Astro Julian Assange

Julian Assange on the cover of Time

Well I am actually far more interested in J.A’s vow to expose the banking and big pharma industry than i am in the geopolitical stuff he has been focussing on. Partly as i feel squeamish about WikiLeaks potentially endangering the lives of spies or whomever working in such hideously unfair and dangerous places as North Korea. And i have my lovely Virgo spy clients to think of.

And his astro (thank you interpol for the birthdate – any chance of a time?) suggests he is going to be way more of a player in the Uranus-in-Aries square Pluto in Capricorn MAJOR Zap Zone of the next few years (see AstroScape 2011 and/or Uranus Confidential for deets on these Zap Zones) via corporate whistleblowing than anything else. Short version: more “transformation” of the banking etc sectors. Ultimately: a more fair and equitable world.

Okay, his Sun is nine degrees Kataka with Pluto moving up to oppose it. And Uranus to square it. So dude is having a huge double whammy of a Pluto and Uranus transit and will be for the next two years. Note how he has had a surge in notoriety just as Uranus stations direct.

And HOW awesomely over the top is he manifesting the astro-passages?  Doing the Robin Hood/Prometheus trip with the outing of the truth as he sees it: Uranus transit.  Being pursued by the authoritarian forces of the world: Pluto.

So he has his Sun squared by Uranus AND Chiron natally.  So he is a shit-stirrer and an iconoclast. Plus Mars in Aquarius: idealist but with a hint of sociopath.  And Moon in Scorpio: muck-raker and intelligence gatherer extraordinaire.   Jupiter conjunct Neptune: He sees himself as having a Christ-like mission. Lilith conjunct Pluto in Virgo square Venus in Gemini: I don’t know a thing about the charges against him but this is a guy who may well have probs with the ladies.

Rising sign?  Hard to call. I’d actually think maybe his Moon in Scorpio Rising?

And where would he be hiding?


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151 thoughts on “Astro Julian Assange

      • Now, who would willingly take on all the most powerful and corrupt forces out there and not care about having to hide out and move frequently? Someone perhaps with Saturn opposite Neptune; Sun square Uranus; Mars in Aquarius; Scorpio Moon; Virgo rising; Sun in Cancer; Chiron and Eris conjunct; Venus and Ceres square Pluto; with several minor planets in Aries, Cap, and Cancer and a heavy emphasis on eighth house issues like secrets, money, power, death and sex; and this week (wait for it, woo hoo) Mars square Jupiter.

        The Messenger Scapegoat has arrived. Someone willing to take on the U.S. government. Of course hidden truths will hurt SOMEONE, otherwise they would not have been hushed up. For PayPal to stop donations shouts loud and clear the screws have begun to turn. To shame any corrupt government into changing their ways will have consequences, but whom else other than sacrificial, forward-thinking revolutionaries would take that upon themselves. Takes an unusual blend of genius, bravery and utter disregard for one’s comfort and peace of mind.

        To have a Canadian politician spew publicly (to the absolute horror of the majority of its freedom, peace-loving residents) that Assange should be assassinated is proof the times they are a-changing. The rumbling has begun. A changing of the guards. To mindfuq and shit-disturb the Big Boys with “So you think you have all the power and the rest of us can do nothing about it?”

    • Hmm, interesting. I am fascinated by JA and I have Capricorn rising. I love how he is brazen with subverting the dominant paridigm, keeping the bastards honest and all that. But Mystic’s concern about the spies, and my sun is in Virgo, makes me think … I have just seen Naomi Watts playing Valerie Plame in Fair Game which was brilliant, recommended viewing. Plenty of good reasons for that film being made.
      I am hoping that WikiLeaks is being clever and will be transform, the West in particular, and, us all in general in a positive way.

  1. Brilliant mind reading thanks MM. I was listening to the reports about him yesterday and thinking to myself – ooh, I hope Mystic tracks down this guy’s astro and posts about it… Was wondering what he was.

    Although I am all for the freedom of info, grand rebellious acts, and reminding those in power that the people will always have MORE power (yes that is My Capricorn talking)…. strangely, this guy’s actions do smack of, well, childishness to me… childish in the sense of reckless abandon driven by the desire for attention and admiration – more so than an actual socio-political cause…

    But that’s just my intuitive reaction to him, what do I know about the actual guy himself…

    • I think what I meant to say was – I sense Tabloid tactics from him, rather than renegade, genius agitator

      • Someone has to be the face of it, and the essay he wrote which I linked to in the last post makes his intelligence rather clear and his intentions to be rather pure. He’s definitely operating out of close personal feelings, which is demonstrated in how he’s releasing things, but he’s doing it to get everyone’s attention which could be translated as a childish manner, but I’d rather he was here saying “HEY HEY LOOK” rather than releasing everything in a quiet manner and thus no one bothering to pay attention. To get the policy changes he and many people are looking for, he has to do it this way. Exposure is necessary. And in that sense, he’s serving the actual socio-political cause he believes in.

        • Fascinating, weathergirl!

          I’m familiar with that node placement, as I have it myself, (NN 12th house Aqua, South in Leo), and I’m not surprised to hear he has it as well.

          Once you start exploring the chart, it’s clear how pivotal he is at this point in time, and even feels himself to be, or rather is willing to take on the role and DO what others only talk about.

          Thank you for the info!

      • tis also true that perhaps, what I am seeing as a Tabloid taste, is just what the media finds most juicy and glaring that they can run with, and the bulk of the content he is spreading is actually far more sophisticated and worthwhile….

  2. From what I’m reading so far, names aren’t really there unless you are a political figure. Several cables only reference gender, and nothing else. WikiLeaks and the media have both vowed to be far more discriminating with the leaks, i.e. leaving out informant names, than they were with the Iraq War logs. Though of course they also state that to this day, no one has been injured because of their leaks.

    For some reason he oozes Gemini Rising to me, I have no idea why, I WANT it to be Scorp or Aqua but my brain just keeps saying Gemini.

    As your analysis states, he’s definitely an important player for the next couple years, and I hope he gets the chance to achieve it, and, as he anticipated with the bank leaks, causes a lot of reformation, the revolution will be digital! 😛

  3. Let’s make him Gemini Rising and Moon in Scorpio, lol, I don’t mind sharing those with him, I think he is important. Childish or not, if he is right, then I don’t care if he thinks he is the Matrix’s answer to Peter Pan!

  4. This makes a good case for bartering, which seems
    to have dropped by the wayside.
    Think we were more redical about corps in the
    70’s coz of Vietnam war & not buying from anyone
    who profited from it, like Kraft, Pope-Westinghouse,
    from memory.
    Then later it was boycotting French products due to
    student revolutions. THAT was hard on me coz of perfume 🙂

  5. Ooo I was having this exact debate with Dr Aqua last night!! 😯

    I am not convinced of the political leaks & I totally think they are dangerous as apparently anyone who works in these areas can just leak information & well we know there are a lot of disgruntled workers etc. So I am not convinced that it is for the good of all sort of thing when most of it seems like political gossip. However I did think the recent leak regarding China & Korea was very interesting! & I do LOVE that the banks & pharma’s will be exposed, I think that is GREAT! 😯

    Dr Aqua who is just loving the whole wikileaks thing could not believe I wasn’t into it & even said ‘BUT you love Spooks!’ Yes thats true BUT there is just something dodgy about it & now that Julian has gotten Hilary Clinton off side with the leak that shows her authorizing people to spy on Russians or whatever, the US are changing laws to get him. I don’t think this is sustainable, I mean Julian credibly is trashed & if you’re doing something like this, that is the last thing you want… 😯

    I have no idea where he is but Dr Aqua says he is hiding out somewhere in a scandinavia… 😯

  6. What sign looks “old’ earlier than most? I heard he’s got a full head of white hair that he dyes light brown when he thinks he is being tailed. He’s too young to have a full head of white/grey hairs.

  7. Must agree with you MM, I am more interested in the big pharma/banking industry than in the geopolitical stuff, though I suppose there is probably a connection there and it’s part of the same story?

    Also I think that Baristagem you have a point about leaks hurting certain people, which is certainly very risky. I am not sure where Julian draws the line and I would be interested to know.

    Certainly seems he wasn’t being too careful in his living habits now though.

  8. Applepieskies, you are on it.

    I actually think he’s a legend. A fuqing hero.
    Someone’s gotta pull those bastards up.
    Bless you Julian. Bring it on.

    Speaking Truth To Power.

  9. Would not have picked a Kataka!!..Very impressed with that one.. Was thinking Gem or Saggi.. Anyway I dont care who he is endangering or whatever….Go man Go..expose on all things corporate, business.. Loving it…

    • Suppose Katakas can be ruthless in their search for truth etc and the moon in Ccorp. Phhwoarr dont FUQ with him!!!

    • Hey Sassy, I reckon its the combo of Kataka sun and Scorp moon, hard bites and ruthless, he won’t play anyone’s game I don’t think. Would also make sense if his ascendant is in Virgo.

  10. Shocked at how old he looks. I mean he is 39 right. Looks more like 59. Maybe that was the point of the photo – make him look older and wiser for the mag maybe.

    Was fascinated with wikileaks when I first heard about it. I mean it’s not really anything new (the availability of such info yes, the knowledge of dodgy dealings etc no). We all know how corrupt, dishonest, and futile the whole system/governments/people are. But now it’s there in black and white. Would LOVE for the banking and pharmaceutical charade to end. I am constantly amazed how people allow themselves to be suckered by these big corporations. I’m still delusional enough to believe that we the people have the power if only we’d use it. This latest lot of media interest in the story does seem more distractionary though. Kind of lets cause a fuss about where he is so we don’t really look at what he’s saying. Or is that the plan of the governments?!? 😮

  11. Lets remember that he is basically a publisher not a ‘leaker’. The leakers are those inside passing on this stuff for whatever reason. Surely the criminality if any belongs with those that leak, not those that publish ? I also think it is naive for any government or convenient if you like, to blame him for the leaks.
    People have to realize also, that most western governments spy networks would know all of the information being leaked. e.g As if the Iranians don’t already know the Saudi’s hate them, come on, of course they do.
    I think its great to expose the reality of international relations but there doesn’t seem to be anything new in the material that would shake any one up , embarrass, yes, threaten lives, definitely not.

    • hmm, he is facilitating it non the less. Doesn’t matter, he is ultimately doing a good deed.

    • I made the exact same point to someone today x. this is not new….. its just confirmed.

  12. He’s publishing, he’s not producing. Why is he any different to any other news publisher ? News ltd would have killed to have first dibs on these leaks. Wikileaks just happens to be using a different publishing strategy.
    I do think that this guy must be feeling pretty vulnerable right now, he has upset 20 or 30 major governments, the media, and Alan Jones would have all the dimwits in Australia wanting to put him away.
    He needs serious support from anyone who agrees that the global geopolitical structure currently in place is not sustainable, wrong.
    This is so pluto in cap undertone with Uranus in aries overtone on the way.

    everyone chokes on the truth (joseph campbell)

    • Yes, also “In war, truth is the first casualty”. ~Aeschylus

      I know I’d be feeling pretty damn terrified if I were him.

      Wiki says also:
      “In 1979, his mother remarried; her new husband was a musician who belonged to a controversial New Age group … The couple had a son, but broke up in 1982 and engaged in a custody struggle for Assange’s half-brother. His mother then took both children into hiding for the next five years. Assange moved several dozen times during his childhood, attending many schools, sometimes being home schooled..”.

      I find it interesting he is repeating a child hood situation by being apparently put in danger from a sinister-seeming father figure (albeit his brother’s) to whose belief system he is opposed, going into hiding, educating the self on the run, I wonder if there were any interesting transits going on then that are being repeated… He was born for this!

        • love that quote too…. also love orwell “in times of global deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

          I think the other thing is that there is already people exposing the fraudulent behaviour of banks and pharma companies, i see docos on them quite often and if you want you can even watch conspiracy theory youtube movies – for example zeitgeist… even my astrology calender on my bathroom wall, has a whole speel about the fall of the banks etc… I dont understand why Julian is gaining so much media coverage, over other full time activists and agitators, professors and nobel prize winners who also know about the facade of these large dominating corporate giants… the more robin hoods the better i say, what is it going to take for mass population to wake up and resist? I think it is so obvious that Rudd got removed from his prime ministership just when he was saying that mining giant ceo’s were earning too much money at over 30million dollars profit as individuals, reaping from the nations resources… its a fraud a damn fraud!

          • PG, well said, and this IS related to that final semester assignment, isn’t t?
            😉 x

            • ; ) how can i resist such juicy topics… im a gemini… im a multi tasker… you know!

              • and i could make a grand narrative jump between topics… besides isnt this ; ) surely you know about that too tfr

          • Love your link in to Rudd pgem. Talk of Assange outing the banks etc reminded me of the Rudd overthrow as well. I was pissed when that went down and it was made all the more palpable as I was living in an area at the time surrounded by mines and miners. You could see exactly how it was going to play out.

          • I think his mastery of the internet as a political bludgeon has captured the public and media imagination. That’s what sets him apart from other activists, and the fact that he’s set Wikileaks up as the consummate internet ‘publisher’ of dissent as someone downthread remarked.

            I just hope Wikileaks doesn’t stop at exposing the corruption of Western governments and corporations. It really needs to go global. Imagine for example what is suppressed in China, Russia and countless other regimes that are arguably less transparent than those of the West.

        • I also think his childhood contributes to his willingness to challenge authority to be responsible and accountable. Well timed with Saturn in Libra I say……

      • His Saturn opposite his Jupiter/Neptune.. Do you look at Saturn as well as Pluto for his issues with the “authoritarian powers of the world”?

        • sun square black moon lilith = non conforming + defiant + venomous +absent father + rage against the patriarchy.
          Neptune + Jupiter = extreme spiritual potential with potential for self delusion – hence the messianic vibe?
          Jupiter Saturn opposed = conflict with the powers that be
          Mercury + Jupiter = ability to communicate to large groups + PR ability
          Mercury + Pluto = likes to unearth secrets and out people
          Saturn + Uranus = the technology being used to tweak the bureaucracy/status quo
          Saturn + Pluto = deep intense earth shattering scenarios + endurance + times of feeling trapped
          Uranus & Pluto conjunct lilith = Visionary or rebel.

          Not that he is hitler but the astro of the now is very similar to that of the time that hitler rose to power – hitler had the Uranus Pluto conjunction too – but in the 8th.

          • Woo hoo, thanks whatevs! That’s a motherlode. Really interesting, he does seem to be perfect for his role…

          • I’m very interested in the Chiron conjunt Eris. Its also opp Uranus & square Sun, so his Sun is at the apex of this T-square !!
            I think he’s heroic & very vulnerable (as well as, like all of us, a flawed human being) & could well be Saturn Gem asc. – I’m sure he feels old & responsible
            I’ve not heard of anyone being endangered by the leaks, but we all know that countless numbers have been by the actions his work exposes
            I wish him well, and hope he gets safe passage to Ecuador or somewhere

  13. fabulously interesting man, i think. And v. mysterious. I’m quite sure i met him briefly years ago in Berlin. Would check the name, but burned my diaries in a mammoth clutter clear a few years ago… He was staying at the same hostel as me. Was quite grey then, but had very long hair and seemed to always be working on his laptop. He was quite reticent about himself/travels/past etc, but happy to provide tips on how to get free internet access out of the hostel computer. I recall having a very conspiracy-theory laden conversation in a pub with him and two Japanese women. My lasting impression was that he was singularly paranoid, but completely fascinating.

  14. Thanks for the info re his birth details. I think Assange is doing a fantastic piece of work in publishing this info and uncovering the nasty, corrupt world which exists between world political leaders. The times they are a’changin’ and perhaps we could mention truth, integrity, honour and justice instead of listening to the wailings of a dysfunctional government like that in the US or the sycophantic idiots in the Labor and Liberal leaderships. I mean, don’t we feel horrified that some poor sod, a German citizen, gets kidnapped off the streets by the CIA in a case of mistaken identity, hauled off to Afghanistan for several months where he’s tortured and of course can’t confess anything because he doesn’t KNOW anything, then gets dumped on a hillside in Albania and told no-one would believe him. And now through the leaks we have confirmed that the US heavied the German government to prevent court action against the CIA operatives responsible for this illegal kidnapping and torture. For this alone it’s worth the Wikileaks and I’d join any action to support this guy against the heavies from the US or Australian governments. This is true freedom of speech and I hope he’s able to keep going. Of course his actions appeal to my Libran Sun & Ascendant, and have all my Aquarian/Uranian instincts yelling in support.

  15. I suspect night born – uranus in the 4th/IC and Saturn in the 12th?

    Have SOOOO been waiting for some Gen x’s to burst onto the scene and do the revolutionary thing. It’s time people, it’s time.

    • So if you go 3am on the day of birth it means his progressed MC is at 0 degrees aries right now conjunct natal mars and north node. His Neptune (0 degrees sagg) and Jupiter conjunct in opposition to natal Saturn in the 1st. His progressed sun is conjunct the IC right now in opposition to natal mars on the MC conjunct north node. He has a lot of trines I wonder if any of them are grand?

      The 3am gives him a taurus ascendant with pallas loosely conjunct – issues with father and warrior type scenarios? I think he might be a toro rising? He’s like a dog with a bone that’s for sure.

      Re where he’s hiding – astrocartography wise tonga looks good – but he’d stand out like a sore thumb wouldn’t he? other potentials: Norway, middle of England, middle of south island of NZ, bottom of Japan or the Bahamas??? Fascinating.

      Am off to check out the grand trine scenario.

      Thanks Mystic, needed a special project today.

      • Potentially he’s got three t squares natally – Ascendant, Jupiter and Mars, South Node, Midheaven and Ascendant and South Node, Mars and Ascendant.

        I wish it would stop raining it’s starting to really shit me.

        The man’s a total powerhouse and was made for what he’s doing that’s all there is to it. Mystic you’re so right to call that possible misuse of sexual energy – he’s the kind to go for days without breaking for drinks. I mean no complaints here re that kind of stamina but big picture there is some friction in that area of his chart. Jupiter mars are BIG for him + possible venus mars trine = LIBIDO AHOY and his sun square lilith is profound. A complex character.

        I hope he and everyone he consorts with emerge as unscathed as they possibly can cos there’s some pretty deeply seated energy at work in that man’s realms.

  16. Mmm, yeah I know this is true freedom of speech and individual agency winning over government agency but I am really concerned at the influence he may have on international relations – which at this point in time are quite fragile in many parts of the world.

    I am all for him to expose corruption WITHIN governments and multinational businesses but he is not being discerning with his power. Little bits of gossip (the media’s perception – maybe they don’t have the time or intellectual know how? I don’t have the time to read them!) about who said what aren’t actually exposing corruption, but they certainly have the power to damage intergovernmental relations.

    With the GFC central powers of the world are shifting rapidly from east to west and I’m not sure I want this sort of ‘exposure’ to move the process any faster than it is already running. It leaves no room for negotiation, only a ramming process that leaves a wake of wreckage.

    We in Australia are between the two major powers and luckily have good relations with both. I dunno about you lot but I don’t really want the wrath of the sleeping tiger (China) descending on us. Loss of face is a horrific process for them and Australia seems to be inadvertently being dragged into it all. The Chinese are watching this closely and some of the places we have our armed forces at are considered friends by the Chinese.

    Next big blow up seems to be Korea, which by the way, I’ve noticed seems to have disappeared from the media the last few days. There is no fresh news on what is going on!

  17. And I think he has betrayed himself on what he once stood for. He now seems to parade himself as some sort of messiah whereas a few years ago he valued his anonymity

  18. ~everyone chokes on the truth~

    Daveyl, is that you darlin’? If so, you have been sorely missed. xo

    Anyway, I don’t care what’s goin’ on except that any “outting” of the corrupt politicians is good by me.

    (“Gypsy’s, tramps and thieves” a la Cher…’Cept Gypsy’s and tramps aren’t
    included in that 🙂 )

    • I’m with you on that one, Sweetpea. Forgot to mention too – if I remember rightly the first two Wikileaks releases were on Full Moons. This latest one is the first that wasn’t (if my memory serves me right, anyway).

      • Outright, your initial post spoke to me. Bring it on mutha fuqer! (him, not you….but you can too, as you did 🙂

        The Full Moon sounds illuminating and fitting, eh? You on it more so than me but waiting for the next installation, so to speak..hehe

        If mutha fuquer needs to hide, then do so, but bring it on. We needs it.

        Hell, mutha fuquer politicians been putting the world at peril already as it is.

        And now we’re going to be politically correct? World so broke no money to buy any more lies. Let the house of cards FOLD if need be. I’m going to bed.


        • Sorry for my cussing lovely Libran lady…Just wanted to run with
          Mutha fuquer…lol…(it’s a Gemini energy thingy…)

          • No offence taken, Sweetpea, you just put in print what I was thinking, lol. I think in overall terms this represents the breaking of the glass barrier between the old and the new worlds – that is, the decline of the US empire and Western dominance, which are utterly corrupt as empires get, and the rise of the new, India, China, South America, Africa, and so on. And perhaps the opening up to honesty and integrity (they still exist, ha-ha). Great changes and perhaps difficult times but bloody exciting, and screw the politicians who try to keep the status quo and perpetuate their corrupt little empires.

    • HA! I thought it was him too – methinks you’re onto something Sweets. Uranus + Jupiter about to swing back towards aries would make perfect sense for a re-emergence after the retro phase. Sudden expansion on the arien sun and all and the lack of saturn opposing which seemed to make things look so binary – on/off, black/white etc. I thought it was sad that whole saturn = 7 years and then it must end theory that was bandied about at the time – I always thought seeing it as a foundation to build on and learn and grow from was a bit more forgiving and organic. Seemed so bleak that every 7 years something would apparently just be dead and you all walk away. I do hope the time of plutonic dormancy brings back a vigorous and fruitful new shoot. yes, mixing my metaphors liberally.

  19. Just found this interesting article, thanks to Stella’s link. His son talks about him, very interesting quotes related to chart analysis:

    “I would say he’s very intelligent and has a lot of the characteristic troubles that are associated with high intelligence,” Daniel says of Assange. “He gets easily frustrated with people who aren’t capable of working up to his level and seeing ideas that he grasps very intuitively.”

    “The one thing I found that I appreciated most was that he wouldn’t treat me like a child when it came to intellectual concepts..”

  20. Our birthdates are close so I understand some of the aspects.

    atm, Mars in Aqua is his biggest asset, he needs to be detached in his fight with all lights on to hunt him down.

    He could make money, sell the info, he didn’t. He sent copies to five other newspapers, he didn’t even keep info only to his website.

    My only question would be: would it matter at the end? Unlike his, my Jup-Nep combo opposes Saturn.

      • yes, I was just reading the posts..

        the solution I found is to invest into the process and let go of outcomes. Hope he does too, as in his case, it turned to be a literal life-death issue.

    • I think his does too, the opposition? Those are not fast moving planets I suspect that opposition would cover a lot of 1971 babes. I was thinking about this – if that day he was born is so astro packed with power why aren’t there more like him, all born on that day? The only thing I could think of is that it’s the inner planets, the personal ones and maybe the asteroids that tweak things. Amazing how the energies can manifest in so many different ways depending on the formative years and the other astro types you’re forced to spend them with and how they manifest their own. I was thinking about that when Damons used to post here – I know 3-4 peeps all born on that day he was born on and they all manifest the vibe so differently. Chalk and cheese.

      His (J Assange) chart is in many ways deeply spiritually oriented so the lack of selling info for profit doesn’t surprise me. What would it matter to you if you were in his position? And do you have north node conjunct mars and trine Jupiter and neptune? Which houses? I mean fuq if you do you have crazy HUGE potential Quadrupled – bigtime. Are you riding the same wave in your own way?

        • It is now up to people to analyze what the leaks are about, Guardian is giving daily installments, and noticed several inquiries to do a context analysis on the cables.

          And they really did a good job to clear out the names but leave substance.

        • weird what happened to the other comments? did some kind of random mercurial plutonic colonic occur? It’s always so bizarre when that happens – like being in a cult or something – we must not speak of that. Fingers crossed no innocents were harmed and if it was aimed at me I missed it completely – better luck next time.

      • Ay whatevs, just noticed your posts sorry. came here following the news of Assange being taken in. Shortly answers to your questions: “And do you have north node conjunct mars and trine Jupiter and neptune?” Yes
        Jup/Nep in 8/9 trine NN Mars in 12th (so am operating behind the veil 🙂 If I were him would I sell info? No, a higher truth trumps this world.

        Man, Assange is offering the first test for failing humanity. I hope Pluto in Cap with an agenda will rethink Uranus in Aries.

        • That’s some full on astro quadrupled you have – deep – I agree with you re higher truth and the rethinking of agendas. Do you think “the fall” as a concept has a particular date that can be pinpointed as the time it began? I think we’ve been falling for a while so I’m not sure I’m with you re JA being the first test. Think he’s def a sign of a major turning point tho.

          • Failing humanity, I try not to lose hope even though today I perused war pictures of the last 50 years. We have to grow up and defend responsively and respectfully the value of lives -without ranking any better or worse than the other: As much value there is in espousing human rights, what is left at the end if all words are just spilled ink on paper? You are right, he is a turning point because he holds no weapons, people with skills believe in what he does and the contested ground is now cyberspace. Whether or not he will mobilize others for truth, we will see. Myself? I try to steer the course 1 degree at a time.

  21. He is the man for the Pluto in Capricorn times. Totally fascinated by him and what else Wikileaks will get up to.

    Thoughts: he has a transparent vibe, the skin and hair make him a cameleon, like a white fox.

    Giving him Interpol high priority status because of the sex crimes does not make sense, like getting a gangster on tax evasion.

    Definitely has an Aquarian vibe, they like to give out information because it’s important and not because they want to be praised for it. Information comes first not ego.

    Can’t believe timing of North Korean/ China info. This will prove to be a quickener of Korean unification I suspect.

    It would be hilarious if he was hiding in Sweden, the country who is after him, very Lisbeth Salander.

  22. the guy’s a hacker – he or those he knows have ‘recovered’ these docs on behalf of us all. No wonder even Sarah Palin is out for his blood – he made them all look like the fools they are.

    And I say thank you to him for showing us the truth – we should know what goes on behind closed doors of our governments – our taxes are paying for these wars and espionage etc. And our children are paying for it – with their lives in some countries mentioned in those docs.

    And btw – he’s hiding in my bedroom.

  23. “Russian prime minister condemns cable describing him and President Dmitry Medvedev as Batman and Robin”

    Gotta admitt that some of this is hilarious. Sticks and stones type of stuff and cry babies (not excusing U.S. hypocricy however), but no cuss words?

    ~Flappy chins and drunks~ 😆

  24. For all we know, the whole Korean thing might just be an excuse for Bam-Bam to start a war to help the economy.

    There were two missiles shot off both coasts over here not too long ago. Big hub-bub in the news. Everyone at a loss. My Pisces/Leo Moon financal expert son in law seems to think it was other countries saying “get your financial poo-poo together”, as the U.S. was caught unawares (apparently, allegedly).

    Son in law’s Leo Moon conjunct his Saturn. Sometimes it’s good to have a cynic around for a possible reality check.

    That’s all I’m gonna say on politics but enjoying the entertainment meanwhile.

  25. “Have Assange or WikiLeaks broken Australian law? The short answer is no. There is no legal duty on ordinary Australians, here or overseas, or foreign media entities not to disclose information that may prejudice Australia’s security or the security of foreign governments”.The Age. Oh. Well that’s comforting! 😯

  26. mystic, my only (mediocre) thought is that you are among the best astrologers in the world and i hope to one day be 1/32 as good as you are… o_o
    thought #2: that the peeps that are commenting on this board are brilliant!

    • Yes, thanks from me too. The TED clip is interesting. There’s so much hearsay/bullshit woven into media reports that purport truth (check out ‘Fair Game’ about Valerie Plame), and in nasty sex allegations against individuals who other people want to bring down.
      Wikileaks is about reporting evidence of perverse power. Bring it on. Bring on reform. Cut the crap and the power mongers who are full of it.

  27. I really admire for this guy & feel for him – he has put himself way out there for something he believes in & must be feeling veeery vulnerable right now – the sexual charges & classic mob media attack on a high profile person seen to be threatening staus quo ….

    the swedish story told here in a very balanced report

    I hope the content of the leaked documents gets the airing discussion & action it should & his efforts not wasted.

    I reckon scorp rising – he’s focused & intense

  28. mmm…no no no. i feel he’s leo rising: he enjoys being in the public eye, he has this strage hair everyone is talking about, then i had a boyfriend which was a leo rising and the exact same face of him (but he had also kataka planets).
    then, leo rising would place he’s aqua nn and mars in the seventh: the sense of his evolution and his battle are for others! in that utopian messyanic sense all aqua ppl have!

  29. Hehehe, glad to see someone else still on this thread – mmm leo did occur to me too… I’v been feeling concerned for him, but now I think the sex charges thing is going to work for him actually – giving him a higher & sexed-up profile, ‘they’ can’t attack him as easily as if he’s a shadowy fugative.

  30. so apparently the ‘sex crimes’ he is charged with (and which might get him extradited to Sweden and thereby open to extradition by the US) is *not using a condom*.

    If there’s something else going on, then bring the evidence, but on the above? It’s a terrible farce.

    • oh yeah, and PayPal has shut down Wikileaks donations under pressure from the US. What the heck is going on here?!

      • Something fishy is going on that’s for sure – I’ve been reading about it too and it makes me feel deeply uncomfortable – all of it. I’m not sure if we’ll ever know the truth, that’s the worst thing about it.

        • and the astro potential misuse of sexual energy in the natal chart could be others using it against him as opposed to the other way round is what I was thinking about as I was reading.

          • yes i agree whatevs, these things can go both ways a bit, yeah ? But the r-word should never have been used – all my reading indicates – well yes his lovers not happy … but thats not a crime.

            He’s upsetting the staus quo & the power-brokers of the world – and hell thats a crime !!!

  31. That’s an interesting way to read it whatevs re other using his sexual energy against him.

    Actually, i am feeling devastated by all this abuse of power going on, it only confirms my suspicions about the ‘shadow government’ of banksters, as his next set of leaks was aimed at Bank of America (who most know are truly awful anyway)etc .

    Reading and contributing to this space made me get very personal on this topic.. And terrible criminals are not hunted with quite the same vigour as J. A. is being hunted..

    I now believe Julian Assange is a hero. King World News opined he should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

    Jon Stewart tried to deflate the whole thing by saying, ‘hello? we know all this and worse, what’s the big deal, you don’t impress us!!’. Quite funny:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he is being pursued in such an abnormal manner, I am surprised he hasn’t contracted some odd face-eating virus or choked on a chicken bone eating his dinner yet.

    Found the interview with this son someone posted here to be very poignant and sad. His son clearly didn’t expect Australia to actually protect his father, truly Labor are much more likely to serve his head on a platter to the USA. I expect even Obama couldn’t save him from Guantanamo or whatever equivalent.

    I don’t pray much, but I am praying for Julian Assange now..

    • I’ve been totally obsessed with this stuff too. I find the whole thing extraordinary, and really scary.
      The guy is on interpol’s red alert for having sex without a condom. The woman who accused him has a blog entry outlining how to enact revenge.
      The US want to arrest him for treason and he isn’t even American.
      Amazon and Paypal have bowed to pressure. Amazon apparently to a single phone call from a US Senator. Personally, I’m really disappointed by Paypal / Ebay.
      The US and France have called for the Swiss to boot Wikileaks of their new domain address.
      Julia Gillard has left him out to dry. And BTW Wikileaks is on the list of websites that will be banned if the Aust Gvt get their way…

      The whole thing is utterly insane. And shows exactly how repressive the world has become.

      The one shinning light is that it does appear that the UK are protecting him to a certain extent, seeing as they know exactly where he is and all that.

  32. agree with you both Andromeda & Twinstar

    are we reverting to McCarthy-esque living?
    senators / bankers using their clout to shut him down ….

    & yes the son sitch is sad – his Tweet “‘Father declared me a sociopath, mother thinks I’m a monster and this romantic situation is oh-so-very-uncomfortable.” says it all …. rest of today’s article interesting ….–like-father-like-son-20101204-18kpr.html

  33. This article seems to me like it wants to help discredit Julian, by revealing a ‘disfunctional family background’ – rather than helping to reveal a complex human being.

    Where does it show how the son is ‘driven to dissent’?? It reveals that, unlike his father, he has completed his studies, & has a legit job as a software designer. Work with open-source code is not hacking, nor dissenting. What really is the point of this article ??? leave the poor kid alone I say.

    There are many strange twists to this story, & as others have said – aust govt is not helping him.

  34. Sorry to divert from the astro for a bit, but it appears there’s enough interest for this here: There’s a public protest in support of Julian Assange being organised for Sydney on Friday 10 Dec at 1pm at Town Hall. Journalists and human rights activists are expected to attend:

  35. I read so many stuff on the net discrediting him, but also that he was tired of fighting on multiple fronts.

    I hope he stays unattached at wherever he finds himself. I suspect this is just a beginning.

  36. He just handed himself over to the authorities, or been arrested ? Just before xmas. Interesting, easter would have been more appropriate, don’t you think ?
    So many bones being pointed. Its not good for him right now, the future for this guy ? Lets hope now they have put him on such a high pedestal he can actually take on some of these bullies ?

    • I fear for him. It will be a miracle if the evil powers fail to get a “hit”.

      Where do I sign up for support for this guy? Julia Gillard has lost my respect forever (though she was on flimsy ground anyway, but listening to her rhetoric on JA/Wikileaks totally disgusted me). He has broken no laws and he is an Australian citizen. What a lame excuse for PM.

      As someone above said, I rarely pray but I am praying for JA and his cause.

      • Actually I am feeling better since he was arrested as I read that he is going to be represented by the AWESOME Geoffrey Robertson QC and he has been hanging out with the rich and famous, Jemima Kahn, John Pilger.

        I signed up to Twitter on the internet so I can read Wikileaks latest links and postings. It’s amazing, three days ago it had 300,000 followers today it is close to 450,000.
        Every few hours I log on and there are 20,000 more people following their posts!!

        Really the community support is pretty intense despite what the media are projecting. The Age polls show that 80% of people think Julia G. betrayed him and that they believe he is helping democracy move forward…

        It’s very encouraging and ultimately there won’t be a way to remove him without making him a martyr and making A LOT of people very angry.

        • To clarify I meant that the rich and famous have more clout to help him which is good and I do realise that the readers of The Age online aren’t exactly a representation of the global community view!

      • Ah yes, FF, if you follow him on Twitter (it’s really just like getting a telegram with usually a link to a support group or website or news article) you will get all the information on supporting JA and Wikileaks.

        • Thanks A, will sign up!.

          Sweetpea, i read that in Sweden they have a “sex by surprise” charge – sex is consentual but if fail to use condom or “surprise” sleeping partner then it’s considered rape.

  37. Talk radio in the car on way home for work last night, said the “rape” charges are because in Sweden it is considered rape if one does not use condoms. Apparenty he had not with two women.

    This is what I heard….have no idea how sound the info.

  38. Baristagem found a birthtime as per her post on “Important Techie Note” thread. Pats Bgem on the back.

    2.05 pm Townsville, Australia, Saturday 3rd July, 1971

    Scorpy rising with Moon in 12th conj Asc.

    Mystic was spot on – genius 🙂

  39. Love that he is an iconoclast.

    Uranus transit….~outing of the truth as he sees it~

    Inspirational.. My aim in life too as Uranus eventually hits Aries. Different means, but same principle.

  40. FREAKY Mountain Astrologer has his IC going through Washington – go the astrocartography. I can’t believe someone has breached privacy laws in the name of astro to get his birth time that’s ironoclast.

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