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Marilyn Monroe eating a carrot with milk and eggsGenius. The combo of the just-Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde & the Sun in Virgo makes the next two weeks totally ON for dieting & old-school at that.

It’s an old witches tale that as the Moon whittles herself away after having been Full, so too do you whittle in your waist if you start your thing right after the Full Moon. Mercury Retro in Virgo is fab for revision of one’s nutrition and the Sun in Virgo is just plain old narking off yourself in a blur of corrective self-discipline.

WHAT a change from the Zap Zone coffee (Yang) and wine (Yin) extravaganza. My chemist said he had to keep re-ordering Nurofen the past month. I’m not surprised. All those Saturn necks.

So there is the Marilyn diet – which looks like hardboiled eggs, carrot and shiteloads of dairy – or my fave, The Arnie Diet.

Enjoy this fabulous chic physique astro – there is even Mars, Venus, Saturn and Eros in Libra, the sign of Beauty, as an extra motivator.

I swear, right now i shudder at the thought of potato crisps.

Image: Andre De Dienes

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50 thoughts on “The Ultimate Diet Astro

  1. RG, don’t stress! That is THE worst thing for your health no matter what the planets are up to. Any time at all is a good time to start making improvements to what/how you eat, doing a bit more enjoyable excercise and looking after yourself in new ways.

    Mercury retro phases just mean that the emphasis can shift more towards reviewing or going over old ground, so sometimes things go a bit more slowly than we wish or even backwards for a little while. It is no big deal. We still do what we have to do in life, we just understand that things might be a bit slow so we allow more time. Communications can be confused/unclear during Merc Rx so be aware of this & take extra care to be clear in your messages or delay complicated chats until Merc is direct again. Keep it simple. Keep it positive. And keep going.

  2. I came across your entry, and truly hope you can help answer my question… as your view is different than most on this subject that I’ve read and am very stressed about it…

    I thought I understood you are not supposed to begin any new projects during Mercury Retrograde as it will fail once retrograde is over. I purposely began monitoring what I eat & doing moderate exercise on the 15th as Mercury turned retrograde on the 20th. However as with any diet & exercise it’s been hard & I havent followed it quite as diligently as I’d hoped in the first couple weeks, but pretty well.

    So I’m wondering if that was enough time before it turned retrograde to not interfere with my exercising & diet. It turns direct on the 12th of September, and I’d really rather just carry on with what I have started rather than stop because it is retrograde & start again in mid – september.

    Can u please help me. I want to succeed in improving my health and am so tired of worrying about this retrograde and how it is affecting my journey. My thoughts were since i technically started on the 15th it will be ok, but will you please help me and explain if I am missing something…. I am very stressed about this.

  3. Hrrmmmm… I have had 5 chocolate biscuits today.
    I rarely have chocolate biscuits…
    And a tofu burrito for lunch (but I blame my housemate for this… I was trying to bring her round to soup… she was immoveable.)
    I did have vegemite toast, a bananna, a handful of dried fruit and nuts and have a homemade pasta with lentil bolognese sauce for dinner. Too much carbs?
    Went to the gynm this morning and may have had some sort of argument with another patron. When trying to do my routinue which is fast paced weighs, no rest time and swapping between 2 machine (super sets), she kept on trying to use the machine I was just about to swap to. So I went over the the other side of the gym and SHE FOLLOWED ME. Said that it was ‘illegal’ for me to ‘save’ a machine for myself, that she had a routine also… the did her weights WHILST SITTING ON TOP OF MY SWEAT TOWEL.
    I am pretty certain no one was ‘in the right’ here, but I have never had an issue with the way was advised by the gym trainer to indicate to others that I was doing super sets… more to the point I DON’T SIT MY SWEATY ARSE ON OTHER PEOPLE’S TOWELS.

    … venting over.

    • I don’t want to be contrary for the sake of it, but I had a bought curry last night – the full box and dice – with naan and pappadums, and all by myself. And this morning I had to rush to work and found myself having peppermint chocolate for brekky. Then when I got the chance for lunch I had this sandwich which was basically a caesar salad on bread, except with about 8 times the chicken.

      I don’t think this is good and by no means do I eat this way normally.

      Am I upside-down girl? Everyone else seems so lithe… :..(

  4. Sooo true as usual Mystic, did my first ever detox during the 2nd last week of the ZZ which was extremely challenging (No coffee (AHH!!) or sugar etc) barely survived and fell off the wagon a couple times . Should have started this week as I can easily say no to all things non-beautifying to the body/soul. Really looking forward to bouncing into spring feeling good, dezaped, detoxed and ready to fly.
    Really hope everyone is feeling it too, it is so gonna be fun new times ahead!!!!!!

    • There is glitch to all this – With the weather warming up I have just today pulled everything out of the wardrobe and layed it on the floor in piles. The pile to go back in the wardrobe is very tiny OMG I have nothing to wear, everything is sooooo old and drab looking.

    • Thought exactly that today Mystic – that all this Virgo is a good thing! Too bad I had not appreciated it in the same manner a few months ago but then I had not been in the same place I am now.

      *Sassy*, I had tomatoe soup! However, did count my wheat crackers to the exact “one serving” indicated on the box and did not have dinner last night. I simply was not that hungry and it’s late (between 7-8 pm) when I get home so by and large keeping it very light any more.

      I suppose the great kick start to this Full Moon was that it is/was on my Sun/Mn midpoint on the Mc opposite Pluto so there is just like an underlying energetic power I feel inside but it’s in a good way (not psycho…lol)

    • Oh excuse me. Today, where I live, it was 122f! That is like near Death Valley , Ca….But, hot is hot to me so I honestly didn’t! And it’s dry which helps heaps…

  5. Am already off the wine on weeknights (a vow made at end of Zap Zone). This is grand astro-encouragement to add an extra technique or two.

  6. A poetry genius has taken residence in my head !
    It starts as soon as I get out of bed.
    Suddenly I see poetry everywhere…it’s wierd …
    out of nowhere; now here : D

    ‘See the cellulite drop off my thighs
    despite consistant lack of excercise’
    ‘I too agree. This is so true.
    haven’t drunk so much alcohol
    and coffee’ (too)!
    = ]]

  7. I am so onto this! Began a few weeks ago & last week I was starting to wonder if I could do the no sugar thing. I have been successful in cutting out foods that have added sugar, that was the easy part as I don’t eat much of those foods. I don’t think I can do without all sugar though. 😯

    So anyway now I am down a tsp of raw sugar added to my only coffee for the day, & have 1/2 tsp of sugar with vitabrits & a pear after lunch & thats my sugar intake for the day. If I get hungry I may have yoghurt with fresh strawberries. But that is it! No chocolate, no lollies, no biscuits, no cakes…. ok maybe a a few sqs of dark chocolate but no more that than that. This is like a military regime to me. (Saturn in Virgo maybe?) My diet is so basic & I don’t eat eggs, bananas, avocado because they are like toxins in my systems. I don’t eat processed food as since I cut it out during my Saturn Return, my system really didn’t want it to return. So I just keep my food simple & easy for my body to be able to identify it. πŸ™‚

    I am missing my bike training this morning, so off to do cardio kickboxing & a run… πŸ˜€

    • πŸ˜† Sweetpea! btw I may your coffee on my baristas menu this week… ‘Sweet Shot’ (double shot espresso) can’t do quad, might cause health issues…. πŸ˜€

      I am reaallly missing my bike training! Thought i’d try something different & did a tracy anderson workout dvd & holy fuuuuqq! Has anyone tried it? This is the trainer who trains Madge & Gwynny, it is freakin insane & it nearly made me sick.

      • Aww, I’m very honored…thank you darlin’…x

        Think you are young enough that you might not need the hardcore but Madge and Gwynny doing a different kind of maintenance….

        Never the less…..Forewarned is forearmed if we want to look like Madge (although she can appear too thin but can also save for a little “this and that” if need down the line too)

        • One last indulgence…

          To be in the twenties again with Madonna…Was a truly special time…My Mum’s birthday was the same as Madonna…My mother had a perfect 36-24-36 measurement when a young woman and cheek bones like you would not believe so I razzed her out being a sex pot… …But I don’t know, maybe Marilyn bringing back memories too as Mom had her pix on the wall in a white bathrobe and there was some kind of saying about women…

          But this is one of my old faves…kisses and hugs the the 80’s and a happier music time!

          • Love Cherish!! 😯

            Your mum sounded like she had it going on Sweetpea! It is nice to look back & remember those special times… As they say (I don’t know who said it?) ‘Enjoy the little things in life as one day you might look back & realise they were the big things….’

            I think Tracy must of choreographed this clip as I recognise a few of those moves from the dvd & the tempo! Geez I may as well have done parkour!


            *limps off holding my sore glutes*

          • Fun video Gem. I notice she has the boom box in that video and in ~Sorry~. Both have a seventies disco flavor (when I was a teen in the 70’s I hated disco!)

            But had to look up Parkour as never heard of it. You go girl…

  8. Hmmm, my agent phoned yesterday, telling me a I got a gig that I really really wanted – and i just felt “meh.” Then I saw my arse in a change room mirror (had to buy a dress for a pal’s upcoming wedding. HAD to. Really hate shopping) and I just sorta thought “but what about all the butt targetting workouts I’ve been doing for the last few months?” I guess my Cap sun figured that surely my hard work would’ve yielded a result by now πŸ™

    Has the Zap finally hit me? I’m soooo fatigued and almost low all of a sudden…

    But then a sense of Virgo rationality overwhelmed me. I suspected my distinct lack of iron in the diet (vegie-eating, lazy girl here) and chaotic last couple o’ weeks have really taken it out of me. So instead of slumping into a soggy lump in the corner, drowning myself in coffee and chocolate with no resultant buzz, I went to the chemist and got some iron supplements. Figured that there’s lots of good going on in my life, my workouts WILL get my arse in the best form ever soon enough so there must be something else that’s twanging the blue notes.

    I love that I’m aware of the astro weather and am tuning into it to find more appropriate ways of fixing things. Hopefully the iron will kick in and I’ll be zingy again in no time!!

  9. Okay now that is just freaky! Have started my no sugar, morning only carbs/fruit and even less dairy diet from this morning!! Was thinking last night, had enuff just gotta do it.

    Been reading prescribed blog reading of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ – which I was prepared to be annoyed by and totally love and resonate with, arghh – which helped me to see I need to be more gentle with my evolution methods. So I am doing ‘love’ as a vehicle to weight loss!! Not in a weird matyrish, guilty way of course, in an inspirational be-my-best-self way… so off we go!

  10. Huh. I’m just entering week three sans alcohol, my appetite has dropped by 1/3 so portion control has become a doddle, I can literally SEE the cellulite drop off my thighs, despite lack of consistant exercise (the desire is there, but apparently my kidney yin is non-existant due to shockingly stressfull first half of 2010, so I have no energy to speak of….) I am sleeping easily 10 hours each nigh (Nana hours – in bed by 8 most nights), and my skin is clearing up beautifully since I quit booze. Even coffee is becoming less and less of a craving (No!!!! I need at least one vice!!!). So yes, I’m very happy with this current cycle. Even the ZZ was welcomed cos I did strike out moribund habits, to my glee (but not the glee of some ‘friends’…). Am now fully focused on health and wealth. And happiness. And have just finally got the last of my stuff out of storage, and into my beloved pad, so will start the edit process in earnest to fully create “MY” perfect nest. Truly loving this time, its feels so right.

  11. I too agree ! This is soooo true. I have drunk so much alcohol & coffee over the last few weeks & I woke up on Monday & thought I absolutley do not want a coffee at all , which is unusual as I have been having 2 – 3 cups a day ! And alcohol – never want to drink it again !!!!! So many empty Panadol packs……..I feel so much lighter this week- at last, such a releif !Re food – I am not interested ,thank goodness after my crazy desire for sweet things and food in general over the last few weeks.
    You really are spot on Mystic !

  12. AH so true
    spot on as usual Mystic
    how virgo has arrived!! so merc retro too.
    spent all yesterday explaining my no gluten world to design assistant (whilst a full day sorting out all fineries re stock robot style- mission, then hilarious merc retro transport fail with us lost on massive treck trying to find a bus, her a $50 note me 60c short of the fair- or taxi in the middle of nowhere so she could do to opening) convinced her to do 2 weeks raw vegan diet pre health kick so she can really clean out
    got the designer she works for to go see my iridologist and he is on stealth mission
    I am lovingly doing graph and flow chart things started new beauty regime last night to combat uber flatness I am combating post zap, mc was zap zone so I need to sparkle for future meets, insanely low budget a little depressing but its not for long. student life an all.

    love this energy atm πŸ™‚

    • ok so this is probably my mars in virgo showing but god I LOVE doing graphs then my mercury conjunct venus likes to pretty them up… I’m almost jealous.

  13. Spot on Mystic! I had to fast for a test this morning and it was no problem at all – just all of a sudden I am not hungry and searching for comfort food like I have been recently.

    Right again with the excessive coffee, wine, Nurofen & Saturn Neck this past few weeks. Pharmacies could change to an automatic astro-based ordering system!

    • a colleague ducked out today for wheat bag – Saturn neckp further jagged by 2 long nits in office propped by wine & pumping tunes…… Returned with wheat bag, sharing said wheat bag was sold avec verbal warning not to sleep with it as they can combust / eggsplode under doona

      How can that be true..??????

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