A New Sexy Hoohoo Trend: What Astro-Influence?

Untamed Va-Jay-jays

Okay, to continue on with the theme du jour – are we getting into practice for Venus in Scorpio or what?

I have some points:

* Is the Ancient Sanskrit Goddess Kunti the origin of another word?

* Whomever does the US Cosmo Coverlines should get a Pulitzer.  It is probably just the same articles as usual but i want to know what “the touch that calms him during a fight” is.  Would it work for cage-fighting? Or do you think they just mean “argument”?  And the sexy move that works from 20 feet away? Taking your top off?

* Note the “Untamed Va-jay-jays – Guess Which Sexy Style Is back” line. We have to trust Cosmo on this matter. So WHAT astrological scenario could be behind this? The maturing of the Pluto in Scorpio generation?  Because it was the Pluto in Libras coming of age that coincided with rampant Brazilians, as we explored in Evolution of the Muff.  It is NOT Saturn into Libra – Libra is more of a body-hair-phobic sign, in general.

* Apparently Kate Winslet, tres Libran,  had to wear a merkin (pubic wig) for her nude turn in The Reader, as she could not grow her own hair back convincingly enough.

* If Untamed Hoohoos are back (I so don’t want to get stung with an X rating) then presumably so soon will be 70s porn star moustaches for men & hairy chests. We have to ping this onto either the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born mid-80s to mid-90s) coming of age and asserting their sexual culture, Uranus into Aries or…what, exactly?

* Thoughts?

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49 thoughts on “A New Sexy Hoohoo Trend: What Astro-Influence?

  1. Reminds me of a quote I read some time back from Miriam Margolies: “I used to have a magnificent bush!”

    It was the first time I realised that vajayjay hair diminishes along with the rest of the body hair (except nostrils and ears, apparently).

    I am all for a wide bush – bring it on!

  2. I concur V Venusian – I have been a fan of the half Brazilian forever. I have gone the full on occasion and I hate it – the whole prepubescent thing is off. Love the feeling of hairless below and agree to womanly privates with controlled hair. The neatness of a wax though is heavenly (muliple virgo planets) and way less sweaty during *exercise*. And for me it’s nothing to do with projected male point of views – just comfort.

  3. I have to say that the HALF brazilian is THE most popular look! I should go back to the previous comment stream and clear that up ..

    I am Beauty Therapist and made comment about Brazilians paying off my house, so I wouldn’t personally like to see the them go, but the truth is the full on XXX Braz has been off the hot list for a while.

    I haven’t though about naming it the reverse mullet as mentioned above but but it goes like this….
    Nice trim small map of tassie still intact on the front, no hangie-outie edges and smooth and hair free for the rest.

    MUCH MUCH less painful! and not so much to worry about ingrowns, and you can “take cover” by pressing knees together “if” your children happen upon you naked. No naked baldy forks on show!

  4. My southern stylist complimented me on my winter underarm growth last time – she acknowledged that odd as it may be, seeing as she removes body hair as a living, she really digs a hairy pit, and was a bit miffed to have to remove hers in the dead of winter for a wedding where she was bridesmaid.
    Cancirca, I too have noted a rash of young blokes sporting the short beard, I quite like it, even tho I’m not a facial hair kinda girl…
    My grooming really does fall under the minimal fuss, maximum freedom banner. Love the idea of a returning sexy style….. for the Glittery HooHa

  5. I’d lay bets on Pluto-in-Scorp generation-of-age, as my hipster neighbourhood has been filled for the past five years with young men sporting full moustache and beard ensembles. Surely this general embrace of rampant hair would not stop at the neck?? I went to get waxed (edges only, keeping a full pubic triangle which has always been my preference) at a new place last month and the waxer informed me of this same trend, much to my delight, as I always found brazilians a bit disgusting.

  6. Me! Me! Me!

    I hate any pruning in that area….won’t d o it. I get a rash.

    Totally a 0 degrees Aries thing.

    Love me as I am!!!

  7. I have been trimming my shrubbery since adolescence and have encouraged my mates to do the same. Shaving or waxing is not for me. Pain, itching, and ingrown hairs are not in my definition of hygienic or sexy.

    As long as he isn’t covered with dense, Sasquatch-like fur, the amount of a man’s body hair doesn’t concern me one way or another.

    (Cancer Sun, Mars, and Venus)

  8. I grew up in a generation for whom the appearance of down-there hair signaled sexual maturity & was therefore inherently sexy, so the popularity of the full wax left me confused & repulsed. I’m happy to see a reverse trend – but would be even happier if there were no “trends” at all concerning our privates.
    I like the idea of the secret, the animalistic, the untamed where sex is concerned. (I do have my libran limits & draw the line at back hair, but that’s a personal preference – not a universal proclamation).

    • Me too – sexual maturity signalled by hair – so much so that the ‘thinning’ of the foliage of that area as the result of having tried various methods of trimming, styling and controlling over the past 20 years – and that it hasn’t grown back the same way (a la Ms Winslet) has actually been a source of distress for me. Children and grannies are bald down there…but a fully sexual woman always meant hair.

  9. I like my downstairs face smooth and hairfree……..just like i like my partners……I’ll leave the hairy bits to the Scorpios…. I’m sure Scorps like hidden things….

    • Agree, there’s a few men I deal with through work that have fur on the front that looks like it would be nice and downy, if only I could see if it was. 😛 It distracts me every time, nicely though.

  10. I live with a Scorp a few (ahem) years younger than me and to him a vaj-jay-jay is a vaj-jay-jay, he don’t care how I’m styling it as long as I bring it onnnnn!! (Way too much info I know but I’m in a stupid mood) 🙂

  11. i have said it before and i will say it again. i love a groomed or non-existent muff. on a man at least. Hairy chests I am ok with if it’s a great chest [or great man in general]. I am sure men dislike eating pubes as much as we do (well, I do). i mean the sexy mature woman thing with a muff, sure, and maybe it is a wierd thing in the scheme of biology etc and the process is bothersome. maybe go for more of a ‘reverse mullet’ style: party at the front, business in the basement
    if that made any sense let me know. 😀

  12. Thank goodness, that the muff is back. Always thought brazilians were a form of torture inflicted on women that thought they had to have one to be in any way sexy.
    And hair on a man? There’s nothing sexier than a hairy chest.
    I don’t know why I think this way when I’m a leo with leo rising and a libran moon. You would think I’d want everyone to be better groomed

  13. Apparently the c word’s etymology is contentious…noone agrees.


    An ageing feminist friend of mine always tells me that the c word is actually better than the alternatives….because it means ‘little valley’…..whereas vagina was a latin word meaning the sheath for a sword.

    And if you want a very funny lesbian comedian’s take on vajazzling:

    • I believe that the root of vagina is a latin word meaning something like ‘the bit that goes inwards’ as in biology that sort of shape, whether it’s on a cell or whatever is called a ‘vagination’.

  14. Well, I could care less about trends, especially for something like this. ;p
    Leo sun, sagg moon…Pluto in scorpio.
    I can’t stand hair, except on my head. (which I also like to have shoulder length or shorter, bugs me so much when it gets too long) I don’t shave my arms, but yeah, I shave “down there”. It annoys me not to. I actually decided to start shaving there awhile after I started shaving my legs…and I had never seen any porn at that point and hardly knew anything about sex. I just knew that hair had to go.
    Same goes for how I feel about hair on guys.

  15. I like my men and my hoo hoo hairy – neat hoo hoo hairy, not jungle hairy.

    Why would I want to look like a pre-pubescent girl?

    • funny you should mention this and this maybe should be on last page but more appropriate as a topic/reply to your statement than my sunsign discussion..

      Leo hairdresser housemate was a little drunk the other eve and started telling us about the love of a girl with hair. All 3 boys I live with discussing the topic of hair and all love some kind of pubic hair. Esp Leo boy. loves a decent bush apparently.

      I like a trimmed bush myself but waxed was handy for certain haircolours as I like to be a bit matching. some kind of control is necessary.

      supercrab as lovely patch of chest fur I regularly put my claws through

  16. From what i have been told….named not after ‘Kunti’ but from
    ‘Cuniform’….a wedge shaped coin used in Ancient Greece.
    It IS an olde english word that had sexual connotations.
    I know ‘whore’ comes from ‘Heratae” the only women in Ancient
    Greece that could own property.
    Correct me if wrong.

    Cosmo has a lot to answer for, almost as much as the Catholic Church.
    The sacred & the profane get all mixed up.

    • And Kunti is not a Sanskrit goddess, to the best of my knowledge–she is a historical/legendary figure, the mother of five heroic princes called the Pandavas.

  17. So I guess all this sexy sexy talk is due to Mars going into Scorp for some ridiculously long time in Sept? Or was it Venus?

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