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Astro-Query: Should The Scorpio Send His Gemini Ex A Card?

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abstract art snakes clown diamondsDear Mystic Medusa,

I have always enjoyed your weekly astrology column in the Weekend Australian.  You have always been spot on.  I know you have lots and lots of people asking questions but, if you have any spare capacity at all, I’d appreciate your answer to an astrological question that has been plaguing me.

My ex-girlfriend dumped me six days before Valentine’s Day this year. She is born on 21 June (Gemini-Cancer cusp).  Should I, a 16 November Scorpio, send her birthday wishes (I have not had any contact with her for three months)?  I liked her heaps and now know what the phoenix feels like when it is just a heap of ashes.

Michael The Scorpio

Don’t worry. Michael the Scorpio has given his permission to have you lot answer this on the blog.  I actually got the e-mail at the time of Ms Gemini’s birthday – it’s just taken me a while to post this – and i shot back a curt NO. Or maybe it was NO WAY. I tend to err on the side of non-sentimental-could-be-interpreted-as-psycho-bats-stalkery-cards-to-exes. I learnt this the hard way a long time ago.

In fact, the funny thing is that it is when you’re completely over the character that you feel cool enough to send cute crap his/her way. Anyway, i said to Michael the Scorp that he was on no account to send Gemini-Ex a card. In fact, he should even THINK about the wench because Geminis always know when you are thinking about them. It’s like an extension of their already excellent eavesdroppping skills.

So, what do  you think? What is your advice to Michael The Scorp???

Apart from Do Not Contact The Gemini – has he considered fitting his phone with an electric shocking device for when he tries to text certain numbers? I think that is a fantastic idea. Is there a patent attorney out there?  Anyway, apart from don’t contact the Gem, i think Michael the Scorp needs reminding that the new Phoenix does actually emerge out of the ashes. We all know this, right?

Also, I think Scorpios have to make more effort than others to be sanguine and light because they vibe so intense. A card could seem, well, not right.

Show thy expertise.

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95 thoughts on “Astro-Query: Should The Scorpio Send His Gemini Ex A Card?

  1. I would say no. Not ‘cos of the astro – just ‘cos she dumped you. Sail on, allow the wounds to heal. Sending a card = picking at the scab.

    • Taurean is right. She dumped you – she won’t enjoy the card – seriously, she won’t. Breaking up with you right before Valentines day is a sure sign she is not going to appreciate any sentimental gestures.

      Ignoring her birthday & making no effort at all towards getting back in contact with her is your best choice in every way. She’ll likely respect you for moving on (you can pretend to have moved on until your heart catches up) – and eventually when you’ve really, truly let go, you’ll thank yourself for having exercised that self control.

      (I say this with lots of sympathy, having been on both sides of the fence – neither side is fun.)

  2. Delete her phone number & email – basically delete ways of contacting her as much as you can (can be a little difficult in this day & age..) this means it will be easier for you to avoid contacting her (because you wont be tempted every time you see her name) – plus the added bonus of being able to ask “who is this?” if she ever calls….
    There are services which can prevent you from sending texts/calling certain numbers – ask your service provider or I’m sure there are applications (or whatever the technical term is for them is)

    My father is a gemini so I’m familiar with their ways – if she hasn’t contacted you in three months – NEVER contact her. she will either have a day when her personality is feeling soft & fuzzy which will cause her to find you or she may never contact you – so don’t give her the satisfaction of being the first.

    • I’m with you on the delete contact details because then you simply cannot contact them.

      And I’m with you on not giving her the satisfaction too – she will just think you are still pining after her and that will give her all the power (says he who’s been bitten by a gemini).

      There’s a country song about the long goodbye and how painful it is. Rip it off like a bandaid brother because the long goodbye is excruciating – even when it feels like the bandaid really stings.

  3. while paying due respect to the advice of the TLE (who is almost certainly correct in what she says), i’m not quite so sure!

    i could paint a scenario where the gem regretted the dumping but didn’t ever want to be seen to admit they were wrong.

    and it could be seen as a sort of high minded, i’m better than you, na-na-de-na-na thing on the part of the scorp, LOL!

  4. How agony aunt!

    Dear Michael,

    well it depends on the nature of the break up? I traditionally befriend all my ex’s (which is very unscorpio I hear?) (and that’s not lovers, they are trickier and more heated imo) but if you have to ask chances are, its No.
    Esp Gemini’s.
    The only one I dated was such a pain in the arse any moment of contact would inflate the head to thinking I was after him. Never mind him semi stalking my social circle so I could NOT avoid him.

    Agreed with Mystic. Anything from an ex is always loaded unless you are friends. Move on save your pennies and don’t show your hand like that.

  5. What is it about Scorpios?? I am 19 Nov and struggled the same as ‘Michael the Scorpio’ with making contact with a past love (Aquarius). Something about that 3 months trigger. Michael don’t do it. If she doesn’t respond to your birthday wish, you will feel hurt and a little foolish, if she does respond you will feel hope and then probably hurt… Believe me I know, I made the mistake. Stay strong and move on and feel the empowerment that will deliver.

    • Scorpio too – you’re the same birthday as a guy I’m about to start dating – do you think you’re healed enough to start seeing someone else yet? because we like you…


  6. I think we need more info here Mikey.
    What’s your intention for sending the card? If you think it will precipitate either a) winning her back, b) making her regret her choices, or c) proving to her you are the higher-minded person, then on all counts it is a NO.
    If on the other hand, you are over her and would like to make peace / closure / pleasantries, then why the hell not. In those circumstances it seems quite a beautiful gesture.
    I have exes that I am SO TOTALLY OVER but dread the inevitable bumping into them as it just ended so ugly or sour and still hangs there as a kinda haunting… A peaceful resolution to these things can be a good investment in avoiding future awkwardness and angst. Says I Dr Diplomacy Capricorn.

    PS – more boys should send cards any time anyway. Should you rise from those ashes having changed teams, feel free to send me one.

  7. I sent my own crazy Miss Gemini a birthday card. It was a beautiful hand painted card, using a “two-colored brush” technique I learned in Japan, my particular specialty. I used some of my gold pigment that I use only on very special occasions. I signed it and imprinted it with my special seal.

    She called the police and said I sent her an anonymous death threat. I talked to the officer and explained that she has gone paranoid due to the crack or meth or whatever she’s doing lately, and she only made the complaint because she was embarrassed that I accidentally saw her the night before, out in front of a crack house in my neighborhood.

    He said that explains everything, she was acting strange when she made the complaint, in retrospect he can tell she was high. The officer said he was sick of Miss Gemini using the police to cause grief for other people (apparently I’m not the only one she’s complaining about to the cops) and if she did it again, she was likely to be charged with filing a false police report. I told the officer that next year, I’d send her a birthday card again.

  8. Am a Gem, sort of dumped by a Scorp. Tried to contact in a compassionate way twice via email in the last three months, no reply.

    What I learned is, sometimes what you think about a relationship, and mine was friendship first, is not what the other party thinks about the relationship – no clue about what the Scorp thought, but obviously not us as friends first and foremost.

    It made me question the mismatch in core values. I hold no grudges, but others may have extra energy to do so.

    So my advice is no contact but not because of the signs. It is better to remember the past as it was.

  9. My answer would be NO as well – you are seeking a backdoor way to re-enter the relationship in quite a manipulative manner which is not only disrespectful to the other person’s wishes but also disrespectful to yourself.

    I suggest you really have a look at your own underlying motives – and being a Scorp, you will no doubt have the capacity to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about why you are considering this.

    Once you have gleaned that awareness simply hand it over to your own personal Jesus/God/Ether/Universe and ask for assistance in letting go. There is no shame in being attached to another since we all do it – it’s part of the human condition and also part of our emotional maturation process.

    However hanging on, manipulating, scheming and coniving to get your way will cost you dearly in the end. It will bring you pain and more pain – not because the universe is vengeful – but because you are leaving yourself in the darkness and shutting yourself off from new opportunities to bring true love into your life.

    It’s great that you reached out and asked for advice though. Well done!

    Blessings to you Michael.

  10. Gemini’s are wacky – she may be cut that you didn’t, but she may not have noticed….
    Err on the side of caution….. no contact by her? Means no way in hell should you contact her!

  11. Personally I think once a relationship is over & the fat lady has well and truly sung (3 months with no contact after all) you have to face the fact it’s dead and move on. It’s painful to do that if you don’t want to, or are still attached.

    Let it go – and forgive for your own sake.

    Why is it that you want to be “friends”, send card, remembe birthday etc? This will tell you most about where you are at.

    Brother in arms, good luck to you. May the cut be clean and swift and the wound heal as quickly as possible.

  12. Why do Gemini people always get such a bad rap?
    We have feelings too. And I am one Gem who has
    been reduced to ashes as well.

    In response to the question no contact is my rule.
    Leave the past alone.

    • Haha classic Maso. I agree, she will too busy with her fb, email, mobile, gym, friends, tv etc

      Gems love talking right, so any chance to text, email, facebook etc they are on it. So if she has not contacted you for 3 months it is OVER RED ROVER. Plus, I would think Scorps would be too intense for Gems, who like to keep things light, breezy and on the surface. Like a buzzing bee hopping from one flower to the next.

      Move on and find yourself another a fellow Scorp who reciprocates the yearning, obsessing over as much as you do.. Good luck xx

      • NOOooOOooooo

        scorp on scorp is usually a terrible terrible idea babe. I know people who are not scorpio’s tend to see this as some sort of invisible team we are all on but imagine (hetro esque) pluto VS femme fatal. It’s an endless power war and the sex is no where near as good as you would hope as you are immune to their voodoo and they resent your own

        • Oh really?…I suppose another water sign then, pisces or cancer.
          Is it one of those “when they are good they are really good, but when they are bad they are horrid” type of pair

          I just know with my mars-saturn Scorp, the only peeps i like are Scorps (any planet) as they will take me on, so to speak 🙂 they are not afraid of me.

          • no its just bad. a lot of game play no verbal happenings not much action, only peeps I know who even remotely dug this with any of the lust bit was venus scorps its not a team its at each other. thats the negative of Pluto.

        • “immune to their voodoo” Hahaha. Oh i soooooo agree with you Ms.
          SPOT ON!! I’m repelled by Scorp men (Joaquin Phoenix excluded but who knows what would happen in reality).

          Scorp men are great as friends but I’m just not interested in sleeping with them. I had a really, really weird experience with one many years ago. Met him through a friend and we use to catch up for coffee occasionally. One night we went out for a drink and I invited him back to my place because i was enjoying his company. We chatted until the wee hours then went to bed. I wished him good night and rolled over. And that was that.
          Well, not quite. He was keen but I was too repulsed and the fact that he said “don’t I deserve a kiss?” made me want to throw up!!! Eeeeewww. Far out, if you have to ask, surely the answer is NO!!!

          • hehe… I don’t like them either! Too much ego. I’m a sucker for Virgos and Toros. I wouldn’t limit myself to one sign. I’m open to being surprised. It really all depends on what else is going on in their chart.

          • Totally, it’s either asexually unimpressed or just out and out power play. I had your above scenario with boy who jealously flipped on me after him circling me (i mistook for friendship) for 2 weeks when I befriended his friend the uber Leo and this counted as some kind of ownership??

            Most annoying of all time -I have an ex lover who when ever I run into STILL pulls the same games over a decade later. I escape him wherever possible. He tried to take my number for some work related thing which I was massively hesitant to give but there was some money involved, then he ran into me on the street weeks later, I was mid sentence after him asking me what I was up to, cuts me off and says – oh sorry I didn’t call you babe I lost my phone… in the exact condescending tone/expression as if I had been waiting for him to call so we could hook up?!? completely stalls the conversation to fish for some kind of hurt on my part- then tries to hold me in some never ending hug until the tram comes and I couldn’t have got away faster.

            always awkward

          • God – I cut straight Scorp men off at the knees without even realising, because – I am IMMUNE TO THEIR VOODOO! I never put that together until just now! Most of them are lovely, and I can totally get why women think they’re wonderful, but for me, its like having x-ray vision through to their motivations and modus operandi…. very awkward romantically, I totally distrust their every statement. But as friends? None better. and the gay scorps make the BEST friends…..

          • Ms you couldn’t be more spot on, Scorp ex, same games, same lines, all our old jokes (which even I am over…..and same ability to turn things around as though I AM the one waiting, yet everytime I’m out/socialising etc with someone else he gets unvelievably wierd about it and so so shitty. Darts and ducks away from saying anything remotely commital yet when i ignore him he’s like a stalker. Agony, because i do love him, dreadul as he is……..

  13. I would probably advise not to send the card. I remember years ago a scorpio ex turning up at my door step with a picnic basket on the morning of my birthday, I hadn’t seen him for months! Was very awkward and wierd!

  14. hey, Mystic, how are you superwoman and everywoman on the same beat at all times? i guess it’s that pisces, plus a little something extra, huh? dayum, girl. comprehensively deep, delving and blithe/humorous/brush-ya-shoulders-off all at once. maybe you have some good-ass karma. if you’re this awesome/awe-inspiring now, how the f_&$ will you be in twenty, thirty years time? you rock so much sh*&… maybe unanswerable, magical. yeah, you know you are.

  15. Don’t send anything. Maintain a dignified silence. Ignore her. Any contact with exes is probably a bad thing, for most Scorpios.

  16. Michael – no. It seems like you still yearn for her. Let her go. I know that is v hard for you as a Scorp bc you probably feel so strongly but unrequited love is not a happy path for you to take. It’s REALLY not. Maybe instead use that Scorp energy and insight to write a letter to yourself about what you enjoyed about the relationship and what you would like in your next one.

    By the way, the only sign who I think could write a card to an ex and get away with it is an Aqua. They LOVE the idea of exes being friends and, to be fair, are usually genuine.

  17. My first thought was why. If you don’t have a shared interest each ie children or shared care of cats/pets, move on. Leave it be. Do some brutal analysis on it to process her out of your head.

    Neptunian girlfriend does this and it for some reason annoys me even though it’s none of my business.

  18. Love the ‘electronic shocking device’ in desparate times. My Cap sun/merc/mars has always admired the dark undercurrents of Scorps, fuqing lovely to know someone digs deep. A gem just may not understand…so don’t!

    • Dear god that was my early degrees of sun in Cap/Pluto transit talking. I liked it when he…..
      Seriously my best mates are scorps!

      • well i quite liked your post!

        i think you’re onto something with geminis just not appreciating ‘someone who digs deep’.

        michale – two sides to emotional intensity, but choose to reclaim your power and move on. be the gritty, never lose the upper hand kind of scorpio.

        i have given up my emotional power to unsafe people before, and one was a gemini! i had to try extremely hard to not want to initiate contact.

        but it’s not good! especially someone who dumps you six days before V day. wtf?

        in future you will feel better for not having given that person power – and trust me, *low* geminis can turn any occasion into evidence that they have the power in the relationship.

  19. To Scorp Michael- My partner is a Nov 16 Scorpio too and in the two years we have been together, five (count ’em) of his ex-girlfriends have done the “just want to catch up for coffee/ lunch /old times’ sake” thing with him…..several times….. each. Never mind that he tells them he NEVER wants to speak to or to see them ever again, never mind that the one who came to his parents house on the off chance he’d be there was told by them go away and never come back (she did), never mind that he says I am happy with my girlfriend – give it a few months and one of them will crawl out of the woodwork. Phone calls, texts messages, sending his sister messages on Facebook pleading for her to intercede on their behalf – they try any excuse or method to make contact (interestingly no birthday cards though!!)
    Anyway this is my rather long way of saying that a) doing the “I’m just catching up” or “just want to wish you a Happy Birthday” thing with an ex (unless you are really still friends) is not fooling anyone (esp a Gemini) it’s clear you are still pining for them and want them back and b) you’re a Scorpio for heaven’s sake – the ex’s should be running back drooling after YOU not the other way around!! LOL. Good luck with it, I hope you are happy and have moved on to a greater, finer love.

  20. all fantastic advice here. Gems will like the contact but only for that reason they can’t ignore it. Seems like its 99% no here. We’ve all been thru it and do not want anybody else to suffer as we did so….

  21. I think that the main point there is that when you are over it enough to be cool and send the card, that means you are over it – so why send the card. Like who cares if she has a happy birthday, or not….

  22. IF you find out she is still single then maybe but do you really want to picture her lying in bed with some hoon, his studly shoulders heaving with laughter as she reads out the message on your card to him, only embellishing the whole thing to flatter him further before they have sex for the 2nd time that night?

  23. No way.

    As a Scorpio with a lot of close Gemini friends I’ve learnt the hard way that as much as I adore them and they might adore me, we think SO differently when it comes to so many things. Especially love. It’s not that they don’t feel, they just have a limit and most Scorpios do not.

      • Exactly, Charley. The Gems just do not go to the same depths.

        Michael, if you must send the card – and you’ll prob. send it if you really are compelled to do so despite what everyone says here – make sure it says something goofy, like a good knock-knock joke. Better still, adapt the style of the card to her Moon sign, if you know it.

  24. maybe find a nice pisces with some leo or virgo influences to liven things up…and distract yourself. naturally i think pisceans are the solution to most things 😉

    • lol, i note that i have provided a gemini-ish solution of self-distraction to solve emo questions. thanks, ascendant

  25. There is this weird little RADAR thing Scorps have…anyone they`ve ever met is still on their radar screen….a subliminal tracking device.

    • i have to ask, how do you remember and what sort of things do you remember…i mean considering the number of people I have met who are of no interest to me whatsoever…wouldn’t this occupy valuable neurons you could be using as reserves for binge-drinking / designing world-dominating computer programs / inventing new sex positions / web-stalking / etc? just asking…i mean, i know a scorp person like this. My low tolerance for most people means i write a large proportion of them off pretty quickly. not that they’re bad people but nothing about them excites me..anyhoo

      • UP writing from a scorp moon perspective I think it’s just instinctual. I think a scorp or person with enough scorp in their charts to be scorp lite (oxymoron I know but still) is able think with their researchy gathering brain and underneath seethes all sorts of other stuff. Um the shit list, the hmm hot list, the might want to one day list, whatever…yet it functions sort of like blinking. So I don’t think a lot of energy is expended, it just is.

  26. I wouldn’t send it. I met a Capricorn local when I was in Kaui. My Moon was on his Venus and we had a mini fling. Anyway, I foolishly gave him my address and months later he sent me an Xmas card. I wasn’t interested just like I hadn’t been interested in anything further while in Hawaii (he wanted dinner, etc).

    I threw his Xmas card in the trash. I hate it when men are persistant when you’re not interested. Get the message!! Capeesh??

    • Oh, Gemini rising, Mars conjunct. Don’t know what his other signatures were however….His Venus on my Moon in 8th however and so a little Scorpio influence.

    • Only gave him my address on a cocktail napkin at a nightclub cuz been drinking mai tais. I’ve moved since then… 😉

    • I hate that, too. Not flattering at all – it makes me feel trapped & annoyed. (And if I feel friendship for the guy, it makes me feel guilty & sad on top of trapped & annoyed because I care about hurting him & hate being forced to reject him repeatedly.)

      • Good gravy, a whole host of emo’s involved….I agree darl Odette…Leave me alone and I won’t have to hurt you…lol

        • Kauai….been spelling Kauai wrong all this time. Heck a few mai tais later and one cannot spell at any rate….

  27. YES. send the card.

    1. You seem to want to send a card
    2. Although you are sending it with the right sentiment (birthday wishes) it may trigger guilt or bad vibes on her part (how dare he be nice)
    3. Being polite and sending the card is good vibes on your part. You look like a kind friend
    4. it’s only a card
    5. don’t expect ANY response, this is the key

    Cat the gem (my bf is a scorpio)

  28. I don’t think the card is a good idea…..

    If you had some contact after the break up it maybe appropriate depending on the situation however seeing as you have had none, I would leave it alone. She broke it off with you let her deal with that decision & if she wants to contact you she will. Gemini’s don’t have any problem with communicating & the fact she hasn’t had any communication with you probably suggests she doesn’t want too.

    Don’t worry there are plenty of Gemini’s in the sea…. 😉

    • “Gemini’s don’t have any problem with communicating & the fact she hasn’t had any communication with you probably suggests she doesn’t want to”. I agree with Baristagem!!

      As I am married to a Gem and am Gem Rising I feel like I know how ‘La di daa, wot?, NEXT!’ Gemini can be. Three months is like aaages in Gemini time.

      My obsessive, romantic Scorpio Moon doesn’t know what to do with itself some days (play devious ego-acupuncture on my Leo Sun?).

  29. What is it about Scorps wanting to contact their ex’s all the time?

    My ex-BF, who was a mega-Scorp, still sends me “I wanna be friends” messages on Facebook five years after we hit Splitsville – the most annoying part being I have to waste the energy clicking “Ignore” all the time.

    Always remember: they are an ex for a reason.

    • Not this Scorp!! Maybe it’s because i have moon in Sagg. Once it’s over, it’s OVER. No turning back, cutting off all ties is the only way. Exes never contact me. They wouldn’t dare! 🙂

    • Really? I am friends with all my exes more or less, I thought it was just polite and my sentimental Venus, Mercury, Saturn Cancer Stellium acting up. But maybe it is better to move on completely and take my Scorpio Moon with me. Hmm.

  30. Send the card if you want to send the card. . . but . . . this doesn’t mean you’ll get back together, and she may be frustrated at the contact. She may, on the other hand, reply.

    The real question to ask is why you want to send the card, not whether you should send the card.

    It’s an interesting choice of metaphor. The thing about the phoenix is that it emerges even more glorious than it was before. My entire life collapsed last year. . . the day I started wearing a new jade pendant I’d bought. I bought it because it was pretty. I wasn’t even into astrology at the time. I was bound up in the physical world. I bought the pendant because I like green dragons. There’s a dragon on the front and something else carved on the back. I couldn’t quite work out what it was. I’m not generally superstitious, but everything, I mean everything: family, home, work collapsed. I was a mess. I let go of everything except the job. . . but it’s been awful. I later found out that the image on the back of the pendant that I couldn’t quite work out was a phoenix. I needed to clear out. Now I’m taking the new moon eclipse as the catalyst to get out. The phoenix needs to burn. The phoenix needs to be reborn.

  31. I’m a gemini in the exact opposite situation.
    My Virgo ex just sent me a book and a birthday card for my (late June Cancer-cusp) birthday.
    So similar – I broke it off last year but we remained friends, however it became clear they were just hoping I’d change my mind, so in January I cut off all contact. Six months later I receive the gift, then a follow-up email asking if we can be friends again.

    Quite frankly- I’m horrified.
    To me it just seems like I have to go through breaking it off all over again, “No, we can’t be friends, here’s why -”

    It sucks. Don’t send it.
    Let sleeping dogs lie.

    • NO! All the bad-mouthing of Geminis you see here is just jealousy that y’all cover so much ground with so little effort and don’t let the details drag you down!

    • Yes, yes, Gems are completely superficial and have no feelings at all. That heart’s just for pumping that watered down blood they possess..! No, I jest, I think a lot depends upon House placement and other planetry influences. My Gem Hub has Sun in the 4th House and he is very stable and sincere. He displays his ability to move quickly mentally in his job rather than his emotions.

    • Sun-sign based generalization of Gems, I agree with Andromeda, a lot depends on house of Sun, moon sign and where Saturn is.

      My sun is Gem 3rd house, but I have a Cap moon plus Pluto squares my Sun,
      heart breaks are always an internal affair for me.

      • Aw, bless Quadrupled….

        I have a Cap Moon. Sun squares Saturn..

        “heartbreaks are always an internal affair for me”..

        Couldn’t have said it better. If only people knew the internal torture and emo pain we conceal…Me behind my Gem rising….But behind I can be nearly immobilized with sorrows!!! boo-hoo!!!x

  32. Oh dear, this hits close to home… As a 0 degree Cancer born on June 21, who broke up with former SO (another Cancer) the day after V-Day (the first time) and the day after his B-day (the second time) – “I swear it just worked out that way…!”
    – my advice is… No, leave well enough alone. If you are still friendly in the same social circle, a post to her Facebook wall is acceptable, but otherwise…move on, break the ties that bind, emotionally. A card is *not* appropriate at this point.

    Best wishes to you!

  33. Send the card, don’t send the card.

    Either way you gain knowledge. At the very least thinking about it shows that on some level you would still like her in your life. I don’t understand the Gemini mind/heart well enough to know what her response could be. I know there is a lot of fluidity and lightening fast moods, but the heart?

    It’s only Michael the Scorp that knows whether he thinks she is worth the risk of an overture of friendship being accepted or rejected. It’s only Michael the Scorpio who can say if he would be content with her as a friend in his life.

    Personally I find having exes as friends troublesome. It takes longer for my heart to release fully and move on.

  34. NO – I know this is way late – but after my experience with THAT Gem ex. Once they move on they just DON’T care.

  35. Hmm….to send or not to send???
    As a gemini, I’d say send it..we arent as heartless as we’re made out to be BUT it depends greatly on her mood at the time. If shes in a nice accepting mood, she’ll think. Oh how nice of him!
    If shes feeling somewhat b*tchy, she might think, What a loser! but chances are, she won’t completely ignore you, however, she might feel powerful and victorious.

  36. i’m a gem 😀 it depends on the break up actually. if i still love the guy, i’d appreciate the card (it doesn’t mean that when you break up with someone, you don’t love him/her anymore – infidels… hellowww sometimes you still hope right?). if i don’t, you’re as good as past life.

    i got dumped by a scorp btw – by kissing a woman right before my very eyes (not just your ordinary smack)!!! i hated him for that. without a word, i flew. after a year, he managed to get my number through connections. he called me because he told me he still loves me. i still love him so i went back.. i thought everything was better than before but he betrayed me again. since then, i never looked back. befriending him again came into my thoughts but intimate relationship? i promised myself i’ll commit suicide if ever i get fooled again by him.

    so yeah.. it depends

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