And The Sun Is In Virgo

Art woman sorting drawers with monstersIs this how Virgoans view the task of sorting out their drawers?

It’s a scary thought but perfectly plausible.

Now the Zap Zone is dying down and the Sun segues into Virgo, making a beneficial trine to Pluto and heading to a rendezvous with Mercury next week. That is when the ‘mystery’ of this and other Mercury Retrogrades will be solved.

There is a Full Moon brewing as well but it’s more like super-lucidity and maverick wisdom.

After all the power-tripping paranoia of the Zap Zone, i am quite looking forward to some compulsive-obsessive Virgo action: A new mop, some undies editing, the genius of pure-analytical-flow-chart thinking applied to complex or even sleazy relationship-flirtation scenarios, brown rice, ti-tree oil toothpaste…these are a few of my favourite Virgoan things….And you?

Image: Agata Nowicka

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Thank goodness. With school just starting, it’s great that I’ll get that extra orginizing boost that I need to take notes and such. (Mars in Pisces here, and I can be so sloppy…)


Hi nat ! I never got to thankyou for the spot on advice about my darling mother’s funeral in the void moon. It really really really helped. Oh, and can’t resist but the avatar place I go to is this one,


Thank you Tamberlaine – that is very kind of you. Glad all went well with your Mother’s funeral. Well done you for coping.

So strange re the gravatar link thing – the one that YOU posted is also the one that I use. Merc Retro a hoy hoy!


Nat, your link just has a missing “a” in the Gravatar. 🙂 merc rx indeed.

something fishy

Ew…I’m not sure I like those randomly-generated new avatars – although that green thing does look a bit like me…


go to and upload an image that better suits you. Its easy. A nice fish image perhaps?


woops, sorry for merc retro typo there…


Something fishy, there is something fishy going on with the link I posted… Please use the link that Tamberlaine provides below – that is the right one. Sorry for the confusion.

something fishy

Thanks guys I’ll give it a go (the avatars) (first batch of dough is proving as we speak!)

something fishy


something fishy

Ordered on-line last week and received yesterday, a new grain mill for making my own flour at home – stone-ground of course. I haven’t done this for 15 years or more but felt compelled to have quality bread made freshly at home from the best quality biodynamic or organic wheat, rye or whatever freshly ground. Just realised how Virgoan that all sounds! Talk about perfectionistic! If it’s going to pass our lips, it has to be giving us something, not just taking something from us (as most commercial bread is such cr-rubbish, totally devoid of any goodness or life-energy). Can’t… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

SF, that sounds FAB! keep us posted!

something fishy

Thanks UP! Used the New Device to roll oats for my breakfast – really yummy (big temptation though to eat more of it than I should but fought the urge for seconds so far). I ate it raw like muesli (my usual, recent times breakfast). Made some bread last night from 100% wholegrain wheat – now I don’t usually eat wheat but I wanted to keep the first loaf simple – it was really delicious and sooooo fibre-y. I used dried yeast so I could make it immediately but I’ll set up the start of a leaven today using the… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

oh wow! YUM! yes indeed better late than never. and now they will be able to tell the vast difference between other bread and Your Bread..nice 🙂


My hub is Virgo ahahaha yesterday he mopped and after he said it still smelt like wet dog I replied we need a new one! I did not read this till this morning it made me giggle for sure.


I’m very broke right now, and guess what: I bought some new ‘sturdy’ underwear, sheets, and headbands to wear when I wash my face yesterday! I didn’t even think about it being Virgo time, but that pretty much validates my actions/spending (thank heavens). I’ve also been lathering on tea-tree oil before bed and fantasized about buying a new broom with flexible bristles on my bus ride to work this morning.


Wow, aside from the invertebrates, that looks just like my older Virgo exgf’s dresser used to look all the time. They say that Virgos are neat freaks, but I have seen evidence to the contrary. I used to call this the “geological filing system,” where everything gets thrown on top, the lower strata are more ancient the lower you go, and way at the bottom are the paleolithic era items.


I went stationary supply shopping.
It was a revelation….. I could buy out that entire section…..
And apply it all……

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Why yes, did actually decomission two pairs of undies. Mystic is WOW!!! I tells ya. 🙂


Sorry sag b h, I am not familiar with flow chart analysis, but can offer the humble but logical pro’s vs con’s list. You know, list them all, weigh them up, then decide ? And Jac, I would highly recommend green tea, pref Japanese Sencha, quite weak. I make a thermos of it and take it everywhere with me. Cut out caffeine as much as poss, but be prepared for the headache ! Rest as much as you can whilst you detox. Don’t go all virgo and guilt yourself. It’s not good for the soul. Good luck !


Realized today that my adrenals were severely over-taxed and got all floppy, weak, pathetic and self- loathing-ish. Despite full-moons not being a good time to start things, I am hoping sun in Virgo will give me the impetus to be disciplined in my self-care routines, and get me out of this funk.


well, the week is planned. Day spa visit, boxing class and mosaic workshop organised, and that’s only for tomorrow ! Virgo sun…ah I love this time of year. I feel energetically like I have just sat in the sun on a chilly day. The warmth slowly seeping into my veins. I’m organised, I’m transformed, I am VIRGO !!! =_=

sag blue horse

How do you do pure-analyticalflow chart thinking stuff applied to (sleazy) relationships? My descendent is Virgo…I’m quite tidy but I dont think I could do that it seeme impossible to apply objectivity to relations- unless I communed with an inner spirit. Is that how you do it?


the only time I like accounting is when a planet is in virgo. Would that hold up as rational for the tax department?


Undies editing is def in order, along with purchasing some tea tree oil to use in cleaning – gives a lovely, ultra-sterile-without-the-crap-chemicals smell AND I guess I need to apply some genius analytical flow chart thinking to my general admin/uni work … call me crazy, but when the sun is in Virgo, I even enjoy paying bills.


Well, stuff me dead, this must be why I’ve been having a massive de-clutter of clothing. I usually dither like crazy but I’ve been resolute in getting rid of clothes I just haven’t been wearing. It is SO unlike me, I hoard clothes because, well, I might JUST want to wear them. But today I went at the de-cluttering like a clean machine. Amazing. Doesn’t happen very often so I suppose I need to do a bit more sorting out tomorrow.

unpredictable pisces

I am going to say this here as there is nowhere else to say it. Dear Oracle, when I ask if “X” is thinking about me, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ANSWER: “OMG YES! X is in love with you didn’t you know? this is true romance without Quentin Tarantino’s take on it. you are destined to be together and you will embark with X on a beautiful, intense, creative, sexy, fun-filled adventure together.

thank you. *feels better*


Amen to that, fellow Pisces! *whispers* I’m glad I’m not the only one …


awww, UP, I hope you get your heart’s desire, if it’s good for you……I think there is liability issues with those kind of answers you jest to seek. May I suggest a technique to keep ur dreams alive the old fashioned way :read the tarot or teacups or clouds or whatevs with only a rudimentary understanding of, therein you can pluck multilpe and satsifying interpretations time and time again. Naturally there are risks associated with this kind of chosen fantasy prop just as much as the risks of not knowing…. Maybe revelling in the mystery is undervalued….

unpredictable pisces

oh my fishy honeys. we revel in the mystery so much, wouldn’t it be so, so nice to not always revel in it alone…for a change… Like all us pisceans born and bred citizens of Fantasy Land, now how to manifest the awesomeness that currently distracts me from my dayjob (read: atm imagining intense, er “sensual” encounters with New Toro) I do agree and understand about being careful of what we wish for.. Atm it just seems a little difficult to meet people [ok, men, and i rarely meet any men – I am fuqing ridiculously shy in some circumstances]… Read more »

virgo rising

I have just put the finishing touches on a 7 page letter that puts someone in their place and puts me in mine: on top and empowered. Saying everything I have been unable to say for years, due to emotional attachment and hope for a happy ending. Since that is no longer the case and I have let go I can and have spoken with clarity and no finger pointing. My own declaration of independence….and I can feel the release within as I have freed my voice and voiced my truth. YAY!!!!!!!!!!


“unable to say for years, due to emotional attachment and hope for a happy ending” – you’re singing my song virgo rising. I don’t even need a happy ending; one with only a few minor frustrations but at least overall mutual respect and pleasantness would do.


Two things I need to do:

1. Pure-analytical-flow-chart thinking applied to all current relationships I have with men (I am going to get different coloured pens involved and everything).

2. Fiercely healthy eating regime (stress + depression -> living off tea and biscuits for the past 2 weeks).


Water to drink. Flush those kidneys!


had the most boring to do list after class and wizzed through. must be sun on mars day 0 degree virgo 🙂


I changed search engine just to see what weird avatar I would get
a skittle in a bat costume with a sprinkler on its head.


We were hopin’ you’d be in our club…*blush and shuffle of feet*


naww. but we are in the late gem asc club 🙂 x


Oh yes, forgot about that club… 😉

unpredictable pisces

hey, i’m in that too 😀


Realized Sun at 0 Virgo is conjunct my 2 degree Pluto/IC and so maybe why I was moppin’ (home, foundation). Symbolic of the “self” foundation.

So my foundation is clean. That’s sorta like a horse having a clean stall….lol

plutonic gem

im looking forward to super analytic powers to be bestowed upon me as I launch yet another month of last semester assignment writing and sans zapzone emo headfuqs. I also hope that this new energy shines down and manifests my excercise regime from one of visualisation to one of active participation. Thats the plan regardless, and I considered no wheat, dairy, sugar, but I might wait until all this analysising of blah blah is done with, and then I can go through a detox come november. Ive lived with a couple of messy virgos who have nothing on my very… Read more »


I’m just looking forward to my birthday and a week off work travelling around Taswegia with my wife 😀 … I love it when the sun is in Virgo … Always refreshes me 🙂


What day is your birthday?…if you don’t mind, Herby


Sweetpea – it is 2 weeks today 🙂


Well we shall have to do a round of “hip-hip hoorays!” two weeks from today… 😉


Cleaning, getting rid of unnecessary stuff, back to basics, and of course a fresh and doable to do list with many items to be checked for daily satisfaction 🙂


ditto – spent the weekend removing unused clothes and furniture from my house, ditching junk food and planning how I can get more training time and more recovery time into my life.

It feels good to be organized again after a couple of weeks of haphazardness.


love the do able to do list 🙂

The Leo Socialite

Aha! this coincides with my new no wheat – no dairy – no caffeine – no alcohol – no sugar regime. After weeks of stress induced bread cheese wine coffee and chocolate. Hmm.


No wheat is hard Leo Socialite. I’m almost through my second month trying the blood type diet and have given up bread but cakes and biscuits are still proving my down-fall. 😉

And how can anyone give up chocolate? That will be even more difficult :LOL:


Herby there’s some fabulous wheat/gluten free breads around. I bake using gluten free flour so I can still have a yummo scone every now and then! There’s plenty of places that bake wheat/gluten free – that way you can still have a treat thats gentler on your body! Its a matter of trying lots of different things until you find some you like, then its easy! I promise!! Are you in Sydney? If so I can recommend some places 🙂

unpredictable pisces

that reminds me…there’s a new gluten free bakery in Leichhardt.. Sydney…norton st…just near Elio restaurant up from Bar Italia..and near the pub…um that’s all I can say i have forgotten its street no. their walnut/raisin bread makes GREAT toast mmmmmmmm

unpredictable pisces

moderation, herb…skip the biscuits unless they are home-made. Commercial bikkies are full of saturated fat, often palm oil which [in short] smashes orangutan habitat etc it. anyhoo. Well home made bikkies are full of saturated far too, but it’s meant to be butter – good fat in comparison…! do you get a lot of sugar cravings? this might be more of a biochemical imbalance too, e.g. chromium. particularly if you exercise a lot. lastly the ‘eat right for your type’ is not supported by everyone. I was reading through the list and thinking “this is stupid!” so I googled… Read more »


Unpredictable pisces: I have always had shocking sugar cravings. And then I eat too much sugar so that I feel sick.

The only parts of the eat right for your type diet that I am doing are those that make me feel better. I think it’s a matter of personal opinion and what works for your body. To me it makes sense to move away from foods that make me feel gross anyway.

With food, I never torture myself. I enjoy it too much.

Scorpophillia: I’m in Brisbane

unpredictable pisces

oh wow. have you been checked out for , i don’t know, pancreas issues..etc? re the sugar cravings. you have a balance diet yes? I don’t know ..I am no doctor. Strangely I found that bowen therapy helped to balance my energy and I lost the mid-afternoon sugar slump, for a few days at least. and def check out info online too. MAye you are already and i am preching to the converted./ making yourself sick from something you enjoy is no fun…well afterwards at least! xx


Herby you need to read “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie – excellent new book about the problems caused by sugar in our diets. Great info and solutions.


Surely champers is still ok??? 😀


So good gawd, what does one eat? Proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts?

I’d be curious to know as sincerely scouting around for a new regime..


Its actually quite easy once you get a hold on it. You really just need to plan ahead and be organised. Thats the trick. There’s nothing worse that being hungry and not being able to find something. I take bananas and nuts in my bag!Also I scoured the internet for recipes. For example I make the best crepes! I use a combo of coconut flour and a premixed gluten free flour (rice and and tapiocoa flour) I add a couple of eggs and use almond milk. I either add fresh vanilla or maca/cacao powder. Thats a recipe I made myself… Read more »


I am 100% gluten free and have been since Jan. feels amazing and no matter how tired I get I was never as ill as in the past. immune system general pep levels are completely upped. I am coeliac diagnosed though.

its not that hard unless you go out to dinner a lot. cooking at home is peasy.
I am mostly dairy and sugar free too. had to so I could support stomach to bowel cleaning process. so worth it xxxxx


its a matter of finding out which kinds of flour you can eat. there is a lot of info on the web about this, you can still eat cake and bread its the flour meal base that will change. like millet or maize or buckwheat etc.
make sure you read up before baking as some are best savoury and others sweet


Thanks guys! I’ll check it out when I’m refreshed as after seven hours massage too pooped to even care about eating…


Bought a new mop yesterday Mystic! And mopped today!! Here in Palm Springs many have tile as it cooler in the summer. Just vinegar and water is all one uses but I was picky about the mop (Draconic Virgo Sun/Merc?) and enjoyed “my mop” much more so with the new one…

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