Outer-Planet Peeps: Are You One Of Them?

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If you ever look at old astro books, that work only on then-known inner planets, you’ll see they essentially categorize people according to these types. Not only that, the Sun, Moon and inner planets sort of follow quite distinct polarities.

Sun and Moon – Yang and Yin, Male and Female.   Mercury is a Hermaphrodite. True.  Venus and Mars – Yin and Yang/Female and Male…obviously. Jupiter is surely Yin and Saturn mega-Yang.  And you have your very Jupiter-types (Jovial) and then the Saturn ones who are best described as Saturnine.

There are Mars (warrior-sporting heroes-actors playing heroic roles) peeps and Venus (super-mods, actresses chanelling Venusian archetypes) and so on.

They are all familiar.  Re the Yin-Yang thing. You ideally do both. How weird that it is a compliment to be told you have a Sunny disposition but that the Moon has been relegated to “loonie” and/or the slightly less batty “mooning about.”

So there is that and then of course there are the Outer Planets: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto – they’re named after male Gods of the ancient times but honestly, i’ve read fantastic arguments for each and every one of them being neither gender and not even so linked to the Gods of myth that they are named after. eg; Uranus is more like Prometheus in action.

Whole books have been written about this stuff – see some of the ones i like in the Amazon book reccie thing on the left – but for the sake of today: lots of people don’t have much outer planet energy going on in their charts. Yes they might have Pluto – say – in Libra but so does their entire generation. So you actually do have a hell of a lot of  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars etc types fanging about the place.

But SOME people are Outer Planet Peeps. This is when Uranus, Neptune or Pluto is totally transmitting through you by being attached to one of the inner, personal planets.  So anyone of these Outer Planets conjunct (let’s just ignore the other aspects for now, conjunct means right next to, less than five degrees) Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus means your are an Outer Planet Person. Ditto on your Ascendent or Midheaven.

You’re out-there, you’ve got moxy, you’re channelling something other-worldly every time you try to have a relationship, write a letter, get laid, make money etc. You’re both super-ancient and of the future. It takes a while to grow into being an Outer Planet Person…It’s intense, weird and magic.


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209 thoughts on “Outer-Planet Peeps: Are You One Of Them?

  1. Pluto & Uranus, & Saturn overload. Heavy Scorpio and Capricorn influence. I’m part of the generation of outer planet “stellium” ppl who are now in their 20s when Saturn was in Cap and Pluto in scop.

    Sun, Merc, Mars, are in scorp conjunct pluto in the fourth house w/ mars directly on the IC conjunct lillith in scorp (I will never get married).

    Venus is in Cap conjunct Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the 5th house opposite moon.

    With leo rising, the Sun and 5th house are emphasized. Moon and Jupiter in the 11th house balances it all out. Along with a Yod aspecting moon with mercury and vesta.

    My experience of it is that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING, ALL AT ONCE, ALL THE TIME. Deep diving and shooting into outer space. Hyper focused on the outer world manifesting or deeply immersed in my inner world.

  2. Great info, Mystic! So glad to have read this. Most enlightening.

    I have Pluto conjunct Moon (7th house), and Uranus conjunct Mercury exact (8th house), in Libra.

    Is it appropriate to describe a “conjunct” with the True Node? If so, I have Neptune conjunct True Node in Sagg (9th house).

    • So often in this life I’ve felt like a round peg trying to be pushed through a square hole. I guess this makes it official! haha

  3. Hi, kinda just found this and just wanted to say that imo Jupiter is definitely yang and Saturn yin. Jupiter is expansive, open and outward in its’ energy. Saturn is closed off, contracted and inward. Jupiter rules one of the most extroverted signs in Sagg and Saturn rules the cool and closeted Cap.

  4. hmmm. re read this post, I know I was meant to say the venus/neptune conjunction that is exact. My love art creation cycle has been a full on trip. Does anyone else have this aspect? would be curious to know

  5. Pluto in Scorpio 17° conjunct Mercury 17° and Sun combust Venus in Scorpio 10° all ‘locked’ in the 10th opposing the moon. Intense to say the least. Yet wouldn’t have it any other way, keeps life interesting. Plutonic life themes (constant death/rebirth) et al.

    Skywriter Test scores 61 (not including asteroids) 🙂

  6. According to Astrodienst, I have:

    Pluto conjunct Mercury
    Uranus conjunct Mercury
    Uranus conjunct Eros
    All in Virgo

    And just for luck, Lust conjunct Moon, in Capricorn.

    The summaries below all make perfect sense for me and explain some things that I struggle with, especially Uranus/Eros:


  7. Mars/Pluto/Midheaven in Scorpio. It’s intense but I’m getting used to it now. A few years ago it was way too much for me to get my head around and deal with.
    I was looking into the other stuff in my chart and completely ignoring my outer planets until an astrologer friend kindly mentioned I should look into my Pluto.

    Venus/Neptune in Capricorn is harder for me to settle with, I’ve been meaning to look into it…

    Not sure about weird or ancient channeling any greatness, the Scorp conjunct is just really, really intense!

  8. sun conjunct pluto in libra too (2 degrees apart). also, mercury loosely conjunct uranus in scorpio.
    when i was a child/ teen i was truly an outsider – cpuldn’t relate to others of my age group on any level. but i transformed, learned and moved on. and my weird interests as a child actually turned out to be one of my best assets.
    empowerment and intensity … hmm… that’s tricky. the intensity usually shows up in up/close and personal relationships. otherwise i am pretty mellow.
    the empowerment, i guess, it’s also a lilith theme, not just plutonian. to me it means accept who you are and work with the skills that you already have.

  9. well, i’ve got my moon conjunct pluto. and i’ve got to say, i can SO completely relate to every word you said about an outer planet person. i definitely absolutely believe i am. really! haha. very cool!

  10. Sun conjunct pluto in Libra (5 degrees apart) and Pluto conjunct venus in libra within 5 degrees.

    Constantly transform, learn, move, empower or stagnate and die.

    The choice is mine.

    Relationships based on inauthenticity don’t nourish me…I can be pretty intense! And yes, have had some wacko intense love relationships (with some narcissists/sociopaths), But try to stick to the helping others transform into the light part of this. Once I’ve helped you transform, and of course myself in the process, then my work is done.

    Moon opposite Pluto too, OMG I am such a Plutonian!

    • Being a super Plutonic myself Owl, I totally relate to this! I can’t do inauthentic relationships or friendships. I don’t see the point, although I get that others have no need for the deep ‘soul connection’ stuff that I need. I see the role of Plutonic types like us as bringing unconscious stuff in ourselves and others to the surface and dealing with it. We’re the skeleton and baggage exposers! My challenge has been finding a partner who is willing to deal with the skeletons and baggage once they’re out there and not continue repressing their stuff or projecting it onto others (me mainly!). I want a real man in that respect, not a boy!

  11. pluto conjunct MC in libra which is also conjunct my moon & saturn in scorp. plus uranus conjunct jupiter in sag. and neptune cojunct south node if that counts.

    “both super-ancient and of the future” never really tried to define it but that sums it up very nicely!

    funny you should mention your book recommendations mystic. just bought jan spiller’s ‘astrology for the soul’ today after doing some research on the nodes (pluto is transitting my neptune/sth node conjunction) and someone had suggested it as a must read. then i saw it on your list and knew i had to get it. found it in a second hand bookshop at lunch today 🙂

  12. Outer planets aspects all over my chart but the one that’s had the biggest influence is Pluto conjunct Moon both at 27 Virgo in the 11th house. Both planets also sextile Venus in Cancer in the 8th and Jupiter in Scorp in the 12th so there’s a strong Plutonic theme there. Apart from early mother issues (that thankfully I’ve done a lot of work on), it mainly plays out in my friendships and relationships. I don’t have much interest in ‘surface’ connections and zero interest in ‘false’ people. I tend to attract and seek out deep feeling, emotionally courageous types who I can be totally honest and real with and who are totally honest and real with me in return. In intimate relationships, I need to connect with my partner at a deep level, otherwise I feel unfulfilled and bored! And I need someone who can cope with my sensitivity and fairly complex emotional life. Most of my significant relationships have been with men with a fairly healthy dose of water (and earth) in their charts. Guys with no water just run a mile!

    While I don’t exactly rejoice in having an intense emotional life, I do think it gives me a compassion for other people’s pain and I think my ‘realness’ allows others to be open and honest. I often end up in conversations with total strangers who tell me all sorts of things and sometimes end up crying as they’re doing it! It can be a bit disconcerting at times but I’m reasonably good at maintaining healthy boundaries these days and I’d rather have a few of those kinds of connections with people, than hundreds of meaningless, surface connections.

  13. Not me personally, but I know an amazing Shamanistic Astrologer who has Sun-Virgo conjunct Uranus and Pluto (and Scorpio rising).

    It is absolutely amazing what energies she can handle – you basically go into the ring with her (zodiac laid out on the floor) and what comes forth is completely from god knows what area of the unconscious. I have one friend who gets amazing visions when she does a session with her – personally I just get to physically embody all this weird crap, goddesses, gods, energies from god knows where, it is fantastic. She needs to be a strong person to “hold the space” where all this stuff can come out.

    • Yes !

      I recently did something like that …drew the chart on the floor…large enough to actually walk through it…

      It did give a sort of kinesthetic `zing` to the interpretation.

    • are they involved with the clairvision peeps? I had a crazy experience years ago having an astro consult with a clairvision person and the big ring on the floor. It was phenomenal I’d forgotten about it until I read your post. The woman kept trying to bring me back because I kept going too far off in random directions. I was not sticking to the agenda. You had to do some breathing technique or something and then it unfolded from there. Was astro oriented but freestyle due to stuff just emerging.

  14. I have Neptune in the first house conjunct Venus in the first house and the Sun just squeezing into the twelfth house. Yes, I can be right off the planet, yes, I hate the cruelty on this planet, yes, I’ve had alcohol problems, but now I’ve tapped into a creative wellspring which is suddenly overflowing. I guess things happen at the right time. I’ve joined Art Every Day Month and suddenly Neptune seems to have been grounded and focused. About bloody time, lol.

  15. Jupiter conj neptune 0 deg. Everything I’m reading is soo true. HUGE imagination which can sometimes border on escapism if I don’t channel it. Am an optimist and an idealist. Also have Sun conj saturn although it’s too wide at 7 deg (plus in different signs). Still the bit I just read in cafeastrology is spot on, in particular feeling self-conscious expressing myself at times and wanting to be accomplished but not liking the spotlight. Ah, the contradictions.

  16. I’m not an outer planet peep (sadly!), but I think my otherworldly Pisces sister is: Saturn (20 Aries) conjunct Mercury (16 Aries), & Uranus (11 Aqua) conjunct Venus (11 Aqua). This outer-planet-channeling stuff is all new to me & I love the idea… Mystic is stimulating & informative as always.

  17. I dunno what any of it means – other than what astrodienst tells me, but I have both Neptune and Uranus conjunct my Ascendant. Again, no idea what trines or sextiles are but I seem to have my Outer Planets going crazy trining and sextiling my Inner Planets. Hahaha. Is this a good thing?

  18. Ok I have Pluto conjunct with Mercury in my 10th house in Virgo 26 degrees. I am not entirely sure how this manifests in my personality or my life. All I know is that at times I have the power that seems to come out of nowhere to cut through complex situations and sum them up. I make sense of things for others (not always for myself). I would really like to know a bit more about this particular outer planet thing. Any thoughts?

  19. Huh. So strictly based on the less than 5 deg rule, mine shows:

    Uranus (in Libra 1st house @ 4 deg) conjuncts my Cancer Sun (10th house 0 deg), Moon in Aqua (5th house 5 deg) & Venus in Leo (11th house 6 deg).

    Am I reading this wrong? Gee. Is that electrifying or what?

    • Sorry honey, you’re reading it wrong. Conjunct as in next to each other, so between 25 gem and 5 cancer would be conjunct your sun.
      Just look for planets right on top of each other in the chart rather than in the tables

      • So..does this mean all these planets would essentially be more or less in the same house? I am absolutely shite at this.

        I think Mars & Mercury conjuct my Cancer sun all in the 10th house, while Pluto conjuncts Uranus both in the 1st house. I suspect I’m still doing this wrong..

        • Yes, it means the planets that are generally close together are in the same house.
          Shell means that anything that falls from late Gemini to early Cancer would be conjunct to your sun.

          I think you are thinking of that other D.I.Y. post where we looked at planets of the same degree in different houses.

          Here you just look what is bunching up to the Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars on the chart. Have you tried looking looking on Astroclick Portrait? That will tell you which planets are conjunct by simply clicking on them.

        • Yes FA, usually in the same house, but again, lines can get in the middle. I have saturn in cancer in 12t conjunct Leo asc and Leo mars, so they cross houses.
          I just remembered I have your deets. You’ve no conjunctions at all! How’d you manage that? Go look. Although sun merc mars all in same house they are evenly split over beginning, middle and end. 13 degrees between each one. Uranus and Pluto are 10 degrees apart. Ok, I found one, merc is conjunct your MC. Go look, see how they are right on top of each in the graph, and in the tables are a few minutes apart (in terms of the numbers?) now look at the grid with all the crazy symbols. Look for merc and follow down to where it cross tabs with MC. See that little circle with the short stick? Kinda an upside down lollipop. That is the symbol for a conjunction.
          And with that must off to bed, hope that helps.

          • That absolutely helps! Thanks Shell and Andromeda.. and how sad is this, I didn’t realize I could do that with the astro portrait.

            So..I suppose save for my Merc and Midheaven, I am absent of conjuncts. I feel rather empty now.. but oh wot a lucid moment.

  20. pluto and uranus in the 12th in Libra… neptune in late 1st or 2nd depending on who is reading, in Sag…. no conjunctions… I do like to go into other dimensions, but this must not be my dominant way of being.

  21. I have both Uranus and Neptune conjunct my Capricorn ascendant and Pluto conjunct Mercury and Mars. I don’t know… I’m not a good judge of my own personality. I know how I think, but, of course, there’s no way for me to know if my thoughts are fundamentally different from other’s…

  22. Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto, Neptune most aspected. I am perceptive, and have been told so by others. Always knew when my ex was lying and that was before I read about body language.
    I have always had a weird electrocution fear, which I read is common with Uranus conjunct Sun and I definately get some weird ideas out of the blue.
    I remember singing “Don’t Fence Me In” at the top of my lungs in grade school chorus ! haha ~ meant every word !
    I took a quiz on Sky Writer and scored high Plutonian and Uranian. Also of interest…. Edgar Cayce said planet closest to cusp of 10th was ‘true home planet’ before this incarnation. Great topic. I am currently reading some Pluto books as I have it parked on my ASC. ! Any Neptune book recs anyone ?

      • Indeed, Ms. !
        Makes sense now why the only one in my family that ‘got’ me was my multiple conjunct Aquarian brother. Astro is brilliant !

    • OMG funny I was gonna write don’t fence me in in mine – is nice to know it’s not just me x My fear of electrocution is based in a multitude of actual experiences of it – trust that particular fear suspect it’s prob more intuition than fear : o)

      • oh my ! I have that Nat’l Park ranger from the NWest burned in my memory from Guiness record books. He was holding his burnt hat and had been struck by lightning *many* times. freaked me out !
        I also have a lot of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not books. Fascinated by the strange or odd. Just thought, I have been wanting to find out if lodestones (naturally magnetic rocks) are formed by lightning strike.
        I put one in relationship corner to start up some action, and it worked !
        All the best whatevs x

  23. I have Neptune/Mars like Charlie Sheen. 1st house, 2 degree orb.

    I also have Uranus and Saturn exactly 1 degree apart in the first house… dunno if that counts since Saturn’s not personal..?

  24. Venus-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (but Venus is in the 5th house & Uranus & Pluto are in the 4 house).

    This makes a lot of sense to me. My relationships are the source of so much magic (& no little pain) – so much intensity, mystical-feeling connections, and a sense of confusion & disorientation. Grow into them? Lord, I hope so!

  25. Hmm Pluto (Virgo) conjunct ASC (Libra) + Mars conjunct Uranus in Libra with a dash of 2nd house Mercury (Scorpio) conjunct Neptune (Sag) on the side.

    I’m relating to this Outer Planet bigtime…

        • O there you are Sweetie!
          With map in hand, i ask you…..Sun & Jupiter 5 degrees apart
          in 11th? Or tell me where to look..without googling.
          Just today saw what the symbols were for sextile-oppositions-
          trines-squares & conjunctions. That took 4 years & was in front
          of me all the time in Linda Goodman’s ‘Relationship Signs’.
          To me it means if the Sun’s a Planet, two big guns in collusion not

          • haha… collusion at 5 degrees apart. “Collusion” love it (although I doubt it in the negative sense with your Sagg Sun conj. Jupiter). Sun and Jup in 11th means you might have a wide circle of friends that you “teach” or inspire.

            According to some teachings, the 10th is what we do, or cultivate, but the 11th what we then bring out and share with the world. Something along those lines! My books in storage but I have Sun in 11th and even though it squares Saturn for example and I’m a lone wolf type, have high ideals of what I want to share. Getting there…

            And yes, speaking of which, the 11th house. It’s about our ideals and dreams. Dream big girl cuz you got the goods!

            Had an experience once…Was told ‘pick a dream’

            Lovely how we get to choose. I’d rather have a dream than a nightmere but weeding through the nightmeres the dream remains.

            I venture you gotta a dream inside you, or a vision. x

          • And I should leave that opened ended…Do you have a dream Pegs? I do. It’s for a better world of higher consciousness whereupon we leave the fear and troubles behind. Course it starts with us and looking at our personal stuff. A ‘herculean” task but like I told my Cancerian daughter just the other day, it’s called self mastery. I fail often but will get up again and again.

            yadda, yadda but it’s how I live my life.

          • Sweetie a little prose from a book called ‘God Jokes’…
            i used to dream dope
            i used to dream sex
            now i dream light
            thank god there’ still hope.

            A vision? Really can’t get past Planet Pandora from
            Avatar, those beauteous evolved beings, creatures
            and lush plush Nature.
            thanx x

      • ? Am confused by that Olyalyalya – if pluto’s at the end of virgo in the 12th it could be conjunct ascendant without being anywhere near sun. Am guessing the sun is not in 1st or 2nd because venus is usually close to sun and isn’t mentioned at all.

        • Yep I kappeesh, I just though they have to be in the same sign to conjunt, thanks for clearing it for me Sweetpea and whatevs xx

          • Not sure Pegs. I think its just the intensity thing, like having a very intense stare, manner of speech, freaks peeps out sometimes.

            For example I had a presenation at uni the other day. The feedback from my teacher, ” Olga let Ben present, you are just not very bubbly, and you get intensely involved in describing the detail, tell him what to say and feel free to jump in when you want.” I detract from the presentation apparently.

  26. YES totally Plutonian/Neptunian. Scorp Pluto trine Crab sun @ zero degree, Sextile Virgo moon and zero degree and conjunct ascendant (also it trines Mars, is Mars an outer?).

    Cap Neptune oppositions sun at zero degrees and trines moon at zero degrees, it sextiles ascendant at 5 degrees.

    I do think that the Pluto energy is very full on, people tend to react to me even when I am not doing/saying anything.

  27. I’ve got JUPITER Conjunct PLUTO which is Conjunct SATURN which is Conjunct MARS AND my Ascendant. All in Libra, except Jupiter’s in Scorpio.

    Have no idea what this really means other than my whole life is kinda like a Saturn’s return with Saturn conjunct my Ascendant.

    I have always been the most out there of all my friends (until recently when everyone seems to finally be catching up LOL) and one of the few who prides myself on always being myself, no matter the people or the situation.

    Any tips for all my conjunctions or outer planets in Libra? 🙂 x

    • GOD I am staring at that and thinking how tf does that work? Maybe need some more info Jupiter is in your 2nd house? Or all the others are in the 12th and jupiter is in your 1st?

      • So… Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are one after the other with a few degrees difference, in my 1st house, Jupiter is just at the very end of Scorpio, and Mars is the only planet in my 12th house (still in Libra).

        My ascendant is on 11 degrees Libra. 🙂

  28. Sun conjunct Venus, Uranus and Pluto

    It’s just as you say. I’m “out there.” People have reactions to me. I can either try to fly under the radar to feel more unobtrusive (am good at this–wear lots of black cat suity things–even move like a cat). but then I am a rising Leo, too, so I can swing entirely over to the other side and, when I feel happy, enter a room like some sort of luminary (then don’t know what to do when this happens and suddenly want to go under the radar again).

    I sometimes have a need to cover myself. I would love to be a spy—not to intrude on others, but to be covert and move through the world that way. When reading the Harry Potter books to my kids, I wanted an invisibility cloak in the worst way. but my rising Leo shoves me into the spotlight (don’t get me wrong, I sometimes like the spotlight—I just also want to avoid attention, too). so, yeah, I’m at odds with myself a lot—in an intense and weird way. And I keep waiting to grow into that outer planet thing. My Saturn transit that just finished and nearly killed me, well, you’d think that would help. But I’m not sure. I know I’m older. I am partially wiser. But I’m mostly glad I survived. Can I handle my conjunctions with Pluto and Uranus? Can I channel them? Don’t know. My little path right now keeps kicking me toward starting my own company, but something inside is fighting hard to resist that. Who’ll win? No idea. I just keep walking my little path—sometimes in spy mode, sometimes the luminary. Science fiction used to bug the shite out of me (could NOT read a word or watch more than 2 minutes without my brain fogging over), but the more I get to know myself, the more it appeals. Sometimes I think I am growing younger. Oh, and I’ve been attending all these leadership/women’s conference things and I’m hearing similarities in what they say. One thing is to be willing to get out in front and be the clear leader. Be willing to be seen. Don’t wait for others, don’t hide. What I am sensing is that these very powerful women go through moments like those I describe above and they just move through it and make a decision not to hide. They choose to step out in front and be visible–therefore they can lead. Can I do this? Still don’t know… I can do it for a day/ a week/ a month…but with that Uranus there, I need to know that the passion will remain constant enough to stick with a start up endeavor. Oh well, at least I’m beginning to understand myself.

    • This is a bit like wanting to be the Guide on the Side
      instead of the Sage on the Stage.
      Perhaps the old ‘fear of success’ raises this as well?

      Often have to ask myself ‘what’s the worst that
      can happen if i do/say this’? Then i reply to myself ‘if you can’t
      die from it do it’!

      • Oooo. Sage on the stage. I love that! And it’s definitely fear of success—although what the hell is that and why do people have it? It’s a strange phenomenon even though we all recognize it.

        I like your question to self—and the answer.

        So, question to self: can I die from starting a company?

        What’s funny is there’s a tiny voice that says “yes”—but I think that’s the root of the problem. Things that aren’t life and death can FEEL like life and death.

  29. “It’s intense, weird and magic”

    Jupiter conjuncts Pluto which conjuncts Uranus which Conjuncts IC, Sun and South Node.

    Go figure.

      • Uranus on the IC gives weird houses to the native – I can vouch for that. One of my previous dwellings was a brick warehouse complete with indoor dock for boats from Victorian era before the land around it was reclaimed. Cold in winter. There was also an old printing factory complete with the machinery the printers had left behind because it was obsolete technology – early 1900s and made of heavy metal and to get it out they would’ve had to have cut a hole in the roof and got a crane in. I loved that place – venus conjunct mercury likes printing presses. The shadows were amazing on a full moon. Big wheels casting shadow on floorboards. Huge windows. I often live in strange alleys or streets that aren’t actually on maps or have no letterbox etc. I found out about the uranus + 4th strange houses thing it was because the astrologer had for some reason offered to come to my house to give consult and when he got there he said your astro is what gives you this place. RIGHT so it will never be normal I thought.

        • lol. how awesome. when I was a kid I wanted to live in a mushroom. I was fairly obsessed with that for a while. did a million sketches in crayons to show just how the mushroom was to work. I did warehouse ness for a long time. still would if I could afford it since they kicked us all out and made them into couple studio conversions

          • You would love the Anastasia book series – she talks about how to grow your own mushroom flying ship! Check it out 🙂

          • Great description of the warehouse, whatevs ~my old landlord restored a Flour and Feed bldg behind my apt which had the oddest shaped triangular closets. He found lots of old Murphy beds in the attic, an old weighted pulley elevator and was searching for the basement tunnel to the brewery across the street built during prohibition. Love the history in the bricks and wood plank floors !
            Ms. LOVE the mushroom house idea ~ Have you seen the conch house, by chance?

          • amilovesyou. thanks xx 🙂
            the house also contained waterslides and I wanted to build it around an old growth tree like the magic far away tree so I could portal as transport

          • I am so into that you love the mushroom house. I drew it over and over for years. will check out conch house saturnrox xx
            cart and horse would be great way to get around again. or just a horse. fuq traffic x

        • sorry to intrude, but wanted to show you these – just sent a couple of these packs to greatest Katakan friend in UK .. too kitschy for you Ms. ?

  30. I have sun conjunct south node too and an astrologer told me recently that it helps to break the habits and not vice versa, but maybe the squares you have temper that energy.

    • These recent cardinal transits really opened this up. Total recalibration and using the old habits to better effect now.

      Sun on the SN would be a wonderful engine to push you on out into the new plan. Downside of Sun conj SN would be you identify with the “set” gifts more than the NN plan.

      But Uranus (being the unpredictable beast that he is) can’t be depended on for consistent pushes. It’s in Libra, so the company I keep is a good barometer of my growth.

  31. Pluto conjunct Venus and Moon – yes, I am emotionally intense. And a bit mental when it comes to relationships.

    I have less of an understanding of what Neptune conjunct Mars and Jupiter would mean – any ideas?

    • What house?

      Expansive creative energies able to be made manifest by your drive to succeed or alternatively pissed up against a wall in a haze of escapist obsession?

      • On my midheaven, actually – Mars in the ninth and Jupiter and Neptune in the tenth.

        And I laughed out loud at the latter interpretation, because it’s SO low me. I will endeavour to embrace the first option, thank you 😀

        • whoa that combo on the MC – do people think you’re feisty at work? Or do they get the wrong idea about you? The MC is such a weird place. It being what people think about you as opposed to who you actually are an all.

          • I’m an intensely private person, particularly at work. So yes, most people do get the wrong idea about me. In some ways it actually works in my favour – that haze of escapist obsession? No one sees that side of me, aside from very close friends and family. But it can be a little frustrating sometimes, in that emo-teenager-no-one-understands-me-oh-woe! kind of way haha!

  32. hmm I just read this. Interesting. I can relate. My lesson has been to make my skill set workable so my head doesn’t explode. I was utterly uncontainable when I was younger and had mad self willed existence.
    I can work and work really hard it just has to be something I believe in but its matured into finding lots of concepts and a way to balance commercial with concept that doesn’t kill the idea. an office office would kill me. I am using kill alot perhaps its the scorpio? maybe she is not being true to her thing?

  33. Oooo I love this topic. have often wondered what “outer planet” type meant and I never really looked at my chart that way before. Had a quick look. woah.

    uranus aspecting nearly everything in some fashion

    5th house conjunct merc/sun, square mars, sextile saturn, semi sextile venus,neptune, pluto, inconjunct Asc.
    supports alien theory. mars is also very active.
    grand trine in air with asc/pluto/eros

  34. Mmmk… Conjuncts that I have in my Chart:
    Sun conj Chiron in Taurus
    Mean Node conj Mars in Leo
    Lilith conj Moon in Libra.

    So… I am lucky when I am getting a massage whilst eating cake, fearsome in the work realms, and a mean mother (in moderation)…

    That sounds about right…

    (None of these are ‘outer planets’. I am well boring)

  35. Yeah, it really depends on how well you choose to channel it. Understand it within yourself and figure out how to utilise it and not be devoured by it.

  36. Neptune conjunct Mars in Sagg 2nd house.

    Ummm… OKay so I don’t work. I don’t want to work. I come into money when and where I can but I don’t freak out because I don’t work full-time.

    Me, a Cap Sun/ Merc/ Venus does NOT freak out because I’m not wealthy?? I do WANT to be wealthy, I LOVE money and seeing the bank account go up and I’ve always felt I will be deliriously rich one day – or am i deluding myself??

    See, I flit about and freelance at everything (I tell ppl I’m “a freelancer.” “At what?” “At life.”) which is terribly hippy for a somewhat serious little snob like me. But I just hate working for other ppl/ corporations/”the man” etc. Plus when I do work, I expect to be paid big bucks for very little effort (which I can when scoring well-paid gigs in the acting world… WHEN I can score those gigs.) So my money philosophy is very skewed.

    Researching this post makes “me” make more sense now – why I don’t live like others (no mortgage, marriage, credit cards), why I don’t value the same things as others and why I prioritise being independent and free from working constraints. A full-time job, no matter the pay, is like a death sentence to me.

    Yah, and I’m a Cap. Does this mean Mars/ Neptune conjunct is more powerful than even my Sun/Merc/Venus?

  37. hey, wadaya know, i’m (slightly) an Outer Planet Person. good to know 🙂

    Neptune (Sagg) in 12th house Conjuct Ascendent (Cap)
    dreamy-seeming person who has a tough time with how i present myself to others: check. imaginative: check. psychic sponge: check. sensitive & compassionate: double check. i need to work on making myself and my intentions clear to other people.. but it’s hard. i like my dream world. and people are so unreliable most of the time.. oh, and i love the ocean (i heard that neptune conj ac peeps have affinity for the sea) so hopefully one day i’ll live in california, australia, new zealand or vancouver. and learn how to surf

    Pluto in Libra Conj Midheaven
    when i try (rather than be inside my head like i usually am), i can have a transformative effect on those around me because my energy can be subliminally infectious. i dont normally try to influence or control anyone except my family- mainly my two sisters. i can only imagine what i would do to my kids if i decide to have any. i’ve heard that pluto conj mc have fathers who are a major authoritarian influence. my dad was a big influence in my early years (when i was a kid i tried to shave like i watched him do and ended up with tiny cuts on my chin), and still is because i look up to him and want to make him proud.
    a career in psychology (especially jungian) appeals enormously to me because i love uncovering layers of the human psyche. so far i’ve just done that to myself (dreams and astrological analyzing) but i think it’d be fun to do it to other people and help them. and yes, i am driven to be successful in the things i enjoy. i want to be the best _insert whatever here_! i wanted to be a famous actress when i was younger mostly because i love to act and believe i am good at it. now my ultimate ambition is to be my own boss and do something i love. but if i could be a wealthy politician and have the power that comes with that….. better yet, if i could affect worldwide social change for the better like m.l.k. or ghandi !! that last statement can be explained by the fact that pluto is conjuct my midheaven in Libra. so yeah, i want everyone to get along. if i woulda majored in political science/international relations i woulda loved being an ambassador!

  38. Sun conjunct Uranus. Just read a blurb ~ Sun conjunct Uranus people possess much self-integrity. They prefer to answer to no one except themselves ~ funny that, ma and I had a convo over the weekend where she was marvelling at my self honest and awareness. As in I am preternaturally self aware, I don’t bullshit me, or others.

    I am definitely totally individual, and I bemuse people who want to categorise me. I defy categorisation and firmly believe that categorising people is highly offensive! Noice. I like this one, it totally explains a whole part of my chart and personality!

      • In work I am best with a hands off but approachable manager, who works with me. I have a strong Saturn/Virgo thing, so am really structured in work, and do well in highly regulated environments (if it makes sense). In my home life – well I had that rather magnificently shocking share house explosion earlier this year… I find bigger households work for me, where I can get lost among the personalities. When its just 2 people, I rebell if there is too much dependency on my company/approval/whatever. Now I am in my own place, again, highly structured environment, but I did freak a friend out with my catholic items, she hadn’t realised I was so spiritual. I see nothing wrong with mixing up my iconography! But yeah, she’d not noted, or had ignored that (big) part of my personality….

    • I have same PoMo and the compartmentalising of people that goes on drives me crazy. What is it with the boxes? Does no-one else love the idea of being surprised as the person’s personality and quirks unfold? It means peeps are never allowed the freedom to change and evolve if you put them in that box in your mind OR you’ll get a big fright one day when you realise you were wrong all along. AWFUL I do however love a bit of a Myers Briggs or similar but only for personal use – is OK when you get to choose the answers yourself. Have you ever done one? Would be interested to know if you noticed the Uranus Sun thing show up in your Myers Briggs.

      • and yes compartmentalising so lame but people are stupid and prefer 2D card board cut outs they so it makes them think they get it. this same retardation of view is in my opinion what prevents most people from understanding their partners/friends/ self/humans

      • INFJ
        But I prefer to use the TMS system – in that I am an Upholder/Maintainer. Only 2% of the population sits in that section of the pie cart! Hah!

      • Ummm, is not astro also boxes in some ways?

        I love stereotypes. It’d be bloody difficult to make your way about the world every day without a whole bunch of boxes to categorize people in to.

        • The ego will always compartmentalize, it’s natural and also the reason why some won’t ever expand it. Not you, shell, but just in general.

        • hey shell, I guess you could look at it like that but for me the awareness of the potential for constant growth and change with astro means it’s not as narrow as stereotyping a person and leaving it at that which is what a lot of people seem to do.

          • Correlations….. so yeah, archetypes! But re shells comment – when I think about how I respond to people, its AFTER the initial impression etc that I start finding ‘names’ or ‘boxes’ for people and usually I use these to explain my feelings to others, not to categorise to myself. Does that make sense? I should probably qualify that I don’t object to aLL categorisation (except as pertains to me), but more to categorisation that limits knowledge – of self and of others. I struggle often when peoples outmoded concept of who I am, influences they way they treat me, and/or interpret my behaviour/responses. And I HATE when I do the same thing…. But yes, categorising is natural. I have major Virgo after all 😉

    • Maybe that explains why I’ve been self-employed for the past 16 years (since my early 20s). I could never stand working with people who didn’t have integrity. One idiot boss was all it took to make me determined to never be an employee again. And yes, totally hate any form of bullshit. Thanks for sharing that blurb 🙂

  39. Uranus conjunct my Sun. Weird – check!

    I’m going to challenge the Saturn being Yang and Jupiter being Yin thing. I think it’s the opposite because most people think of Jupiter as “expansive” and Saturn as “restrictive” or “contractive”. That would mean Jupiter is Yang and Saturn is Yin.

    • Yes, I feel both are Jupiter and Saturn are Yang in different ways..
      I like Pluto and Neptune for feminine planets. Pluto being the Kali type and Neptune is just so evocative of formlessness and all those other Yin qualities don’t you think?

      I guess it doesn’t matter too much if you have a clear idea of how it all connects in your personal myth anyway.

      • Not sure exactly where i read this but definitely somewhere in Mystic’s genius world – Goddess is from the words God essence – ie the female Goddess is the form from the formless God – they are one and the same but the Goddess becomes the form. Actually it is very likely from Howard Sasportas’ “The Gods of Change” which I have just finished reading (but it’s a book that will never leave my sight). Amazing, spooky awesome book that Mystic recommends. It is exactly what i need at this time in my life with just recently having passed through a trans Uranus (thru 1st) opp natal Uranus/Merc/Pluto conj in 7th; concurrently with Saturn opp n Saturn on my Asc, (which seemed to take out my life’s doorbitch Saturn). Now, with Saturn barely lucid, I have Neptune approaching my Asc and n Saturn (!)together with Pluto opp my best chart aspect of n Venus/NN/Mars in Cancer in the 5th. That book is beyond words, a saviour in Hades and lessons of how to defeat the Hydra and save yr life.

        • Thanks FF, have GOT to start reading some astro books, I have read two crappy ones only! Will order myself The Gods of Change for Xmas. You sound like you have some serious stuff going on, I don’t really understand most of it and I want to!

  40. I’m fairly Neptunian and Uranian. I have Neptune conjunct my N Node in Scorpio (and a very tight orb). Then I have Uranus conjunct my Pars Fortuna at my Ascendant. Or maybe I’m Plutonian, since I have Pluto squares to my Sun/Moon conjunction. Or maybe I’m a Saturnian/Jupiterian, since I have a Sat/Jup Yod to my Sun/Moon. All I know is that I have far too much outer planet action. And then I hardly have any Venus or Mars aspects except minor ones like biquintiles etc. Only Mercury saves the day, exact opposite.. Neptune. And then we’re back to the outer orbits again.

  41. Uranus is Conjunct my Ascendant it says. Uranus is 1 degrees in Capricorn and my asc is 29 degrees in Sagittarius.
    Astrodienist says: “You relate easily to all types of people and are friendly to everyone, regardless of their social status.

    Concerned primarily with the future, you are eager to participate in the development of a higher consciousness, which will be the nucleus for the greater awareness of man.”

    I agree with this. I only have a couple friends, but I try to be friendly to everyone. Sometimes I don’t talk much and I guess I seem intimidating. Pretty much no one’ll initiate a conversation with me, unless we’re friends. Except people younger than me. They like me usually, and so I’m going to become a kindergarten teacher. I feel like it’s my calling. Most of my astrological stuff reiterates that I should be one as well.
    I very strongly believe in higher consciousness and that the humans in the world needs to raise their own for the world to change. There’s a hypotheses that 2012 will be the “dawn” of a higher consciousness for the world, I believe in that.

  42. Uranus is conjunct my sun and moon in Libra, 1st house. Not sure what that means but definitely understand about being a late bloomer. Maybe this explains why, as a child I was always told I was wise beyond my years and have never managed to do things ‘by the book’, even when I’ve tried!

  43. uh-huh, oh yeah. Pluto conjunct Venus, and Uranus conjunct AC, Venus and Mars, Neptune and Mercury conjunct each other and oppose Saturn… definitely relate to the growing into it thing.

    Pisces in CQ – can totally relate to the Mars conjunct Uranus stuff – also hate demands to conform or comply, but might do so happily if you’re good enough to ask nicely… maybe that’s my Libra rising in action…
    Also frank, don’t ask me what I think if you don’t want to know. Usually more problematic at work though, than in friendship. Thankfully this is a trait my friends value in me (most of the time!!).

    • My friends value this in me too, though sometimes I think I am used as a human shield if they are having troubles with someone. I know my sisters get me to be!

      I would just love to get a job in advocacy. Usually when I have wrecked havoc with someone when they have overstepped my boundaries I’ll bump into them some time later down the track…. and they’ve made positive changes to their lives. I seem to be an advocate for change for people that’s for sure but I do explode too loudly at times, and it took me until I was 40 and had several personality changing events occur with my saturn return in 2005 to stop lamenting about it. Maybe I just accepted many things about myself as inevitable, but I was also lucky enough to have a lover point out to me that those awful aspects of my personality were what he loved so much about me and plenty of others admired.

      Isn’t astrology fascinating? I did a quick squizz on a sort of friend who I couldn’t quite put my finger on as insincere but there certainly seemed to be a dark past. I looked up her chart and it screamed very bad karma with her mother ( I can’t recall the planetary aspect!!). She got really drunk about a week later and told me how at the age of 12 she almost killed her mother and locked 2 sisters in a room and the police had to be called. Then she gave her ultimatum to her father – herself or her mother, which one was going to go?

      Scary human being!

  44. MOON (ruling planet) tightly CONJ NEPTUNE in Sagg is I think my most exact aspect, and yes, people say all the time “you seem otherworldly” … “you seem like you’re from another planet” … people register something unusual that is quite soft and gentle and dreamy and somewhat egoless and boundary-less. Some say “weird” and I had to do some investigating (querying peeps I trust) as I couldn’t quite picture what “weird” could mean … since most people seem more or less the same to me: I don’t register ‘weird’ except for say, schizophrenics. The only thing I could imagine was that perhaps I had some behavioural eccentricities that I wasn’t aware of … nervous tics? … but no, that wasn’t it: I just got the floaty otherworldly thing that people can’t quite seem to put their finger on.

    And I do tend to feel as if details like WHEN exactly I paid the bill are rather petty, boring, trivial, and don’t require my attention.

    I think the slow to reach potential thing possibly holds true as well.

  45. Jupiter conjunct sun in libra, 4th house – almost exact
    Uranus conjunct Merc (6 degrees) in libra
    Pluto conjunct Moon (1 degree) in virgo, 3rd house
    Still trying to decipher this as I am an astro baby, but only yesterday and last night I was commenting how much the round peg in a vast array of square holes I am here where I live …
    A well timed DIY, thanks Mystic!

  46. Neptune conjunct Sun, Moon and Mercury in Sagg in the 7th House (Scorpio).
    Also Uranus (Scorpio) Conjunct Venus (Libra) in the 6th House.
    Pluto sextiling the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune.

    As far as I can tell this is all under the influence of the current Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and I am well and truly feeling it! One of the most emotionally turgid times of my life where I feel that everything about me is morphing – my approach to relationships (including how i feel about past ones), my relationship to work and also to my health – very unsettling!

    Maybe the otherworldliness is what I’m struggling to adjust to?

  47. MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO – intense in my efforts when undertaking a task/goal, doesn’t see a hurdle as something to get in my way I just go around it on a different path, fascinating/alluring/commanding aura, sudden life changing events being a general part of my life pattern.

    Um, yep. I have been told by people who they think they meet and who I am when they get to know me are completely different and that I scared them when we first met. (I’m about 5 feet in height so that has always amused me). Apparently it is because I give off an aura of ‘I don’t need anyone’ and the fact that I am completely honest about myself. I have been told this scares many people because the majority of people are trying to hide something of themselves from the rest of the world and I don’t bother.

    MARS CONJUNCT URANUS – *Dynamic, self-willed, and fiercely independent, you have extraordinary drive and energy. When you want something, you want it NOW, and you act quickly, impulsively, and decisively. Your impatience inclines you to be abrupt with people and reckless. You need a great deal of personal freedom to do things in your own way and do not happily conform to schedules, rules, or regimes imposed by others. You are intolerant of authority and can be very rebellious. You are very frank with others, sometimes brutally so. You may have an explosive temper. High-strung and often nervous and tense, you find it difficult to slow down, pace yourself, or relax. You are always on the go. You are restless, daring, and experimental.

    Uhuh. I go a million miles an hour or collapse and do nothing (usually with a beverage in hand) Hate conformity and a demand to comply? You bet! This rang so true and am totally misunderstood by many managers where I have worked. If they are wrong, I have no qualms in saying so (which has led to many a disciplinary action when working in government) and if they are total dickheads I’ll throw every turd back at them and usually get them – with their own game! That said though, If I admire them, I also let them know. It’s just there aren’t a lot of people I admire – They are just so busy trying to be something they are not that I despise them.

    Um, outer planet person? Yeah I think so. And both with mars!! Ouch!

  48. So now I have a name for being a strange freak (apparently I’m just an alien).

    Sun Sextile Uranus, Moon Opposition Uranus, Mercury Conjunction Neptune,Mercury Sextile Pluto,Venus Conjunction Neptune,Saturn Trine Uranus,Uranus Trine Ascendant,Neptune Sextile Midheaven and Pluto Trine Midheaven…..
    The thing I would like to know is if this makes me neptunian or plutonian and does it really matter?
    I like DIY-astro :), great brain excersise.

  49. Pluto (10 deg Libra) and Neptune (11 deg Sag) both conjunct Venus (11deg Libra) and Ascendant (13 deg Libra). Libra (12th house) is crowded!

    Also Uranus (4deg Scorp) conjunct Mars (1 deg Cancer).

    And all three outer planets conjunct Midheaven (9deg Cancer).

    Eek! Am I a freak?? What does it mean? Any help?

    • It means we love you! And you are welcome here! Please, have a seat, the waiter shall be by with truffle champagne any moment now.


    • ladyscorp, your conjunctions are only when they are right next to each other by a few degrees (usually in the same sign, but not always); ie: your pluto is conjunct ascendant and venus (wow!) but is sextile your neptune in sag, not conjunct. Your Mars trines your uranus. (both water signs).

      but none conjunct your MC, they make other aspects to it.

      you arent a freak! you have some good stuff there lady!

  50. Hey Mystic – is Qantas in a Pluto transit or something? Should I avoid booking a flight with them for a while?


    No, seriously….

    • I was about to book a flight on Qantas last week and my gut went NO! The first engine spazzing out was happening at the very same time I chose not to fly with them. I’ve been avoiding them for months anyway due to too many issues but was about to relent and give them another go. Luckily there’s competition in that particular marketplace.

      • Qantas, still have the lowest ratio of accidents than any
        other airline….more chance of being hit by car percentage wise.
        Singapore & Air Dubai come in 2nd place for safety records.

        Wonder is a little sabotage in these stretchy financial times with
        Corps may have been possible?
        Happy travelling if-when you go whateves & saggigal.

        • thanks peg, i actually just flew interstate on qantas last week, all good. i dont trust the A380s, but they’re not just limited to qantas.

  51. My brain is MUSH today… ahh Merc is in Sagg… 😯

    ok so this is what I know… I know I am a multiple conjunct Sun, Moon & Venus thing but I also have Sagg Neptune conjunct MC…

    hmmm interesting…

    • Help please – not sure if I am on right track with this stuff

      Ascendent – rising – AC yes/no?
      Decendent – Sun sign – DC yes/no?
      So Midheaven is that midpoint at the top – MC yes/no?
      What is IC
      What does midheaven do, it comes up alot here and straight over my head.

      *grabs note bok and pen – paying attention*

      • Haha… well I should point out I do have a mushy brain at the mo…

        Asc is our rising sign & represents our individual personality

        Descendant is in opposition to our Asc often in our 7th house

        Midheaven (Medium Coeli) is at the top of our chart & it represents our Occupation & calling…

        Imum Coeli or IC is in opposition to our MC

        According to Astro…
        Planets close to the MC occupy the highest possible place in the heavens at the time of birth, while planets near the IC are so to speak under our feet on the other side of the earth.

        You can check it out here… 😯


        • OOOh that was lurvly.
          Thanks I have learnt alot today, I may go back to bed now to process it all – Hah I wish!
          OK so my sun is opposed my rising which is why it is where Descendent is and it is in 7th house.

          Mushy brains sometimes produce the best stuff as it just comes out unfiltered and often purly channelled.

          Have a lovely day/night 🙂

  52. Neptune conj Jupiter, ancient and modern rulers of my chart – I learned this by following Mystic’s assessment.

    This is such a timely post, once again Mystic.

    I came here to check if there is any other kindred soul who is seemingly keeping it together but actually snapping and losing it in private. As I told a friend, am trying to sleep as much as I can, so not to lose my wits in public.

    Likely Neptune going direct, Jupiter still retro jammed my channels.

    • Ok found the reason of the intensity in the last several days, not Neptune, it is tr Saturn opposes Chiron.. No wonder I mimic a functioning Saturn while beaten by Chiron inside. Oh well, something handy for evolution..

      • Quad, I have my chart rulers opposing – scorp neptune (9th) opposing toro jupiter(3rd). Neptune also squares my leo sun alone and otherwise unaspected in the 6th house. Lion with more of a purr than a roar!

  53. Cool have been looking at my daughters chart lately with concern as she has loads of oppostions and squares (yes it does calm me when I remember mystics saying something about “don’t freak out if you have loads of so called adverse aspects”
    Back to the point as all things tend to balance out I have been loooking at her chart to see what arsenal of goodies the universe has given her to deal with said adverse aspects and she has these tight conjunctions whereever there is an oppostion.

    She has Sun conj Uranus in Aquarius (0.29degree conjunct) oppose her moon
    Mars conj Pluto in Sag(0.27 degree conjunct) oppose her Saturn
    Not so tight Mercury conj Neptune in Aqua(5 degree conjunct) oppose Jupiter

    Now I am still in Astro kindy so I am just playing with this but it seems to me that with all things being balanced that she has this hardcore karma stuff and an extreme bag of eccentric ingredients to deal with it. Now to learn how to use them – luckily she has an midly eccentric mother also with Both Mercury and Venus conjunct Uranus in Libra(both about 3 degree conjunct) and pluto conj Venus also. Pluto virgio, venus Libra
    So it is quite day to day for her to ask what star sign the chooks are and for me to just work it out for her for her to nod her head knowingly “mmm yes I thought maybe virgo mum”‘
    Thankyou once again for more parental coping tools eveything helps

    • This astro – your daughters as well as yours, Hippychic -chimes with my preoccupations: especially from past DIY posts on all the astroidesses, as they seem to ‘shepherd’ the major male planets ie 2 or more dovecoting the major trad male planets.
      Both my chart (and my understanding of astro!) are very lopsided, very 5,6,7 houses heavy especially if I include osc Lilith, asteroid Lilith, vertex, Psyche, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Theodosia etc- yet I rue the not-so-stringent-really 5deg orb as Venus virgo27 ‘near’ Pluto libra3 to start off this wishful stellium in 5, ending with mercury scorpio27 ‘near’ Neptune saggitarius3 after descendent scorpio 25. I am a greedy toro rising scorpion and lo, so the universe dishes: right bung in the middle of the whole shebang (it really feels like it too) Mars libra17 ‘legitimately’ with Uranus libra19 – but hahaha, hahaha my lovely – opposite Chiron aries14 with Hecate aries19 across the nodal axis NN capricorn20.
      I gleaned all this lately from Mystic, cafeastrology, and the distinctly odd funk astrology, so have not much else to offer than a platitudinous suggestion to buckle up for an awfully big bumpy ride – but funnish.

      • *click click*
        Really looking forward to my angel becoming a teenager.
        I somehow survived my wild ride through puberty (not really sure how)
        So lets hope that there is some magic good luck in amongst all that. I certainly had loads of guardian angels and good luck and an abundance of stupity and wild ideas.
        I swear I get real shivers everytime I think about her at that age. Help parents of older children is it as scary as I think – soo much letting go and trust I may need to be heavily sedated for 6 years and I will do a video log of all the things I would say if I were cool calm and collected!
        Sorry not sure where that all came from – minor freak out 🙂

        • Hey hippy chic, i’ve got a multiple conjunct Aqua-girl too!!! And I’m so grateful, I constantly pinch myself and think wtf have i done to deserve my two kids (i also have a Leoboy whose astro is so weirdly entwined with mine it’s beyond coincidence).

          Stop worrying, the kids are alright! My darling aqua-girl has Neptune/Mercury/Uranus/Sun conj in Aqua (in the 4th!) loosely conj Jupiter at 0 Pisces in the 5th.

          She has just received an academic award for the year (Year 7) and she is in a selective school. I don’t care about the outside stuff anymore (it has to be my outer planet transits), I just know she is pure gorgeous genius and I love her (and my son’s) company – that is a mother’s reward – pure life itself personified in yr children.

          • Love that you have an Aqua and a Leo what a lovely balance.
            I was so excited that my child was going to be Aquarius (she did cut it a bit fine though) they are my favs for personality I must say even though I don’t know many.
            THanks for the chill I am mostly calm about her as she is blessed and supervibed and oh so out there – I think she will fit perfectly with anything that she chooses and I will be there supporting her crazy ways all the way!
            Bless all the kids – they really are a new order and the future world is in good hands.

          • I’ve got a multiple aqua-girl too! My middle daughter and she is a bit of a space cadet! But I love her uniqueness and off-the-wall sense of humour. She’s sun aqua conjunct moon conj uranus all in 12th house (!) – moon conj neptune in cap (29’57) 11th house – and jupiter aqua 12th house tight conj aqua ascendant tight conj mars pisces 1st house! Phew – then merc and venus conjunct 11th house cap and just poor little pluto in sag 10th house. Her north node’s in 7th house – so I feel maybe she’ll have a lot of learning to do re relationships etc. I worry about her too sometimes, but I think as parents we just can’t help it…She’s 12 so we’re already starting all that teenage stuff, fingers crossed!

          • oh same year as my aquagirl hummingbird! Yours be earlier in Aqua – Jan birth.

            And yes Hippychic agree the world is in good hands 🙂

          • “Bless all the kids – they really are a new order and the future world is in good hands.”

            Yes, I’m getting quite tired of hearing, my son in law for one, say that my granddaughter’s (age 9) kids generation are screwed.

            How is more negativity going to help anything. Besides, she has Uranus on her Aqua MC. She is going to be part of the solution 😉

  54. Hey applepieskies, I have Uranus cj MC too. I’m a bit worried because on astrodienst it says – “adults who want to restrain you should not try to do so by force”
    Does this mean we’re psychos? :0?

    • lol PRETTY MUCH.

      I wonder how you experience it, I find an active rage the moment anyone tries to control any aspect of me. The archetypal work response being, “you can’t fire me! i quit! and let me tell you how incompetent you are before i go!” Or doing the exact opposite of whatever they tried to get you to do just because they tried, which of course runs you into problems if you really ought to have done something else because now you can’t see your own plan anymore, you simply need to show them just how little you think of what they suggested. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I find even if the intentions were good, you can’t help but see it as an attempt at manipulation.

      As a life example, as a teenager I really felt out of place in school, though it wasn’t for lack of intelligence as I was so-called, “gifted.” Just didn’t care for it, decided I’d rather not go. My parents obviously enforced very strict repercussions for it, as in I had nothing more than a bed for several years, but I never accepted it, I did what I felt I had to regardless of the consequences. I think that can have positive connotations, that one has a tremendous tenacity, but of course you have to caution yourself on that need to get revenge.

      Though a lot of my chart screams freedom so maybe you don’t experience it as strongly? How does it work for you? Definitely curious.

      • Neptune conjunct sun and mars, oh and also mercury on the other side.
        Uranus conjunct MC

        So far, this feels like I am infuriated ALL the time!!!! Achieving mini goals seems OK but the big goals….er?

        And I am a goal-setting type of person with mars-sun, and want to do new new new stuff with MC conj uranus. Hurry up peeps, get with the new program!

        • Hmm I have big goal problems too, because will say “OH, you can’t do THAT. Don’t be ridiculous, that’s insane.” So I get distracted by my 3am internet order of voodoo dolls.

          Little goals you can always manage on your own but I think with bigger goals, you need a support system, you know, you need people to be willing to help and perhaps that MC conjunction gets in the way of it? That our own challenging attitude makes people disregard our goals from the beginning? And they don’t want to see someone achieve something in a field that’s rather unconventional? And then we get infuriated and place the internet order?

          Not sure, but wondering now.

        • insightful applepie – sorry can’t seem to hit reply to your comment below so responding here. Yes, helpers w big goals would be amazing.

          How can I get some I wonder?

        • Hmm..don’t have the answers to that myself, yet. But I think psychologically accepting the concept of help would probably be the first step. Really truly realising you can’t do it all by yourself.

      • applepieskies, try dropping ‘can’t-should-won’t.
        Spelling is ‘spelling’. Words create images.
        Asking for help is one of our Big Lessons to Learn.
        Just put a ‘please’ in front of it & you will find the Universe
        on your side 🙂

      • Hey appleskies, what sign is your Uranus MC in? My Virgo Uranus exactly conjunct MC (and exactly opposite my ruling planet, Jupiter) is also a rebel who definitely works best with no boss or with bosses who just trust me to get on with it, do a good job, and leave me alone. At school, broke every rule, but was quiet and unobtrusive about it, and worked, worked worked, to get great marks (Virgo self-discipline thing moderating the Uranus)?, so never had repercussions about never attending chapel, wagging classes that bored me, uniform infractions etcetc.

        Have had major changes of career. Take on enormous challenges generally against the advice of parents or authority figures (eg senior academics characterised my ridiculously ambitious thesis topic as “damocles sword” – they were right, but I pulled it off because I felt deeply passionate that someone had to have the guts to take it on and break new ground).

        There is definitely an “I’ll show YOU” energy with Uranus MC – in my case, not a revenge thing, just an iron determination to show those who doubt where they can get off. There’s also a self-destructive aspect: pulling these things off comes at a cost. Not sure that is all down to Uranus – suspect Scorp ascendant and Pluto close to Uranus might have also have something to do with both the determination and willingness to almost kill myself to prove a point/stand by my ideals or dreams against naysayers. Tight Venus Neptune conjunction on Scorp ascendant, also; exactly sextile Pluto which is in 10th along with Uranus – for me, it has often been love and a social life that have suffered as the result of me living out my iconoclastic, perfectionist workaholic Uranus in Virgo MC.

        • Hmmm, this is all rather interesting, Fi. My conjunction is a Cap Uranus and Sagg MC, Cap Neptune and Saturn also share the 10th house but do not conjunct my MC.

          Definitely relate to self-discipline abilities, perhaps it’s an Earth sign thing? Notice that if I want something, or want to learn something, nothing can stop me, absolutely nothing. And that I get obsessive about it. Parents actually noticed this in me and spoke about it after a cottage trip where I decided one night I wanted to learn to fish and the next morning was up at 5 am becoming a master.

          As I just turned 21 a month ago, I haven’t had much experience with the major career changes which are indicated in my chart, and which you have experienced. Though the few jobs I’ve had, I’ve quit after 4 months as routine makes me suicidal. Have a strong Lilith too, so I don’t know if you’ll relate to this, but I find myself very blunt with my employers, if I think my boss is bad at their job, I’ll tell them, which suggestions for how to improve. Luckily for me, they all responded well to it and respected me more because of it. Others in the same situation may not be so lucky.

          Also curious if you experience a very strong NOW mentality? Meaning, you do what feels right for you now, and don’t really consider its long-term applications? Extending to all areas of life but particularly career considerations. I tried being practical for a while, as in two days, but I just couldn’t do it. I find I choose what’s right for me now, not worrying about whether it’s going to be what I’m doing ten years from now, or what it will lead to. I just do what feels right in this moment, and it’s my only consideration.

          Definitely adopt a “well if no one else has the guts to do it” mentality about things that are really important to me, but always attributed that to my 12th house Aqua moon and 8th house sagg Venus. Interesting that it has occurred for you within the MC conjunction, never considered that.

          Ultimately, I find the Uranus/MC conjunction creates the mentality of “If I decide to do this, no one can get in my way or deter me.” That it gives what some would call courage and others would call stubbornness, depending on their own viewpoints. Regardless of the amount of forces of people lining up to say you can’t, you carry on, because you know you’re serving something deep within you, which no one can cut you off.

          Love/social life has never really suffered for this, but I am known to “disappear” for a while, as in I weave in and out of lives rather than being a constant figure, but when I’m present, I’m there 1000%. But that’s how my Venus works being in Sagg and the 8th house. What’s your Venus placement, Fi? Perhaps it points to how the Uranus/MC conjunction interrupts it.

        • Venus-Neptune Scorp is in 12th house, only a degree or so before my Scorp Ascendant. Reckon the Venus-N on ascendant has (with some volcanic exceptions) helped restrain full on rudeness to authority figures, helped find diplomatic/intuitive means of getting through to them/or breaking their rules without it resulting in overt war/sacking….Venus in 12th naturally more happy with solitude than most people, but I’ve often ended up making career decisions – starting from age 16 when I left home to take up a 2 year scholarship overseas – that have torn me away from time with people I’ve loved. I’ve ended up in jobs that turned out to require huge amounts of overtime that I wasn’t expecting or wanting, that have minimised time for social life, and musical life (other passion) then have rebelled against having no life by running away to another city live on beach/write lyrics/make a living singing for a few years….At 48 I’ve noticed that the cycle of swinging between my Uranian MC and Neptune on Asc creative/artistic life keeps repeating – eg didn’t go straight to uni (as parents wanted me to) but acted/sang for 5 years instead, then did the undergrad degree and mad 18 hour a day political job in canberra, then the beach and music, then full-one job, then p/t music/p/twork, then full on Phd, and now working part-time (paid) while writing a book again…At 21, you have many years to see how the change in career thing – or rather the struggle between your Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in the 10th – all works out!

      • I definitely get the rage. I explain it like when Uma gets angry in Kill Bill and the music plays and there’s a close up of her eyes. I hear that music in my head sometimes, when people piss me off. That’s also where the revenge things steps in. I’ve learnt to do everything in my power to keep my lips zipped and try to cool off 1st. Actually, Mystic had really helped me with this. Then I just seem to do the Aqua detachment thing and I really couldn’t give a rats A-hole about that person anymore.

        So true about the “best intentions” thing. That really gets me angry… grrrrrrr. My palsm are getting sweaty thinking about it. Funny ting is, then there are people that I could never ever get angry at, even if they did something horrible. Once I’ve seen them in my mind in a certain light, they become untouchable.

        • omg! lol! i get a Kill Bill song in my head too, except it’s Daryl Hannah’s whistle song in the hospital. 😀

          everything else you said i can definitely relate to as well, especially your last sentence.

          thank you so much for sharing your experiences, it’s helped me a lot!

        • I am replying to Fi here.

          I am glad you wrote about your Uranian MC and your Neptune-Venus conjunction, because what you said about switching between career and creativity helps me understand myself.

          I have Uranus widely conjunct my MC in Virgo (8 degrees) and a tight 3-degree Sun-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio, 12th house.

          It is interesting that I switch between career stuff and creativity/imaginative stuff too, but I do that on a daily basis. For instance, I will do some work-related writing on my computer and then read Mystic or browse some photo galleries etc. This happens all day.

  55. ah-huh, i’ve got venus-neptune conjunct in my 8th house. love-sex-soulmate-spirituality….sheesh, explains everything!

  56. I sooo relate, yes I’v always felt like a seeker and misfit, & in my 50’s still trying to grow into something – I feel comfortable in my skin only some times … I have mercury & Ouranus on descendant, Neptune on MC, Chiron on Asc. …. and Mars with the Galactic centre !! In fact I’m not only out-planetary, I’m galactic !!

  57. Neptune and Uranus tightly conjunct AC, sextiling MC and Pluto, both squaring sun and Moon, both trining Venus.
    Pluto on the MC, opposing my Venus.

    I have always felt out of place, but I just assumed this was the arrogance that comes with adolescence.

    Oh well… I’ll let you know in the next few years how it goes.

    • Jen, haha there is a saying ‘hire youths coz they are at
      a stage where they know EVERYTHING’.
      Twas a fridge magnet i saw at friend’s house with 2 teens.

  58. hmmm…Pluto within 8 degrees of sun (so a little too far), but I gots this thing about pulling out the truth and cutting to the core of the issue. Many people find this unsettling. I would be willing to accept that it is just a Virgo thing.

  59. Sun conjuncts my AC in Scorpio, Mars conjuncts Neptune in 12th house in Scorpio. I’m “out” there alright! I tried to be “in” there once, honest, I tried really hard, but it was the most boring thing I’d ever done in my life. So now I just accept that I am on a journey that was designed specifically for me (just like everyone else) and I’ve settled in to learning what I’m here to learn.


    (btw I ordered that book “Finishing School” and can’t wait for it to get here, thanks for that Mystic)

  60. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th and Moon conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in the 6th House. I definitely feel out of place, have been feeling like this for as long as I can remember, but maybe that was because of being a teen? But trying to find my place at the moment, just like virgolicious said feeling like a seeker, I just don’t know where to start.

  61. Hmmm, Sun/Mercury/Pluto and Uranus all tight in Virgo in the 9th, and Mars conj Neptune in Scorpio in the 11th.

    I do feel other worldly, out of place, and growing into it all rings true (Cap rising grows into herself late, yes?). I feel like a seeker, but unfocused.

    Keen to get my working day over and get back to this – I love DIY Astro!

    Any interps in the meantime?

    • Re growing into CapRising, took over 40 years
      a time when timelessness in quality is important
      & Saturnian endeavours mean more.

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