Neptunian Undertow

Woman in Eighties make-up kissing a yellow snakeAny good dreams anyone?

Neptune in slo-mo, getting set to turn Direct on Nov 7 + retro-Venusian nonsense adding a Scorpionic-psychic-sleuth-mega-Freud tone to everything is like a long, slow muck rake over the bottom of the pond of our deeply personal psyche.

Fuq drastic solutions. Just keep a dream diary and analyze the thing.

Image: Nick Knight

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62 thoughts on “Neptunian Undertow

  1. um yes..
    bizarre dreams
    my CAD teacher told me she was in a poly SM relationship and she wanted to cane me. we were seeing each other but would pretend not at school. then I had a lesbian affair with another lecturer she approved of.


  2. From pet killer whales and choruses of dancing sea snakes, martian landscapes, ex lovers of all kinds, strangely mundane situations in trippy psychedelic landscapes. Lots of weirdness, I had a hunch it was Neptunian in some way.

  3. Had a dream last night amethysts fell out of a ring I had in the dream. In real life, I dont’ have an amethyst ring.


    • Rings usually mean commitment, or promise, sometimes honor (like a badge of honor).

      I know that amethyst stands for a sign, but I can’t remember it at the moment. Pisces or Aquarius. It’s also the birthstone of February.

      It could be someone who is either a Pisces or Aquarius in your life, or has qualities of those signs, is falling out of some commitment or promise. The ring could also mean a circle, like a circle or ring of friends/people. This is just my interpreation though..

      • Hi Steph, thanks for the interpretation. Definately lots of pisceans in my life at the moment…. hmmm.

        Maybe need new groups of friends?

  4. … this is hilarious!

    I was in some kind of surrogacy arrangement with a couple – in their bed – and they were trying to get ‘things’ to work, negotiating my body as if I wasn’t there …

  5. earthquakes and towers falling. i was safe and saved others. took refuge in a giant red brick church.

  6. Every dream I have had for the past 5 nights has involved my partner cheating on me or hurting me in some way. They have been horrible dreams.

  7. Last night I had a nightmare where I had a makeover that involved me getting implants in my back and head to make me look like a cling on alien. Ridges everywhere. Then my hair was bleach and it ended up half falling out and looking like straw. Awful.

  8. All my dreams as of lately have been taking place in this same little town that only exists in my dreams. I don’t usually dream of the same place more than once, but I keep returning to it. Not sure what it means, but I think it’s somewhere I want or need to be, metaphorically speaking. A state of “being” that I want to achieve. Oh, and in this dream town, my current crush has a nicer, better-looking, younger brother who totally wants me. Only he speaks little to no english. Well, even in dreams, you can’t have it all…

    Another theme: family. All my dreams have involved my family/extended family and occasionally being in Mexico, where my family comes from.

    • That is interesting. I have a very similar thing. There is this whole other city I’ve never been to that exists in my dream life. I often have dreams set in this city, walk through familiar streets and parks, and definitely I live in a certain neighbourhood in this city that I’ve seen pop up in a number of dreams. I dreamed I was in this city just the other night… Really intrigues me that I keep coming back to this place.

  9. all the scorp stuff opposing my asc.

    Really gross dream last night. Would be interested what freud would have to say about it.

  10. I dreamt I had a romantic fling with the boy from the off-license. Surfy with blonde ringlets. Completely not my type and about the same age as my son. Hello mid life crisis.

  11. Dreaming the battery was flat in my car, someone sitting next to me in the car, I told them I thought it had been running down and hard to start lately. The someone reminded me that I had to start my car in 5th gear, then all would be fine. I did and it was………………..

  12. Oh wow.. woke up thinking there was something Neptunian going on last night as had a dream that I went to a party with some people from my father’s side of the family that I barely knew.

    When I got there I found I could fly and was having a gorgeous fly around the party.. flying up to trees and zipping across the backyard. It was a magical night sky with sparkling stars as well very otherworldly and then my mother was coming and I couldn’t show her that I could fly. so landed and sat with this guy who was meant to be a relative but was a someone I used to have a huge crush on when I was a girl.. he had amazing green eyes and purple sunglasses on (john lennon style) and he gave me a tarot reading I couldnt remember the cards but they werent normal tarot cards they had animals on them like a bear and an eagle (I think).. was surreal and beautiful and amazing.. had to share..

    Dont mention my mother issues .. lol they aren’t in the subconscious..

  13. No dreams I can remember at all. but I love this snake and pic. Saw one in a great movie called Lemony Snickett with Billy Connolly as the heptologist??

  14. Amazing full on dream activity to be sure! Last night I dreamt I was at a friend’s house and there was a part of the house I hadn’t been in & it was a gym area. I walked on to the gymnast floor & it was incredibly bouncy & each step easily flung me into the air & I was doing triple sommersaults automatically – it was the best feeling! It was all so easy & natural. I actually woke up feeling motion sickness from all the catapulting into the air & rotating. Mind you, I was meant to go to gym in the morning & piked so I think it was my alternative workout πŸ˜‰

    Also dreamt of my ex scorp best friend & current scorp best friend when Sun went into Scorpio. Almost want to make contact with the ex bf but know I shouldn’t succumb…

    • Similar dream, except it was a swimming pool, and I found in the pool complex, a pool they were hiding for some while, which was almost all dried up and looked like autumn. This pool had a significance, like a secret that they tried to hide. As soon as I discovered it all the rooms started flooding, there was chaos. I wonder what this means.

      Whenever there is tidal waves or flooding or any natural disaster in my dream I almost feel a sense of relief, and when I wake up I definately feel good.

  15. yup, crazy dreams for weeks. waking up tired and can’t really remember them clearly. A few volcanos, a quite a cool on a ship sailing through icebergs have featured.

  16. Don’t recall my dream from last night, but I’ve had a few good ones, an interesting one about my ex flatmate, where she contacted me for help. It was a good dream, I felt a softening, but still didn’t trust.
    Netunian action does explain my little (2.5 glasses) lashout on wine last night…. it s enough to make me a bit fuzzy today!

  17. I was so exhausted last night! My dreams were a little harder to decipher this morning. I know weirder things went on but I am not so sure I can explain it, I need to use another language or something… 😯

    • “I need to use another language or something” says it well. I’ve never found the vocabulary to describe dreams.

    • o such a good way of putting it – I have that so often with dreams – remnants that I can slip back into but to describe with text … or smell, sound, taste, absoultely impossible, which I guess suggests it is an abstract visual and yet not …

  18. Ugh. Crazy viiiivid dreams. Brother committed suicide in our childhood home. There were buckets of vomit everywhere but Mum kept insisting he’d slit his throat. His wife and mother-in-law blamed me.

    I ran off to become a professional pole dancer but got stuck with a heavy priest’s robe as a costume so I left, terribly disappointed that I obviously wasn’t sexy enough. I was really looking forward to it. Then I had the most important audition of my life and I couldn’t read any of the lines. The pages kept lengthening and the writing got more and more illegible the more I tried to read it. I ended up trying to lock myself in a bathroom only to find the loo was at the base of a vast, opulent staircase that everyone was using.

    I woke up, desperately needing the loo and covered in heavy blankets. Hmm.

  19. Last night I dreamt I was a girl who had special powers, one of those powers was the ability to fly. And I was trapped in a house, locked in a room with a chain in my ankle. Then I fooled the guardians and could slip and fly away, far, far away. But then came this man who wanted me, I didnΒ΄t know if he was a friend or enemy. If he wanted my powers to make me a prisoner or to help me liberate.


  20. I’ve had a couple of weeks of uncomfortable, discomforting dreams. Dreams of a tooth falling out, strangers coming into my home, my house blending with workplace (school) and students running through my house. Hated that.

  21. Hello everyone & please help me about ‘Dreams’.
    Have just received an email from Sedona Arizona to ask
    if could stay at my place for a few days
    on his Oz tour.
    Check him out! Seriously handsome & a Tantic Master.
    He’s turned my brain to jelly & want to say yes, although have never
    met anyone form this organization ‘Institute of Temple Arts’ USA.
    Problem is i only have ONE bedroom.
    Maybe i could put a tent up for me in garden or go to beach house whilst
    he’s here.
    Please advise, need to reply soon……gulp!

      • He’s doing a world tour & Adelaide is stopover.
        Probably doing classes or workshops in Melba & Sidders.
        So replied YES & when πŸ™‚

          • And have had faceless lovers in my dreams the last month!
            Sedona….isn’t there supposed to be portals to other worlds

          • Yes, supposedly there are ley lines there that intersect creating vortices as portals into other dimensions. Took a venture down there on my way to Chaco Cyn, New Mexico.

            The ‘red earth’ of that place (Sedona) had me nearly swerving into other cars as I’d noticed it. About as otherwordly as I got there but I was too woo-woo about other happenings in my life as well.

  22. In a bush setting – all red earth and grey dryland shrubs – I see a white mare and her white foal standing. Suddenly the foal takes off and runs past me. I see its tail is on fire and fire is leaping off the tail into the landscape.

  23. My dreams have been normal for me – nothing unusual to report.

    I find this photo very disturbing; dead and cold.

  24. Really crazy dreams for weeks! All sorts… Living in a particular suburb in Melbourne that then turned into a place in Europe (which i’ve not been to and I don’t live in Melbourne).

    Running from a house where I knew someone was in danger- I was on the phone to the police and I didn’t know where I was so I looked at the letter box of the house to get the number (7 or 9) I had to look really closely and ran down the street to get the name of the street (it had three words on the sign) it felt so real. I remember talking to the operator and correcting her on my location. It was interstate again.

    Rehearsing for a drama or play of sorts (no relevance to real life). This was a repeat dream. I wasn’t ready for the performance. I wasn’t happy with my costume and there were so many people around and I was worried I would forget my lines. My ex turned up and suddenly the rehearsal wasn’t as important. He looked happy. It turned out to be major revelation about feeling sad at the way the relationship ended. I’ve never seen him in that dream before. Really just all things subconscious came to the surface.

    I keep dreaming about hotels, too. I wonder what it means. Every time I stay at a different hotel and they’re different types of hotels. The only thing that is the same is a gorgeous man from a real hotel that i’ve been to is there at every hotel- at reception πŸ™‚

  25. We watched the Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McLeod, last night spending two weeks in a slum in Mumbai. The squalor was amazing but the sense of community was unbelievable. In the night I dreamed I was walking through the narrow streets but they were covered with bits of cloth which were picking up to fit together in a giant jigsaw. I think it’s something to do with the earlier dream I had in relation to the three Aboriginal children who were murdered in our village – like stitching the pieces together to give a full picture to bring some peace and resolution. I’m going to bring this into artwork too.

  26. Well, I’ve already purged my creepy nightmare woes in this space in the last couple of days… Good news is, the dreams have got much nicer since then, but remain as vivid, so it is a bit of a dreamy-depths week I’m having. Lots of truly surreal imagery, but in a not-so-bad way.

    Post script to my icky “being hunted by a soul-snatching eye-stitching dark shaman who was planning on telepathically stitching my fingers together as soon as I fell asleep” dream, that I failed to mention while blah-ing about how creepy it was, is… that dream actually ended with an ex-lover who is now a very dear close friend telling me he would come and sleep by my side every night, and hold my hands while I slept to keep it from happening… which i have no doubt he would actually do. So a beautiful platonic-romantic message to it in the end.

  27. I’ve been working 10 hours a day for about 3 weeks. This week, my schedule is increased to 14 hours per day. I might break my previous record of a 92 hour work week. I work all day, come home, fall asleep, and have dreams that I’m at work. Then I wake up and go back to work.

  28. Yes funny dreaming for me by someone who never remembers her dreams. I dreamt a spider the size of a dinner plate was ‘attached’ to the top of my head, sometimes moving up and down in a ‘humping’ motion(ew) I wasn’t concerned at all – it seemed quite a normal. I told my friend about it and he just shrugged as if it was something that happened to people occasionally. I woke soon after and my head was all tingly. Weird!!

    • Spiders are often a sign of creativity, so perhaps creative thoughts are pouring into you! But aside from that, it’s best to ask yourself what a spider means to you and work from there as symbols are different for each person.

    • Ark, that just reminded me to release the spider I caught last night! Thank you!
      I think spiders are good schnukems as they eat the creatures that give me grief, so my interp would be the spider looks out for your atop your noggen! And number 8. But I also like Libraquarius’ suggestion re: what your own interp of spider is.

  29. Hehe.


    I have very tuned in dreams. A few night ago I had a dream someone handed me a ziploc bag of keys….

  30. YES! many bizarre dreams. but my CRAZIEST dream was about a bug flying through my window, falling on the ground, cracking, and forming into a second bug. every time the bug would crack, it would form another. i have an exact image of what the bug looked like, too. then, i tried to kill it by putting it in water, but it instead just grew bigger– into like a rodent or something.

    the reason why this ^ dream is so strange is because of the following: i told my friend the dream, he goes, “oh it must be because of the bedbugs in italy” (b/c we went to italy last weekend and were bitten by bedbugs). i was like, “hm maybe you’re right, i didn’t think of that… and that def didn’t cross my mind in the dream, but it’s possible that it was b/c i’m subconsciously worried about bedbugs.” we then decided to wikipedia bedbugs just to learn more about them and, i SWEAR TO G-D, the image of the bedbug looked EXACTLY like the bug in my dream. and it also turns out that bedbugs cling to clothing, luggage, etc. and MATE! i had absolutely NO IDEA about that. i feel so prophetic!!! just hoping that i don’t have any bedbugs in my room now from traveling! i’ve been vacuuming my room and washing my clothes and bedding in hot water.

    also so funny b/c i had this dream on wed night!!!