Where You Have Pisces…Or Neptune

dresses turned into lanterns hanging off treeThe House in your horoscope where you have Pisces is where you can most successfully apply magical realism, creative visualization et al.

In fact, it’s almost like your attitude is all important there. If you lose your moxy in the Pisces area, you notice it.

The spell is broken. It’s where you can whip up some magic in no time at all but also slide v.quickly, should you toxify  your mind.

Where you have Pisces is also where you can experience unique highs & triumphs but it may also be the scene of some very secret low moments. Ditto, to a slightly lesser extent, the House where Neptune glows.


Image: Tim Walker

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115 thoughts on “Where You Have Pisces…Or Neptune

  1. SEE!?! it’s not even NIGHTTIME and you freak me. YES! yes! tis true tis true… the 11th and 9th houses respectively pour moi.

  2. I have Pisces in the 6th House and Neptune in the 3rd.

    Sounds about right – highs and lows in duty, employment and responsibility.

  3. Yes. Sigh. Pisces in the 4th and Neptune on the cusp of the 12th. Home/private life is sacred and I like/need to take time out for solitary imaginative nurturance. The painful part is when other people don’t get it or respect it.

    • Yes, Uber…empathic sigh, I have Pisces 4th & Neptune in 11th- not quite cusping…squaring sun, merc & moon. I feel not so much like a fish out of water, as a Leo in water, a lot of the time! I do all my best artwork at home & tend to be quite solitary, which isn’t always a good thing. My owl is always on my shoulder, so I do feel that the ‘respect’ & the ‘get’ are mostly boundary lessons already learned, tho yes, Uber, it does require subtlety…

      • We’re sensitive souls aren’t we, precious? I do my creative work at home but have most of my planets across the ninth and tenth, so it balances nicely that the day job is working in close interaction with people.

    • I have Pisces in the 4th too. Neptune in the 12th really close to my ASC.

      Home is totally a sacred palace! Even though I’m introverted, I love to entertain at home with people I trust. But yes i also hole up for days at a time. I get sick of people saying Sagg rising must mean extroverted.

  4. Pisces in the Fifth House – very secret lows ringing true here, lows due to mind-toxicity as well. It’s nice to re-frame it tho within magic realism potential . . . . mmmm
    Neptune in the First – I like these placements!!

    • synchronicity here firey, lows and toxicity current in the fifth, my neptune is last degrees of the 12th

      Gotta get me a life, and rediscover my playfulness and what makes me happy

      • ah! may the lows and toxicity be purged soon from your fifth Stingy Bull! But, as M says, it can be remorphed quickly and lightly. My toxic 5th house stuff was a few years ago now, but in other areas more recently my energy was super low and I think the major shift was facilitated by just remembering, visually, how I used to walk/talk/be when I was happy and light (and younger!) and I really think those simple memories revived me energetically. I have the lightness of foot going on and that is regardless of the very weird, unsettled, existence I have at present.

        Bull by the horns! Here she/he comes xx

  5. Neptune in the 8th (conjunct my Sun) and Pisces in the 11th. Its so true- my whole life is coloured by magical realism. i was doing law of attraction style visualising about friendships back in primary school- i just called it daydreaming of course. but i would actually carve out time in my day to think about things as they were and then imagine them turning out the way i wanted.
    plus, yes, my friendships always need a good attitude or they can swing wierdly off kilter.

  6. O dear yes – Chiron in Pisces in the 9th meant that damn PhD nearly kiiiiilllllled me.

    Neptune in the 5th = Say No To Drugged Up Flings, or Wake Up Engaged to a Nutter.

    • lol, especially the nep in the 5th. You might be able to write a bestselling memoir about your (mis)adventures, a la fishgirl.

      I have Chiron in Pisces too and I reckon it ups the martyrdom quotient.

  7. Yes. Like Herby, I have Pisces in the 6th house and Neptune in the 3rd.

    Particular secret lows mainly in regards to a deep seated fear of failure re: work (both employment and study). I like the idea of using and maintaining magical realism … now that I’ve started paying attention, I’ve noticed a distinct correlation between my emotional and physical health – a combination of Neptune and Pisces maybe? Or just a tendency towards hypochondria?!

    MM, I love the image of Neptune glowing. Time to inject a bit of magical realism into my 3rd methinks!

    • Oh yeah! Serious deep seated fear of failure re: work here too! I always put my hypochondria down to being a Stellium Virgo with ascendant and north node there too. Could this combination of Neptune and Pisces also be contributing?

      I also have a really close correlation between emotional and physical health. If I’m stressed or worried then I get heaps of digestive problems.

    • Me Three Guys!!! The same exact configuration and oui, the gut has a language all its own whatever happens.

      I’m a Virgo Rising so my desc is Pisces in the 7th.. gulp. Not sure what that means, no I do.. I’ve certainly had mad highs and lows in that house.

      • Group hug! So glad I’m not the only one whose stomach goes bats when stressed *breathes sigh of relief*

        I always thought I was just being a bit of a princess about the whole thing … but I reckon you might be on to something, Herby re the combination of Pisces and Neptune – good ol’ combination of a dreamy subconscious and insecurities (founded or un-founded).

      • Same configuration re Virgo rising, Pisces descendent + Chiron in 7th, Neptune 3rd. Workaholic too but crash post-project to balance out Libran scales. Def have martydom though hate to admit it. Workplace insecurity goes straight to my kidney/bladder region.

  8. Hmm.. that pic… I never visualize women’s dresses neatly hung up and well lit. I envision them crumpled on the floor of my darkened bedroom.

    I’m never sure what to make of it when someone says “the house where you have Pisces.” I have about 3/4 of Pisces in my 8th house, and about 1/4 in the 9th. But “officially” I have Pisces in my 9th, even though the bulk of it is in the 8th.

  9. Pisces MC. Every job I have had, I get into some power struggle with my boss, I can’t help it. So hard to have it as MC and I find I’m very vulnerable to people in power. Neptune in the 8th

    • Me too re the MC, I worked for myself and had a power struggle with my inner boss – there’s just no escaping it is there?

      • Lol, yes work for yourself. I just dont work for anyone anymore. And everything is fine. 😉

  10. I have Neptune in the first. Its a bit of this 🙂 and this :(.
    I have 29 degrees Pices on my IC and it mainly covers the 3rd house. I have my chart ruler Jupiter in Pisces in the 3rd. Highly creative and optimistic! but a tad delusional….

  11. Pisces is split by my Midheaven!! But its in my 10th house, Neptune in my 7th! Going to look that up~ Oooh~

  12. 9th House Pisces 1°51’52
    Neptune Scorpio 5°59’15 in house 5

    Mars Trine Neptune
    Saturn Sextile Neptune
    Neptune Sextile Pluto


    • Dream big davilove.

      That adds up. Your attitude to 9th house travel and higher learning has a Neptunian bent with the interdimensional esoteric knowledge, spiritual journeying etc

      Neptune in the 5th might idealize romances/flings but is cool for creative imaginings. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in harmonious aspect, so action, discipline and transformation could work in well with your Neptune spirituality, creativity, dreaming etc

        • Uber if you see this and have spare moment, I’d love to know what you think about Neptune in the 6th house? I can’t find anything that resonates on the net.

          • I’d love that too Uber, if you can. I have Pisces MC & Neptune in 6th.

          • Moi aussi! Feels more like a statement of origin, but me too LL.
            And have had a big bill from school that has come back after a couple years to bite me on the bum… ArGGH!
            I left when my bro had a sudden and untimely passing and I guess the lovely peeps running the joint didn’t have the heart to bill me. Thank God for the baby bonus.

          • Moi Aussie too, another too too!

            Ack, that sux getting a big bill, better now than back at the time when you least needed to receive it. Shame you don’t get to spend baby bonus on baby & yourself 🙁

          • Odette in Libra talks about it downthread. The sixth is ruled by Virgo and is about health/body consciousness, rituals, routines, day job — mundane, earthy, Virgo shit, but Neptune wants to dream, imagine, explore spirit and break down boundaries (12th house stuff). It brings sensitivity to this area, so you can have a hypersensitive constitution, or difficulty sticking to routines or difficulty feeling grounded. Or you might be able to converse meaningfully with your family pet or have other psychic gifts. It might require extra effort to keep your shit together in this house. i.e. consciously stick to routines and health regimes, work to stay grounded, pretend you’re a Virgo etc

          • Thank you Uber, your Virgoan succintness is much appreciated. My Neptune isn’t grounded by the Virgoan Sixth House as much as I’d like.. I am working on it.

            I tend to have massive energy surges where I am super able, to depletions that can take me a year or more to overcome. Do grounding work and lots of menial stuff. I reckon this placement causes ADD! (or a shamanic thinking process as my doctor kindly points out).

          • Sorry I posted a response Lexicon Limbo and the computer ate it. But thanks for your response and if you see this, I am curious how you find the Neptune in the sixth house working (or not) for you? And the Pisces MC if that has expression in your life?

          • Guys, was reading Sasportas last night and he says Neptune in the 6th can work the other way too. As in, you get so caught up in routine, mundane stuff that you neglect your soulful, dreamy, neptune side. eg. overworking as a way of avoiding soul searching. Will post this on ‘Virgoing Out’. xx

  13. Pisces Asc at 23 deg in the 12 & 1st house

    Neptune is 21 Sagg in the 9th house conjunct MC which is at 22 Sagg

    Yes, have had some very secret low moments & know what you mean about noticing if you lose your moxy, hell yeah!

    I felt it go early 2007 & noticed it immediately! While I have never travelled to far away countries I have definitely felt a need to escape & at the same time I feel like I could contribute something creative to the world regarding my experiences, as there are some definite triumphs. It is funny as someone I regard very highly said to me not so long ago ‘you couldn’t write this stuff, I don’t know many people who could match your experiences’ Coming from her that is saying something….

  14. No Pisces anywhere, no water cept in Node & Chiron.

    KIM FALCONER………’Moon in Leo has Eros over it, someone from the past
    emerges’. Before i read that this morn, had a call from Leo soulmate
    in Melba. First contact for 2 years and strangely thinking of him yesterday
    as the new Nova mag is themed ‘Brother Sun-Sister Moon’ and that was our
    nickname for each other from the movie Fellini? Think it was about St. Francis
    of Assisi, the animal protector.
    Said that i thought of him only y’day
    he replied ‘i always think of you’. I sooo needed that as have had the blues bigtime.
    We are same name, same age, same nationality, both fire signs & have adored
    him from my teens when he was my boyfriend’s best friend, a total chick-magnet,
    the men called him. The women were envious as he was my ‘brother’.

    So Kim helped retrieve Tesla, wow, she also predicted my blast from the past.
    Then a call to get ma body to the shack this weekend from CowGirl & Aquaman.
    More delight to negate my insecurities. Sea sand & the dogs & the ‘life’s too short
    to drink bad wine’ besties. Have been pine-ing for them it seems.
    Treasure your friends………today mine have materialised to bring me out of my cave.
    Libran Neptune……………..end of July seems to be my astro & intuition that all will move
    forward & in the meantime have my 72 Derwent pencils…lol….
    Pity this ageing chick-magnet lives in different city or we would be living together.
    EEEk a mouse just ran past!

      • Yes, Andrew just as i thought…prep all details for when
        the recognition comes my way 🙂
        Have been stuck on Global Angst (as i do) lately, the big picture,
        vis a vis worry about the details in MY Universe.
        Thanx for your reply validating the message i was getting.

    • Hang on pegs, you might have no planets in Pisces but it will be placed in one of the houses. What’s your rising sign?

      • UberVee, thanx for the help…….I could get some transparent paper
        & print my astro-map, do all the bits ‘n pieces, then superimpose
        them on top of each other….lol (and get more confused). Have done this
        with ‘Sacred Mirrors’ Alex Grey’s amazing colour book on the physical & spiritual
        maps of the human body as P &A wasn’t being taught in a way i understood. ie
        verbal & written vis a vis Visual- Tactile. Saturn sits on my shoulder!

        Ok still not sure, no sign of Pisces anywhere i can see ‘cept what MM & followers
        give me about themselves. Capricorn Rising which is in 12th house.
        Neptune (ruler of Pisces right) in 10th house nxt to Moon close
        as, to MC (mid heaven right?).
        Ummm & Jupiter (another ruler of Pisces right?) in Sag in 11th house.
        If time, Uber, can you deduce where Pisces is with me?
        Knickers knotting…..

        • Sounds like Pisces is in your 2nd house Pegasus?

          Values, possessions & the way we relate to our body!

          • Thanx Barista, don’t know how you figured that, but believe
            Apply magical realism to possessions (that would be my study
            books & designing a workshop/tuition thingo),
            & toning up the bod after a too long a rest from yoga.
            Restarted warm ups last week & strained my back badly as pushed
            & pushed coz was in shock from how tight muscles had become, ‘open thighs open’
            get the root chakra movin ‘n groovin’ in the right direction
            wanting to get my libido back. Don’t quite trust Butch enough yet
            so the flower juice is holding back til heart connexion is sure & safe.
            It went to sleep after the 4th separation in Oct/Nov. Funny that.
            A Pink Pill now designed for women, a libido enhancer. A beautiful Maven
            replied ‘It’s not a disease to medicate, a glass of wine & a massage works wonders’.

            I admire your regime, Barista, nothing seem to get in the way of your doing it.
            Bless ya tight bum.

        • Sorry, Barista. If pegs has her Asc in Cap, then the 2nd house is Aqua and the the 3rd is Pisces. So pegs, you have a Piscean way of perceiving, thinking and communicating, which makes you broadminded, dreamy, imaginative and soulful in the way you communicate.

          Neptune in the 10th does well through soulful, compassionate or artistic professions, or may struggle with conventional professions and have trouble getting its shit together career wise.

        • isnt it a contradiction to have your rising sign be in your 12th house? i mean, part of my 12th house is also the sign of my 1st house (aries) but ascendant = 1st house no matter what, eh?…

          • Yep. The Ascendent is the cusp or gateway to the first house. A house is governed by the sign on its cusp.

        • Oh and if you (or anyone else) is looking for your house placements, punch your birth data in to astro.com, go to ‘Free Horoscopes’ and select ‘Personal Portrait’ or ‘Short Report Forecast’. House placements are listed toward the bottom of the page.

  15. This is why i love Kimmy doing her Astro Flashes on the daily scopes – it would not have occurred to me to link Moon and Eros and nor to interpret it that way but she’s right!

    • She’s an absolute stunner too, which sometimes distracts me from her ideas, hehe. Im all like goo goo gaa gaa , horary, yes, moon / eros , yeh, right. derrr, derrr.

        • Angel, BodyArt,Darling, body-art, not ‘tatts’, thems what Bikies
          Love to know what she was visualising or meditating on when she was
          having them done…..or no data needed….the Initiation is as clear as.

          When my Turtle was being done in the Islands, i closed my eyes
          and was transported to the back of a large Sea Turtle with my arms gripped over her flippers
          & my body across her back. She was diving deep & indicated when i wanted
          to surface, slide my hands underneath her flippers to guide her up.
          Kinda like a bridle on a horse for directions.
          This would not happen, i imagine, to Everyone. What were you channelling
          when yours was done? Def not a butterfly, huh?
          You’re scaring me now 🙂 Scorp Mother, depths upon depths.

        • Woops, soz, but here when you say tatts, it’s a sexy thing. “Inked” is more the biker thing. I think. But potatow, potato.

          Love the snake and the bast, thing is it so works with her look, ya? Some peeps get them and it does not somehow gel..but still it’s the personal meaning that’s important. Turtle dream sounds beautifully surreal. Did you FEEL the visual??

          During such meditative states I often come to carrying a physical sense of the thought, the feel of a breeze, the smell.. my scorpion was a clan mark. The mark that says, I KNOW. 🙂

  16. 8th is pisces, moon too.
    neptune in 5th, square moon.
    my intution rocks when it’s on. and runs me through the shredder when it’s not.

    • Ooh, same placements here! Are you an ’87 Leo rising too?
      It affects my whole romantic/ creative/ intuitive life if it’s off. Strangely, I think the AWOL moxy has just returned 😉

  17. Pisces Ascendent / Chiron at 15 deg Pisces in 1st
    virtually bang on AC – tips here?

    Neptune 15 Scorpio in 9th

    things are shifting, cant divine outcome but shifts are distinct &
    the holding pattern seems to be lingering as patience prevails in a calm before Le Change …. usually wouldnt be so patient at this point!!

        • Check out the website. His images are awesome and he’s had his work in Vanity Fair.

          • GREAT work!!

            Hey Ubes – Chiron in Pisces in 1st – is it all about life’s self lessons?
            is this why I’ve retreated to work on my own?
            which is the bit potentially changing….

          • The first house is about your self expression and physical self, appearance etc

            It might not mean going it alone necessarily, but it’s key to your personal healing to express yourself, self promote, put yourself out there, look fab, be fab/healthy, be successful as an individual, and I reckon you’re well on track in that respect, rockstar. You might have been stymied somewhat in this area early in life? It’s key for you to express high Pisces as part of this process.

            And don’t let the zap zone get you down.

          • bang on re early in life!!
            off to search Mystcs archives for Haute Fish!!

            how you hanging Ubes?


    • ooo i have that too – Chiron on asc, only mine is in cap. Dont know what it means tho !

  18. Hmmm…I’m not sure what it would mean but my Moon is in Pisces in my 1st house and Neptune in 11th?

  19. pisces in 7th…love art music beauty harmony…but somehow it always seems melancholy/bittersweet

    Neptune in 4th….escape is a cancer man, LOL. no doubt about it….
    I’m also private about my home and make it a comfortable escape.


    • oooh same as me!
      In the 7th I can be a little bit prone to believing what I want to believe and a little less likely to look at the facts.

      I also have neptune in my 4th and home is a sacred space. I am quite private and take great offence when someone messes with the vibe. For example if someone wants to talk about an ‘issue’ I refuse to do it in my home – can’t upset the balance or let them bring their toxic junk into my retreat!

      • yep. Can totally relate. It’s never the same once the poison’s in the system.

        also I cut people off from my home when I feel threatened by them emotionally.

        True about 7th house, it’s a opening for all kinds of justification and fantasy


  20. Pisces rising – I’m quite good a magic. I also get very paranoid sometimes. When I’m not confident in myself, which is often, things go really wrong (though I believe that is the same as everyone)

  21. Pisces in 8th house. Wouldn’t you know it. Also have pisces everywhere in my chart. Hmmmm…

  22. Pisces in the 11th and Neptune in Sagg in the 6th conjunct Jupiter, trine Mercury, opposing Saturn and sextile pluto all tight orbs around 0-1 degrees. If I knew what this meant I’d write a book about it!!

    Guessing here … I’m drawn to open minded, egalitarian people & groups without rigid social mores and structures – probably ones that focus on the higher mind, practical magic and stuff that can actually help people rather than waffling on about interesting ideas with little practical application.

  23. 18 Pisces rising – so between 12th and 1st houses. Neptune 1 Sag on 9th House, conj Jupiter on 29 Scorp 8th House, both retro.

    So Mystic tells me Neptune and Jupiter are ancient and current rulers of Pisces and that they are conjunct is good – for spiritual life.

    Pisces rising: I can’t define/express myself easily. But am working on it.

  24. Jupiter + MC + Ceres + Juno in Pisces in the 9th house. It’s like the top of a pyramid in my chart, well, a trine I guess. So I guess it is a Saggitarian outlook for Pisces?

    I imagine it’s like a Saggi foppish moment, like 30’s tennis player with a watercolour moustache. Magical visualisation as vehicle from one place to another – have to see Egypt one day, I have definitely had a past life here! oh, here I am in Egypt, my Lawd wot’s that?!
    The higher learning devoted to esoteric subjects…the blog of a medusa 🙂

    Neptune in the 6th in Saggi..darn that Saggi..he’s back having a watery moment, and of all places in my house of getting it right, on schedule and on time… Needless to say…

  25. Mystic, you genius!!!
    My moon is in Pisces, and it’s in 4th house. Well, Pisces is the 2nd half of my 4th house. So true…I love my abode and it’s my sanctuary, my shell. Not at all a fan of house sharing with flatmates, one of my nightmares! Was so happy when first moved out of the folks’ place. Part of the secret low, low moments indeed. Chiron trodding over, well,…
    The only two peeps I’ve lived with were exes. Much, much prefer to share with non-human animals. Working, getting there to have my dream abode…
    Neptune is in 1st house. And am good with accents and picking them up, and general mimicking.

  26. Scorpalish Robot & another recommended a book on Houses & Placements
    O it was Sweetpea & Andromeda?
    Shall search threads or give it to me again please.
    Am very over Caroline Myss from a description in her newsletter
    of how she got rid of a mouse that invaded her house. Nasty!
    She lost me. She rattled my House of Animal Lovers.

    Yeah, Andromeda, my Pisces are all here.

    • Howard Sasportas’ ‘The Twelve Houses’

      I bought it on robots’ recommendation and it rocks.

      • Oh cool. Good to hear you like it. I got into astrology seriously after I met an astrologer (a Taurus) at a party when I was about 24. He carried his ephemeris with him at all times (this was pre computer days) and he flipped it open after I told him my birthday and rattled off all this info about me and it just blew me away. We became good friends and he gave me a list of recommended books. That’s how the book landed in my hands.

      • She’s worth a look. I have her book ‘Sacred Contracts’ which explores personal archetypes and integrates the astro house system and chakras. It’s super elaborate, and I did a bit of the work before I said fuq it and went bowling or something. Haven’t picked it up again, but that’s more a reflection of where I’m at than the material.

        I also have ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ which I haven’t even opened, lol.

        • Yeah have the lot. Energy Anatomy i started with in 99 & all the rest followed.
          Devoted…until her story about the mouses..
          Follow no-one but yourself. Believe half of what you read & nothing of what
          you hear.
          Your instincts serve you well, my darlings.

        • myss’s book? brilliant. her ‘sacred contracts’ deals with archetypes as well.

      • anatomy of the spirit is one of the textbooks / compulsory reading at some Herbal Medicine schools. It’s a low-key easy read. But you already practice a lot of what she preaches mystic so maybe that’s the reason?

      • Fantastic shall send you all her CD’s & books including Sacred Contracts
        in Hard cover & the Cards that go with it to Newtown Address.
        My pleasure to do this so you can review.
        What science has done to mice rats appalls me which is why i give
        them magestic treatment as a make-up.
        There’s some sort of trap in USA that’s stickie or gluey so they can’t move.
        Then she threw it in the bin.
        You gotta walk your talk, it can’t be ‘do as i say not what i do’ style of teaching.

        • how do you deal with rodents and vermin? That’s a sincere question, am interested to know.

          • At a Vipassana retreat I went to they had little traps the mouse could fall into so that when caught it was fine. Release elsewhere later!

          • peppermint essential oil deters all kinds of rodents. sprinkle it in the places they hang– the bin, under the sink, etc.

            better yet– soak some cotton wool in peppermint oil and leave n same places. lasts longer and easier to refresh.

        • I don’t trust the famous energy workers much… Have a few clairvoyant friends (awesomely so) and they tell me that while many start of on the right foot, the seduction of power is overwhelming.. Jon Edwards etc. up to no good.
          Am not surprised by Caroline Myss mouse story as I reckon anyone who runs a cruise ship tarot card reading sessions for the rich and stupid has lost their path a bit. So many people need help and skills of the type these people have, why are they wasting their precious gifts and time? Just seems greedy. Regardless, I am interested in reading her early works.

          • LOL – yes I prefer her blue period myself. I had to read the book for studies and it was just such an easy read – a good weekend on the couch max, cathartic and not pious.

  27. That image is a bit like the cover of The Female Eunich which i thought
    was a fashion statement book meaning to wear light body-suits instead of
    bras & knckers. Well, i was quite young & working in fashion, Collins Street
    in fact, what could you expect?

  28. Cusp of the 8th is in Pisces. So my tawdry fantasies are in fact ‘creative visualisation’ huh? Like it.

    Actually, what is magical realism? I’ve heard it applied to the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but I’ve read One Hundred Years of Solitude and am none the wiser. Can anyone give me some clues?

    Like many here it seems, I have Neptune ‘glowing’ in the 4th, lighting my need for sanctuary, to be alone in a physical space that is mine, even back in the days when that was just a room in a shared house. I like moving, but could never just live out of a suitcase. The first thing I do is find a place for everything – there’s something I really enjoy about remoulding my life to fit a new space.

    • Accepting that magic is real, that we are all soaking in it and inviting it in – not just on a woo-woo basis but in your life…

    • Magic Realism is a style of writing which uses hyperbole/exaggeration to the extreme. A very popular genre in South America. Some West. Australian Ph.D students have written their thesis on the topic.

  29. Pisces Asc. and all the Pisces I have, Moon & Mars, in t he 12th house. Still don’t get what this means, but I do get really energetic one minute and exhausted the next. My emotions are either very profound or seem to be non-existant.

    Also, Neptune in the 10th. I’ll be working in the arts? Or maybe be the professional dream interpreter I’ve always wanted to be?

  30. Pisces in the 9th… definitely have itchy feet and get horribly stale if in one place too long (mentally or physically). 9th house’s ruling planet Jupiter also in there, which brings me luck whenever I do travel long distances!
    Euterpe at beginning of 9th conj jupiter -> love of music. Also means at the points in my life where I am not making music, I feel pointless.

    Neptune in 7th – I am very prone to illusions and disillusions in love.
    Couple it with my venus in pisces, then it explains my NEED for a romantic partner, rubbish or not.

  31. pisces MC and 6th house neptune – both to do with my work and your description of the magical potential and way down lows is the perfect encapsulation of the way that pendulum swings.

  32. Pisces in 12th….Saturn and Chiron. No idea.
    Pisces Asc.

    As an aries, I wonder if this is why I get totally reved up about anything/something….and just as quickly it goes pear shaped.

  33. No planets in Pisces, but my Scorp Neptune is in the 6th house.
    This makes a LOT of sense – my health has always been extremely responsive to my state of mind – stress or grief make me sick & prone to injuries so quickly, it’s like a specific button has been pressed. And positive visualization often works for me.
    I’m incredibly sensitive to what I put in my body – medications often have atypical or intense side-effects, which is why I lean towards using gentle herbal & dietary cures whenever possible.
    Interesting to know this self-knowledge is astrologically supported.

    • do you ever suffer from occupational health issues relating to gases and odours or air-borne particles? Yes that’s a weird and specific question – just wondering.

      • Yes – I’m very sensitive to air quality in any environment, including at work. Why do you ask?

        • neptune in the 6th in scorpio – is one of the things i have observed over time – sensitivities to gas and air borne irritants.

  34. Pisces north node in 2nd house, Neptune in scorp in 10th house (conjunct MC, opp merc, sq asc, sxt jupiter uranus and pluto) – is that why I can’t get my shit together career-wise???? Have mars in sag in 10th house too which should really give me a put more of a push to combat that dreaminess yes?? Trying to write a novel – but just can’t seem to get it together really! Always too much else to do..etc..blah blah..And then guilt self extraordinarily! Though do think perhaps am just self-sabotaging and anything’s an excuse! So yes, high’s and lo’s here too…

  35. My 5th house is all over Pisces. Neptune is in my second.
    If I wasn’t a Toro I would probably be a lot more loose with money… I do not need security as much as other Toros I know.
    Creative visualisation for eroticism? With Toro sun and scorp rising?

  36. Spot on! Pisces in the 8th – mysticism, the sea, karma, need sex to be a spiritual experience, and debt worries freak me out like nothing else.
    Neptune in the 5th along with Uranus & Saturn – I need all my playtime to be beautiful & ethereal yet also practical and innovative/zany. i’m a romantic handful. It also gives direction to my creative mission in life, which I’d be lost without.
    & given the nature of these houses, the lows will remain secret… but i’ve found with pisces/neptune, they’re all about self-trust, NOT martyrdom, as the fish is often said to be, but sacrificing the conscious ego; and of course time, patience, compassion, true love.

  37. Ive got Pisces in my FIRST HOUSE! and Neptune conjunct Uranus in my 11th house..
    So does that mean that my personality is heavily influenced by my spirituality?

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  39. I have Neptune in Capricorn and Pisces the 5th house as well as in the North Node. Can anyone tell me what this means? There’s so much to learn! I’d appreciate any help. 🙂