot that science has yet to uncover, and explain, so I won’t commit myself to saying there’s no god. But that’s probably my Libran Sun talking… my Merc is in Virgo.

    • I just realised how strange that sounds – an athiest on an astrology website? Somehow astrology doesn’t seem weird and outdated to me like religion does.

  12. Aqua Sun, Aqua Mercury ….. first up I believe that there is a creative force / power/ God/ Spirit which runs through and governs the universe… however I do believe that some kind of evolution has taken place. Personally I have always had a soft spot for Lamarck, he was a subject of ridicule for a long time but it seems people are looking at him with a more open mind. I did prehistory and anthropology at uni . By the end of it I was quite jaded. I felt that some people of a β€œscientific” bent – had very narrow minds and were not keen to explore/ or open to ideas that were different to their own… got their knickers in a twist when somebody dared to oppose / question them……like science is now God, how dare anyone challenge it…

  13. I wonder if this one is proud of its matching blue ankle bracelet.

    Doubtless, a source of fascination to female bluebirds.

  14. Sun in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer

    Of course there is a god but it’s not a person, it’s a force. It’s why evolution is real, and mathematics is beauty incarnate, and why that bird is the colour it is and why rainbows exist. It has nothing to do with intelligent design (what a human-manufactured concept that one is).

    It is beyond everything and yet simultaneously it is everything. We can try to explain it or understand it but ultimately, we can’t know it and it doesn’t care because it has no brain. It has no morals whatsoever, and yet – look at that bird, how beautiful it is – it is a joyful force as well as an incredibly cruel one.

    For want of a better word, I call this force love. Moral-less love, love of life that can also kill, the force that will create this bird; the same force that cares not one whit whether the same bird lives or dies while equipping it with everything it needs to survive. And the beauty. Isn’t it all so beautiful and so cruelly incomprehensible – for the brief time we touch it all before we vanish back into the great sea.

    • Wow, thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful way to describe a force that I have been struggling to put into words.

    • Seabird, thank you for putting how I think about it in such an eloquent way. WOW!

  15. evolution, sure, but so SLOW! I mean i am a scientist of sorts but really, why blue feathers and not green? how long does that take? i could go on.

    I’d rather that lightning strike a volcanic lake that sits on promethium-rich ore and then suddenly a brand-new first-ever crocodile ambles out of the ooze and down into the swamp, eyes gleaming and a prehistoric fish flopping around in its jaws..

    Pisces sun/merc, gem asc

  16. Just out of interest has anyone else has a “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” response to a post? I have put up a couple of links to Lamarck nearly an hour ago and have had that sitting on my post since. I ask as this is the first time it has happened and I am just curious…..

  17. Sun in Leo, Mercury in Cancer

    I believe in directed evolution. I am not a science person, though I love to watch doco’s on it. My reading and feelings lead me to believe that this world is amazing work of art by many souls. That we co-create this world with love and skill.

    No one likes the computer analogy, but for the sake of ease, I do think of our bodies as our avatars – one’s that project our fears, feelings and choices in dealing with karma. This doesn’t make the world less real or the science less compelling to me. It is truly beautiful and miraculous down to the tiniest cell splitting off to follow some new horizon.

  18. I clean forgot, I came across some info the other day about the Big Bang possibly not being the start of the Universe, but that there may be a succession of Big Bangs. So we may be starting over and over again. After all, it’s only our limited view of life on Earth which makes us see time as very short, instead of being out there in the great winds of the Universe and understanding that time is immemorial and keeps bursting open again and again. What a concept! We’re part of ever-growing circles, perhaps creating parallel universes. Hey, who says I can’t do cosmic conspiracy theories?????

    • I read this a few months back – for someone who often ponders the meaning of it all, and has stressed on more than one occasion about her mortality, I found this theory incredibly reassuring πŸ™‚

  19. It’s all about death. What we see here, the colours and games of staying alive, they’re the evolution of “survival”, to dance in the face of inevitible death as gloriously as possible.
    All the EXTINCT ones, the unsurvivors, are going on somewhere beyond this dimension, doing other dances, singing other tunes or coexisting as single celled blobs, beyond the striving to defeat death. Perhaps?

  20. What I find more interesting is that Darwin, during his time, was most famous not for “On the Origin of Species”, but his laborious work on earthworms.

  21. Sun and Mercury in Virgo (12th House).

    I don’t think too much about evolution. It’s too confusing for my contradictory 12th House / Virgo influence.

    I an strongly torn between Virgo’s rational belief in evolution and the evidence that we were once monkeys (like how grooming each other is such an important part of human connection).

    And my strong 12th House spirituality and faith in a higher power (whether God or the Universe) and a belief that the fact that we sentient beings happen to have found our way onto this Earth is something of a miracle.

  22. I would like to engage in this discussion, but have been distracted with watching the rivers rise! evolution in action!

    But, hey, I just needed to say, mystic, that I am so grateful for your daily emails, with the low down on whats going on! seriously invaluable info for planning how to evolve, put best intentions forward and all that. It would be a lot harder without you… thats for sure!

    Thank you to my fishy for subscribing me, i am so grateful!

  23. Sun and Merc in Scorpio… Obviously it’s an ongoing process for all things whether we’re speaking of creatures that breathe, or the gross elements that surround such beings. All things evolve. I know through physics that what we see, perceive and experience is extremely limited. We could spend forever just exploring the moment of NOW and come up short in comprehension because we can’t see, hear, feel, touch or taste…. all that is here. That’s the way it was designed to be… by whomever designed this beautiful bird.
    But still.. it’s fun to ponder.

  24. For starters Darwin, being totally enamoured with the biological world, sought to explain the purpose for all the magnificent variation he saw in nature. He was a religious man and had no intention of proving or disproving the existence of a creative force behind all things and found science and spiritual belief quite compatible.

    What his research eventually showed was exactly how life (at least on this planet) changes over time i.e via the means of natural selection – a process of genetic mutation geared to adapt an organism to environmental shifts and make its life more competitive in the long term.

    Later advances in science – the ability to carbon date fossils for example – proved the original theory correct albiet with some alterations. Discoveries in biology and cell structure revealed that stochastic (random) processes were also in play – basically that there is an inbuilt mechanism that allows for the creation of random changes or gene shuffling even within one or two generations, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the overall system, at the cell division stage.

    So what’s that got to do with the “is there a god?” question? Fuq all quite frankly. Scientists jumped on the bandwagon and waved around the theory of evolution as being the ultimate disprover of god based on one piddly thing in the Bible – that the earth was created in 6 days.

    Pretty much one of the most retarded extrapolations I’ve ever heard of.

    For starters the Bible is a freakin story – just because a bunch of camel-riding archaic humans with dirty beards and crap shoes wrote up some manifesto about God doesn’t mean it’s The Truth and neither does it mean that it’s the alpha and omega about what this God thing might actually be.

    Science seriously has to get over its grudge against religion regardless of how warranted it may be. There’s a huge difference between organised religion and spiritual belief and/or experience. As far as I’m concerned they are two entirely separate things – one is a human devised institution geared to maintain power and control over other humans. The second appears to be a naturally occuring instinct that has been so long lasting and pervasive throughout all human history that it demands further investigation.

    ps. for fuq sakes don’t get me started on the big bang theory :mrgreen:

    Sun Cancer, Mercury Leo

    • ~ just because a bunch of camel-riding archaic humans with dirty beards and crap shoes…~

      I was wondering where you were. Hilarious as usual πŸ˜†

      • well half the country is flooding and the other half has turned into a microwave oven – I’m on the oven side and hiding from the heat!

    • Love your explanation. Resonates with me.

      Now I’m all curious of your take on the so called big bang?? Are you into string theory?

      • Anyone see Brian Cox doco – “What time is it?”; very very rad pisces physicist.

        • possibly … I’m a bit docoverloaded. But will check it out anyhoo. I like rad piscean physicists.

      • I think string theory is in the bad boy corner because some physicists object to it not paying appropriate homage to gravity. Or sumthin.

        Noooooooooo I said don’t get me started on the big bang! πŸ˜‰

        BTW are you really Mystic’s Scorpio Intern? … coz that would be cool.

  25. Was told that “sparks” from the Central Sun came out in “litters” of Souls, or what would eventually become human Souls on their journey.

    Each soul has a Solar Angel (more evolved being) that overlookes the life of the spark (or ray) until it builds it’s Higher Mind taken from the substance of the Solar Angel.

    At such a time that the human Soul was ready, it would evolve through a series of initiations into more expanded and higher consciousness and inherit all the things in it’s higher mind that it had built over the eons of it’s existences and experiences.

    Learned alot of this through Torkom Saraydarian who wrote on the teachings of the Theosophists and made some of the info passed down from certain Masters more clear.

    He states also that we begin in the mineral kingdom then on to the animal kingdom and then human.

    He states that we did not evolve from Apes but that Apes were through the mixture of humans having sex with animals. Some say Apes are the result of Atlantean experiments and the crystal skulls are part of that.

    Whatever is true, and I don’t know about those parts (apes, minerals, experiments, etc) the part of the Solar Angel and it’s light, assistance and guidance it a truth for me.

  26. Feng Shui people would suggest you put a peacock feather in the glove box of your car for extra protection…

  27. I don’t know why a lot of people are like it’s got to be one or the other. Either evolution is right or god made everything is right. How about god made evolution or none of the above? I like evolution but I’m open to other theories. Some things are just a mystery.

    Sun in Libra; Mercury in Scorp

  28. Bluebirds are my favorite (behind owls and eagles!).

    That is one beautiful bird.

  29. we are constantly evolving, every single atom in our body is changing every second and every moment we are unique. I believe this is exactly what has happened since the beginning of time, whether we came from apes or the first form of life sea plankton. But where we came from isn’t so important, its where we are going to. And what we are becoming at every moment.

    and that is one beautiful bluebird.

    sun and mercury in leo

    • ~But where we came from isn’t so important, its where we are going to.~

      I agree!

      Now where did you say we’re going again? πŸ˜†

      Or how about that bumper sticker “don’t follow me I’m lost” πŸ˜†

      • We are usually so busy looking to our past or hoping for our future that we never seem to check out where we are. What’s up with that? “Be Still and See”

        • I agree.

          Also feel tho that each “present” is a Point of Power (Seth again) and that in that Point of Power we create our future and can change anything we want.

    • the atoms in our body aren’t changing . . . they might change partners – the molecules change. . . but the atoms don’t, unless they’re radioactive. . . Uranium decaying into Lead.

      pedantic, I know.

  30. Sun and Mercury in Cancer

    If evolution’s already been proven, then I don’t see the issue with it. In my weird little belief system, its all tied with intelligent design…but I won’t go into that. Because people are weird: its either one or the other for them as someone said earlier. Since when are things so black and white?

    • Yeah, in Seth Speaks – The Eternal Validity of the Soul….

      He states that All That Is, dreams, and those dreams become actualized.

      So I consider myself an actualized Dream and I like that. The point I guess is to become aware that you are also the Dreamer…

      • That’s not really so much on the topic of evolution but as dreams wake up within the dream, All That Is expands Itself…

        You know, sumthin’ like that πŸ˜‰

      • One time, told my teacher that I was struggling with all these “specifics”.

        He said “so stop struggling and just flow”. (ha, smart arse)

      • Thanx guys. It’s really Seth’s teachings tho. When I read “The God Concept” I cried my eyes out as it was the first thing that ever made sense.

        “Even All That Is Does not know It’s Origin”

        Flippin dwell on that one and feel the bottomless pit…

        But it’s innate that we search and feel the impetus to grow and be creative just like All That Is. When I read how similar we are to something so immense I really ~felt~ the understanding and so I cried my eyes out.

  31. The bird’s a fairy wren. Darwin didn’t really take mating attraction into account.
    Just as humans breed animals to obtain selective qualities, animals select each other based on certain qualities.
    Attraction and survival compete. Obviously, the brighter the male fairy wren, the more attractive he is to the lady types. The ladies are a pale brown, and camoflage quite well. The males lose their colour during the winter and go into what’s called ‘eclipse’ plumage. Only the older males retain their bright colours – another evolutionary trick. . . it denotes age/resilience. If the male can survive long enough to retain his colour, he’s got good genes. The more resilient male is therefore more attractive all year round.
    You can see it in action with cichlid fish in Africa. In places where the water clarity is low, they’re losing their vivid colours. Blue wants to mate with blue, to produce a more vivid blue, red wants to mate with red to produce a more vivid red, but in the muddy water, they can’t see each other, and they’re breeding into a mucky brown.

  32. I don’t really care much where we came from (unless there is some secret to our health/well being from that past) – rather where we are going. I’m a huge believer in evolution, survival of the fittest etc… Although it doesn’t quite explain all the bogans who manage to reproduce with considerable success and multiplicity.

  33. Sure ‘someone’ designed the bluebird – thousands of bluebirds designed it by choosing to breed with the most beautiful of their species over many many hundreds of years.

  34. Virgo Sun, Libra Mercury

    Evolution undoubtedly true, both the fact that it happens, and that it occurs according to the ‘modern synthesis’ theory. that is, random mutations in DNA provide physical traits, that in turn provide differential survival and ability to produce offspring, which are then filtered by natural selection to produce further and further variation away from the ancestral species.

    Darwin did not originally see how the peacock could have come about purely by natural selection, as the tail has no conceivable way of contributing to the ‘fitness’ to the environment – in fact it is a positive hinderance. It was not until he developed the theory of sexual selection i.e. females choosing partners based on ‘attractiveness’ (whatever that means – only the females know) that it makes sense.

    evolution is not ‘goal oriented’. simply, throw out a few variations with each generation. if it works, keep it. if it doesn’t, it dies off. no designer required. we are here because we are the result of a long line of successful, incremental mutations, stretching back 3.5 billion years. in that time there have been vastly more unsuccessful mutations that fell by the wayside.

    • but it still has some sort of direction. life will sprout, at least under these conditions we have. universe is not a void, it still is _something_ and has got some friction to it.

  35. I find everything fascinating and want to live forever. And I feel empathy towards everything, believe that everything makes connections and I hope that there ar more than this just because I love life so much and want it to continue. And it is beauitful even if its painful (because of your longings as a organism of feelings) sometimes. the only thing that puts me down is the concept of time. Therefore I believe in some form of divine being of eternal life, just because I want to keep my hopes up.