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You Don't Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies

Vanity Fair has the most fascinating article about teen-hacker billionaire internet entrepeneur Sean Parker (Think Napster, think Facebook) and his foibles. He really does redefine the whole eccentric genius space. Justin Timberlake is about to star as him in a movie about his life: The Social Network.

He drives a Tesla electric sports car, is obsessive about herbal teas and sees himself as a Loki-Trickster type character, citing Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces…Seriously intriguing guy – so what is his astro like???

He’s Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius square Mars-Jupiter-North Node in Virgo. Oh and Mercury conjunct Uranus in Scorpio.

My quick thoughts on this:

* Again we see the tight conjunction to the North Node that seems to be the signature of people who achieve renown for something unique that they create.

* Mars Jupiter is the classic astro-signature for entrepeneurs. Mars oomphed up by the planet of going way over the top.Β  Saturn going over the whole lot is coinciding with a hyped public profile and presumably, scrutiny.

* Sun-Neptune square Mars gets a shockingly bad rap in some astrology textbooks: potential of delusions, addictions, non-stop fantasist etc. But Sean Parker is a really good example of a well manifested Neptune-Mars situation. Super creative and all. He apparently does like to stay up all night partying though. Neptune square Mars AND Jupiter – there ain’t nobody going to tell this guy to clean his teeth and get some sleep.

* Mercury-Uranus – genius. Always.


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30 thoughts on “Astro-Genius

  1. A billionaire by 23 I think it is? “Loki Trickster”…..he’s got me trumped $ wise, even tho my b-day Apr. 1st. My Sun conjunct the ~South~ Node, Point of Fortune…too bad my success is planted in the past…But I like to think that with Medusa conjunct the above that I stood up for the rights of women (a warrior for women’s rights) the mystery, the custodial rights of what has been sholveled under the table by the patriarch. It’s no mistake I think that I have been a part of the middle eastern culture.The vibe is familiar and in this life I am not to be oppressed! Fast forward to the NN in Libra w/Pallas conjunct…a work in progress as far as balancing the scales (Pallas balances the scales also as well as Libra…)

    But enough about moi…Daughter has Gem Sun opposite Sagg Neptune, Gem Mars trine Jupiter and she is creative. I’m not a part of the facebook set tho.

  2. i know a lot of people with mars conjunct jupiter, and they do tend to be an enterprising, if not entreprenurial lot.

  3. Is it weird that I predicted that your next post would be about either this guy or that Mark Zuckerburg guy? Or just related to the movie?

  4. I am a distant realative of Tesla…(Nikola,the Madd Genius, not the car..) and I have an exact Mercury Uranus trine.

  5. Ooh, I want more info on North Nodal stuff!!! I have Neptune and Mars in Sagg conjunct my North Node. I hope I become reknowned for creative stuff and earn squillions like this dude. Not sure about J Timberlake playing him in a movie. Hmm…

    And Mystic, you did a post a few weeks back (sorry, too caffeinated to look it up for reference) but it entailed the colour-coordinated book shelving. Well, it inspired me!!

    I’m usually a strictly alphabetical girl (Cap sun) but Sagg ex moved out yesterday and I couldn’t sit still all night because the arrangement of things (furniture, rugs, crockery) wasn’t “right.” (My Libra rising kicking in?) So restless little me decided to stay up all night and reorganise. Still wasn’t right. Then I looked at my bookcase this morn and thought – colour!! So white books went on the top shelf, then blue on the next, etc etc – bugger authors, genre and title order!!

    Oh so much better and it’s NOTHING I ever would’ve done before I’d read your post. It must’ve resonated with me and my transformational Pluto in Cap mindset.

    As usual, you’re an inspiration πŸ™‚

  6. heh I hope so mystic xxxxxx

    my mars jupiter loosely conjunct but the NN is in the middle conjunct both either side 2nd/3rd house. I heard merc retro is also bad for biz? 2nd house mars spends as much as it earns? I was really good at saving when I was younger. money has ebbed and flowed since so it goes where it needs to be. Merc conjunct uranus too.

    I can’t see my future at all but my gut says I am to make a biz of my own soon
    if I can time it with jupiter on the mc next year something might finally happen. just where is more that the what

  7. ooh i have similar astro! i have sun/neptune conjunct in sagittarius, plus mars/jupiter/north node conjunction in virgo (not square the sun/neptune though) and mercury/uranus conjunction (out of sign, uranus in scorp, mercury in sag).

    love it!

      • oh i don’t do anything exciting though, lol. have good paying job, doing computer-y stuff. (which is kind of funny. not my background, i learned everything on the job.) have studied tarot & astro in the past. am now doing a writing course and am “working on my novel” (lol). interested in fiction writing and screenwriting. def want to be entrepreneurial. i think i am a late bloomer due to growing up in a dysfunctional family… but working on it! πŸ˜‰

        • I don’t see what’s so late blooming about a biz at 30. Just ripe.
          I feel like its taken me years though I have been living a lot and moving around. some gigs more profile than others. I hear you with dysfunction family. mine are beyond unsupportive. I tried to think of it as practice with all the politics of the arts and fashion. my management of underhanded power dynamics is rather good now.

          sounds like you got your feet in the right direction though, good screenwriters are hard to come by xx

  8. My gorgeous middle daughter has – aqua sun tight conjunct Uranus, conj moon conj Neptune in cap distant conj cap merc and Venus..and pisces ascendant tight conjunct aqua Jupiter conj mars in Pisces – all in 11th and 12th house except her mars…!?? Seems like a lot of stuff going on though I’m not quite sure what it all means! She certainly dances to her own tune, is very creative and sensitive and the way her mind works sometimes astounds me! Though she is sooo sensitive and a complete air-head too that I do worry how she will cope when she’s out in the big wide world!

  9. And oh, sorry to go on about mine! – youngest daughter, who I always thought would be ultra- successful (she the one saving her pocket money last year to buy a house!) has – mars conjunct jupiter in Taurus, Jupiter conj Saturn and oh-oh Neptune square mars, jupiter and saturn, her NN opp Neptune and square mars, her Aries sun is sextile Uranus in aqua and her gem ascendant trines it. There’s a bit of a history of addictive behaviours in their family (mostly from their dad’s side- always worried which daughter if any it would come through- all seem to have potentials in their charts!)

  10. I was surprised to see there was no Aqua in his chart with all his genius and humanitarian deeds.
    Bet he is good in bed though with all that Sagg and Scorp. Kind of ew to look at though.

    • Aqua is not particularly humanitarian more scientific … the energy is so remote, Aquas are distant and “think their think” rather than “walk their talk”. Sagg on the other hand is very generous coupled with Virgo which has a need to do deeds that benefit.

      • I disagree – The Aquas I know are deeply humanitarian, its the expression of it that is more detached than say a Sagg out there chained to a tree… And I come from a family top heavy in Aquas (Ma, sister, brother, 2 x cousins, Aunt & Grandmother….)
        They think their think fo’ sure, and a walk the talk using alternative approaches….. So it seems they are not walking their talk. Its all about perception, and Aquas have a unique perception of the world (she says from her Aqua free habitat)

        I had the same though Lucy to his prowess in the sack…. the photos in the article tho – he could clean up well the way some blokes do with a short beard……

  11. Mercury Uranus is a Uranian-Aqua vibe and we don’t know what he has rising but i would easily guess Aqua or Gemini – so Mercury-Uranus rules the chart

  12. Ok, wide call here but looking at his chart, and I am just pulling a rabbit out of the hat…

    Pisces Asc would mean Sagg Sun/Neptune are conj and exact opp 4th house Moon in Gem. If Fish Asc, then chart rulers are both Jups and Neptune which are respectively in Virgo (7th?) and Sagg (10th?) – a square then. If this is so then his genius Merc/Uranus conj is in his 9th house of vision and genius…. can so relate to this dude except for the belief in FB !

    Too much to info for my poor brain on this weeknight. Will keep reading comments and look again later 😐

      • Hey Ms, it could be … and as i have Neptune/Chiron encroaching my Asc I can’t be sure of anything atm. But I have to say if merc/uranus in 11th then his multiple Sagg would perhaps be in his 12th – which usually takes way longer to manifest as acknowledged talent than this precocious dude. But who knows; ffs, does anyone know? Or know him to ask birth time?

          • Why thank you Ms Ms. Just get bored sometimes but haven’t a clue really. If i ruled the world then your time of birth would appear together with your date of birth ALWAYS.

  13. “* Mercury-Uranus – genius. Always.”
    How is Mercury-Uranus -Sun-Lilith?
    I’m pennyless now.