Pattern Recognition; All Geminis Should Be Coolhunted

Stevie Nicks doing martial arts

This is Stevie Nicks, fuq knows how long ago, practicing her martial arts moves with her tonsorially impressive trainer.

Note that is was way before martial arts got so mainstream as it is now and doing it in a silk poppysuit pantsuits with stack-heeled boots?

Awesome. She was way ahead of her time.

Geminis are unreal at pattern recognition.

Any corporation trying to cool-hunt ought just have observant Virgoans follow Geminis around all day.

See what fabrics they finger, whether or not they flash anyone, their haircare directions, what’s exciting them, style statements, how many psychics they compulsively visit in one day or if they’ve swapped one superfood for another.

Really, i know we are all meant to be too busy with Pluto in Cap to think about such things, but how naturally cool are Geminis? It infuriates the Aquas.

B.t.w. I am loving her trainer. I am thinking that in a certain set, if you didn’t do a bit of karate or whatevs on your Hollywood Hills balcony with a dude who had hair like that, you were irrelevant.

Although, one has to admit she might just be trying to pull him and this is just a bit of preamble.

Quick Sexual Astrology Question: You know how some people complain that sex does not involve enough foreplay?Β  What if, with Geminis, it’s all foreplay. And that’s it. Could that be the case? Generally speaking?

Image: Bob Jones – Hands Off

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70 thoughts on “Pattern Recognition; All Geminis Should Be Coolhunted

  1. I’ve just realized that I have never had sex with a Gemini, maybe that should be my next quest. Not that I have quests per say but for research purposes it might be interesting. I can however imagine mental foreplay, god they can chat (most of my BFF’s are Gemini!).

    Pretty much one of my favorite Stevie pics, she’s my ultimate style queen but the Geminis in my world are not, that totes belongs to the Aquas. Too cool.

    • LOL

      My Eros is in Gemini, I’ve only dated air signs. Need mental stimulation. although myself a Crab with Scorp rising.

      Sounds like a quest πŸ˜‰

  2. Ha, funny, GemHub does pattern recognition for a living I guess?! Economics/It etc. He’s stellium Gem: Sun/Merc/Venus/Sat. He’s not a fashion guru but he knew about Gaga and Le Roux way before they hit my radar?!

    As for the last question, no, absolutely not. Rather more results oriented than described.

    Is it me are her boots moulding a bit and curling off the sole? Hm. Thought that red head was Chuck Norris for a sec, but his hair never did THAT!

  3. ‘Any corporation trying to cool-hunt ought just have observant Virgoans follow Geminis around all day.’ Love that Mystic!

    Yes they CHAT but when they want it the foreplay transits very quickly to the ACT!

    The third person commentary during the event can be quite disconcerting though….

  4. Well a bit off topic but we are talking about gemini pattern recognition…isn’t there some kinda cardinal grand cross or something today? If so, shouldn’t we all be dodgin’ and weavin’ in our stacked heels like Stevie?

    “Staaaaaaaannnd back, staaaaaand back!”

    • LOL, yeah today is a “dodging and weaving” kind of day. Grand cross and all that jazz. Maybe if we ignore it and don’t move it won’t see us?

    • And what about ‘the room’s on fire everytime you walk in the door’.
      Tend to put her on, especially ‘Trouble in Shangrila’ on v v loud a coupla
      times a year over some Jim Beam….just fer old’s time’s sake and to vent
      a little πŸ™‚
      And and and….’my city of mountains, stay with me stay’. Sing along with
      that one whenst a thinkin’ of Tahiti.

      Whitney had a blow in Oz also (mentioned below at her last” concert here)
      perhaps the climate……….result of too much snow in them thar mountains?

  5. I am loving the denim-on-denim of the trainer, and the wild hair. These days a personal trainer in the Hollywood hills would need to be manscaped to within an inch of his life.

    Oh, and put me down for one of those coolhunter Virgo-follows-Gems-around-all-day jobs. I would totally rock that gig.

  6. OMG so true I don’t really like that much foreplay.
    Can’t believe I am confessing this.

    And I have to blow my own horn…..
    I am really good at trend spotting and get annoyed when
    people adopt it. He he he.

    • so true, TG. as soon as something is even hinted at in something that resembles anything more than maybe say street press, i have to dismiss it as “recognised” and more or less ditch it [unless i decide that i still like it and idon’t care that it’s everywhere]. It’s not because it is not good any more, but simply because others will now catch on there is clearly more new stuff out there to discover, stumble across, etc.

      i was life-stalked by the libran scorpio frenemy for years and years, it FREAKED me out [what? you can’t think for yourself??] more to that story but anyway.

      • i should add my credentials, gem rising and ruled by merc. πŸ˜€
        as for foreplay, yeah agree I think!

  7. I dated (at least) a quintuple Gemini (rising, moon, sun, jupiter, venus, and even…I believe….north node) He did like the foreplay, and was very good at it, but that was for other reasons which I won’t get into. let me tell you though…the guy changed fantasies constantly…couldn’t be pinned down for a minute. In general, he was really into giving/receiving oral (what a surprise) and although he hated being a touchee, he was a very adept toucher.

    In general, he was a fun guy (his mars conj my sun in virgo, and my jup is also in gemini), although we couldn’t communicate for shit (his mercury in taurus opposed my moon in scorpio). I ended up back with my Cancer ex for a while after, and no surprise, my anxiety levels dropped


  8. My boyfriend’s a Gemini Sun, with a Libra Rising, Venus in Cancer, and Moon in Scorpio. Most of the time he doesn’t even care if we have actual sex. He just wants to do oral and I do mean oral πŸ˜‰

    This is great when I’m tired and actually relieves my headaches.

  9. Actually the only part of it I find infuriating (I know two) is that it seems NOT to be effortless. They both seem to put a great deal (one is quite obsessive about everything) of thought and work into being cool and I have never believed that trying to be cool is cool.

  10. How weird, as a Gem, I spent last night searching for batik, ethnic & tie-dye patterns on ebay. Have a feeling this is the look for summer.

      • so love marimekko anything – still buying the fabric and still have a couple of saved original lengths of fabric bought in 1977.

        Still making my own tie-dye form time to time as a cameo retro look…

  11. hiya Mystic! The trainer in the pic is actually the legendary Bob Jones, one of the founders of the Zen Do Kai movement in Australia…you should check out his book, he is a very talented, smart and charismatic man. He in fact taught Stevie Nicks this form of martial arts, and has this very picture in his lounge room! You can also find him at

    • Touche, was thinking it was Bob JOnes. Knew him back in the 70’s in
      Melba. He trained all the hunky doormen at the reigning Disco’s.

  12. i dont care what any geminis want or do but i do want her dress i love the beautiful slim line and big flowers. and i hope it has a big deep v for sexy minimal cleavage not plunging just deep

  13. I saw her in concert a few yrs. ago. Her voice was gone and she was very overweight. Now I can’t listen to Fleetwood Mac without that sad memory. I couldn’t help but wonder whether she was disillusioned and living in the past or whether she was now just in it for the money. Either way, it ruined my teenage memory of her. Pisses me off too!

  14. Umm… I’m suspicious that trainer might actually be my Gemini father (circa pantsuit era)… Trying to recall if he took any extended O.S. trips in my pre-school years…?

    • Hot Papa you have then Lex, but he’s from Melba & your’e not
      a redhead are you?
      His school is mentioned above.

      Will add about BJ that many of his students had No Spirituality and
      only absorbed the Physical then got to wear the Bushido Cross
      in silver ’round their necks as it scored with the babes. It signalled
      I’m Hot.

      Have found this with a few Martial Arts practitioners, the lack of philosophy
      and spirituality. The Body Reveals All…says the BodyWorker……more than words.
      Also makes me wonder about Yoga acolytes & where they put their mind when
      practising. As the saying ‘energy flows where thought goes’.
      A story: when i was living in HongKong in the 70’s sometime, wanted to learn
      Shaolin Temple Movements after viewing a movie there about them.
      I called & was told to do press ups for 3 weeks then call again.
      HA, foolish young thing replied ‘No..i want to learn Martial Arts not Gymwork’.
      That WAS lesson 1…perseverance and dedication to show worthiness.
      Strangely 18 months later found myself stirring rice in a huge vat to supply 300
      women with staples & mashing the vat full of potatoes, for 2 years daily.
      Then i understood….my arms were of steel.
      Now Shaolin is Performance Art.
      Penny Drop….it musta been Jonesy that turned me onto it…lol
      (or the Doormen πŸ™‚

  15. Tonsorially? Is that even a word? Re: the Gemini foreplay thing this Aquarium guy I am dating at the moment is all foreplay and the sex itself is a bit an anti-climax.

    • Seriousity isn’t legit also…yet..but great word.
      Tonsorially sounds gooood.
      it’s kinda carte blanche with dictionary words now since i was schooled in
      Queen’s English.

      There is even a ‘Wickedary’ to the usual ‘Dickionary’ with many interesting
      made up words from those powerfemmes in USof A.
      It’s full name is’ Websters First New Intergalactic WICKEDARY of the English
      Language’ Conjured by Mary Daly in cahoots with Jane Caputi.
      Includes some brilliant pen & ink drawings.

    • Oh dear SS, I say ditch him immediately! And don’t you hate that?!!! I once kissed a guy and it was so awesome we were both blown away, but after that, yes severe disappointment – such a let-down! And usually it’s a good tester..

  16. As an Aqua who IS infuriated by the natural cool of Gems…field research has indeed shown that sex with Gems are ALL about foreplay – and nothing else. How insightful is MM!?

  17. This gem here has never been interested in foreplay! But that could be my venus in aries?! I like getting straight down to business, let’s cut to the chase and all that….moon and mars in sag too…(tho ps some witty talk and some laughs leading up to it are always welcome, if not mandatory!)

  18. My Gem crush and i have an odd fashion sync up…will both turn up to work in similar outfits(not sure who is following who?? And if he is feminine and i am masculine??)
    We have been in a verbal foreplay sexual tension zone for 2 years, there was a drunken moment of passion in which the foreplay was intense with lots of talking but the actual sex was a fizzer.
    He does have an amazing abililty to have straight boys giggiling and flirting with him.
    Sigh…might go flirt right now.

  19. Gem but Taurus Venus and Leo mars, want flirtatious banter, want touching, want worshiping etc. Foreplay can get you a long way…

  20. I am a Gem and don’t consider fore-play, “fore-play,” per se. I could do the pre-sex stuff for hours and never actually get to the sex part. I think a lot of gems opt for the tactile experience over actual penetration, but I’m not a dude, so….

  21. Sometimes I actually zone out during foreplay (if it’s not that great) and find myself daydreaming or even (Horrors) reading text messages! Bullshit that we’re not about the act, that’s actually MORE important.

    And yes, I’ve often started trends before they really started. It’s our gift! If only I could figure a way to turn this into cool cash….

  22. Agreed…not a lot of the before, or during with gems. It’s definetly the mind play.

  23. Stevie Nicks is my ringtone. didn’t know she was gemini.

    I got told by a leo lastnight that most of the time we spend togther is foreplay. As long as it contains play, and potential prey, the lion is so with it.

    And another gem sex thing… As Salt’n’Peppa sang – ” sexy noises really do turn me on”… But that’s also true for Libra, no?

    • As Gem rising/Mars, I used to have a boyfriend talk filthy πŸ™‚ Don’t know about the Libra’s.

  24. Stevie Nicks is my ringtone. Didn’t know she is gemini. πŸ™‚

    A leo told me lastnight that most of what we do together is foreplay. It’s workin for this combo, maybe cos leos like any play, with the possibility of prey….

  25. πŸ™‚ connect the dots, solve problems, that is what I like to do. What was a foreplay? πŸ™‚ Sigh. Saturn in 7th house.

  26. have 4 planets in gem and yes the foreplay( or anticipation) is def more fun. From the ‘getting dressed to be undressed’ to the intellectual and sensory foreplay its all about the chase.have a taurus moon so am a sucker for the sensual( food , clothing, skin)

  27. So true :-// I am glad its ‘destiny’ too and not just me!! i’d like to get past it tho – can one get past destiny??

  28. Im glad mm picked up on the gems being fashionably ahead of the game, or whatever ya want to call it. Sometimes Im so spookily onto it, and so are other special gems I know. If only we could focus for long enough to do something about our insights!

  29. LOVE the print in the dress yes Mystic tick tick tick

    so how strong is the Ascendant in all this?
    Gemini asc but have saturn/lilith/jupiter in the 3rd (virgo)

    Foreplay IS words, is communication.

    Going to see my The original Gemini tonight. She is double Gemini poster girl.

  30. So agree with the pattern recognition Myst. Happens to me constantly. By the time whatever becomes a trend I’m over it and onto the next thing. Would be cool to turn it into a paying job πŸ™‚ Can be frustrating though. Today I went shoe shopping (need a few new pairs) but nothing tickled my fancy. Know exactly what I want but the trend doesn’t seem to exist yet. Maybe in about 6 months by which time I will want something else. Or maybe I need to move to the Northern Hemisphere.

    As for the sex/foreplay question: I absolutely LOVE foreplay (Gem Sun, Moon, Eros). The banter, the teasing, the touching, talking dirty, the total exploration of your lover. As Kim Falconer says in her book about Eros in Gem “stimulate the mind and you awaken the passions”. πŸ˜€ My Venus in Taurus grounds it in sensuality though.

  31. leo ex bought me pattern recognition to read by william gibson when I was living in camden too..

  32. it’s not easy being green, budding first on the vine of engenuity….

    with the avante garde genius channel there does come a price. Putting up with the general majority’s state of being here and not yet there, or out there. Are we really ahead or are others just staying behind? An example: about 3 yrs ago I heard somwhere about these uber green bicycles with frames made of bamboo, harvested ethically of course, and they were in production in the U.S.A. So I went to my local Sydney eastern snobberbs cyclery and asked the shop assistant had he any intention of ordering any of the bamboo bikes in. He looked at me like I’d requested a U.F.O for my dog to drive me to church in or something. I explained, I asked him to google it and he even giggled about it remaking “i don’t think that would be strong enough somehow” like I was just a dumb sheila and he knew everything way more than me.
    This happens a lot. Anyway, I saw someone cruise past me today on one of those bamboo bikes. Am tempted to go to the same shop and see if they stock them NOW.

    I find myself saying on a regular basis, in all seriousness ” Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger!”

    • “He looked at me like I’d requested a U.F.O for my dog to drive me to church in or something”

      πŸ˜† Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see. πŸ˜†

  33. Maybe the apparent foreplay obsession is just another manifestation of Gem fickleness: by the time the foreplay’s done they’re over it, ready to do something else …

    Looks like SN and BJ are having a hair-off.

    Went to see Florence & the Machine last night and Flo was wearing a long, sheerish, swirly white lace frock which made me think of Stevie Nicks in the 70s!

    • stevie nicks is one of her major influences… i wish I was florence….

  34. Not good with the future cultural zeitgeist stuff … and usually a bit of a Luddite in the areas of fashion and music – possibly because I don’t give a rats arse. Unless it involves something to do with aliens and astrophysics (Aqua Mars, NN and MC). But damn I’m good at picking an old skool trend that’s about to be resurrected and have noted many times that I’ve started to re-listen to some old band, take a second look at some style of some thing and BANG next thing it’s all over the place. Put it down to Cancer Venus at 0 Aries point.

  35. This would explain somethings, being a Gem sun, moon, mars.
    when I was in high school, my friends were all having intercourse. I chose to stay a virgin easily. I was doing everything else often- completely satisfied!

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