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woman sitting at kitchen table pensiveThe more sparkling the prospects of the New Moon coming, the darker the Moon beforehand.

It’s like how right before a King Tide, the water recedes way out,  leaving rank seaweed draped over glistening skeletons and pre-plundered treasure chests.

So this New Moon in Gemini is gorgeous. clean, hot-fresh energy…these Dark Moon days before it are extra grotty.

The Moon is dark in Taurus so food cravings are fantastically naff. Why DOES the Dark Moon so often equate with super-naff food-emo-cravings and lower thoughts?  I don’t know. But it does.

Subliminal Awareness is also high so maybe it’s like low thoughts float up to the surface along with the haute insights?

It’s the done thing to tell everyone to go get tranquil with the Moonwane but the underlying throb of Jupiter-Uranus in Aries and an Eclipse building means we ain’t relaxing. We are all pumped. Still,  ancient Dark Moon wisdom – time-honoured and all – says to pace thyself at this time and chuck merde out.

Even if you are working your way through a loaf of bread and a vat of white wine, use the sugar high to scrawl stuff out in your journal or unclutter – not aimless google stalking or boring replays of some poignant but actually really naff “issue.”

This is not only a Dark Moon in the Shadow of an Eclipse – it’s the end days of this round of Saturn in Virgo. So the Mutable signs are processing a LOT of events ongoing since late 2007, the Cardinals are prepping for their Zap Zone and Fixed Signs…they’re actually pretty cool right now.

Find a Leo to lean on!  A Taurus to provide. Scorpio for those deeper, harder to articulate needs. Aquarius? They’re a bit Neptune addled at the mo.

Image: Jean Baptiste Mondino

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Holy crap I think I need a consult! Am having recently re-exed-lover crisis! Neptune addled?!


spot on D


OOOOO i’m getting the ‘shivers’, which i call The Shiva’s 🙂


Wonk Moon or Bonk Moon?


Both hehe!!!


I was up last night scavenging….vanilla bean ice cream sandwich with lightly toasted white bread, maple syrup and icing sugar , yummmm


So that’s why I got up in the middle of the night to eat corn thins with peanut butter and jam (?!?!) and read Tom Robbins. And why I have been scribing my project like a crazy person. I was just wondering why my food cravings have been so… weird for the last few days. Enlightened.


Hmm dark moon has revealed certain aspects about the interested Taurus Mystic. During the ‘lets postpone lunch tomorrow’ conversation that veered into politics Taurus stated that John Howard was the greatest Australian Prime Minister ever. Paul Keating was a ‘dickhead’ and that Tony Abbott is really not that bad actually.

I won’t go into other aspects of the conversation but by half way I concluded, ‘You are soooo not for me.’

Thanks again Mystic for the advice re dark moon dating. A miserable time averted.


“The Moon is dark in Taurus so food cravings are fantastically naff. Why DOES the Dark Moon so often equate with super-naff food-emo-cravings and lower thoughts? I don’t know. But it does.

Subliminal Awareness is also high so maybe it’s like low thoughts float up to the surface along with the haute insights?”

so smart! so true! I think of both of these as results of lowered resistance due to exhaustion. Controlling/rational/linear/logic mind loses its grip a little. So we are subject to body/emo urges but also the subconscious gets to overflow its container…


suicidal cravings ..grotty.


Suicidal or just wanting to leave this planet?
There is a difference. You are probably bored
(which is upmarket depression, a journalist once
told me).
Are you sure to want to experience the mystery of death,
the jury’s still out on the finalisation of life (as we know it).
Unless you are sure of what happens after……..then don’t!!


suicidal, for sure.


this mutables is eating naff food but burning it off with an insatiable urge to physically, emotionally etc cleanse n purge. wheelie bins full, house totally rearranged. cant stop, cant chill, cant sleep. many i know are going bonkers. doing stuffs helping me. throwing stuff out feels great, a physical sacrifice in aid of processing

scorpalicious robot

“It’s like how right before a King Tide, the water recedes way out, leaving rank seaweed draped over glistening skeletons and pre-plundered treasure chests”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that imagery Mystic!

Yep, i’m pumped!! I’m having my Mars return i think (Mars in Virgo). Extra spring in my step and some feistiness.
Busy processing and ready for the Cap rising Zapping. 🙂


Yes, really fabulous MM, am reminded of this..

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
Hark! now I hear them — Ding-dong, bell.


will spend the night with a couple -an Aqua and a Virgo, can’t wait for it, possibly will cook, eat and engage in communal venting.


Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio – at your service! Am holidaying with some mutables, cardinals and an Aqua-man this weekend and will happily shoulder some neurosis! *big leonic yawn*


A multiple Leo sent me a text yesterday saying I was “hot.” With Mars finally lighting up my Virgoness, I was hoping I would come into some hotness. How nice of the Leo to say that. I told him it gave me some extra drive to finish a complicated task at work. He said, “Well, like you always say, I’m glad I could help.”


yayyyyyy!!!!!! BRING IT ON. i do not know what it is like to be an adult without one of these farking transits (pluto into sag when i was 17).

ladysaggcrab- our time has come 🙂

scorpalicious robot

don’t you mean a transhit? LOL


HA! yes, it was obviously a typo 😉


Last night we went to a chi-chi French place for dinner and the owner sent out fries with our main, linguini, carb upon carb, topped up our champagne at no extra charge and patted my hair as I ate (not as creepy as it sounds, actually quite soothing. Er, I am Taurus rising and Venus Leo.).

This is doing Dark Moon in style, but it was wholly inadvertant.

Insight? Jesus wants me to become a pediatrician. Yes.


I am sitting in Paris in a tiny apartment, it’s raining and despite thoughts of salmon salad for lunch and an internet free, work focused day – I’m knawing on a big white baguette with about my 5th cup of coffee for the morning and google stalking a french guy that I met on the weekend. Ooh lala.

The new moon can’t come fast enough…


Zap! Actually started to do some work… and then, flash, had this cool idea for a novel. One of the characters has to be based on this very Frenchman who just wanted to hand feed me fromage and kiss my neck all evening.

And I’ve always wanted to write a novel!

Kisses from Paris Mystic, you rock x


Spot on MM. Thank you.

flamenco fish

Hilarious – I read this as I am chomping on a bacon sarnie, having just google stalked Matthew Fox (ok, so I am years late on the Lost thing….).
My journal sits untouched at my side!! Eek, better get onto it now – thanks Mystic for the kick up the proverbial!!!

Ali B Aqua

Carbs, carbs and more carbs. They go well with my dark thoughts and dreams. Now, how to rest… I cant stop the constant frantic inspiration. Got to run with it. Sleep will have to wait.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Guzzling tahini like water, dipping bread in it, mixing it with cacao to make vegan frosting.

As a triple fixed-er, I have been having a really tough time with this dark moon/saturn-in-virgo-death-rattle bizness.

scorpalicious robot

wow! tahini mixed with cacao. What a fab idea! LOVE tahini. That’s tomorrow night’s comfort food and love that it’s healthy (3 planets in Virgo!) 🙂

Hope you feel better after the New moon. I’m dying for Saturn to move out of Virgo too! It’s opposing my Chiron in Pisces.


Mystic everytime you post toro moon comfort food mystic I have bought potatoes

So dark moon its not funny
Me- uber comfort wrapped in all things textured and gentle
natal virgoathon mars/jup/sat + moon/venus/neptune 6th house got me working overtime and into the ground. Carbs shall keepth me going
suspect another all nighter
gem new moon will have me a new wishlist and a sleep


Yep, had a cupcake today….

Still processing so much stuff (Saturn in Virgo) & feeling exhausted. The New Moon in Gemini sounds amazing….
I am journalling my dreams have been since October last year, 2 writing books full of them… They have been interesting to say the least!

Gemini Sun, Moon & Venus.


us leos have big shoulders so come on over and cry all you want . We will drink and howl with you. I’m planning on spending this weekend helping a Sagg friend through a potentially difficult time so perfect timing for me to get my shite together and be a good friend.
So all you Leo’s get out there and spread the luuuv! Serious

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