Which Sign Would Wear The Mammoth Talon Cuff?

Neanderthal look jewellery Pamela Love Jewellery

Made from the tusks of 30,000 year old Siberian Woolly Mammoths, the Mammoth Talon Cuff  sort of clutches onto your wrist in a style that might freak some people (me) out.  The Mammoth Talon Cuff incorporates six black diamonds and it’s price-on-application.

So wow, which sign would wear this? I mean one immediately thinks of the peeps doing the Neanderthin diets as it’s tres caveperson chic & all. It would personally make me feel like I was the one being exhumed from some neolithic peat bog or as if a vile harpie was clawing at my poor little wrists.

BUT someone must love this.  Who? The same person who coveted the Dinosaur Crap Watch? Or the Neanderghoul furniture?

Capricorns revere ‘old’ and this is certainly ancient enough to qualify. Plus it’s costly/cool enough to satisfy Capricorn status cravings.

Would you wear it? Loathe it? And what is your sign…There MUST be a Sun or Venus sign more inclined to Neandercool.

And, you know, i DO think Capricorn as it is the sign I can most visualise back in caveperson days, organising the mammoth hunt, snapping at Pisceans to clean the cave, telling Leos that a sodding comb is not necessarily the most practical implement to fashion out of the bones that the Capricorn had painstakingly acquired and using stones and sticks to create a primitive spreadsheet.

So, two questions: Would you do the Mammoth Talon Cuff if someone just gifted it to you? Ie; the astronomical cost was not a consideration?

How do you think the different signs of the Zodiac would fit into a caveman community? I am thinking it would be run by Capricorns possibly using flattery and sexual favours into motivating chest-thumping Aries types to go out and bring in the bison.

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melissa odom

I’m a double Cap w/ sag moon…I like it. Not sure why but I do. The mammoth did not sacrifice it’s life for this piece so I am okay with the overall appeal of the cuff. I would wear it.


pisces sun/ sagitt moon/ aquari rising / scorpio pluto / almost capricorn everything else..

i would own that and wear it if i could afford it.


i love it, it is so unique and quirky. cap sun/cancer rising


I love the idea, what I wouldn’t give to just touch the mammoth tusks! Try to connect to nature past. I don’t like the design of it though, it’s like the metal has taken over the tusks and does not do justice to the tusks. And it would have to be past and future mixed together. I have an armband as a snake, coiling around my arm and I love it to bits. Pisces sun (aqua cusp), Cancer Moon, Leo rising.


It’s pretty cool! I would wear it with a black bikini and a short denim skirt in a former beach residing existence. 🙂
Leo Sun, Gem Asc, Scorp Moon, Venus in Cancer.


Cap sun and hell no!

My Leo moon, Sag venus is planning the cave after party with the army of rams. Come here you filthy beast!


Hell N O. I’m not mad on animal parts in clothing, jewelry or furniture; the caveman vibe just doubles it.


I would totally wear that one, but I think it needs to go on an upper arm. Im an Aquarian, but have cancer rising, libra moon and alot of planets in the 8th house. I get all Daryl Hannah in Clan of the Cave Bear when I see that armband (only with metallurgical skills brought back from the future or something.) Love it. Maybe with a bit of Jane Fonda in Barbarella thrown in. I love that its got REAL mammoth tusks, it would nowhere near be as wonderful if they were off something recently deceased.


Even tho I find jewellery a bother, I’d wear this one as because of my work I can’t have nails.

So, I’d just pop it offa my wrist and scratch my butt thata way..hehe

Must I really admitt I’m an Aries with Gem rising? 🙂


Lol Sweets.


sun in sag venus in aqua taurus ascendant

it looks ancient and cool, i like it.

not into bracelets or anything weighing me down tho

confused fish

I have a super eccentricly cool Aries French freind who would love this.. would go with his loin cloth.. yes he had one for swimming .. made of leather.. loved him dearly but on the fashion stakes he was one step away from caveman.. 🙂


Cap rising & like Pamela Love’s work, not so much this piece
but do like jewellry of bones, shells, teeth & bits.
Have collected some beautiful crab shells (empty)that i shall mount
sometime someway, they are such a beautiful design & colour.
Very Shamanistic……


No way would I buy it nor keep it if it was gifted to me. I have a Cap sun, venus & mercury but thank goodness a Leo rising and it gives me the creeps. I agree with the comments re chicken feet and even with the black diamonds it is not classy enough for me. I met a lady once who named her baby Talon and I was rendered speechless because my mind was working over time thinking about the the child’s life and what it may bring…..


Talon the name has featured in a few Fantasy-Magical books, so
your friend’s been doing some reading of that genre. Like it.


i wonder what star sign made it ?


Taurus, Venus in Aries. I like it, but not love it. Yeah, sure, I’d wear it, but only because bracelets/cuffs are some of the few jewelry pieces I can wear without annoyance. Necklaces kill me…


That thing is uniquely dreadful.


Kataka Sun, Libra Moon, and Aries Rising

I love ancient artifacts, particularly those made of amber but I am not fond of teeth, hair, or claws.
I can barely stand anything around my wrists in the first place, so this would just feel like Death was grabbing me…


i’m with you Mari on the can’t stand anything on my wrist malakey.


Ditto here.

If someone tried to gift me that bracelet I’d be thinking it might be time to get some ‘protection’ or some surveillance on my fr/enemies.

Aries, my mega Aries brother is around at the moment he’s so caveman makes me laugh. He loves coming in and lifting the heavy things especially if other men can’t do it, making big robust fires, eating with his hands telling eye popping stories of his colourful past.


Cap here & I fell in love immediately. Would probably wear it every day for a month after getting my hands on it.


aries, gem moon, pisces rising .. not for me .. i wouldnt even re-gift it – i’d bury it. i think its a scorp thing…? (withuot being condescending to scorps..my dads one, and my husbands dad is one, and i can see them both puting it somewhere to gaze at …)


i think our Cancerians would make wonderful soups..and make the cave homely – lots of animal skin cushions…fire always going .. our Pisceans would work out how to make some sort of alchohic beverage, the taureans would love them for it.Geminie would walk into the cave halfway through their conversation about – you’ll never guess what happened to me today i was trying to make a satelite dish out of some old ….(must go – children awfully quieeeetttttt and couldnt quite think what they would be making a satelite dish out of..)


I def be making the alcohol 😀 always when we held parties my taurus auntie and cousin would make the food, my aries cousin would organise it (as in invite the people and say let’s have a party!) and I would make and/or organise the alcohol with my Auntie 🙂 as in she pays, I (piscean) buy 🙂 Then we had the “flirty” leo friend who was the centre of attention, a libran Auntie who was quite a party animal and always mediated any problems, a sagg who did fun things (like throw me into a pool with my clothes… Read more »


Libra sun, Pisces rising, Aqua moon, Sag venus.

Will become a world class thief and get my gloved hands on one.


I love your avatar!


me too…could you please give a quick lesson on how to change ? (avatar that is !)


my tentacles thank you both.

goldenfleece, go to Gravatar.com and upload it there, using your wordpress account.


thank you muchly apple pie skies !


Virgo sun and almost everything: I think it’s sexy – on someone else though. I would never wear it.

As for living in a cave – my Taurean wife and I could probably do it but only if you provided us with a lovely soft bed, matching manchester, a few soft candles and a hot bath every night 😉


And so out of the ashes of metrosexual mediocrity God said “arise new type of human”. And so he did – he grunts, he swears, he drinks proper beer, he only shaves on sex night … he is *drumroll* the Cashed Up Boho Bogan. I know one – he’s a capricorn – and he would love this.


Virgo sun/venus/jup/asc., I would definitely wear this if $$$ were no problem. It’s beautiful! Get rid of the diamonds, though. Beauty isn’t worth anyone’s blood, I thought we’d learned that via Bathory? Trade in the black diamonds for onyx, wouldn’t that be much classier? So, so beautiful. I’m a big fan of bone jewelry, making and wearing. I detest the idea of harming a living creature for one’s own gain (nutrition/clothing/jewelry/etc) as a vegan, but I feel better using the bones as it makes me feel like all of the animal is being used and not tossed away in vain.… Read more »


ouch ..


I apologize, did something I say offend?


oh no no – no offence taken .. should have put in *ouch* re aries ! playing along !


virgo sun/cappy rising/taurus moon don’t care about the monetary value, but LOVE the aesthetic. it’s like a warning- yes, i have claws of a dead being decorating my arm. perhaps you should continue pleasing me, so that the next additions to my collection aren’t yours? also, am a historian, so like old things in general. once had a very funny convo with a couple friends of mine- one leo/cappy, one tauro/libra about how when the apocalypse came, we’d have the best camp- between us all we have pharmacology (leo), weaving (leo), medical (myself and leo), cooking (toro), sewing (myself and… Read more »


Libra Sun Cappy Rising Aries Moon

I like it, if only the detailing were a little bit better… But I can see myself wearing it with jeans and a white T-shirt and putting the “I am unaware I have costly claws in my wrist” face.


Double Capricorn Moon in Venus… Not Sophisticated Enough I do not like the way the metal was textured looks like chicken feet.
Reminds of the caveman days. I thought a scorpio would want to wear when under attack or attacking . It has an aggressive feeling .


Scorp/Scorp/Gem… No. I can imagine the sort of energy that comes along with that thing and would in no way want it anywhere near me.


Cancer sun, Capricorn rising, Cancer Venus.

Love it. Would wear it on my upper arm. Maybe it’s the Capricorn part of me – but as soon as the dollar value of something goes up – it doesn’t seem to matter what it looks like…… I MUST have it.

It might help that I study archaeology too:)


Cap sun/Sag asc & venus/Leo moon.
YES. I would rock the hell out of this thing. Must.have.

It’s really quirky (mammoth tusks? awesome.) and I like things with a bit of goth-charm, if you will.


Yerk. But my Cappy daughter would LOVE it, speshially if she knew how much it was ‘worth’. Plus it would so suit her Goth persona at the moment.

Had to do her make up this morning for her schools book week. She went as a vampire, ofcourse, so the eye make up was dark, smudgy, intense… Such a wonderful creature to have in my life. 🙂


I’m fascinated by such jewellery only because I dont wear it myself but have occasionally got away with successfully presenting my partner with edgy decorative prezzies.
I Reckon its Sun sign irrelevant
Couldn’t this only be worn if one was only Really on a war path or in a particularly singular mood? Horses for courses tho of course.
Being a sun Aqua I’m tediously and Erroneously accused of Luddite sympathies . Neanderthal? tres non. I would sell my toosh for Mammoth tusk set in something aesthetically appropriate for the past majesty of the animal.


Capricorns used this bracelet as a torture device if fellow cavemen were too slow catching dinner? Or Virgo’s if the dishes were not done straight away and floor swept? Scorps if the sex was not up to par and there was no relay team to relieve said frustrations? Gemini’s if the conversation in the cave got boring……




I love it. And the caveman society set up actually sounds a bit like my house (how ashamed am I). My aries husband is a definite bison-bringer-home, but my kids – Cancer and Aquarian – are way too much part of the power set up to do any sweeping.

Cap sun/cancer rising/venus in pisces.


Virgo sun, Cap moon & Aries ascendant – I don’t mind it, but wouldn’t wear it in public…
I do think Libran Men would struggle to fit in most in the cave-man times. I mean, they’re just so, Urban. Even the country boy types are polished to some degree. Aries boys would be in their might-is-right element, even the more boyish-types. Funny that they’re ‘opposites’.


It’s a very good remark. My Libran is incredibly polished, I cannot by any means imagine him as a caveman.


YUK. Poor mammoth. I’m with you Mystic, I can FEEL it clawing at my wrists, just looking at the pic.

What would we Cancerians do in cavetimes, where would the nostalgia lie – Ice Age?! I s’pose we could decorate the caves. Be a shoulder to cry on. Pretty much what I do now.


Scorp Sun/Aries Rising. I want that thing SO MUCH.

mlle. ghoul

Taurus sun/Capricorn rising/Libra moon

Personally I quite like it. I really love all of Pamela Love’s pieces. They’ve got a sort of grim grace which I find quite appealing.


Cap Sun, Aqua Moon/Venus, Virgo Asc Absolutely not. It’s ugly, it seriously freaks me out, and it’s not very chic. I actually like the metalwork, I’d just rather not have it with tusks attached. About caveman community, Aries would so be the leaders. There wouldn’t be sexual favors (they’re too caveman…y to get it), so whoever does the most, rules the most. Capricorns would probably be the ones negotiating trade of goods with other tribes, with Librans mediating, of course. Virgos would clean the caves obsessively, and probably the first to understand that if you mix mammoth’s stomach juice with… Read more »


Not this cap sun/aqua rising/venus moon. Looks like an old chook claw to me. Would much rather something with a bit of colour and/or sparkle – no old bones for me.


scorpio sun sag venusmoonneptune gem asc

love the talon and clasp idea but not a fan of the metalwork detail- reminds me of pre fired claywork busts.


sorry no clasp I imagined it at flash glance

must be something going around old bones and belongings
I was looking at some mint condition victorian boots from old salem area and was wondering if they belonged to a hangee
mars venus is approaching my pluto in libra
fashion wise- does this transcribe as a sudden passion for boots of the dead, talons of a harpie? taxidermy wristwatch?

Little Joey

Aqua sun, Cap rising, Venus Aries – hate it. Creepy, spikey, fiddley – looks like it would catch on my clothes and things and generally give me the sh*ts. I could see my Taurean sister giving it a go though… maybe.

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