Pre & Post Saturn-Return

Alex PragerMy son’s 20 yro glamorous Jung-addicted Scorpio friend just asked me about life beyond Saturn Return.Β  She was gazing at me all caramel limbs and goo-goo eyes, as if I’d just transmogrified back from Mars successfully.

First Saturn Return,” i hissed back. “There are at least three.”

And I am going to blame this on Mercury Retrograde, my week on hold and some Pluto factors BUT all i could think of to tell her was that pre-Saturn Return i used to run or skip down escalators in my stilettos and could drink my own body weight in champagne but feel nothing more than mild ennui the next morning.

Pre-Saturn Return you’re also a hell of a lot more hung up on what other peeps think about you/winning their approval.

What do you think?

And if you are pre-your first Saturn Return, what are you most concerned about?

There are also umpteen Saturn postings and brilliant comments in the Saturn category btw.

Image: Alex Prager

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208 thoughts on “Pre & Post Saturn-Return

  1. I just went through the height of my first saturn return a few months ago. It was absolutely terrible… the things that happened to me brought me to my knees and I only realised it was my saturn return after the fact, but now I am stronger, better and spectacular.

    – Pisces Sun / Leo Moon

  2. Oh now.

    There is really only one purpose for any astrologer you know Mystic dear.

    It is at the point of the SR to say to these infants: do not. Sell yourself short. Do not. Settle for the house and the baby in a year and a half. Do not. Believe the only thing available to you is more work at the steno pool. Do not. Look in the mirror and notice any wrinkles because there is not a single one on your face.

    Tell them, kiddo. Tell them that the problem with Saturn is he wants to make ends to the world when there arent any. Every SR client you have, ask them for the most outrageous vision for their future and tell them to decide how to get *that*. At SR, the very worst strategy is compromise.

    At SR, the very best strategy is to look right at that goatsphynx and tell it look here, you don’t scare me. I am going to get old anyway and I am going all the way *up*.

  3. pre-saturn return I was always late (fashionably I thought) to social gatherings, during sr I got dumped for it, post-saturn return I would rarely be late and it would have to be a tidal wave or death to stop me from being on time, and I would have had anxiety over whether i have credit on my phone for two days prior to social arrangement to ensure i could inform said social event of lateness… thats not completely true, I also now trust myself, where the sun is in the sky and calculate travelling time fairly accurately.

    pre-saturn return i had no idea what i was doing here on earth, i had a big heart and gave it all over the place platonically and non-platonically, and cried a lot, i cried a river im sure, during saturn return i realised i relied on alcohol too much and took up astanga yoga, and started jogging at 4.30am in summer (crying while i jogged), as I was terrified by the plutonic? hooded robed ghosts at the end of my bed. During SR I moved into a small one bedroom house for and lived by myself for the first time in my life and was eventually drinking coriander and or cinnamon and ginger tea – for fun! I read whatever buddhist text i could get my hand on and started doing rituals aka yoga style. Friday night was solo journeys to the korean bathhouse for more sweating out the demons and more crying.

    Someone who I admired and was scared of at the same time told me Rule No. 1 – NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE – i started learning… Rule No. 2 – Always choose your environment (where you place yourself in the world) CAREFULLY.

    Learnt to take responsibility for every thought and emotion and not be a victim of others actions. SR was a powerful transformation and I had acouple of peeps versed in astro at the time guiding me to follow saturns rules and it wont be so hard, change the channel, I found my eternal heart and found the rules actually fitted perfectly with eternal hearts desires.

    Pre saturn return played dress ups every day and spent most of my time playing and socialising, during SR threw out so much cool stuff and wore a uniform of bonds t-shirts and hard yakkas (even while i worked in a call centre), post saturn return have had many identity crises re image but dont give as much of a shit as i ever had before.

    I know Im going on here, but it was truly a significant and life changing time, saturn taught me how to really value myself and even know really what self worth was. Saturn guided me to the bliss of being and for that I shall be forever grateful.

    • Plutonic Gem … don’t apologise for the long post. Thank you for sharing. I got something out of your sharing. I too am grateful for my first SR.

    • wow, P gem, that is amazing. I actually agree with all of that (and is that the korean bath house in Sydney’s kings X btw? )

      • ah no not sydney, but in brisbane, I would love to try out the sydney baths some time.

        Yes it was amazing… and lonely and painful, but i learn that the sunrise and the sunsets in the sky were my constants, my parents guiding me and nurturing and feeding me.

        It was fortifying, for sure. Also I remember being told to do it good, go the whole way, let saturn do its work, or else it will just come back and do it even harder or more proper in my 40s. I knew I wanted to ascend with 2012 coming and wanted to align asap.

    • lovely. you sound like a virgo north node : ) congrats on all the value you attained through this experience! and cheers to finding more : )

  4. My first Saturn Return was the most painful three years of my life! And also the most exhilerating. I’m Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Asc in Virgo (12th House). Seriously, I felt every drawn out second of my Saturn Return.

    It started with me getting a major crush on my boss (yes, I am married and yes, I know it was wrong). Nothing ever happened but it tore me apart. But without her, I wouldn’t have changed from capitalist consumer disinterested in all things eco-anything and believing the life I dreamed about could only be lived by others. After she busted me open, I learned to grow my own food, sew my own clothes and make my own preserves. It took a long time to get over her influence (both on my life and marriage).

    I spent years in therapy, spent a lot of scary times seriously considering suicide (don’t worry, am through that now), learned how to identify & name my feelings (before they were merely shapes and colours that I couldn’t name), and faced demons that I had denied I even had.

    As synchronicity would have it, I ended my Saturn Return with a crush on another woman. Again, my world was broken open by her. Fortunately, I recognised my feelings this time and stopped things before anyone got hurt (my wife says you can have a crush, so long as you walk away from the friendship before you become too attached).

    She is a beautiful and sexy Cappy who reflected something I needed to see in myself. She also gave me the courage to start to allow my creativity show. That friendship ended painfully (for me but probably not painfully for her) during the zap zone just as Saturn moved into Libra (my first house).

    As Saturn moves through my first house, I am noticing that I am learning to honour and value myself. And I am coming of age as both a man and an artist. It’s the most wonderful experience. I am glad I survived my first SR (for a while there it was touch and go) because I know I’m going to love Saturn in my first House … For a little while, it’s going to be all about rejoicing in me instead of struggling in me.

    • PS: have to admit I’m missing the friendship of that Cappy … not the crush, just the friendship … someone to share astrology and art with … But them’s the breaks … part of being a grown up πŸ˜‰

    • I am glad you have made it through these events with your marriage intact. Not because I care anything for the sanctity of marriage, but because I can tell your marriage is important to you.

      I think we are going to be faced/forced to rethink comitted relationships. We grow through relationships, as your friendships have shown you. We can’t cut ourselves off from others if we want to reach our potential or just have a rich life, and yet we don’t want to lose or threaten our primary relationship.

      I believe (Uranus in Aries – yes!) we will begin to admit our polyamorous natures. Poly doesn’t always include sex. It’s being open to love and unafraid to experience it with many.

      I do fervently wish you and your wife all the very best in the new year.

      • Aw thank you ArienScorp. :) I agree we are polyamorous. I know I am. As you seem to understand about me, my primary relationship is the one I will protect. But oh yeah, I can love more than one person at a time and give each my whole heart. I think love is just the most beautiful expression we can share with each other and ourselves.

        I do know the new year will be fantastic :) I wish you the best in the new year too πŸ˜€

    • wow herby and everyone else above that is full on im new to astrology but i can relate to all the above posts, all i know is that saturn was involved in pisces love life from aug 07, im not sure if that is a first saturn return or not but that was hell, until well now, it lasted till about june 09 [i thank god that i got pregnat i think that healed so much and pulled my head in] although im not with the man anymore or wasnt much longer when i got pregnant, but then all was good till june this year and the exact same thing just different people happened again and it was to much of a dejavu tore me apart [i think i still had unresolved feelings from the first 07 and that was when saturn was back in pisces for a few months] so if that is not my first saturn return then i dont want it,
      yes yes i am stronger and all that but it hurt so much at the time, i was so lost, and herb just wanted to say that it takes a strong women to say or give you a choice to walk away from another attraction or friendship, before you get attached, im 28 and havent had long relationships[venus in aries i blame] but i have known deep and real love and i couldnt do that, i dont think i could even handle that, you must have something really special xxx

  5. God I started this but I just can’t go there. Saturn’s OK. Once it’s over. Everything changes – if you want it to. It gives you the ENDURANCE to do some big long term things you might never even dream of otherwise. Feels like crap at the time tho. No doubt about it. But you gotta drink the medicine. It’s stabilising. We all need a bit of that. So roll up your sleeves and dig in if it’s your turn. You won’t regret it. But you just might hate it.

    • Well said whatevs. Sounds like you had a big few years past too. Wish I had your eloquence. I can only tell things in stories rather than a few nice lines like you always do.

      • I have a back catalogue of stream of consciousness herby and believe me some of it is far from eloquent – pluto/saturn’s gone I don’t feel like I need to labour my point/s any more. Not that I am saying you do – I enjoy reading your posts, I like your upbeat tempo and missed it while you were gone, wondered where you’d got to – short, long, whatever works for you is right x

        • :) Whatevs :) I will just blame it on Mercury πŸ˜€ I missed being here when I was gone. I totally love Mystic’s posts and the images she chooses and all the chatting with lovely people like you :)

    • Yes watevs, we do need it!!! It’s a bit like a rite of passage, necessary for transformation I think. I’m excited for my 2nd one. I’ve heard they get easier?

  6. Yeah, ok, Saturn return #1:

    Don’t dodge the class, you’ll have to make it up at the next one when there’s a really cool party on with that cute guy you’ve been flirting with. [class being analogy for anything requiring commitment and work]

    You give less of a shit, as PG said up there.

    Trusting in your own feelings, worth, existence.

    Being clearer about what YOU want. and what you DON’T want. and being able to articulate this.

    Mind you my SR was thru 2nd house LEO. Just finished going thru my 3rd house of comms/neighbourhood while Pluto was transiting into my 7th all along. So everything’s a bit mixed up in there. Just the getting of wisdom I guess.

    Also, I am only now interested in men (as a potential partner) who have gone through what I call ‘the fire’ – I suppose a plutonic journey of self discovery and evolved maturity and perspective on life, without carrying a jaded mindset which (to me) is not maturity at all!

      • Actually, Saturn conj the Asc. is literally known for difficult births (according to Noel Tyl).

        Was interesting as Cancerian daughter was born with the cord around her neck. She had to stay in the hospital for observation…

        Saturn and Moon conj. in Sagg, 1st….Nine degrees from the Asc.

        • interesting – I just looked it up and I was born when my mother’s neptune was being opposed by saturn altho it was not anywhere near returning – she had another 7 years to wait for that. Absurd. The synastry is so very apt – was talking with the aqua about it today – whenever I get a bit too far from home, a little bit out of reach, a sickness or some sort of helpless situation will occur. Is interesting that that’s exactly the control mechanism the synastry describes. Nice timing. Thanks ladeez.

          Sweets, are you all sorted with places to be on the day of baby jesus? I’m happy to hang with you here for a while if you’re not – it’s been a full on year for you, I’d hate for you to be spending it without peeps around you to chat to. x

          • Sweetpea, am not a holidays person either, so I will be here as soon as am done with a haircut – excessive work schedule is a known cause of hair growing in funny ways :-)

          • Thanks guys, you’re sweet. Tonight though going to “Wildlights”
            (@ The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA) with daughter, son in law, gdaughter. Then Xmas day, their place and other daughter will be there. Xmas thingy at work this week and actually will be glad for the quiet other three days!

      • I was born on my mothers 28th birthday mid saturn returns, she had both of us in them and my sister and I had very difficult births, me – forceps out and induced. Sister – had to be turned and nearly strangled to death from cord around neck

          • do you and your sister have a similar basic code for life? Or are your saturns in different signs? – if it’s not prying to ask. My sister and I couldn’t be more different – a saturn cycle apart. Sisters is such a loaded relationship.

            • heh no same as you, totally different. I respect that though

              she has libra saturn/jupiter (her returns now)
              mine virgo/jupiter

              all have mars virgo

            • Speaking of sisters: Relationship with sister improved a lot when we needed to share the same apartment. About Saturn cycles, our relationship with parents, how we navigate in life couldn’t be more different. It is as if we burst into life from two different sets of parents. An Aqua/Sagg rising, she is a great organizer, holding the whip. A Gem/Pisces rising, I am her utter project disappointment.

              • Quad – is interesting the changes the relationship goes through – we were tight until my saturn returns and we’ve only just swung back vaguely into step with each other again – shared observations of the mothership as adults has helped to bridge the gap that formed in the near 14 years in between.

                This is fascinating. Have never looked at it before. My sister has her part of fortune in the 8th conjunct my sun and uranus on the IC – she was always the one I put on my super forms etc. before the aqua came along as the one who would get my stash. He knows if anything happens she gets my clothes although for some reason he wants to burn everything I own once I’m dead. LOL. Don’t even go there. His pluto is conjunct my sun and he has 3 T-squares in his chart. It’s complex.

                Ms – the eclipse closest to your birthdate is pivotal to karmic load (if you’re into the idea of karma) and links in to north and south node – Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy – Spiritual Astrology is a good go-to for that part of your chart – was in Mystic’s book list thing.

                Sister and I both have loaded 10th houses – she has a stellium – we sprang from a workaholic mother who forced me to do accounting and economics because that would get me a job!!! Yeah, a job that would manifest my saturn in the 10th and neptune/moon in the 6th in scorpio as a stay in the mad house maybe. I had to fight with her to do textiles as an extra subject on top of the full load at age 15. My sister and I both have stelliums that conjunct the others – no wonder people used to think we were a freaky intense force to be reckoned with. Shiver me timbers I just noticed she has uranus sun conjunct on her MC, I have it conjunct on my IC. Hers in Scorpio mine in Libra. My 5th house is all over her MC and one of my boyfriends was the catalyst for what became her career. This is a veritable astro goldmine.

            • interesting both you and Quad

              its a tricky one, long story involving weird politics but the short is we are very different.
              she Libra Saturn (and jupiter)
              vs my Virgo Saturn (and jupiter)
              all me ma and herself are scorp with virgo mars though.

              • interesting, I haven’t looked that far into my birth unsurprised you are eclipse triggered. funny how we didn’t want to come out.

                my theory has always been I was trying to be a sagg and I have all 4s on the womb walls resisting until the next 72 hours, I was already 2 weeks overdue, my sis was due on halloween and overdue.

                maybe you were timing your astro πŸ˜‰

              • A friend timed her second birth by the aspects of the first born. She told the doctor she needs to give birth before 8 am so the second baby would be Sagg rising. The word is she was shrieking in the delivery room – quick, quick before it is 8 am…

              • yeah my mother has always said I was waiting for something to move in the heavens – my sun and moon to get the hell out of virgo I suspect – imagine – mars, pluto, jupiter, uranus AND sun and moon in virgo eeeek!

        • that’s some crazy synastry you have with your mother and your sister. I was dragged out too. A reluctant participant triggered by an eclipse.

        • A bit late to this conversation, but interested Ms do you or your sister have Saturn rising?
          A convo I’ve had withSweetie previously I think, but my mum, with a cap moon had a shite time carrying me, and I was born with Saturn rising in cancer in the 12th.

          • Including cord around the neck at birth, that is the Saturn rising thing I think? What horrible symbolism.

              • Interesting. I am doing a chart for someone with Pluto Rising in the 12th. I have heard the 12th is conditions of birth (perhaps Mars= cesarian, etc..) I will be sure to mention it when I deliver.
                I have a question about rising too. Logic tells me 12-10 houses would be rising, but I have heard everything on Eastern half is rising, or is it only very near ASC that is rising. thoughts..?

              • I guess it’s a bit like orbs SR. How low do you go and all that. Still even 10 degrees either side of asc is only really going to encompass 12th and 1st? Maybe some people include any planet in rising sign as a rising planet?
                I dunno much about the whole hemisphere thing, I have mars and Saturn parked right on my asc, no desire to coopt anyone else into that party.

              • Thanks shell, turns out, according to Hickey all of the Eastern is considered rising. (shrugs) Guess from space perspective all on one side of globe are one or the other.

              • Hi, checked with my friend who has Pluto conj ASC in 12. Said her birth was the longest of her mothers and gave her Mom vericose veins afterwards.

            • hey shell, neither have saturn rising I have sharp square asc saturn but we do both have saturn 3rd house. x

  7. Had to go away and read up on Saturn Return. Now that I have some idea, I can say that my SR was a huge spring clean of my whole life. It led to me living alone and not having a steady relationship for five or six years, which was fantastic.

    Only another 10 or 11 years to the next one.

  8. Saturn returns were harder in a Sense that the Mirror came up.
    I agree the one thing was what others thought of me. I am so over that .
    I really felt older when I was younger turning 53 this Dec. I Feel younger but Saturn has left his mark -Self Reliance is the mantra. Nice to know that what i have worked for has not been in vain. That Bliss is possible Now . Did not believe it before . Love is all there is!!! (Double cap)

  9. SR’s can be a bitch.
    I miss the days of running in high heels, club hopping, staying up all night going to V.I.P. parties and slogging with cute famous boys.
    Can we reverse and go back to the first SR?
    An anti-aging astrological cream? πŸ˜‰

    I should check my charts I might be going through another one.
    Nothing makes any sense anymore.
    Something strange is happening with my friend she was once a fun loving friend and now she gets jealous of I want to talk to my friends or a mutual friend. It’s gotta so bad and controlling it’s causing flashbacks to abusive men in my life.
    Not sure if this anything to do with a possible SR or something in my House of Friends.

  10. I had my son during my saturn return, my life post SR now seems very empty, I’m happier now.

  11. I can’t say that I’m grateful for being in the middle of my first SR. It probably contributed to the demise of an engagement, which I’m not necessarily unhappy about, and then another significant relationship met its demise despite being a much, much better match. What a shame. I still think about it everyday. The SR has made me question everything, particularly my career, one that I’ve spent the last two and a half years building. The destruction is has wreaked on my relationships is the worst part though, by far.

    • thats a shame, i said in an earlier post that im not sure if i have had a saturn return all i know is that saturn was involved in pisces love life since aug 07, and although the memories now have lost there sting i thought about those times every single day for years even now i still think about it and how it shaped my life at least once or twice a week, but the one thing i can say to you , is that it all worked out for a reason, i ended up getting back with my ex briefly[ painfully ended again] we both rebounded and i got pregnant, and he got another girl pregnant within a week of me getting pregnat [to someone else] and it all worked out for the best, at the end of the day you will find yourself again, and have happier memories for it, coz thing eventually got better xxx

  12. How did I even know I had a Saturn return?

    #1 clue–> You can’t eat an entire bag of Doritos and be ok anymore. That weight will just pile on and even going running a few miles won’t help you much. Plus you will feel like crap and get acne outbreaks just looking at naff food.

    #2 clue–> You feel tired all the time. The idea of staying out all night and going to the clubs every weekend seems less appealing to you.

    #3 clue–> Getting “just a job” doesn’t appeal to you anymore. You want something deeper and intellectually/emotionally fulfilling or at the very least a career.

    #4 clue –> You smile a lot less. The one overhaul tip I tell older people who want to look younger is to smile.

    #5 clue –> Your relationships get a load more serious. When I look back, pre-30 I used to get involved in a hopeless relationship about every 6 months to a year and when it would fail, I would be wounded but hop right back on the love train in a couple of months. (It’s true I have Aries in the 5th so I never despair about it.) But after 30, it’s years between hopping on that “love train”. I’m in no particular rush to get into a wreck.

  13. @ year of the fox

    I couldn’t agree more with your #5 “no particular rush to get into a wreck”. I’m still in the SR and I already feel that way. It’s kind of sad, really. It makes me feel cynical.

    • I think it’s ok to sometimes be a little cynical just for LOLZ but then you have to take a good long look at yourself and try to identify in what ways you were partially responsible for said messes. Sometimes, we have no control (like when a jackass cheats on you) but other times we could’ve headed off disaster at the pass but we didn’t love ourselves or trust ourselves enough to do it.

      But yeah bullmoose82, you will find love again if you want it enough! :) Saturn return is hard, but keep persisting.

  14. so i’ve got a question– is there no way to tell in your birth chart or what not if you are going through a saturn return? are you just supposed to guess/figure it out on your own based on things like the clues year of the fox wrote in the post 3 from the bottom? i don’t really know how this works, but it’s very interesting!

    • It should be in your chart but at the time I was going through SR I was not that astrology saavy. It was only through retrospection that it became clear. But you young’uns with internet help and not being around stodgy backwards people are more advanced than I was at the time.

      • Nice site! It’s like seeing your life in Saturn time. Imagine how wise you’d be after the 3rd return.

      • Thanks Charles, a great little calculator!
        Just found out my first Saturn Return will only last a month… woot! just under 2 years to go!

      • ohh i love that. apparently i’ve got one of the great saturn returns that’s not retrgoraded over.. starts and finishes the same month, according o this site… hoooorah..

        • I regret to inform you guys, that is not how Saturn return works. You’re talking about a Saturn transit, in this case, Saturn conjunct natal Saturn, which can last about a month (depending on orb). And that would be a lot of the heaviest activity.
          But a Saturn Return is an event, its effects last long after the event. What you’re saying is like your 30th birthday only lasts one day, so you’re only 30 for one day. No, you’re 30 years old after your birthday too. And it is sort of like this. Saturn Return is your birthday in Saturn years. You are one Saturn year old. You have passed your first stage of life and are now into the second. Your second Saturn return will open the third phase of your life, which is usually the final stage.

  15. I am pre-saturn return, I am loving reading all these accounts. It’s really helping me get a better hold on what to expect..

  16. thank you – great timing…

    Saturn in Leo crossed my Moon, Saturn in Virgo first crossed Venus, then Sun – this was while Pluto squared Sun…
    ATM Saturn is two degrees before my DC/Mercury (thus opposite AC)… and it is only 7 degrees from my Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

    pre saturn is post saturn? ok that is abit over the top, but seriously, sometimes I whish I was a multiple conjunct Saggo.

    bloody hell, will this ever stop? yeah, i know, it will.
    But I yearn for less tears/heavy burdens and a bit more light and lightness…

  17. i am pre-saturn return as well, but it’s definitely on the horizon! i’m 26.

    i am thankful that i am not married nor have kids, thankful that i have been able to get a good education (at the expense of my credit), thankful that i am currently in school to get a “job” so that i can support myself (luckily the “job” is nursing, which would make use of my high-Chiron quotient and which pays handsomely–ideal to my Cap AC and moon), thankful that in my life i have had the open-mindedness to consider that the way my family & ancestors have been living for generations is not the best way for me to live *my* life. i was raised catholic, but am much more spiritual and embrace buddhist doctrine, even if i cannot bring myself to, say, give up extreme emotions and alcohol :) i am all too aware, thanks to my Sagg south node, that there is a bigger world out there to experience.
    by going to college in Boston, and visiting Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania, New Orleans, St Louis, having a solo road trip from Texas to Massachusetts, stopping in Nashville, Memphis, and Virgina, i have experienced a relatively small amount when you look at all the seasoned world-travelers, but it’s comparitively more than my parents and sisters have experienced, not to mention my grandparents

    during my saturn return, i hope to finally realize my control over my health by giving up nicotine, taking up daily walks/jogs, committing to daily yoga & a pescatarian lifestyle & sunscreen (i’m making very gradual progress on all that)
    i also hope to have a place of my very own, finally! in an urban community which i can feel “at home” at. maybe oregon, or if i’m brave & industrious enough, new zealand.
    i also want to pursue my “irrational” interests: astrology, making music, audio engineer, film & photo, acting in plays
    and i would love to find a reliable way to communicate with other people, be more open, and make friends wherever i go (there are classes out there for the socially phobic, no? hehe)

    Thank you posters and Mystic for helping me ponder my first Saturn return!

  18. Hi Mystic and everyone,

    I am 28 and have been aware of the approaching SR for quite a while. Everyone says its the beginning of adulthood, leaving childish things behind etc etc. I seem to be living quite wildly now, my astrology obsessed mother keeps telling me its okay as now is the time to get it out of my system!

    I put my details into an online Saturn Return Calculator and it said mine would last just one month – October 2011! Does anyone know anything about a super quick Saturn Return?? Can I expect a wild month then? Or is it perhaps something with retrograde saturn so the calculator gets confused?

    ((I’m born 3.9.1982, 5.33am in Sydney.))

    • Mine was a month also. December 1988. Have been racking my brain for what happened then. All I can get is that is was between the birth of my two kids, and I think it’s when my H addict bro in law lived in our shed for a bit. If there was a turning point I missed it … wish I’d known to pay more attention … life in those days was more about surviving the crap. My second is Jan to Oct ’18. I’ll be more attuned then.

      • Short SR… The universe gives you a kick in the shins and tells you to smarten the fuq up.

        It might take a long time to fully process, but I found it to be like a very sharp turning of a corner…

  19. My first Saturn Return was absolutely one of the lowest points in my life. I was with a man for all the wrong reasons, hoping that our relationship would erase my longings for my first love. I was unhappy and unmotivated in my position at work. And then at around 31 it suddenly ended (the relationship and job — got fired) and I eventually found my way to another state and profession. I fell in love. BUT I have to say that things really started falling into place upon my second Saturn Opposition, of which I am now reaping the benefits of.

    All I can say to someone in their first return is that it DOES get better! Just be patient.

  20. seriously? I believe I missed the point of my first Saturn Return (I won’t be alone in this)…

    but am I a different person now? Absolutely. But it was the Pluto square that did the trick.


  21. Saturn? Well you’re a hard planet to like, Saturn. Even though I have strong Saturn placements in my chart and should find you attractive, alluring even, you tend to enter my life like a slow tsunami and leave wreckage for me to deal with.

    Okay, maybe it’s good for to deal with this wreckage, but I don’t care. I’m still reeling from you in my Sun sign. I’m still picking up and finding a way to put my beachfront together again. Get back to me later, Saturn. Maybe with hindsight I’ll like you better.

    The only good news I can think of at the moment is you seem to make me loose weight.

  22. First Saturn return : parents house caught fire, Dad diagnosed with cancer, brother killed in car crash, his daughter in critical care with severe brain injuries. Legal battles over custody. Watched people I didn’t know haul off all my brothers (now nieces) possessions in pick-up trucks on the sly by other brothers request. My marriage was falling apart and that was only the beginning of the breakdown. ~ up went down went up ~ Since then Dad lived much longer than docs predicted, niece got married and is expecting a baby, I am divorced and happier.
    Big wheel keeps on turnin’, proud mary keeps on burnin’ ~ hang tough Saturn Return peeps, it does get better.

      • It was a hard time…I was too busy slogging through it to process it properly at the time, and realized too late that I needed to find help to help me deal. I paid the consequences for not taking the time I needed to find inner balance. That said, if you need help, seek it.

        I wanted to return to my Saturn Return comment to say, I’m not a harbinger of doom. Everyone has difficulties from time to time, and not everyone will have the same plate dished up to them that I did me. (thankfully) I think ‘Earth school’ is meant to be hard. Saturn rules terra firma, rocks and crystals which are formed under pressure.
        The trick is to find *grace* under pressure.

    • Merc retro strikes again: Apologies if this is a repeat.

      Had something similar, but difficult to write all off to SR.. As soon as it passed natal Saturn, tr Saturn conjucted Sun, by then Pluto-Saturn opposition was exact, and Pluto was squaring my natal Pluto, which actually squares my Sun, ergo tr Saturn was squaring natal Pluto.

      It sounds like a crazy soap opera plot, with my identity being the only clueless guest in the house.

      At the end, survived to tell: Marriage began to fall apart, was told I would never be able to give birth, was in an environment where people thought I was the proverbial dummy to kick, and living in a country faraway from my daily support system. Mother reacted to fertility news as “yes, there are people like that”.. I still remember the precise moment. Worst point was when I opened my eyes one morning and thought I had no idea how to face the coming mornings left in my life. Too cheap to commit suicide, then I believed parents would have to pay to dispatch my leftovers to home country.

      Then I began yoga, reading mysteries, dumped the husband, moved to another country, changed the professional environs, told mother to mind her own business, and crawled out of the hole – took 8 years.

  23. About a third of the way into my first Saturn Return, and I am LOVING IT!

    I have Sun and Saturn in Libra in the 9th house. Don’t know why, but 2005-2007 was aweful, and a lot of the behaviour/choices people are talking about for SR I did then, especially hard work. Now its starting to pay off – big. What is already looking to be the golden age of my career just got a massive boost today. Also have been with a perfect Virgo for 12 months now who just fits – relationship of a lifetime?!??

    So I have to agree with roadhouse41 – aim high and work high in all things that you value, no matter how implausable. BUT…. my gut tells me that if I drop my guard or slack off for a second Saturn will kick my arse!

    Overall, I think I’m finally coming into my own.

  24. Just passed my first, which only lasted 2 weeks because I have Saturn very early in Libra. Whizzed on by and was kind of a doozy to be honest, Venus conjunct Saturn and all this Pluto stuff is way harder oooof.

    So far I love everything Saturn has done for me, not been especially more eager to please but then I never have.

  25. I didn’t know that i was going through my SR, though honestly, there were many signs and easy to see in hindsight, too much drinking, drugs and debauchery.
    It was like Saturn tapped me on the shoulder a couple of times to try and get my attention, and I ignored him. The third time he punched me in the face !

    I think paying attention to the signs, and if you’re reading here, tis a most brilliant start, lots of support from wonderfully wise peoples.
    If i can be so bold as to quote Cher for a moment , ”if i could turn back time”, i think keeping a journal of dreams (lots of teeth falling out and crumbling i seem to recall) , of whats going on around me, the restlessness inside, might have helped, there seemed to be for me alot of weighing lists lists and more lists…grab some nice stationary and maybe a beautiful ink pen to write with…and Bon Voyage !

    • I just remembered, coming back to Sydney from London, i worked for a beautiful Piscean man who pointed out that I was going through my SR, he was also the one, who 10 years ago introduced me to Mystic (in the Australian Mag) astro charts, and a wonderful shop in Balmain his good Saggo friend had, so there were tarot courses, bell ringing classes, hypotherapy and a whole new world …so I thank Saturn for at least sending me somone who could explain the quagmire i was tredging through.

        • Yep Introduced to the scopes in the Australian during my SR too. It became a Sunday tradition in the afternoon after someone was sober enough to go get the paper.
          Always entertained everyone and invoked all sorts of discussions and bringing out of the dictionary to solve arguments over big word meanings :)

        • Me three! Spookey! I just sort of sniffed it out myself. Mmmm smells like ylang ylang.

          • I found Mystic in the (current) middle of my SR not very long ago. Definitely still trying to find a way through all of this crap. I really hope it gets better.

  26. I was married pre-Saturn return, but fell madly in love with another, who fell in love with me, too. It was shattering on all levels. I went through a complete metamorphosis, and stopped being ‘good’. I also found my ‘calling’ vocationally around this time, though with much pain & struggle (it also involves being ‘bad’ in some people’s eyes).

  27. I’ve got a strongly aspected (?) Saturn – opposing my sun, mercury,venus, jupiter, square moon, trine pluto & Asc.

    My SR was almost unnoticeable in comparison to what went on a few years before – changed everything about my life and not with immediately positive results. In fact with about 18 months of hell before things started falling into place. I suppose you could say my quiet, easy, non-event SR was a consequence of all that trauma.

    According to that UK Saturn link my period of self inflicted trauma was during the 3rd quarter/waning of my SR.

    • Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. That was Saturn in Cancer square my stellium of planets/stuff in Libra and it was so, so, so hard. I’d take a multitude of SR’s over that thanks.

  28. Hmmm, there is not much left for Saturn to really throw at me. Saturn is currently squaring my Sun and I am feeling the heat.

    I was married at 20, had lil Aries at 21, seperated and completely broke at 24, went back to Uni, divorced at 25. Now 26 and feel like i have grown up, but alas still have not had my SR. WHat else? MY SR will last a year as it will be retro for months..I believe Mystic said that it will be less intense but just drawn out for the whole year…So Saturn will be riding my ass the whole year.

    • You vibe so much more mature than your age Sassy. And no wonder with the rich life experience in heart-matters you already have under your belt.

      Maybe Saturn will take you for a walk in the park and impart some favourite aphorisms. (Probably cheerful like, “Don’t take life so seriously Sassy, no one gets out alive!”). Or perhaps you will find true love with an older man/Capricorn!!

    • Saturn’s wise, so knows it can’t ride your ass too hard – you’re much too strong and feisty and would make Saturn’s job harder than it’s worth! But if it wears you down too much, remember the support you’ve got in this corner!

      • And Inchy things are going really well with Toro man, who has moon in Cappy..I like him a lot. And I really really like Toro men, it is true what they say about them…always very precise and finish a job.. πŸ˜‰
        Any hot goss on your side? Hows Venus in Scorp treating you?

        • Hey, Sassy! I haven’t been logging in much to the website much, but something made me look right now, so I must have gotten your psychic vibe . . .I am sooo happy to hear El Toro is keeping a smile on your face. I’ve read that a Cap Moon person always has a sad story about a mother or other close female relative. As a Cancer, you’re probably good about helping him deal with that . . .just musing out loud, I could be completely out in left field. And you’ve got Mars/Sautrn conjunct. I think a Cap Moon guy would like that too . . . and going off on a tangent now, a Mars/Saturn natal aspect means you’d be good in an “information architect” field, e.g., librarian, database builder, etc. Look up “taxonomy.” Is that anything like what you’re studying? I mean, you have not completely forgotten about studying, right, or have dreams of ElToro gotten you completely distracted, lol.

          Venus conjuncts my Ascendant next week, right during the eclipse. I’m in “dark of moon” phase right now, crafting up a plan to look under every rock to bring someone into my life . . . waaay too quiet right now. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

          • Ohhh Venus on AC!! Time for makeover?? I know its cliche but someone pops up when you are not looking. Fingers crossed and sending you lots of love and light Inchy!! Since it wil be opposing your DC, maybe that might bring in a Libra or Toro for you?? Someone beautiful with lovely manners lol

            Yeah not too sure about the mother thing, she seems really nice and he hasnt talked to me about any problems he had with her or anything.
            Yes, mars/saturn I dig, always digging and I have merc/venus square pluto so I am just always digging in peeps backyards if you know what i mean, lol!! Im studying sociology so i suppose that is info gathering right?

            Hahah yes Im on uni hols at moment, and el toro is very distracting, but im still paying my bills etc. Not completely lost in love, BUT I am in love.

    • Thanks peeps!!! Ahhh hope so. Yes, like your take on it Andro, “Dont take life so seriously”. Saturn is prominent in my chart and conjunct my Mars, so I think in a way I can do Saturn quite well, or at least learn from my mistakes. Happy New Year to all the people out there!!!

  29. Pre Saturn Return: Could withstand anything, travelled all night, partied all day, built a business with Saggi Latin Boy on the beach doing full moon parties. It was all rainbows and let’s dance all night!

    Saturn Return: Got humiliated by Saggi sleeping with todo el mundo, suddenly being up three nights in a row working and dancing whilst tequila/cuba libre influenced caused grandmal epileptic fits! Left the man, the friends, the business, the country. Saturn was a b*tch.

    Saturn Pisses Off: Took a few years for Stella to get her groove back. Life was never as so pollyana happy-go-lucky, but deeper, richer and more directed. Now I *heart* Saturn and have more compassion for the world and it’s people – including myself.

    Notes: Don’t give Saturn the finger. He is bigger, meaner and tougher than you are. Pain passes and so does Saturn. If you can manage it, be graceful, flexible and accepting of change, you won’t ever regret it!

    • Dear Andromeda, can you give Saturn the finger if he punches you in the face ?
      (LOL !…) It’s been great reading your words Andy, you are a natural sparkler, i look forward to reading your point of view in the new year. Wishing you and your famblee a most excellent and propersous new year. x

    • Yes, grace ! Wonderful Andromeda, just read your post
      after posting above~
      Saturn is the painful shedding of rose-colored glasses…

      Saturn is also the ancient wisdom seen in the eyes of a wrinkled tribal woman blessed with age and experience.

      • Dear goldy, give him the finger by all means, super appropriate as in Palmistry the middle finger is known also as the Saturn Finger!

        Satrox, my rose coloured glasses are put on with awareness that I like it that way. I agree ‘Earth School’ is meant to be hard, I just think it is too hard for some!

        • I had totally forgotton about the Saturn finger thing btw, till you wrote that… but Goldy, doesn’t Saturn punch everyone in the face?

        • Hi Andromeda, should have been more specific in my post. The ‘painful shedding’ of rosey glasses was re: seeing the truthful side of my marriage in particular. My hopes vs. the reality of what could be salvaged. I still hope for better than what I am currently getting with him (common courtesy, consideration), but accept that it may or may not happen.
          I have had new friends say I ‘scare’ them (quiet, dark colors, serious,
          that’s the Sat Asc), then heard the same friends say, but then I got to know you and you’re a real pussycat. (Leo planets like to play, once I get to know you). Didn’t mean to come off like the heavy.
          I’m an optimist and I still have my RCglasses from college~ used to wear them at Dead shows :-)

          • Totally get that allusion, the rose glasses were particularly on in that relationship, I can be so stubborn.. Like you wear yours at Dead shows now, Saturn would approve!

  30. Whoah. First SR I walked away from a career I hated and ran away to another country with an unsuitable man – and without making any plans for a new career.

    Then during the 1st quarter/waxing part of the cycle I thought I had a new career sorted out – and the relationship with the unsuitable man sorta exploded.

    I’m still dealing with the fallout – I seem to seesaw between coping with relationship, hopeless in career and vice versa. I’m not sure that I’ve actually learned any lessons from Saturn.

    Seems like it will be another 4 years until 2nd quarter which runs for most of 2015. Does this suggest that I need to get my shit together before then? Or that I won’t be able to see my way out of this tangle until then? Or that the merde won’t stop flying until the end of 2015?

    Makes you long for the Mayan prophecy to come true.

  31. Can you have a second pre SR on your second SR? or can you only have a pre SR on your first? Know what I mean?
    I’m certainly feeling like nobody loves me. I’m off to get some Australian Bush Flowere essences to help but I’ve benn mournful for ages even with some partying. Nothing is cheering me up. Not good form for a Leo gal on heat in the party season.

    • hugs leogroover ~ you know I was just thinking my cats need some wintertime activities. My girl cat just jumped in the empty trashcan with a loud clunk ! Like you, they can’t find what suits.
      I will distract her with pretty lights * I hope you feel better LG
      For you and the party cube ! *hearts*

  32. Leogroover, I’m sure there are 100’s of people in your world who love you to pieces, and that’s not even including us MM bloggers. Don’t forget to love yourself first :0) x x x
    (Don’t tell anyone, but you are actually one of my favs on here)

    • Thank you big hugs back. I always feel like I’m whinging on this blog. But yes I will go and make a big list. i have mended a few bridges just this week with a friend and my brother so thats good. I will wander off to the party cube and the holodeck when I get down Roxy. See you there!

  33. Ooo 😯

    Saturn Return was pure hell, it was like the universe picked me up & shook me up & down to loosen up all the crap that was in my life & then turned me upside down & everything that wasn’t suppose to be there fell out…

    I worked my ass off the whole time thinking I knew what I thought was good for me but then I realized that I was trying to hang onto all the things I shouldn’t be.
    So I left my job, the one that I poured everything into… Gone!
    Smoking, quit~cold turkey… Gone!
    Diet: cut out all soft drink, booze, limit to 1 coffee per day, went off white everything & only eat wholemeal, homemade stuff.
    Exercise: was a couple of times a week before SR to 6 days a week during & after. My body went from a girly size 10 to now I have the body of an amazon woman.

    I can pick up Dr Aqua & carry him around the house just like a cave woman… 😯

    Best tip for Saturn Return: Let go & take your grief or whatever out by hitting the pavement or swimming or whatever. Process properly & move on if not Saturn will just get you the next time around… 😯

    • ok.
      You are officially my *shero* !
      are you, like bionic too :-)
      You are seriously, Inspiring !

  34. Oh no, don’t scare me. My Saturn Return is due from January to July 2011… And I thought I had it behind me!

  35. Post-return, I no longer give a fook about “making it” in the art or corporate worlds.

  36. Saturn governs the structures and foundations that underpin and support life – it’s not meant to be THE director of life. Overly Saturnised people age early, are highly stressed, suffer from depression, have no sense of humour and generally shit everyone off with their morbid and dreary ways. Well ok they generally shit me off.

    Look to Sun, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and MC for inspiration about the What. Then turn to Saturn and ask the How. That’s what SR taught me.

  37. With natal Saturn square Merc, Sun, PofF, Nodes, I really didn’t notice a huge difference energy wise but it was intense and my life was heading toward big changes.

    I got married at 19, had the kids at 22 and 27. At 34 I got divorced as felt I was not going to grow enough if I did not stand on my own two feet. Guess you can say I sorta forced my SR but I knew what was best for me and so I did it. Left my 16 yr marriage and all the comfy things. But that’s an Aries for ya, yeah?


    • The way you say that makes me feel like you feel differently about the marriage now than then. Is that so? That is some Saturn energy, wohoa! Aries are delightful. πŸ˜‰

      • Spoze I could qualify “comfy” as in “status quo comfy” which I just wasn’t sure I would be able to abide for the rest of my life –

        2.5 kids (never knew where the .5 kid part came in….doesn’t that mean one has half a human? :) )

        2 cars in the driveway and a home on a quiet cul de sac. Thought I was going to suffocate, that sort of thing. I’ve always felt growth or the energies like an “impetus” that has to move or propells from the inside out.

        Did I ever have my regrets? A couple of times when things were rough I did drive away from my old home wondering if I’d done the right thing but it all came out in the wash and was justified and I thank God for that confirmation.

        Actually, I only moved on because I prayed about it first with all my heart and soul/tears knowing I would hurt others but I was given a sign to move forward and so I did. (I never make big decisions without asking for guidance and assistance first).

        • My daughter, now 29 is a great example I think of a Saturn Return as she got married at 19 like me too, and my sister and my Mother… (I think this crap is genetic….My Cancer the only one smart enough to wait but yonks ago peeps didn’t know any better. Women did not have the same opportunities…)

          Anyway, our paths are our paths, right?

          Gem daughter now on her second marriage. After she became single from the first one, around 24 yrs old, she went through a heavy depression but got herself in school, raised my gdaughter nearly alone and budgeted, scraped and scrimped, etc. (Virgo rising… πŸ˜‰ )

          Meanwhile she met her Pisces and they got engaged but she sniffed something wasn’t right (his family incredibly dysfunctional) so she gave back the engagement ring and they went to counseling…he stayed on with it after she was done…And then they got married after she got out of college.

          So, the first marriage was a sort of “practice” and no doubt there were karmic ties there and I do have my beautiful gdaughter from it.

          But daughter so much wiser and such a strong women now. I love that she can have a bit of a break to pursue other things than just
          “survive”, however, her Soul is calling as she wants more as far as personal fulfillment and accomplishment.

          Her cooking blog/artistic interests are her hobby, not her ultimate dream, but I do think at the SR we are just startin’!!

          • p.s., her Saturn Return was just September and a point I want to make is that if we do our homework (see the “writing on the wall” and not ignore it, our Saturn Return does not have to be a shit. Mine would have been had I not listened to my inner/Higher Self. I would have stayed in my marriage out of fear instead of facing my fears and been ~miserable~ at “what could have been.

            Anyhow, daughter worked her butt off and now reaping a reward. Saturn always rewards if we do our homework…

            Good luck peeps, you be alright…You can make it!!!

        • A friend asked me today “how do you know when it’s time for a marriage to end ?” goodness, what a question. I think if you want to flee, it is a good indication something’s needing work. (shrugs) You and your daughter are smart ladies, Sweetpea, and good for you both for following your heart and inner guides. bless x

          • Unlike Bam-Bam (which only gawd knows why a Leo would ever compromise…okay, his Gemini Moon makes for far too bi-partisan…. POLITICS…..and NEVER MIND)

            But my wish is that you never compromise what you feel the highest standard of your Soul has called you to do.

            In the words of our beloved Elvis….(and now must go wrap, as you dear Aussies say, “prezzies”… x )

            • ok. you had me at “Elvis”. :-)
              I watched the video and was thinking….Elvis was from a more innocent time with the pompador hair and girl waiting patiently all moon-eyed on the beach blanket.

              I went to look…Elvis had his first (and only) Saturn return (thanks to handy calculator link posted above) in Feb of 1964. Bless him, guess who had their first (of 3 ) appearances on Ed Sullivan Feb 1964…?
              The Beatles.
              R&R changed forever. x

              • Right after I posted this in the am, I was commuting to work, listening to Sgt. Peppers, passed a car on interstate not from around here. Lic plate: BEATL 3 😎

          • The moment you know the marriage is over feels as if you swallowed an apple whole and it is making disco dancing in your tummy. Serious.

        • Geez, that’s so us (Aries), isn’t it? We get everything we want, heave a hugh sigh of relief, and then say, “Hey, this is boring!” and we’re off! LOL

          • Well, it wasn’t as simple as all that (my Saturn placements don’t take all too, too lightly) but something like that!! (joking…I think of my then seven year old Cancerian daughter as she flung herself at my lap…”I don’t want you to go!” And of course I was never absent as a Mother, ever, as far as the day to day. We had joint custody and it was amicable… Cappy Moon Mom’s don’t take that responsibility lightly as Cappy Moon’s may of not had a
            “cold mother” per say, but knows how it feels to not be told “I love you” so there has always been plenty of
            “I love you’s, hugs and affection. We are not dysfunctional however…I have never been a “helicopter”/hovering
            Mom as Saggie Moon daughters do not need or care for that. Children must be left free to some extent. They need to know you are there but they must be free ).

            • Yes, cappy is serious about duty. I think we always need to be pushing ourselves somehow or we feel we’re slackers. The aries part, I mean. At least it seems so to me. Something won’t let me rest, always pushes me on to the next thing. Of course, I have no earth planets at all, so that may be a factor. But my aries dad was the same way — always on to something new. I hope you had fun tonight. πŸ˜‰

              • Still listening to Selena (Quintanilla’s ) “Dreaming of You” on you tube…

                Asked Gem daughter for that c.d for Xmas…She wanted to know afterall…

                What’s a Venus opposition Neptune trine Pisces MC to do ?


            • I found this insightful, maybe someone else will too. I don’t have kids, but this solidified ‘returns’ a little better for me, as I have a little red-headed niece this age. She’s a hoot !
              First Mars return comes around near aged two years.
              Terrible two stage, self-assertion 101.

        • Was just wondering what propelled you in that direction as you seem to have a fond relationship with your Ex. I wasn’t really questioning you if you did exactly the right thing as your inner compass is surely very strong being attuned to your personal cardinal points of spiritual guidance.
          Actually even if you didn’t know to ask for assistance and read the signs, I reckon you’d still do it right! 6 years of suffocating would be hard let alone 16.

          Neither do I care about the status quo, but having 2 kids, living in the suburbs etc. is about wanting a peaceful safe place to grow em up where there are jobs close by atm. Forecasting forward, trying to feel around events for where my soul’s evolution will be best served later and I just don’t know the frame of reference I have for the world NOW is the same frame of reference we will all be living in the future?
          Just focusing on my interests and strengths in a diligent way for now.

          • Yes, Dromie…

            I did it backwards….had the marriage and kiddies first then “followed that dream”. Like I said “our paths are our paths” and we ain’t got no crystal ball, eh? Just a hope and a prayer…

            But sign of the times I guess back then (marriage first) and you can have it all….a family and your dream. Mine has just required I leave my comfort zone for what it was worth. Your children will have their own dreams so don’t deny yours (I’m sure as a fire sign you won’t). I’m 51 (as I’ve mentioned) and it’s taken a hellava long time to come to fruition…Just hope I have the courage to follow through…SR or not, the challenges never end…


            • And now tonight, I’m indulging in the casino after a long spiel of not going at all …Tucking that hundred dollar bill in my bra afterall as I’ve worked my ass off this week and it’s the holiday.

              Tired of being “good”.. πŸ˜‰

              • You funny! I am not fond of casino energy myself, but enjoy yourself afterall, “moderation in all things, including moderation” right? I am a terrible game player!

                Had that realisation about the kid’s and their dreams this morning versus my own. My psychic aqua friend shed some light on smallest son’s future dreams and they are so contrary my own idea of fun I shall be happy to let him do his thing and put energy into my own when he is older. Sports? Ai yaa.

              • He has a lot of Cappy doesn’t he? Yes, his ideas may not be in line with a Leo’s idea of fun at all!!

              • Agree casino energy needy and can imagine the thoughtforms hanging around the place….just ghastly..

                Oh well, I’m made of light and it contributes to the Indians. :)

              • You are indeed a creature of the light! There is a quirky quality to contributing to the Native American cause via a Casino. What once were prison camps becoming…casinos?!

                It’s fascinating on an energy level too I think. You were probably a native american many times over maybe that is what is drawing you to them!!! (I have one visual in my head, I didn’t do a very successful job that life..).

                The few times I went to the Casino I poured my money on the table and was gone in an hour. It left a bad taste as it was all the money I had in the world and the ex and I decided ‘double or nothin” with the emphasis on ‘nothing’. There was no fun in that at all!!

                Bet you are a whiz or something!?

              • Bubba a multi Cappy Boppy, yes, probably be head of the rugby team and I will be mortified at the idea of him partying on ‘roids and doing Godknowswhat sportsman do… Must remember not to force the issue of being a gentleman or he will react!! Moderation…moderation… Hope you had a good evening sweety.

  38. okay ladies, been Feng Shui gonzo tonight…I started figuring the rooms and corners and put two things in relationship area. check. Double deer head (calling it Aries) antler candle trough. Fire and passion. check.
    Move leather frog to wealth corner with rain stick ( rain $ ?!) I hope.
    Then realized with a start, this gal has Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in 9th house (2nd marriage house). In the far right corner of my property realationship (<~purposefully left the misspelling) corner, sits the neighborhood electrical box. hmmmm…. 😯

    • Well with the electrical box, perhaps it will help things “buzz” along or electrify your vibes.. :)

      Saw the frog on the walkway again last two evenings. Just now after I came back from the store. He’s like a little friend just sittin’ there. And, we’ve had rain!!


  39. SoooOo cool ! Rain froggy is your friend. Animals allow you to see them.
    Love that it rained, maybe he’s moist and happy, wanted to visit !
    I spoke with a co-worker today that said praying mantis are her animals and they follow her around in summer~ I have heard they are good luck, and was happy to see 2 or 3 myself this summer, got a groovy pic of one in silhouette against cloudy sky. ~was watching me watching him~
    Thanks Sweetpea, for the input. I could definately use a jumpstart in the right corner if he’s the right guy ! Moon, (ruler of my 7th) makes 2 aspects.
    First is a hard one (divorce), second aspect a trine. Anyone have personal experience with ruler of 7th indicating number or type of relationships ?

    • Hmmm,

      Well, Sagg on my 7th so ruled by Jupiter of course. Ex hubby’s Jupiter on my Aries stuff – Sun, etc.

      Otherwise, I’d never been involved with a Saggo guy before but did have a Saggie patient the other day and he cracked me up ALOT (but married…it’s okay… πŸ˜‰ ).

      And you know too, I did notice alot of praying mantis’ this past summer…

    • The rule should be think twice before marrying 7th house cusp guy. I married a Virgo – gawd, he killed with whatever creativity I might have had with incessant nagging.

      Mystic once told me, with my Sun close to 4th house cusp, I should consider feng shui. As soon as I began to run my own ship, I printed out a feng shui map and now have five lucky bamboos shooting from a red vase on the relationship corner. :-)

      • I get some of the Feng Shui intuitively …been a decorator of rooms my whole life. (got in trouble when little for gluing bionic man pic to the closet wall- ran out of tape!) I just realized when reading a book about it, I had put a metal (raising chi) luminary in a dead corner in bathroom.
        I am def. reading up more over holiday break. I have been looking around to no avail, and wondering why the extra element metal … anyone got a quickie answer ? thx

        • Sis taught me some basics: three colors at most, accents etc. Feng-shui map I printed out is garden variety but arranging colors and items around makes a difference. I don’t know how, but now I can feel energy around. Did the same at office, moved the desk to power position, put items/colors in place, suddenly people started stopping by. Even my boss nodded “nice!” Like a good glib Gem, I blurted “feng shui” Sheesh, no secrets, no allure no mystery with this tongue.

          • So interesting you had people notice and feel the vibe. I am going to have to research, there are so many different sects. I sleep under exposed beams, but have merkabas in that room, which I feel helps ! Didn’t know about the colors….

  40. My ex Saggo Jupiter exact conjunct my Saturn. A friend has Jupiter conjunct my NNode and has been a very beneficial friendship. x

  41. I had my first SR a few years ago, followed by a Saturian visit through my 7th house Leo. Looking back having Saturn cross my Leo sun a couple of times was the worst.

    Anyway, had some really tough experiences back then; Boss from hell, back-stabbing colleagues, lousy love life, no help in sight – that’s how it felt, what went on was that I had to learn that it starts with me and ends with me – everything does. I learnt in those years how to be a responsible human being. Everything is never perfect; but Saturn taught me then that I have the power, if I want it.

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  43. My saturn return has lasted 8 years so far. It started for me in 2004. In last 8 years I have moved over 24 times and lost everything several times over. Right now I have nothing, no friend, family member, job, car and preparing to go to a homeless shelter…for a second time. Is this unusual? Has anyone experienced anything this extreme? I am a capricorn, does that have anything to do with it?

    Thanks for any repsonse.

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  45. I think my SR happened early. It all hit the fan for me when I was 27 ( Im now 6 weeks away from My 30th)
    At 27 I went crazy. Had a nervous breakdown. Had a really bad break up. Lost a lot of friends. Changed career paths, then at 29 my father passed away which forced me to face up to a lot of things and really think about where I’m going in life. The events of the last couple of years made me take a long hard look at myself and what I saw wasnt always that pretty. Ive been in and still am in therapy as a result, and even though my SR has been a painfull experience in a lot of ways I feel like a stronger, better version of myself for it. Growth and change can be a really beautiful thing. I may still be going through mine as all the astrology charts state that my SR is only just beguining although the chain of events that have taken place in the last two years have been so full on and transformative for me that Im almost certain they were saturns influence. Maybe I’m wrong, we shall see…

    Anyway the main thing I’m trying to say to anyone who’s in the thick of thier SR is:

    Be kind to yourself. Dig Deep and hang in there and once the bad stuff passes you will be so greatfull for the lessons it will teach you, even if you cant see it at the time.

  46. Where to begin. I am so inspired by all of the experiences shared by the people who commented, the things you have all gone through, my goodness! Thank you for sharing. My very first SR began at age 26, which can happen, astrology says age 27-30, but sometimes the energy of a planet can come through early. I am now 28, 2 months from 29, and the SR closed with a few definitive events that made me realize, beyond doubt, it was over. During my first SR, I felt so alone. I didn’t know what was happening to me, and why nothing in my life was going right. Every day was an emotional nightmare. I lost my beloved grandmother right after graduating from school, and went spiraling into a months long depression before getting therapy. I couldn’t find a job at this time, I even applied to McDonald’s and Starbuck’s, but no one would hire me for anything despite having 2 degrees. So I was completely broke. My boyfriend and I, neither of us could find work. It was very stressful not knowing where the money was going to come from to pay all our expenses. Our relationship started to crumble. Then, I kept getting nightmares regarding my mother’s upcoming surgery. Turns out during the surgery they messed up, but didn’t bother to tell us, so she was sent home with us. So she ended up needing emergency blood transfusions, and during this time, my grandfather died. I moved back with my folks to help her recover. But I still didn’t find full time work for 2 years. In the meantime, my boyfriend and I fought all the time. I finally ended things between us 2 months ago, and the day I did, I got a call back with a job offer for my current job, which I love. I’d say that
    Saturn showed me that human beings can survive anything; that the best time to smile is when you’re hurt the most. That even in the midst of overwhelming loss, when you walk the path of your life with love in your heart, you will never be led astray. A life changing book I read this year that brought it all together for me is called “Pronoia: The Antidote for Paranoia” by Rob Breszny. I recommend it for anyone going through their SR.

  47. Wow, this thread is amazing. I feel like my life is falling apart & today my ex says “Saturn Return”… surely, I look it up & I’m in the thick of it Jan 2013-Oct 2013.
    Thought I’d gone through it early, at age 26 – huge psychic/energetic shift, quit my job to make art full time, huge shift in consciousness/path/beliefs moved back to the country… And after that life was AMAZiNG! Fell in love, was successful and feeling fulfilled…
    Then BAM! In last few months – partnership (that I thought was THE ONE) has ended, tooth abscess (removed), another broken tooth, 3 separate Staph infections (& an incompetent doctor) and some other long term health issues. Feel like my life is falling apart. I’m usually a very healthy person.
    Luckily I’m with my parents right now, who are being amazing – but are completely bewildered by the fact that their strong, centered girl who usually holds everyone/thing else together in crisis, is now falling apart in such dramatic fashion.
    My question is… I don’t know too many details of astrology, and there is a lot of detailed talk here of different aspects and influences. Would anyone out there be willing to shed a little light on what is happening for me right now?
    29 July 1984 (Leo sun & moon, Taurus rising).
    Here or in an email. Would be so grateful for some guidance right now.

    • Oh, I am in it now…. How did you do, you wrote in quite awhile ago, it is nasty that no one responded to you!

      I’m also with my bewildered, but supportive parents as a result of all of this…. We all need humility lessons I guess….

    • We have the same birthday! Exactly a week away from our “golden” one – 29 on 29. I had some weird health issues back in March and I’m generally really healthy too so I hope it’s cleared up for you by now.

      As for the guy, it’s all part of the return. Saturn takes everything in your life that’s not working or right for you and brings it all right up to the forefront of your consciousness and forces you to address the issues. It shows us what we’re not happy about in life, and makes us decide how to proceed. Are we going to be complacent and stay in the job or relationship that’s not making us happy? Or are we going to make a move and begin the search for what truly fulfills us? I don’t know why your relationship ended but there must have been something not working (otherwise it wouldn’t have ended) and only you know what it was. It might become more clear in hindsight.

      There’s no better time than now to make a list of our most outlandish dreams and goals, leave that job that stopped making you happy 6 months ago (right at the beginning of my SR, perfectly on time), and get a jump start on doing the things that are going to give you the meaning you’ve been craving in this lifetime. Life’s too short – the time is now. Because if we don’t, it’s not going to get better, because we won’t be moving forward.

      Have a wonderful birthday, and don’t sweat it. Just embrace and commit to the change. It’s only gonna get better in a couple years. πŸ˜‰

      • Hey VW,
        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes, things are starting to look up. Breathing through. Seeing a little clearer!

        Yay! Happy Birthday for Monday

  48. Hey lovely people! I’m preparing for my saturn return even though it’s still quite far away. Has anyone had a SR with Saturn in the 4th house in the sign of Capricorn? My Saturn is also squaring my Sun which is in Taurus in the 8th house…a challenging aspect. Any knowledge to get through this specific position or experience having gone through it already would be *very* much appreciated. Or tips in general to make the most of it? I can already feel it! Thanks so much in advance :)

  49. i am smack dab in the middle of my first return. i am 29, and at 28 years old i had been teaching in california for 7 years and was in need of major change. so…i moved to south america to teach at an international high school. within a month of moving here, i was in a car accident with a motorcyclist, diagnosed with stage 2 thyroid cancer, underwent surgery and radiation in another language, my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer back home in california (the diagnoses happened on the same day!), and a laundry list of housing issues too long to mention. i am healthy now, as is my mother, but man oh man–i am still steeped in the return. i learned so much from fighting and surviving cancer, as well as living in another country, but i am seriously reconsidering teaching and moving into another career completely, and i feel absolutely lost when it comes to love. failed relationship after failed relationship, and i am seriously reflecting on my life and choices. please tell me true clarity will come. please tell me true love will happen. please.

    • Oh my gosh, me too!! You wrote in May – I hope that you have gotten to the end by now…. Mine has just begun, and already my life is in shambles (I describe it in another comment below).

      At least we all have these times – and we can be compassionate when we see others who struggle as a result. Makes us human :)

    • Love will come but hey, finding what truly fulfills us, independent of a romantic relationship, is something really important that we should all be doing. Find that, do that, and love will come. I promise.

      So sorry about your health diagnoses and car accident – but amazing, you’re a survivor. You’re going to come out on top, just fine. Saturn has got nothing on you! :)

    • I should also say that I’m in the same place relationship-wise. They never work out, even when I want them to so much. I’ll find myself going down a path of feeling sorry for myself and questioning every decision I’ve made. But I’m trying to focus more on myself at this time. Starting a relationship in the middle of SR probably isn’t a good idea anyway. πŸ˜‰

  50. I am in my saturn return right now – which is why I’m here reading. I haven’t read any comments yet, I don’t want to be influenced in how I “feel” right now.

    It, really, is just the low point of my life. Some of my really, truly most important things have completely fallen apart. I’m lucky to still have my family, which is actually also in turmoil (late life divorce), my cat, and my health, because that’s about all I have left.

    It is like every thing that was not quite perfect, has gotten kicked over to show that it wasn’t perfect. And despite not being perfect, I still liked those things!!! Maybe its just the shedding of weight that needed to be happening, or the improving of projects or directions, or something, but wow, it is uncanny.

    Emotionally, I vacillate between very low and feeling like I am starting to crawl out – but then I get kicked back into the hole by something else.

    I can see how I will be better on the other end of this already – but WOW is the process full of pain and heartbreak. I can’t wait until what ever strength I’m being called to develop arrives, because I certainly need it!

    i have NEVER had so many uncomfortable transitions happen to me all at one time. That is the real craziness of it – everything hard has happened in the same season, and that is just really not usually how life is.

    So far, here is what has happened to me:

    I broke up with a man I deeply, passionately loved and with whom I ran a business. So I lost my job and business, and my love, at the same time. I moved in with my parents – no more job, little reason to stay in the same city… I can get my old job back (teaching) but not for another 6 months. So, I ALSO lost my friends, and a city I’d grown to love, because I couldn’t afford to stay without our business.

    Concurrently, I was told to change the most central tenet of my dissertation today.

    I was also informed that I am not eligible for several important dissertation grants because of my bizarre student status.

    Three weeks ago, my car was smashed. So, I need to fly back to my old city to get my car, and drive it across the country back to my mom’s house.

    And the DMV has made my vehicle illegal, somehow, by a “processing error”. Just before I have to drive it across the country.

    What, Universe? Seriously, What?!?!?

    • That sounds like SR compounded by mercury retrograde, especially the car thing! It has to get better from here.

  51. I seriously don’t even know where to begin. What. the. freak.

    Feb. 1, 84; and my saturn return feels like it started stirring 2 years ago. I felt VERY restless in a number of aspects. According to the calculator, my return will happen in Nov 2013. I’ve been through a divorce, another proposal, and friendship losses and gains. I’ve had some major changes to my career out-look, and I’m starting my own business, which is the most frustrating thing. At the moment, I don’t even know what I’m doing. I am just getting up every day and going through the motions trying to make it out of this. I’ve started anti-depressants becuase the anxiety from all of this makes me want to curl up in bed and not get out. Not to mention the social anxiety, which has come from out of no where. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and I’m ready to be settled already!

  52. I turned 29 this past April. I was divorced in March of 2013. I also lost my job in January of 2013. I had a mole removed that was melanoma and had to recover from surgery for two months in May of 2013. I was offered my “dream job” to start August 1st of 2013. The offer was retracted and I had to realize that I wanted the job for egotistical reasons. I’m not sure I really wanted the job at all… I don’t know what’s going on! Maybe it’s Saturn, maybe it’s just crap, but I NEED it to end.

  53. Three weeks to go till the end of my Saturn return, which has been an eleven-monther with two peaks.

    EVERYTHING in my life has had a major spring clean during the Return.

    My career hit a crossroads – I was promoted, but I decided that success wasn’t worth the stress and have requested to cut down to part-time to give myself time for personal projects. I’ve also got started on the personal projects during the holidays to get the ball rolling.

    My ten-year relationship also hit a crossroads – we said this year was make or break, and chose break. It’s not that my relationship was terrible, but we are both happier out of it.

    I had a horrible experience whilst drunk and quit drinking, after realising I had ‘tried’ several times in the past ten years and failed. I’ve also got into spirituality in a big way this year and really improved my day-to-day life.

    I’ve had several realisations about what I want from life, culminating in what was pretty much an epiphany this week. Throughout my life I’ve felt uncertain about what I am doing; now I feel confident, content and happy.

    The Saturn Return is hard, but it’s also fantastic. I would advise anyone in their Saturn Return to keep reflecting on every aspect of their lives, considering what makes them happy. I reflected and reviewed regularly, and still am doing to make sure I’ve got everything in hand for these past few weeks, hence how I found myself on this site.

    If I had to sum up what you should do in the Saturn Return, I would say, “It’s now or never”.

  54. My SR is finally coming to an end this month, and it is a ton of bricks continually unwinding on itself, or rather, myself, but, yet, I am somewhat sad to see it go. I think it finally got under my skin – the fervent re-organizing, clock-watching, schedule-maintaining. It clicked. Watching the tribe in Gabon perform the Iboga rituals, maybe. There was something built up, so strongly, in opposition, that I had to explore divergence. Every day, I would wake up meditating on representation. Interpersonal chaos, assembling the self and the reflection.

  55. I never knew about Saturn Returns before yesterday. Turns out I’m in the middle of it right now. It started around September last year. It made me question my relationship, my career, the city I wanted to live in, my friends etc. The last few months have been absolute hell. I had no stability in my life. I broke up with my boyfriend of four years who I loved very much. It was heartbreaking, but I had to walk away because he was not right for me anymore. I moved cities five times in the one year. No kidding. I felt so displaced. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I changed careers. And even then, I doubted whether what I’d now chosen to study was what I really wanted. I feel like my life has turned upside down, and inside out. But now that I know it’s my SR, I’m more at peace with everything. I’m letting whatever happens be okay. And I’m actually looking forward to it because it means I have the power to make choices that are more in touch with who I really am now. It’s a time of self discovery and reflection on who I really am and what I truly want in life. I feel like my life is a blank canvas, I’m able to let go of the things that weren’t working for the real me, and I have the opportunity to create the life and future that reflects who I really am. I’m being forced to whether I want to or not :)

  56. I don’t write a comment, but after reading a few of the comments on Pre & Post Saturn-Return – Mystic Medusa.
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