Music For Pluto Transits

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art deco style album cover

Looking for a soundtrack to play in the background for your Pluto Transit?

Hadestown could be it. Seriously. Love the title and the concept.

Or given that Pluto transits are all about transformation, maybe the idea is to thrash music that you actually hate.

To trigger new brain synapses?

What would be, what was or what IS your Pluto transit playlist???

Mine was Antony and the Johnsons.Β  NO idea why. It worked in that mo.

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68 thoughts on “Music For Pluto Transits

  1. When pluto was on my moon had a thing for Queens of the Stone Age and Kent, a Swedish band that was surprisingly a bit melancholoy..lololol

    I did grow up alot and killed a few of my demons too..

    • ok yes I need to get a life, but just looked up Josh Homme’d dob and he has Moon in Saggi!!! no wonder i liked the music when my moon was getting plummeted by pluto

  2. INXS !!! My pluto-mars transit took me to Istanbul & living there for a year. I had other music I loved including some modern Turkish music, & had never liked INXS much, but at that time it was a good thrash of INXS that … soothed my soul !!!

    Perhaps I should look it out & try it for the current pluto astro …

  3. I wish I could remember. A year after my first Saturn return, Saturn was conjunct my Sun, which was also opposed by Pluto, which squared natal Pluto.

    what a mess.

      • Andromeda,

        Sometimes we work like a hamster in a wheel to snatch a morsel of approval out of universe. Adding to the list of transits you survive to tell πŸ™‚

  4. Astro question: if you want to see a chart of past transits is there a website you can go to? I check the ephemeris of course but I can’t always visualise what is going on. Is there such a thing? Thank you brilliant astro bloggers!

      • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. *smacks head on table slowly*

        Thank you QUADS!!! πŸ˜›

        • I’v tried doing that, only changing the location on natal chart, to try to work out how location changes me – it changes the ascendant & house placements, so pretty interesting….

          Not really sure if its a valid way to look at geographic astro tho – can anyone tell me ???

          • it’s exactly how it works – there’s a grid of lines the are the lines of latitude and crossing points of the axis of your chart on the globe where all the planets were when you were born. A grid of energy and now when planets cross those points in transit it’s like they’re crossing points on your astral grid. On your geometry – your light lines. I sound like a total hippy. Is hard to explain I just see it and am trying to explain what I see when i think about the lines and the globe. Amazing – we have this whole matrix we carry with us – such a lovely ethereal idea if you go places when you’re having a transit that are like the antidote because of planetary lines there you can soiften the blow of transits – not avoid just ease or enhance.

            I did Pluto and most of Saturn in Virgo in another city a few years ago. Found some neutral lines and chilled – the aqua and I work the lines it’s our MO – and lived the transit in another place with homeopathy and hypno and no possessions worked some shit out so low key furnished apartment life in storage. Best thing ever.

            am livin on the crossing of mars neptune right now tho. INSANE heightened transits. Interaction with men has always been weird for me in this town and also ghostly activity, I was bitten by a spider when I first got here too – mars neptune rules that. oh, am I rambling? poseidon wins the war.

            • Thanks whatevs – sounds like yr talking sacred geometry ?does this link in with astrocartography ? – uh looks like i need to do more reaseach …

              • I don’t know anything about sacred geometry but this is what I “see” when i look at the astrocartography thingo on like it kind of holograms around me or something. Yes again with the hippy talk. Go to the free charts page on – choose the travel one and there’s a clickable map of the world with pull down menus and all the lines that were in place and where they were at birth. clicking on the lines tells you what it’s like there for you. The oulldwn menu also lets you choose positive and negative lines – astro is kinda saturnine so grain of salt as always x

            • Yes, also thanks for mentioning this whatevs! I have always wondered about this topic and ..still don’t quite get it, but I will also do some reading. Any pointers in a good direction?

              I know that where I used to live was a place I am meant to be considered attractive. And weirdly I always looked good when I lived in that part of the world!! Having moved I am wondering if I should go back as part of my gettin’ back in shape program. πŸ˜‰

  5. ‘Im a Bird Now’ is a gorgeous Antony & the Johnsons Tune.

    Pluto Transit Music..Radiohead, Depeche Mode and Bloc Party.

    • Mystic, A&Js Bird song(below) now stuck in my head, ta for that!
      Me thinks transforming lyrics not to mention soaring builds in the music. Very phoenix indeed!

      am a bird girl now
      I’ve got my heart
      Here in my hands now
      I’ve been searching
      For my wings some time
      I’m gonna be born
      Into soon the sky
      ‘Cause I’m a bird girl
      And the bird girls go to heaven
      I’m a bird girl
      And the bird girls can fly
      Bird girls can fly

      β€˜Spiraling’, another great A&J Pluto tune.

      • OMG Capfire! I LOVE Anthony and the Johnsons. I used to have the I Am a Bird Now album but I lost the album years ago. Their music resonates so strongly for me!

        I totally loved ‘My Lady Story’ and ‘Fistful of Love’. Not sure about whether it relates to my Pluto transit but totally dig that album. Used to listen to it repeatedly and sing at the top of my lungs. I hated ‘Spiralling’ though because it cut too close to my bones.

        • Jumping Up & Down Herby! Love ‘Fistful’ with Lou Reed. You do know Reed unearthed Antony in NY? Awesome talent! Unique voice!!

          • No, I didn’t know that. A&J was one of my many random buys. (I sometimes just wander past CD shops and buy random albums merely because they are less than $5). Must buy it off iTunes if it’s available. Maybe a Christmas present to myself.

            Listening to The Waifs’ ‘Sun Dirt Water’ today. Dreamy …

  6. Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd
    Piece of my heart – Melissa Etheridge
    You’re no good – Linda Ronstadt
    Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes.

    Yes a strong 70s nostalgia theme… but also gutsy strong women!

  7. I’ve also been listening to a lot of old Bowie… esp Rock and Roll Suicide and Wild is the Wind

    • Oh Baristagem, saw him in the past decade at the empty container centre (entertainement centre), then he announced an after show for 200 at the Basement, my aqua friend and i ran like we were running for a Beatles spotting in the 60’s, we got in, Prince played on ALL instruments, and we walked out barefooted at 5am !! he was amazing, he walked right past with his delicately exotic wife … on the top 10 finest evenings ever .. love him .. thanks for reminding me..xx

      • I’ve heard many good things about that gig!! I knew someone who was there & I can’t believe he played all night! Now that is something… 😯

  8. I don’t know!!!! I haven’t found the “right” music vibe yet.

    Pluto still a few deg away from my Cap Sun at 8 deg. (3rd house) I guess I still have time to find the right tooones before Pluto is bang on me.

    Hopefully I’ll find a fabulous boy to be bang on me in that time too. (Sex drought continues… housemate hunt continues… At least I got my drowned mp3 player working again! Musical happiness amongst the chaos!)

      • Under Ice is my particular favourite, and Cloudbusting…ooh Hounds of Love is just perfect from beginning to end! πŸ˜€

  9. yes yes yes to antony and the Johnsons… has cracked open my heart and let tears stream every time Ive listened this year. Not completely sure when my pluto transits have occured, but I imagine most of my music listening happens at plutonian times and consist of dark melancholy dylan, joni, cohen, i can now add antony to that list, also thought of sarah mclauchlan today for a bit of heart transformation. I have found that I can only write prose, poetry, lyrics when Im going through a dark plutonic transformation, the words seem more profound then, I just havent been able to pull off light and love cleverness with words.

  10. Anais Mitchell is fabulous. I heard her live a couple of years ago – she did a few songs from Hadestown – and fell in love with her music. The Brightness is also a great album. Would love to see her chart!

  11. Sigur Ros…….
    Fat Freddy’s Drop……..
    Salmonella Dub with the NZSO…….

    A bootleg copy of the Dalai Lama – 47 minutes of him chanting……

    thats right now….. Previous years? It would take me HOURS to write out my playlists!

  12. not sure about the pluto transit but been listening to cat stevens and bruce sprinstein, the most torrid years of my life thanks to saturn i had whats that song by kate bush, cant think of the name the courus is its just me its kathy iv come home now, such a wollowing song but anyway xxx lol

  13. Pluto opposed venus, merc and sun in mid 90s. Uranus was doing me over in that time too, and Neptune. I only worked all this out last month or so. tWas an interesting bit of info to add to a very mental time in my life.
    NIN, Tool, Beastie Boys, Radiohead

  14. I just realized my whole family was having Pluto transits in the early 90s. Weird. My scorp bros have Venus or merc at opp my Taurus Venus and a bit more loosely opp my mums merc and fathers sun, conjunct in Taurus. My parents split when Pluto was bang on mine and my bros stuff, so post my parents Pluto opp.
    For some reason that all feels a bit creepy.

    • Which got me looking at family member synastry. What a trip. Both my fathers wives have been geminis, but the only thing he has there is his north node, and it is my sun that’s conjunct it. My mums Venus conjunct my bros mars. Both my bro and father dumping their Saturn on my Venus or mars. I have the least synastry with my mother, her merc. So not surprising.
      Still a bit creepy

  15. I too am one who’s had lifelong pluto transits — it’s passed through conjunctions with every planet but Uranus and the moon, plus a whole bunch of squares in the process, and my moon’s in Cap so that’s coming. My taste in music is eclectic, but I love the sad, dark, intense heartbreak songs most of all.

  16. Plutonic: Takes me far away from this world to some other dimension; induces slow-motion floating and a beautiful feeling of complete awe and utter happiness at just ‘being.’ Free prescriptions for all. A perfect and wonderful antidote for any current rage buildup to the approaching full moon eclipse.

    Listen to the down-tempo recordings of Shamantis who’s taken currently popular songs and slowed them down 800%. Think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here’s one to listen to. Don’t let the title dissuade you as it’s a Justin Bieber song. (Sorry, but when YouTube recently changed their format, it no longer allows me to paste the embedded link so you’ll have to copy and paste it yourselves.)

    And yes, if you enjoy Lord of the Rings type music, listen to Sigur RΓ³s as recommended above by Baristagem. Beautiful stuff, imo.

    • After trying to embed that link countless times with it absolutely refusing to change colour and become underscored, it suddenly decided to work after I sent it. Of course. Mercury? Was that you?