Pre & Post Saturn-Return

Alex PragerMy son’s 20 yro glamorous Jung-addicted Scorpio friend just asked me about life beyond Saturn Return.Β  She was gazing at me all caramel limbs and goo-goo eyes, as if I’d just transmogrified back from Mars successfully.

First Saturn Return,” i hissed back. “There are at least three.”

And I am going to blame this on Mercury Retrograde, my week on hold and some Pluto factors BUT all i could think of to tell her was that pre-Saturn Return i used to run or skip down escalators in my stilettos and could drink my own body weight in champagne but feel nothing more than mild ennui the next morning.

Pre-Saturn Return you’re also a hell of a lot more hung up on what other peeps think about you/winning their approval.

What do you think?

And if you are pre-your first Saturn Return, what are you most concerned about?

There are also umpteen Saturn postings and brilliant comments in the Saturn category btw.

Image: Alex Prager

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208 thoughts on “Pre & Post Saturn-Return

  1. i am smack dab in the middle of my first return. i am 29, and at 28 years old i had been teaching in california for 7 years and was in need of major change. so…i moved to south america to teach at an international high school. within a month of moving here, i was in a car accident with a motorcyclist, diagnosed with stage 2 thyroid cancer, underwent surgery and radiation in another language, my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer back home in california (the diagnoses happened on the same day!), and a laundry list of housing issues too long to mention. i am healthy now, as is my mother, but man oh man–i am still steeped in the return. i learned so much from fighting and surviving cancer, as well as living in another country, but i am seriously reconsidering teaching and moving into another career completely, and i feel absolutely lost when it comes to love. failed relationship after failed relationship, and i am seriously reflecting on my life and choices. please tell me true clarity will come. please tell me true love will happen. please.

    • Oh my gosh, me too!! You wrote in May – I hope that you have gotten to the end by now…. Mine has just begun, and already my life is in shambles (I describe it in another comment below).

      At least we all have these times – and we can be compassionate when we see others who struggle as a result. Makes us human πŸ™‚

    • Love will come but hey, finding what truly fulfills us, independent of a romantic relationship, is something really important that we should all be doing. Find that, do that, and love will come. I promise.

      So sorry about your health diagnoses and car accident – but amazing, you’re a survivor. You’re going to come out on top, just fine. Saturn has got nothing on you! πŸ™‚

    • I should also say that I’m in the same place relationship-wise. They never work out, even when I want them to so much. I’ll find myself going down a path of feeling sorry for myself and questioning every decision I’ve made. But I’m trying to focus more on myself at this time. Starting a relationship in the middle of SR probably isn’t a good idea anyway. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I am in my saturn return right now – which is why I’m here reading. I haven’t read any comments yet, I don’t want to be influenced in how I “feel” right now.

    It, really, is just the low point of my life. Some of my really, truly most important things have completely fallen apart. I’m lucky to still have my family, which is actually also in turmoil (late life divorce), my cat, and my health, because that’s about all I have left.

    It is like every thing that was not quite perfect, has gotten kicked over to show that it wasn’t perfect. And despite not being perfect, I still liked those things!!! Maybe its just the shedding of weight that needed to be happening, or the improving of projects or directions, or something, but wow, it is uncanny.

    Emotionally, I vacillate between very low and feeling like I am starting to crawl out – but then I get kicked back into the hole by something else.

    I can see how I will be better on the other end of this already – but WOW is the process full of pain and heartbreak. I can’t wait until what ever strength I’m being called to develop arrives, because I certainly need it!

    i have NEVER had so many uncomfortable transitions happen to me all at one time. That is the real craziness of it – everything hard has happened in the same season, and that is just really not usually how life is.

    So far, here is what has happened to me:

    I broke up with a man I deeply, passionately loved and with whom I ran a business. So I lost my job and business, and my love, at the same time. I moved in with my parents – no more job, little reason to stay in the same city… I can get my old job back (teaching) but not for another 6 months. So, I ALSO lost my friends, and a city I’d grown to love, because I couldn’t afford to stay without our business.

    Concurrently, I was told to change the most central tenet of my dissertation today.

    I was also informed that I am not eligible for several important dissertation grants because of my bizarre student status.

    Three weeks ago, my car was smashed. So, I need to fly back to my old city to get my car, and drive it across the country back to my mom’s house.

    And the DMV has made my vehicle illegal, somehow, by a “processing error”. Just before I have to drive it across the country.

    What, Universe? Seriously, What?!?!?

    • That sounds like SR compounded by mercury retrograde, especially the car thing! It has to get better from here.

  4. I seriously don’t even know where to begin. What. the. freak.

    Feb. 1, 84; and my saturn return feels like it started stirring 2 years ago. I felt VERY restless in a number of aspects. According to the calculator, my return will happen in Nov 2013. I’ve been through a divorce, another proposal, and friendship losses and gains. I’ve had some major changes to my career out-look, and I’m starting my own business, which is the most frustrating thing. At the moment, I don’t even know what I’m doing. I am just getting up every day and going through the motions trying to make it out of this. I’ve started anti-depressants becuase the anxiety from all of this makes me want to curl up in bed and not get out. Not to mention the social anxiety, which has come from out of no where. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and I’m ready to be settled already!

  5. I turned 29 this past April. I was divorced in March of 2013. I also lost my job in January of 2013. I had a mole removed that was melanoma and had to recover from surgery for two months in May of 2013. I was offered my “dream job” to start August 1st of 2013. The offer was retracted and I had to realize that I wanted the job for egotistical reasons. I’m not sure I really wanted the job at all… I don’t know what’s going on! Maybe it’s Saturn, maybe it’s just crap, but I NEED it to end.

  6. Three weeks to go till the end of my Saturn return, which has been an eleven-monther with two peaks.

    EVERYTHING in my life has had a major spring clean during the Return.

    My career hit a crossroads – I was promoted, but I decided that success wasn’t worth the stress and have requested to cut down to part-time to give myself time for personal projects. I’ve also got started on the personal projects during the holidays to get the ball rolling.

    My ten-year relationship also hit a crossroads – we said this year was make or break, and chose break. It’s not that my relationship was terrible, but we are both happier out of it.

    I had a horrible experience whilst drunk and quit drinking, after realising I had ‘tried’ several times in the past ten years and failed. I’ve also got into spirituality in a big way this year and really improved my day-to-day life.

    I’ve had several realisations about what I want from life, culminating in what was pretty much an epiphany this week. Throughout my life I’ve felt uncertain about what I am doing; now I feel confident, content and happy.

    The Saturn Return is hard, but it’s also fantastic. I would advise anyone in their Saturn Return to keep reflecting on every aspect of their lives, considering what makes them happy. I reflected and reviewed regularly, and still am doing to make sure I’ve got everything in hand for these past few weeks, hence how I found myself on this site.

    If I had to sum up what you should do in the Saturn Return, I would say, “It’s now or never”.

  7. My SR is finally coming to an end this month, and it is a ton of bricks continually unwinding on itself, or rather, myself, but, yet, I am somewhat sad to see it go. I think it finally got under my skin – the fervent re-organizing, clock-watching, schedule-maintaining. It clicked. Watching the tribe in Gabon perform the Iboga rituals, maybe. There was something built up, so strongly, in opposition, that I had to explore divergence. Every day, I would wake up meditating on representation. Interpersonal chaos, assembling the self and the reflection.

  8. I never knew about Saturn Returns before yesterday. Turns out I’m in the middle of it right now. It started around September last year. It made me question my relationship, my career, the city I wanted to live in, my friends etc. The last few months have been absolute hell. I had no stability in my life. I broke up with my boyfriend of four years who I loved very much. It was heartbreaking, but I had to walk away because he was not right for me anymore. I moved cities five times in the one year. No kidding. I felt so displaced. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I changed careers. And even then, I doubted whether what I’d now chosen to study was what I really wanted. I feel like my life has turned upside down, and inside out. But now that I know it’s my SR, I’m more at peace with everything. I’m letting whatever happens be okay. And I’m actually looking forward to it because it means I have the power to make choices that are more in touch with who I really am now. It’s a time of self discovery and reflection on who I really am and what I truly want in life. I feel like my life is a blank canvas, I’m able to let go of the things that weren’t working for the real me, and I have the opportunity to create the life and future that reflects who I really am. I’m being forced to whether I want to or not πŸ™‚

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