Do Cusps Exist?

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Ryan Reynolds shirtless

Loads of peeps like to say that they’re xyz sign but”born on the cusp”.Β  ie; the last or first day of their Sun sign.

It does not actually mean a thing – you one sign or the other. The Sun was either in – say – Libra or it was in Scorpio.

However, i can see why there is confusion.

Take, for example, the actor Ryan Reynolds, whose birthday it is today.Β  (Betcha thought this as another inspirational Self-Actualizing post didn’t you)

We don’t know his time of birth and as today is when the Sun changes from Libra to Scorpio – he could be either.Β  Aphrodite knows he’s beautiful enough to be a Libran but there’s a Scorpio glint in his eye and his film choices of late have been, well, edge…no?

So no to cusps but in the case of peeps who don’t know or do not publicise their birthtimes, there is room for confusion.

And the Sun does not change signs on the same day each year. This year, for example, the Sun will be in Scorpio (Sydney time) at 23.36 but in other years it has been at various times of this day, October 22 and October 23.

If Ryan R was born early AM, he’s a Libran…Later – likely a Scorpio.

And, if you are born at a super-late degree of a sign, your Sun very quickly progresses into the next sign anyway. So he’s had a progressed Sun in Scorpio until just recently, when it would have progressed into Saggo.

People who crap on about cusps are just being bimbonic. I know because i was so embarassed about my Pisces Sun for years that i’d always stress how i was “on the cusp” of Aries. Because i thought Aries were cooler. It’s a bit trag.Β  Like being definitely in one particular suburb but insisting that your street is actually in the more salubrious one next to you.

And yes, Ryan is not only a genius and a Libra or a Scorp; he also obviously works out well, hard and often.

Image: Men’s Health

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126 thoughts on “Do Cusps Exist?

  1. Am thinking there’s probably nothing to complain about his wife Scarlett, so he a Libra, no?

    Joking πŸ™‚ Hell, I don’t know. He’s eyes do say “more” for sure.

    Like, “how do you think I got these abs?” But he won’t tell you unless you ask.

  2. And just look at the RESULTS…

    Was going to go outside and do some heavy duty gardening.. maybe I could print this pic out and have it enlarged / installed as a feature….

    That’s IT – I’m doing the workout thang. Shall go dig earth and such!

  3. Isn’t Scarlett Johansen born 23rd of November?

    I’m born on 23rd of June, and refer to it as a “cusp”, but only have Chiron and Eros in Gemini.

    Interesting progression stuff, I have alot of progressed in leo, and the sun will progress into leo in a few years, I want to learn more about it.

    • Ditto 23rd June baby and have used the cusp excuse because crabs get a bad rap, way more street cred being a Gemini.

      • I’m zero degrees Cancer born June 22nd. The only inkling I had as a child regards the issue was when I heard the Latin Piscean mother debating what stone to use for jewelry she intended to collect for me.

        I’m a Virgo Rising and at first glance, loads of peeps think me either a Gem, a Virgo or even, gulp, an Aquarius (perhaps the Aqua Moon?). I can’t fully identify with being completely Kataka, at least not with how the usual rep is written. Any kind of lace I wear is in something modern.

        I just think there’s always something amazing about each sign and its great to channel the individual energies each sign is known for.
        That said, my time in Pluto as well as having it in my first house, lends me a lot of that energy. I truly don’t mind being an honorary Scorp.. haha

  4. Ok – so on the cusp thing, what if you have a conjunction of say 3 planets and they sit across a cusp. eg sun in early degrees of leo and venus and mars both in late degrees of cancer. Does this blur the energies?

    • imho yes caterina it does – but Mystic would have the best answer – get a cosmic consult is my advice.

  5. I have read many pieces stating there are no such thing as cusps – you are one sign or the other. True – the sun cannot be in both. But I make the following observations: I have found people who are born on what some might term the cusps of Aquarius (Cap/Aqua and Aqua/Pisces) sometimes have a hard time of it in general – and fight bouts of depression/ mental health issues.

    Also the Libra/Scorp people DO have that glint in their eye. I work with a woman -her birthday is what some people would deem the cusp she says she is a Libran – fine, OK. That look in her eye and her determination are soooo Scorpy it is scary. (Bugger I just realised I have to get her a card!!!!)

    As for those born late Aries/ v early Taurus…… shudder.

    These are my personal observations and of course open to debate. As is the following observation: Ryan just don’t do it for me. Zip, nil, nada, tipota. I also find Scarlett utterly underwhelming and their union slightly disconcerting. I don’t know why I just get a creepy vibe from it. But then again maybe I’m a creep and it’s a case of projection. Whatever…………..

    • that’s interesting, my dearest schizo friend is Aqua/Pisces cusp, he’s deep in it..

    • My brother is just on the cap side of the aqua cusp and a delightful nutjob eccentric… He aqua rising too, so has always been more aqua in our eyes but that’s possibly more the rising than the cusp…

    • hey little joey i agree – picture of RR is just a bit eewww but can’t quite put finger on why. Body too sculpted for my taste and it just does not match his face. But i do think Scarlet is divine.

      Yes xxx, re Aries/Toro (for very personal reasons). But my boy is a 0-1 degree Leo so I’m not going with yr theory in total πŸ˜‰

      • It really doesn’t match his face.

        Scarlet . . . I dunno. I can’t decide. Some days I think she’s outstanding. Others I think she’s overrated. . . and she’s just so watery. . . She looks Scorpio.

      • Yeah, me too. I want to like the picture. It’s muscles. But his face – just like I’m lining up to buy chips at some sports event and he’s just there, just being any old sporting guy. Just not inspiring.

  6. And what if you are born on April 20… some scopes say this is aries others say it is taurus. not sure of birth time so have not had a chart done but believe it was ‘early’ in the morning … whatever that means. 3am or 8am depending on your perspective??

    • Have a look at the year you were born. That usually sorts it, and if not then yes time matters

  7. isn’t there some deal with Mercury and Venus always being near the sun and always within a certain distance from each other? I’m Cancer “on the cusp” of Leo & always found I had Leo traits (as well as Cancer) — I used to attribute this to the cusp but now know I have Mercury in Leo … Mars too. SO maybe people thinking they’re on the cusp actually have personal planets there … and likely many people have either Merc or Venus or both in a neighbouring sign?

  8. A friend of mine engaged in relations with him several times while he was over here promoting the film ‘Smokin’ Aces’. Apparently he is very well hung and very good in the sack.

    • Lucy the Leo, thank you for this inspiration to vizualise RR in such a way. I am actually going to take a quick siesta now.

      Cusps? Yes! no! They don’t exist. They are my guiding light in love. Whatever the rest of you think is fine by meeeeee byeeeeeee!

    • Well there we have our answer… I won’t bring this particular line of astrology up again, but… Well hung you say? Definitely Libran…

        • Really?! Male Gems are well-hung??? Never heard that.

          Good in sack = must be Scorpio. But I can attest to having experienced a well-hung Libran bf. Not only was it sizable, it was quite beautifully shaped. Best “member” in memory. πŸ™‚

          Even more massive was the Arien, how appropo!

        • Any of the air signs in my, umm, ‘research’
          tho we know there’s more too it than just le sun…

          • no pattern in my Love life size wise. Maybe I should explore a bit more ha! For me it has been Leo and a Cap. Never “tried’ a gem however.

  9. I have a friend with this exact problem. I had to fire up an astrological program to determine exactly when Libra started in her birth year. The time on her birth certificate is within 2 minutes of the Sun entering Libra. She’s on the Libra side, so we decided she’s a Libra. But then there is the nagging issue of how accurately the doctor was when reporting the birth time. And for that matter, when exactly in the birth process is THE time? First appearance from the womb? First breath? Cutting the cord? When the doctor looked at the clock? When the nurse wrote it down? Those could all easily be plus/minus more than two minutes. The only solution is Chart Rectification, which is way beyond my comprehension.

    And then there’s the issue of Daylight Savings Time, which I have been unable to determine if it was in effect at her birth location (same as mine but about 5 years later). It was inconsistently applied (it was used in some counties and not in others) and I can find no historical records. Fortunately, younger people will not have this problem.

    I also found a historical oddity. For a few years, the County Recorder in my area refused to record birth times on official birth certificates, he hated astrologers and this was how he confounded them. Fortunately, that was a long time ago. Most of the people with no recorded birth times have passed away from old age.

    On an unrelated note, I’m working a temp job next to the County Recorder’s office. Today there was a big crowd with intermittent cheering and applause, and then they all lined up at the Recorder’s Desk. It was a mass wedding of same-sex couples. The County Recorder has come a long way.

    • hated astrologers? did he burn a few witches back in the day too? crazy people.
      glad times have changed!

      • Weird astro revenge ~ “take that !!” odd. Wheel keeps turning, thankfully and cheers to love and lovers and RR pic ~> def. got that twinkle in his eye. I am a cusp and liken it to slow-cooking gumbo with spices, we happily mingle and blend at the 29th…also have a super Neptuning fork and don’t like lines drawn down the center of the room ~cheers!

      • I’m not so sure times have changed, the pendulum has just swung to the other extreme. I hate bureaucrats with a political agenda. While I support same-sex marriages, I’m not so sure I condone a political activist lesbian as our current County Recorder, which is supposed to be a nonpolitical position. Our local politics are so stupid. We are the only place in the US to have ever elected a Communist Party member to the City Council.

        • well, if the position can be taken by a conervative christian, why not by a communist lesbian atheist?

          I guess we’ve all got our own political platforms, whether we’re open about it or not.

          • Well that is my point. Sure we all have our political positions. But there is nothing political about recording birth certificates and marriages. You type the data into a computer, when someone wants a copy you look it up and print one. Turning this into a political issue is ridiculous.

            I work in the Elections office and oddly enough, it is totally nonpolitical. We are officially prohibited from expressing political opinions of any kind, lest it bias the voters. Even private citizens are prevented from political activism within 300 feet of our offices, or any polling places. The only time we even take note that politics exists is when counting ballots, state law requires a “bipartisan team” of one Democrat and one Republican must be present at all times to observe the proceedings.

  10. Hey, who cares about what cusp he’s on. He’s just GORGEOUS! Okay, back to earth. I had a friend who insisted she was a Libran and I thought it was weird as I’m a Libran and she didn’t have much Libran about her. And then I found out her birthday was actually in Scorpio, only just but definitely Scorpio, and AHA! she made sense. She said she’d decided early in her life to be Little Miss Nice but rats to that one. Hated anyone who wasn’t white. And under that surface sunny sky, was a scorpion who certainly liked her revenge as a dish served cold. If anyone crossed her, she’d bide her time and get back through really vicious gossip. Never direct. Other Scorpionic stuff too but definitely nothing cusp-like about that Scorpio, however close she was to her faux Libra persona.

    • true librans or libra risings, like moi won;t do revenge as it is bad for the complexion! But lower scorpio is the worst! How can you “decide” to be nice?
      Awful. Stay away !

      • Well, I hung on for a long time until she forwarded a really vile e-mail and that was the end of that. She was part of a great period of my life but I guess we can all move in different directions, and it was time to let go.

  11. What about cusps in houses then? I have seen many an interp that reads a planet on a house cusp as being in the next house? Yes okay birth times may be vague as Charles says, but well, once you use a time then well, what level of vaguary does one continue to entertain. (and yes to it is all suspension of disbelief anyway)

  12. Libran definitely – the guy’s obviously been channeling Viggo. This one’s too well proportioned for a pure Scorp – usually Scorp men have something defining about the face (especially the nose), that could be considered almost kinda .. well ugly – which they somehow manage to transmogrify into something totally hot.

    • was thinking that too. All the scorps I know have funky noses they make look sexy. And they are not what is typically defined as good looking. And this dude is good looking is a classic sense. Also my late pops, a gym junky was well defined untill his last days, a libran, beautiful man.

      • Must agree! Scorp men have weird noses. It makes them more charming looking IMO but not everyone is into noses.

        Also this bit of trivia:To celebrate their one year anniversary, Alanis and boyfriend Ryan Reynolds wear matching rings on their fourth fingers of their right hands (May 2003).

        Would a male Scorp do that with a female Gemini?
        ……no seems Libra to me…..

        AND no wedding…that relationship didn’t work out…

        def. Libra male…string of broken hearts i tell you! :p

        • Interesting Fox, as Libran bro on his 4th marriage. Marriage very important to him. Good observation.

          • Not to bang on about Seal (and good gawd think this discussion has bled over into house mate’s dreamtime as she dreamed about Heidi Klum… Housemate Cappy Moon like me so maybe a “vibe” going on there…)

            Have found Seal’s songs futuristic as well (Aqua), as well as Piscean. Like Mystic states, the Sun enters a particular sign on a particular day but what time? No time on him. Maybe not having a time is intentional with some folks? Who knows..

            Think I’ll just blend the two when listening to music..

    • disagree…scorp. No libran has that foxy chemistry glint thing going on; they’re less delicious looking. Like a cosmopolitan (zzzz) vs a Hendricks martini (mmmm).

      Speaking of less attractive scorps transmogrifying into s’thing hot, agree on that one. My latest scorp crush is not “attractive” but he is Fit and Interesting and as usual i am intrigued. If anyone remembers my random rantings he is the one with 5 major planets in Scorp.

      • i mean libran men without the foxy thing going on. the women can be V saucy. oh fuck it how would I know, I don’t even talk to men long enough to establish their bloody sun sign anyway.

        • HA! funny. I am with you there. Any reference I make is definately historic!
          I remember dying to go out on a vibed up night like this “come on everyone we can’t stay home on an ARIES full moon we will miss all the fun” betteryet lets have a PARTY. Now I have neither the guts nor the stamina and am glad I have an excuse for sitting it out.
          Yep feeling rather pathetic now.
          Nice of Mystic to post such a lovely pic for us who are in on yet another Saturday night for whateva reason.

          • ohh hahaha I gave up on nights out too…?! you’re not alone. I mean, def mystic;s info kind of helped me to feel ok about not partying and just staying in and eating a juicy steak at the local pub with family. OR studying. PLus i am getting over a cold. I almost felt…Taurean or something? Just wanted to sleep, do something useful with my time, rest rest rest…
            So let’s be pathetic and proud of it. lol

        • I musta missed something UP – last I knew it was yr evasive toro guy. Not to self – go back a read the comments on posts ye missed.

          • oh it’s ok FF – i ranted the most about the evasive toro guy (New Toro) but he has Completely Disappeared..! anyway. I only mentioned the scorpy friend once or twice. So far πŸ˜‰

        • lol UP … and yep Viggo is apparently a bit of an Uber Libran. Mystic did a post on him last year … multi-talented artist, incredibly intelligent and then there’s the sex-on-legs thing. Was quite impressed about how well he managed to uglify for his role in The Road.

          • oo i haven’t watched that..bit intense…not even Viggo can draw me in .. :S

    • Def Scorp. is that weird deep look. Librans dont have that look, they all sweetness and light, unless he has venus and mars in Scorp. He looks a bit dirty and raw which Librans do not do AT ALL…

    • You’re right..prowlin….Owen Wilson is a great example of that. Totally hot, but effed-up nose! Matthew Maconaughey tho…nothing ugly about that precious mug.

      • Have you checked out Matty’s nose side on?? It’s bloody butt ugly – it looks like he walked smack bang into a door and it’s sort of permanently squashed in and bent over … hehehe

  13. oh… forget about that nice young chap…glinting and hard and all … Mystic was formerly embarassed about her Pisces Sun!
    It’s kind of sweet.

  14. more on ‘progressed’ sun, please, what does that imply? does it explain why people think that because they are on a cusp that they might be like the next or preceding sign?

    all my life, i thought i was a gem, i’m actually 2 1/2 hours in Taurus but peeps are always saying to me that they think i’m a gem!

    • I think it just means that you vibe more of the sign that your progressed sun is in?? Aspects that progressed planets form can also influence your astro of the time as well – in addition to transits. I mean there’s no end to the conclusions one could draw depending on whatever TF one investigates in one’s chart…
      Could wreak havoc on reading horoscopes tho – I’m at the point where I read them all and pick the best one for me πŸ˜‰ well sort of.

      Googling is probably the best way to answer your question instead of risking a vague-d out pisces “helpfully” attempting an answer πŸ˜‰ …

      • no risk with u, PP!! that kinda makes heaps of sense!! but yes, i will google it!!

        i love the picking the HC one likes best on the day, that makes sense too!! and by the time one has read one’s sun, rising sign, moon etc then the signs of one’s N and D, one has generally covered the lot! hahahahah

  15. Oh my god, I saw the moon rising tonight and it looked AMAZING. So huge and bright and DARK yellow. Wow.

    • Its a doozy alright, it was shining so bright THROUGH the curtains while I was trying to sleep last night.
      Just went out for a peak, it has not risen high enough for me to see yet, but I do see a yellow wispy cloud. I am kinda glad I am home tonight, I think it will be soo wild out there, yikes!

        • It was so bright last night through my skylight – but Sydney was so rainy tonight. I wish I had seen it ….. I love looking at full moons

          • I felt glad to be home too. Just got up (4.45am) and the first thing I saw was it SETTING, still as huge and yellow. So beautiful.

  16. I know because i was so embarassed about my Pisces Sun for years that i’d always stress how i was β€œon the cusp” of Aries. Because i thought Aries were cooler. It’s a bit trag. Like being definitely in one particular suburb but insisting that your street is actually in the more salubrious one next to you.


  17. ha, i denied my fish rising for years but now love it!

    The full moon here tonight is – words escape me…

    Was driving my mum and my kids home (to their dad’s house) tonight on a darkish freeway looking at the moon, after nephew’s bday. We got into a discussion about the ancient cultures and how amazing the moon, sun and stars would have appeared without knowledge or light and speculated on the worship. The Moon tonight was beyond amazing – awe inspiring in fact. I think we need to remember that as humans; be humble.

  18. Still don’t understand what a progressed sun or planet really means or how to think about it at the same time one considers the true sun sign.

    Otherwise, I really like the picture for this post:)

  19. Dear Mystic, did you just say you’re a Pisces? I’ve been wondering forever… and so far I was thinking you were Gemini. But Pisces is cool, I certainly prefer them to Aries…

  20. I’ve been looking into progressed charts lately, been developing this little theory. Which is, natal charts are ultimately where you end up, how things turn out. And progressed charts are the journey there, and the energies you need to get there. Because I’ve noticed that my progressed chart is definitely how I feel myself to be right now, the energies I’m working with, and the person people think me to be. My natal chart is, for the most part, minus the signs that have stayed the same since I was born, a complete stranger to me.

    In two years time, I’m going to need a lot more stability and earth energy, while also getting more aggressive. And I’ve noticed that my progressed chart will mirror that exactly, Mars will go into Scorpio, Venus into Capricorn, and I think(? not sure how ASC work yet) I will move out of an Aries asc into Taurus.

    I don’t know what official astrologers would think of this little theory of mine but I definitely feel it to be true.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on progressed charts. Now that you mention it, I think I read somewhere (or was told) that your chart is who you “are becoming.” And gives hints as to where to go and what to do. So, thinking about what you are saying it almost seems like a “progressed” chart is “regressed” because it comes before the part of your life when you “become” your natal chart (presumably later in life???). Time-trippy!

      • Yes! Exactly! Your natal chart is ultimately you, and who you become, such things as career, partner, home life, etc. But of course, people aren’t static, you change over time, and progressed charts mark that change that ultimately leads you back to your natal chart. Progressed charts being the journey to becoming yourself, while the natal chart sits around with a martini and says, “I’ll see you at the other end of the tunnel, darling.”

        It’s fascinating! And definitely time-trippy! πŸ˜€

        • One astrologer used to say to use the Progressed chart after the first Saturn Return as I suppose that’s when one has different issues for the future, maturity and so forth.

          And, technically, if one was born at the beginning of the sign (like Seal for example with 0 degree Pisces Sun), his Sun sign would change around his Saturn Return to his Progressed Sun sign which is sort of interesting in that case.

          Anyway, I’m a Gemini 1 degree Sun now. Was a Taurean for the last 29 years. Was told I should be living my life like a gypsy. Well, maybe, sorta!

          • Hmm I won’t have my first Saturn Return for at least another 8 years BUT I do have some heavy Saturn transits going on atm (surprisingly, not drowning in sorrow but instead utilising this restriction to curb my general hedonism, for a little while anyway) so perhaps that sparked my look into progressed charts.

            I really haven’t looked into the information on progressed charts though, thank you so much for sharing what you know! I’m keen to search out more info.

            Just one of those people where the person they are today is not the same person they’ll be tomorrow and perhaps that’s why I identify with the progressed chart, as it feels less static. Like a mutable chart, while natal is fixed, and transits are cardinal.

          • As such, after 29 years, no matter what degree someone’s birth Sun degree, they DO have a different Sun (Progressed) at the Saturn Return. Hadn’t really done the math πŸ™‚ but was getting the gist.

            I only kinda got it since this thread and writing these posts. Used to wonder what in the heck the astrologer had meant. Hmm, now I’m off on another astro tangent (after I mop the kitchen floor that is πŸ˜‰ )

          • Well Sweetie, Seal was playing at friend’s place the other night,
            the first CD i think, and with each sip of sav blanc was becoming
            sadder & sadder….then realised that my ex-fiance in Tahiti had
            the same CD and it was played frequently, so the memories were quite
            Like a kiss from a Rose is beautiful….and LO! I gave ME roses last night

            But you know, i like sad love stories like Angelina Jolie in ‘Borders’
            with that delicious Clive Owen. Hadn’t seen it before. It explained with
            the jolie Jolie became involved with refugees.
            After that movie i thought she was a freakin SAINT like Princess Diana.

          • Oh doll, Kiss From A Rose brings back….oh I won’t even go there…Was introduced to certain artists via the ex. Yes, can be sad esp. with each glass of wine. Pass out blank I say.

            No, don’t really mean that but been there, done that. x

        • I like the idea of it sitting there with a martini! My favorite drink. I guess I’ve already achieved that part of my chart:)

  21. He’s a Scorpio, I can just see it. I’ve a lot of experience with men born on the 23rd of Oct (no, not like that, well not all of them) and I think it’s a particularly intense day to be born. Regardless of the actual Sun sign they have they tend to have the looks, ability to womanize and appeal of a Libra and the intensity, hardness and sex of Scorp. Dammed dangerous imho, stay awaaaay.

    Every single person I’ve met who was born on a crossover day displays elements of each sign, always. His wife is a perfect example (awful actress), that look in her eye is 100% Scorp, she comes across as kind of intense too. However physically, the way she dresses, the hair etc is so Sag.

    • Charley, I agree with your comments totally, and love your blog, btw. Gorgeous pics!
      I’m cuspy, Taurus-Gemini, but shirk in horror at being considered at all Taurean. The only trait of theirs I’ll claim is my total hedonism and love of pleasure. πŸ˜‰

    • I kind of agree with that. The Ex’s brother is technically an Aqua (and he is) but there’s quite a Cappy tone to his aquaness.

  22. I agree with “you’re either one sign or the other”, but….speaking as a very cuspy zero-degree Cancer who’s definitely a Cancer (despite 3 personal planets in Gem)… I am completely persuaded that there are different *types* of signs depending upon the degree of birth, and those born in adjacent signs across a cups may share some of these traits.

    The week surrounding any solstice or equinox, for example, is going to influence the personality traits of those born at that time, regardless of which sign of the cusp is involved.

    There’s a series of books on that… not astrological, but it would correlate directly with the degrees of a person’s Sun sign…can’t remember the names of the books and I have them all in storage right now, but they are very easy to find at major bookstores. They are large hardbacks that define your personality by the week you were born, and they have a version for relationships between these dates, as well individual birthdates.

  23. Was taught that either one was or not as far as cusps.

    Was just noticing this the other day when I posted about Seal as his Pisces Sun is 0 degrees. His music says Pisces to me.

      • And being Gemini rising and Mars (the twins…duality) course I don’t mind if someone wants to tetter-totter a bit. Whatever works for ya!

      • πŸ™‚ I know. The use of the word “cusp” combined with the hot picture makes the word seem like it refers to one of his body parts (or two of them….tho not sure what that might be). Or maybe this is just the state of my mind right now.

        • Yep the nuerons in my brain have now tagged the word cusp with that image and it is seared in my mind. Whenever that word is said now I am surely to giggle and then forget the point of the conversation!

          • haha, well, I was only refering to the “sp” sound of each word… πŸ˜†

            Omg tho, re-run of Saturday Night Live is on and family business in Italy skit..

            Cork Soakers…. Hilar

            “R.R”….Rest and Relaxation swinging in a hammock with him.

            Excerpt from diary….”I could feel his hand ever so lightly on the cusp of my, my…..There was no doubt what sign he was giving me” πŸ˜‰

          • Well, if I had to guess from the picture which body part the cusp is, I would say it’s the indentations in the six-pack stomach. But I agree the word has now expanded and I won’t think of it the same way!

  24. Ryan Reynolds seems more Libran to me (which probably means he is a Scorp).

    Dreamed that I saw you at a book launch in a small book-shop MM. You were looking great and said you had lost a lot of weight! You were with a younger lover – he looked a bit like a well-dressed young Bon Jovi, but I think you weren’t sure he was a long term option… You wanted your boots sewn on? They were a lovely satin pink with red blossoms! God forbid I have given something away here about myself, lol.

  25. RR doesn’t do it for me…bland but then i think the Scorp Matthew Mcsomething
    previously featured in perfume ad doesn’t either.
    Have have many of those type bodies on my table and they aren’t sexy to touch
    feels like armouring, maybe better a softer man in real armourehearsalsr ‘ n real sword?

    MM’s grown into her Aqua Rising. There is only 1 Pisces (apart from MM’s fans) i
    know and he is sheer brilliance in art, directing, producing, designing visual music
    called Luxonic. The voodoo mama is the vocals. It’s a cross between Kruder & Dorfmeister
    & Massive Attack with a bit of Nick Cave in his vocals. Now in it’s 20th year of production
    & rehearsals, hope i see the finished product before i die.
    Think their 3rd gig in 20 years will be at 21st Century Park in Victoria.
    (please come if so…..)

    The Moon The Moon….did you see it last night? Golden orb so bright and buzzy,
    Went Rose-Lifting, dressed in black with secaturs in hand (after dark), with the Virgo
    cajun voodoo 7th day adventist ministeress, then came home and de-thorned them.
    Superb varieties, can’t buy such colours and perfection, one from each from each house
    so it’s karmically correct. The deep red had the best aroma of course.

    Previously she had helped me paint the pantry, the colour? ‘Moon Goddess’!
    (pale creamy primrose white like the moon just before it’s zenith)
    It had been mud green courtesy of previous tenant, my neighbour the Demented
    Virgo Queen. Painted over his ‘babypoo’ mud brown wood bits the 1st year.
    Jeez painting over dark colours needs 3 coats. Today i start the wood bits in the laundry
    and it’s looking light bright clean and wondrous. Why men paint small rooms dark flat
    colours is beyond me, or is it??? We deserved the amazing roses.

    Next is sanding and revarnishing wood floors (wow just realised it’s 7 years this month that
    i moved from the House of Glass & Wood to a suburb called GoodWood) as when i tore up
    ALL the carpets, i only varnished one room & left the others bare boards (100 + year old wood)
    a la shabby chic.
    Time to Estapol the lot so i can slide all over them, click around in heels, ‘n see up my dress
    from the shine, among other things…

    So have found this Arien full one magnificent for energy, motivation and clear sightedness.
    ‘Thanx Cosmos’
    ‘Your Wellcome Peg’.

    ………………………………………………..end of my Moon Rave, off to paint. Joy!

    • Have always loved your ~cajun voodoo 7th day adventist ministeress~


      And the reflection up the dress?

      Had a sex dream last night. You remind to perhaps ask “look again?” Have been thinking about it today!

      • And sinewy muscles. The gorge Aqua, Scorpy Moon patient has them. Doc says “my gawd but he won’t let go!” As so tight. Amour…And it’s nearly impossible to get his massage done in 50 mins.

  26. right… the oracle just said I do have a soulmate (which i was framing in terms of twin flame/lover/partner etc) and that they are not what i would expect, that they are having very sexy thoughts about me, and that I would see them sooner than i expect… well ill be!!! i’ll be very happy bout that

  27. drink your milk, eat your beef and broccoli, and do 1k crunches everyday, and you too can be chiseled in rock. an ok actor, but no star yet. scorpio wouldn’t spend that many hours in the gym. cusps? never touch the stuff. in fact going gonzo midpoint.

  28. One last bang on about Seal….Was just in car and listening to him.

    “Heavenly…Feels like yesterday’s here now”…

    Sounds very Aqua/Pisces to me.

    Pluto in 3rd just has to grok it. Even if it is about something as ambiguous as cusps.

    • Realized I have contridicted myself for two days now… πŸ˜† Think perhaps that Gemini influenced peeps live on the cusp all the time?

  29. Guilty of using 29 Virgo cusp to sashay into Libra territory when younger. Just wouldn’t identify with the prudish persnickety fussbudget label of the drab Virgo. Which of course, proves the same. Irony !

  30. lol. street analogy for cusps mystic. hehe. I used to try that on with the sagi card for a while because people always reacted badly to scorpio and I was too bouncy and talkative to be an uber scorp. ah but we grow don’t we πŸ˜‰

  31. My bestie who is a libra/virgo cusp has for years ranted on about how she’s a cusp because she’s embarrassed about being a Virgo. She shut up about it when I, exasperated one day, pointed out that Madge was a Leo with Virgo moon and rising and did she think that chick would’ve gotten anywhere in life without a hefty dose of Virgo!? Hysterical.

    I was in love, ages ago with a Libra/Scorp cusp dude who had a similar, tasty, physique to tasty, buff-a-rama Ryan (thanks for that photo Mystic) and had the same allure. My dude was a Libra (from memory) but musta had a few planets in scorp too coz his mojo was off the charts πŸ™‚ So, I vote Ryan a Libran only coz I think they are hot, hot, hot ha ha

    I’m right at the end of Gemini but have never made a pretence of being a cusp as I’ve always thought you were one or the other. Besides, my sister is a cancer and she drives me nuts sometimes tho I love her to bits – so why would I want to be one of them :)) (slip that in there cheekily he he)

  32. I believe in cusps. I also believe that the sign you are in naturally includes aspects of the sign before and the sign after.

    Example, say you are a Libra… The sign before is Virgo and the sign after is Scorpio. The common thread between Libra and Virgo is ethics. The thread between Libra and Scorpio is charm. And then Libra has a lot of stuff that neither Virgo or Scorpio will have.

    When I have a hard time guessing someone’s sun sign it’s either because of a powerful ASC or they are on teh cusp and therefore exhibiting a confused presence to me. Some Cuspies have made a decision to be one sign or the other and play up that sign. That’s fine and they ARE that sign. It’s just like saying an affirmation over and over again and then one day it’s realized.

    • agree ! Definately feel there is a blurring of the edges. I am very Virgo, but Sun Uranus and Pluto are on Libras shady porch savoring a sweet tea.
      My Saturn in Aries, for example, is on cusp of 3rd and I can be a Ramzilla behind the wheel. I don’t watch Nascar, I AM Nascar ! ha