Your Mission Of Gravity

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Amongst many other things, Saturn rules gravity.

Yes. And Uranus rules sub-atomic physics and all. You know, the fun quantum stuff where everything blurs together and particles collide – we could all technically time-travel or be scientifically immortal.

So now that Saturn and Uranus oppose again, we’re either in a time warp, feeling overly leaden and subjected to gravitational forces (a.k.a. budget, having to live near  our ex, whatever) or just nearly perfecting the art of doing enough Saturn/Gravity so that the Uranian cool stuff can  happen.

Sometime during this day of Saturn in Virgo for a few more hours before it goes into Libra and with the Moon in blithe, candid Saggo, you can do a quick analysis of these dates…They’re all Saturn-Uranus linked.

* Were you born in the mid-60s? Then since late 2008 until now has been most likely the definitive moment in your life. As in discovering who you truly are and figuring out a way to fit it into the world 0r – if you’re mega-Uranian – blasting away at the world till it fits you.

* 1980. Saturn is right now where it was in September 1980. Now is the Saturn Return from then. Hit songs of that month – i looked them up – Upside Down by Diana Ross, Sailing by Christopher Cross and Another One Bites The Dust by Queen. If you are old enough to remember 1980 or any of these songs, there will be some poignant merde to be grokked for sure.

* Fourteen years ago? What were you trying to start then? How much have you developed? What have you gone totally off? Evolution? Saturn was opposite where it is now in April 1996. And it was on the point that Uranus is hanging out on. So something that was germinated then can be totally taken and innovated now.

* As Saturn changes sign very soon, look to the area of your chart with Capricorn featuring…the house/sector with Capricorn on the cusp. Expect some subtle shifts there was well, maybe even the manifestation of a blessing. But yes, it will be practical, lol.

* Be extra-nice to Capricorns this week. They’re going through mini-hell and besides, you always know who they’re going to become. Some sort of a v.i.p.

Image: Francesco Clemente

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68 thoughts on “Your Mission Of Gravity

  1. hm.. capricorn occupies both 11th and 12th houses equally . . . what on earth could this mean? purging and cleansing of friends/ideas ?

  2. weathergirl, I too am recalling my parents divorce in 1980. Lots of ‘everybody play nice’ plastering over a pit of toxic dishonesty & revolving door new partners for both Mum & Dad. NO way for the kids not to ‘ok’, because then the adults would have to admit THEY weren’t ok. Vile.

    Interestingly, Libra is my IC, and my whole sense of ‘home’ was completely destroyed at this time. Lots of healing to be done this cycle!

    • during my Parents divorce I had one on either end of a different phone line – one bleating they had no stereo (but had 4 TV’s) / the other no dryer (but 3 fridges) – I instructed them to make a list of EVERYTHING they didnt have, I’d then buy it for them, & then maybe they could get down to what really needs speaking of…..

      around 1996 – they sold the house …. & forgot to tell me it was for sale, fiurst I heard of it was receiving a fax in Italy …… for a while felt ripped off not knowing family home had gone!

  3. Yuk, thinking of 1980 makes me shudder …. I have only just come out of a long journey since then (aged 8 to 38!) and now feel like a proper grown up – imagine having to go back there again.

    • Wow, Sag, me too! Wouldn’t go back there for anything…icky childhood.

  4. 1980 my little saggi sis was born – november. would explain her recent urges to get a respectable job and a qualification. have been so wrapped up in squeezing the most out of saturn for the past few years that i overlook her looming saturn return. think she might need a helping hand through this one.

    1996 i was a homeless IT student. the IT thing has turned out very well and the homelessness prompted a determination to accumulate property and work towards owning a proper family home, one i never really had growing up. also turning out quite well. but getting impatient as i can sense a pregnancy in my immediate future yet still havent found that one special place. BUT since the day of the most recent eclipse i have started treating my current home with the respect i’d been saving for ‘the one’, decorating it, cherishing it, even keeping it straight and ‘homely’. it has been a very nice couple of weeks, starting to feel all nest-y and womanly. got moon in cap so have tended to be too practical to indulge in the feminine stuff but i’ve been coming over all libran and booked a beauty super-session long ago for this thursday. nice timing. something tells me i should enjoy having the luxury of time to indulge in such stuff before my time belongs to little ones. (yay!)

    • My little Saggie sis was born in November 1980 too. Not that I remember because I was only 15 months old. But mine is definately going through her Saturn Return!

      • ’tis our duty to help them get through it well. for some reason i don’t see saggies as taking kindly to responsibility and can see her taking off somewhere.

        i unfortunately remember the time of her arrival very well. was most unhappy to have to share my parents with her as i was nearly 4 and quite used to the way things were. had a bit of a bratty period then.

  5. And 1996 to about October 2009 was the most intenst part! Wow, I can’t wait til friday night.

    • Aye – as another sadge born 1972 I am right there with you (and for your comments above)

  6. September 1980 – according to Ma that would have been about the time I got up and started walking….. Automomy & freedom!
    April 1996 – Start of Grade 11…. oh, this is when I spat the dummy about being the only girl in woodworking class, and I was over the sexual harrassment by the boys in my class. I’d also recently given up the dream of architechture at uni (due to maths teacher basically saying I wasn’t good enough at maths, despite perfect marks in woodwork and tech drawing….), so changed focus onto really getting into social science / political science – which became my majors at uni. Was a little lost at this time. God, weird to think back. I really changed my dreams at this time, and the impact now – no real career, but very highly educated, and seeking….
    Capricorn – well I have it at MC 16 degrees, and the cusp is bang in the middle of the 9th house. Does this mean I’ll get a job in Chile, so I can chase the spectacular man I met last week while he was over for work? I stuttered when I met him. His tummy growled back! Sigh, I should probably do a stealth info raid, but I couln’t bear the disapointment if he were married…… Or, will I just gete a new job, continueing with the international flavour I already have in my current one? Team of 14 – based in Brisbane / Perth / Houston / Santiago…..
    If however this post refers to the MC house – thats 10th house…. relationship with ma is changing as we speak… And I am craving and working towads my true calling – whateveer it is….

    • wow – i reckon the walking thing was happening for me too about that time – thanks for headsup – and the belly growl is brilliant! I reckon you stirred his energy up … something my naturopath remarked when she was doing work on me and my belly growled …

      • Well, my energy is def stirred up!! Phew, its nice to know the libido was merely napping for all those months!
        Lol – I did laugh when it growled, I was giving him a tutorial on our VC room, sigh, alone, in a room, with a handsome man….. bliss!

    • I have often read your posts about career knowing we have some similar astro and aspects thinking “bollucks this girl was not born with dreams aching to achieve at young age” as is the chiron aspect we share. Then I read this and my heart goes pop. I was equally deterred for different reasons and horrid sexist teacher BS growing up, but my path was not in traditional masculine arts. please do not be offended if I ask this but are you meant to be living where you are or would the climate be more favourable elsewhere for your skillset? get the strongest feeling the grass isn’t green around you nor are you able to be appreciated where you are

      • I do appreciate where I am, for the practical reasons, and am steadily working away at changing my work reality (in amongst dealing with other stuff). To be honest I’m never quite sure how I ended up being an admin for a multinational. I have an amazing skill set, am bilingual, have a masters degree, yet the bulk of my work day is sorting travel etc for others. I am ambitious, but can get quite lost in how to get there (apparently a Mars in Leo thing Mystic said earlier – we take our time to get started, but once we are, its action stations). I have an amazing manager at the moment who says openly I want to transition you into a role that makes better use of your talents & education. thats amazing to have that support from my line manager, I’ve had neat managers before, but they appreciated me doing my role, and didn’t think beyond that. I in no way feel I’ve lost out, or am doing something I shouldn’t be. I know full well I will get to where I want to go, and am clearer than I’ve ever been before about where that is. I just feel that right now I am in a holding pattern, making sure I’m ready to leap when the opportunity strikes.
        So I’d say yes and no to your observation. I am apprecaited, and I will be moving soon!

  7. for a min i tht that said scientifically immoral lol !4 yrs ago was mysaturn returns and i realised a few wks ago i have kind of accidentally made sum progress toward the goal i had then – am about to seriously focus on it and make it the primary m.o. If i can waft round and partway achieve it i feel totally certain i can do it by actually trying! Weird that saturns on my uranus and sun and uranus is rite now going over my saturn zone tho how the hell does that work? Is it like sum funky reversible coat? Saturn return was when i fully embraced living by astro to brhng structure 2 my previously chaotic uranian world. It works!

  8. 1980 – as a baby, I was the olive leaf extended from my mother to her own mother – we moved to an even tinier island to repair their 7 yr estrangement (brought on by my parent’s relationship) – 1996 – a great school year – there were three passions in my life: music making, an 8am writing class four days a week and a virgo boy who was involved in both. We fell in love (my first time) and it was an Amazing year … and RIDICULOUSLY, now: music teaching is my bread money, writing is my daily toil and am in love with a virgo girly boy/man ….

  9. Born in the mid-60s – tick (now “discovering who you truly are and figuring out a way to fit it into the world “) perfect truth for me.

    April 1996 – working in high paying (boring) job after finishing degree and contemplating marriage to my longterm live in Scorp partner. Made huge mistake in both marrying him (late 96) and choosing $ to buy and pay off first home quickly over completing postgrad first. Now considering going back to uni…

    Cap 11th house – just heard from French Kataka this morning – he’s single again, miserable and missing me, wtf! Saturn is getting out of my 7th house (and his) for good – yaah!

    • we’re going to see Peter Hook / Unknown Pleasures in a month or so…. 🙂

    • No but it is a good reference point for thinking about that time. Thank you, you have just reminded me of my joy division t-shirt and oh god….this boy i liked then…HAVE ALL MY RELATIONSHIPS BEEN VERSIONS OF THAT ONE? Goes away to think.

      I once played that song 1000 times in a row. neurotic.

  10. Early degrees Cap Sun, Merc, Mars (all in 7th) with Cap Saturn (9th). Natal Uranus at 0 degrees Virgo trines to Sun, Merc, Venus & Mars.

    I felt extraordinarily good during eclipse re: positive change, face the fear and just go for it in regards to relationships and current shitty job. Made list etc on how I would present myself going forward…

    #Yes I need nurturing and will ask for it in relationships and NOT feel guilty.

    #Open up in current this going anywhere? I like fact may love you, but this is the real me and what I want/NEED now! Let’s understand each other and grow together or end it.

    #Work- I will focus on task at hand and not worry with the multitude of shite that is not being done cause the fuq-wits under resource everything. This is not my fault, stop worrying you told the idiots years ago, no sense in repeating.

    #Look for another job to avoid above.

    This was all fine and dandy till a few days ago, now im struck with fear and depression regarding changes. In for the past few days can’t stop crying and just can’t move to do much at all, even shower. Dread returning to work next week after two week holiday.

    I must be in the depths of zap zone hell at the moment!! Yes, thank you Mystic. EVERYONE BE KIND TO ME!

    Don’t fully understand how this Zap Zone/Saturn in Virgo is playing out in my chart?

    Leo moon in 4th/Sag Venus in 7th

    • Come to think of it 1980 was equally depressing and confusing. Had just graduated high school and didn’t know what I wanted to do. On a whim (odd with all my cap planets) travelled the US with a caravan of magazine selling door knockers for a year to contemplate my future. Venus in Sag/youth I reckon…

      Wish I could tell everyone to go to hell, chuck in my current job and do similar till things are clear again. Don’t think the mortgage and young children will let me though.

  11. Oh yes, I don’t judge’em – as you say, they were Boomers in their mid-30s, who’d had kids very young. In retrospect, though, I actually was Depressed with a capital D during that period, & it would have been nice to have an adult notice & help me with it – not really something a 13 year old can process on her own.

    • Brutal indeed. It all bubbled up for me at Saturn Return, so while I remember how it felt, it does feel ‘in the past’, at least. Hurrah for good counsellors & herbalists!

  12. I hear you about keeping the past and our own upbringing in mind when rearing our own children. I’m more cautious with my son than my parents were with me, yet at times I wish he could be more footloose; computers changed a lot of that, I think.

  13. 14 years ago in 1996 I was graduating high school and starting to cognitively recognise that I was meant to grow into a man (despite being in a girl’s body). I always felt it emotionally but that’s different from cognitive knowledge.

    I was probably at my worst in 1996 fighting with myself and the world. I took on this full-on, angry, shaved head, baggy jeans, political t-shirt slogan wearing lesbian activist thing. I didn’t care who I hurt or upset. I thought that’s who I had to try to be to be at peace.

    Bu nup, I’ve learned my lessons and grown up since then. My Saturn Return (born 1979) was all about learning to love and honour the man I am today. No more activism and anger for me. It’s all peace, love and calm these days.

    And being kind to the Capricorns in my life 😉

    • Congratulations Herby – epic journey, and one I watched a friend do at the same time (but from male to female). I’ve since lost touch, but would love to know how she is, and how her Saturn return went….

    • Hey Herby, we’re the same age and in 1996 I was in my first year of University, training as an actor. It was a time when suddenly I could go as far as I wanted to in performing my activist, gender-fluid, girly-guy, femme-fark-you, queer-as attitudes, and strangely, or conversely, heralded the start of me becoming truly comfortable with myself as a man.
      I wonder what Mars energies were going on that year, but regardless, we were both doing Saturn opposite Saturn and I love the comparison of ‘growing into your gender’ that seemed to take place. Wonder if others can also relate?

      Beautiful post thank you Mystic for reflections on this final day of the Virgo Saturn storm. Congratulations for surviving it everyone!

      PS – Herby, very wise, you should always be kind to the Caps!

      • Lexi, it took me forever to grow up, I was a ‘late bloomer’ mentally at least and it took forever for me to embrace being a woman gracefully so I do relate I think.. Yes good post Mystic! Can’t believe how young you all are..

      • totally, the other half of my 96 was growing into my gender. so beautifully put. I wonder if its a mars virgo aspect thing

        • Same here.. mars in Virgo + Cap rising. ‘late bloomer’ too.
          Has taken years to grow into my gender and I’m in my 40’s! not quite there yet either. Still very attached to the tomboy image. Feel most comfortable and my authentic self wearing jeans and t-shirt and sneakers.

          • The tomboy image is fuqing hot on women in their 40s! Go with it Scorpalicious Robot 😉 Especially short hair, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers (or boots).

          • thanks Herby. The best thing about short hair is that it’s low maintenance. Cap rising loves that. I think i’ve grown to love my Cap Asc… just as well with Pluto sitting there. 🙂

    • I love what a positive voice you are for your own path and process of gender transition here. Its such a hard hard road and anyone regardless of transitioning or taking a different spin on gender politics can relate to your posts and insight. Your honesty and reflection is felt. very cool Herby. congrats turning your pain into peace xx

  14. Thanks for the reminder to ring Cappy sis and see how she is she’s got some health issues happening.

    Does Jan 1967 count as mid 60’s? Yes I guess it does because since late 2008 the inner landscape has been hauled over and over and over.

    Last 14 years, jeezuz, what a hair raising hell ride it’s been sometimes, dotted with moments of such uplifting experiences that it takes my breath away scanning back over it. Actually, more like a vague panic attack lol.

    I loved 1980, first kiss, first big crush, lots of teenage stuff going on.

  15. Ooh! I’ve seen that Francesco Clemente painting firsthand. Very nice. You always pick the best art, Mystic.

    14 years ago? I was heading off to Japan for a summer intensive language class, before finishing my last semester at university. I came back to finish my BFA after dropping out for 15 years, and decided to grab another undergrad BA degree in Japanese language. That was actually kind of stupid, I could have done a BA and an MA for the same time and money. But I was at the top of my game, and I was sure I’d be working in Tokyo within the year. I already had job interviews lined up.

    But instead of going to my graduation in December, I had a major surgery and basically died on the operating table. That took years to recover from, and I still have not got my career back on track. Maybe now that half-orbit of Saturn is enough to finish off that cycle, and some surprising Uranus adventure can begin.

  16. Hi Mystic, thank you for supporting me in the past. I am sorry for any stress I caused you. I lost my cool today and will probably end up losing my life. I will never do anything to harm your reputation etc. This is my problem and I will deal with my life however I have to.

  17. What the?

    Well just realised that my lil boys Saturn is on my Sun….And that is one hellava long saturn transit huh? Well I will certainly have to grow up.

    Cappy 9th house, err well back to uni I go nxt week…

  18. ** 2008 – til now (tick born in mid 60’s) = the CRAPPEST career segment to date, topped with leaking funds, & generally going backwards – is that life defining?

    Sept 1980 – was gearing up to perm my hair, teamed with white overscale raybans & MASSIVE earings …… launched from PUNK to New Romantic in a nano-sec!!

    1996 – was hugely successful at a young age running designer emporium I’d conceived & started for the then owner …. world at finger tips, not a care in the world – commenced pissing all earnings against the wall on shoes, bags, travel – & started collecting art, furniture & a love for scruffy surfers – OMG that was the year Satin 1 (the surfing gem barrister) & I shacked up!! the start of my genuine commitment to partially dysfunctional relationships?

    How does one look for Cap secotr / on cusp?
    natally it spans 10th & 11th …..

    • Cap rules your 11th house rockstar as Sagg is on the cusp of your 10th. Though our friend Pluto is most probs still in your 10th at 3-4 deg. You can check out the degree of your 10th house by looking for your MC on your chart – that’s the beginning of your 10th house.

      • thanks feelers – Cap 16 in my MC …. will devour more deeply once I down tools for the day 😉 xox

        • doll your are too up to be down for long. roll with them punches. grok the zap. you will shine soon

  19. Was 10 and a walking disaster area. Clumsy as. My mum just announced she was having another baby and I was thrilled! Teased at school but extremely fast in the water – spent up to six hours everyday swimming purely for the love of it.

  20. 14 years ago I gave birth to my Cappy daughter! (Well 13.5 but who’s counting the days to her next birthday?)

  21. In 1980 I was in prep and I was thrilled to be finally be at school, loved my school uniform and books. But I thought there wasn’t nearly enough homework.

    14 years ago I was probably at a dance party at Kryal Castle. It is now being turned into a brothel.

    Capricorn 7/8th houses – no idea.

    Will call my Capricorn friends and invite them to tea!

    • Wait, I get it!! “Evolution? Saturn was opposite where it is now (in April 1996)” fourteen years ago.

      Lately I have been mourning the loss of my youth – my fabulous bikini body, perfect skin and what-I-realise-now, were amazing, drop-dead good looks!! (Not to sound Leonic..). What Lexi and Herby were talking about, growing into sensuality etc.. I had NO idea that I was beautiful.
      Saturn and Uranus want me to tell you all you gorgeous young things with pre-baby bodies (we are not all Heidi Klum) to LOVE your bodies!!! Forget your 1.5 cm of extra fat on the thighs/hips/breast, forget anybody who tries to get you to feel less because of your sexuality and appreciate your body and your male/female sensuality today!! I know you probably have heard this, but your looks really do fade!! It’s alright, there are more important things, but it is awesome to be young and lovely, so rock it kids.

      Thus Saturn and Uranus turned and looked at each other, then once more, parted ways…

  22. Hmm…14 years ago…what was I trying to germinate?
    I was but 4 months old, so I guess I was trying to germinate my life?
    It’s nice to think that my life can now be ‘taken and innovated’ on.

    My mother is a capricorn, and as all teenagers do I cannot stand to look at her without getting very, very mad.

    I am just a walking cliche, aren’t I?

  23. In april 1996 i had just broken up with my boyfriend. i just didnt feel that we had enough in common.
    Right now, having just had (another) miscarriage, in turmoil about my lifes general direction and feeling, well, you know, a bit lost, i am feeling similar about my husband, who happens to be the very same boyfriend i broke up with. hahahaha!
    When i write my autobiography, it is going to be titled either “the gentle art of self sabotage” or “i blame it all on the hormones”
    Cappy rising, Saturn is three degrees away from my MC. can someone just wake me up when this is all over??
    surely, one day very soon i will wake up and have some sort of epiphany, but till then, aarrgghh!!!

  24. Just waiting on the Uranian stuff. I’m like a pro at this point.

    I have a Saturn-Uranus conjunction going on in my own chart so I’m not feeling pressed to eliminate one influence for the other. They can coexist beautifully.


  25. 1996 was a good year as far as I can remember, aged 15 just starting college and feeling excited about my life, that makes total sense as I’m just about to change my whole direction and go back to college.

    1980 I was busy being a baby so only 6 and a half weeks until Saturn returns for me, I’m so ready for this transit.

    Capricorn on the cusp of my 10th and 11th, I’m hoping this will finally get things going as far as career and how I make my living, it’s been a long, slow time coming.

  26. Can’t remember 1980, 1996 would be transition to adulthood – responsibility for self, a new identity defined by others’ expectations. Needless to say, events later proved how wrong I was, heh.

    Cap rules 11th house.

    Two subtle manifestations: Yesterday out of nowhere, facebook showed updates from an emo-vampire,who was supposed to be “hidden” from my view. Disappointment over my reaction – the same way when the vampire was in my life. Then out of nowhere, a voice told me “let go, you are not even in the same league”

    Who am I to argue with voices in my head?

    My Cap moon is on the 11th house.

    Second manifestation: Today an offer for a new work partnership, almost out of nowhere. Tomorrow a discussion on what is and is not feasible. Trying to do my best with boundaries for pro-relationships.

    Saturn transiting Libra, still 7th house.

    • 11th house cap here too, 8degrees, so pluto is still edging through last of 10th house issues and I feel like I’m finally consolidating a meaningful, relevant career out of a 12 yr plunge into many pools of skills and industries. Had almost given in to the “jack of all trades” cliche of geminis which doesn’t sit well with me, having true node and Jupiter in Capricorn I need to have some sort of recognisable mastery, other than the art of disguise of course.

      Pluto transitting natal Jupiter soon should be more up than Saturn’s transit of natal Pluto, in the 7th.

      • I have Pluto in 7th too. One of these days lets compare our charts. Jupiter is in 29 Scorp, so it tends to show Saggo traits.

        When Pluto crossed my MC in 2006 my professional student life ended. Since then, am too building my career, funny it is not what I thought I wanted.

  27. Mystic you are so so spot on. This and last post “you were not all I came here for” truly is my theme tune at the moment.

    Saturn 3rd house virgo. Capricorn (no planets) most of 7th house.

    1996 was a pivotal year. I completely phoenix’d. I have totally deviated from the mission many times but now I find I have returned to the mission I started out with in the beginning.
    I was volunteering at fashion designers studio learning fitting and sweeping floors. Sewed majority of own clothes. frocking up hard. I enrolled in fashion school only to hate it and moved into my first little artists collective instead.
    I drank extremely strong pots of tea, chain smoked and wrote obsessively until 5am.

    Now I am back at school (saturn virgo 3rd house transit jupiter aries 9th)
    My supercrab has been a total sweetheart and is making practical life as blissful as possible (cap 7th)
    “you were not all I came here for” is the mantra return to oz for me re Ex
    Tarot card pulled Thoth Deck- Queen of disks.

  28. natal saturn in 4th, in gem, and I am going fulltilt buff and polish on the homefront at the mo to prep it for new work from home regime. Natal Uranus in Libra, 14 dgrees, can already feel the earth shifting and I like it! My flatmate has gone kinda quiet tho….