Fuq Yeh: Mars In Saggo!

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girl watching explosion on desert roadReturn Of The FireBenders:

Mighty Mars is in Sagittarius!

This eases tensions from the Scorpio overload and returns the element of Fire to the AstroScape.

Anticipate a livelier atmosphere, some brash ideas sparking up, maybe some hostilities if peeps have been seething all this time and cavalier seduction attempts.

In: Rad candor, outdoor entertaining, sports, fireworks, travel, bare feet, walking meditation, mandolin music, archery & being your own guru.

Out: Sexual fantasy (because you’re either doing it or you’re not) dutiful listening to idiots, stale faux friendships, manners & television.

Men quest – women hold back.

Any brooding melancholy hung over from the Mars in Scorpio phase is blown away the Sagg inability to focus on limiting crap for too long: Attention span? Is that, like, a bridge? I think i’ve been there? What does it mean when they say ‘bridge to eternity’ anyway? And isn’t it about time we had an astral cocktail party on a rooftop someplace?

Image: Zabriskie Point

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84 thoughts on “Fuq Yeh: Mars In Saggo!

  1. Love LOVE that pic, I want to do that NOW!
    I think I could let a lot of steam off safely blowing something up (that needs to be blown up of course) Is there a theme park somewhere you can do that?

  2. Cocktails you say? My office has a brilliant rooftop. You guys bring the mixers I’ll supply the, umm… chairs…?

  3. Sheesh, Myst, you have nailed it again. My Mars just bailed from
    this Tanric Master bizzo…..boring beyond.
    Got such a long waffley call from Perth about putting on
    the talks/movie/seminar of Institute of Temple Arts World Tour here,
    they completley lost me. In fact got a very rare headache from listening
    to the promo blurb. She talked about herself & world conciousness on & on,
    til i interupted & said ‘I’m a person of action not talk’. Even called her ‘darling’
    which i never do to an unknown person coz it reeks of patronisation & false intimacy.
    She was selling tea to China, preaching to the converted, telling grandmother
    how to suck eggs.
    Got out of that one alive!

    Now there is TWO of them that want to stay & arrange money towards their
    world tour.

      • i love that song. It came on my ipod shuffle at xmas 08 and I knew I would break up with my ex.

        has anyone read good omens?
        like crowley in bentley

  4. Keep leaving the ‘T’ out of Tantric a lot, must be a reason for that,
    it’s a bit ‘Look what they’ve done to my song, Ma’………………still.

    • fabulous! mars in sag – be your own guru, sex guru even!! I like tanric, its kinda like a name for some norwegian walking shoe, picture it, tan, multifunctional, almost like your walking barefoot, with an archer insignior on the heel, super lightweight… love it

      • O Plutonic Gem, that make me laugh πŸ™‚
        A man that has ‘made-love’? to over 1000 women, don’t impress
        me & a side-kick overusing the word ‘transformation’ for wounded
        people because their parents didn’t love them was the original 1st
        commandament ‘Honour thy Father & Mother. So these seminars are as
        impressive to me as ‘Eat Pray Love’, guided trips to Egypt & Sacred Sites,
        cruises with The Big Guns of the New Age with 5 star accomodation around
        Pacific islands, and am even over Byron Bay (only 2 personages there i care
        A new code of behaviour is universally required.

        Didn’t Mystic predict a backlash re all this type of hype?
        O Goddess grant me patience…but not til Mars outta Saggo:-)

        • Yep, yep. No mo’ Power to the Pluto in Sagittarius people.

          Pluto in Cap: keepin’ it real. Should be a good antidote to overdosing on Neptune in Pisces.

          Anyway, your ‘antric people give me the shudders. I know a wonderful woman whose a Tantrica –self taught. Brilliant woman. When she kept a column in an Austin paper on Tantra, some priggish ‘antric guy sent her the stuffiest, self-important note demanding she produce her bonafides to teach (or even discuss) Tantra. Wanted to know who her teacher was, what school certified her, etc. etc. And then of course proudly *listed his own qualifications*.

          Total twerp.

  5. Eeeeeeeeeek!! Where are the Libby Fleur scopes for tommorrow?? (Friday, Oct 29th πŸ™

  6. The pic expresses exactly where I was at last night – pre-empting the Mars in Saggo vibe perhaps?!? EXPLOSIVE!!! And I tried really hard not to go off knowing the timing was a bit premature. Dealing with the fallout today but I feel tres confident like…well…I couldn’t give a shite. Fuq it!!! I am lion hear me roar! Tired of any and all dipshittage around me. πŸ˜€

    • I’ve been fantasising about getting hold of an RPG launcher and letting off a few rounds.

      Everyone should just back off. Or else.

      When am I going to feel better?

  7. Dipshittage, now there’s a word, kudos Empress.
    Surrounded by it, these fire peeps round me who’ve been playing limpet. Hope that a blast fires everyone and everything, in a *meaningful* good way.
    Only 21 sleeps til Venus is direct…..
    Bring it
    [insert Kanye style posturing here]

    • Thanx, very cute, a little light honest entertainment, a distraction
      from sounding off about ‘Gurus’.
      Think i’ll go fan myself.

  8. This explains why I left my classes early today. SO sick of having to sit and be bored by professors.

    I’m guessing this little injenction of the Archer will also be great for me since I’m planning to be Robin Hood this weekend for Halloween.

  9. Quite amazing. Been full of energy, been loading pics of my artwork on a website to sell, doing blogs, cooked up a storm for dinner with an ultra-rich, yummy moussaka. It might have made the dietary fascistas puke because it was so rich, but jeez it went down a treat. All praise to the Gods of Fire!

  10. Hell yeah – I must be manifesting this one. Just told a ‘friend’ where to get off re personal responsibility. God it irks me, the lack of. No more listening to drivel.

  11. Me too. Sudden clarity and a general feeling that it’ll-be-okay-it’s-all-just-an-adventure-whoopee! has infiltrated my life.

  12. Oh the endless, lonely lol, painful hours of brooding. Shudder! Was good for awhile to pare right back & disect & process. Spent day looking for things to wear to races on Tuesday was much more fun, usually avoid any kind of shopping, usually loathe it but anything not to sit and brood any bloody longer!

  13. Dig it. Have felt it rising over last 36 hours, really strongly…..

    Now Mars is out of my 12th, and off 5 of my super-sensitive planet/ asteroid conjunctions, it’s thoughts of the Past (particularly love-life past): begone! Neptunian freak-out dreams, piss off! Fear (of anything, particularly not being good/beautiful/deserving/young enough) fuq off! Energy, as it enters my 1st, suddenly raging.

    Hair (natal Leo Mars) which has been driving me nuts for years thanks to patches of stress-related alopecia (til now hidden under a wig) that are now long enough to handle raging curly mane type extensions, to be transformed during this transit. Willed the money into existence. Now timing the new me for the week Venus direct on my Ascendant, when Mars is gettin’ mighty close to my Sun.

    Challenges? Bring em on. Rad candour? Been telling whingeing peeps whom I’ve been quietly and sympathetically tolerating for weeks to shut-up and do something the fuq about it, all day. Higher learning? Actually, we Saggo’s have great attention spans – the best there is when really understanding a different/foreign perspective matters – and I suddenly got the inspiration for that journal article I need to write, along with word of a key career opportunity with my name on it, like, today.

    Mars in Saggo rox. It’s sick of drilling down into deep dark recesses to find out what kind of existential muck exists there. Now that Mars in Scorp has exposed and named it (and hopefully, risen above it), Mars in Saggo says, now we’ve shovelled that shit into yesterday’s grave where it belongs, let’s WILL a better future into existence right now, and gallop optimistically towards it with nary a look back, just KNOWING it will be there, even if we can’t see it yet over the horizon….

        • Aimed straight at the power trips, the manipulation, the psychobabble, the false idols, the fake gurus, the hypocritical holier than thous, the denial, the self-immolating addiction to people and situations that bring us down, the aint-life-awful-poor-me self-pity, and any other bullshit within range!!

    • Fi, Mars into Sagg will not transform you nor save your life. Learn to respect thy planets babe, and enjoy the ridey ride of Mars in Sagg ……. wheeeeeeee!!!!!

      • You’re assuming a lot there, and perhaps taking tongue in cheek comments about flaming arrows as the Gospel according to me, rather than a bit of fun. Since when were we restricted to only making comments that we believe to be deadly serious statements of fact that apply deterministically to everyone round here?

        Not looking to be saved, and I normally have great respect for my scorp ascendant, plus Venus-Nept and Eros-Psyche conjunct in Scorp, in 12th – a great foil for Saggo.

        Nevertheless, over 28 years or so of observing Mars in Sagg cross my Sun/Merc and trine my moon and Mars (thats about 14 times I’ve seen it now), I’ve always found that it increases my energy/optimism/sense of fun, and that this helps inner transformations manifest outwardly.

        Obviously, it is not going to do the same thing for everyone….

  14. Hoo-ray. I have Mars in Sag, I understand this energy, I NEED this energy to get moving out of a Scorpio swamp I’ve been stuck in for weeks. Rad!

  15. Channelling it for a job interview tomorrow! So want this new adventure! Hope I get some sleep tonight.

    Saturn Girl is Pink tomorrow! Prosperity Powerful Pink!

  16. Woot! Thank goodness I am applying to Grad school and trying to start a LBAT sorority at my uni.

  17. Awesome! I am gathering all my firey and airy besties together this weekend – there will be loads of yapping and explosions no doubt. We represent.

  18. oh damn! Im just not getting this fire jive you guys are on, what is that? I have no fire representatives in my chart and worry that Ive just ‘missed out’ … so mars in scorp was working for me, what can i say, whereas i awoke to mars in sag, with a cold, foggy head, aching body and 3000 words to write… Oh well maybe thats just all it is, and ill catch that vibe soon… wouldnt mind walking around in bare foot meditation manifesting fantasies into reality and climbing a mountain building hot calf muscles, and gaining sagitarian chic.

    • Hang in there, plutonic gem, it’ll get you soon, maybe when moon hits Leo on weekend and highlights your gem gift of gab.

      Mars in Saggo’s restless, for sure, but it should technically also be fabulous for anything to do with writing something lengthy that takes deep thought/publishing/studying etc, especially given the other energy around …..ie strongly determined Scorp energy (on your ascendant, if I remember rightly?) that can be used to give Mars in Sagg that extra iron willpower/desire/staying power it needs to stay still long enough to get said 3000 words finished.

      Plan party-hearty/chic barefoot mountain manifesting for after as reward?

    • plutonic gem, if you don’t mind, I will join you in your contrarian view. Same here, minimal fire. Mars in Scorpio natally, so I was fine with the vibe. And since I have planets that span Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, it’s always nice when Mars gets to that sector in the sky and visits all my planets. Energizing. Now with it heading on, first to square all my Virgo planets, I must say good bye to my prime Mars season.

      However, the picture above makes me think that at least I have chosen an appropriate costume for an upcoming Halloween party. Anyone ever heard of Tank Girl? Ever since seeing a Gorillaz concert last week I am channeling Tank Girl. I was thinking it was a Scorpio vibe, as Scorpio is a bit apocalyptic (and Tank Girl is a post-apocalypse character), but maybe she’s got a Sadge streak to her. Maybe being Tank Girl I’ll pick up the Sadge vibe better.

      • yeh cool, if i got out of the house Id wanna be tank girl popping gorillaz tunes… I think it must have something to do with having a watery mars placement, I have mars in pisces which if i remember correctly is about service, spiritual stuff ya know, which is good and all, but i just feel like i miss out on this explosive, fire it up energy…

        I hope youre right Fi and it does start coming my way, and at the mo, all creative, determined, energy of any type is being channeled into academia, which is pretty beige, but powerful on another level. And I am writing all about eco-social justice, so maybe perfect for my mars in pisces…

        yes mountain climbing reward is in the near future, along with efferescent mountain spring bubbling skin, and deep ecology connection, and sexy sexy self…

      • Pegs, no, I saw Gorillaz in the U.S. (Texas). But their tour dates can be found at http://www.gorillaz.com. Looks like they’ll be in Oz in December, you should go!! Of course I thought of Mystic’s Uranus into Aries post, remember, she used the cover of their Plastic Beach album? PG, so the Mars in Sadge will square your Mars, that edginess should give you some impetus to forge on. Funny, postmodernscorp. No, not feeling inadequate. More just in a fuq everything mood, as in, why do I always have to be the responsible one while everyone else fuqs around and still comes out smelling like a rose. Feel like I’m Tank Girl anyway, taking control of matters, so if I’m her on the inside, might as well be her on the outside as well.

  19. Flaming cocktails?

    Yes, it’s like the sun has risen again…

    After the c ocktails, I’m up for a walkabout to find the aforesaid “blowing up shit” theme park.

    Woohoo! Yehaw!

  20. YESSSSSSSSSSS….. my saggo ascendant and moon are just leaping for joy right now. and mars isn’t even officially into saggo yet!

    But GUESS WHAT! I WORKED OUT YESTERDAY! AND I ENJOYED IT! How long have I been thinking about going to the gym?? A LONG TIME. Oh mars in saggo, thank you thank you.

    • Love Bikram. Wish I could go back. Best bit is you feel virtuous just managing to stay in the sweatbox for 90 minutes! No odd poses required.

  21. Yes!! to the title of this post. No offense to planets meeting in Scorp, but brooding – especially on 8th house – was getting on my nerves. All I could do was keep quiet and attend push-ups. Now I can up the number of push-ups πŸ™‚

  22. I’m a woman, I feel like questing. Or at least putting out some feelers. If a man wants to do some questing in my direction perhaps he could hurry up.

    But thank goodness the gloom has lifted. It wasn’t just the melancholy brooding, it was a fuzzy, cloudy feeling like trudging through damp, dark, grey fog.

  23. Saggo housemate just went up Palm Springs Tramway yesterday for first time. Said she is a dare devil and I told her Mars is also in Sagg!

  24. Hell yeah. About an hour after I posted this morning, I got a phone call from a friend saying my fav psychic died this morning. She was more than a psychic to me. Truly a beautiful woman; had endured so much in one lifetime. Quiet rock. I know her health wasn’t great. Feel like she got offered a pass out and she took it. Think she just wanted to go be with her husband again, but it sucks for us left behind. The news felt a lot like that explosion above.

    Not long after I got the news I was prepping to meet up with some folks who were gathering for some consolation, when my Wii tripped on. After my encounter with yesterday’s “visitor” I assumed he’d returned, so I turned off the Wii and went to dress. Told him I didn’t have time for him, my mind was on V. The Wii popped on again. I walked out and turned it off again, then went and sat on the futon about six feet from the player. The Wii popped on again.

    Then I realised it wasn’t the other visitor. Could be wrong, but I think it was V passing through, reminding me to PLAY.

    • That is beautiful weathergirl. I’m sorry to hear about your pyschic. Yesterday my Toro sister & I were having a conversation about the time in between couples passing. Her partners mother died recently it had been almost 3 years and she was sick from the time he died.

    • Oh, wait. Does big time feelings-of-anger episode count? Just had that. And can’t remember when I last felt really, really angry… Does this mean I go from subterranean weird experiences, with no sex mind you, straight like a shot into intense anger for however long, after almost 3 years of Saturn bearing down on me?

      I might be angry about that!

  25. Hmm, Men Quest is it? Absolutement.

    Suddenly the Double L found his fingers and after The End sent me a text today saying, “a ball broke from my ring :(” referring to this amazing steel pinky ring with granite balls (and y’all know how I love my balls) I gave him for his bday 2 weeks ago. Yes, before it all ended.

    Really? It’s blares like a test of the emergency broadcasting system.. testing, testing. Held back and answered 6 hours later with this,

    “:( oh no.”

    Seriously? Please. MAN. Up.

    • Yes, and THEY think we’re crazy. It’s so mind boggling.. spent an hour last night reading an “ask a guy” advice column where the major drift was “guys don’t answer/text/call/show when they sense you’re being needy. Just don’t take anything personal” Ok fair enough.

      BUT wot about manners??? And it’s a relationship, however casual or deep, it IS personal. Heavens, really? Whose ego are we using as a standard when it’s assumed a woman can’t take no for an answer and manage to be fine with it?? I had to write the guy to say, hmm there seems a little bit much of eggshell handling when it comes to the “oops, don’t be needy” drumbeat so much so it precludes the courtesy of answering back?

      Sure, some people are crazy but let’s not nurse the passive aggression. Put it this way, if this was business, I’d expect a straight forward answer and pull my patronage out at what I would deem unprofessional behavior..but it’s NOT business which is why we try to make concessions for unclear communications. No matter how cool some people (read the un-evolved) act about it, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy need for each other. And it’s a respect for that need that makes us kinder..

      Even when others are clearly losing their marbles..

      • Le Ram, the master manipulator of one-way / controlled communique, chimes in with charm & adoration for a period prior falling off the radar for regular periods ….. & does this to EVERYONE! 99% of his silence due sleeping off what he’d done to himself the previous night. a night-after-night scenario that’s become his lifestyle for the past 30 years. then emerges oozing charm for object d’ moment (biz, romantic, anything down to can that person fix his computer or babysit his dog). is like catching up lost time, using charm as a crutch. his reality is mind boggling!

        one-sided or controlled communique is simply boring.

        unlike The Other Aries (aka love of life from last century) – oh the difference emotional maturity makes. years on we still have clear communique. & god he’s as HOT as he is consistent.

        the chasm between a drug-booze/addled mind playing ‘catch-up tiggy’ & hood-winking the world vs one who’s fun but doesn’t touch drugs is vast – evident in all facets of communication styles.

        agree entirely FA – inconsistent communique sux & says much about the individual! xox

        • Rockstar babe, you’ve just made me feel EONS better..really, unless one has lost one’s tongue, digits, and/or carrier pigeon for monies owed to the Russian mafia, barring acts of war or unforeseen time travel to the 14th century etc., there is NO reason for manipulated muteness.

          And you know, he who dares wins, fortune favors the bold..etc etc, is there a t shirt I can bung up where I can say “I’m not Pass-Agg, I’m Agg-Agg”..

          I am nodding my head vigorously at your so fab point about consistent comms being sexy. My Goddess, has it come to this?? Responsiveness as a requested criterion vs it being a reasonable expectation. Oh, pardon the panic.

          But thank you for seconding the outrage..and seriously, doesn’t it become like relationship masturbation when you’re forced to fill in the blanks all the time? I mean, if all I wanted was an audience I’d get a PAYING one. xxx

          • Baby Cakes – controlled / inconsistent / faux communique shits me no end…. but when time to go. gone.

            whenever Le Ram & I have a rest he routinely belts in on 3 chicks at once – the dog walker, the producer & a random – currently his Ex’s Sister in Law. yep EEP!! the latter’s long distance & god plays her ……… but maybe it suits her – tho if only she knew his reality ….. ouch!

            last week one of the above found me at the supermarket. almost fell over but twas a mature & honest exchange – said she’s sick of being ‘played’ & thanked me for an act of kindness. she gets his sitch & wants out. aside from me – they’re all in the same industry & initially hook up on-the-job. drunk or under the influence = according to him. then he plays them. keeps them on-hand in case he’s (momentarily) idle. like its still the 80’s ……

            Angel of Light – go shine your hotness where you’ll be suitably adored!!

            BTW how’s yr newly painted abode?
            the rear of mine’s fabulously cobalt …. am about to strike with a book series – new office – new projects – new career phase. πŸ˜‰ xox

          • PS – honesty + consistent comms are ultimately sexy …. lack in either fold don’t cut it – but you know that!!

            PPSS I had a dream a few weeks ago you & I were on a trans atlantic flight together – no other deets …..

            last 2 nights protracted dreams of ship / ferry journeys & procuring bicycles … transportation, movement & change!

          • Eeeuuw, eeeuw, eeuw Rockstar.. le Ram’s take on retro-style free-loving just makes me want to sew him up in a giant glow in the dark condom, kind of like a flare gone wild. Warning: toxic emissions? We can shoot him off a rocket to Mars!

            Though I suppose it’s the ultimate compliment that it takes three people to replace one of you? They just don’t make ’em like they used to eh. My all-white walls have had some friends shrieking too modern/too mental, do I care?

            Nope. It’s my blank slate, thanks very much. Btw, I also have a new ultra firm super coiled bed..this sh*t does NOT move, and if I may be so bold, I was really looking forward to busting out reverse cowgirl on this. Alas, no. The now virgin bed awaits..well, not exactly virgin i.e. the Libran.

            So lots of qi clearing..no hard and fast rules here but something happened when the bed changed. Renewal. And you’re so right about honesty & comms, thanks for reminding me specially as I am bit by the missing bug.

            Honey, I ADORE cobalt. That’s so Morocco, new new new all the way. I would love to have a cobalt meditation room. I associate deep blue as the color of faith and royalty. And dreams.

            Speaking of, how funny to be featured in yours, such an honor. Not sure if you knew but I’ve had nightmares for a few months now, they abated for a bit with the Double Libran but dreams are back though much better than the previous gore. And hopefully only getting better…

      • you’re the bomb FA. “there’s nothing wrong with a healthy need for each other. And it’s a respect for that need that makes us kinder.. ”

        Talking to a venus in kataka this is my motto tattooed on my heart. Why few people get this and are fearful of attachement I don’t know.

        • Thanks, leogroover.. you know I’m guessing it’s because Need has got such a bad rap as we’ve tried to avoid co-dependence. It shouldn’t, not if it’s a healthy need.

          The face of relationships have certainly changed over the last few decades, we’ve taken our independence too seriously and neither has it helped that we live in a time of automation. So much fear. And I don’t necessarily think it’s because peeps just don’t trust others, but a very deep SELF-doubt strikes first. Love is love. It’s a verb, it’s a practice.

          It’s messy and rife with errors. Yet even then, we need it. There’s no way to BE with anyone without letting your life step into a dance with theirs. I’ve come to accept that I won’t KNOW every step I make in advance but I DO know I can be present, I can listen and that whatever happens, I can pick myself up again.

          It really hasn’t changed: there are still no guarantees, but there’s nothing wrong with being able to ask someone to be there and hoping that they choose to be.