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Red and Gold surreal two snakes artSynchronicity strikes as Uranus goes Retrograde and sends out weirding rays all over the place.  Uranus specialises in synchronicity and when super-powered, like now, there is almost a cosmic trickster aspect to the little omens and messages that pop up.  Everything is hyper-charged, a bit urgent and caffeinated, blithe, bats and beyond modern. Stay on top, a bit hare-brained and aware.

Does this seem like a strange contrast to the Saturn Academy energy thudding away?  Well, yes it is.

Saturn and Uranus are moving into opposition again. This is the 5th of five.  Ie; the end of the series. The first was in late 2008 and the last one perfects itself at the end of July. So balancing out the Saturnine requirements of responsibility with the Uranian desire for freedom is huge right now.

Just don’t keep yourself SO busy with Saturn Academy duties that you fail to hear the emancipating and cool call from Uranus over the next few days. Seriously,  you can download the most brilliant ideas seemingly straight from The Source this week.

Dreams? Wild and tres psych.

Image: Zoharum – Corridors To Infinity

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36 thoughts on “Uranian Messaging

  1. A bit synchro….

    I did Linda (her last name escapes me presently), Sabian Symbol oracle the other day. Got the same symbol twice. That has never happened before and it was very, very pertinent to my future and I was quite pleased.

    I’ve done a horary twice before (after waiting a spell as one is supposed to do) and gotten the same exact angles on a chart. That was wild.

    Natally, my Aries stellium is trine Uranus in third however and so things like this pop up from time to time. Rignt now Uranus is conjunct my Mercury trine natal Jupiter.

    Trans Jupiter is trine Jupiter with Mercury and Uranus involved.

    I likey…

  2. Dreams have always given me an indication of what is to come. Dreamt my stepfather (fabulous man and an enormous influence in my life) was being carried out to the horizon and he was instructing me on how to cope in an ocean of waves and backwash clashing under me. He helped me up the ladder, helped me to shore and kept saying “See, this is how you cope. This is how you get through it”.

    He’s had a major heart attack on his birthday (Sunday) and has had several minor ones since. He is to have open heart surgery tomorrow.

    I can’t decide if him finally walking on the sand next to me and departing means it all works out OK, or his departing advice was how to cope when it all goes to shit. I don’t have good vibes about the outcome.

  3. Yep, bizarre dreaming last night. Had done some very large drawings of nudes, quite erotic, including one of myself. My parents saw them and were very disapproving. Then they got selected for an exhibition and two of them sold for lots of money, including the one of me, and I felt vindicated and really proud.

    Then I got home today and on my front doorstep was a page torn from a school exercise book, blown there by the wind by the looks of it, and on it was a child’s handwritten story. A boy was transported to a different world where he had various adventures, but when he returned only moments had passed and his mum didn’t even know he’d been gone.

    I did have a conversation with a friend at the weekend, where I briefly mentioned that I’ve always felt the need to edit aspects of my life – often the more enjoyable ones – when dealing with my parents. So that could explain the dream I guess, but the appearance of the story was a bit strange.

  4. Driving this afternoon when memories of last nights dreaming popped up. So full on and powerful I pulled over, couldn’t concentrate on driving, had to make notes. Psychic? Can’t remember the ending but know it’s there – hope to pick up on more tonight 🙂

  5. Dreams have been outstandingly bizarre. I seem to be doing the Old
    Boyfriend Roll Call. One was dead (good enough for him), another was delighted to see me — wonder who’s popping in tonight.

  6. Scheming swift exit out of current living conditions, all the while making sure professionalism is the tiara of my plan. Calm, collected, making sure a well-timed silence and a look are the best way to react and relating to others only on the need-to-know basis. Inside of my head, am giddy thinking what I can do and be. 🙂

    • Quadrupled, perhaps we are in the same boat? I just got offered a 6 week job in Qld, perfect for a commitment-phobe like myself. Only thing is, I have an apartment and a cat in Melbourne which needs feeding. Anyone out there want a writers retreat for 6 weeks, starting next week, in return for loving my cat? No bills, just lots of pats required…I wrote my book housesitting for friends last year. Good way to be economical with money / life etc… x

  7. Flipping out all over the place, towards a Libran ex and an Aries child. Feel like Im in a war (and i have no saturn or uranus happening) so i cant blame that. maybe im just a very horrible power trippy person and i cant stand the heat..

    • Aren’t you a Kataka? If so, then you have Pluto opposing your sun! That could explain things. 🙂

      • Yeah, but it is not opposing me yet, bday next sunday. I have no excuse for my strange, volatile behaviour!! oh dear

        • so the transit doesn’t count until it reaches the exact degree? I always assumed the transit still applies but maybe things heat up when it’s exact in degree.

          • I never thought of that, maybe still affects…Ok yes 🙂 it affects I will blame it on that hehe.. and i never read cancer stars either. Late toro rising so the most accurate of planetary transits for me is the gemini stars. Anyone else do that?

          • I mainly focus on Pisces (rising) tho do read Leo second. Find rising sign stars mostly more accurate. But with something like a Pluto transit Sassy I would be reading Kataka if I were you 🙂

          • Oh my, where have i been. just been strolling along in a field of flowers thinking pluto has yet to get me….Maybe he already has…Def be reading cancer now ff… 🙂

          • oh yes he has Sassy! Tiptoeing through the tulips then whack and Pluto drags you down to hell 😆

            Like FF, I always check my rising too and find it’s just as relevant as the Sun

  8. A bit of a London theme up at the top there ^ yay me too ! 🙂 I fly out mid-September to start a whole new life ; nothing will be the same for me after 10 months of living & studying on the other side of the planet .. .. out with the old… in with ME.

  9. Mars, MC and North Node in Aqua. Having a Uranian bug up one’s arse is SO ITCHY. Especially when still enrolled in the Saturn Academy.

  10. I love it FB that you are so cheery and blithe about it all. Ah the import of writing down dreams. At least 6 weeks ago I dreamt a powerful story that I wrote down, completely baffled by it’s meaning. Then some weeks later, another dream I just didn’t get. So, fast forward to the radical realisation weekend of last, and I realise, suddenly where my path is heading, casually I look over my journal, both dreams crystallise into perfect clarity. Voila ! It all makes sense.Scary tho, leaving so much behind. Including my beloved 17yr old dog. Cant wait for this next dream period. Please all, send prayers/energies/love for my daughter’s beloved chihuahua dangerously ill at the vet.

    • thoughts with you – family pet’s are part of the family – fingers & paws crossed!! xox

      • My sympathies about the little chihuahua, Tamber.
        My magical little furry creature is fading from old age, very wobbly
        with a little dementia, but O so loving still.
        27 months old of a 24 month lifespan so nursing her
        & keeping her warm with many cuddles & her own heater.
        Prayer to St Francis of Assisi the guardian of animals great
        & small.
        Shall be inconsolable when she goes. Luckily she has the best Vet
        watching over her as well.

  11. Talk about on schedule: late 2008, I ‘let go’ of a love inanimate object/virgo1, it was a big excellent deal for me, he was one of those glorious lives on other side of world but visits semi-regularly ones. Anyway, resolution! Yay. Three weeks later I meet Presentvirgo2. BigChallengingSouly love affair begins. This all occuring in hometown. Fast forward to one month ago, 2010. BCSLAffair w virgo2 which had to be left behind also, reunited back where it all began. He left on Thurs, to become another glorious ‘lives on other side of world’. Re-enter today, virgo1, like synchronised swimming, on a visit. To me: perfect demonstration of Uranian/Saturnian Playtime. I mean, really … am so going for blithe, bats and my coffee intake is ridiculous for a usual one strong cup a day … Love uranus!

    • Had a really intense UFO dream the other night, 2nd dream of that kind in the last few weeks. I couldn’t avoid it, it was quite fatalistic, they knew EVERYTHING about me. Though I didn’t see the aliens. It was more knowing that they were hovering above me & there was no point running because there was absolutely no place I could hide etc

  12. had a dream last night that I had to move to London very suddenly and rushing for my flight but the kataka wanted me to spend a few days with him. was very very real. just get rid of everything and move was the message.

  13. So true MM!! Just got a really cool job offer that pays well and is flexible – just what I was after. YAY!! And it came to me….

      • Absolutely MS – only a few days ago I worked on my base chakra. Clearly it worked!! London hey? Sounds very exciting 🙂

        • excellent. I have big blockages atm been trying to get some kind of shift happening but will need to go external I am pinging back from serious exhaustion and a bit broke. Inspired now though 😉

          I used to live in London until the end of last year so not as exciting, I thought I came back to study but most reason looks to be healing/sorting ex space. now that’s done and my school isn’t as good as I hoped I wonder what I am doing here. I have had 3 people ask me this week and I can’t tell them why. now ex and I are over and on resolved terms, feels like all the energy has left the building. I wouldn’t rush over unless I had something to walk into. am totally going to re balance my chakras this eve. Mass girl pamper and kundalini rising

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