Full Moon Bovinity: Can We Achieve It?

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So, how is your Full Moon in Taurus coming along?

It’s Neptune enhanced, for those of you who are interested in shedding a few delusions or re-modelling their values.

So the Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus as Venus turns Direct – think also revenge makeover, oh-my-godding clarity, the season of celebrity & civilian break-ups continued a pace and peeps have polarized over diet-health issues. I swear there are only two options at the mo:

Camp One: Detox, Alkaline, Bi-Carb bathing, going ape over essential oils again, rad dieting, scrubs, post-modern Vestal, birch as possibly sacred, fibre, keeping consciousness high so as not to be vibed out etc.

Camp Two: Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, rediscovery of camembert and other retro-gourmet fetish items, fixating on a fast potentially messy but fun affair, creativity chanelled into cosmetics and LOUD music.

Where are you at???

Image: Soaring Anchor Designs – Guardian Moon – It Seemed To Chase The Darkness Away

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322 thoughts on “Full Moon Bovinity: Can We Achieve It?

  1. Pfftt. GO CAMP 2!!!! Had my 1st night alone sans children (18 & 20), a 94y/old and Dan.
    No way I’m going I’m going to detox!! – Although I did have a long spa, drunk and with very loud music.

    • I believe that counts as a detox of sorts: detox from routine, from attention to others, detox from denial of lovely good indulgences! if that makes sense.

  2. Started to read about camp #2…Realizing with (horror? slight pride?) that I’m always there. W/e.

  3. Question on houses if anyone can help.

    So I was trying to work out why my house are 90% in a sign but the ruler of that house seems to be the sign before even though it only occupies a very small segment of that sector.
    eg: I have 5 planets in libra but four of them are in the house designated to virgo and only one in Libran house. So I have been thinking all this time that I had 4 libran planets in house 6 that they were in the house ruled by libra but they are not. I feel like I am not very libran now at all, except that I am a tad confused.

    The conclusion after looking is that the whole house (the whole bit of the pie with the number allocated to it) is ruled by who was there at the beginning not who was there the majority of time.

    Is that right?? :roll:

    • Yes. The sign on the cusp (the beginning) of the house rules that house and whichever planet rules that sign is the ruler of that house. Your planets are in libra – just not in the house libra rules in your chart. They’re still libran they’re just hanging out in virgo’s house. It doesn’t take the libraness away from them it just changes the flavour of them.

      Have you ever seen where astrologers talk about the ruler of the x house being in the x house? Say the sign on the cusp of your 2nd house was libra but venus – which rules libra – is in the 5th so that means the ruler of your 2nd is in the 5th. It gives another layer of meaning to look all those up – cafe astrology has lists of them and so does the strangehouse site.

    • If I could add my own though to whatevs…

      I think of this like a neighborhood, where your “ruler” of a house is whoever is standing on the doorstep of that house. Little like a gatekeeper, but more like a security notice: “This house is guarded by Libra,” which tells you what the expectations are (at least initially) when you enter the house. Sure there’s some Scorpio shenanagins going on in the back of the house, but Libran interests will get you across the threshold.

      All your Libran planets had decamped their own house and are hanging at the neighbors –the Virgos– making sure the Virgos tidiness doesn’t smell antiseptic. Most likely they’ve brought flowers, but Librans begin relationally/aesthetically sensitive have brought something they think will soft the minimalist foyer. Etc. etc. Meanwhile, the Libran who should be in charge of Chez Libra is hanging out someplace else…where? Doing reconnasaince? (sp?) On holiday? Being irresponsible? Moonlighting?

      You can play with the neighboorhood game. I think it’s great fun.

      • yeah yeah exactly the neighbourhood thing works a treat – I use it when I’m thinking about how aspects work – opposition = the peeps across the road who won’t turn down the stereo etc : o) so out of interest do you have a stellium or something big happening in the 3rd house? Or your 3rd is Gemini? It being the house of your neighbourhood I wonder if the ability to learn things and the way you learn – visual, kinesthetic etc. relates to where your planets are at.

        • mmm re the autism – that WOULD be interesting. I have a vague memory of gemini ruling hands? not sure but the kinesthetic thing would make sense if it does and gemini is strong in a chart. Don’t the steiner peeps do all that with their anthroposcopy or whatever it is? Work out the kids charts and use them to teach them?

  4. Went early to Camp Two last week and have been paying for it since. Now ensconced in Camp One and looking forward to a early night – how decadent is an early night and nine hours of sleep?

    • ah yes I took that journey too. Not so much in Camp One as in recovery. Also still not sleeping.

      Question: Will a cocktail of Hoochie Juice and Milk Thistle neutralise any potential liver damage? Just wondering

      • Dandelion tea…. Swear to god, that stuff gets the liver working, but if liver out of whack, the drinking tea experience can be intense!

    • I’m up late spruiking camp 4 will here it is again
      1.Put up tipi
      2stock up fridge with Hooch
      3put on durgy swamp blues from Alabama
      4. put on pyjamas get comfy
      Rcokstar is going to guest DJ with lots of radiohead

      there is also a second Tipi as a detox from the other camps alternative.
      i’m thinking Kraftwerk mixed with Dolphin noises and some mind reprogramming via a video installation of worms crawling
      Just workshopping the concept here care to help?

      • UM – LG – the durgy swamp blues are yours in Camp 4 non?

        hence the Radiohead infusion … is segue out of swamp / elevation up the guitar heaven ladder eh?

        Camp 3 – as someone wisely said WAY ABOVE IN THIS THREAD – has a beer when having a break from all that brown rice. more dancing around in undies than wearing PJ’s & scoffing icecream or something. will paint the house at 3 am whilst fenging & singing on the top of lungs. wakes up early & heads to beach. you get it!! comes back & gardens in bikinis. or mankinis. who cares & carefree is the point?

        • yep spot on RLP and love the RH youtube. anywhere but Byron for beach may run into tooo many ex;s there. Somewhere isolated. Fly in fly out kinda stuff. Always camp 5 wich I started also if camp 4 too wholesome. need to work on levels here and options.

  5. May I ask a question regarding houses too ?

    I have Cap rising @ 3 degrees, IC @ 26 Aries, so 3 houses occupy first 4 signs. Conversely, MC at 26 Libra and 3 houses bascially squashed into Scorp & Sag.
    This is an equinox thing, right ? I am a bit confused if this is what is called intercepted signs .? Have read up on it, but still foggy.
    Speaking of which, rich dense layer of fog here this am. Very mystical !

    • is something to do with how close to the equator + how close sun was to earth at birth I think? Does anyone know for sure?

      If your MC is 26 Libra then Libra rules your 10th house, Scorp your 11th and Sagg your 12th – how is it having saturn in libra right now? Saturn is in your 9th at the moment? And uranus and jupiter on your IC – you are renovating or moving / buying a house? You have pretty much the exact opposite of my chart as far as houses and signs go. How is it for you the “quickening”? Big sudden changes in your house/neighbourhood?

  6. I was REALLY feeling Saturn when it transited my Sun @ 29 Virgo which is conjunct Uranus and Pluto. Felt like going through a meat grinder.

    I was composing my first natal chart for a friend WHILE I was learning and making hand drawn study guides, reading new books, etc.. it was pretty intense. I stayed up for 3 days binding the finished product into a lovely book.
    Just when things slacked with Saturn, the Scorp smash-up hit my natal Neptune (aspects all but 2 planets) and wowsa, goodbye sleep.
    Couldn’t buy sleep with a truckload of blues.
    Now Pluto on ASC in addition to Jupiter Uranus into Aries has brought a major re-organization and chucking of stuff the ex left here when I bought the house a few years ago.
    As far as anything sudden, with the above planets conjunct, I have only just realized it is a constant in my life, so better learn to suck it up, and move on ! I love the quote someone posted here awhile back,’when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’. heh, yea.
    My progressed chart brings Aqua to my ASC with Venus quintile Uranus.
    Love for the art of astrology/astronomy !
    This new awakening has really helped me kick the Moon opposite Neptune blues…as have all you crazy fun astro freaks !
    How are your transits…Pluto nearing 7th, right ? (I am just now getting the hang of transits…)
    I don’t know about you, but with Uranus and Pluto in the blender, I’m keeping my amethyst within reach !:-)

    • Have just finished a few years of major pluto transits (square natal pluto, uranus, IC, sun, south node and Jupiter and it hooked up with chiron also – that was awesome – I learned a lot through that) and it’s not aspecting anything right now so is not really registering compared to some other stuff that is : o) I do seem to be more aware of subtle manipulations at the moment tho – people who use the language of control freakery are more apparent, the alarm bells are ringing sooner than usual at work I really noticed it this week – sub text. I have natal uranus conjunct Sun so the Uranian vibe feels like home, the suck it up angle rings true – venus was the major fuqer of late because it conjuncted 4 natal planets as it travelled. Saturn’s recently off my sun, Uranus, South Node and IC so the grinder you speak of has passed for me too – that was truly vile felt like I was under house arrest although great for the grade point average. Uranus and Jupiter on the MC + conjunct Chiron + north node are GOING OFF big time for me. Busy. Trail blazing. My own path. No diversions. Is crazy I’m not normally this driven – venus retro gave me 2 weeks of hell that I never want to experience again – ever – so I’m on a goal reaching rampage. Have totally adjusted plans after it showed me the flaws in the previous ones. Now everything seems to have fallen into place suddenly. I’m not so big on crystals but homeopathy + theta is working for me.

  7. yeah, still doing some introspection on what Venus retro brought. Sorry it was a bugger for you. Gotta love the new Uranian Chiron trailblazing, tho~ all good !
    I am with you on the control freaks, I am forgiving with the strong Neptune, but to the point of pointless personal sacrifice, no more !
    I am finally taking the reins in conquering my personal demons, and astro has been a big step towards enlightenment. I feel my transits now are a graduation of sorts (Saturn nearing MC, Uranus opp Uranus, Pluto, etc), reaching a certain age, and I have grown a low BS tolerance.
    Enjoying the study and enrichment of my mind and shrugging off the idea I am ‘less than’ without a mate or kids. I love books, music, movies, not a big tv watcher, no apologizes.
    I AM getting some weird readings from others regarding their viewpoints of me (Pluto in 1st), so juries still out while I wait for the dust to settle.
    I googled theta, very interesting, I will look further into it. Music is a great healer for me. thx

    • people thinking things about you that aren’t necessarily correct can be MC – maybe Saturn is contributing to their errors too? Uranus + Jupiter will be tweaking it too. Big time. In many ways people can become “less than” when they HAVE mates and kids – they’re able to merge and let themselves slide – and I don’t mean that in the physique sense. They just stop dead at the moment they were at when they hooked up. So being solo or having a relationship that grows and changes is the go I always think. Better than being stunted because you grafted onto another life force and gave up some of your own instead of expanding it together. Working out who you are and where you’re at is way easier solo. Is good to have time to clear the decks and take stock I don’t really ever understand why people complain about it. I think it’s a luxury. Peeps who can’t be alone with themselves make really high maintenance partners. Your low BS tolerance will help you steer clear of them and give you time to sort your head out. Is good. All of this is good.

      • Yes…I was just thinking yesterday how peaceful it is here in my studio.
        I keep weird sleep hours (not always on purpose) and am able to turn lights on and off whenever. I like being able to choose when I want company, and I am content with my books, and sorting out my life.
        I am Virgo enought to get a wacky thrill out of organization, it suits….
        I always wanted a library/den/studio. Now I have one filling up with astrology books, which is a study I have wanted to pursue for years, and I quite like it. Thanks for your help whatevs. Best to you as well.

      • Totes agree about “Peeps who canโ€™t be alone with themselves make really high maintenance partners”. I make the ability to be by oneself and enjoy one’s own company a requirement in a partner.

  8. oh geezuz, I almost fell out of my chair when you mentioned the pending thoughts of a fast but fun and messy affair, good god, I am not the type to go there, but out of the blue this old flame calls from fives years ago, says he is Jordan returning to the states and wants to see me. WTF, that never happens to me- not to mention nor do I consider these fuqing things, but then I find myself block calling him to hear his voice, and when I do I hear the faint beat of my heart say— “say hello you dum ass”
    But I hung up- I have a good honest honey, the flicker of a beating drum leads to the battle cry’s of a broken hearted love-
    when the hell does this madness in opposite thinking stop?!
    Oh, and I am starve dieting… im screwed.

  9. I finally feel like I have reached a point I can leave a very troubling situation with another person in the too hard box, with going back for a prod, thanks retro Venus. So last night I have an(other) elaborate dream re said person which is all about fear of placing trust and responsibity in another. The kind that you wake up in the middle of going ‘nooooo’ and then fall back in to. There were even both of our mothers hovering about like significant contributing factors they were (on my side at least).
    Of course the outcome of the dream was in no way a reflection of the reality, and really makes me wonder what the f’ my brain thinks it is going to achieve by churning out this stuff. It’s like it actually wants me to continue to torture myself over it all. I am astounded (and a tad saddened).

    • I am mid assignment (yes, that’s why I’m here procrastinating) and not really all there so soz I can’t for the life of me remember anything about your chart but wtf is up with your neptune? Your dream states are phenomenal. Maybe all the dreams have really been about your mother and father and their relationship and how you’ve adapted it to your own coupling style? I dunno.

      I’ve been investigating a meditation system that is based on sanskrit texts and breathing and the thing they say about the images and messages received in altered states are that you simply observe them or sit with them. I’m not sure if it works or not but I do get it that sometimes the search for meaning in the waking state can seriously overcomplicate things. And you’re a big thinker there’s no doubt about that – do you think writing them down so they’re released and then just letting them go and returning to them later when you’re not so “in” them would help relieve the tortured feeling? There’s enough people in the world with implements of torture without turning them on yourself.

      • Yes, Neptune. Sigh.
        I have it sq my Pisces moon nataly, and it’s currently moving through squaring all my Taurus stuff (venus and merc at present but shite loads of other things done or to do).
        I’ve always had vivid dreams, but specific people do not generally feature in the way this dude has. But we met when Neptune was bang on his mars, which is sq my venus, so it’s pretty Neptune influenced all round.
        Aren’t all relationship things somehow tied into our parents?
        And yes, usually I just go WTF and then get on with whatever. I woke up from that one going, this is exactly why you are staying in the too hard box boy. Saturn is bored with it.

        • The mother bit made me laugh though (till mine turned up at least). In the dream his mum called me and was telling me I needed to pay attention to the subtext of the things he was saying and was kinda hanging about making sure he broke basically. Except his mum was Asian in my dream, whereas he is eastern European.

  10. What is the effect of the current sun and moon reflecting one’s natal chart?? As is the case of my Scorp Sun opposing my moon in Taurus.

    • Do you mean you have natal sun moon opposition? Or the transiting moon opp your sun? The latter is a fleeting emo insight into self, perhaps? Look at cafe astrology for good details on the former. You would have some kind if back and forth between ego and emotions would be my guess? Others here are way better than I.

  11. The former – natal. Thanks for reply. Just interested to know if it means anything when planet combinations align with the birth chart. Will try looking it up..

    • Just think of it being amped up. You are more aware cause it’s fleetingly doubled. Happy birthday!

      • Oh ok cool, thanks for that. Perhaps not the easiest combo. Et thanks for b’day wishes, was on 3rd ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Funny – when I read Ministry my mind went to the NIN index card in the memory cabinet instead – Bow down before the one you serve came into my head and I pictured an ethereal piscean kneeling before a giant black pudding. It’s not them tho is it… But it did make me laugh.

  12. Errm, mostly in Camp 2 but also doing exfoliation and beauty treatments with organic products. Plus taking my Milk Thistle and daily vitamins with T2 Detox tea (awesome tea). Eating heaps of salads, blueberries, mangoes and quality food. This full moon is conj my natal jupiter in the 3rd house. Love toro moons, always.

    Am nearly delerious from delicious indulgent lunch of rocket/pear/blue cheese salad; pumpkin/walnut/chicken salad with sourdough miniroll with duck/orange pate (not usually on my radar but divine nonetheless). Followed this with fresh blueberries and mango ๐Ÿ˜ฏ how much can a girl take. Camp 2 theme is that all this was taken with generous amounts of my favourite margaret river white ๐Ÿ™‚

    Spent yesterday sorting new deal with telstra and upgraded my communication systems – everything including new phone etc. Toro 3rd house! Also bought a new sound system (very overdue).

    And now i face a lazy afternoon of catching up on my reading listening to tunes on my new sound system. Bliss to the senses – toro style.

  13. “Going ape over essential oils”

    How about going ape over those bach remedies.


    Pluto Juice arrived on Friday just as Venus & Jupiter went direct. Been quaffing it yesterday and today. AMAZING!!! I think the combo of the retro vibe ending and the juice is having a phenomenal effect. Where I felt stuck and lethargic mentally i am now ready and rearing to go. Having to tone it down just a tad. Feel like I can do anything. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for which camp I’m in – that would be ONE.

    Am realising how much my Taurus in Venus has made me crave comfort food over the years. I know that my food has be delicious AND healthy though to stop me overindulging. Bland never works with this placement. So I can have the chocolate (as it’s 70%) and enjoy the salads as long as it has black olives, parmesan, and fresh basil from my garden. Is that eating like a French woman? lol Going over all my beauty essentials too – use as many natural based products as possible usually and currently deciding on a good facial cleanser.

    • Hi Empress, I’ll share a secret re facial cleanser – Cetaphil – cheap, available at the chemist. A dermatologist recommended it to me when in my early 20’s. I have used it ever since. My beautician uses it and my daughter’s friend’s dad is a dermy and their entire family uses it. Suits all skin types. Most essential to get the best sun protection and exfoliation/renewal.

      ps eating like a French woman is definitely the secret ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thanks for the suggestion Ms feline. I think I used a body wash by them a few years back when I had an allergic reaction to another body wash I was given as a gift. lol It’s got parabens in it though and I’m pretty much an all natural kinda gal these days. The one I’m currently using has essential oils in it and is vegan friendly just feel like a change due to the climate. But thanks again for the suggestion. Love finding out what works for other people. xx

        Have you ever done that french woman diet? The one with the leek soup? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        • oh non non!! Classic French women’s diet means always eating minimally and no snacks or excessive drinks (only a sip or two). It’s all down to the art and taste not the quantity. At occasions celebrated with food the French woman will have considered it and both a adjusted her intake beforehand and afterwards. But still it will be minimal and they never clear their plate (unthinkable!). They embody the saying “everything in moderation” – that’s why they can smoke ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • jizz it iz… soz, couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ™‚ So true – you need to watch if the pump nozzle gets blocked with buildup. You are happily off to cleanse when kerbam – jizz in an inappropriate place, only it’s just cetaphil not jizz but they sure do look the same (without the scent ๐Ÿ˜†

      • I will second the endorsement of Cetaphil. I have rosacea so I can’t use soap on my face or my skin breaks out. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil, it works wonderfully and is very mild.

  14. Ooh I spy the Luna Luxe

    <————–over there

    *excited about what, when, why*

    Amazing vision of the full moon in my dream this morning followed by Neptune – didn't know it was Neptune til I googled lol. I feel tonight's gonna be an important one.

  15. Loud music is very, very therapeutic. Funny listening to stuff like The Cult (Love Removal Machine lol). Preference for anything with edgy energy.

  16. My Taurean Full Moon was spent with CowGirl, but of course.
    Test drove the new car, Phoenix’, to see her & AquaMan as
    it was a gift from them. Did 600 kms & it was cool & smooth as.
    SHE is so Venusian, HE is so Uranian. Prototypes.
    It was pretty much Love Central on w/e.
    Sun Moon Stars….great peeps, great food & wine
    fast car.
    But conflict with the water clairvoyant on the friday which i truly hope
    is settled Monday arvo…..wierded beyond. Totally strange. Friends said
    i was being manipulated & trying to be controlled…mmmm acurate astro AGAIN.

    • hi pegasus – who’s the water clairvoyant? Sorry, am following your story but must have missed something.

      • Hiya, FF, the spa-sauna-reiki-clairvoyant woman
        i saw twice before i restarted work. She has been
        calling & texting me at odd & inconvenient times.
        Lent her a treasured Atlas of Body & Mind & she
        is giving me grief about returning it.
        Booked a mini-workshop with her partner & cancelled
        after i spent 3 hours writing it out. Texting me at 7am
        asking for my contacts, stuff like that.
        I paid her for 2 sessions (not cheap), my tythe to the temple,
        so my keeping the book, she’s keeping me connected.
        We have discussed the validity of clairvoyants here before
        & i sang her praises.
        In the spa session, my toe hit the jet & i jumped, she said
        ‘it was an entity leaving my body’, but was too diplomatique
        to say the water tickled my toe ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. hmm… well Mystic I reckon I’m in both camps… spent the day reading up on rejuvenation techniques, meditating, trying out new anti-aging supplements & skin products and eating salad, between bouts of flashbacks to friday nights’ tequila-fueled romp with the Very Young Capricorn and viewing episodes of Mad Men and Fringe on DVD. This full moon is quite close to my Mercury opposite Neptune so trying not to take anything at all too too seriously.

    hmm. *eyebrow raised*

  18. I find myself completely obsessed with my digestive system! What on earth is going on?! Googling bentonite, food combining, colonics and associated theories, for and against. I’m going with it and will see what happens (the food combining, not the bentonite – I draw the line at swallowing clay).

    Ready for the next thing, not least a peek at MM’s latest offering Luna Luxe which I can see on the side here, but which is tantalisingly out of reach!

    • hee hee ever seen the DVD on Robert Crumb, the famous cartoonist ? His family is pretty ‘out there’…his brother was filmed sitting crosslegged on the floor eating a very long string (?) for digestive purposes. (shrugs)
      I’m all for eating right and getting healthy, but I gave up mudpies and odd bits long ago.
      I have heard of the food combining though, supposed to help digest better and set off proper chemical reactions, no ? Definately interested in that, Sun conjunct Uranus (in Virgo) makes me and my stomach kinda twitchy with high stress situations, and I have sworn off lots of foods for health reasons.

      • Is THAT what that is? I have Sun conj Uranus in Virgo as well, and haven’t eaten meat since I was 13/14 (Saturn opposition?), and sworn off other things because they’ve crossed me at some point (oranges for example, which gave me a headache once about 25 years ago, and so on).

        • You sound like my aqua daughter – she has sun conj uranus but in Aqua with virgo moon and rising. If a food crosses her once or didn’t taste the same as last time – it is never eaten again – no mum don’t talk about it I am not ever eating that so don’t try!!

          • so it’s not just me, interesting~ glad I brought it up.
            Funny, HC, many nights I remember sitting alone at the table facing a plate of cold brussels sprouts. still off those weird little slime balls even after all these years ha

            • Woah! flash back! Yes we have never used that particular parenting technique as it never worked on me. I would just sit my stubborn butt there at the table till I fell asleep (or fed the potplants)!

    • me too virgolicious! I have Mars, Uranus & Pluto in Virgo all in the 8th house. I know the 8th house has nothing to do with health but I’m certainly obsessive about my diet. Have been all my life.
      I have a pretty delicate digestive system and all it takes is the slightest change in routine and I’m stuffed! I totally freak out if i don’t get a daily dose of veges. I HAVE to eat healthy food it otherwise I feel really unwell and I break out.
      I wish i had one of those iron stomachs that people who can eat whatever they want seem to have.

      I had a colonic once (the most embarrassing experience ever – never again), food combining is impractical and so is the Eat for your Blood type diet. I’m sticking to the everything in moderation approach.

      The tail end of Venus retro was a nightmare. My skin looked horrid! Think it was too many late nights as there was no change to my diet and I was drinking plenty of water but still felt dehydrated. Feeling better now that I’ve had a chance to rejuvenate over the weekend. *sigh*

  19. This one hits on my 10th h./MC. I elect Camp One, but for those who go for Camp Two; I say ” Rock on “.

  20. Apparently I have achieved total Taurus bovinity. I just checked my astro software. I was surprised to see that this full moon was exactly over my Taurus Sun/Moon conjunction. So of course that means the Sun was in opposition to my natal Sun/Moon conjunct too. I have no idea what this means, but it must be significant somehow.

  21. Wow, this was an interesting Full Moon, it was on top of my Saturn/Venus conjunction, opposed Jupiter exact, and just had a big revelation at exact Full Moon moment about self-worth, after flipping out – introvert way.

    A string of events today, with a mental voice finally rising: dudette, they have 6 fig salary, stable job, and here you are thinking what happened to them.

    Decided to give mental banishment to all persons in my life who go on with their lives after sharing their troubles with me – in abundance. I mean, I worried for them, I lent money to them, I stayed up late to finish their work for them. Arrested I am, I finally realized these are the same people who do nothing but deter me from achieving my own goals. Finally peeps made me come to point of set and forget.

    Haven’t felt better in a long time. Come dark of the moon, I will clear the remaining clutter from my life.

    • ah, thank you for your thought on the dark moon – I was self-guilting somewhat over a few messy loose ends remaining post Venux rx and associated Scorping. Good to know I have 2weeks to prep the large broom and sweeeeeep the last of the mess away!

  22. I think this fulll Moon was special. This morning, (Pacific Time, U.S.), was out running errands while the full Moon was happening. Most gorgeous rainbow!

    • I associate rainbows with the Arc of the Covenant (I spell it with a “c”, not “k”, as in Ark), because to me, it’s an Arc of Light and it represents a promise… (just like in my Enya song from yesterday…May it Be ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    • Yes me too Sweets, me too…. I thought I was over being ill but my fever went back up and my throat glands achieved full moon bovinity by themselves! Ah, combine that with a pounding migraine and a shrieking full mooned gummy teething bubsy.. it was truly a time of expansion and fullness in my home!!

  23. Wow guys, judging by the amount of spritely comments I do indeed think Full Moon Bovinity has been achieved!

    • haha… And now off to the gym and sauna for me as must “de-puff” (a little too much wine yesterday during my bovinity engrossment/music/emo melt down while Moon conjunct my Veenie).

  24. Also interesting to note for me that this during this Moon in Taurus, which opposes my Moon in Scorpio, I have had to give up breastfeeding!
    The moment it went it exactly opposite was almost to the moment of the decision.

    My poor nurturing Scorpio Moon met her match in a Toro Moon and a Cappy Baby.

  25. Wow this post went nutso! My full moon was nice, deffo camp one in the end with nothing much to report, no need for salt circles or quarantines just shopping, food and the usual moon awe.

    • same – zip drama – having Le Ram across the ditch & communicating via SMS conversations defo a bonus!

      relished gardening in bikinis, sprucing up the outdoor areas for summer, playing with the dog & trying to work out where to go for xmas!

  26. I feel like I have a massive hangover and didn’t even do that much. Ha what camp was that that gave us a memory erase on the way out – just so their is no guilting for what we ate did etc – the music must of been loud though my ears are throbbing.
    Or maybe not so exciting, I have just picked up my childs ltest bug – yah (not)