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Oh it’s ravingly retro all right but who thinks  nudity colonies or whatever the hell they’re called are a completely genius idea, free, natural and how we are all meant be living, sky-clad etc….?

And who thinks that the invention of dinky little fig leaves and then so-on to cover our bits was the best thing ever and that even a nude beach is hideously tacky, the nightmare of  horrors?

Your Sun Sign?

My theory is that Sagittarians love the idea of it, they go all Rousseau about it, Aquarians quote Margaret Mead and love the tribal vibe of it but they secretly think there should be some sort of a caste system for who is actually allowed to go in the nud.

Arieans would all be streakers if they could afford the fines and well, don’t all Scorpios have exhibitionist-flashing style fantasies?

Or is theirs more along the lines of going-to-the-supermarket-in-trench-coat-with-fancy-knickers-underneath.

Taurus: No. Not respectable. One could catch chilblains or get a nasty mite up one’s thingie.

Gemini: No. Boring as batshit. Gems like to accessorize.

Crab:  Noooooo. Crab-Peeps like privacy and private moonbathing.

Leo: Not really. Though the fantasy of it with them in super-mod form, dripping  in bling and diving off someone’s yacht sort of appeals.

Virgo:  Holy fuq NO. And i actually attended a nude beach with Not-The-Typical-Virgo once (we only went topless) and she would not shut up. It was very amusing but eventually we were asked to leave and i am convinced it was because of her comments.

Libra: Yick. Librans will pretend to love ‘nature’ or ‘bushwalks’ or ‘letting it all hang out’ if they have a big enough crush on someone but they would really rather be clothed and strolling around the mall, at an art gallery in (again) clothes or naked under their towelling robe waiting for the facial to begin.

Capricorn: Only if there were a C.E.O. or biz backer at the nude commune that the Cap needed to meet. And then Cap would be there, exfoliated, waxed  spray tanned and  urbanely shaking hands with the other nudists not at all phased by the experience.

Pisces: Nudity at a nudist colony is not spontaneous enough for Pisceans. They prefer to spring it at unexpected yet piquantly opportune moments; table top dancing at the local Arabian restaurant or when breaking up with someone.

Image: Keith Negley

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79 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Astro-Nude

  1. Has anyone else noticed that when you visit a beach with a nudist area, all the naturists (?) are strutting about, or being extremely active, when all the ‘other’ people are sunbathing, reading, chatting, lying down…….

  2. I sleep in the nude and when I am home, I normally am nude. I”ve always felt very comfortable naked and dont’t mind people seeing me nude. I’m am not well endowed at all (penis length 2.5″ limp), I just prefer to be nude. Don’t know if its true, but i’ve heard gay men(i’m gay) are more at ease with there nudity. I know I am.

  3. hmmm. nope, have no problem with it. virgo/taurus/cappy says it must a) be warm enough, b) i will bring my own towel, and it will be the only thing i will place my posterior on, and c) i need to be in at least the top half of the attractiveness scale of all present. (ie, no, i will keep my suit *on* at hollywood parties, etc.)

    however. have no problem with it. was a nude art model for many years. find body topography rather fascinating, in the sculptural sense, and as long as it doesn’t have a skeevy vibe (mildly sexual is ok, blatant meat market, no.), i’m fine with it.

  4. Hanging around the house nude? a la Charlotte’s husband in SATC… no!!!
    I don’t think so! Thankfully I live alone, but am not prudish about being nude… massage… bathhouses, swimming or changing rooms. I never sleep naked…find it uncomfortable… love my flannelete pjs in winter!! Plus if you sleep naked you need to change your sheets more often!!!

  5. My Pisces Ex developed this strange habit (started AFTER we broke up, might I add) of just nuding up in public in the weirdest of scenarios and situations. At parties, at non-nude beaches, while playing a friendly game of soccer in the local park, and often times in the dressing room before performances, completely baffling his fellow thespians. Just sitting there on display. And it wasn’t like a work of art or anything, he just seemed to feel strangely compelled to share it with others.
    Although, all in all, one of his less baffling / disturbing oddities…

    • LESS disturbing oddities?? Gawd, I’d hate to hear about the more disturbing ones. Joking aside, this strikes me as fueled by drugs or an organic chemical imbalance. A possibility?

      • Just an intense desire for attention I think.
        There was also a lot of singing in public.
        And a scummy ratty hat he just would NEVER take off.

  6. Virgo sun and rising – Let’s just say I had my first ever skinny dip in December 2009. While it was totally fun (and arousing), I think the fact that it took me 30 years to do it and that I’ve only done it 4 times since (all during the same holiday in very private bush creeks) proves that it’s not my thing.

    There’s too many things that can go wrong – like sunburn or ant bites in sensitive areas and all the while there’s nowhere to carry the first aid kit 😉

    • Virgo Stelium (including Mars) in Virgo Rising.
      I did public nudity for the first time last month in incredible hot mineral springs in Northern California. Perhaps because I was on the other side of the world I could allow myself to do it – and it was the Full Moon Eclipse.
      Was actually completely liberating, to be honest, and so not an issue once I ‘dove in’ so to speak. Having said that, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time too soon… At least not on home turf…

  7. When I was a kid walking home from school I saw a naked man in the front window of his house.

    Yuck. Keep your naked creepy body to yourself cuz your body ain’t never gonna touch my body, mo-fo.

    I wouldn’t want to expose myself nude in a wide media type way (if I were up for it of course 🙂 ) as I wouldn’t want any ol creep wackin’ off to my image. Moon (esp. a Capricorn one), in 8th house don’t reveal all, to all…

    • 8th house is known for stuff like that to happen tho. I had all kinds of inappropriate passes, advances, etc. from a young age. The collage age brother of one of my friends exposed himself full on and I never told a soul. I didn’t know how I was supposed to react so I didn’t. Just creepy crap like that.

      Nudity is okay in the right venue…

  8. Scorp sun/Cap rising

    I’m not interested in nude beaches or nudist colonies, but I’ve always wanted to be an artist’s model. I love showing off my body, but it’s gotta be claaaaassy.

  9. I hate wearing clothes at home but I do live in my massive oversized cardi at home. its like a knit drape gown. that’s winter. summer its a kimono. I only do so housemates don’t freak. I live with 3 boys now and I am sure their GFs wouldn’t like me swanning about nude.

  10. ya, up for it, and rarely see it as sleazy I think, context, all about context! – art teacher parents – many a walk in on a life drawing class as a child – nude sleeping Big Tick – nude swimming – lovely – will never forget as an early teen a long hot bushwalk with family, it ended at a beach, we waited for another lone walker to pass and without a word all of us stripped down to swim in the ocean – glorious – and that was a mix of Aquarian, Aries, Virgo, Taurus

  11. Aqua aunty used to take us to the nude beach as kids,never used to phase me. But now as an adult i notice an awful lot of creepy weirdo old leather couch men lurking about. Last time i went there was this man who would get up and strut around when ever somebody went into the water, and kind of push him self out like a peacock strutting around, he was adorned with the fattest cock ring i have ever seen and was about 75 in the shade.

    I spend a lot of time at the beach, and most of that time is spent keeping the sand off my damn towel, now why the hell would i want any of that sand creeping into very sensitive areas.

    Ditto on the foot hanging out of the bed prowlncat. I extend that to my waking life, cannot stand to wear shoes, feels to restrained.

  12. I was also raised by nude hippies, so I have no particular issues about being nude, or being around nude people – but NOT outdoors, unless swimming, or lazing in the shade. I would burn to a crisp.

    I did, however, take part in the Spencer Tunick mass nude photo shoot at the Opera house this year – being naked in public with 5000 other naked peeps was mind-bending (in a really good way). Everyone became totally blissed out – “We’re all different, but we’re all the same” -but maybe that was something in the air leftover from Mardi Gras.

  13. I’m Taurus and I have no problem with nudity. We have thick, impervious hides and clothing is actually sort of redundant. And I completely lost any sense of modesty while living in Japan. You get stared at constantly when you’re in public, you might as well be walking around nude anyway. And then when you are nude at the hot springs resorts, all the men want a peek to see if what they say about gaijin is true. And then there was that incident when a little group off 3-to-5 year old girls snuck into the men’s side of the hot springs and were peeping at me, what the hell were they doing in there? I guess someone told them, hey there’s a naked gaijin in there, and they had to look.

  14. yep, quadriple pisces, went midnight drunken swimming at beach with friend once years ago, coulden’t be bothered getting dressed, and danced out of his sunroof all the way home…stopped for a pack of smokes, completely hilarious to see the expression on the servo guy!..heehee

  15. Mystic – thanks again for your wise daily emails. Shall embrace Virgo style composure / chic today… Hope the Telsa situation is resolving.

  16. I like my body quite a lot, don’t enjoy being publically nude though ever. Plus, I’m always cold so that’s definitely a factor.

    Modesty + poor blood circulation, there you have it! Gem sun. And my Virgo moon definitely gets icked out over hygiene issues with public nudity. Like frinstance women in the gym locker rooms who sit on communal benches and stools butt naked…..that’s really vomitous.

  17. Nup nup and NUP. Waltzing about naked in Australia is madness unless you’re blessed with Aboriginal or Afro-American skin – and even then you’d have to watch it, what with our UV index and the bloody great big ozone layer hole we’ve got going on. I’m just not keen to have my face or arse eaten off by a melanoma thank you. Bed nudity on the other hand is essential otherwise I end up fighting with my clothes and wake up with one leg pulled out of my pyjama pants or somehow ending up with the pjyama top/tshirt around my neck strangulating me. I’ve been known to pull the covers of pillows in my sleep too .. dunno what that’s about. I must be very nocturnally active. Oh and I always need to have one appendage sticking out – like a foot usually – no matter how cold it is.

    • My Cappy daughter does that prowln.. to quilt covers, fitted bed sheets, pillow cases, the lot. She sleeps in as little as possible even in the dead of winter (ie, NOW).

    • Prowln you need my FeetSheet! I came up with the idea in my early 20’s, my girlfriend at the time thought it was ludicrious & used to tease me about it but has since discovered that girlfriends since me have thought the FeetSheet a brilliant invention! I like the idea of having a hole to slip my foot comfortably out of to remind me how cold it is outside the bedcovers & how warm & snug I am inside.

  18. Taurus Sun, and I’ll only go naked around hippies in warm weather. I refuse to go “skyclad” when it’s cold, that’s just stoopid.

    I’m not massively into the naked in public thing, but I’ve hung out at hot springs and it’s completely declasse to wear a bathing suit, so I suck it up.

  19. sag sun pisces rising who grew up in a scandanavian immigrant first generation aussie household – our friends would visit and go eek at my families liberalities – what dont your family do that? we grew up on the beach n didnt wear a lot if any clothing as kids. nude is grand

    tho the concept of nude has been so contorted with fashion trends throughout history and only amplified by media and technology – undoubtedly an environmental factor in many peoples thinking

    people who cant even sleep nude O_o
    you dont know what your missing out on
    breeze n sun etc on bare flesh – heaven

    in saying that tho i have an exploding wardrobe and accessories and dressing is an art form of expression i adore – the body is a natural canvass to be adorned

    tho nude en masse even creeps me out – a beach i could do, a colony hrmm – ball games anyone…

    balance – theres a time n place for everything

  20. Multiple conjunct Sagg/Aqua rising/Leo Moon – I sleep in the nude and am quite hapy changing in front of people or kicking around nude at home but the whole nudist colony thing seems odd. It’s like making a point out of being nude where for me it’s just not an issue at all? You put on clothes when you have to and when you don’t have to or you’re at home it’s your call. To me the concept of being nude doesn’t really warrant a whole lifestyle movement…

  21. Virgo sun/Scorp moon/Leo rising

    No, no, and no. It’s not practical, it’s not pretty, and it’s just too much. I prefer my nudity privately and with a touch of seduction.

  22. Lib sun – nude at home avec Le Ram – no probs, unless its the eensy weensy bikini – prefer clothes!

    Leo father did full frontal nude (not even aware) & it was TOO much.

    Leo brother visits my house & showers with the door open – his wife posted FB shots of him NUDE WAKEBOARDING – helllloooooo….?!!! orright he’s physically blessed but post on public forum????? like father, also unaware.

    Sag mother – shocker, gets changed doors open, kids grandkids in sight.

    Sag former workplace nemesis – last century on long haul biz class flight – refused to sleep in seat, insisted on sleeping on plane floor. then during forced room share (5 star) – she did room time BUTT NAKED & scared the fug outta me. she has mother’s frame – OUCH!! no 5 stars there……

  23. Lib sun – nude at home avec Le Ram – no probs

    BUT Leo father did full frontal nude (not even aware) & it was TOO much.
    Leo brother visits my house & showers with the door open – his wife posted FB shots of him NUDE WAKEBOARDING – helllloooooo….?!!! orright he’s physically blessed but post on public forum?????

    Sag mother – shocker, gets changed doors open, kids grandkids in sight
    Sag former workplace nemesis – long haul biz class flight – refused to sleep in seat, insisted on sleeping on plane floor. forced room share – she did room time BUT NAKED & scared the fug outta me. she has mother’s frame – OUCH!!

  24. My Aqua/Sag Grandparents were nudists, they sued to drive to the south of France and hang with their friends in the buff. My Auqa sister never has any clothes on at home, she’s always draping about the place in only her knickers!

    • No for this scorp/scorp/gemini .. I love the mystery of clothes also. I mean seriously.. a body is a body is a body… right? But wrap it in something exquisite and …….

  25. Don’t like to sleep nude, my kidney’s get cold. I agree with all the above reasons for NOT nuding up listed for the various signs.

    Have been to many nude beaches and ConFest and done the nudity, parents weren’t weird about it at home, but I find:
    – the ‘lack of accessories’ boring (Gem Asc)
    – the lack of mystery depressing (Scorp Moon)
    – the amount of work to look perfect naked tiring (Mars in Virgo)
    – I am just too damn vain (Leo Sun)
    – and mainly it just isn’t very comfy (Venus in Cancer).

    I love the silky sensation of swimming nude, but that’s it. And I ain’t hanging out with peeps because they like being naked that’s not a reason to spend time with someone. Sharing a love of puppy dogs, or fine dining or crochet or astrophysics might be a reason, but not being unclothed. Dull.

      • Thank you muchly prowlncat and Sweetpea!! I am sure we have loads of things in common prowln, I think we ought to have a virtual cook-up sometime for a start 😉

        Sweetpea – that is the best virtual birthday gift a girl could want! I have my hub’s immensely powerful audio equipment connected to the comp now, woofers ‘n’ all and this was an awesome display!

        You could be a galaxy.. choose a name: Sculptor, Tadpole, Cigar, Pinwheel or Omega Centauri are ALL free! But, you would always be S.W.E.E.T.P.E.A. to me too. I miss being Fire Trine too, it was a punchy name, quite queenly. Now my most obvious natal chart feature is my “Water Trine” but that just sounds like a sea-weed festival. Xx

  26. My parents were house nudists too!!! Father Taurus, Mother Pisces. Basically had no problem rocking round the house naked. No drama, no shock value, nothing to prove – just living their life “au naturel”. I never thought it was wierd or odd as I believed that every nice, normal family had nude parents. Later I discovered that my family were seen by many (for a number of reasons- not just the nudity) as somewhat on the kooky/ freaky side. As an Aquarian, I found that quite comforting and was quite pleased with our odd-bod status.

  27. “don’t all Scorpios have exhibitionist-flashing style fantasies?”

    NO!!! Nudist colonies – NO!! Could be my Cap rising talking and my venus in Libra thinks people look much sexier with clothes on.

    I’m okay with nudity in private and I love to sleep in the nude.

  28. Virgo Sun.

    Nudity – yess! Especially at beach/in water.

    Nudist colonies – nooo!! too much of that tribal stuff going on, too exclusive in its own weird way, too limited (as in: being nude as a philosophy)…

    Grew up in a socialist country, nude beaches totally normal, I think it is healthy, less body-issues, for sure.

    got to learn that German neighbours from the Western part definitely had issues with it. especially during puberty.

    • Being totally late to this thread aside — I’m a Virgo sun, Virgo rising and I’m with you on all counts except I grew up in the U.S.

      I LOVE sleeping naked, and I loved being nude around the house as a child (which is also to say I love being naked in my room after showers, even now.)
      I don’t have the best body in the world, but I’m pretty comfortable with it.
      I’ve seriously been considering nude modelling at my art school, and my friend/roommate and I are planning a skinny-dipping-through-Europe tour!

      Otherwise, nudist colonies.. kinda weird me out. It’s not really the nudity itself, just the overall feel. Seems too cloistered and cut-off. Because I love my fashion, too, as much as my nudity. They’re both kith and kin to my own personal expression!

  29. i’m a sag and this nude business – no way! think it is gross/creepy. i also think people look better fully clothed. might be my gem rising and libra moon that objects.

    • I’m with you Meowmix and I’m a Sag too.

      But to widen the telescope, so to speak, and look at the issue sociologically, instead of according to individual preference, in the arena of performance, I think that it sucks that performers like Annie Sprinkle have to carefully manage their publicity in order to participate in international arts festivals without suffering from censorship/public out cry:

      while on the other hand, the human trafficking of sex slaves in Australia is often fulfilled by the use of dance visas as a cover without so much as a public murmur.

      So when women control the explicit body – watch out but when it’s constructed for the male gaze, no problem.

  30. if i knew it was in my own private space then fine…but there’s only so much i want to see or have seen by randoms. i would be the last person on earth to do a nudie run.
    know a sag who would happily join a nudist camp…she’s way comfortable with her body (didnt discover the bikini wax until 35)… and a libran who likes to strut his stuff at every available opportunity. but i put that down to male librans being prone to being ‘in love’ with someone new every 5 minutes and like you said MM, showing off.

    me: aqua sun with virgo rising

  31. Generally no coz mozzies just love me, and every other biting insect it seems.
    And what do you do when the repro organs are just doing their natural biz, i.e. everyday discharge? Can I still carry tissues when in these nude places? Or would that be considered bad manners?
    But in a private place with a lover would be nice…like a lovely lake or small running river somewhere…sigh…

  32. No. I can’t even sleep nudy because I dream that I am naked at the local supermarket, school, job interview, on top of a tall tower with nothing to catch me etc.. and everyone is laughing at me.

    As a child of the 70’s I remember my Mum and Dad wandering around the house naked and it used to freak my Leo sister and I out!

    • OMG BlueLibra – I have the same problem. I have tried to sleep nude so many times and still can’t do it. I wake up every hour or so in a panic. I feel so silly about it because it’s not like there’s anyone other than my wife who’s going to see me but still … I always thought it was only because my body’s not the way a guy’s is ‘meant’ to be so am glad to read that someone else has these dreams.

      • i always think of those emergency shows where someone’s house is burning down or being raided and they have to get out of bed in a hurry…kinda awkward standing on your front lawn starkers with neighbours watching….

        • A) Herby, that story is hysterical.
          B) I think the obsessive-compulsive fear of needing to evacuate your home in the middle of the night starkers is a really common concern for most Virgo-rich people. I have trained myself to sleep naked, but have pyjama pants resting within an arm’s reach of the bed, just in case that very thing should happen. And yes, even if the house was crumbling around me, I would take a moment to put them on!

        • I have heard of this happening. A colleague of mine lived in an inner city apartment building. The fire alarm when off during the night and there was an evacuation. While she was waiting outside she spotted another colleague of ours holding a shirt in front of her private area standing with another colleague who was naked and covering himself with his hands.

          I don’t know what was more embarrassing for them – the nudity, the fact that no-one knew they were dating, the fact that about 10 of their colleagues saw them because they all lived in the same apartment, or the fact that they had to go to work the next day.

  33. aqua, virgo rising
    i love what whatevs said about nudity being a two way street. im all for it as long as its not causing discomfort and embarressment to peeps, so that thing of clustered sanctioned nudity works but its too signposted and prescribed for me. doing your own thing in the back of beyond seems more elegant.

  34. Libran Sun Cancer Rising…No No No No No. For all the Libran/Cancerian reasons you gave above. BUT….there is a part of me that says I react that way because I fear (know) I don’t look good naked. Childbirth, past obesity and age all taking their toll. And perhaps…confronted with the full spectrum of what real human bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes actually look like….maybe I wouldn’t quite be so self loathing of my own.

    • Mystic has us Libras pegged – I would rather be fully clothed in a museum or having a civilized coffee in a nice cafe. (And the only person I ever knew who did nude modeling was a Sag.)

      MusicalLibran, I’ve wondered about the benefits of growing up in a culture where “real human bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes” are regularly on display – for example, my German friends are a LOT more comfortable with casual nudity (I’m American, & we are mostly NOT). But honestly, I think my Libran aesthetics would win out no matter where I’d grown up. Only children look completely normal nude – and Kate Moss. LOL

  35. Nooo.. Destroys the mystery. Have spent enough hols at Noosa to know the nude beaches attract weirdos. Less (nudity) is more. Having said that, there’s nothing more erotic than sunbathing and swimming nude with ur lover but has to be totally private, ie sailing to deserted island/beach.

    Leo Sun

  36. Libra sun

    Am all for nudity but I am only really into it in my own domain and with people I choose to be nude with – the house, the garden – there’s nothing nicer than wandering around your own garden naked. I like it in the bush when there’s no one around and in rivers – impromptu. I think people who want to be nude should be allowed to be but they need to have their own place to do it in because nude is a two way street.

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