The Sagittarian Christmas Agenda

Model in village with reindeerYou know how i hate shopping and malls and fat people (hello- Santa?)  and having to show up to shit that’s not part of my personal journey and like, how Xmas is not even respectful to Pagans or Jews or people like me who like to buy presents, get Godly or drunk when they FEEL like it — not one day of the year and well, anyway…i love travel and i decided that the only part about Christmas that i really like is the flying sleigh and the reindeer! Yah! So here i am in Lapland and i have rented this awesomely hot cottage for the Yuletide…

Image: Raymond Meier

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53 thoughts on “The Sagittarian Christmas Agenda

  1. Christmas means uprooting for 3 weeks to be around family to feel it’s ok to be us in a hard to explain way, always been close to my 6 siblings, we fight & have fun. After months & months in the desert the cool, good food, civilization is most welcome. Because you know you have to come back to the slog. I get off on the decorations, the sadder the tree the more beautiful :).

  2. Christmas means you have to behave like a performing monkey. which I hate. However I do believe that there is some merit in upholding rituals.
    A hot sandy beach and an esky full of beers bekons though.

  3. Fuq yeah! I loath Xmas! Mystic I totally relate to the post. What bothers me the most (apart from family obligations) is that people consume to the extreme while thousands of people are homeless. I think it is a total sham – all about ‘what’s for me’ rather than community.
    My perfect festive season would involve camping on the beach and learning to surf or hiking nz south island or parties in Berlin or San Fran ….or tropical fruits! 🙂

  4. My hubby is without any of his family at chrissie. And every year we have a massive blue. Expectations are too huge and emotions run high. But I do love to wear tinsel in my hair.

  5. I read this after wrapping up a skype session with my Sag-Moon mother & nearly spit my tea out at the screen. The topic of the convo? Her brothers & sisters trying to rein her in this Christmas with random name-drawing of who each family member will buy a gift for — she’ll give gifts to everyone if she wants! She’s already called home to threaten not to attend Christmas dinner, sending her Kataka mother into a dramatic slump.

    Her current status: a Canadian living sporadically in a Danish village (shite loads of amber, not far from the ocean) with her equally Sag-Moon manfriend where they are prepping for their OWN Christmas this upcoming weekend. It’s the tree & the food & the decorations on their terms. They have his mother over, exchange gifts and the whole lot only to begrudgingly do the whole thing over again on other people’s terms on the 25th.

    (ooh breaking radio silence here for the first time…)

  6. Can that pic be me this Christmas?!? 😀 Lived my Sag ascendant wholeheartedly last Christmas (was definitely part of my personal journey). Decided spontaneously what I wanted to do and ended up having an amazing time with peeps I haven’t seen in forever. It was all just so breezy. Would LOVE to go to an island this year but I know I have to get a move on due to Merc retro if I want this to happen.

  7. I know a sagg who can’t laugh at himself. He scurried away like a cockroach at the gym this morning when he saw me. I let him know that I know about the lies he told me. His mouth just went to jelly and then he raged. Some low saggs are liars and cowards. It’s not a good look.

  8. Jesus was – as we have established before – A Capricorn. He was most likely Aries or Pisces…Search this site for Jesus to find the articles. Three wise men: astrologers looking for the latitude/longitude where the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction (most likely) the strongest.

    And btw, there are heaps of Saggo “stream of consciousness” posts in the Sagittarius category. They’re the only sign i do it for as they are (a) rich material and (b) the most able to laugh at themselves.

    • I ditto on all that, and would like to add how bad and horrible christmas is for people who are doing it tough in life for many reasons: poverty, lonliness, family disputes, loss of loved ones etc. I always worry about them and think how christmas can really magnify their pain and hope that somewhere they received a kind gesture that really made them smile.
      See not a scruge a realist.

      • you are so right. this year its weird. sister husband family celebrating their mother still being here post recent severe stroke, brother’s wife’s family has father just hanging in there, meanwhile our own mother wont leave the house & tries to hide the fact she can barely walk. so the decision to fly interstate to split time between the 3 homes is not the most enticing idea for a ‘holiday’. plus it costs a fortune for transit & presents then no one can cook – so its buy food & cook for all – guzzling plonk as we go.

        may twist Le Rams arm to see if we can escape – although his father’s ailing so sticking here we’ll eat in 2 hours & then duty is done. go to the beach or something.

        I just hate the thought of all of it. so my heart goes out to those who have a hard time cos they cant afford it or have no one to share it with or the reunion signals family warfare.

        Anotherbloody aries – LOL re ‘festival of the retailers’ – Christmas is a marketing feast & has fuck all to do with religion when little baby jesus is plonked in a plastic straw crib in a shopping mall & the kids prefer photos with fat santa!

        • Agree that children working in factories making dinky gifts that we buy due to retailers greed etc has nothing to do with kindness or spirituality!!

          But on another level classical culture has always celebrated rituals to usher in a new cycle. Rituals of 1. fasting, sacrifice and scapegoating 2. dead rising, rules broken, death of the king, break in the cycle 3. feasting, celebrating, marrying.

          Christmas through to Lent is an echo of an ancient rhythm to life and I think it is important to our subconscious to acknowledge those concepts – if not those proposed by the retailers..

          Of course being in Oz, we lack a period of festivity mid winter, I always mean to do something but everyone gets really busy in July what with end of tax year.. symbolic again.

  9. agree Mystic – the enforced celebrations feels false. As your rightly note, it’s not the same day yet it is marketed as a generic celebration with enforced expenditure, business shut downs etc.
    Yes its fun for kids. yes its fun for family reunions. but still it seems like a lot of money & resources are unnecessarily wasted. a time of excess!

    similarly, New Yeat shits me – one night a year every one is EXPECTED to have a great time. I have forced celebration. fun shoulr be spontatnious or tailored to the particular event / person / milestone.

    Given a choice – I love to be on a plane either day. it’s a great time to fly & avoid the fuss by cruising at a higher altitude.

    I wish this week would end – have 2 more stories to push off the desk pre quitting today grrrr…

    • LOL xoxrlp i once worked with someone who referred to christmas as *the festival of the retailers* SO true roflmao

      PS fun for kids ONLY if battery powered toys have *batteries not included* supplied somehow (NO double entendré intended)

  10. I love Christmas, it’s the best thing that has come out of consumer culture. You don’t have to be christian either, one of my Jewish friends collects Christmas decorations because they are so purty.

    • I was just about to ponder the question: Who lurves the chrissy thing?

      I was going for Leo and Cancer (grown ups not kids though).

      Me no really, love that there is more stuff going on and it seems to be the only time of the year that every one can finally get together friend wise I mean. But Chrissy day family stuff, guilt trips if you ‘d rather not…. Blaaa

      • I work in a shop. Maybe Doctor Who will come rescue me from a life of drudgery ala Rose – would totally time travel with him anywhere, anytime!
        PS. I like the twinkly lights and my Star Trek ships. Visit with fam is usually short.

  11. Maybe they were a collection of ethnically diverse Sag guys looking for an excuse to avoid forced seasonal family/religious gatherings and did a different trip each year. Only this one is recorded.
    My Sag is rising – and running things…

  12. I do love the Three Wise Men though. especially the fact that they read it in the stars -or whose astute local (palace?) astrologer got the predictions right and who were apparently up for a bit of a road trip ie. had their own transport, suitable gift, for royal baby their wits about them (not returning to Herod -derrr Herod! as if). Who would they have been?

  13. My Saggo friend is in New Zealand furiously working on the renovation of a boat to sail to … wait for it …. the Antarctic. I still boggle that this sun lover who hates frost is running around in NZ and contemplating sailing further south to all that ice!

    May The Opulence be always there for you to Enjoy In total BLISS Year Round ,You Deserve It Mystic – Puro Party!!! JOY!!!

  15. did my sagittarian xmas last year, and was frolicking in the nz springs and caves with a bunch of other anarchists… best thing was that I actually got to miss the family and the consumerist greed, whereas for years i had been in constant conflict during the yuletide time. Often trying to discuss the MEANING of xmas with family members whose eyes glazed over and ears folded in, ignoring my attempts to change the status quo. I even went to church one year to authenticate the experience, but that didnt even help. I realise now, that aside from all the inauthentic celebration, it is at least a time socially designated and acceptable, to share love and joy with family and friends. So thats my focus this year, and im sure the prawn and champers will help, add some good music and refusal to enter into any dubious conversation topics, and bring out my eyes glaze over and deaf ears if any family members boyfriends or partners start talking homophobia, or politics, or war, or race… surely weve gotten rid of them already!… actually i thought of proposing a rules for engagement when those ones entered, and basically thought i would state, that these matters were not to be discussed during celebratory proceedings, and if they cooperated I would supply a constant flow of alcohol, and if they did not comply they could promptly leave, or would be asked to leave quietly and orderly…. pfffffft… such grand plans…

  16. Kim Falconer would adore that article.
    Feel exact same way at Myst re Christmas.
    But New Year is a different story & love how many
    there are during the year!
    ‘Different Courses for different Horses ”
    Wiil purchase bamboo balinese oils lamps for garden as token.
    My alcho Leo ‘sis’ may be coming to stay for a 5 day limit. Limit,
    as she starts with sav blanc for lunch & bubbles, preferably
    French,if she can con me into it. Talks at me for 2 hours at a time
    along with many many Malborough Reds. It’s like being held captive!
    What can i do, what can i say. She’s been in my life & won’t let go
    since we were 20 yo. That’s a loooong time.
    Shall remind myself that ‘eccentric’ is FUN.
    The junk mail brochures in letterbox is insane. Fulla shite stuff too.

  17. Just bought my Saggo art teacher friend a cheap secondhand mtn bike for her bday so we can go cruising round town, urban adventuring together. Can think of only a gemini friend who would appreciate the same.

    The sagge friend is so dismissive of xmas business she’s considering spending the day earning good money working in a lettuce farm refridgerator packing bags of lettuce.

    • This sounds like an excellent idea on a sweltering Dec day …. chilled as well as far away from drunk &/or sentimentality-oozing rellys :-))

      Must be my sagg mars – i loath all that (compulsory – NOT) jolly family-get-together stuff, shudder !!!

    • “hate shopping and malls and having to show up to shit that’s not part of my personal journey”. Lol, mystic, you nail us every time. Bet you were a Saggo in your last life….

      • I DO have Sagittarius South Node so yes, well intuited!

        And btw who loves/appreciates the effort required to find a suitable pic to illo the Crab Man post…?

        • ….to me, the pic – the eyes, the mouth – said it all about that particular letter (rather than Cancerians in general) that you heroically refrained from stating in your response, Mystic…I laughed and figured “nuff said” indeed!

          • I wasn’t commenting on Cancerian traits to be found in pic, I got that much. I clicked on the photographers site and looked at all the photos, he just resembles Tom Hulce the actor. I just took me awhile to figure out who.

            • i wasn’t commenting on your post, saturn rox (he looked familiar to me too!) just mystics’ ref to the picture…

            • oh, ok. Actually, I was thinking of this post today…
              I know Joaquin Phoenix is Scorpio.
              Super intense eyes, piercing gaze.
              Two friends are Pisces and have lovely full eyes like the Cancernian man pic.
              So perhaps is common of all water sun signs ?

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