Virgoan Composure Is For Real

Greta Garbo with lionNo, Virgoan composure is no mere myth.  Virgo Greta Garbo, above, is most likely not leaning away from the lion due to fear, but because she has noticed his mane could do with a wash. She’s worried about jungle lion cooties jumping onto her.

My friend Not-The-Typical-Virgo is so composed that only those who have known her well for years can tell if she is annoyed or stressed. It translates as a slight tightness to the voice and that is all the outside observer will ever notice before the blitzkrieg of Memo From Concerned Virgo.

Right now, Virgo types are so thrilled about Saturn getting out of Virgo that they’re drawing up a schedule of Relaxation To-Dos: Tranquility music, Chilling Out, List Of Things To Buy So Can Relax More, Time Management Software for Mental Ease, tripling the Meditation with goals set to fall asleep at ever decreasing increments, affirmations and maybe coaching to be more sedate, ordering in special lavender oil that has to be sent by sea lest molecular structure be altered, auditing the towels and booking hypnotherapy to relax more.

Image: Don Gillum – Greta Garbo and Leo the Lion

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Been off-line (on hol) for a ten days. Mystic, were you looking over my shoulder: Tranquility music (2 NEW CDS), Chilling Out (WENT ON WELLNESS RETREAT), List Of Things To Buy So Can Relax More (MY LIST OF ITEMS WAS ACQUIRED SUCCESSFULLY AT THE SHOP IN THE WELLNESS RETREAT), Time Management Software for Mental Ease (TOOK A NEW BOOK ON MIND-MAPPING FOR THE FLIGHT OUT), tripling the Meditation with goals set to fall asleep at ever decreasing increments (SEE WELLNESS RETREAT – 3 DAYS MEDITATION), affirmations and maybe coaching to be more sedate (AGAIN, SEE WELLNESS RETREAT – 6 HOURS… Read more »


LION is looking straight at her fur muff and wondering if it is a relative, or something he ate earlier
yrs truly, another Virgo.


Had a few runs ins with Virgo women. They have not ended pretty, there is always a whiff of some Scorp traits they show.


Embarrassing fact: I am TOTALLY “drawing up a schedule of Relaxation To-Dos.” And I didn’t even realize it, or why, until you said it.

I am such a Virgo stereotype.


2nd posted apology. Sorry Mystic. My written humour seems to sometimes fall flat, and just sound arrogant ( sound of ego deflating ) I think I will blame my Mercury in Leo ?


cool program, Andromeda, thanks for the link. I wonder if they could add some parameters to it based on Sun sign of sender. Like maybe it would have to be on higher alert if it was a Sadge registering a consumer complaint (it would limit words allowed to no more than 30, ‘twould frustrate the hell out of the Sadge); maybe allow full rein to a Pisces as most of the communication would be fuzzy anyway . . .


Once again A, you are a real tension-breaker. I think I agree with the majority of comments tho that ultimately we are responsible for our words. I don’t have problems with anger so much as nobody gets my sense of humour. Moral ? Tell jokes face to face or add LOL to my txts, emails, blog posts methinks…


Yes, T just add LOL!!! or ROFLOL!!! Hmm, it is hard, I learn a lot about how to communicate from this blog actually, sometimes I have to remember to tone it down, not get involved (sigh, sigh) or be clear that I am only speaking from my own limited and particular perspective. IbyI – I would love a Leo Alert – your ego precedes you, warning!! Or a Sagg Alert – It TRUTH is… but no one cares, shut UP! Or a Taurus Alert – This comment sounds angry – Pull your horns in!! Etc. etc. Ah blogging of the… Read more »


Garbo was indeed “The” first Star; revolutionary and yet an enigma. I mistakenly assumed she was an Aquarian.


Aha ! Got ya !


Virgo sun. People can be so cruel. Just because we are composed ( she was getting up to leave ) doesn’t mean we don’t feel things….(sob sob) And because I know that Mystic doesn’t read comments on her blogs after she posts, all I can say is that, well, some people are just cruel….

unpredictable pisces

they are composed indeed, i love love love virgos [well, within reason]. virgos never lose, it, they just get really really stressed and don’t sleep until the problem is fixed or they have decided that the shitfest is un-fixable by Virgo alone, so they Leave. I bet the presumably virgo lady in the hotseat in the pic is thinking that she is glad she conducted some careful research, i mean had a conversation, with the lion tamer beforehand, and she learnt that the lion is de-clawed, de-fanged and is vegetarian.


Oh yeah – I’m so getting into the relaxation plans. My house has suddenly become filled with books about earth magic, herbs, astrology, shamanism and organic gardening. I find myself gathering all the little things that make me feel good – candles, incence, oils and relaxing music. This week I’m starting Djemba drum classes and African dance lessons.

Life is definately taking on a new perspective as Saturn leaves Virgo (I was born under Saturn in Virgo so it has extra dimensions for me).


O.k UVP, thanks for that. I’ll stick with my first impression and leave it alone : ))


Be cool, Vee. I’m another Virgo male and if you had such a good time the other night what makes you think he didn’t? If he says he’ll call you, then I’d be very surprised if he didn’t. You need to listen to his smile, because that’s the bit that will tell you all you need to know. If a Virgo man doesn’t like what he has to tell you, you’ll get irony and obfuscation from him. What he told you was direct, because that’s how he meant it. And I reckon “his calmness prolly was hiding his shitting his… Read more »


Thankyou Mercury, I’m accustomed to obfuscation ! That’s what I was expecting; so that smile, his calm, it threw me : ))
Will chill. Have Venus in Virgo in the 7th anyway so….we’ll see : )


So when my blind date Virgo Boy from Fri night (which was an absolute cracker) returns my mobile ph ( left behind at the club) to me on Sun ( we were both busy inbetween) he says calmly and quietly, with a big smile (while I’m nervously awkward) ” I’ll be back in town in 2 weeks and I’ll call you.” I’m thinking “what a polite brushoff!” Now I’m thinking he might have meant it. I would love to see him again and that’s why I was nervous. I read his calmness as not interested. Breathe…no expectations, no expectations, no… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

So his calmness prolly was hiding his shitting his pants, Vee. Just my two cents on the Virgo behav.

venus a-go-go

My Gem mum tells a story about my Virgoan dad and when their first date.
My dad spent the whole time humming/singin/whistling a jaunty tune. I wasn’t till years later, my mum worked out he was doing this so he could actually hold conversations with her. He was so nervous his throat kept closing over!


My ex husband was a Virgo. I can say a lot about him, except he was not true to his word. Wait but having no expectations helps in the meantime.


I married and divorced the lion on the yellow brick road… is still a coward. Weirdly I have had quite a long run of meeting Leos to the point of me laughing and saying ” oh noooo, not another one!” But I now know for sure he’s the odd one out. I’m hoping the same of your ex too!


Virgo sun. He did mean it. Just wait please.


I’ll look forward to it and if no call, well, haven’t laughed and had that much fun in what seems like forever : D


Sounds fun Mystic! Kataka Sun, Aqua rising, Cap Moon. Venus and Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Leo in the 7th. EEK


The pic has me stumped though. But he was wearing the most amazing leather jacket. It was custom made with intriguing designs on it. He has this cute gap in his front teeth which I find curiously appealing!


Good to know…. And finally an explaination for how my friends mother managed to be so composed at his funeral and I was a gibbering mess trying to complete his eulogy. She is very much a Virgo. My question tho is wouldn’t natal Saturn in Virgo explain my eerie calmness in the midst of any crisis? I had feedback today at work to please respond to our resident panic queen with pretend panic to calm him down. My preferred calm responses to his requests were sending him into tizzies apparently. Huh.


when our extremely virgo nan passed passed, we all held it together as we were acutely aware how unimpressed she would have been at any fuss or displays of emotion. I wore these round toe pinup heels that she loved so much. everyone had pressed shirts and dresses. looked the height of Virgo. She would have approved


The Virgo I know, my sister’s BF, is going through a self-made zap zone, again a result of his Virgo composure. I admire him however still he keeps the standards high, I admire my sis more for not killing the guy after the zapping he gave himself.

Long story short Saturn is now trans(h)itting his second house.


ha ha ha. Trans(h)itting! I like that a lot.

It’s still in the last bits of my 7th house tho and aha! I just downloaded the biggest reality check in yonks on why my love relationships get so painful, when both in and out of them. 2 months on from the ex I am finally basking in the warm glow of the bonfire of the past. Me is enough. then maybe, maybe love.


I continue slogging with Saturn in 7th house, until 2012, ugh!

What I realized is, while love has gone MIA, I can sort out other relations – business, competitors, who is a friend and who fails to show up.

Plus, professionally am in full survival mode, so not having a crush to distract focus helps.

But yes, me is enough. Fret not, the word is Saturn leaves a gift when it leaves a sign for the hardwork.


yes, not having any extra commitment, even to folly, is great for getting ahead professionally.
Am intrigued and will be looking out for Saturn’s gift. Am thinking turd on the doorstep would be expected by then. Possibly with a traffic fine wedged in it. I’d actually be ok with just a goodbye note from Saturn in the 7th. Something familiar but final, like “Thanks for a Hell of a good time…. Until 2040ish, x x Sats. ”
If I get any clues I’ll give u the heads up.


If Saturn leaves a turd on your doorstep, we will have a blog fest – whose gift is the most tragicomic? 🙂


Love it “turd on doorsted with traffic fine wedge”. It’s a masterchef snap


Composure is somehing I have developed over time not necessarily a Virgo gift from birth. I am often quaking inside whilst everyone sees the calm and reasonable exterior. Patronising male authority figures who try pull rank often perceive the calm as compliance. Such men have been known to collapse with shock when they find themselves on the receiving end of a series of well reasoned, constructive but searingly worded letters that point out their deficiciencies, errors in judgement and possible strategies for improvement . Surely they want to do the best job they can. Composure aside, I am loving the… Read more »


Agreed zeb, I’m Leo sun, so tend to keep politics light, but Virgo moon and rising, so quake inside when I have to reply during high stress arguments. I’ve also been known to send the detailed email to the alpha person afterwards, leaving the person not sure how to deal with me in the future. I’ve been called ‘the mouse that roared’ 🙂


Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and, yes, to the quaking inside feeling. I use the duck paddling on a pond visual when trying to describe it to others. Gliding gracefully upon the surface, but paddling furiously underneath.


Even if you’re quaking inside, as a virgo sun/moon/rising, most people won’t be able to tell. I have rising and being multiple gem as well, i have an overgrowth of nervous energy. People, including close friends and family, as well as psychiatrists(!), always admit to perceiving me as calm, ever cool-headed. I feel the opposite inside and have felt pissed at the misinterpretation. I think it’s a gift, in a way, now. To be able to semi-consciously, and sometimes unconsciously, “fool” people into thinking you’re all level-headed and shit, can be a good thing. blah, blah, blah. You are remarkably… Read more »

crabby crab

5yr old virgo nephew refused to eat oranges at soccer half time on Saturday because he had dirty hands


The Cancer ex hubby, still in residence, when challenged as to why he had suddenly started ironing creases down the sleeves of school uniform shirts, initially denied it, then restricted it to long sleeved (liar, liar, pants on fire) then stridently said “Does it matter?”
Virgo composure simply ignored it; totally – as if it hadn’t hit the air.
Ohhhmmm Press pointer finger tips tightly to thumbs and b-r-e-a-t-h-e


Cancerian ex ‘still in residence’ – of course.
cancerians CLING to homes and real estate.
you’ll need gelignite (only if he stops doing the ironing though)

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