Sun Sign Survey: Your Most Jealous Lover?

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Okay here we go and how nicely does this tie in with the Mercury Retro vibe, guys?

What was the Sun Sign (or Mars-Venus, Rising whatever if you want to get fancy) of your most insanely cuckoo possessive and jealous lover?

Hilariously cringe-worthy anecdotes for perspective welcome, as always.

Mine was Leo. Young Leo at the time – he may have mellowed. But still, mega-implosive temper at slightest hint of attention being paid to anyone else.

His triggers included:

* Being on the phone to one’s friend too long.

* Being seen to smile too lasciviously at a waiter (“admit it, you want him, why don’t you just go and have sex with him in the back alley?”)

* Over-fondling of the cat.

* Having a “strange” look on one’s face.

I know, i know…what is the point of being a Young Leo if you can’t make scenes. But still, it’s hideous and so flagrantly a form of control-bullying, is it not?

And b.t.w. you might want to rethink any jealousy-fuelled-psycho-bats liaisons before Venus gets into Scorpio from Sept to Jan…Yes?

Because Venusian Luxe will amplify any existing such tendencies. Is that grammatical? Even the thought of Leo Ex histrionics causes a mild adrenaline surge and as everyone knows, adrenaline kills punctuation and grammar skills. Flight, fight or a comma? I think not.

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Leo Ex from Hell drove me nuts. He flirted and hung out with exes and texted other girls at the beginning of our relationship, but demanded me to never cheat on him and threatened that he’d ruin my reputation if I did. Well, I got sick of his shit and started cheating on him (he never found out) right around the time his attitude made a complete 180 and he started talking about marriage. After that me having any fun at all that did not involve him was a trigger. Current Sag bf with Taurus Rising, Leo Moon, and SCORPIO… Read more »


And…100. 🙂


you are hilarious x

I know this is a way late post but the gemini leo asc Dj just emailed me!
haven’t heard from him in years and years
how funny
better stop typing about people from the past, seem to be conjuring them back to reality


hmm after reading this I have to say although the gemini dj leo (should change to ego asc) rising was bats as hell turned over, it was more a case study of competition issues with some jealousy thrown in for good measure. Uber jealous award on reflection was the Libra eccentric. (libra, sun merc conjunct pluto, looked like pluto) with Pisces moon and Gemini asc. He would sulk like a bitch if anyone was talking to me for more than 5 min. Then switch- he would then fain interest in the person talking to me and engage in some intellectual… Read more »

leonine librarian

So were the beautifully written letters part of him lording it over you, or an honest sharing of himself?

In each post mort of a relationship I try to look for what attracted me in the first place….so I’m curious ms beyond his words at dawn approach to life what did he have going on to attract you?


Letters started off as an earnest love letter devotion and ended up with overlording. May I add I was having a heavy venus pluto transit… I see what you mean, the irony has not escaped me. I laugh at myself as much as I do the absurdity. I blame my astro honestly. Taken me years to learn how to deal with it and not get into trouble. Normality bores me senseless, I was wild, bored and curious, very aloof and didn’t ever want a relationship. Had no idea that was the perfect combo for control freaks to win a prize… Read more »


hot sex probably

leonine librarian

The commonality for me is usually whatever attracted me in the first place has gone out of balance. And yes hot sex had kept me there longer in more than one relationship. Or sometimes they have a family situation which forms their value system, and they’re adamant this will never be them…and then because they don’t build the skills to prevent early training coming to life within them, boom they find a measure of forgiveness for themselves but end up amoral shits to live with….um just saying in my experience. Bloody merc retro. At least you’ve worked it out ms.… Read more »


I honestly only meant this to be amusing
I really wouldn’t rate this on hard yards emo scars, I still talk to this person and we laugh about ever dating each other now. Funnily enough she is a scorpio too.


new GF, must have deleted when type editing. how merc retro.

leonine librarian

sorry am feeling a post cleaning jag sag.


all good bella xxxxx


Cancer with Aqua Moon, Scorpio Mars, and Leo Venus/Rising.
He could do as he pleased, but I was on the hook.

It lasted two weeks before my Aries gal pal and I tore him a new one.



Sag sun Scorp moon ex. Used to get furious when men looked at me. I’d point out I couldn’t control others behavior and wasn’t it my response that counted? Just kept muttering about he didn’t trust them. Gas station attendant made the mistake of commenting to me, “Smile..’cause you’re too beautiful not to.” and ex went ballistic. Threatened to burn down the gas station. Wasn’t sure if he was kidding… Couldn’t believe he had a Sag sun; in my experience, they’re usually pretty calm about such things.

leonine librarian

My sun Sagg/moon Cap daughter and her sun Sagg/moon Sagg boyfriend are pretty damn fierce. She had a leo housemate that didn’t understand boundaries (hah) who used to delight in draping herself all over her Sagg bf. Sagg daughter just kept herself barely within civilised behaviour, if she’d of had hooves for real, that Leo would of been so much mush.

Her Sagg bf also had a time where he needed to trust that her taurus ex was not in any way a threat. So Saggies, can in my experience have their jealousies too.


this saggo can vouch for that…


Not bitter. No, no, no. Not me.


And a train wreck.


Ps. I was way too young to be dealing with all that stuff. That guy- I swear to goddess. I was way too inexperienced and straight- forward to know where to start handling all that twistiness.
His mother died when he was born and I think he just was looking for a female to infant mother him. He was a complete drain……


|I had a love of my life in high school, who WTF’d me over the line after a weekend of whining about how great my life was and how bad he had it, when he commented on how lucky I was to have white teeth while we were brushing them together in the bathroom. I was like? you are jeolous of how white my teeth are? Scorpio, if it’s relevent- not sure if that’ the same kind of jeolous…. He was all the other stuff too. Read my writing journal and found out that I was happy to be going… Read more »


My wife is a Taurus Sun, Asc and Mars with Venus in Aries. She’s insanely jealous but is totally passive aggressive about it. I am her possession and how dare anyone think they can play with her toy.

I’m a Sun, Asc and Venus in Virgo with Mars in Cancer. I would be upset if she weren’t the jealous type. Though I’d run a mile if she were the aggressive possessive type.


taureans are scary jealous types herby – TOTALLY pass agg stalker types – soz to any taureans who are actually well-adjusted but when they aren’t LOOK OUT!


The Virgo – leo asc & mars, cap moon: me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me was his life mantra and everyone else was expected to revolve around that. Fuq he was irritating. The Saggo – scorp moon: completely fuqin bonkers, it’s way too depressing to even… Read more »


fuq you are hilarious Dammo 😆


very appropriate avatar too I might add!! 😉


My Scorp moon and Mars Leo ex used to stalk my house when I wasn’t there and and a whole lot of other drama queenie stuff.

My current Virgo sun, cap moon, mars in cancer is so trusting and not jealous at all. Wish he was a leeetle more jealous. Or maybe he hides it well.


Scorpio boyfriend broke up with me just for chatting with an old school chum on my front porch steps as he `just happened` to drive by.


but defo not parked out front reading a newspaper stake out style just, passing by ..


Pisces ex husband. His public face was one of almost utopian ideals – Soooo lucky to be married to me, told anyone that would listen (normally other women) of what an amazing wife and mother I was, how he supported me in whatever it was I wanted to pursue in my life. In reality he objected to me talking to my parents on the phone and would have a tantrum at their place if we ever visited them so we would leave early. He would get the shites if I spent time with any girlfriend that he considered a little… Read more »


Eech! That sounds more abusive than jealous. So glad to hear he’s your ex & not current husband, Aquamazed.
The only jealous boyfriend I ever had was a Pisces as well, but we pretty much kept each other in line because we were both jealous, so the balance of power was good (people who live in glass houses, & know it, don’t throw stones at each other).


it’s called insanity and unresolved mother/attachment issues to the power of ten million.


Cancer Ex (not Kataka – Cancer most def) was a hot, younger Israeli both psychotic and jealous.
I always think 4th house or lots of Cancer in the chart can play a role from my experience? GemHub is sun in 4th, Aqua Asc and can be quite possessive. I do flirt but.

Aqua Fey

Now you tell me


Definitely my ex – Scorpio sun, Leo moon and Pisces ascendant. When I caught up with friends of the opposite sex he would feign upset that I went on a date with them even though I had known th longer than him! And when I saw girlfriends, he’d insist they were actually Gaye and trying to turn me! He was a psycho, Im glad Ive left him behind!

sag blue horse

Young Sag – would come and move in behind me and have that really obvious “Im her boyfriend look on” if I started talking to havng fun chatting with other men, sometimes even friends. Leo also jealous….


umm..scorp ..quite a few stitches in head a loonngg time ago … seems like another dimension .. or even an old movie …


Virgo, Cap, Scorp, all in different ways. Virgo liked to control how I dress – “you know the signal you are giving out with this shirt?” Cap liked to control my time – “how dare you do not call me?” Scorp – liked to control what he thought as potential bfs – “you have two phone numbers, why?” The first two are gone forever, Virgo is married, Cap is doing who cares what, Scorp is kept on a professional basis and he now has a girlfriend. Pisces rising, I thought with these guys it was me at fault, now with… Read more »


Scorp scorp and scorp and two particularly insecure virgo’s – can you believe??!! One’s triggers were all and any of the above you mentioned plus a few extra others have said n whatever else he could imagine- nightmare- tho he thought it fine to ogle girls in front of me etc! I was young then wouldn’t put up with that kind of behaviour nowadays makesme shudder just recalling it…The other a few years ago who had a particularly vicious rant at me over absolutely nothing – he was dumped real quick and seemed so benign before that! And the scorp’s,… Read more »


Casual Cancer sun/venus fling hit the roof after he found my tits pic in phone outbox to interstate Aqua venus love of my life. This sounds bad and it was!

Leo Princess

Most jealous ex was definitely a Taurus. Too many silly instances of baseless jealousy to go into. He was much older than I, and a bully and a tyrant into the bargain. Left him long ago and never looked back.

Lucy the Leo

Also just had a thought – maybe it is one’s moon, not sun, that rules jealousy? Mine is Cancer.

Lucy the Leo

I am a Leo (obv) and don’t believe in jealousy at all – wasted energy. I think so many of these people sound emotionally abusive!! Jealousy is one thing, but trying to control someone is emotional abuse. My worst was a Cap. If I went out with my gfs he would keep me up shouting at me and saying I KNOW you did something!! I cheated in rebellion.

Lexicon Limbo

Damon…I kinda think it’s fuq’d that you consider it necessary to do all that to get someone who has chosen not to be with you. Let it go. Move on. Be healthy in mind & spirit. If she’s meant to be with you, let it conspire to happen naturally, not in this desperately contrived way.

Aqua Fey

Get out there anyway, whether Huey wants to help or not. Salt water is balm for the soul and cleanses the heart and mind.
Let it all flow out of you into the ocean, step back on to the shore and start your day again.
Every day.

You know it works.

plutonic gem

taurus sun man long time ago… jealousy drove him to bad behaviour, jealousy is horrible in a relationship…. I wonder though, if peeps, would behave the same with age! What I mean is, surely people grow up and out of jealousy insecurity stuff!…. But I know that the real ones dont! Jealousy can be abusive, and there are abusive relationships all over the place. I just hope ive grown up and dont put up with that behaviour for a minute… it dosnt mean they love you more, it means they dont love themselves, which means they will never love you!


Yes.. well said…


My Libran grandfather was madly jealous of my Gemini Nana all their lives together. He was controlling of her socially till the day he died. It was odd as he was a lovely gentleman in all other ways and resembled Paul Newman, while she always felt quite plain next to him. So no, I think insecurity is hard to cure without conscious effort.


Oops, c’est moi!


Gemini Sun – jealous of me talking to my mum and my sister; jealous of how much I earned, my job, my qualifications, my volunteer’s job. Jealous of the fact I was renting my flat (I should move in with him and his mother) blah blah. All ended in tears and good riddance. Like the proverbial fly round a cow’s nether regions.


mmm. i’ve never had a “jealous” boyf per se… the star-crossed relationship i had with the cancer ended in a long term obsession for both of us (stalking, him dating a me look-alike and having her befriend me, etc). but he wasn’t ever “jealous” really, just… melancholy. my husband, an aries/scorp/leo, is either not at all jealous/possessive, or hides it very well. honestly, i’d like a bit more of it. makes you feel wanted, you know? i, the virgo/toro/cappy w/ venus and mars in leo, can be QUITE possessive, though not jealous really. i don’t suspect things, or doubt myself… Read more »


My worst was a very insecure and angry Libra. It’s a wonder I went on to date another one right after that! Venus in Virgo, Mars Libra Cancer ascendant (or what I think he is based on guessed birth time) One time he got in a guy’s face at a party because he was sitting too close to me and flirting. Very embarrassing. Did the same thing when too many guys were staring at me while I was riding a bike in a dress. I realized he really had a problem when he got all emo and dramatic upon hearing… Read more »

year of the fox

The Scorpio Sun: Cancer Moon guy. He was psycho-crazy jealous. I wasn’t allowed to accept gifts from friends that seemed too personal. He had to check my caller id list all the time. If there was a number that he didn’t know who it was he’d call them back to check. He once got a friend (that I didn’t know) to flirt with me so he could spy on whether I would flirt back. But I’m Scorp Moon so duh… fig out the plan already. Must agree with Aqua Fey….they think every guy is trying AND GIRLS TOO…ugh


Libra. He wanted to choose my friends, where I went, what I did, what I wore . . . after I stopped seeing him, he lectured me bitterly about how many ways my life had gone downhill without him. For YEARS. He married a woman who looked like me, and that still makes me feel uncomfortable.

upbeat scorp

Yes, that makes me uncomfortable too! It hasn’t happened to me, but when I see someone’s new partner and they look like the old one I always feel quite uncomfortable about it. My boss did it recently. He left his wife for someone who could be his wife’s twin. The number of times his new gf has been addressed by his wife’s name by other people! I don’t know how she puts up with it.

leonine librarian

My leo ex did this with the aquarian wife. Except we have the same first name. At the time he met her, within about a month of our split oh ten years ago or so, she and I looked a hell of a lot alike. While it’s creepy, I chose to see it sort of as a compliment. It was funny at one brisbane uni though when the librarian asked me if I could also offer my middle name and post code so he could bring up the correct details. Oh and no jealousy whatsoever with the leo ex, when… Read more »

confused fish

My Scorpio ex who I lived with.. could shoot visual daggers at any male who came within a hundred metres of me and he used to say that while he trusted me he didn’t trust any man who came near me… (like I had no say so in who I was with).. he drove me crazy with his jealous control issues.. I couldnt have alone time, I couldnt come home late or who would want to know where I was.. I was doing a massage course and he was always wanting to know what time I got home… and the… Read more »

Aqua Fey

Scorp sun, with taurus moon and asc, hands down. Consistenly and insanely jealous. A text from a male friend to borrow a book became a thinkly veiled sexual invitation. A random conversation at a pub with a total stranger became a secret rendezvous. Every guy was trying, apparently.

Methinks it spoke volumes about him and his motives. So much jealousy does.


lol, Mystic don’t scare me I have enough on my plate re jealous tyranny Agree! Of course I want to say Leo.. which hilarious episode to share?? I am in serious danger of starting WW3 if it gets back I have posted the things he is actually hissing over so I won’t go there in ID details. or we could talk about the gemini DJ with Leo Asc…… Years ago now. Deeply regret ever going there when I got to know about him. We dated for 6 weeks (?) about week 4 the other half of his face started to… Read more »


Pisces ex was the OPPOSITE of jealous! Was so completely trusting, I wanted him to be a bit possesive, even a fraction jealous would have been nice, but alas no! Worst was a Sagg ex who I had a work fling with for a couple of years, when I broke it off he got very vindictive and then he ended up being my boss…horrible!!


Leo sun pisces rising man was the worst for me. Once I came home from a busines networking meeting saying how I was going to catch up for coffee with a potential client I’d met. I did not stop hearing about this for months and I never did meet the fello. Also he had a photographic memory for any tiny sideways look I might have taken and could repeat it constantly for 6 months. Passive agg or what and boring yes.


Umm.. its mercury retro outside… Look after yourself Damon22.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Aquarius definitely. He was a double Aqua sun and moon, too. Dunno what he’s like now, as we were together yonks ago. But he was jealous when I spent time with my friends instead of with him; even more so when the friends were predominantly guy friends, even though they were just friends and I’d always been an honorary boy (plus grew up a tomboy). When he’d hang out with me and my friends, he’d try to make out right in front of everybody else, to mark me I suppose. And he was pass-agg once his jealousy reared its head,… Read more »


In my limited experience this one is definitely my Gemini Sun Aries ascendant husband. He has the ‘its all about me’ thing happening when he is at home and expects/wants to believe my life stops during his long work related absences. He flits into and out of my life leaving the running of everything to me and then complains about not being appreciated. As a younger man he was very jealous of other people’s happiness and now is just very possessive and distrustful regarding a particular male friend of mine. He maintains that this person is sufficiently fuqed up for… Read more »

Taurean Love Expert

My most twisted jealous lover was a Cap. We were long distance, casual (I thought), and not exclusive (at his urging). Yet he went BALLISTIC when I started casually dating a local guy.

We swung through the ‘oh no, I’m fine with you seeing someone else” to the “oh my god I can’t stand it” cycle 2 or 3 times, before i finally called the whole thing off with a “I’m sorry, but I can’t offer you the relationship you seem to be looking for” talk. His reply “IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE???!!!???”. Um, yes, but that’s not the point.


Hi Mystic – can we expect a 2011 version of your Astroscopes anytime soon???

leonine librarian

The only boy/man that I remember being madly jealous was an Aquarian. He had massive insecurity about his brother. Mind you I barely noticed his brother…but he lost his shit when his brother complimented me. Which is possibly why his brother did it.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Hehehe….. me to with Aqua, LL.


The Aquarius jealous of the brother.


He was a Leo Sun with a Sag Moon and Aries Asc (with Mars parked on it).

His jealousy was just one of the ways he was oh so bad for me. Let’s just say that I have first hand experience of that old cliche:

If you play with fire, you get burned (even if you are a water sign; ).


GO Damo!

Little Joey

BTW love this “Over-fondling of the cat” – I knew an Aries woman who got angry with her b/f for the exact same thing. She couldn’t understand why we thought she was being irrational – I used to wonder WTF is the cat gonna do – race your man off?


My Virgo can’t stand to hear me say the word ‘ex’ or insinuate in any context that I’ve been intimate with anyone beside him.

Side-stepping certain words or entire conversations is proving a little tedious and at times makes me seem (and feel) insincere when I pause midway through, and often abandon a story about an old ‘friend’ to save myself from seeing that pained expression on his face.



definitely libra


Young Leo!!! He used to dictate the length of my skirts (nothing above the knee), the cut of my tops (no cleavage at all), whether I could wear make up or not. I was not allowed to go out without him to anything. If he was working Friday or Saturday nights I had to wait at home for him. Needless to say he is no longer in my life.

Am currently seeing a not so young Leo and he frowns whenever I mention anyone male past, present, future.

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