A Zap Zone In Motion

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Marlon Brando was a multiple conjunct Aries with practically all of his Aries stuff in square to Pluto in Cancer/Kataka.

He was like a walking Zap Zone.

A Zap Zone is what i call Cardinal Squares. When any of the Cardinal signs square one another, the result is mega-friction, a chemical reaction, change.

We are about to see a rampant example of the Zap Zone in the middle of this year, when Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.ย  There was a mini version of it last year – search “Zap Zone” for all the posts re it.

But in the meantime, here is Marlon, who spent his life a Zap Zone in motion.

There is a really in-depth and awesome article on the astrological Marlon Brando here.

Similar example of Zap Zone guys:ย  Elvis Presley – Sun-Mercury-Venus in Capricorn opposed by Pluto in Cancer/Kataka and – get this – square Uranus in Aries.ย  So cue the super-heated ego, charisma, talent, drive versus self-destructive tendencies.

Do any of you lot have hard Cardinal Square/Zap Zone situations? ie; multiple planets in Capricorn, Kataka, Aries or Libra square something big in another Cardinal Sign? And if so, are you famous, psycho-bats, a nymphomaniac, unusually successful etc?

I have one client with a big Zap Zone set-up and she is ex-sports champ, works in war zones, extremely qualified super-humanity type, has an intricate love life…

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99 thoughts on “A Zap Zone In Motion

  1. I have Cap Sun, Merc, Venus
    Opposite Saturn in Kataka
    Square Pluto in Libra (Sun by 1 degree)
    Square Libra Asc
    Opposite mid-heaven too. Woo hoo!

    Moon, Merc, Venus, Saturn square Chiron in Aries

    I’ve felt like I spend my life with wheels spinning, never really getting anywhere and oddly feeling like I’m self-sabotaging or the universe is doing it for me. I’ve had “enough” success/ fame/ whatever to be known… but not rich or famous enough to benefit. Faaaaaark.

  2. Hmm, my 10th house Sun and Mars in Cancer both square 1st house Uranus in Libra. I think this is cue Identity Revision via work and creative endeavors.

  3. ok i dont really know my chart that well or can interprit it but i have alot of aries and am quiet famous for my temper not that that is something to brag about but when it comes to marlon my god i couldnt think anything worse than constantly living in a zap zone, im still new to astrology and i noticed that it all seemed to come down to cancer/kakata which i translate as these things he acted out could not be helped really as they were obviously deep seated, i know with myself that i have some cancer and when i hurt i hurt very very deeply, more than antone i know, although iv been tolld that i dont really show it even if im gutted inside and out, but i kinda gotta feel sorry for the guy and his fate really, man that would suck x

  4. Well, a friend is also a Mr. ZZ. He is Sun & Mercury (+ Lilith, Juno, Pallas, Ceres) all in Capricorn – Aries & Chiron Rising – Moon conjunct Pluto (+ Uranus) in Libra. All straddle the bars of the cross of the MC/DC/IC/AC lines..

    He suffered terrible pain throughout his late childhood, teen years, with a collapsed lung. No one believed him for a long time that there was anything wrong.
    When his lung collapsed again during VCE a doctor finally found the problem and was aghast he had been living with this for a decade and going to school like normal. Every doctor he tells his story to and shows his operation scars to has their jaw on the floor after five minutes. Excruciating!

    The ability to withstand excessive pain has meant he is now very successful in a solo business since University. Seriously creative and artistic guy.

    But he is yet to find love (Uranus in the 7th/NN in Saggi?) and he just wants to settle down. His parents are perhaps not the warmest i believe, he carries scars from their lack of care for his pain and keeps finding cold girls accordingly…

    • Oh my goodness. What a story! Poor thing. Not just cuz I’m Aries but think it would take an Aries Asc to be able to withstand all that and keep going meanwhile…Chiron on the Asc too. Talk about a wounded healer. He is over qualified.

    • so sorry for him and hope he finds the love and support he needs.
      Having chiron in my zap zone I can relate to some degree(thankfully not that far). I was ill and in pain growing up. I never was diagnosed and was often dismissed. My family was in such a state of crisis at the time that I was not properly cared for. I have a cardinal T square….. jupiter(in 8th) conjunct chiron(in 8th or 9th depending on house system) in aries. Jupiter and chiron opposite uranus in libra in 3rd. All square saturn in cancer in 11th( definately knew I was different than others growing up). If you include my vertex in capicorn in fifth than I have a complete square.
      I am in friction yes, pain still yes. I tolerate pain that would leave others freaking out. Luckily got my digestive disorder under wraps…found out I was completely gluten intolerant after 22 years.

      • Sorry FF to hear about your own experience of not being cared for by the fam. For whatever reason it hurts the inner child, even if the adult mind knows how and why..

        Amazing the amount of women my friend have tell him, “We need to harden you up, you old softie”. He is a real gentleman and very solicitous and I think it’s amazing how he keeps finding these hard-bitten chicks!

        You know he ended finishing his VCE that year including a huge operation and the doctors were really against it. He just didn’t care anymore about being near DEATH all the time and once he’d had the op. was full blast on for getting ahead. Aries Rising alright Sweetpea!!

        He’d make a great healer if he wasn’t so brilliant artistically, you’d think.

        • My BFF’s Zap Zone baby of last year is over 6 months old now – he is seriously sweet. He fat little cheeks and the hugest liquid brown eyes. They look like they have seen everything already..

          But you would feel like that too if you were:
          – Leo Sun opposite Neptune/ร‡hiron in Aqua squaring off to Moon in Scorp
          – Saturn/Merc/Mars conj. Libra Rising opposite Venus conj. Jup in Aries — — SQUARING off with Pluto NN in Aries
          – WITH Cancer MC.
          Oh MY Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a cracker. He’s going to be amazing.

          • If he doesn’t give up on a truly nurturing romance and marry a cool queen, I believe he will be as happy you sound!!

            • My first marriage was to a man who was very cool, verging on cold (Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Ascendant, and Virgo Venus).

              Remarkably, it was a major health crisis that freed me from his chilly love. It was an awful time, but worth it in the end.

              I hope your friend can avoid this particular pain.

              • oh wow! – “Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Ascendant, and Virgo Venus”
                Can’t get any colder than that!!

    • Mr. ZZ is inspirational without even trying, amazed at his his pluck. I too hope he finds his love. Echoes of crap childhood are hard to contain is he aware he seeks out such cold fish?

      • I have tried to tactfully suggest this but he doesn’t want to believe his family are as crap as they are, so he doesn’t recognise true crap-ness in others quite yet. He is getting more perspective on this all the time tho.

  5. Well yah. I have Pluto/NN in Libra square my Jupiter in Cancer, Asc in Aries, and Merc in Cap. And i feel it in my overwhelming drive to communicate/be known for my (very achievement focussed -Cap) expression.

    But my real square is a fixed one between Uranus in Scorp/Mars Leo/ Moon Aqua. Woah Mama. Not sure exactly how it differs from a cardinal one, but i know its an intense mix.

  6. I know someone with sun, Saturn, Pluto, moon cardinal grand cross. Plus a fixed mars Venus square just to even it out. I don’t know if their life is a constant zap zone, Aries sun, cap moon seem to keep it under control, on the surface anyway. The dude is definitely an onion though, it’s somewhat captivating.

  7. I think Marlon Brando’s biggest conflict was that he really wanted to be a movie star but hated himself for wanting it. Apparently he was very kind to co-stars and his (many) children.

    Anyhoo, I have mercury, sun, chiron and venus in Aries. I have no idea if they are square anything because while I know that square means opposing, I’m not sure what this means in my chart. To get it down to absolute basics, there are blue lines and red lines and a couple of dotted green lines and then some faint dotted lines. Am not sure what this means.

    • Square means 90 degrees, so cancer or capricorn would be square to Aries. Oppositions are opposite, so libra.
      Counting wedges is my trick. 2 wedges (60 degrees) is sextile, 3 wedges is square, 4 wedges is trine (120).

      • Mad, I was going to ask you what your trick was again tonight – I’ve never been able to work that stuff out and your way makes it so much easier – is it the same when there’s whole signs within a house? That mutual reception thing I think it’s called? My dad’s chart is full of that – signs totally within houses with other signs on the cusp either side and I’m not sure how it works.

        • I think what you are talking about is intercepted houses (or signs I guess) when a house shallows up a whole sign so it doesn’t get to be on any cusp?
          My trick aint tricky enough to explain that, it’s really just about easily working out aspects.
          It works better for signs, as they’re always 30.
          It’s all maths, 30, 60, 90 etc, and 3,s (same modality) and 4’s (same element).
          Of course you need to know the order of the signs by heart.

          • ~I think Marlon Brandoโ€™s biggest conflict was that he really wanted to be a movie star but hated himself for wanting it.~

            Really good point I think. Perhaps he was greater than that even, being a movie star, and so even it was not enough. You know like on a soul level he felt some greatness that he could not express so he had to work with what he had.

            Maybe he should have been a guru.

      • Excellent – thank you!

        I have no planets in capricorn or cancer. This explains why I am not famous, unusually successful, or a nymphomaniac. Psycho bats? Hmmm.

        • Actually I got that wrong – I have venus and chiron in Aries, sun and mercury in pisces.

          Fancy getting that wrong! I’m a bit tired and stressed.

  8. I have aries sun and pluto in libra opposition

    don’t tell me about entitlement issues and self esteem shite
    I need more! as an aries that is counter-stereotype but important for me.

  9. i have sun mercury neptune and uranus all in capricorn. and saturn too. square mars in aries i think. i am not a nymphomaniac more like a “serial cheater”.

  10. aries rising opposite libra mercury/saturn/pluto
    square cap MC/lillith/S Node –
    square cancer N Node/IC

    not famous yet, but working on it…
    psycho bats, well…

    additionally there are Leo Moon/Scorpio Mars/Taurus Chiron squarin each other – Aqua is missing (Pallas Athene in Aquarius would fill that gap, but I am not sure how much asteroids matter)

    that is definitely a bit too much for my virgo planets…
    I often wonder how I got where I end up;)

    i feel sometimes that there are major forces at work (inside and outside of me) and that i am a bit schizophrenic…

    just realized – virgo sun is squared by neptune –

    so does that make me the ultimate square person? lol

  11. sorry if this is a silly question, but if pluto’s orbit is around 230 years and it is now in Cap, and cancer is opposite cap, doesn’t that mean pluto was in cancer about 100-115 years ago, thus making marlon and elvis , like, really old? ? where am i wrong here?

    • you had me scratching my head too. So i looked up Elvis’ birth deets and in 1935 Pluto was definitely in Cancer. Then i flicked through one of my astro books and it explains that pluto has an odd orbit.
      It takes Pluto nearly 250 years to make one orbit around the sun but it dwells for many years in each sign of the zodiac. It varies from 13 to 32 years due to the odd orbit of the planet.

      • ah i seee. thank you anymouse for your diligent research that I was too lazy to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. OK.
    I have moon in Cap square Venus, Chiron, part of fortune (? i guess) in Aries.

    NN in Libra also opposing these and square moon.

    [Not exactly saturn square pluto conjunct mars or anything.]

    Also, Pluto in Libra opposite MC in Aries.

    I don’t know if I am any of those things Mystic mentions. Certainly not nympho (I wouldn’t be grizzling about men all the time if I was!).

    It might make me a bit difficult perhaps – vague but headstrong. I know what I want , sort of, and I’ll be damned if I am going to bother explaining it to you!

  13. Hmmm, i have Sun, Merc, Uranus & Pluto conjunct MC in Libra, opposition Chiron in Aries on IC, Square Cap Asc. After some initial reluctance, I have acquiesced into admission of being completely psycho-bats. I was always very clairvoyant & therefore sought after from a young age in spiritual circles. However, my penchant for ‘Truth-Saying’ didn’t always win me popularity contests (“You can’t handle the truth!”). Definitely nympho, although in phases & mostly when truly inspired, such as the fond memories created with a very cute Spanish (Leo) Fireman… who btw had Venus in Cancer, which I have to say has become my favourite Venus placement in a new beau. Anyway, I digress… Yes, long story short, my whole life is a major ZZ!… Hence current thoughts of early retirement at thirty-something.

    • haha. I’ve been thinking of retiring lately too! I’m in my 40’s. Have had enough of working my arse off. Exhausted!!

      My Cap rising’s square venus in Libra and MC Libra. Funny thing… I always use to ask myself if the Universe ever gave me a choice between love or success what I’d choose and it was always “success”. Crazy eh? And where did it get me? Still single. Oh well, at least i have a roof over my head and financially ok.

      Yes I would also confess to being a little psycho-bats. A nympho right up until my late 30’s but now over it. Not famous…. yet. Sun/neptune in 10th house. There’s still time. Cap risers are late starters. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • hello anymouse. just wanted to say thanks for posting (hooray for late starters-i’m Cap rising too).
        altho my cardinal square is slightly different (Cap Moon square Libra Pluto & MC) I would also choose world-changing success over love. and i’m single. and often lonely. but hopefully one day will be financially secure (i’m still in school) bc thats what really matters, eh cap moon/rising self? sigh. bc i really do want to connect with others (my gemini midheaven demands it)
        nympho? check. a little psychobats? mmaybe. hide it well? probably. famous? sadly, no. ah well

  14. My chart is generally one big red cardinal hell ( http://i54.tinypic.com/oohmx.jpg ). Still too young to be infamous but generally known to be intimidating. I have plans to do pretty much everything. Icelandic translator, beekeeper, sheep and highland cattle roamer, writer in some form or another, psychological astrologer, massage therapist…the list goes on. Certainly there is a lot of inner tension, and am still mastering how to hold the storm without being the storm. Anyway, I look forward to reading all the responses in this post! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • oh my ! I notice that your quintiles are well placed to help let off some steam, or conversely, provide the drive when necessary. It’s wonderful you have so many unusual interests and with all the catalyst for change working for you, it’s no wonder you do !

      Elvis and his chart I have looked at before. Remember thinking that Pluto in Cancer 8th is pretty powerful. 1. Squaring Uranus in Aries 5th I saw that as his ahem. pelvic maneuvers onstage, drove the ladies wild.
      2. Pluto/Cancer/8th bit of a momma comple, pulled up Memphis an took it on the road via ‘Memphis Mafia’, in opposition to 2nd that speaks to me of
      the control the Colone; had over his bank account and film projects.
      So generous with local charities in Memphis and buying cars etc.. for friends…Venus Q Jupiter. Thanks Mystic, I’ll look at Marlon later. Love the Jor-El pic in fortress of solitude. (Fortress looks like the selenite cave in Mexico) cool.

        • Haha, Oh My! What a well placed quintile she has!! That’s funny SRox. Quirky. Appleskies you must be very enchanting with Sun conj Mars in Libra 7th house? Lucky guy in your life.

          • all this talk of my quintiles is convincing me that i need to do an internet search on them! and perhaps form a new society, Saved By the Quintiles. ๐Ÿ˜›

            can’t speak on enchanting, you’d have to ask them, but i do get a lot of the-moment-they-meet-me-marriage-proposals, which may be coming out of the same land.

            off to quintile research!
            i hope you have a brilliant day, andromeda!

      • i think my chart would be a lot harder to handle if i didn’t have the mars/sun conjunction. to quote Baristagem, ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        very interesting analysis of Elvis’s chart, Saturnrox! i think you’re spot on!

        • Wow, looking at your chart apple, next time I feel things too intense, I won’t snivel as much with transiting ZZ to Sun-Merc stuff and nodes.

          Course it’s just warming up! We should check back.

    • I love that: “hold the storm without being the storm”

      What a mantra for living, even for us mutables! x

  15. I have Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn-Neptune-Uranus in Cap all squaring my Venus in Aries. A love Zap Zone? Not to mention I’m a Taurus, so Venus is somewhat important to me, especially with it (Venus) being in the first house.

    • have you experienced that love zap zone, or has it yet to fully manifest? what’s it like having a taurus asc? (curious)

      • I think I live the love zap zone. I had/have social difficulties. (Venus is also the social planet, right?) and I can’t stay in relationships too long. When I do, they end horribly. (Like cheating, or death.)

        My sun’s Taurus, not ascendant. Sorry for the confusion! My ruler is Neptune, since I have Pisces asc, and a bunch of other planet in Pisces.

        • Steph, i hope you dont really believe that your relationships end in cheating or death if you stick around in them…? That belief needs to be revised, reframed and feng shui-ed right away. Where’s that virtual peachblossom gotten to, which corner of the blog shall we pop it?

  16. only a couple of minor Cardinal Squares…
    North Node in Cap squaring off whole Libra stellium that includes Sun, Uranus, Mars, etc….
    Chiron in Aries squaring NN.

  17. My chart is one big Zap Zone with ALL the major players squared off against each other:

    ASC 14 Aries (conjunct North Node, Saturn and Vesta)
    Sun 12 Kataka (conjunct Mars and Venus)
    Moon 21 Libra (conjunct Juno and Ceres)
    MC 7 Cappie

    From undiagnosed chronic appendicitis that went on for five years despite periodic trips to the hospital to a leading sarcoma surgeon forgetting to remove half of the tumours in my foot, my zap zone shows itself in medical mistakes and misbehavior.

    It is really scary when I consider the number of times I have been ill-treated or actually injured by health providers (traditional AND complementary). Despite my considerable caution (such as never taking a prescription without finding out everything I can about interactions, side effects, and dosage), I recently experienced yet another bit of mistreatment. I was given such a high dose of electricity during a nerve test that I was left with bruising, swelling, and nerve pain for days afterward.

    Only a select group of people in my life know much about my health problems and/or problems with health care. I feel more comfortable when my illnesses and infirmities are kept invisible to the world. Times when I have had to use a wheelchair, cane, or other aid have been very difficult for me.

    I have to say, however, that I do believe all this cardinality has surprising benefits. So much of my life has grown into such happiness. I have all the love I could ever want in my marriage, enough money, a rather lovely Queen Anne home, and the opportunity to travel the world as well as pursue my other passions.

    • So sorry and hope things get better for you.
      where is your chiron? Having mine in my zap zone…square saturn, opposite uranus, conjunct jupiter, square vertex….Health issues my whole life, chronic pain, untreated, misdiagnoxed. In my mid 30s now and scarred from it all, but healing.

      • My Chiron is in Aries in the 12th house 9 degrees from my NN/ASC. It is square my Kataka Mars and opposite my 6th house Uranus.

        I have often considered my Chiron-Uranus opposition to play a leading role part in my healthcare dramas. It is really interesting to see that you have this as well.

        I do tend to point a finger at Saturn as well. Where is your Saturn house and sign wise?

        What do you find in your first and sixth houses? There are many clues as to the nature of my health problems in both houses as well.

      • I missed your previous post. Hmm… Another Chiron in Aries?!!

        Saturn in Cancer makes so much sense for major digestive issues.
        wrapsโ€ฆfound out I was completely gluten intolerant after 22 years.

    • Hi Mari, I would like to know about your Chiron placement also with your unenviable effect on the medical profession!! That’s an amazing story, so glad you have so much today that makes you happy.

      • Like your friend, I have my Chiron conjunct my Aries ASC. I would not recommend this placement; )

        • I have chiron in cap asc – i feel like all my injuries/ insecurities are on display – ouch. Mystic says its a mastery placement – guess it takes time to master …

          • This is really interesting. I will keep a look out for Chiron in these places from now on. Best wishes with the healer Chiron in your lives!

  18. Last year was preview??
    does this mean this year, zap zone thing is negative? positive??
    ‘Catherine Zeta jones’ hubby will get worse in cancer’ sort of thing??

  19. Cardinal sqaure with saturn(conjunct sun), jupiter, chiron, uranus, vertex.
    Crazy most days. Total nympho when I am into someone… then cold and done when I am emotionally not connected anymore. health issues, joint and spine pain issues. not settled in myself so often. not famous nor want to be, but am known for being good at what I do.

  20. Suffering from iphonitis but has anyone noticed zap zone of mid year could be way beyond personal? Last summer’s was mostly personal it seems now to me normal people are simply refusing authority while authority is opposing normal people. Cue Tunisia, now Egypt and also just read global police force is clamping on “hacktivist”, hackers who supported wikileaks

    This could be a summer of fireworks perhaps?

  21. A little bit of a zap might just what the doctor ordered.
    The last one was a bit hellish, but so much has really improved… so I am willing to get zapped again.

    Maybe not so much on the health front, tho. I went for a holiday (four days of not working… that is fair enough of time off) at the beach. It was lovely, but I had had a fainting spell a few days before going down and did go to yoga or the gym. I was wobbly for most of the holiday and did not much apart from sleep and casual stroll on the beach/swim. I still haven’t been to the gym since my return (Tuesday night), I have been to Yoga tho. That night I had a migrane for the first time and spent all night vomiting.
    I was meant to doa catch up class for Yoga the following morning but thought going on 3 hours sleep and after the whole schmozzle would be a bad idea. I thought about it for a long time.
    I have never had a headache like that. i have no idea what triggered it. The only changes I have made to my lifestyle is my acupuncturist working on my spleen and given me herbs (which make me so hyper that sleeping and eating get to be problematic. And the exclusion diet… whooosh. No Raw food, no tomatoes, no wheat, no diary, no sugar, no dried fruit, no cucumber, no onions, garlic, cinannmon, no tropical nuts, no caffiene, no alcohol. It’s almost impossible to make anything. Certainly nothing I can make quickly and take to work. Nothing I can get takeaway. It’s almost like I am not allowed to eat at all.)
    An Aries friend suggested I should find a new acupuncturist. Hrmmm….

    Anyways. Zap Zone… I can dig it. It’s not for a while yet. Maybe fun stuff will happen to make Zap zone not loom so much:)

      • Just went to the back doctor… Apparently my neck was causing the headaches. Also some jaw clenching.
        Hello Saturn. Whaddup?

    • That is some crazy exclusion diet!

      I have had a long First House Saturn in Aries education in the study of migraines, with lots and lots of fieldwork, as it were: (

      I finally found a really good neurologist a few years ago who had devoted much of his own time to studying migraines, since he, his wife, and several other members of his family suffered from them. Given that he was 88 when he started working with me, we are talking about many decades of experience.

      I recommend that you begin, not by making changes, but by keeping a journal of:
      what you eat
      how much sleep
      brief summary of activities
      day of menstrual cycle
      any special physical or emotional stressors

      It may take a couple of months or so before you see a pattern, but this will help you get a bigger picture than just focusing on diet. Keep in mind the synergistic effect of triggers. I have found that it sometimes takes only one really bad trigger (no sleep, for example) or two lesser triggers (not enough sleep AND pre-menstrual day). After you get to know your unique pattern, you can start to make experimental changes in your lifestyle.

      BTW, tight neck and head muscles and migraines are often chicken-and-egg issues. They can trigger migraines but they also frequently result from migraines, especially the really bad ones.

      Best of luck to you!

      • This is really handy advice. Thank you!

        I am hoping that it will never happen again. Although, I can feel that my jaw is still tight, but I am sleeping a whole lot better. Much less crazy since i had my neck decompressed. I will make notes of the lead up to my first migrane so that I can get amongst the process as quickly as possible, if it ever happens again *shudder*

        • An the exclusion diet was just stupid.
          Remarkably close to malnutrition, I think.

          As a Toro, is offended me greatly.

        • Wow Rox, interesting. As Aries don’t get headaches in general but when I do I think gosh, how does one manage?

          Several patients with headaches so I make a concerted effort to relieve them of pain. My heart goes out. x

          • Thanks Sweetpea, I am lucky not to get migranes, just frequent dull ache. So, I carry ibprophen 24/7. Saturn head like a brick.
            Have cut the smokes, alcohol, meat, pop, sugar, avoid salt.
            Not cheese chocolate and coffee. I can def. feel the see-saw crashing if Neptune doesn’t get enough sleep. Do you get that ?

            I have looked up the sea of tranquility (you mentioned) pressure spots, binaural beats Mystic mentions, and have a plethora of healing books on loan from library including some about magnetics. The astro is but one chunk of the wellness journey.

            If I can get a massage, it is so very helpful, if not, I try to have a hot soak on occasion. Sometimes feel bubbles rising from muscle massage. Positively freaky in a groovy good way~ bless you for the work you do. I thought of doing it myself at one time.
            I really ‘get’ the Neptune giving and receiving question. I am working on that myself. I’m a 9 so giving fulfills a need, but I have to find balance and receive sometimes too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Hmm… I am going to have a baby this April, when I look up the babe’s due date on Astro.com we are in for a treat with sun, mercury, mars, jupiter and uranus all in Aries… DOes that make a Zap Zone?!

    • Ooh, congrats! I love babies. I think that makes just a great big ZAP! But you know if you take into account that it is a Rabbit Year, they are wonderfully artistic, diplomatic and debonair, then all the Aries is just a lovely balance to that – sounds just beautifully sparkly!!

      • Oooo…! Thanks Andromeda! My partner and I were a bit taken a-back with the forecast, especially since he is also an Aries with a Fire Trine and I’m a mega mutable Sagg!

        • Well astrology is genetic y’know!!! I used to be a Fire Trine myself..*pauses looking back on the past fondly* Best of luck tw – you will be the perfect fit with that lovely encouraging fire place of home you provide!

    • That is not a Zap Zone, do not fear. travelling wanderlust. You are indeed in for a treat with all that Aries! If I was the baby’s godmother, I would come bearing a red sports car to gift the baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Do major squares / oppositions in the mutable signs (instead of the cardinals) have their own distinctive thing going on?
    Cause that is what I have…

  24. I have Kataka Sun squaring Mars and Chiron in Aries, and square Uranus in Libra. Sun opposite NN in Cap seems to have more ZAP than the squares do tho…or rather, seems to be the over-arching ZAP! = a spectrum of Great desire, and capability for self-mastery and self-expression, and also a great desire and capability for upheaval and aggression on my not-sa-haute days! Has become more manageable with middle-age though and never quite a dull moment, anyway!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks and Cheers, Mystic!!

    • Those cardinal oppositions in my chart seem so much more obvious to me as well.

      That is, until I start describing all this to my hubby. He KNOWS those squares of mine; )

  25. Marlon one gorgeous hunk of a man, Elvis too …

    My son is multiple aries – merc venus eris pallas sun lilith – wow all those bad girls !!! He’s turning into a bit of a powerhouse, has taken up sky-diving with the uranus jup action in his zone

  26. I am cap nnode chiron asc/ libra neptune ceres mc/ kataka merc uranus jup snode desc – mega cardinal t-square. Success tends to be fleeting, a bit of self-undoing goes on – not famous, maybe a little infamy, psycho-bats prob best description.

    Squares r me, also scorp moon/ leo sun pluto – fixed. Virgo venus/ sagg mars – mutable. I can be a bit of a try-hard.

    The aries action will grand-cross with my t-square once it gets past mid- aries – am looking at relocating to another continent to ease the stressy aspects a bit by moving it off the angles. But maybe I’ll have another set of probs being in an unfamiliar place while having major transits …

    Relocate to another planet ???

  27. Lil Aries is Sun, Mercury, North Node all squaring his Saturn in Cancer. Jupes in Libra and Moon-Saturn in Cancer…Is that walking Zap Zone?? He is pretty intense for a 5 yr old. Hope it all works out when he is older. He is all Cardinal and Fixed.. He has Venus in Toro too just like Brando

  28. I used to see a man with big red crosses all over his chart, multiple zap zones.

    Hard to read, charismatic in a very strange way. not someone I’d think would be charismatic, but he was.

    self-centered, powerful, determined, successful, arrogant, major sex obsessions, controlling, and, oddly, a stutterer

    lots of aches and pains, health troubles. possible alcoholic

  29. I don’t have cardinal zap, personally, in my birth chart, but my Aries ex sure does and when he left me, I told him I felt sorry for the next one, because by then, I had actually taken a good look at his chart, and the transits that were coming, and I was right: apparently they’ve lasted a year living together before crashing and burning (we lasted 10, but probably by not living together).

    Natally, he has Cap first house, and Cap asc; opposed by Jupiter in Cancer in 7th (hence his relatively long-lasting relationship with me, a Sagg, I guess), square Aries fourth house, containing Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Lilith, which is opposed by his ruling planet in 10th, Mars in Libra. That’s one big, and difficult square, composed of even more difficult oppositions, as far as relationships with authority figures, and women are concerned. He had a really difficult early life (Cappy influence) health wise – mega operations on eyes; corrective shoes; lots of teasing at school. Grew up to have the most amazingly tall, buffed, bemuscled Aries bod you ever saw though, so no one ever put him down in high school…

    These natal chart positions even more difficult now, I would imagine, with Saturn opposing all his Aries stuff and crossing his Mars, and Uranus/Jupe crossing his Sun, Moon, Saturn, Lilith and opposing his Mars….

  30. I have major zap zone goin down in my chart.

    Chiron in Aries in the 9th opposing Venus conjunct Mars conjunct Sun conjunct Neptune in Libra in the 3rd. With Saturn in Cancer in the 12th squaring Chiron, Venus, Sun and Mars.

    Not sure if it qualifies with Chiron in the mix but it sure fuqing feels like it does.

    I started therapy two weeks ago.

    I think I need it.

    Especially with Saturn presently grinding over my Sun-Mars and gettting ready to go retrograde…

    Mantra is- “But it’s got to be character building. Right?”

    • you might find some answers in chiron and the healing journey – melanie reinhart – is GOOD – answers that will never come from the rest of your astro are in chiron’s realms x

    • Google it i’m sure you’ll find heaps of stuff about it. You could probably find a copy of the DSM IV online.

  31. I am not sure- My asc is in Aries opposite Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Jupiter and Pluto in Libra. My mid heaven and south node are in Capricorn and I have the north node in Cancer. But I think maybe none of those squares are ‘big ones’??