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Tilda Swinton with make up smeared all over her faceEven by multiple Scorpio standards (she’s got Sun-Neptune-Mercury tight together in Scorp), the arthouse actress Tilda Swinton is an extraordinary woman. Every time i read an interview with her, i’m re-struck by her singularity.

She’s turning 50 this week and is apparently incredible in I Am Love – I so need to see this, thoughts?

Okay, she has the classic Pluto-North Node combo so often seen in peeps with extreme degrees of talent, success, drive, ambition etc.

Venus in free-loving Saggo (she’s a free lover all right, two men – one much older and the father of her twins, the other much younger and an artist). “It takes extraordinary men,” she has said “to make this sort of arrangement work.”

She’s renowned for her experimental roles, self-funded film festival at the tiny town in which she lives in Scotland and an art installation she did called The Maybe, in which she slept in public, in a glass box for a week.

She’s an aristocrat whose family home was built in the 9th Century, savagely left wing, against wheat and make-up + she claims to absolutely hate the theatre.  She went to school with Princess Diana and her family background is madly military.  Oh and Moon in Gemini…

“I am a soldier. I live a soldier’s life when I’m working. That’s how it feels to me, except I’ve got a slightly greater chance of survival.”

Tilda Swinton drinking smoking

Top Image: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Bottom Image:  Julia

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42 thoughts on “Astro Tilda Swinton

  1. SHE’S a SCORPIO??!! And a multiple one at that? Frik on a stick, I always thought she was an Aquarius, what with the androgeny, wierdness, Viktor & Rolf dressing.. My, my.
    I loved her in We need to talk about Kevin. Whatever her political stance, she is a great actress.

  2. I loved her until I found out she signed that ridiculous Free Roman Polanski petition. Then I was just disgusted. I find it hard not to let that overshadow things I see her in now.

  3. ….she was in benjamin button too- probabally the ‘straightest’ role i’ve ever seen her in, but as always completely mesmerising

  4. Tilda … an actor I’m keen to observe, find quite visually interesting and occasionally enjoy her interpretation of the role … more often than not a tad “playing to the part”, not quite authentic to the role.

    I suppose it doesn’t help that she’s spoiled to the core and had she been born into some underclass poverty stricken family she’d quite possibly be some kinda mafiaso wife spawning far too many children for her (and society’s) own good.

    • I really should add that I find her androgenous, non-blah venusian normal biological imperative features quite strikingly beautiful … which is probably why I watch her

  5. well good to see she is on team. My Leo film critic friend hates her but she is so indie-than-though. We have similar astro then. not surprised..
    I relate to her manner in expression in her control of public image for artistic practice and her multiple lover sitch. you need different people for different occasions. I just wish I had the money to fly and visit them all.

  6. I love tilda. Had rather hoped she a leo. Oh well.

    that bottom picture looked like me getting the bill from the electrician the other night. who would have thought eco lighting so costly? Was like, fine thank you actually babe i will have another voddy on ice. this guy drives a porsche. now can see y. but will be more flattering lite and apparently last forever, like my house could be exhumed in a 1000 years and the light still working.

    my neighbourhood swarming with paparazzi and no it is not to photograph me and my newly augmented hair – it is a NEWS situation – but still have been sucking my tummy in whenever i walk past….just in case. Just in case WHAT? that i will be discovered.

    question to mystic please – when do leos grow up?

  7. I LOVE HER. And also discovered her in Orlando…that movie was so memorable and haunting for me. I used to find her ugly…now I think she’s weirdly gorgeous. And truly fascinating. And FIERCE. I will have to check out “I Am Love.”

  8. She is such a striking woman and totally unique. Have seen most of her films although strangely enough I’ve never seen Orlando (though I do remember the beautiful trailers at the time.) Must rectify this. Was browsing through a mag I bought the other day and came across an ad she was doing for a jewellery line. Out of all the pics in the mag she just stood out. Love that she lives her life the way she does and is so matter of fact about it. An inspiration.

  9. She was divine in Narnia, what a chameleon & real true Actor
    really left of centre.
    One would have to be stoic to live in Scotland….brrrr.

  10. Aahhh! Mystic – thank you for finding me a role model in the great Tilda. I am Scorpio Sun with Mercury, Uranus, North Node, Lilith and Persephone packed in too. And Moon in Gemini. Finally – another freak! I love her two man scenario. Inspirational indeed…

  11. she is a brilliant actress, though my feeling is I have only ever seen her perform very similar roles, as far as emotion is concerned, fierce, vulnerable, detatched – quite different to say, penelope cruz who is viscious, juicy, sexy, political, emotional… yet Im not saying that one is better than the other, I would love to see Tilda take on some roles that challenge her ‘usual’ characters. She is gorgeous in I am love, as is her daughter and sons and lover in this film. My problem with this film is that it was just too beige for me, and i wasnt particularly interested in italian aristocracy.

  12. If an alien were to visit earth from outer space & wanted me to show them what defines an actress I would show them a movie starring Tilda Swinton. 😯

    I think she is a real hardcore actress, one who does it not because of ego or whatever reason it is people become actors but because she really does have the edge about her work. She is authentic in everything she does.

    I only recently saw her in ‘Burn after reading’ which was such a great movie. Watching her & John Malkovich was like watching them both just take that film to another level.
    I mean I LOVE Frances McDormand so I knew I was going to like it, but the scenes with John & Tilda were just spine tingling good.

    I think she is definitely the female version of John Malkovich but obviously they are both brilliant in their individual performances.

    I’m not actually a huge fan of her as such but I can’t deny that I totally love her work & how can I not! 😯

  13. Mystic, I am love (lo sono amore) is sensational! Absolutely brilliant. I kept thinking throughout the movie how tilda defies age. And who knew she could speak Italian!

    • Yes, Yes!
      Go see “I am Love”
      A modern classic Italian movie that draws you into the characters and Tilda is a magnificent woman, mother and lover. Great cinematography of the seasons; you feel the snow and the summer heat in the hills.
      MM – if you see it, make sure you watch past the first credits at the end.

  14. Yes I love Tildaaaa! And have done for a long time. She is real and inspires others to be real too. She’s living a life of true authenticity. She’s my favourite actress and person. Seen I am Love twice, I love it! Very artful!

    My next favourite is Monica Bellucci! 🙂

    Oh and I’m doing my Chiron return too… Transit Chiron-Neptune wil be hitting on Natal Chiron-Mars in Third House, Opposing Pluto, Sextiling Asc-Jupiter 🙂 Mars rules my 5th, Pluto rules 12th, Jupiter rules 1st. Yippee??? Hehehe

  15. YEs – Orlando. That’s the movie you have to see, Mystic. Beautiful.

    Tilda is the business. I love her and have for ages. Just heard about her double-man scenario about a fortnight back, but then felt a teensy bit less jealous when it was clarified that she doesn’t have a romantic relationship with both men. Sounds like she lives in the same house with the father of her children, and travels with delightful young man. But it doesn’t sound ‘polyamorous’ as the kids say these days.

    Anyway, I think she’s just a lightning bolt of feminine individualist brilliance.

  16. Aww Mystic, that new Aqua?

    I remember seeing her at the Oscars and my thought process was something along the lines of “that’s different” (her looks). Had not heard of her until then, seen her movies, etc.

    Cool she is having her Chiron Return. Maybe she soldiers on with work as Cancerian Mars opposite Cap Saturn? Had to know where her Mars was with that word “soldier”. Inspiring as I’ve understood that’s not an easy one and might just take a “soldier” attitude/stance. I have them wide opposition (10 degrees) on the angles, Acs/Dsc. So now she can be a good model for me.. 😉

    Speaking of Chiron, just noticed that when Chiron goes direct, it will pass over my natal Chiron one last time with a skipity-do-dah with Neptune. Thanks for pointing Chiron and Neptune out here recently Mystic (Monthly Scopes). No wonder so much been going on with Chiron retro and now good stuff with it going to be going direct. Last night dream very vivid. Looked up at 6’2 ex and said “you invalidated me”. How many bottles of wine did it take to work through that over these past several years. Never give my power away again. People, places and things can really trigger stuff even when we thought we were done.

    Oh so soldier on dear Tilda and have a lovely Chiron Return!

  17. ahhh! of course she is a scorp! i bet she gets a lot of her directness from auzzie mum, she’s absolutely fab, a great inspiration

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