The Emotion Lab’s Moonwatch

Chic Watch Showing Moon Phases“…Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth….

The Emotion Lab

This watch is like my vision of bliss. Go click through the all the pics and tell me you don’t swoon. It’s the perfectly now combo of witchy-goo-goo-eco-Gaia attunement and brilliant, precise science. I never ever crave watches but now i do.

Chic Watch Showing Moon Phases Worn by RedheadObviously, it would be even more fab if they could factor it in to ping off your chart or something but beautiful design, no?

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hey……I really want this BEAUTIFUL!!! PLZ!!!
i eager to! likely to me too oh,,god…
i want to buy this cute T T im from south korea
plz give me any information – [email protected]


How about just look up in the sky?


These older threads are neat cuz they remind me of all kinds of crazy things that have gone on at your site Mystic (but I’d really rather not be reminded of alot of the dumb, drunken things I’ve said! 😆 )


want one!
omg this would keep my stress levels down! ive got 8 exams over the next 7 days…my first is tomorrow! ARGH does this watch make time go faster!?! i could sooooo do with a ‘back to the future’ moment right now…just to give me my spontanious fix


Relax Matty, clearer thoughts then, anyway consider yourself
passed with A’s.
Stress will only disrupt your clarity.


beautiful, but a better/more healthful thing to do is to just go outside every night for a couple of minutes and look at the moon – moon-gazing. Or sleep with your window and curtains open (not an option here at the mo’ with absolute humidity – woke up at 4 this morning because airconditioning had stopped). I have always been quite aware of the moon, but never more so than now, living in a very Muslim country, where every day revolves around the exact moments of sunrise and sunset and every week revolves around the changing phases of the moon.… Read more »


hmm, dreamy, love the moon, always have been inspired by the idea of a ‘Moon Garden’ with white and indigo flowers that light up with the rays of light and trees like Birch with their silvery shimmery skin.. I would let it grow slightly wild and just sit there and bathe in the beams.


i would love to sit in your moon garden


You are welcome anytime Ms –

welcome all guys who party underneath the desk too 😛 .


hahahaha, YES! Out from under that table & int the Moon Garden
of Andromeda.


Don’t you love the word Gibbous? Would be pronounced ‘Gibu’ in
So waning Gibbous is also called De-Seminating?
And a De-Seminating Moon, rising at mid eve & setting in mid morn
whilst in the fuition phase along with Gemini Sun & Aqua Moon,
..mmmmmmmm sounds like a heavenly play of Air & Air.
The Moon The Moon, now i’m craving the weekend at the shack moon
watching & playing Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Rising’.
Who makes those gorgeous gold timepieces with the circle of moon phases
on it in blue? For your wrist.
Remember ‘it’s a hair past a freckle’?


Want one. It doesn’t have to tell the daily time ( no offense, Sun)

When someone’s being too demanding on a waning or dark moon, just say nothing and hold up your wrist to them “talk to the moon, cos I can’t hear you right now”


Haha 😉 Greek mythology, Daphne similar to Artemis, a virgin goddess who was a wild woman and freely roamed about. Eros struck Apollo with an arrow and fell madly in love with Daphne, another arrow hit her but she became more distraught of his advances, that she prayed she would turn into a laurel tree to escape Apollo…and she did!!


Asteroid number 41.


yeah i always liked that myth. Didn’t Apollo mock Eros (aka Cupid) because he was the youngest/smallest god? So Eros struck Apollo with a gold arrow (love) and Daphne with a lead arrow (hate) as revenge.
Might go look that up…


Yes thats what happened, she got hit by a bad arrow!! Apollo was sleazing around, think she would prefer something else, yes..

Ãœber Virgo

Yeah, what did she have against Apollo? Was he too hot for her or something?

She preferred to take root than get rooted?


As a Sun, Venus, Saphho & Daphne Kataka, I AM that watch.!! 😉

The Leo Socialite

Me 2. But the one that is personalised, naturally.

travelling wanderlust

i want!


That is the precise color of red I would choose…if ever I would be a red-head….gorgeous.


do it! xx


see my idea for a happy uranian style future is a watch like this but it runs off your energetic field and matches fab technology with psychic awareness and electro magnetic things. moon based but informs you of personal chart movements and times with different little beeps or a small shudder on your wrist to remind you of coming aspects so you can time yourself that way. Different buzzes on the wrist for mood based intuitive movements

love the design too but I would like something a little more bolder for my wrist


And your bio-rythms as well, MS, but no buzzes or beeps.
Microwaves & washing machine beeps do my head in
and the ones taxis as well.


good call, I thought maybe a gentle buzz on the wrist with diff frequencies would not disrupt but I am not as up on stuffs that make waves in the air so maybe another signal x


I think my internal watch works a bit like Jack Sparrows compass so anything that can steer that rhythmically would be grand 😀


My Gem man got me a Seico which is an automatic watch and has no battery, just winds up ‘cos of movement. All the watches of the last 300 years work with a pendulum no? Am I missing something?

Year of the fox

In the future when people take only digital pix (which is pretty much everywhere now) no one will know what that shutter sound is that the camera makes anymore. No one will be able to read an analog clock face either.


Yeah, that shutter sound is an anachronism like “dialing” a telephone. And of course the analog clock face is a miniature model of a geocentric universe, I’ve seen lots of old watches that had moon phases on them. BTW, I remember back in like 1972, I attended the “Leica School of Photography” workshop. They had a panel discussion with Robert Heinicken, who would later become the head of the photo department at the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a hell of a photographer. But anyway, during a panel discussion, Heinecken said he could envision a future where there was… Read more »


Wearing a watch( not a swatch), can get you out of a lotta trouble. Looking at your wrist wearing a Patek Phillipe or Omega gets you thro’ the supermarket queue faster & your coffe comes quicker. Or when someone is stretching you to your limits….look at your wristwatch & hint taken. Looking at time on mobile phone doesn’t have the same impact, i’m afraid. EVERYONE has a cell phone, not everyone has a good timepiece with proper numbers on it. I can view past present & future on it, whereas dig numbers in now, right now, immediately, no plan attached,… Read more »


Hmm.. you just reminded me.. the very last watch I ever wore was a big dopey watch about 3 inches across, with a huge hologram on the watch crystal. It was a strange image of a pyramid pointing straight out from the watch, it was so vivid that strangers would stop me and grab my wrist to look at it. Yeah, that got to be pretty tiresome, so I only wore it out to nightclubs, where I wouldn’t mind an occasional pretty girl grabbing me.. ha. BTW, I would presume that if you can afford a Patek Phillipe, you never… Read more »


Alas, it is just a conceptual design, not a real product. I wouldn’t wear this for the same reason I don’t wear a watch anymore. A watch is just one more piece of junk to carry around, when I can just look at my phone to see the time. And I can get a moon phase gadget for my iPhone for a dollar. BTW, I recently learned that lately, hardly anyone under 25 wears a watch. The generational gap here is so strong, they think it makes you look like an old fogey. This came up again today when I… Read more »


I can relate to that last statement but I’m over 40 & Aquarian lol..


on the waiting list. Such a doof emailed them all excited.

Tag -uer are designing mobile phones now because the foresee in the future watch business will run dry.


None of my friends wear a watch, 20-30 age group and the only ones who do are….guess? Virgos, they are bloody sticklars for watches..


yes, brilliant… want!


Sooo want one.

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