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Joan And Jackie Collins Together in the Seventies

This is Joan and Jackie Collins – they get along just fine, apparently but then again they’re both Air signs: Gemini & Libra.

What happens when there is more of a classic temperament clash between sisters and yet there they are; Taurus forced to share a room with Sagittarius, say?

Leo Versus Leo? What’s your tale of astro-sisterhood and btw, which signs think it is important/not important to get along with your siblings in adult life?

Here’s Jackie on being so Libran as well:

“What’s your most freakish bad habit?
I can’t say no. I find it impossible to say no. And I can’t say no to chocolate. And I’m also a TiVo addict. So if you give me TiVo and chocolate, and someone asks me to a fabulous party, I won’t be able to say no, though I might prefer to stay home with the TiVo and the chocolate. I’m a Libra. We can’t say no to anything. You know what, it’s that investigative spirit within us. We don’t want to miss anything, and then we feel people might be missing us, so we feel obliged to say yes to everything…”

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73 thoughts on “Astro-Sisters

  1. Lilith 10º conjunct Sappho 9º in Sag–conj NN. 7º. No birth time but. Saw a snippet of her on tele last night, figured she must have a prominent Lilith.

  2. My sister is my best friend, and my relationship with her is central to my life. I can’t imagine it without her. I am Gemini, Aries Moon, Leo Rising; she is Libra, Aquarius Moon, Scorp rising. Unsurprisingly the most difficult parts in our relationship are power struggles (Leo/ Scorp, with her desiring dominance & me not wanting to be controlled by ANYONE) and we have even had physical fights. Yet she is my natural confidante, & I always seek her opinion & guidance, & vice versa; and she is the person I enjoy being with, and feel I can be myself more easily with, the most. I am the elder sister. My family also has a Gemini/ Libra pairing in the form of my dad & mum, so we are a distinctly airy family!

  3. Having mega suckful time with Virgo, Leo rising sis. Feeling venus square saturn in Leo third house (siblings) + Leo full moon big time. We had a massive fight and I am willing to put it behind us, but she is being flouncy and supercilious and saying I behaved badly (yes, but so did she) and barring it all. Sad.

  4. i’m a Leo (cap asc + cap moon). the eldest
    one sis is Pisces (1.5 years younger)
    another sis is Aries (13 years younger)

    the pisces and i were extremely close growing up (twinlike) but we def had kicking, hair-pulling fights. we also could make each other laugh the hardest growing up. i think when we were adolescents she resented me for being _____ than her (smarter & prettier & more friends, altho in truth we were similar these qualities). now she is married (to a pisces). now she is much more uptight in tidyness and conservative in values so we don’t have as much in common. but we still value each other’s opinion and enjoy each other’s company

    my affections are squarely on my aries sis. she and i have similar senses of humor and a similar laid-backness, similar taste in music and tv shows. even with the age difference we get along famously. let’s see what happens when she goes through her adolescent years…. she is already a know-it-all and i fear it will only get worse 🙂

  5. Happily, I’m an only child, but have observed sibling dynamics on other folks.

    My mom’s a Taurus with Pisces moon and my aunt is one of those Saturnian Aquarians. Mom constantly is begging for crumbs of affection from my aunt and my aunt is so cold-blooded it ain’t gonna happen.

    Aunt’s kids are 1 Pisces, 1 early-Aries and one late-Aries. Oddly enough, the early-Aries and the Pisces are practically clones of each other, and the late-Aries is the odd woman out in the family. Go figure.

  6. My sisters are both younger than me. As kids we were the three girls who everyone thought were strange because we got along. Despite now being a man, I still grew up as one of three girls and totally get the special relationship of sisterhood.

    We have reverse birth order happening (i.e. the baby of the family is the queen lion). I’m the eldest and a Virgo. My middle sister is a Saggitarius (15 months younger than me) and my baby sister is a Leo (3 years younger than me). We all work together in the same business and it’s a really lovely thing. Sure, there are fiery stoushes (mostly between my Saggi and Leo sisters) but I love them both.

  7. i am the elder, by 9 years, of a sister and a brother. sister is an aries/pisces/libra, while brother is an aquarius/taurus. i am virgo/taurus/cap.

    always got along great with the brother, not especially close because of the age gap, but good buddies, hung out together, etc etc.

    sister and i fought like cats and dogs until i moved out; hated her passionately for years, and the feeling was mutual. now she’s 18 and living with me, and we get along fine, but don’t understand each other well at all. sometimes she makes perfect sense to me, other times i haven’t a clue what’s going on in her head.
    she says she understands me all the time, but i don’t think so.

  8. Leo sister, four years younger. She once said to me “If you weren’t my sister i’d hate your guts!” I felt the same. That about sums up our volatile relationship. We use to fight all the time, well into our late 20’s. But ever since she got married and had three gorgeous kids, we’ve become a lot closer. We still don’t always see eye to eye but agree to disagree rather than fight these days.

  9. I’m the eldest of four, with Scorpio brother, Saggi sister and Aqua baby sister. Growing up we were a bunch of rugged individuals who didn’t really take too much notice of each other, but in adulthood we became the best of friends and get on famously. Our parents (Leo father and Pisces mother, long divorced and bitter about each other) like to think it was all their doing but we have news for them…

  10. I’m a Taurus and my sister is a Gemini. We both have venus in gemini and mars in taurus. I am ‘fixed’ (sun,asc,moon), whereas sister is ‘mutable’ (sun, asc, moon). My sister will drive across town to get something that you could get locally whereas I have to have a good reason to do things like that- i’d rather be at the beach. My sister is way more into structure, routine and checklists than I am, though. She is very busy and sometimes perhaps for the sake of having something to do. I think it’s important to both of us that we get along but we don’t really confide in each other. I think gemini can be a bit distant emotionally and there can be limited emotional support if you happen to need it. I’ve always been more talkative than my gem sister, which is unusual. I think it’s hard for gemini to take taurus seriously. It is hard for each to understand the other sometimes.

  11. My sis is a Gemini and I miss her.
    We used to hate each other (long family history), we’re 4 years apart, only met her when I was 10/11 and she was 6/7. We started getting closer during my teenage years. But really got close when she found out that we shared the same dad. She only found that out when she was 21; I’d always known before I even met her. Dad had her with his then-mistress while still married to my mother. Eventually that broke up, as you would, then he married my sister’s mother. And despite a beyotch of a stepmother, my sis and I are closer than ever. Almost no secrets, which is huge if you knew our family history(ies). She even told me how horrified she was when she first caught herself behaving like her mother, but hey, awareness is a good step.
    Whenever we get together now, which is not frequent as we both would like, it’s full-on Mercury speed three language-convos. The only peeps who can keep up are those ruled by Mercury and generally within our families. Which really means dad. Everyone else seems puzzled by both speed and content, if they can catch any. 😉
    We’re planning, not sure it’ll ever get off the ground, to study Spanish or French so we’ll have our own language, since the parents don’t speak any of the romance languages. They can have their germanic ones, we’ll have our own. Well, we already do in a lot of ways. 🙂
    Faffing hell, I miss her. I wish it were September/October already! She’s coming to Melbourne then to scout a nifty lil churchy like place for her wedding. Boy we’ll have lots of fun driving around like idiots!!! Wheeeee!!

  12. scorpio and scorpio

    I love my sister but she was evil growing up, in a butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth way- though if you asked her about me i am sure she would say the same thing. We both have saturn in the 3rd as well. interesting. she actually tried to stab me once. I was babysitting her and she didn’t like the fact that I was older and was in charge of her so she threw a knife at my head. I ducked and it marked a slice into the bench.

    • 😆 oh that’s hilarious. A few years ago, my younger Leo/Scorp moon sister confessed that when we were teenagers she used to lock her door at night ’cause she thought I was going to come into her room and stab her.

      I was shocked!!!

  13. I’m the Libran eldest sister and three weeks ago lost my beloved Gem younger brother to cancer. To make it worse, today my eldest son – Libra, my yongest is a Gem, talk about generations repeating themselves – left to join the army and for the first time in my life my brother wasn’t here for me to talk to.

    All I can say to everyone here is just love your family and appreciate every moment you have together – it’s all that matters in the long run.

    • Sorry for your loss WL, there are no words. I also have lost a brother and I know how you feel. It’s a great reminder to appreciate every moment, we forget how few there actually are.. Best of luck with your young man. Xx.

  14. Was staring at the pic thinking libra and gemini are my sign and chart rulers and wondering how I’d be working either of those outfits. Pondering whether the belt buckle or the denim suit were mandatories.

    I am libra, my sister is scorpio.

    Still waters run deep.

    • Sweetpeas comment re sharing clothes just made me remember a weird thing that happened when my sister and I were at an age where our wardrobes could merge – 17-25ish and it peaked for about 2-3 years till my saturn returns and now never happens. Our styles of dress had some kind of weird point of crossover – our textures and colours and styles of choice were different but they created an eclectic capsule we could both draw on. It was great – endless opportunities to hybridise yourself. We both like accessories and our feet were only half a size apart. Thickness of sock or stocking solved all footwear irks. Such a lovely memory. A woman repeatedly tried to get us to take her shopping so she could put together looks like ours and we were totally freaked out by this and found being around her awkward after that. We didn’t even know we had a “look”. We were just hanging out and dressing up. Have recently discovered our styles were a hybrid of empire revivalism, japanese deconstructionism, space ageism, new romanticism and glam. I do it on my own now – she’s more conservative and kind of preppy now. Discrete thirty-something scorpio LOL. She must have been having a transit whereas I am having an ongoing personal experiment.

      • ~endless opportunities to hybridise yourself~

        Hilarious whatevs…. 🙂

        The poor woman though, needing fashion guidance, and you and your sister in your fashion innocence being aghast at someone’s near wonton (even if done in sheer ignorance) need to market you.


  15. I’m a scorp and I have two older sisters. Eldest is a cancer and middle sister is a Taurus – and boy does she do the middle child “i’m so disadvantaged in every way, life is so unfair as the middle child, having the biggest bedroom and demanding my own way all the time doesn’t even touch my pain of being the middle child”
    Needless to say, we don’t get along. She is the Goddess gift to me to practice the art of forgiveness (which can be hard for a scorp…)

  16. I am Leo with Scorp Moon and my eldest sister is a Crab (in so many ways) with a Leo Moon… I worshipped her as a kid and she prefers that dynamic.

    As an adult our relationship has cooled to glacial. She wrote my other sister and I a letter stating she only wanted to get together for our kid’s birthdays. Also, we are required not to get into ‘hysterical’ (reality-based) discussions with her on these occasions. Killed me the other week to see her moue of pleasure when her baby son pushed his practically unknown auntie (me) away from a hug… 🙁

    My other sister is an Aquarian with Cap Moon – she a loud, bossy, pushy, fabulous, generous, sweet and supportive sister. As kids we had nothing in common, now we share our kids and family lives and love each other to bits. 😛

    It’s so weird to have such extremes in one family! It’s even sadder as I know how fabulous it is to have the connection; but it does make me very grateful for my open-hearted Aqua Sis.

    Interesting comments from everybody!

  17. My aqua brother and I have a mutual adoration society going on. But he is 8 years younger than me, so we’re totally different generations in terms of attitude etc. We didn’t grow up together, but our amazing mothers managed to keep us connected until we were old enough to do it ourselves! Of my sisters. Well…. The Leo and would have screaming arguements, throw things but we loved each other as hard too. The rest are all a decade + younger, so not close as a sister, more like an aunt. But I’m lucky, I’ve got 2 taureans and a cancer…. So we mesh nicely despite the age gaps.

  18. A Leo Sister, Sag sister, (both older and not all sooky goo goo with them). Also have Seven brothers… A Gemini, A Virgo, Twin Aries, Twin Pisces and one more Gemini. Yes.. it WAS difficult..(till the two little fishies arrived anyway 😉
    We’re Catholic and Irish to boot so family gatherings are brawls at best. Although one of the Fish twins was always my fav growing up, my Virgo brother has turned out to be my rock. Love him to pieces. The rest? NoooooooOOOooo thanks.

  19. I’m a Taurus with two younger sisters, a Cancer and a Capricorn. We get along with the exception of common sibling fights, so I consider myself lucky.

    As far as who cares least about siblings, I’ve noticed the fixed signs- Aqua, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio- tend to care less. Sometimes Aries.

  20. I am a Libra and have a Pisces sister. We hated each other growing up and could be so competitive with one another, but are best of friends now. I appreciate her amazingly different POV regarding life subjects which is why I ask her advice on things.

    • Oh god I wish my Libra sister would ask me for advice. As her Piscan older sister I have spent my whole life trying to be ‘sisterly’ but apparently she knows better and actually blocks my words with her mind and dosn’t hear me at all.

      • oh that is probably why, you guys are backwards of us…plus she might not be out of her competitive phase yet! I’m the older one and my sis is the younger one. I think for Librans it depends on whether we think we can trust you in that subject area — which is hilarious right? Like I would never ask her for romantic advice since her romantic luck is nearly as awful as mine. But things like what to do about family, friends, bosses and money we talk about all the time!

        What is hers and your moon sign? Me and my sis are both Scorpio Moons. I’ve got a Sagg rising and she’s got Aqua rising.

        • Her Moon is Pisces and mine is Aries. We are both Leo rising. She is 30 yo, she should be over the competitive phase by now!

    • She has Moon in Libra, Venus in Aries. I have Venus in Taurus and Moon in Capricorn.

      I’d say we have some “lines” so to speak (the silhouette) in common but she accessorizes differently from me although her baubles and stones and such were always quite expensive (Leo rising) and tasteful.

      I like simple accessories in that what I wear must be classy and to me simple pieces of accessories are more classy.

      She was and has always been a beautiful seamstress however and custom made her clothes to fit her only as I snuck some clothes and shoes and she’d see me at school and point her (she was a senior) finger at me and fume “you little brat!!”


      But she nipped it by making her clothes custom to her only. She could line jackets and everything and put her labels in.

      I suppose that was her Libra Moon in 4th (homemaker skills which she was excellent at).

      • interesting – mars in gemini too maybe sweetie – working with the hands?
        Love the clothes story – my little sister used to do the same and I’d see her out at night debauching in them. We shared the dress you could never have a bad night in – an amazing printed silk 1950s pattern. Someone from another time’s “best” dress usually worn with biker boots or patent leather sneakers : O)

      • It is really interesting to see how two people seemingly growing up in the same house end up with different tastes and talents, jewelery and all.

        My sister chose my clothes and style when I was lost, she took pictures and left around so I can just put on some clothes and not look like a total failure. Still anything on me that anyone likes is her choice. She sews too.

      • ah yes… Venus in Libra. I use to love sewing and making my own clothes…
        Then computers came along. 🙂

      • Yeah Scorpy, I used to do alot of different things with my hands before computers too 🙂 but then I DID do massage for 7.5 hours today so they are busy little things at that.

        You’re right about her Mars in Gemini whatevs…She can also knit all kinds of stuff.

      • No, honestly, being Moon in Libra she would lay down on her bed and kick her legs for protection 🙂

        My Mars, even tho in Gemini, is rising, and Aries traditionally rules the 1st house. An astrologer told me it was like being a double Aries.

        Her Libra Moon didn’t stand a chance but she also has Mars in Gemini although in the 10th. She would taunt me and stuff and then I’d hafta beat her up 🙂

  21. My mom (Cap) and my aunt (Gem) have an ongoing feud that they won’t let go of, its awful and makes family get-togethers a little uncomfortable. I get along with my brother pretty well (I’m a Cancer he’s a Gem) but then again if I had a sister instead of a brother it would probably be different, but who knows.

  22. I’m a leo and my younger brother’s a leo (3 years younger than me) and we get along really well. I get along best with my younger sister, who’s a scorpio, she’s awsome. Also, she’s 5 years younger than me. My older sister (3 years older) is also a scorpio but we don’t get along quite as well. My youngest sister (6 years younger) however, annoys me like crazy. She’s a gemeni, so is my mom. My dad’s an aries.
    So, I’d say we’re pretty balanced elementally. My boyfriend and my older sister’s husband are both taurus so that gives us earth. I think it’s funny my sister’s a water sign and I’m fire but we get along really well.

  23. I’m an Aqua, my sister is a Crab. We fought growing up, but I adored her. I think neither of us really knew where we stood with respect to the other because we express ourselves so differently. Once we were adults she admitted that she didn’t know whether I even liked her for a very long time. Whereas I had always felt like the annoying little sis… As adults we are very close. Not speak every day on the phone type close, but absolutely rock solid knowing that someone is there for you type close.

    I find it really sad when siblings don’t get along.

    • My sister and I had a huge fight once. It became clear we weren’t sure if we knew the other sis at all. Since then we dropped the obligatory interaction blood relation brought and met each other at the same level. That is how our sib relation is saved b

      • Actually, we were probably the same. The fights ended when we became friends in our late teens. The fact we were also sisters then reinforced the friendship.

  24. all my siblings are Leos and live overseas. and I live witth a Leo nanna in Oz. i’m a crab, and although Leo’s can drive me nuts with their possesiveness… Leos are more possesive then crabs in my experience… I adore all of them to pieces.

  25. I have a Taurean sister (also the one closest to me) who is surrounded by water and air signs in our family.. lots of Gemini, Aquarius Pisces and Cancer…I think if she could stay living overseas and avoid our whackadoodle drama/angst or completely out there mental moments she would be happiest.. she loves us all she just gets heartily sick of us.. and we have to be constantly practical to not wind her up too much.. its quite amusing really…

  26. Mine is 14 years younger than me and a detached, cool Aquarian. We love each other 98% of the time but our relationship isn’t a classic sibling one. It’s hard to know how it will pan out as she gets older, she’s only 16.

    My mother and her two sisters are both Leos, now that is something to behold, oh the competition, the drama and conversations about hair, jewelry and who is the best daughter (I’m not exaggerating). One long subtle undercurrent of bitchy with a big jolly smile and my tiny powerhouse of a Sag granny at the helm. As an only Scorpio for most of my formative years I find the whole thing kind of nuts.

  27. Me a Gem/Pisces rising, my sister is an Aqua/Sagg rising. Her detachment helped me a lot, hopefully she learned from me life is beautiful even when failure knocks the door. She is a perfectionist, while I am a flake when it comes to tasks needing attention.

    We both like traveling, only to different destinations, she likes to travel for museums, sightseeing in relatively affluent parts of the world, I travel to observe how people endure and survive hardship in poor regions and countries.

    In the last two years, when my life turned upside down, she was my rock, even though an annoying rock now and then. Without her, I was lost.

      • It never occurred to me. Actually I try not to check her chart in case I misread something. As an Aqua she was doubtful if astrology works, until I told her when she lost her dear cat suddenly, Uranus was conjunct her IC and the moon on her Pluto. Either out of grief or for some other reason, she since then tries to understand my fascination.


        • Well at least she is open minded now luv, no? Nothing like Uranus to make a believer and damn quick.

          Like when something drastic happens and one needs help from the heavens RIGHT NOW?

          Think Mars is involved in that type of urgency but think too, Uranus. We need a flash of genius ~right now~…lol

          So she experienced something deep and transformative and it was not an insignificant transformation.

  28. My sis is libra/taurus. Im crab/aqua.

    We did not get along at all growing up. Neither of us could understand where the other was coming from, which is still a bit of an issue today.

    I have always been a bit cold and a daydreamer where sissy is very emotional and volitile.

    Our relationship has gotten stronger since she had a baby, who i am very close to.

  29. My little sister is a scorpio and I am a gemini.
    I guess we shouldn’t really get along but we are nuts about each other.
    Or, at least, I am nuts about her.

    I absolutely love the Scorpio vow of silence. I can say anything to her (and believe me, I say all sorts of things) and she never ever breathes a word to anyone.

  30. vital to get along with siblings! they are the foundation of my life. i am a saggi with aries rising and my only sister is libra with taurus rising but beyond the obvious differences (to destress she seeks facials/cooking, i seek the gym/travel, etc) we have alot of similarities, and both need a stable home from which to go off and do our thing, we both are fiercely loyal, we both are stubborn and a bit bossy, we are both emotional (sun 8th house for me, her sun is 5th house). and we are each others biggest cheerleaders!

    • Ooh I love hearing stories like yours saggigal! They bring a big smile to my face. Esp as a mother to 3 girls….I tell my girls there’s going to be enough people out there in life who are willing to heap sh*t on you, so it’s extra important to be there for each other. I think it’s wonderful you are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

    • I’m gemini and my brother is Taurus, 3 yrs apart. According to our friends we both speak very highly of eachother even though we never actually speak to eachother. Even when orbitting the same event, mostly funerals, it’s a nod and a hug. I think gems can bitch about their siblings but never really stay cross with them for long, no matter what.

      I’ve known two seperate Aqua women can be soooo distruaght if there’s upset with their siblings. And Libran women I know seem to put their sibling relationship harmony at the top of the list and are not so forgiving if a sister strays out of orbit for too long.

  31. My older sister is Libran & I am a Gemini!

    We have spent like five minutes together growing up as she is 9 yrs older than I & moved out & on with her life. I idolised her when I was younger & as I grew up thought she was a good person. Don’t really know her other than that as she has lives overseas & has been married a bunch of times to men I have never even met. I haven’t seen her in over 10 years which was when I attended her first wedding.

    • hey Gem, same here… i’m the eldest wit h all my sibllings living overseas. I might see them once in a blue moon.

      hmmm do you feel like an only child because of the distance? I do.

    • Sometimes we choose our sisters ourselves. Blood relations are not the only way to have a family. If not already sooner or later a sister will show up in your life when you need her.

    • hey olya, yes I do feel like an only child at times. I have had friends who I have known since school & I don’t think they believed me when I have spoken about my older sister & brother as they had never laid eyes on them in the 15years they’ve known me. It is strange as I am the youngest in the family & losing our parents when I was 9, brother was 13 & sister at 19 you’d think we would close, but no, we have each grown up separate from each other with our own experiences.

      Quad, you’re so right! I am & have always been surrounded by ‘sisters’ who are there for me & visa versa! 🙂

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