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Bette Davis motivational poster slogan“I have always been driven by some distant music— a battle hymn no doubt— for I have been at war from the beginning. I rode into the field with sword gleaming and standard flying. I was going to conquer the world.”

Bette Davis – so totally Aries


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56 thoughts on “So Totally Aries

  1. Am truly sorry and quite mortified if my comments irritated or bored anyone excessively. It was truly written with intent to share something. I was really keen to hear astrologically related thoughts and was not wanting to be a panic merchant at all! Please forgive my bad judgement – promise not to blog with a temperature forthwith.. Sincere apologies… (insert embarrassed face).

      • I used to love that song! Listened to it a lot when it came out (2002/3?). Haven’t heard it in ages 🙂 Was nice to hear again. Thank you

        • Michelle a Cancer. Cute that she has that little crab in the video and ocean scene. I wonder if she included that cuz of her astro?

          • Had three hour lunch/brunch with Cancer, Scorp rising, Sagg Moon daughter this last Sunday at a Mex restaurant to catch up. She requested the lunch and then I did the 77 mile (each way) drive. What the hell was up with that? (joke 🙂 ) She’s Vegan and does rock climing with her Gem boyfriend. She’s transfering to uni soon. I love her SOOOOO much. And he and she will eventually be getting married so she’s starting to dream. She’s 24.

            As far as Aries goes, everyone needs a safe place to weep. x

    • calm down lovey you were just being your usual even tempered lovely self. You didn’t post the original sillyness. No need to take things on board which aren’t yours.

      I view any forthcoming changes in the market/economy/government as a positive force and the result of the growing consciousness of human beings. Our system is unbalanced. Our economic values are disconnected from our sense of what constitutes principled, truthful and loving behaviour if you accept yourself as a global citizen. Whatever market corrections occur will be necessary ones to help us live more authentically and happily. That’s what Pluto in Cap is all about methinks (with a lil help from our graceful friend Libra in Saturn). No need to panic and run for the hills. Be part of the solution. Do your little bit. Perfection not required. You’re more useful being “part of” than hiding in a bunker eating canned baked beans


    • You weren’t the over the top one and you didn’t bring it up you were simply responding to stimulus in an area that you’re interested in. You were led to water and you drank. Is nothing to stress about in the grand scheme of things. Monsanto ARE evil tho : o) You just won another sub or something – awesome!

    • Do go read about China’s astro as well as western tho if you’re into the astro of this thing – is fascinating, it was a phase of reading about chinese astrology that made me look at sharemarket astro in the first place and the aqua and I had minimum impact during the GFC as a result of using the astro to make choices. There’s some guy who’s mapped the rises and falls in gold and silver and other precious metals to the astro cycles since gold and silver prices were indexed. Mars retro is pivotal. He used to be a share trader on wall street who became an astrologer. Really interesting to have informed insight. Soz can’t remember name but he’s easily found using key words.

      • Thank you guys, I really appreciate you writing these comments, you cheered me up a lot. Nice song Sweetle Beetle!
        I like to blame my Scorpio Moon, I get really obsessed with stuff and can’t let go! I totally agree with your thoughts Prowln (apart from the bit where I am ‘even tempered’ lol) and assure you I am not a bunker type personality, the food is awful for starters.
        Will read on whatevs, I think you are talking about Arch Crawford? Thanks, I won something? OMG, I feel really embarrassed now..

        Also, I have moments where my faith in astrology wavers, so learning about all this has been really affirming for my interest in astrology, partly why I expressed this stuff here. You guys are sweet, xx.

    • Andromeda you didn’t irritate – like many, logged onto Mystic for a morning hit prior to being slammed by the day & there was this stream that went forever (now impossible to follow as posting times are all out of sequence) & felt like I’d hit a conspiracy theory blog or something …. all before coffee 😉

    • Andromeda,

      Good for you for “coming back” .
      I didn’t read the original comments, but I am sure they were a bore. (Bluntness)
      And I’m also equally sure they were intended just as you said….
      I think it’s one of the best Arien traits, very haute…to have the courage to return, after a potential faux pas snafu…..
      Bad judgement? totally Aries…rookie mistake, I like to call it….
      Kudos, kiddo!

      • my comments weren’t really deleted but I did think about signing off tbh.. No Aries in my chart, I do have Venus/Saturn conj in the 1st house, but they are in Cancer?!

  2. And there I was thinking it was actually a plot on monsantos part to spray aluminium everywhere so everyone would get alzheimers and forget what had happened. I mean it makes sense they would ramp THAT up while neptune was retro conjunct chiron.

  3. Also, as i think i mention in my Uranus Confidential, if there IS to be a correction or a crisis it will be most likely be in the middle of 2011 – when Uranus Squares Pluto…

    I.m.o it is more likely to be more assertive action on the part of taxpayers who feel that the govt is mis-spending their $$$ – eg; Pluto in Leo generation retirees finding the coffer is empty and/or peeps not wanting corporate welfare (taxpayer money straight to big pharma or to subsidize sugar sort of thing).

    • Interesting MM, I think you are likely right!

      And sorry if I overstepped the mark, been spending a lot of time reading so of course it is of interest and just wanted to share a little.
      You are so right about this topic beginning sensible and ending in strange place.

  4. Sorry – i just deleted a whole lot of posts because i loathe that sort of survivalist drivel, it’s not what this post/site is about and i think it’s paranoid fear-mongering. It’s like a lower sort of a consciousness. Obviously the economy is going through some changes – you can read the sodding Economist to figure that out. It is not like a secret.

    I don’t like conspiracy theories (amazing how often those sites lead to anti-semitic raves or Obama-is-an-alien-Lizard stuff) and i think fleeing off to the hills to exchange pentacles for hemp or whatever would be a mistake.

    And i would actually be some sort of a tycoon if i had a 1000 $ for every email/deleted comment re “flee to the hills” – “my guides tell me you should move away from the tsunami this weekend” – “the banks are about to collapse” – “alien invasion soon” – it’s actually a form of avoiding facing up to your own shit.

  5. Have you ever considered that by taking the kind of action you suggest en masse you will be actively creating the exact conditions for the destabilising crash you’re warning against?

    Paranoid fear mongering and scare tactics are never the way forward.

  6. Should’ve said ex f/mate. And yes, I was all those things – the handbag, the cheerleader, babysitter. Yet, she was never really supportive of me. She betrayed me many times but we were young and I forgave her quickly. I wouldnt want to know her now. I dont mean to offend other Aries friends here when I say SOME Aries are pure energy vampires.

    • LOL you’re back! So much has happened since you’ve been gone. All the signs are energy vampires in their own ways tho – just different kinds of bleeding techniques. Leo’s are always so quick to forgive and smile radiantly in the face of crap – it’s one of your best qualities. I guess learning to balance it with not forgiving too much and sticking up for yourself is the key. I forgave my aries for years as well – Librans can see the good and the bad and still maintain the connection without letting the bad get in the way – it’s a kind of rational constantly weighing it up scenario. It takes so long to learn these things about yourself when you think someone is your friend tho. The thing is would you trade the experience? They’ve taught you something so it’s not for nothing? And Ariens are so much fun when they’re on the ups.

    • Totally.

      Constant forgiving was the boo-boo I made, to.
      Over looking stuff to be “loyal” .
      Still waiting for any kind of return of that kind of loyalty….

  7. As soon as Masonic symbols from Washington to Miami on maps
    along with Homer Simpson’s masonic hand signals, they
    lost me…but hey did listen to it til that point.

    All this ‘inside information’ just results in aquired helplessness.

    I bank with Bank Mattress 🙂

    • Bank Mattress a reliable bank – just make sure the deposit isn’t in paper money – precious metals better (but uncomfortable to sleep on of course!). Lol Pegs.

      • monsanto are the most evil fuqers on earth if I believed in the devil I’d be looking to monsanto’s president to see what he looked like. This is a shitload of controversial information you’re deluging us with anon – are you having some kind of mofo of a transit?

      • @ Anonymous above: What a load of toxic misinformation you are anonymously dumping here. There is more naturally occurring Aluminium (Al) in most soil types than you could ever “spray into the sky”. And it is not toxic to all plants as you suggest. Your conclusion that “Soon people wont be able to grow their own food they will have to buy from monsanto…..” = A LOAD OF TOTAL CRAP! Plants vary widely in how they take up and process Al. An Al-resistance gene could in fact be quite useful to allow production of some cereal crops on marginal acidic soils. Ever thought of that? Who are you anyway to be sprouting off such factoids? Identify yourself. And while you are at it, what soil type is your home sitting on?

        This is not “controversial information” that we should all act on. Rather it is a deluge of paranoid, data-free, airhead, fear-mongering rubbish. And maybe a bit of self absorbed attention seeking & time wasting as well? How unusual. Monsanto, the banks, the government et al are not the boogy men threatening our planet. It is blithering airheads who don’t pull their weight and spend precious resources & energy crapping on to each other all day rather than ACTUALLY doing, fixing or making something. If you don’t like a Monsanto product, simply buy something else or grow your own. It’s not that complicated. There are no conspiracy theories involved. You do not need to alarm others with your reasons; just do your own thing and shut up about it. We don’t need to know.

        And, finally, WTF have any of these comments got to do with astrology? It’s not even astrology-lite. Or astro-funny. Or astro-enlightening. Or even vaguely related to the topic Mystic has posted about above. No wonder I don’t visit or contribute to the comments much any more. Can’t breathe for all the stale air being sprayed about.

  8. I don’t feel like reading financials right now but I recently had access to information that share traders and investment bankers use to make decisions (thanks venus retro in the 6th for THAT shit gig) and they’re all about a double dip recession being imminent.

  9. Sorry to bang on about this, but while I am not sure where Anonymous is coming from with their information, I do feel also like sharing the fact that things are not going great to you lovely bloggers who might be interested.

    There appear to be 2 main scenarios (3 if you include the US derivatives & mortgage crisis):

    1) high govt debt (US/Japan/Euro) -> NO CUT BACKS -> money printing -> inflation -> hyper inflation -> currency collapse

    2) high govt debt (US/Japan/Euro) -> austerity programs -> high taxes -> low growth -> deflation -> high interest rate debt spiral -> money printing -> inflation -> hyper inflation -> currency collapse

    It is worth looking at ways to protect yourself that don’t rely on banks or cash.
    (Getting out of debt asap is always a good idea though isn’t it!) Well there isn’t much to do but watch the cookie crumble, so that’s all.

    You have all been so kind and generous towards me so thank you for indulging my little rant here. It’s totally out of gratitude I write this as I am hesitant to misuse the wonderful Mystic’s blog by writing out of context to the themes presented.

    • Sure, I didn’t mean to be dismissive, this information is coming together on many levels and through many different people. I will listen to it when I get a chance! Best wishes.

      • I raise my glass to your china theory. They’ve been doing all kinds of things not just economically for the last few years that we seldom hear about but if you put the disparate elements together they are a HUGE force to be reckoned with. Thanks to you both for sharing your thoughts – things are most certainly coming together in many ways at the moment.

    • When capitalism was invented in the age of enlightenment this situation was predicted by one of the economic bigwigs of the day can’t remember his name. A swiss guy anyhow – is amazing to be seeing the things I’ve studied happening before my very eyes. The fall. I mean it’s obviously not ideal but we’re in it and there’s no way of getting out just softening the blow as best we can in our own small ways and not living life in fear is the only way cos fear isn’t going to change anything.

      • Am apprehensive but shunning fear as best I can! Good to be aware and prepared as if for a bushfire or Uranus charging about in Aries Clothing is all. Forewarned is forearmed! Well if you act on the info anyway… 🙂

        • There’s some really interesting astro sharemarket sites around, I had a phase of watching them in 2007 (luckily) and it’s really interesting – i mean if you’re into that kind of thing : o) I have phases of interest in it.

    • “when ya got nothin ya got nothing to lose”, i’ll start singing dolly parton – coat of many colours, and have a little chuckle… But, no, I getcha, Im not that ignorant, I know that capitalism will fall, as it always does, and the resources it uses to prop its self up with are finite, and the ridiculous wealth it creates for such a small small percentage of the world, is at the expense of social and ecological justice, and a lot of people will suffer from the greed of the west. And yes it must be scary for peeps who are so dependent on their money for security, but how wonderful if it actually exposes the truth of global financial crap and the destructive relationship it has with earth.

  10. Wow have never seen her young – thought it was drew barrymore. I’ve seen her in one thing is she in that one with the guy who breaks down and then moves in to the house with the crazy drunk dame with the butler and someone ends up face down in the pool? Am SO not into musicals so never really seen her movies. My best friend through late teens + 20s who was a model & struggling actress was an aries tho – and now you mention Bette it’s all coming together – strong purposeful woman but a totally loyal friend until it was inconvenient for her then you had to get the hell outta her way. We were the perfect team, had opposite taste in men altho whenever she broke up with one they would say I was what they liked most about her – she was just great in bed but I was the one they could stay up all night and talk to apparently – I had a studio in the house we shared and worked at night, they would come out after she’d drained them of their life force and talk to me – so I ended up with a lot of lovely male friends because of her men eating ways. One of them is still one of my bffs.

      • Libra – yes intense – were you like their human handbag always around for the pre-seduction and then you would have to conveniently finding your own way home? I mean luckily I’m independent and that was never a problem but when you look at it in retrospect you realise there’s some things that seemed normal at the time that just wouldn’t cut it in a friendship now. And then there was the picking up the pieces when it was over – either her pieces or theirs depending on who it was that did the deed. She was very loyal when she chose to be tho. If you were sick she’d feed you etc. You are a leo living with an aries? That’s a pretty crazy power combo that one.

        • My Aries best friend, (known her from birth- we were born in the same hospital 5 days apart)
          Totally just threw me over. After I did the flowers for her wedding, supported her through her first kid, a bad relationship, and just generally tried to be a good friend.
          Can you believe she actually found a replacement friend? Someone with the same name, same skills, hobbies and looks but with more money and contacts? It turns out she was competing with me over the past year for the friendship, but I didn’t clue in. Her parting words were “Maybe somewhere down the road we will be friends again”
          I am bitter. It really, really hurts.

          So, short version- she as an Aries, is like that, I as an Aries, am not. 5 days difference.

          I have Cappy rising tho, she don’t- I think that might be it. I got the boring, grounded qualities of Cappy, not the ruthless bit.

        • That’s horrible – my aries did shitty things like that but always came running back – I was actually pleased for the breaks between drinks and never cared too much that she had befriended another – always knew they’d get sick of her really quickly cos she was so high maintenance. You however being her kind are probably not going to recover and forgive so quickly are you my friend? Money and contacts? She has some kind of malefic venusian thing natally and venus retro has really sent her off the deep end? She finally lost it? Is crap your feelings are so hurt but if that’s how shallow she is once your wounds have been salved I’m thinking the “she did me a favour” phase will come quite quickly. Did she “finalise” it today when venus got to libra? Mean – is her parting comment some kind of back-up plan in case it backfires? A bet each way. Am sorry you’ve been treated so badly BSA. Is RANK. You got remedies on board?

          • Oh, thanks Whatevs….
            I really needed the sympathy today, you have no idea…. I guess I was keeping it inside and it just needed out…!
            I don’t have remedies….how would those actually work, really?

            We’d been power struggling over the past few years, a bit, on my part I was tired of always calling her, everything had to be at her house, etc, etc. Her reply was- but I always call you back… It made me feel second best….this new girl is all.. “oh of course it should be at your house,you have the nicest house”
            She has a Toro moon, but I suspect Scorp rising.
            She finally sent me an email, less than month after I moved to a new place cause of my crazy housemate, and my beloved 14 yr old kitty died and my great aunt (the month before, while I was moving)
            I think she was tidying me up- because now she is pregnant again- found out yesterday. I felt like she purposefully picked the timing of her email to get power over me…sad, but true.
            It hurts.
            I already have had the “she did me a favour feeling.” It is sooper- strong in my soul. Totally. I feel like her sending me that email did me the biggest favour. No regrets. It was just so final for me (not necc for her) It’s just struggling with my heart. y’know? I have known her forever.

            Gawd. I feel way better having just got that out. Thanks Whatev.
            Truly. For asking….Aries are not all tough, yaknow?

    • Thought a first glance it was Drew Barrymore doing Retro.
      ‘She’s got Bette Davis eyes’…………(Kim Carnes song).
      A true Diva.

  11. I used to really struggle with Arien energies in others, then I totally fell head over for one (he’s Haute – pun intended) and now I’m seeing them all in a brand new Light.
    Go Aries!

  12. Oh Bette scared me as a child. Never understood Crawford or Harpo Marx either. Isn’t Joan an Aries too? Love them all as an adult though. So ruthless seeming those two!

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