Your Mars In Capricorn Mantra?

Get Rich Sleep Till Noon and Fuck Them AllI just saw this on Bleach-Black and thought GENIUS  – a Mars in Capricorn mantra already.  You must admit it, it’s refreshingly non-New Agie and tres motivating, yes? Though i am thinking that Mars in Capricorn does NOT sleep till noon. Or maybe yes? Think of all the cell renewal, psych-growth and anti-aging you can accomplish whilst asleep! It’s not lazy.

Image: Andrea Stanislav

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I’m a mars Capricorn (Scorpio/libra cusp sun, Scorpio moon, Taurus rising) I def sleep til noon almost every day. I also curse myself for it every day lol but I can’t help it I love sleep too much. And I make more money when I’m well rested and happy so I really have no choice unless I wna be tired broke and miserable.


So True 🙂


Busy, busy, busy and overcommitted. Mars, help me. Capricorn, help me! Eek!

Plus Scorp Venus thing finally emerged in an ex so distant it’s bizarre and now I’m a little distracted by that.

Spacey and overcommitted.

Working like a dog.


darn that return key and my fingers that move too fast!!!

meant to add that sleeping til noon sounds so good I can’t stand it.


My Cappy daughter would so abide by that – especially the sleep till noon bit – she needs it to recharge her batteries!


my Capricorn’s rising been doing this 😉

taurean alchemist

I’m surrounded by Capricorn-ness… my Cap brother (who is only 16 months older than me and yet looks 20 years older) arrived at weekend (suddenly – I swear he must have some strong Uranus in his chart, he is brainy & unpredictable), plus all my little Cap moon kiddies – all focused on various projects which involve me having to drive them places, buy things and pay attention, just when I want to curl up in bed and SLEEP TILL NOON.

work work work… no rest for the wicked (but Lord I was only wicked one night!)


my cap ascendant says yes yes yes yes while my virgo sun shakes her head.


I love you Mystic!
You make me happy!

year of the fox

Caps don’t really sleep til noon.

But we Libras do! Gotta love that beauty sleep! 😉


With my Aries Sun, Cappy Rising and Saturn all ovah…. I have to say this is the most comfy aspect!

I feel very competant, and well…comfy.

Here’s some music for ya’ll…. I dedicated it to al the people on my shit list this past year…Not yous guys, Obv. But maybe you want to do the same?

hermes love

Kitty KAT!!! MEOW!!!!


My Cap Sun/Ur/Neptune son is on board with the get rich and fuq them all motto, but he’s not one to sleep ’til noon, which has always struck me as odd. Shouldn’t all teenagers want to sleep in? His Venus/Jupiter in Sag conjunction counteracts the seriousness of his Cappiness a bit, but not completely. And speaking of my Cappy son, not sure which astro is activating all of this, but he recently decided to switch from soccer to rugby as his sport. This has sent huge shockwaves through his classmates/ peer group / and the soccer coaches. Poor guy, he’s… Read more »


stick with soccer! He’ll stay pretty and make far more money …

Equilibrium Girl (nee Stress Princess)

My Cap sun/merc/venus certainly LOVES sleeping ’til at least 10am. Mind, I tend to be up ’til 2am… and I wake at 4.30am to feed my animals…

I’m SO with the “fuck ’em all” at the moment. SO with it. Thank you Mars for joining me at this time 🙂


Watch the link…. (below)
It was released in Canada with a speak over ….”*forget* you”
Very catchy song, very satisfying… I hum it when I want to say, but can’t…


My mars in capricorn mantra is Bag A Cap … maybe shag then bag? Or bag then shag? I forgot the Capricorniyippeyia protocol on such matters. Hell who knows. I just found out I’m having my mid-life crisis transit (Neptune square Neptune) next year, as well as Venus trine Neptune (Mystical Love apparantly) plus Jupiter opposite Uranus just for fun. Actually I think I shall spend the entire year doing this: Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day (As described by Dresden Codak) You must spend the entire day in costume and character. The only rule is that you cannot… Read more »


I think I shall whomp about with a baguette, checking in frequently with my nanobot ear implant and state earnestly and breathily “gotta run … they’re at it AGAIN” … ‘cept I shall be walking due to flat feet.


I have what PC is having


No doubt. I lay in bed last night with images of big eyed shrimp in my mind and wondered what shrimp think when we bit off their heads.

Have not had seafood in months.

Thanks for the Dresden Codak intro, PC. Visited the site. Like the tee that says “Historical Pre-enactment Society: Because the best history has yet to happen.” Tres Sag. Actually all the tees are charming.


he he, prowlncat. Don’t forget to carry around a hair dryer and wave it around menacingly and wild-eyed too.


Ok baguette. check. Nanobot ear implant. check. Hairdryer new age all in one styling/combating global corporate fiends defense unit? check … once I paint out the “Starlet” logo


F’in Awesome PC!

Killing myself laughing over here… More! More!

What about…Shag/Bag and Tap a Cap?
Pop a Capp?

*Stares at the sky as if she’s never seen it before, and runs away in a zig-zag pattern*



Crazy person with armour… Hahahaha!!!!!!


Ohmigod! We could make zodiac tshirts just in time for xmas/sun in capricorn which is the most EXCELLENT get rich and fuq off idea like EVA!

A Cap
This Xmas
(multiple colours & a variety of sizes available plus shipping costs)

Caps will be happy … they might actually invest

*taps nano earplant* … shite …. IT’S HAPPENING!! What date is it??? Ok … hrmmm we still have time!!!!!!!!! … legs it to the nearest payphone and places receiver in an unusual ermm place


That’s so brilliant!! Lol, you sure Neptune square Neptune HASN’T hit yet? Surely you are in the shadow zone.. ” 🙂

*pats screen gingerly with amazement at it’s ability to emit light like a candle*


Prowlin – I love you.


😆 prowln! I so want to do some of those – hilarious.


~nearest payphone and places receiver in an unusual ermm place~

Always said you were freakin’ nuts/genie/hilar Prowls… 😆

statues and bar codes… 😆


I wish I had the ability to come up with the whole idea myself Sweetpea but alas, just sharing Dresdan Codak’s vision. Man it would be so wicked if we all did it one day flash mob style!!


Popp that Capp…bitches…yo

I’m in ~fab~ T-shirt idee…

*points remote controle over her wrist at PC and makes “BPpiew! Ppiew!” noies…..

(that’s lasers sound…)

PC you stil get finders credit. That totally made my day. I’m in for the Flash Mob!


Yeah, I read that part later!


Um, actually, the Mars in Cap people I know do sleep until noon-ish. It’s a being “your own boss” kind of thing, which is definitely Capricorn. Sun and Moon in Cap, definitely not. Mars is action, so they were staying up late thinking of ways to get rich or working themselves up the ladder.


Ah yes!!! sounds very accurate to this Mars in Cap. I sleep till noon BECAUSE I CAN. And plus, it’s totally practical to get enough sleep. If I don’t I am too out of sorts to do anything well.


I just like my seven or hopefully 8 hrs.. bed at 3am, sleep till 11… ..midnight, up at 8…
Routine? pfft.
Whether writing assignments or farting round on facebook, doesn’t matter, always an achievement to get to sleep before midnight.
Very hard to settle for a nap during the day – plus, that would mean doing TWO mornings in one day! UGH! One is enough …
Scorp sun & asc, moon in cap, mars venus in 1st house sagg..


Oooh this so reminds me of my Cappy friend! 😯

I just ate like my cappy friend too… Insanely healthy dinner followed by a big glass of red wine… 😯


It’s a great way to live, no?
I’ll often swig a yukult probiotic thingie then wash it down with a beer.

Lucy the Leo

Leo, cap rising and physically unable to sleep past 7am. I HATE daytime sleep. Actually no, I do like it, but find it nigh impossible. Usually get up at around 5am. LOLing at ‘sleep till noon only if one were working or fucking till 5am”, hahaha!


My Capricorn Mars loves a lovely lay in till noon, hopefully with everyone else doing the work 😉


My uber cap sister in law says sleeping means you are bored or depressed so don’t think Caps would sleep till noon unles they were doing some subliminal training.
However us leos consider sleeping a sport amd extremely revitalizing and essentail to our well being.

hermes love


fallen angel

Shazam, I was just thinking that and you wrote it!


No no, not till-noon-sleep only cat-naps until Feb 2011. Just noticed Spiriluna and meditation are the best anti-sleep solutions..

plutonic gem

I just wrote back on the narcissus blog (a bit of lag time, I had other matters to attend to and could not allow that kind of deep inquiry into my self involvement yesterday) BUT get this at the moment I have Moon, Mercury, Mars, Pluto and North Node transiting North Node in 3rd house Capricorn… I will be really interested to see what this is about.


Wow, I have opposite all (‘cept Moon now) are on my South Node in the 11th. I am pretty sure North Node on NN is a good omen:

plutonic gem

Wow, how interesting! yes nn on nn appears good at this stage! will check site, thanks for the link!

plutonic gem

I definitely experienced the siesta afternoon cell renewal sleep yesterday or day before, it was like i healed six months of stress in a 2 hour sleep, I think its possible for a mars in cap to do whatever it does with dedication, commitment, and full belief…


Cap moon agrees. Sleep till noon? Never. But fuck em all? My Scorpio sun def agrees with that! BTW its past midnight here. What am I doing still up??


I don’t know George…I’m up too…hehe


Are in LA??


Palm Springs area…

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

🙂 xox


My Cap Moon LOVES this.

& my Toro Sun has absolutely no issues with the sleeping until noon part : )


haha, Aries Sun don’t let me sleep till noon but darn tootin’ that Venus in Taurus will take a well deserved nap or, in the morning, put the coffee on and lay back down for a spell…



Cappy Moon says, well of course get rich would be nice, but foundation of ‘richness’ must be based on substance…

Then when rich, what does it really mean?…Money is based on air pretty much these days..

Sleeep till noon?…Cappy Moon….NEVER….Find it delightful that each day, I awake with the full on near spaze feeling of another day to conquer…

Fuck ’em All? Well yes of course…..



I love you Mystic…xo


My idea of a sleep in is 10:45am on the weekends ONLY. I try and try and try to sleep later than that but the Capricorn body clock senses the lost opportunities in the day from 11am onwards and produces excess adrenalin

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