Dark Moon Astro W.T.F.

Salma Hayek on couch with popcorn“…My diet?  Holy fuqing fuq, it’s the Dark Moon in TAURUS, hello, that’s meant to mean fuqing relaxed  tranquility and the symbol for Taurus is the sodding COUCH. Saturn is STILL in VIRGO SO i will do whatever the hell i fuqing need to do for perspective thank you very much and you can take your sodding spinach smoothie and shove it up your…WHAT?! O.m.f.g. When i said i was doing Dry July i didn’t know Saturn was STAYING in Virgo for fuqing forever…”

Image: Ellen Von Unweth

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is that jon bon jovi on the tv? in his ally mcbeal phase?


Saturn almighty presence has ensured that I won’t be alcoholic! I have only been on one big night out & that was in September 2008! I had the worst ever hangover & have not done it again. Last night I had friends over for dinner & I had half a glass of wine & a light beer——> Tipsy? Just a little… & the most I have had to drink!
God, it so much fun to not drink, you can’t escape all your problems, only deal with them, so much fun….


um… i dunno about the food et al… but the face that girl is making is exactly how i have felt for weeks. and i’m not even IN the zap zone… or mutable… or…

but don’t ask me what i am watching, don’t ask me if there are any crisps left and… well… just DON’T.

(except you Ms. M… please DO. just don’t ask for the remote. *grin*)


But what about vodka or whisky – also fattening??!


i think these days even air is fattening…


Just drink something made by monks and everything will be ok even the waistline. not that I give a shit about waistlines so maybe don’t listen to me.

venus a-go-go

I am having a nicarette do hickey. I have delete an ex or 2 from my phone.
Went to the gym today.
Took my bike into be serviced.
Instead of buying hot chips I bough lentil soup.
See Vital greens message to RLP and Pisceann above.
I would kill a man in Reno, just for his chocolate bar.

Pisces Goat

I am reading this eating Hungry Jack’s.


i’ll just continue to quietly chug on my baileys straight from the bottle.

this too shall pass.


She’s saying “WTF are you looking at? I’m fu*kin hot so I will eat chips if I want to, and if you complain anymore i’ll throw this bloody remote control at your head. And the bowl too. Got it?”

All perfectly reasonable to me!! LOL


Yeah scorpo. that was me last night everything the crush said was wrong. he was trying to back out the door but I wouldn’t let him a. 3 beers too many and b. my loss of leo pride c. I wanted to talk it thru.
he stayed and we made up but….

Prowln Scissor Claws

I wish I looked this good when blowing my stack!


Thanks Wonderful People. Sleep seems to be the only thing I can do at the moment.


Soooo there! The grief I am getting from my Libran ex has reached Legal Proportions. The cute Leo I really really liked has disappeared and I ate three slices of pizza and two glasses of Lemonade. Wine just makes me ill so am having a sleeping tablet to stop crying. Working on the Radical Forgiveness but really really can’t take much more of this shite, specially when the ex takes the babes and refuses to return them. Want some support. Want some lovin.


If it helps librablue i know exactly where you’re at – same sadly, though this too will pass. Sit still, breathe and say it. I find it helps. Love and hugs to you xoxo


BL for issues like this I always invoke Maat who is the Egyptian Goddess all about justice. Speak to her and hand her your problems, ask her to resolve them. Always works wonders for me and the people I help.

And honey you’re a Libra – EVERYONE loves librans, seriously they are my favourite sign. Forget the forgiveness and just acknowledge to yourself how you feel. Don’t try and push it away, its real. Forgiveness will happen when your ready. Lots of love xxxx


Yeah, wow, a lesson I’ve learnt in the past 2 days…..Keep your chin up bluelibra, theres always strength to be gained which may not show for awhile but is still there.


Pisceann this is totally random but do you live in Melbourne? I’m looking for a housesitter for six weeks – rent free, starting next week. I have a beautiful cat who needs cuddles and nightly feeding… Feel like you posted something awhile back about being stuck in a housing sitch you not keen on…reply back if keen…x


Or anyone else keen. St Kilda area!


Wish i could extricate myself from Adders coz i’m an
experienced animal carer & have life-long friends in Melba
that iv’e been saying for 2 years that i’ll be over…dammit.
Next time…at your service eve if for weekend or few days 🙂
Good Luck.


Fishgirl- thats so nice of you to offer! Thanks so much but I’m actually in Sydney. I’d have loved to look after your cat…currently working hard on the housing situation and thanks for your help way back when x


ahhh, my fellow libran.

lesson #1: don’t date other libras.

lesson #2: don’t date leos. they are mirror hogs.

lesson #3: don’t date an aquarian either. (ok, this might just be a lesson for me, but it coldn’t hurt.)

lesson#4: share the pizza.

lesson #5: don’t take adivce for other libras.

lesson #6: you’re amazing and you know it. babes grow up to make their own decisions, so just breathe. they know the differnce between love and manipulation. (something WE could learn, eh?)

lesson #7: i dunno. i just wanted to get to 7.

******************* HUG *********************

The Leo Socialite

Forget the radical forgiveness, pizza and cute leo. Don’t even bother with crying. The only support and good loving you need honey is a good lawyer NOW. Tell him or her you want it sorted.


Am onto it LS. I think that’s been part of my exhaustion because I hate confrontation but I have found two fantastic women lawyers who specialise in this stuff. I’m just really tired and am hoping that sleep and fluids enable my firm stand. Appointments are for next week – after this eclipse. Meanwhile I’m trying very hard to mellow out my glands and various other manifestations of stress.

Without alcohol.


Pisces in CQ

Lol! Oh I haven’t been acting quite like that but the thoughts have been there for about a week! Seething about being treated like a piece of furniture. No-one else has changed their attitude to daily humdrum – just me!


so hot even when shes angry.


I’m hitting the tim tams in rage-at-saturn – its bad, cos they are supplied at work… along with byron bay cookies etc…..


And I went to a trivia night over the weekend dressed as Salma in her Frida role….




Dunno about the fuq you food attitude but it’s been raining here for days & I’ve been just like that woman in the picture going stir crazy & fuq u to everyone. lol


I need to print this out and stick it to my head – lately the sight of wine invokes such delicious delusions – must do the whole sugar/toxins/midrift fat visualisation. Ordering poison symbols NOW!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

LOL yeah I read same interview didnt he have an acronym for all the shit one needs to avoid to stay as slim as a genetically blessed freak??

Coffee (which he says 1 maybe 2 per day….)
Refined sugar
Processed food

cut the CRAP diet – did you do the full deal??
stay strong with yr pledge AND saturn in virgo – maybe its the July 22 bust out?? if so lets schedule!!

et moi?
supping ice cold Corona as I type 😉

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

PS am nowhere near not hard enough for salmon / spirulina smoothie!!


Hey rlp- try spirulina mixed into a green juice with apple. All green juice tastes better with a bit of fruit mixed in (or green smoothies maybe to start with). Spirulina is an acquired taste. I used to hardly handle it but now can chug down loads. Actually crave it. Lots of betacarotene and protein and minerals. Maybe try it in a bar! Theres loads in health food shops. Ones called Raw REvolution, ones called Organic Food Bar etc. They mix it with dates and other sweeteners so can hardly taste it. Great pick me up and soon you’ll head… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

orroight will get the pro’s to make a mix & report back!! x

venus a-go-go

I have been told to drink Vital Greens before I do my herbs given to me by my Acupuncturist. Apparently I am not absorbing stuff into my blood stream as well as I should.
This stuff tastes like a diary version of Green Sand. Expensive green sand. I can’t have it ina smoothie cos I have to not eat before the herbs. My mornings have become just bad, bad taste sensations.
*shakes fist at vital greens*


Vitagreens aint that nice…I agree. There are nicer green powders that you can get online because Aussie stores havent seemed to pick up on them. Theres this one called Ormus Greens that is supposedly the BEST and you can get it online.
But to absorb the iron etc in the green powders/green juices its probably good to get some vitamin c in there (such as an orange, prunes etc)

Pisces in CQ

venus a go-go. pineapple juice just about kills the flavour of those green wonder powders.

venus a-go-go

Pisces QC- Not allow to drick with acidic juices. What kills the ‘taste’ also kills the goodness… apparently.

Pisceann- As much as I would like something that is better and doesn’t taste bad, I don’t think I can afford the beast. Interesting that you use so much less than the vital greens, tho…



gee … and I always thought wine was a bottle of grape juice!
I’m with Salma.

crabby crab

green juice?? you mean fluro green coola cordial right??


salmon and spirulina??? that is hardcore.

I find not drinking so hard to do. its beyond a bottle of toxins it’s a night out with friends or intimate chat at wine bar or a date.

they should make health shots at the bar so you feel less guilty the next day though..

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

so Mystic – still DRY or did you bust?

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