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Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love

Somehow, i never actually wound up reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s much-raved-up memoir – Eat Pray Love – and now, of course, it is a movie, starring the Scorpionic Ms Julia Roberts.

What i do think is that Elizabeth Gilbert is doing her chart REAL WELL.

First read these quotes from her book…She basically has some serious romantic mishaps and goes bunging off around the world, seeking solace and enlightenment:

“…When I get lonely these days, I think: So BE lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings….”


“…I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism….”


“…Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it….”

Okay, so i am totally getting this sagacity.

If anyone is going to write emo-tranquility-wisdom-inducing-comfort memoirs, it should surely be a Crab-Lady. Yes?

Think also this.

The woman has her Cancerian Sun conjunct Mercury.Β  So she has to write and put her story into context. People with strong Mercury placements tell stories, on way or another.

She has Venus in Gemini so she is restless and wants to do heaps of things at once. She could probably eat, pray, love, cook, give herself a manicure and surf stuff on the internet all at the same time but it would not have sounded so good as a book title.

Her Mars is in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter-Uranus in Libra so she wants/craves a Quest. It has to involve physical movement/travel AND intellectual stimulation and beauty/aesthetics.

Her Sun-Mercury is trine Neptune in Scorpio trine North Node in Pisces. That is a Grand Water Trine involving all sorts of cosmic themes. Eg; Neptune rules her North Node (destiny) and it trines it. She could start her own cult if she wanted. Plus this describes a person who needs a spiritual connection in everyday life or it all turns to a blobby, potentially dipso-vampire mess.

Finally, the book to movie process and her establishment as an author has coincided with Uranus crossing her North Node and Saturn on her South Node. So she can even interpret Saturn really well. Not only has she faced and dealt with her past (South Node) but she has made an absolute raving fortune out of it.Β  So, can she say how she is “doing” her chart just SO brilliantly?

The whole hoo-hah that inspired the book would have been when Pluto was ON her Mars in Saggo, back in the 90s.

So many awesome journeys start with w.t.f. Pluto transits…You think?

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72 thoughts on “Astro-Eat-Pray-Love

  1. OK that quote about making decisions very quickly about men … hanging on too long waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness … being a victim of your own optimism …

    I totally just did that in my last relationship. Aaargh. I think I need to be banned from having relationships, quite possibly for life.

    • Hi Tati
      I so did as well and I loved her wisdom in that.. about finding your happiness and learning to be alone.. I can’t believe I haven’t read this book.. I hear you on the relationships thing too.. I was wondering today if they were worth it more than the relationship I am having with myself.. πŸ™‚

  2. Yikes. Just wrote in diary: stop going for men who are going to make it. Go for men who’ve already made it, be that in terms of character, achievement etc

    Can so relate, Tati. Is there some kind of alpha male conference we can go to? (Presuming you are lady who likes men, like me)

    • Friday, I’m attracted to men physically but right now I’m not sure that I *like* them very much. Cynical about their motivations, ability to be honest and decent, etc etc. Bah humbug.

      Apologies to the lovely, more evolved males on this forum. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, Tati, you got it in one, it’s about evolution! I guess we’ve recognised we need the more evolved ones but there aren’t that many around!!

        Not their fault they’re stuck in the past, it’s like women, too, who don’t know what to do with themselves so they just have a baby. Or the bizarre ritual sick groups of women enact, freezing out another woman in the group for no good reason at all.

        I think this is where the ‘pray’ part of the book comes into play! : )

  3. The book was awesome mystic.. changed my life. I read it when it first came out. She’s very “real” in the book. Talks about things that you wouldn’t expect a writer to reveal which makes you feel close to her.
    I sent her publicist an email raving about her and asking that they pass it along to her. She (Elizabeth) sent me an email back about a month later apologizing for taking so long to get back to me (she’d been traveling) but thanked me and said it really surprises her when someone other than her “mom” likes her work. πŸ™‚
    I hope you get to read it before going to the movie.

    • its one of my faves as well. it was a cross between story and enlightening self help/philosophy book for me.

      lets hope something amazing comes out of my pluto saga…!

    • It changed my life too Scorp. I read it in 2006 just before I started my Saturn Return. It inspired me to stop and be kinder to myself and to make the most of my Saturn Return.

      I also like that she’s ‘real’ in her book.

  4. I just started reading the book last night. it is inspirational and engaging. Love it.

  5. Ah sorry, I hated it…there was definitely some gems in there – eg the excerpts Mystic has above amongst others etc…but I just felt it was all written to rote, to fit in with the plan of the book – like was too forced – she pitched the idea to her editor before she left and then just made the book fit the premise…Friends of mine loved it tho…

    • But, have seen and read her interviews and she is very personable. Think it’s fantastic what she’s achieved, have to admire her regardless…

    • i completely concur. i think you can tell she’d done a few trips over a few years and tried to cobble them together around the pretence of “self discovery” rather than “self indulgent and self absorbed wandering”. my friends and i joke that she’s probably one of those people who sends travel emails that explains each and every detail of each and every experience… but leaves the good stuff out… you know the type.

    • Scorp, was just going to point ppl to her TED talk…one of the best and worth the 20 mins. She talks beautifully about creativity. Seth Godin (the bald marketing master) recommended this TED talk as well.

      basically there is more to Elizabeth Gilbert than just one book.

    • Scorp on that link on the side is ‘GUY-TALK Transaction’ by a Robin Reisner
      under label CHICK COMEDY.
      Subject is ‘what does a bloke mean by let’s hang out’
      It’s only 3 minutes but 3 mins of LOL.

    • When I saw Mystic’s post I immediately thought of this talk. Thanks Scorp for the re-introduction. πŸ™‚ The bit about creative spirit really resonated.

      Loved the book – which only found me last year. Quick easy read. Movies never really do justice to the book though (trying to think of even one that has right now). Probably won’t see it on the big screen.

      Always love how you break down the astro when looking at the careers of peeps Mystic. Inspiring.

  6. My Scorpio daughter is slightly dyslexic but very smart and she read it as ‘eat prey love’ like a preying mantis and she thought it was a cool mantra but was annoyed to find it was about actual prayer as in Buddhism

  7. Ooo I have sun at 26 and Mercury at 6 in Cancer and I have Venus at 27 Gemini…so i guess some of those relate to me as well? I have Mars in Leo + its the North Node, Mystic says I have to work for myself!!!! South Node isn’t anything special …

    Actually the book was so descriptive and introspective it drove me crazy…Is that because it’s too much like me and my journey?! but I can’t wait for the movie.

  8. I read it after a 18 year break up….I was as poor as a church mouse.
    It annoyed the bejesus out of me, I didn’t finish it.
    Yes, I could had a easier time getting over it and being all enlightened if I’d had the unlimited credit card.
    I wanted to through it against a wall….which I did in the end.
    Maybe I was jealous…

    • exactly 3 rams, takes a lot of $ and no other commitments to do that kind of sojourn! Soon Europe will be full of earnest, heartbroken women on a quest for self-discovery. All the hot parisians and yummy italians will have moved elsewhere in frustration . well, that;’s my theory.
      ALthough there’s no reason why we can’t eat in Japan / Mexico / Vietnam / Denmark, pray in a buddhist rainforest retreat in the NSW hinterland or in the californian desert and love in Baja /Broome/Lhasa / bordeaux / etc… πŸ˜‰

        • LOL! a new tourism wave. There was a movie, something in Tuscany, a divorced woman moves to Tuscany, repairs a gorgeous house and finds her love – or so we think, at the end. I hated it when I watched it, just after my own divorce.

          Add Tuscany to your itinerary too, there may be gems there πŸ™‚

          I will watch “Sita Sings the Blues” instead πŸ˜‰

    • Big of you 3rams to admitt to a bit of envy as Ram myself. It’s only natural esp. in a rough patch and as long as we ultimately take responsibility for our own lives. From the sounds of it, that rough patch is behind you now? (hopefully πŸ˜‰ )…

      We we talking over on the Karl L. Virgo thread tho about throwing books against the wall…hilar….

      I remember that in my very early 30’s I was looking for answers in a spiritual book and did not find them. I was so distraught and frustrated that I ripped the book to shreds and slumped down on the floor crying.

      I haven’t read this book nor seen the movie but I did make sure to see Julia on Oprah last Friday as I think she’s a wonderful person.

  9. oh dear. is this one of those books that I wrote off as a “i went to italy and changed my life” books *yawn*? but is actually better? some of the quotes mystic used above actually resonate a bit..unfortunately. Re falling in love with the man he could be – if he could only like himself/open his heart/mind/etc – not the man that he is, right in front of us.

  10. Wot about a more ‘real version’ called “Drink-Bitch-Fuq Hot Weirdos” as like the budget version???

  11. Couldn’t finish it; loved the first bit “eat”, but when I got to the “pray”part I recognized the Indian spiritual teacher and the locale, having spent time there, and it seemed to me she was making the same error in judgment with this Guru that she did with men. That’s when it all lost credibility for me and I put it down…

  12. and is is just me or is that photo used in the film poster just really lame? although this is not how I see jules in general, here she looks like she almost had to ask permission to eat a fuqing gelato and sit on the bench. oh well maybe that’s me being a cow. moooo

    • I suppose her “supposed” coyness seems a little over done.

      Come on Julia! Spread those legs and stick that spoon in the camera’s face! lol

    • It is SO blick. And there is not much contrast between her and the nun. There should have been a sea of nuns or of monks and her in a scarlet dress. It’s not beautiful, sexy or designed well enough. It looks like an ad for an adult education class about how to use bus timetables.

      • ~It looks like an ad for an adult education class about how to use bus timetables~

        Oh Dear….. πŸ˜†

        • And when I was in Rome and it was mid-day and the nuns were out, some of us were in our pajamas bottoms from a long drive.

          I think Julia would be totally cute in her pajamas.

          • I mean come on. If you’re eatin and prayin’ and sleepin’, er lovin’ your way around Europe your gonna be in your jammies once in awhile in the odd alley way making an exist from somewhere once in awhile… πŸ˜‰

  13. I haven’t read the book but it is sitting in the book shelf! I am reading other books at the moment & haven’t felt drawn to it. Maybe I’ll wait for the movie.. πŸ˜€ …….I love Julia btw!!

    Now I would love to see a Saturn return book ‘eat less, give more, exercise your ass off’- I can relate to that book for sure! I think it is great that she found whatever she was searching for, I don’t think life is meant for us to just sit around being unhappy & to be whhhhaaatt???? crying for 47 days consecutively! No way sista!! I’d be taking off the next day! Anyway, good for her for taking this step & writing about it, making a movie about… I love Julia btw…. oh wait I already said that didn’t I….. πŸ™‚

    Sun, Moon & Venus in Gemini….
    Pluto Trine Sun, Moon & Venus. Sextile MC & North Node….

  14. Also had an interesting FB conversation with a freind with the same Bday as me (just she is 5 years younger than me) I mentioned the real joy in being single again and planning my solo weekend adventures and she just complained about how it all sucks out there in the pubs and clubs.. but the thing is she is still looking for a good relationship and for me I had a good relationship that didn’t quite work out .. she is not as comfortable with herself I am discovering I like spending time with myself after spending every weekend with a numnut.. (no really not bitter at all).. and I guess it does suck being single when you are yearning for something more, me I am not too sure you really get what you think you are looking for and maybe finding yourself can be more exciting too … just thought I would share about when you stop seeking outside of yourself I wonder what you find πŸ™‚

  15. ~So many awesome journeys start with w.t.f. Pluto transits…You think?~

    I’d say yes Mystic, they sure do. 1998 I was having Pluto square natal Pluto….

    Trans. Pluto was in my 6th (health) conjunct Jupiter (expansion of health issues in my case whereupon had surgieries, etc).

    Natal Pluto is in Virgo, 3rd, but conjunct the IC (which is an angle and opposite the MC for those not sure).

    Anyways, yes a whole new chapter but out of it many gifts…Saturn was in my 12th the whole time and when it crossed the Asc (someone says usually one will get a gift for the hard work of trans.Saturn in 12th and they were right. )I was super fit (characteristic of Saturn in 1st) and had tons of money in the bank and went to Europe-Hawaii…

    But alas, in a whole new Pluto saga….er, chapter…lol. Pluto conjunct my Saturn in 7th square all my Aries lovelies…

    • Truly, when trans. Uranus hits between my Sun & Merc and trans. Pluto- Saturn are square to all that, I think I’ll explode… πŸ™‚

      How am I supposed to know if I’m coming (Uranus-Pluto)….Or going? (Saturn)

      • Just told someone about a week or so ago that I’ve often wondered when I’m going to grow up. Now in so many ways that’s a huge joke as been responsible all my life but on the inner with certain of the strengths and disciplines I’m still goofing off and oh, that damn book looms!

  16. On the topic of being single, have been for a most of the year and collecting quotes in the process. Going out to all the single people out there…

    “alone…and the soul emerges”, Walt Witman.

    “Someone you haven’t met yet is already dreaming of adoring you”. annon

  17. Is Mercury conjunct Jupiter a strong placement?
    Having my Jupiter return now,
    and Venus at 3 degrees Capricorn is gettin’ zaaaaappped.

  18. firstly. love being inspired how people create awesomeness in their chart
    as a fellow sun/merc conjunct I relate to the need to tell stories

    oh god
    mars is going to be on my pluto in a few weeks

    writing brand proposal now as we speak but mars opposite MC and trying not to get upset from ex, jealous schoolgirls or the odd lecturer. eye on the prize. so far its looking more like a gallery proposal.

    ok I have 5 things due. chop chop

    • I get the feeling we have met before Ms. I am also Sun/Mercury conjunct and also need to tell stories.

      I also am having ‘eye on the prize’ problems having to write for my work. Though am not having those problems writing stories …

      • we probably have you know. my tailfeather gets about
        well not this year!
        home arrest studio style

        with all that virgo in the 12th that will make an interesting story Herby

        • My tailfeather gets about too. Am always travelling somewhere or other so we probably have passed in this or a past life.

          Can you please expand on your virgo in 12th making interesting story? I’m not advanced enough in astrology to understand but am intrigued.

    • Thank you Quadrupled.
      This is my sneaky break space while I juggle.
      everything is solidifying. feels good/scary.

      I am strictly adhering to code of zap like all here and proudly heeding fab advice not to ignite the petrol leaks about. my chart is about to get intense, I literally live in a cocoon of work. Hopefully saturn will be good to me after the slog.

      more tea x

  19. I’ve resisted reading it until I finish writing my own book: coz I think Liz wrote the book I wanted to write ha ha

  20. I love the quotes from Liz that you chose to post, Mystic; and I’m def guilty of the the same relationship mistakes she’s made.

    I have a Grand Trine in water, and can attest to your assessment of the spiritual nature of someone with this placement as well, it was bang on !

    As for the book, I read it twice; and I regret seeing the movie. I feel that too much emphasis was placed on her romances, and conversely, no attention was paid to her spiritual pursuits and the resulting awakenings that came from them. To the point that her Ashram (movie) looked like an abandoned strip mall in a ghetto, as the location was dirty and cluttered. It did not resemble a temple at all, and her relationship there with Richard from Texas was put through a blender and then a microwave oven to arrive at the one you see in the movie. Tres disappointing. Maybe this is all my Virgo ascendant/Grand Water Trine talking, but all she seemed to do in the movie was fritter away her time worrying about the opposite sex and eating. It should have been titled ‘ Eat, – – – – , Love ‘.
    I still admire Liz, though. Not her fault that her story was bastardised for a film.

  21. “Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism….” HAnds up soo guilty of this. Like today the Lusty emails me with a birthday message and I am in in swoon heaven.

    For f* sake get a grip girl he never emails you for a good reason he is a …. see i can’t even admit it.. I’ll try again he is a…..
    Note to self- must get my Virgo bestie on the line to tell me he is LOSER!!! ( but he is lust in its pure sense — god don’t start me) Time for red to get me to bed.

  22. You can’t critique the book intellectually. If you haven’t been through a raw, painful divorce or break-up lately which profoundly changed you, then you might not connect with the text. She is totally honest, the text is addictive and she provides you with a sort of imaginary friend who has been through it too.

    I recommend it to all my female friends who have just exited Plato’s Cave at the end of their Saturn Return, love it!

  23. Love it when you look at someone’s chart MM, it helps us novices understand the things that should jump out at us when we see a ‘scope.

  24. I remember reading that middle quote years ago, and had the first inklings of doubt about the Ex. It’s always such a delicate balance between blind optimism and seeing the best in others. And yay for being another sun conjunct mercury. Fits so well with the study I am doing to become a better storyteller.

  25. Cant wait to see this film!
    it’s gonna be great! Julia Roberts is an amazing actress and the director is the same guy that directs GLEE! so two thumbs up from me!!!!!

  26. I was impressed with the lack of challenging aspects in Gilbert’s chart. Birthtime is listed as unknown in some charts I’ve seen, but her Moon is probably between 4-17 degrees Virgo, which might indicate a Moon square Venus aspect. But that’s the only tough one I can find. So loads of talent, yes, but maybe a tendency to glide through life.
    I happened on this site while searching for the birthdate of Jose Nunes (Felipe), as I think it would be interesting to compare the two charts. If he is 17 years her senior, as stated in an article dated July, this would put his Neptune around 19 degrees Libra, which would form a square to her Mercury and Sun. Hard to have a great relationship when you can’t be straight with someone.