Never Forget Giordano Bruno

The Burning Of Giordano BrunoThe Burning Of Giordano Bruno by Leonora Carrington

Giordano Bruno was an Italian ex-monk  turned astrologer, magician, philosopher and cosmologist who lived 1548 to 1600, when he was imprisoned for seven years before being stripped naked and burned to death by the Inquisition (aka Vatican) for heresy.  Among the charges: dealing in divination and magic, denying the virginity of Mary,  believing in reincarnation and speaking out against the Catholic faith.

“He argued that the stars are just like our Sun, that there are many worlds inhabited by intelligent beings, and that both space and time are infinite…At his execution, he turned his face away from a proffered crucifix, and died in silence. Bruno is seen by some as the first martyr for science.


…Bruno advocated philosophical theories that blended mystical Neoplatonism and pantheism. He believed that the universe is infinite, that God is the universal world-soul, and that all particular material things are manifestations of the one infinite principle.


“Innumerable suns exist; innumerable earths revolve around these suns in a manner similar to the way the seven planets revolve around our sun.?Living beings inhabit these worlds.”

I think today, with Uranus Direct and a New Moon in Sagittarius is an apt day to remember this brave man, don’t you? Check out the Leonora Carrington pic properly as it’s kind of an awesome tribute by someone so occult literate.

Pagan Martyr

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Just was sent this link as I opened this post.
Martin Armstrong briefly mentioning G. Bruno and remote viewing.


Fuq the inquisition.
Fuq the patriarchy.
Fuq the status quo.

They can’t burn me this time 😉

Can they?


I’ll throw pasta carbonara at them if they try! 😉


Many of us are silenced.



and then we come back as Leos :mrgreen:


Phenomenal forward-thinker ~ amazed.

Historical accounts of martyars and patron saints have always fascinated me. Such bright lights, silenced.
Only to be cannonized later, then called on to intercede during prayer.

Thanks Mystic,and those who linked above, I will be studying Giordano further. x


Wondeful information, thanks, Mystic, what an amazing guy. So the Inquisition didn’t just stop with women, eh? I remember learning catechism at a Catholic Convent in the ‘fifties: “Is the Pope infallible? Yes, the Pope is infallible.” No wonder I quit the Church as soon as I left the Convent at 11.

spaced out pisces

A brutal and awful injustice, as were were the many other lifes taken in the name of Christ.

What irks me more about the current pope is his previous job as head of the modern day inquisition. He looks mean enough to do this kind of thing too.


He is still alive.


I believe it……..


fasinating. Never heard of him before now.

Ludwig's Poker

Bruno wrote a beautiful set of dialogues called “La cena de le ceneri” (which roughly translates as “the Ash Wednesday supper”). In the first dialogue he refers to Copernicus as “too much of a mathematician and not enough of a natural philosopher”. By this he meant that it’s not enough to just have great ideas about the universe, you also need to commit yourself to the physical reality of those ideas. That was a no-no back then and it got him into a lot of trouble. To put it another way, if Bruno were alive today, he’d be driving a… Read more »


beautiful pc


Beautiful painting beautiful channeller of the truth. Sad that so many of us have been persecuted, ridiculed and ignored. Also a shame that science lost its metaphysical underpinnings and got hijacked by rationalist fundamentalists – the original scientists were passionate advocates and seekers of the truth – now it’s been watered down to the truth that one can currently prove via the empirical method of experiment, which is about as dubious a measure of anything as counting beans to determine worth.

Chen Chih Teng

prowlncat, you spoke my thought, thank you!!


You always post the most amazing stuff Mystic! Thankyou. I’d never heard of him. It’s incredible to learn about these people from the past, who worked out such advanced, prescient things, with the limited resources of their time. It took me away from all my crap problems and did me good to be reminded (again) of someone who REALLY suffered…And just when I’ve been feeling like such a whingey, whiny gem wondering when life will ever be good and easy and happy again….


Thank you for that beautiful and edifying post. I believe we are here to prove who we are to ourselves against immense odds. Giordano Bruno is a brave man and he is inspiration itself.


I hope future generations will not go agog because our generation did execute (even if only by slander) people similar to him in our age.

virgo rising

Bruno was a mystic who combined breadth of vision with grounding in scientific principles; the first true META PHYSICIAN and who, like all visionaries that saw beyond the limited worldview of their day, met an inglorious end at the hands of his persecutors; those threatened by anything that differed from accepted dogma and the status quo.


my kinda guy…a man of the ages


So what sun and rising sign do you think? taurus, saggo any guesses?


Renaissance Man. Would have loved to live in those times.
I could marry a man like him. That’s REALLY saying something.


Wow, thanks for sharing. Really sad story- but uniquely relevant!


My (Aries) sister lived in Rome for several years and her walking path to work was through the piazza where Giordano Bruno was executed.

That part of the walk always gave her always gave her shivers, she said. Good to know however, that he is still remembered by the locals in Rome.

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