The Virgo House Is Where You Like Control

abstract art cubes eyes teeth windows constellationsThe Virgo House of your birth chart is where you like to have control, or else.

(If you don’t have a birth chart, you can get one of my Astral DNA Birth Chart reports).

Your skills of observation are super-honed in the Virgo House. You have pattern recognition, micro-nuanced perceptions, and high self-consciousness.Β  But it’s also where you probably have no idea that you can be narky, fussy, a control fiend and neurotic.

An example? Virgo in the 8th House: you can read other peeps sexual fantasies and motivations but you may have a ridiculous set of neuroses that you call “criteria”.

11th House: Loads of friends and yes, you remember all their birthdays and do things right. But you also hit the roof at imagined or real “infringements.”Β  Or you’re on a dozen committees, conducting various control dramas on a daily basis.

2nd House: If proper record-keeping, budgets, financial planning, and spreadsheets are the path to wealth, you’re acing it and more financially secure for it. But you don’t lie awake at night number crunching and fearing unlikely financial chaos.

The House where you have Virgo is where you like things to be “neat” but obviously, you can overdo this a bit.

Image: Will Bryant

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William DuBois

5th house Virgo, with Sun, Mars, and Mercury conjunct. For myself, it is a driving need to be clear about communicating needs, and wants with the SO. The positive side of a 5th house Virgo is that we genuinely want the best for both people, and that means clear communication. Also, being an Earth sign you will never go hungry, or need to worry about the house being too untidy. Romance never goes well with worrying.


Virgo in the 5th. I like kids but not when they are messy and I am insanely methodical to the point of becoming stagnant when I attempt to do my art projects. I do collage and have a ginormous box of magazine clippings but I go through each and every one before starting any projects….so I usually have several going at the same time- all clippings sorted into little piles. Which is actually completely insane when I think about it. And as for sex, if my boyfriend isn’t precise then he’s screwed everything up- I hate being thrown off by… Read more »


Great comments.

I’ve got Virgo in the 12th, activated potently with Uranus conjunct Pluto, opposing Saturn. I don’t know anyone who’s more precise when it comes to the spiritual/metaphysical/archetypal/unconscious realm.

Spot-on interpretation, Mystic.


I have that combo on my ASC / Desc. I wonder sometimes if it’s the face of my generation. We’re going to have fun as this pile up in Pisces moves through the system.


So i’m the only one here with Mars in Virgo 8th house?

Was hoping for some more information from you all. But Myst nailed
‘Being able to read other peoples’s sexual fantasies & motivations’
Well, that is so true as i used to design them for couples to
spice up their relationships & give them ideas when getting a bit
bored with each other.
‘bit neurotic about the criteria’? Yes, only for solid relationships on Sat
nites……but plan it on Wednesdays.


Pegs, the owner of the property where I live has a PHD in Sexology…(I’m afraid to ask just what that means… πŸ™‚ ).

So she helps peeps with their sexual issues? Suppose that’s kinda obvious but I should google it. Wonder what she has in her 8th house!


I’m tellin’ ya this stint in Palm Springs gets more bizarro by the moment…lol


I had a counsellor once – reccommended through my workplace. I found out later she was a sex therapist as well as a general counsellor. I had the heebie jeebies for a while , but then I realized shae had my fav …is it haut scorp? trait of being fearless and grounded, cause she she’s seen it all, and you can’t surprise her….she could be a great confidant….
Palm Springs?? FAbulous!
Counting starfish and watching sunsets with your butt in the sand…..gorgeous….


I have virgo 8th house. All I know is I nitpit….. *shrug* and don’t do casual sex ….for all the horrible things that could happen…. I like “dependable”….
But also inventive… πŸ™‚


Virgo in the 3rd. Perhaps this is why I worked at a job scoring English exams. I literally was off the scale, they measured our work speed and accuracy and I broke all records. Unfortunately I am no longer welcome there. I got promoted to supervisor, and suddenly all the other supervisors thought I made them look bad in comparison. They ganged up on me and got me fired. Well, not fired, just not hired back on the next temp gig. Or ever.


Nowhere. Not an ounce of Virgo anywhere, yet I exhibit so many Virgoan traits it’s weird.


Interesting, I have no natal planets in earth only in house placements and I’m obsessed with nature, the earth, the countryside, earthy matters. So that makes sense with the theory that what you lack you strive for. Merc is Scorp in the 7th!


Straddling the Libra/ Scorp Cusp….

Makes sense because both Libras and Scorpios make me go into anal rages when they do certain things. Time for me to let go a little there I thinkies….My poor mother….

The crazy ex- housemate was a cusp Libra-scorp. It always felt like she was pushing me with her- “energy” Which kinda follows…her sun….energy…..bad ju-ju….

That was very insightful Sweetpea, about your daughter. It’s really nice that you have a relationship like that- that you can see and appreciate her-


Virgo in 3rd with Uranus conj Pluto there. Love research, poetry also. Am a speech pathologist with especial interest in symbolism – sandtray, creative therapies with young children. I’ve also worked (alongside the clinical psychologist) with adults who’d had strokes. You can reach people through poetry and drawings to draw out their own individual reasons for living or being alive, still, after all that’s happened. I think storytelling, mythology, the whole ‘getting together to tell stories about our group’ is incredibly healing and much more powerful and uplifting than traditional grammar work, or speech work. You have to give the… Read more »


That is beautiful.


Yes yes yes ….Virgo 7th house in Venus with Pluto, P.fortune (good luck ,bad luck, who knows) and cuddling Leo in Uranus (though I swear u CAN’T shock me) but have been devo-stated so I am single and plan to stay that way. Don’t do the cuddling carbo couch anything; and am very aware of the narky neurotic projection films I replay. Luckily I have TCM and cats…..


I like that your planets are cuddling


i defo need an ipad to read/absorb the astrodienst page/s/site … hmmm … anything to clean apart from oven, and SE corner to get the $2000 for one ? – ideas anyone ?


Hi. This might sound a bit clueless, but when I have calculated my chart on-line, I have my Leo Rising but it say’s I have Libra in the second house… But shouldn’t that be Virgo? Sorry again if that sounds very silly but it is a genuine question?


Virgo might be intercepted in the first. In other words, you have Leo rising but then Virgo steps in in the 1st.

Libra then comes up on the 2nd house cusp.

More than one sign can take up a house or, one sign can take up many houses.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, you are alway’s so helpful. Still trying to get my head around it. So Leo and Virgo in the first house… wow, that is something to think about ! x


Hi Jac,
I’m new at looking into this too, but i’ve just worked out (meaning read) that numbers 1-6 are below the your rising sign (like from 9-3 if it was a clock and going anti clockwise too)..from what i can make out .. underneath your rising sign is 1st house .. then 2 under that is the 2nd etc… does this help ? im going into astro info overload meltdown..but in a non dramatic way. tootle pip. ive jsut been entering all questions in to the search section … good luck


Awesome, what a fabulous idea, it is a lot to take in isn’t? x


Thank you Lexicorn :))


Saturn in virgo in the second house. I am not a spread sheet person, and I generally cant tell you exactly how much money is in my account, but the thought of anyone, ANYONE else having control of the money is just not tolerated. I. Am. Not. A. Joint. Bank. Account. Person. On the other hand, Im very generous with what Ive got.


Virgo rules my second. I’m generally pretty good at managing money, and am getting increasingly anal about my stuff and about values. I don’t spreadsheet, and really don’t think that counting things tells me the kind of things I want to know about the world. Well okay it can, but I much prefer words and stories. But my research is all about values and stuff. A lot of Saturn in Virgo was about time management for me. My Pisces moon in the 8th is very good at enticing me off to faff.


~enticing me off to faff~

May I quote you shell? That is adorable…lol


But of course. You can come faff with me too if you like?


HAHA…as long as you don’t tell me to “faff off” first? hehe

Oh this has been so much fun tonight. This is where the Aries comes in…

NO, I won’t go to bed! (but resigning to that fact…stomps foot…lol)


there’s so a song in that

‘come faff with me, come faff, come faff away, we’ll spend our time looking at the clouds and enticing the cat to play’
… and so on and so forth


Cute shell! We don’t have a “faff” here in the U.S. but think I’ll start a movement just for the heck of it… πŸ™‚

curiouser and curiouser crab

sweetpea – thanks so much for that info re virgo ascendant and gemini mc ‘making ‘the best writers of all’. how exciting! something to explore, as i have them both. i love writing and use my skills in my work situation, and have always been told i write a great letter. i have long felt something inside that urges me to write but times and tides have taken me in different directions. your comment makes me think, think, think that maybe it’s time to explore the writing. thank you!


You’re welcome love. I have urged my daughter to keep notes and journals of important things as she has a book inside her too that she so wants to write one day. Besides all that she already is, she has an inner impetus to express something that is in gestation of finding a voice. I so wish to see her fulfilled in that manner (and meanwhile I’m workin’ on it too!)

Fingers crossed for all of us!! xo


Oh noes….

Moon and Pluto both in Virgo in the 8th house. No wonder I can read everyone like a book and get hurt when they are not as perceptive about me and my needs.

Oh, the emo-ness…..


Virgo in the 3rd house. I do love writing and language too, though I haven’t studied it in any formal sense. Speak a smattering of a few languages, mainly a bit of Jap and reasonable enough Spanish. I have always dreamed of writing a book or two some day!

I dreamed last night I met a well-known author who was very glamorous at a party. She was building a tall thin house between two big office buildings. It was going to be her city crash-pad. She had ruby red lips and was very kind to me, sharing tips.


That’s neat Andromeda! I’m sure you’d make a wonderful author what with the things you’ve already written here on the blog!

Speaking of books, I recently dreamt that I was going to explain (in my book), how thoughtforms are illusions and then I went about deciding where in my book to explain it…


Oh yes, Mars sits alone in Virgo at 0 deg, unaspected and forlorn. Does this make him stronger or weaker? I like driving within the rules of the law but super fast where possible!


Noel Tyl calls the “unaspected and forlorn” πŸ™‚ as being “peregrine”….Which (by him) means that that planet can run the chart!


Thank your for the compliment and for that info Sweetness ‘n’ Light! Should mention that my 3rd house begins in Leo tho which I think would affect as it is near cusp, right? A ‘peregrine’ falcon of a Mars, me likey! That is curious but I don’t see how my Mars can rule much from where he is..? He is my only Earth planet actually. (Actually my IC is in Virgo too but at 28 deg, early life was full of rules, my dad is anal retentive, was like the army). I think I should forget creative process and just… Read more »


Most of my books are in storage so I can’t expound on N. Tyl’s concept of peregrine (a little googleation perhaps for further info?)

But I’m with you in as much as I’d love to go to sleep and in the morning my book is materialized on my night stand. One can dream, no? (sorry, no pun intended…lol).


I’d buy your book if you wrote one Andromeda πŸ™‚
Search for Mars in Virgo on this site – Mystic has it natally (as do I) and tells freakin funny anecdotes about Mars in Virgo living… I always can relate.


Thank you Lexicorn – though Mystic is right in my mind as naming you best contributor for the Astro Gaga – I bet you are a riot at dinner parties!! Have thought of writing? Or do you write and I just insulted you?!

And I am looking forward to reading your work published Sweetles πŸ™‚


lol same I have mars conjunct NN .
jupiter lilith saturn 3rd house.

my mars at 0 degree virgo too!

Strange, I am not anal about my 3rd house in ways I should be.? maybe jupiter trumps here.


OOh thanks. Diggin the lovin.
Yes darls, I am a writer, amongst many many other hats I wear for work (Gemini MC). But only had short stories and articles published… The novel is still only half finished, but one of these days… one of these days…


I heard Lex that Virgo rising, Gem MC make the best writers of all…Think I love you as my daughter has the same signatures.

Any way you’ll go straight, just for a nano? (daughter is somewhat unavailable too…lol)


Yes Ms. where should we be neurotic? I nearly stopped at a park and added an apostrophe to a park sign the other day as it stated, “Jacks Park”, but I am hardly knowledgeable about grammar and pronunciation really. πŸ˜›


D’oh, so tired, pronunciation? *Tucks self into bed*


Andro that’s hilarious.. a marker for all occasions! so many writers. awesome. good topic. Ty mystic. I have been thinking of this in spare moments today. Traditionally people would say 3rd house is grammar nazi or such but I am none of these things, so trying to think of ways it applies. nuances of implication never go unnoticed. I read body language, manner and intent. communication looks gemini fluff but comes from very deep place within me. when I coin the inner I flow outer. feels like magic and anything less feels like failure. I do a lot of unspoken… Read more »


OK, weighing back in 12 hours too late, because taking a magic marker to a street sign is SOOOO Mars in Virgo, Andromeda. I have done something very similar! And I am known for unprompted ‘feedback’ and editing of other peoples work when they just, you know, wanted to get my thoughts on one sentence, and they get a page full of notes back from me… Will ALWAYS step in when someone’s tag is sticking out of their collar, food is in their teeth, or skirt caught in the stockings – it is unthinkable not to correct these things –… Read more »


Ha ha Ms, I am still a little Leo in my output (ie, creative license in use, yakky and big scale) but I tend to do intricate post mortem of parties, things said etc. I do watch people’s energy field and facial expressions (lie to me style) and find unspoken communications very fascinating also. I love catching that millisecond where a person’s real feelings are revealed on their face… Lexi, what a pity you aren’t turning as Prowln needs a turn with someone who appreciates her Virgo Fifth House :). Yes, my dad regrets sincerely that he ever gave me… Read more »


now I am just getting pictures of James Spader from secretary


Come to Palm Springs, Lex, and I’ll hook you up!


my Venus is at 0 degrees and alone .. aside from it nearly conjuncting my Asc .. but yet again, not quite. Unfortunately it’s aspected – by squares and oppositions. I’m resigned to being a mad spinster cat lady once I actually manage to get to live in a place that lets me have goddam cats!!! πŸ™


So like NOT surprised Lexi! Saki has a run for his $!

No, no Prowln, there are some wonderful men out there, please do not resign, what would your guides say? In fact, what do they say?


to every thing turn turn turn … there is a season turn turn turn

I’m actually damn glad that it’s not my season for lurvv … I wouldn’t fuqing know wot to do! I’m so busy as it is that fitting another human into the picture would be like .. waaaaaaaaaaaaah! πŸ˜‰


Well that’s bloody typical. Probably good advice. No doubt he’ll ‘turn’ up then.


yeah well he better not mess up my Virgo 5th house ideas of fun ….


hehe me too doll, well I got half the virgo cluster end of 2nd mostly 3rd

upbeat scorp

Virgo in the 4th. Just looked up what that means, and it is related to the home. It is the only area in my life that I am, yes, a little bit neurotic about. I can’t function properly if it is not in order. It has to be clean and beautiful. If I only have one day off in a week, which has been fairly common of late, then that one day off is spent in joyful cleaning, tidying, purging. It isn’t that I totally LOVE doing that stuff (although sometimes it can be quite meditative) it is just that… Read more »


virgo 4th indeed. so interiors


The 6th house, which I think rules health? I suppose. I am very control-freaky about things like working out, but I wouldn’t say neurotic. (My friend just disagreed with me, saying I can be a health-nut when I think I’m fat, but he’s a naturally thin guy so what would HE know?)

I’ve noticed in my chart that the signs pretty much land on the houses they most represent. Aries on 1st, Taurus on 2nd, Scorpio on 8th, etc., very little sharing with other signs.


what about what you eat?

i’m always telling people about eating/being healthy.

healthy food=healthy mind=healthy body
in my eyes anyway

that’s how my 6th house manifests.


Hello Astroboffins:)

When I look at my chart at Astrodienst it appears that Virgo straddles both my 11th and 12th houses i.e. the last 15 degrees of the 11th and first 15th of the 12th. Is this possible? The last 15 degrees of the 11th is my home for Uranus and Pluto.
Can anyone give me a clue…


Hey zozo
See comments above about intercepted houses.
The strongest energy is where the house cusp (start of the house) lies. So in your case, it’s a 12th House cusp in Virgo. Your 11th house will have a slightly Virgoan flavour to its Leo qualities, but the 12th house is the true Virgo in you.
Uranus and Pluto in Virgo is insanely perceptive, I imagine you have x-ray vision, can lip-read at noisy parties, and smell bullshit a mile away.


One ex was four years younger than me and so had the Uranus-Pluto conjunct where I did not. However, he told me that “you don’t miss a thing” (perception wise). I thought “oh, really?” I took it as a compliment but he was probably seeing me through his own lense…

I’ll take it…


I have Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all conjunct Virgo in my 8th house- I’ll take your interp too Lexi thanks!- can usually smell bs a mile away, tho sometimes am also incredibly naive (Gemini- am allowed to be both!)




Virgo in my 7th house. Does that make me impossible in relationships?


Hopefully your significant other won’t mind you picking the lint off of their coat? πŸ™‚ A sign of love…

L Cat

Hmmm, yeah- virgo in 7th – so, um, “perceptive accuracy of the scale” & ….. narkiness with the partner?!….
Actually, do have a sense of the afore-mentioned things (loathe to repeat, narky, fussy, control-fiend & bit neurotic) – seeing as our beloveds often mirror all sorts of stuff we need to know back at us – or at least, give us a healthy reminder when we need it!! That’s putting it mildly.


virgo is pretty much my entire 7th house also…

On the plus side I think it makes me very aware of what’s going on mentally / emotionally for my partner, perhaps more than they are sometimes. On the down side I have been know to expect my partner to be as aware of me as I am of them, get cranky and neurotic when they don’t and to be overly conscious of who’s put what into the relationship.

I’m not in the habit of picking lint off anyone though. Or even noticing it on them.


That was a stero-typical joke. I’m sorry if it seemed a bit shallow.

My Virgo rising daughter gave her engagement ring back (after meeting the husband’s family) knowing there were issues to be worked on. She saw what he did not and insisted he get counseling which he did.

My Virgo rising daughter is THE PERSON I will firstly turn to to edit my book and give me feed back on. I trust her…


Me too with Virgo 7th house. Intense Virgo vision magnified with Uranus/Merc/Pluto conjunction there. You can run but you can’t hide. I want a Venus ruled 7th in my next life.


My 7th is Jupiter ruled FF and you guessed it, the one and only marriage I’ve had, the Cancer had his Jupiter on my Aries planets..

I once asked one of his “ahem” two other wives after me if I could have him back. He does make good money afterall (and I was only joking at the time). Still, I could be living a life of luxury, but NO…I had to carve my own way which of course when I think about it, I would have been totally miserable had I not jumped off that cliff.


Ha me too….explains why i like relationships to be ‘neat and tidy’ and no funny business…I cant stand watching other people work through their crap on other people in romantic relationships…..

…but then it also crosses into my 8th house so…hmm sex and debts…


Virgo midheaven. The only earth sign I’ve got in my chart.

Equilibrium Girl (nee Stress Princess)

12th house.

I’m neurotic about being neurotic? Anxious about all my anxieties?

I honestly don’t know how Virgo works in the 12th house…


Virgo is in my 12th House too. I am deeply perceptive about the spiritual. I don’t mean ghosts or religion, I mean more that I can connect with people’s souls and energy. Sometimes it freaks the more earth-bound people out and they pull away from it or don’t accept that I can see into their hearts. And for those people I play down my perceptions to make them more comfortable. I’m also really perceptive about the things that will destroy me. I’m good at making my own undoing without any help – thank you very much. Don’t tell me what… Read more »

virgo rising

I’ve got chiron at 11 degrees in the 12th house virgo, with 27 degree virgo rising.
Has to do with lots of time spent in a multitude of spiritual communities..ashrams in India…hanging around gurus, studying and researching the mystical and occult as well as practicing intense yogic disciplines. It has been something that gave me heaps, and also heaps to recover from.


I can understand the ‘heaps to recover from’ comment. I tried Vipassana meditation last year … it was the most traumatic experience but it also made me really understand my barriers …


Anothger 12th house Virgo I am probably more strict with myself than anybody would ever need to be. I am good at picking others faults but even better at picking my own. I’m working on not being like this. And yes, as with Herbie above, I am incredibly intuitive about people and situations. When I follow my immediate gut feeling about a person or a situattion, everything goes right. When I push it, horribly wrong. My last lover was a man that everyone else in the vicinity told me not to trust. But when I first met him he exuded… Read more »

Libra times 5 plus 3 times Zapped

5th house, always suspected that was realm of creativity even before looking it up. My creative projects have to be perfect and better under microscopic examination, otherwise they get tossed or redone and I end up peeved and uncreative for ages. Go Virgo. But when I chill and channel the virgo we do good! BTW this Gemini moon has sent my brain into overdrive – oh no don’t need caffeine here, could send me into orbit. Glad I don’t have to speak to anyone much today – could be too much, I can hardly cope with the nano pace in… Read more »


me too Libra*5 … I’m Pluto in Virgo in the 5th almost conjunct Uranus (but not quite). As a graphic designer I’m exceptionally nitpicky and anal about my creative work – not only from an aesthetic perspective, but technically as well. Like it SHITS ME when having to take over other people’s files and look at the bleed they just bunged in without bothering to measure, that they have not aligned their artwork to the grid precisely, or put different artwork elements onto well labelled layers (major PEEVE) … which is probably why I now work for myself. I hate… Read more »


I also cannot STAND widows, orphans, unaligned columns, poor kerning and leading, badly constructed, messy proprietory coding … dust on my desk, bits of paper, pens that don’t work, people that dare to stick their finger on my monitor ….

fuq I think I need a valium after all that! :mrgreen:

Libra times 5 plus 3 times Zapped

I hear you, its pluto in virgo in 5th for me too. Yep those muses have to work so hard to get me inspired again once I’ve had a FREAK OUT over a mm difference in my perfectly measured and gridded out paintings (with a compass if circular). I have heaps in a room almost finished but better just start that again because that mm looks like a metre, tottally ruined now!

Libra times 5 plus 3 times Zapped

Oh my pluto is conjunct uranus (and venus which is conjunct a few more others) so I guess your right that prob does boost the power of the creative aspect etc. So much to learn, and all so interesting.

Haven’t got a name yet, have deleted this one a few times but it is just there everytime, hopefully this spring I will channel an appropriate one.


it’s a math thing … we’re vibing the universal language and just following the rules of proportion, the golden mean, the rule of thirds. We’re actually helping the world. *fist tap*


ps. have you ever tried creating to music? Like not just any old crap … but good music. I find it helps me “lose myself” for the creative process part and makes the anal pre-planning and post tidy-up more enjoyable.


9th house for me.
tis true. I’m quite pragmatic in my concern over worldly issues… I inform myself thoroughly and make a decision based on my own meticulous research.
and to hell with anyone who disagrees.

curiouser and curiouser crab

oops – virgo first house not virgo ‘in’ the first house. oops! how virgoan of me πŸ™‚


Yes, I’m part of the Virgo Rising club too and we are a super self-critical bunch. BUT we can temper that with being fabulously observant of our effect on people and our surrounds – good effects and bad effects – and monitor our behaviour appropriately. This is why, even when we are hating ourselves, people do really tend to like us. πŸ™‚


That is endearing Lex. My daughter has so many gifts and is so talented but I realize as she is young, some things will straighten themselves out in time.

You should have seen her tho the day I had to plunge my arm down the back of her toilet. She was in freak out mode (at the germs). I told her that’s just what Mom’s do for their daughters (I’m glad she now has her Pisces husband to plunge for her…lol)


Bless you. Unfortunately, its also what sons do for their mothers. πŸ™‚
I think my Cap Sun always wins over in those situations.Virgo Rising faints at the thought of the filth, passes out, Cap Sun kicks it out the way and says ‘well someone’s got to do it’. Once climbed inside a cavity wall (filled with insulation bats) without a second thought in order to rescue a cat. we had the same sneeze and weeze for days.


Oh wow, I hear ya. Think my Cappy Moon (as your Sun) just did what needed to be done. This is where so many of our earth signs excell…

“I smell shit and now I see it.. Now, how to take care of it”… Somethin’ like that…


some of my fav peeps are virgo asc. never miss a damn thing. can actually have a conversation on observations not met by -eh??


It’s crazy how many of my closest friends have Virgo Rising. We hunt in packs.

curiouser and curiouser crab

i must echo sweetpea’s word – ‘endearing’ – what a lovely way of describing it lexicorn and it makes me feel kinder to myself just reading that! thank you!

curiouser and curiouser crab

yesterday’s reply popped up futher down πŸ™‚

curiouser and curiouser crab

virgo in the first house. is that why i have to work so hard to be kind to myself??


Might be true as along those lines, one daughter has Virgo rising and some months ago she told me that she realized that she was having a ‘crisis in confidence’. I chalked it up to her Saturn return but then Saturn in Virgo was transiting her Asc.


Thanks for explaining 11th house. Mmmmm very helpful.


11th house w north node … quantities of friends yes, guilt @ my forgetfulness re birthdays, probably a bit compartmentalised with my wide spectrum of friends, then occasionally I have a huge bash and chuck everyone together and it is usually brilliant, should do it more often, find it easier to place boundaries within friendships compared to intimate relations …

Confused Fish

Yes I have 11th house Virgo with Uranus.. got a wide bunch of eclectic freinds none who know each other.. very hard to have a party as no one talks to each other as they are all being eclectic and odd on their own.. dont know how this relates to Virgo though..


I also have Uranus in the 11th and have some eccentrics as well. Loved the crazy artist, free-thinker types.


Hmmm. No house cusps in virgo, but most of my 9th house is virgo. With mercury, venus and mars in there. 9th is spirituality, right? so says astrodienist. I’m fascinated by religion and spirituality, definitely. It’s something I keep to myself tho, and I definitely can get annoyed by people’s ignorance to other religions, or a religion’s issues. I dunno how the planets affect the 9th house with virgo, I do know thanks to Mercury in virgo what I notice most about a person is their voice, and the one thing that can bug me the most about a person… Read more »


i have virgo half in 7th and half in 8th. What does that mean?


I share your question, Aquamaide – I have Virgo spanning the 4th & 5th houses. Do they both count? The 5th house doesn’t really seem like a good place for Virgo – sexuality & children? Neither of those are areas you want to be super-critical & gimlet-eyed (although for sure my children would be clean, neatly-dressed, have all their vaccinations, have their grammar, posture & table manners corrected at every turn, etc. – if I had any. Which I don’t. Let’s all breath a sigh of relief.) Virgo in the 4th house – home & family. Again, not an area… Read more »


Perhaps think of the intercepted sign as a guest and the cusp (and sign) of a house as the host.

My Gemini rising is in late degrees and so my first house is mostly Cancer and it fits too. (laugh till I cry? Yeah, sorta!!)


good way to look at housing planets.

yeah. same asc issue. x


yes, thank you. I always thought I was more Virgo in my 10th, but it’s a visitor.
Virgo in 11th can make friendships difficult. I am too neurotic and picky. Hate it!


Sweetpea, I love your above statement about living on the edge where life is vital and immediate. Really keeps us in touch with our abilities, I think.


Yes guys, the most important thing is where the house begins (the cusp), but if it bleeds into another sign, you look to how the traits of the second sign influence the first. LOVE Sweetpeas analogy of the Cusp sign being the host, the intercepted (secondary) sign being the guest. Love it.


You are invited to my next party and I will intercept you at the bar…

What will you be having Lex? πŸ™‚ x


G&T darls, always. Next rounds on me. x


Ohhh, the ex Cancer hub has Virgo Moon and he always ordered G&T!


Hhmmm… It does seem apt for the astro doesn’t it.

Any other Virgo Moons in here? Can you confirm whether G&T is personal drink choice of our kind??


My pisces moon likes a G&T on a sunny afternoon. particulary in my blue sky orchid skirt that is right out of a bar on a cliff top in mexico where frank sinatra regularly plays and all is in black and white except my blue sky orchid skirt and the lemon in my G&T

I imagine a virgo moon’s G&T is perhaps a tad less context specific?


Well, my Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon was not as specific…hehe…you go girl…lol

I can just see the black and white scenario with the lemon wedge and sky blue skirt…lovely and classy…

toro in transit

i’m a virgo moon, absolutely adore gin but drink it with italian (italian vermouth)

drink of choice i the 1940s i understand, flappers were called ‘IT’ girls, at in gin and it!



I read ‘My Italian Moon.. (loves a G & T)’ which was wrong, but just as interesting!

The Empress

Trying to get this straight…so even though my 10th is mostly Virgo that the MC is 29’31 Leo makes this more important?!? Only started reading about interceptions the other day and I think I have myself confused lol


Well that’s even more complicated because 29 degrees of any sign is a genuine ‘cusp’ in itself. So your MC is a Leo-Virgo cusp, leaning on the Leo side, but essentially you need to work the best of both signs there. And focus on the lessons Virgos could learn from Leos and vice versa in your MC dealings – career, public image, life legacy.
More confusion, sorry – but do ponder that idea – what can those two signs teach each other – and then apply it to your MC. x


Some too consider the 29th degree very important in terms of something being at “the end” of a matter, much like the waning moon and how it winds down. I say google it as there is a wealth of info. that I can’t now explain at nearly 1:00 am! x

The Empress

Thanks for the info Lexi and Sweets xxx

Now go to bed lol

Compounded more as Leo is my south node too Argh!


Thanks Lexicorn for your explanation.
I am blessed/cursed with similar interception. Makes sense why I chose a career in the performing arts and am a nose to the grind book worm.

Sag blue horse

Me too postmodernscorp im virgo in the 6th house – I have always wondered why my routines are so ordered and important to me and why I like my house to be the place where I can carry out all my routines and for everything to have a very exact place and now I do. And how I used to get so impatient with my ex boyfriend for not being like that.


well this never ‘messy’ but rarely tidy 1st house Virgo just LOVES that picture.

Lexicon Limbo

Virgo on my IC/4th house. So it’s all about my home & nurturing?


Narky nurturing….


Have Virgo on 4th house cusp too with Pluto conjunct. Do like my world to be tidy and organized, but also with Pluto there is an element of transformation there in that the family issues and all of the “glunk” down in there (subconscious), would be stirred and distilled until pristine (a work in progress…)


From Mystic’s post “Your Parents Showing up in YOUR Chart”…Very fitting I think for my Mother’s Venus and Father’s Mars both conjunct in Virgo on my Virgo 4th/IC.. “you begin to see that the chart represents the parents’ psychological legacy. Whatever they have actualized, individually and together, is passed down to us as a gift, something that works easily for us. Whatever they haven’t actualized is passed down as our life’s work. I like Jung’s statement about parental influence in Memories, Dreams, Reflections. He said, β€˜I feel very strongly that I am under the influence of things or questions which… Read more »


Virgo is mainly over my 5th house, with a bit of 4th creeping in.

I have natal Saturn in virgo, (i know I KNOW) and saturn sits just inside my 4th house. and yes i do feel unsupported by my parents.

so yeah ummm 5th house

play, creativity and eroticism? I am a visual artist, but yeah sign of criticality does tend to rear its head. my work tends towards elegant austerity, with a ‘real’ core. poverty of means producing richness of result (I like to think).


Think that outlines a good example of an intercepted sign in that Virgo is somewhere in your 4th (?), but bleeds, so to speak, into your 5th.

Also think that poverty can bring out the best in us in that it is a raw “living on the edge” where life is vital and immediate. Too much abundance and one can become lazy.


Happy Spring everyone -)))))


Virgo rules my 6th house. I love schedules and routines…. I do. I can function without for short periods, but will always migrate back to a set routine PDQ!
When planning travel, I like to have it all organised, with even spontaneous days scheduled in…

I also love spreadsheets, financial plans, budgets, goals lists……

I am also a hound for the shower, I can go feral in certain circumstances (camping, attending music festivals, beach holidays) but I still require at least a sponge bath for face, pits and bits…..


yeah me too, Virgo in 6th house, I am the exactly the same postmodscorp!!


I am writing a book about living in harmony with the seasons and cycles of the natural and cultural worlds. It ranges from the mystical (phases of the moon) to the practical (what to do and when to do it in terms of household maintenance).

I am also an obsessive travel planner. I don’t ever stick to an actual itinerary, but I do loads of research and have pages of notes outlining sightseeing, dining, and other options.


I have virgo in the 11th what does that mean?


Affects the house of Friends, friendship as MM stated above i her post. Can be a bitch though- eh?


all my communications seem just a smidgen off tonight.. it’s the weirdest thing. No matter what I write… it’s off. Mercury retro? My q to stop. g’nite πŸ™‚


I lost 2 of my USB’s with 6 weeks worth of uni work on it AND my Ipod! Don’t care its first day of spring I’m going to be happy -))))


10th house here. I’m pretty happy with that placement. “narky, fussy, a control fiend and a bit neurotic” yeah.. maybe a wee bit. But I’m good with that!! I like things to run smooth and I don’t see a problem with that! haha
If I can’t have Venus in the 7th give me Virgo in the 10th!! πŸ™‚


Oh cooooolll. My moon is run by Virgo in the 10th house… neurotic YES. “Admittedly, few people are more responsible, mature and practically minded than you are, but it should also be said that no-one else is more prone to overseriousness, inflexibility or pomposity! You have an almost religious reverence for the past and a tendency to cling to outmoded or old-fashioned ideals and attitudes. You hate to break an agreement you have made with someone and are not very keen (to say the least) when someone does it to you! You are best when allowed to pursue your natural… Read more »


10th house here as well. I love your assessment and I have to say it rings true even the bits about pomposity (ouch). I have always been considered sensible and mature and practical and my family will attest to a tendency toward narky control freakery particularly when there is a job to be done. Even unsuspecting members of the public are not immune. In a Festival VIP tent I was helping to run, early one New Years day, I once decreed to the assorted revellers that if they wanted to stay they had to help clean up. Half were so… Read more »


Nice one, and authority doesn’t really phase me (but that could be natal Pluto trine Sun). Love working, and get along with all my superiors very much so. Yes I can also really crack it and impose my own rules even when working “under” someone else.


This rings so true! Thanks for the insight. It’s nice to also meet other peeps just like me. I thought I was the only one on the planet that knew how to get the job done! πŸ˜‰


Oooh – thats a neat placement!


Virgo 10th/11th here also.
Have no problem cracking the whip or keeping my nose to the grind.
Virgo in the 11th house is what causes me all the problems.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Me too! 10th and 11th.


2nd house (pluto & uranus), I loathe anything monetary gets me in a lather when I have to deal with it. It wasn’t always this way in the past, excel urgh yuk! If I can palm it all off to my very nice accountant I do, I don’t care how much the long suffering man costs. Though I do know at any given time what’s incoming & outgoing in all my accounts.

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