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Surreal Art Winged Bull TaurusRemedios Varo – Taurus

Since the Stone Age, there have been sacred cows and sacred bulls & in tres ancient astrology, they are even winged.

It’s a bit like how Capricorn is actually a Mer-Goat & there are many far weirder meanings to Virgo then we usually look at.

So these three Earth signs are so often credited with such traits as common sense, being grounded, success-oriented, good with earthly crap and so on but the Moon is in Taurus and i am declaring it Magical Earth Sign week.

Taurus has Wings!

Capricorn is actually a Dionysian Sea-Witch!

Virgo is really the Sacred Seductress!

I wanted to use another word there but could truly not stand the indignation from Virgos not informed re Ancient Babylonian and Assyrian socio-sexuality.


And here is a Winged Bull mosiac found on a house in Iran…previously Assyria.

Imagine; a land that once worshipped Ishtar now being, well, like it is.

Ishtar's Winged Bull Ancient Babylon

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48 thoughts on “Taurus Surreal

  1. Thank you for telling me so many interesting facts about my sign! (Taurus) For a while I was kind of bummed because it was a lumbering bull and there wasn’t much fun in that, but you reveal its SCARED. And with wings! Hee hee!
    My roommate is a Capricorn and today we’re both feeling fierce!
    Go Go Magical Earth Sign Week!!

  2. All 3 signs produce milks that have nurtured the world. (Baby J was supposedly born of a virgin and he had to eat something right?? XD ) But raw cow and goat milk is making a comeback and breastfeeding (raw human milk) is bigger than ever.

    One could argue of course that Sheep can make milk and Lions too, but you don’t find those commonly.

    • Great way of putting it, YOTF. There is an earth magic in milk production for sure. Similar to chooks making perfect eggs every day?

      Perhaps the steady and reliable associations of earth signs bely a more mysterious and dynamic productive synthesis of the world around them. We just call it creativity and “good taste” for beauty.

      And what is seen as stubbornness is perhaps actually a careful choosing of close range recipients of their milk.

      Earth signs are my fave, I want to be one when I grow up!


    • Yet ferret milk is closest to human milk… Imagine milking one to be tricky. No wonder there is no sign of the ferret. Rather have my Moon in Ferret than Scorpio, seems more dignified. And nutritious at that.

  3. Thank you! I resonate more with the magical realism stuff and the mystical female stuff (as a stellium in Virgo in 2nd house) than most other astro explanations of Virgo. In fact it was my extreme perplexity at the more widely spread representations of Virgo that got me into astrology, b/c I wanted to “figure it out for myself (the right way–LOL–since clearly all those other astrologers had done shoddy work and missed something!).” But not you, MM. I like your site b/c you go further with your explorations than any other site I’ve found–and you do it in such a well-glossed and organized way. So much fun to read, especially after having been dragged through the Saturn hedge backwards for 3 years.

    • Heard something interesting from the Jonathan Cainer site yesterday. Seems he was approached about writing an astro book a few years back and he wanted to decline, but asked “Who will write this if I don’t?” They said they’d find someone with a journalism background like they usually do, who’d research what others have said and then write it up in their own voice. Simple.

      Which could explain a LOT about what you read in popular astro books. Journalists know how to find the nugget in a story that appeals to readers, and then they (and their editors) exploit it. Sales, not useful information is the goal because AS EVERYONE KNOWS, astrology is just “entertainment”.

      • Interesting. I never even imagined that the “writers” were not even astrologers! If that kind of thing happens frequently, then you are right. It explains a lot.

        • Astrology is tough to write about and be both relevant and accessible. Folks here make it fun in part because they’re knowledgeable. But the general public? Phah!

          I can think of only a handful of astrologers who’d do a decent job of writing a book aimed at mainstream readers.

  4. Iran was [relatively] relaxed – as Persia – until the Islamic revolution in Saudi Arabia took place in the 70’s sometime, evangelisng islam and everything that went along with that incl overriding the local culture.. Many moderate countries in north africa faced the same fate – check out ‘Infidel’ by Ayaan Hirsi Ali to hear about the changes in her own country as she grew up.
    but yes. wouldn’t it be nice to have a modern female pantheon??

    • What’s that meant to mean about iRAN? If anything, it would be better to say that a “land that once worshipped Ishtar” still has many mystic paths to go through…perhaps not visible to the world now, but surely in due course. It is over 2000 years old – that part of the world – compared to some countries that are only under 300 years. If it takes one planet 84 years to return to its place of origin – then 31 past a revolution is not even half-way. As capricorns and taureans would have it…slow and steady wins the race…just ask the analytical virgos!

  5. I have often puzzled about that winged bull imagery. It seems quite impossible for the bull to fly. It’s just not aerodynamically possible.

      • LOL. Well, I just don’t think the winged bull has the right symbology. A horse has long, slender legs that raise its long, lithe body up high. But the bull is short and squat, it is low to the ground so it can deliver power, not speed. But perhaps that is why the winged bull is a mythological archetype, it combines the irreconcilable.

  6. Cappy a Dionysian Sea Witch…hm

    My daughter has Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Saturn & N Node in Cap. So far, in fulfilment of the life plan she made, she has:

    1. graduated high school early w/honors
    2. has great job in her chosen career field
    3. is schooling to get appropriate degree for desired final position in said field
    4. is married
    5. is looking for a second vehicle she has saved cash for
    6. told me tonight on the phone about her plans to buy a house and have kids in a couple of years

    She is 19.

    Hard to see her as a mystical type. She has survived growing up with her mom and sibs all being fire or Aqua and all into being ‘creative.’

      • Nothing stands in the way of her Plan. She tenaciously, doggedly deals with whatever comes her way. The economy collapse caused her to choose to enter the workforce and school at the same time instead of going off to college for 4 years. Her Leo husb can get lo Leo at times, so she’s reads relationships books and applies what she learns. She is so funny in her determination to succeed.

        Actual conversation I had with her —
        Me (making helpful mom comments): OMG!! You have your Cap sun at 5 degrees and then Pluto is taking out all those other planets onebyone over the next whole bunch of years. You are gonna DIE!!

        Daughter (offhand and trying not to sound like she’s humoring me as she’s humoring me): Yes, well, even if I have some difficulty, I’ve watched you overcome a lot of things and always come out better. I’m sure I’ll be fine. (Cappily cutting the feet out from under me!)

        Maybe having to grow up under the pressure, she sees it as natural. She’s very cool. I think she looks at the rest of the family and catalogs their mistakes with addendums on how to avoid each.

        Me (finishing conversation): Yes, well, wait till it’s over and you go all hippy or something and act like the rest of us!

        • She sounds totally awesome! Though a little daunting..
          She sounds like she has sense of humour at least!
          With all that relationship book reading and how Cappi’s are meant to age beautifully, so she may be the most fluid of your fam at the end!

          Maybe this is what I can look forward to?
          Ickle 8 month old bubby is a Sea-Witch too: has Sun, Merc, Venus, Pluto and NN in Capricorn.

          Uranus, Neptune and SATURN for your girl’s chart are some pretty heavy players though.. I wonder which are more powerful in influence? I imagine Saturn being ruled by Cap would be very strong.
          I suppose that’s a basic astrology lesson, but I am never sure what influences what most..

          • Thanks! She has MC in Cancer too, Libra rising, Moon & Mars in Toro. Her Saturn is in the 4th with her NN. Her husb leans on her too much. I think once chldren are added to the mix, she won’t be so content with that. Divorce is not on her list. She told me, if she got divorced, she’d be so ashamed she’d move somewhere where no one knew her to start over and even cancel her FB. I think when Pluto hits her Venus, she may turn into the magical sea-witch and start being something more than she has ever imagined.

            I love that age — 8 months! Lucky you! I am sure your bubby will be fabulous…look at her mom. πŸ˜‰

          • Aw shucks, he’s fab with or without his old ma. Interesting her MC is Cancer also! What powerhouse kids we have, lol. That Venusian quality of the Libra and Toro Moon are so powerful, ooh la la. Then a Taurus Mars! That always has struck me as a b.i.g mars.

            My Cappy Poppet has Sun/Merc in the 4th and Leo Mars. He also has Jupiter/Neptune/Moon conjunct in Aqua which leavens things a lot I think. I am not sure what he will do, but it may be a surprise and not so Cappy as your lovely girl.

            Please include your daughter’s exploits as she goes, I love her as an astro lesson let alone anything else. Incredible girl, you must be quite a mother as Inchy said!

          • Andromeda, thanks for your interest and I’ll let you know how things go with her. Soz for calling the he a she! Thank you for the compliment, but having had the amount of them I’ve had, I know they come pre-packaged with their own destiny energy. I think moms are directors, trying to help them get that energy where it’s supposed to go. πŸ™‚

    • ArienScorp, you forgot to note the other, non-astro, reason for her success: you. Great job, Mom!

      I’m glad you brought up the astro though, because my son was born in that same Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn generation. It will be interesting to watch that generation as its members continue to mature through adulthood and on into becoming the “leaders of tomorrow.” I think they’ll clean things up, fiscally anyway, but they may be rather ruthless.

  7. This doesn’t surprise me, since most of my earth sign friends are all magical in one way or another. Virgos are like the fairy gomother when it comes to cleaning up the craziest of messes and the way Capricorn rises to the top of whatever after having been born in a cardboard crib? Cinderella. Taurus and the way we calm the craziest of people down, without the use of drugs? It’s called magical realism. Earth signs know how to work it.

    (Though I should let you know, it takes a few water signs in the natal chart to work that magic well…)

  8. Anyone read Mary Renault’s work?
    “The Bull From the Sea” and “The King Must Die” are a must-read for people who love the Classical era and all that symbolism. Her books fed my imagination for years as a teen… thus I was painting pictures of bulls riding the sea-foam and all that when I was trying out oils.

    I feel like adding “And Leo was actually a ..lion!”

  9. i absolutely love your take on the feminine sacred mystic. so often there are binary understandings to things that go much further back than the present cover so the origin gets lost. Sacred cows with assyrian wings. virgo as the temple queen (yes she does more than clean) mer goats. perfect

    as someone with a wad of virgo, I relate to the feminine divine principal in this much more than a domestic cleaning service or the nunnery

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