Merde Creek

woman in bathtub in riverWeird isn’t it…how Libran females seem to be (in general) coping just fine with Saturn in their sign and yet the men not so well.

Some of them really feel like they’re up Merde Creek sans paddle.

My theory: The men will perk right up once Mars gets into Saggo on Thursday.

They have to. It’s been really strange having Libran men all low and dull-witted.

Flirting is like a kind of currency to them. They think beauty is a form of genius (Oscar Wilde- Libra) and are usually able to see it in a myriad of things and people. Even those of you who loathe them (i know there a few of you with your wings singed by the creatures) will admit that Libran guys are usually gorgeous, decorative and easy to be with.

So by Friday, they’ll be a bit more breezy and up again, thanks to Mars not making them think they should either be buying gold ingots to hoard next to their skincare products OR start recycling dental floss.

Then on November 19, when their ruling planet goes forward again, they will be back in fine fettle.

I still can’t figure out why the Libran femmes seem to be doing so much better with the Saturn in Libra-Retro Venus combo: Because women are more likely to be into astrology? As the Libran ladies are better at faking it?

O.m.g. there is the perfect Sun Sign Survey question: Which Sun Sign (or Venus Sign) Is Best At Faking Orgasms?

I reckon we would immediately get a host of Aries guys saying they wouldn’t know as nobody they’ve known has ever done it and then there would be Sagittarians denouncing the dishonesty.

The post would quickly be jacked by a Scorpio claiming to have experienced an E.S.O on the train and in front of a famous transvestite once. Dare we do it?

Image: Eugenio Recuenco

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117 thoughts on “Merde Creek

  1. I’d say Pisces is best at faking it, and maybe Gemini once they actually get on with it. I’m a Taurus with Venus in Aries. I can’t hide my dissatisfaction, even if I say so otherwise (that’d be the Pisces Moon & Asc).

    And what’s all this about pretty Libra men? All the ones I know are ew-looking, unless they have strong Scorpio in their chart or are gay.

    • Something about their eyes and brows, I think. I’ve known several who lack integrity, though — in their zeal to please everyone, they cut corners.

    • Sheesh!… outed in the first comment… 😯

      Gemini Pisces rising… 😯

      Anyway its not faking it, its just moving things along occasionally so we can get back to the talking/laughing/going through my repertoire of amusing voices that I can do… πŸ˜€

      • Can just imagine those voices are hilar. Got a few up Gem rising/Mars sleeve also!

        “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”….Bill Clinton on Monica Lewinsky, replete with squinty, angry eyes and finger pointing..

        It was just too priceless to pass up!

        • Bill Clinton Libra rising, Chiron and Jupiter in 1st, inconjunct Taurus Moon in 7th (energies of different elements needing to find attunement).

          7th can be about the public and our relationship to it, so poor Bill, all was out there for everyone to see. Sure many saw themeselves with Bill’s prediciment and straightened up henceforth, reality wise.

      • Okay, maybe not actually faking it, but it can come off as insincere and fake. I’ve been with at least two Gem/Pisces types and from what I’ve been through… Great for a quickie, but nothing too deep, which is what I prefer…

        And yes, Gem’s always have the most random things they want to move on to. The ones I was with always wanted me to listen to their latest songs. Talk about some weird bartering system.

  2. Saturn is a crane. It picks you up and metaphorically moves you to another location entirely. The ‘crane’ is required because you can’t move yourself. If you expect anything less than a big shift, you’re in trouble – male or female.

    • Truth. Having both both Saturn and Venus in Libra (and about a million other things going on in my chart) I feel like that crane has me mid move right now and I’m kind of swinging in the wind trying not to look down.

      I have personally been staying well clear of Libran men after I had some kind of plague of them sent to traumatize me a couple of years ago so I haven’t noticed their current state, maybe it’s retribution for being such attractive sneaks!

    • I love this explanation as I have been thinking of it more as a hole we have fallen into. My fella and I are both Librans and are definitely dangling mid-air right now, going, “Hurry up and land already!” I can’t say who is coping better – we perform some sort of coping/not-coping dance depending on who seems hardest hit that particular hour. The worst is when we get out of step and both do the not-coping part at the same time. PS I can confirm, non-flirty libran guys do exist as my fella is one of them. He has loads in Aquarius, so that may explain it.

    • Yes, the crane. I had Saturn in my sign a while back. Crane smashed me over the head, wrecked my entire life and threw me to the other side of the continent… good times……..

      • this is my saturn experience too–smash, wreck, throw. isn’t that supposed to be pluto’s job?

  3. I would think Scorpio would be the best if they tried, but wouldn’t do it on principle. Gemini for sure, would, can and will! But would a Gemini on the receiving end be able to detect it?

  4. ooh man it’s pretty funny how many have been burned by libra men. I have definitely learned to STAY AWAY. Libra women too, for that matter. Sorry Libras!

    • I have only known one male Libra, he was icky and a pathelogical liar and I have only known one Libra woman and she was bat shit crazy.

      I think I will take a pass on the Libras too.

      • bad experience with 2 libra bosses. horrible actually. but then one very good friend is a libra.

    • -_-*,,|,

      Wow another Libra hater. You’re not sorry; why say you’re sorry? passive-aggro much?

      • Sorry, but I cant stand Libran men.

        Too girly, vacuous, self important. Ridiculous…

      • The only Libra male I know is my brother and I adore him. Always have and we have opposite Suns.

        Oh gee, okay there WAS the Libra money counterfiet guy. But my brother has always worked incredibly hard and has a great work ethic. Can’t imagine him needing to make phoney money. But his smile? One will never know and that’s why he could be a lady killer πŸ˜‰

        Mars in Libra ex b.f.? Double Cappy and could be an arrogant, insecure, flirting with all and sundry ass. (Cappy Moon here, Libra NN, so no bias).

      • Ahhh foxy, I love it when you’re just all out aggro – for real : o) Rise above it lovely, is an irrelevant diversion xxx

        • Astrology is not about sitting on your arse, waiting til the stars are aligned, and boom!boom! yer rich or have a hawt man/woman who is in love with you.
          People come to astrology looking for insight which certainly implies they think they are capable of change (for the better hopefully). Why do they think it is impossible for others to do the same? Everybody’s got Libra in their chart somewhere even if there are no planets in it. We are here to improve. Integrate and be whole again.

          if there’s one thing that’s so Libran that I can’t stand in others, it’s how illogical people can be regarding this – “I’m the only one capable of change, not you”. It’s so arrogant.

          • I hear ya – that was sincere by the way – I DO love it when you come out all guns blazing. Where are jupiter and uranus in your chart right now? And how’s saturn treating you? Have you had it on your sun yet? It’s all go for the venusians right now – or all stop is probably more to the point. I’m over turning lead to gold myself.

    • Every libran I know is batshit crazy. . . but mostly in a good way. . . or maybe just in a brand I like.

  5. Just off the phone with my double Libran ex whose looking for housing in a BIG city –and in a desirable neighborhood, too. He found the *best* place (for his budget) –totally appropriate for my daughter and him– and then proceeded to talk himself out of it because his truck could barely pass through the driveway.

    When the realtor he’s working with heard this, she verbally dope-slapped him, and then he got me on the phone, told me about the truck panic, and I did the same.

    He’s having mini-panic attacks. The realtor brought him back to her office and gave him a beer.

    • Oh yeah…and update this morning: Libran wrote back this AM and said he’s reconsidering a different neighborhood –much more conservative and suburbany. Hence, beautiful illustration of how Librans won’t be cowed, even if they play “nice” and suggestible. Also typical indecision.

      My Aries Moon blew it’s top. Luckily he wasn’t here to see me blow. Tried to vibe very gracious and high-minded (Mars in Libra), mostly because I threw two IChing readings and the coins said “be cool”. I do not feel cool.


      • Sent positive, kind email this AM. Got positive, grateful call in return. He’s panicked over his new job. Not a surprise there; new job situations are tricky. But he’s got a fair bit of social anxiety in his makeup, which makes him all that much edgier.

        And the place he’s looking at in the conservative ‘burb is not much cheaper than the place closer in.

        Guess it’s ex-husband week. Had a “visitor” today who clearly wants to talk with me. Think it’s a past life husband. Sheesh.

    • Ha-ha, I’m a double Libran and can really relate to this. I made a decision about not advertising in a particular publication, and then started back-tracking. And my Kataka friend, very quiet and sensitive, suddenly blew her top and screamed at me: “For god’s sake, stay with a decision when you make it and stop bloody changing your mind all the time”. We both goggled at each other but luckily fell around laughing when the shock had passed.

  6. My double Libran bloke having existential panics but easily brought around with a bit of smelling salty glee. So far. Does not like things dishonest un-suave not ‘easy’ as in not ‘beautiful’. Very decorative. Thankfully not too much need for fake orgasm as yes Saggi does not like this but Cancerian Sun uses them on occasion to bolster egos, comfort or something equally weird.

    • Haha! Cancer sun totally does fake it as ego-bolster thing, but Sagg moon fesses up instantly if called on it!

  7. Involved with Scorp Sun/Libra Venus for two past years; done now, I think.
    I felt he faked his satisfaction, etc. Can that be? Anyway, I’ve faked it now and again with every man, be he husband, lover, or friend w/ benefits: Aqua
    Sun, Gem Moon, Venus in pisces and Neptune in Libra in 7th House.

    • Connie, there is a difference between male ejaculation & male
      orgasm. Ejaculation cannot be faked ‘O’s’ can. Sometimes in a relationship,
      we can fake it til we make it as sounds move the energy & open the throat
      (communication & creativity). Sound i mean vis a vis noise.
      You can tell from which part of the body, the sounds of pleasure come from,
      whether deep in the diaphram, the belly, heart or sticks in the throat, so to speak πŸ™‚
      or whether it’s ‘in the head’, which is why celibate monks OM it a lot……it’s their ‘O’.
      You can place your hand on their heart centre at the climaxing time to gauge the
      Pretty much the same for a woman if a man needs to know if ‘encouraged’ (i prefer
      to ‘faked’) by the pulsing of the heart, yoni-vajra.
      (this is inside information not even told at $350 workshops, ha).

  8. Never, ever, faked an orgasm.

    Taurus Husband reckons he faked it with an ex-girlfriend. I still wonder how he did that.

  9. Libra Sun/Gemini Rising
    It would never occur to me to fake it – then the fun is over! (And if he’s not doing it right, well, he needs to know that – not have his ego soothed.)

    BTW, thought of a wonderful male Libra – Hugh Jackman (October 12th). He’s got to be what really high Libra looks like – loves his wife, loves his children, is known for being courteous to everyone, works his ass off, sings, dances, acts and is breathtakingly gorgeous.
    There you go. πŸ™‚
    (Wonder how Hugh is managing this Saturn season.)

    • I like Hugh also. He does seem a very high one. My Libran bro has a measure of Errol Flynn looks about him. Errol, another Aussie.

  10. Ha,ha, love the pix. Tried to call Libra bro the other day for b-day after I’d already left a message a few days earlier. I called just like I said I would but got his v.m. again. Gee, this post kinda confirms a funny feeling I have…Perhaps he’s not doing so well. I’ll keep trying until I get him.

    • I like the idea of acting on Mystic’s post that way. “Why’d I check on you? Mystic thought it would be a good idea.”
      I hope your bro’s OK. πŸ™‚

  11. One can use vibie in combo with the “ahem” male parts. Big “O” assured!

    Didn’t really want to go there but well, one must speak the truth! **blush**

  12. The female Libras are more aware of their own feelings and have been smart enough to be following Mystic or their own brand of guidance. We knew the crap storm was coming for awhile now and have made preparations. Male Librans just don’t have this. I mean how much of this board is composed of male Libras?

  13. Libra here! So busy! So tired! Mom still in hospital, dad crazy OCD and yes, I am coping. I would like to spend some time on an island with perhaps a hairy northern European type, not Indonesia though! hahaaaa

  14. Coping? Well that really depends on your definition of coping. The Zap Zone set a really nice base level shite zone of crappery, so anything up from that is definately up.
    As far as females go, maybe it is an illusion of grace, I actually don’t want to talk about it and don’t want any one to know if I am not coping, so I smile, continue to compliment and offer assistence and try to look good even if I don’t feel it.
    Don’t know many Libran guts really but maybe they don’t don the grace facade very often?

    In respect to the other topic discussed, I have not faked it but I am not sure I could pull of a good fake even if I tried.

    • Huh my typing sucks in this post more than usual
      Translations: – Guts = Guys
      – don – do

      I need cafeinne now. This is definately a saturn side effect – Absolute relentless fatigue on every level – Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

      But a really good haircut could be a temporary pick me up. Yes that does always help, will do that soon!!


    Just had a convo last Friday with an Aries guy-friend: “no girl has EVER faked with me….. I can just tell”

    Hmmm, if you’ve never been faked with, how do you know to spot a fake, matey?

    But then again, he did say they all have had female ejaculations too…..

    either a) he’s lying about the ejaculations, b) telling the truth about the orgasms, or c) some of those girlies just couldn’t be bothered going to the toilet.

    • Eh, being an Aries mysurf sure he blowing to the wind a bit. I would never make it with another Aries as vibie would be there for back up. πŸ˜†

      Pisces “always made sure”…And was consistently, well, persistent… πŸ˜†

      • Just looked up “persistent” (okay, I know what it means but just checkin’ the spelling, ya know?)

        “the relentless beat of the drums”


        What was that movie where there was sex scene and the drum music came on? Think there were two ice dancers who did their routine to that in the Olympics…

        They got the gold medal…. πŸ˜†

    • get him to prove it. . . get him to sex you. . . assuming you’re a girl. If you’re not . . .get him to sex me!!!!!!

    • He can’t have had sex with that many women then?? Isn’t female ejaculation pretty rare?

  16. virgos would make the effort to fake, at least some of us, because we don’t generally *want* to make people feel bad. but… the constant checking our watches to see if we’re done yet might be a bit of a giveaway. πŸ™‚

  17. I’m racking my brain to try to think of a libran man I’ve found attractive. I’ve got nothing.

    Faking it – no. . . god no. I don’t want people to feel bad, but I don’t want to reinforce negative behaviours. . . so I’ll tell them what I would really like to have done.

    Leo sun virgo just about everywhere else.

    • Virgo = Instructional. Step by step, patient and very clear.

      I think it empowering to communicate even such things.

    • Ha, what was that movie quote? “I’m responsible for my own orgasm”

      Or was that just some new fangled feminist rhetorical statement.

      I say to not let them off the hook just yet πŸ˜‰

        • Thanks Pisces with Sagg. Did love that movie but alas, Aries me don’t always get the details unless something really intrigues me (Pluto in 3rd? Probably. ) Double Leo, Merc Virgo Mum, she used to stay after the show and read the credits.

    • Have another one…And I haven’t even had actual sex in over five years and don’t give a flip quite frankly! I feel like a nun and sex drive “nil”. But the whole idea ~is~ fun. Moon in 8th…Not much about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll that can shake me…


      “What happened to Maybelline?”

      “Max Factor”…

  18. I don’t get Librans and I have been burnt by getting too near them, however I have a healthy respect for their craftwork when it comes to beauty and my guess is the Libran women at the mo’ are discovering the beauty, hollow tho it may be, of faking it til you make it through. The more masculine librans , male or otherwise, will pick this up and turn it into a masters degree or a film sooner or later.
    I used to think gemini’s being chameleons were the masters of disguise. Til I met Librans. And the chances of catching one appearing to be up merde creek sans paddle is about as likely as a Leo in chains.

    • Librans….~And the chances of catching one appearing to be up merde creek sans paddle is about as likely as a Leo in chains~

      So funny twinfish. Bro has been up merde creek a bit with Pluto now in Cap (think too that that was his Saggo Moon and wife’s Saggo Moon…some money issues came to the fore) , but Bro has always seemed to have divine providence looking out for him after the rain…

  19. They may be gorgeous when young but they don’t age well (hair and teeth drop out) AND they are narcissists so you get all thats good and bad about that.
    LOVE Baristagem’s hilarious post – I like to move things along a little myself sometimes…..

    • My bro has all his hair at nearly 55 and doesn’t have a thad of grey…(and has all his teeth πŸ™‚ ), Aries dad too has his hair and original teeth at 77. Good gawd this sounds awful and plays on my own Cappy Moon fears!
      Twice this week I’ve actually checked to make sure my teeth are intact.
      wtf is up with that? KNOW I read this somewhere where Mystic had mentioned this…

      Yes, I am protective of my men. Libran bro can be an out right arse hole but I love him unconditionally.

  20. Wow. Well where to start?

    Recently been singed by the Double Libran, check. Was perfectly lovely, brought back the tenderness in my life, only to Pass-Agg on Venus Retro and go silent as if mandated by war strategy. Post Parental visit.

    I’m not sure if it’s connected but the bottom line is, he shat on whatever the Universe had graciously given thus far.. ie unfolding of things so we can be closer, which is precisely the point where he started to detach – going so far as to explain he did this sort of thing, pushed people away when they get close. And I’m supposed to do what? Break out years of Plutonic Wisdom by applying Cognitive Therapy?

    Lost his manners (possibly didn’t have them ingrained that deeply?) and went via Indecision Road. So now that I’ve called it a day, and blessedly early, I’m wondering if he will be zooming on the Saturn Speedway relationship communications are clearly the area where he’s hobbled.

    By contrast, female Libs wear Saturn well as it is Au Natural to be the iron hand inside the velvet glove. They respect strength, perhaps not so much being shorn of the accessory..whereas some of the men come face to face with the lesson that charm, a dazzling smile or elegant convo will not suffice. They MUST man up.

    Fake orgasms? Never. Erroneous feedback = poor service improvements. And I WANT good service.

    • Oh and November 19th is when I’m meant to pick something up from his place.. I said, don’t be there. Fark.

    • So true FA about the man up, but difficult I think. Wish I had a bird’s eye to my brother’s previous three marriages…On his 4th and its had it’s challenges due to ex wife and son, etc.

      Do know that brother had huge issues with my Mom. Bro and Mom didn’t speak for five years when Mom and Dad got divorced.

      Then there is sis with natal Aries Sun opposite Libra Moon. Indicitive of some sort of ~animus/anima~ division. She said she divorced Leo Mom and Aries Dad as a child when she heard their relentless arguing. Amazing.
      Yet she created this tremendous amour so she would not be hurt. Over the years she came from her more masculine Aries side and most could see it but her. Yet she had the very charming, alluring, beautiful Libran side mixed in of course. Someone said (and I witnessed it), they said “when I look at you, I see beauty”, and they weren’t talking just about the physical. She didn’t and perhaps does not see it now as far as the inner goes, you know? Told her I hopes she finds it. We haven’t spoken in over five years. Her daughter called when my Mom died. She came from so much of her Aries part “I’m not responsible for anyone but me”, type of thing.

      But aside from that, just wondering where your Libran man is and why he is putting up amour. I can’t see why, quite frankly, you being you πŸ˜‰ .

      But it seems he might have wounds and hurdles to overcome, not that you should stand by in all your Cancerian magnificence and mother him.

      Man up? Yes, we have had to woman up and it’s not been easy.


        • Why, thank you lovely of you to say. Just saw this.

          I’d rather have amour than armour frankly..but where is he? Oh darling, the lucidity is sinking in and now that he’s left me alone, well, the razor sharp analysis isn’t making things look good. Rather shredded in fact.

          Though I, in my tendency to compassion, would like to believe he has disappeared in a cloud of self-doubt, perhaps parental disapproval or some kind of dissonance owing to our race, culture, age and/or income difference – what I’ve concluded is sadly far more dismaying.

          At least all of the above things can be bridged..with enough passion, interest and desire.

          I just don’t think he’s mature enough and lacks the complexity to continue with something like this. It can be hard to convince someone by way of discussion, so I don’t resent his need to experience. By all means, he should.

          But I will not be lingering round while he does it.

          • Good for you girl in taking care of yourself. He obviously is taking care of himself, in whatever way that might be working for him.

            (or not πŸ˜‰ )


  21. oooh i so missed out on this post… I only know one male libran, and he is gorgeous, in a kind of keanu reeves johnny depp kinda way, he is an absolute sweetheart also, but, there is a but, i suspect a flakiness, a sleaziness, and im always suspect of men who have relationships with younger women…. anyway whatever, its like a myth that just keeps playing out, i dont want to manfiest it more just by complaining about it. I thought all women fake orgasm at some time or another, how wonderful to never have had to, or wanted to… ive never found many men particularly good at *tuning in* to whats going on for the woman, but enough to know that they CAN… so whats a fake orgasm for a man that dosnt even know you are there! OH but to have the bliss of mutual orgasm no faking required… thats the honey!

    • Plutonic gem, what do you mean by being suspect of dudes dating younger women? Where do you think their psyche’s at? My ex does this…

      • well it just makes me wonder what they really get out of relationship, if they are happy to be with a woman 20yrs their junior or even less if its say a 35 yr old guy and a 20 yr old girl…. maybe im being ageist, and i know there are some funky mature wise 20yr olds, but I dont know, dosnt it show a man’s level of maturity if he has a relationship with a woman soooo much younger… I know there are so many arguments for this, and besides young chicks might be hotter and be really attracted to their know it all rants and raves but pfffft dont they get bored! Anyway I had a friend who after her partner/male fathered a child with her decided to hook up with a girl 13 years younger than him – bailing on responsbilities – I think so! I have a fbook crush at the mo, but the problem is that he has a gf who is significantly younger than him, big turnoff for me! what do you reckon anon?

      • I have a theory that men that date much younger women do so because the women their age (or close) can see through their bullshit too quickly. Think about it, do you know any men that date much younger women that are decent guys? I don’t.

        • Made the mistake of dating an older man never again.
          Don’t go there. Nothing in it for the women.
          He ain’t going to commit and the sex is lame!
          While you are looking hot he is sagging all over the place.
          Plus women live longer so go for a younger model.
          The trick is finding a man that that is going to grow up and be responsible.
          Is there such a thing?

          • The impersonal nature of the comment Anon, kind of sounds like sexist generalising men make about women. It’s not that I don’t empathise or agree to some extent..but there are some lovely saggy dudes out there.

          • There is a sample in a remix of ‘Giirls just want to have fun’ that did the rounds on the internet a few years ago that had a sample of a (rather drunk) lady shouting
            ‘I tell you why the fuq 16 years girls! Cos they are scared anyone older will tell ’em what a lousy root they are!’
            … which is a lovely insight, I feel:)

  22. Sun and Venus in Aqua, never have and never will fake it, if it ain’t going on…why pretend? Doesn’t mean it’s not always enjoyable. Never been into lies, not even white ones. Is that an aqua thing?

  23. Being a Libran, I am surrounded by other Librans (aren’t we the sign that gravitates to itself?). But after reading all of this it confirms that I don’t ID with Libra that much. Gave up on indecision years ago when I discovered my intuition, don’t really care that much about beauty, and while it’s still second nature to put on a happy face and smooth troubled waters, I am getting better at showing those close to me my messier side.

    Also, Libra fella is, to use a cliched phrase, my rock. Supports me in anything and everything I do, fiercely loyal, hates social gatherings unless with close friends, happy to stay home while I trot about the place, and would rather poke an eye out than look in the mirror for more than 10 seconds or god forbid, use hair product! One thing I do find with Libran men is they take forever to get around to anything handyman-ish. I know someone who’s been waiting 30 years for Libran hubby to finish painting a room. But in my experience, Libran men have a very gentle, thoughtful and gracious energy about them that makes them a pleasure to be around. I’m talking haute, of course. I’ve known some Low Libran shockers.

    • Yes, the haute ones are beautiful.. it’s like getting the best kind of air in. But the low ones, eeeuww.

      Nice to hear yours is the best kind…

  24. Was thinking after reading this yes, everything’s gone totally to hell – I mean there’s some things going on that are surreal and have the potential to be quite not good i mean REALLY bad – but also the flipside is there and it’s what one must focus on if one is to haul their ass out of the creek so I guess the thing with the Libra girls is that Saturn has filled us with a stoic resolute sense of the possibilities available as opposed to the limitations. I def don’t have time to sit round and shoot the breeze about how it’s all gone to shit – how depressing and energy sapping misery loves company but I’m not interested in those kind of friends therefore I will not vibe miserable – thing with the current sitch is I have the short-mid term plan and the present is a temporary diversion – the show must go on or the plan will not come to fruition. Onwards and upwards etc.

  25. My ex Libran man
    was quite the ham.
    He was a user, fake schmoozer, a narcisist – boozer.
    His words, magical.
    His bedroom skills,

  26. Fallen Angel – can so relate with the intimacy shirking. I’m libran and thinking I’d found someone I like more than myself to ride this Saturn trip out with. Alas , pffft – went from 10 texts a day (nil instigated by me) to a vacuum of nothing The Day Venus Went Away! Then gracious exit stage left defence mechanism email with a myriad of unheard of explanations. No charm there. Perfect platform to test out my newfound Saturn Lib resilience. ‘yes you pissed me off, we had an understanding – but I accept and let’s stay friends’ (pewk – am I just as much of a faker??!!) there I answered my own libran dilemma! Anyway, thing is attraction is heaving hot and heavy/push pull – libran scales. I’ve got a question: which signs are most likely to break up and get back together again at least 5 times?

    • Low version of any sign??? But in my experience, it’s been Geminis, Aquas and “sort of” Scorps.. I say “sort of” with Scorps as you think you’re broken up but you are in lock down and the Scorp has never let you go!

      Look to me it all boils down to sincerity and a sense of one’s self. If he doesn’t have either then there’s a tendency to submit to the flakery. Sure in the big scheme of things maybe he’s decided it’s not a good fit, won’t work with whatever he envisions in his life, he’s met someone else, etc etc ad nauseum..but none of us are mind readers and he can just shoot it straight instead of banking up the bad feelings via ignorations.

      I wonder about this a lot at times.. my natural tendency is to try to bridge the gap and TALK, BUT I’ve had to recognize you can only SHOW someone how serious you are about your time by putting your foot down. So good for you.

      Just don’t let him fuq you about with the push/ light, be friendly but be I adore you but am trying to forget you…

  27. Thanks PlutonicGem, yes of course its a huge turnoff. Im 25 and my ex is 27 and now he only dates 20 yr olds. I always loved him for being deep and smart but now Im not so sure. Its dissapointing cause you think you know someone and ya dont!

    • He’s having Saturn returns and I think if he’s 27 he will potentially have uranus and pluto in libra as well – he’s bound to be wigging out big time. The current astro is intense anyway – if his pluto’s in libra the younger women might make it easier for him not to feel challenged emotionally. Maybe you were just too deep/smart for him?

      • Yes, makes perfect sense, whatev – he’s got all that astro stuff going on. He’s such a sleazebag now. Its embarrassing.

  28. My friend caught up with a Libran man from her youth, brought him round to see me and hubster and I nearly threw up his energy was so vile. Couldn’t keep his hands off other women and he made my skin crawl. She couldn’t see it, moved in with him, he behaved like a complete asshole, and she left within a couple of years. He was sexless, much to her mortification, but violent – into guns and control. I’m a Libran but this has really put me off Libran men. Did a happy dance when she shot through on him.

    • god I thought for a minute you had written did a happy dance when she shot him. I love the wallpaper on your site – great pattern.

      • Have you seen that joke: “What do you see when you see your ex staggering around in the garden covered in blood? Take a deep breath, re-load the gun and vow to be accurate this time around.” lolol. Yes, I could easily have shot him myself and done a great happy dance with lots of twirls off the floor, trust me! The wallpaper was a bit of a challenge, it insisted on cutting itself off at first but now has reached a happy resolution with me and extends itself. Search me how the whys and wherefores of web stuff works.

        • Very funny coz i had a Leo dear friend, say to me ‘if i EVA take up
          with another Libran-shoot me’.

  29. Lol at sagging coment.
    Is there such a thing?
    Nooooo! Unfortunately. Im over men for now.

  30. Just wondering, does Sun conjunct Venus= Libra? I have this in Cancer but wonder if there might be some Libra in there as well–

    • The planets when combined don’t make another sign it’s a bit less mathsy than that – what’s your sun sign? If your sun is conjunct venus whatever your sun sign is venus is most likely the same sign.

  31. Today, at a store, a bit younger east Indian merchant said “how are you beautiful?”

    Muttered a bit sarcastically with a chuckle “beautiful”..

    “Well, he said, with his accent, “You are doubting it?”

    Crikey…He got my number but apparently something is working psychological/healing wise. πŸ˜‰

    Some real “ah-ha” moments today as clarity on many fronts. Wasn’t as busy and so had more free time. Was at the right place in the right moment to hear certain messages, whether they be from a convo on the radio or a book I had picked up at home to read between patients.

    Thank you universe for the synchronisity.

    Trans 29 degree Scorpio Mars bang on my Ceres. Perhaps I’m finally emerging from the underworld and I think so as had a cry the other day. “Think I’m finally coming out of the nightmere”.

    Mars in Sagg will be bang on natal Sagg Jupiter 1 degree in 6th, trine Mercury in 10th. Today tells me more and more clarity abounds. x

    • Sweetie, i have had the worst 4 months of my lfe doubting myself.
      There, i have told you, a huge admission for happy-go-lucky Sagg.
      Just the cycles of life. I think of ‘The World’ in the Tarot.
      The cliche of ‘when one door closes another opens’ & ‘what goes round
      comes round’ does ring true often. (Sometimes it’s more like snakes & ladders
      board game πŸ™‚
      Remember the very best is yet to come.
      Of course your’e beautiful.

  32. That’s wonderful ! Life’s little fortune cookie moments ~ I have them on the highway sometimes…I’ll be mulling over a personal problem and a bumpersticker or a semi logo will give me my answer, makes me laugh !

      • Very !
        I really laughed when I read Mystic’s blog about vibrating high Pisces, my tuning fork is set to wide range scan 24/7. I am picking up all kinds of stuff other people don’t even notice ! Cheers~

  33. About the Sun/Venus question,I didn’t mean it to sound like a math formula.I have the Sun and Venus in Cancer,so primarily I am a Cancer of course.I was just thinking that because the Sun is conjunct Venus there might be a Libran vibe added to the mix.

    • It’s a good question – venus rules taurus as well tho – the aspects (your conjunction) are like spices that are added to your core ingredients to make a different tasting or more complex mix – so you are a cancerian with a venusian flavour as opposed to a libran flavour – you might find you get on well with librans and have things in common due to shared venusian energies or flavours but you are inherently cancerian.