Mars Into Virgo And It’s About Time

Mars Pinball MachineAfter over eight months in Leo, Mars is in Virgo until July 29/30.

Obviously, i will be dealing with this properly in the Scopes but think this: Mars has been in a Fixed sign for ages. Now it is in Virgo – Mutable. So Mars is now more flexible and able to move faster. As anyone who knows actual Mars-in-Leo people knows, they can be slow to action. For fear of ego-erosion? Making sure they’re properly ready? Mars in Virgo is quick. Especially if there is a spelling mistake or some sloppy service. Eeek.

So Mars rules Aries, Scorps, men in general, assertion, ambition and libido. Mars in Virgo will contribute to the The Quickening. It’s all part of an increasing Aries vibe. Not only that. Mars is now chasing Saturn. So Mars AND Saturn in Virgo until late July mean a lot of ruthless efficiencies. Mars in Virgo is fantastic for getting stuff done, rad health regimes and admin overhauls. In fact, Mars is a fantastic escort for Saturn in his final weeks tromping through Virgo.

Where-ever you have got Virgo in your chart – major extra oomph and you take no merde. Your Leo area? Well, it calms down somewhat. And a lot of things hanging around unresolved since last October start to clarify.Β  It’s also a fab time for tasks requiring intense focus and observational skills.

Image: Internet Pinball Machine Database

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What is it about Bosses during this time? October was the beginning of my boss’ aggressive actions to screw up my work life until I fought back in April until today where I found out he is really retreating. But is Mars in Virgo indicating I should stay and fight some more or leave to find better horizons during an accelerated period?Not sure and more indecisive now then ever!


whatever you decide, wait til the new moon to act hon – this is the time for mulling and culling.


the bosses thing is prob saturn – check out some of mystics posts about how saturn and uranus are opposing. You were martian and uranian in fighting back? There’s some pluto action about too – maybe you rocked his world to its core without knowing it. Be interesting to see how he is over the eclipses – might crack and leave – or you might. Good luck – this astro is totally insane.


Thanks Whatever. Will check these areas. Very grateful and trying not to panic in the indecision.


Actually, there may be something more fundamental also behind this: Pluto in Capricorn. Think about the ruthlessness of Pluto emanating through Capricorn, the sign that rules bosses. On a real basic level, while Pluto moves its way through Cap, the nature of bosses and management in general will be transforming; which of course can lead to them to act out.


Suddenly an idea wandering in my head since October got into shape, all in a second. Just checked the daily and wow, Mystic’s timing is impeccable as usual.

venus a-go-go

Well. Mars in Virgo just comphrensively smacked me across the face with all these details that I didn’t double check and are therefore wrong. All to do with work. Considering last week I had a hissy fit about how I run such a tight ship and they take me for granted, scheduling a meeting for this week… now the ship is full of holes and I am bailing out water madly whilst baying at Virgo. If I don’t go to pieces and have this sorted by luchtime, I will still be in good stead. Have gotten methodical. Made a list.… Read more »


breathe deep, take three minutes to calm down and center, all will be fine, believe it.

venus a-go-go

The fact that its 7.45 in the mornign where I am… and I can not do anythign till people get into the office at 10, I have the opportunity to calm down, centre and have a fully formed plan of attack. I am kicking myself that I didn’t see this issue yesterday (or last week)… but that doesn’t help what is going on now.
Better to see the problem, then to not having seen it at all.

venus a-go-go

Something that I am having issues with: I sent an email to my boss, explaining the issues, how I am dealing with it, what the outcomes could be and did he has a preference. It was all very clear and concise. He IMMEDIATELY cc’s in the ENTIRE OFFICE saying ‘What is this? Why is this happening? what is going on?’ I now have an inbox full on paniced co-workers… most of which have nothign to do with the situation and, instead of fixing the issue, I am now spending all of my time trying to get people down from the… Read more »


oh no, the passive aggressive CC. I HATE THAT. So not on!
The day will get better, I’m sure.

venus a-go-go

Thanks Lexi! My boss does this all of the time. Its ridiculous. And time wasting.

I have made the educated decision I am not going to put out the little fires, I will just work out ‘the solution’ and impliment it.
Not going to give people option if they are just going to act like scared sheep.

… Then I may set my boss on fire.


About setting your boss on fire: it is too quick, settle for something slow, say: teeth out one by one? Cc’ed emails deserve this.


I had a horrendous pass-agg CC-er to deal with for a while. There was one time I couldn’t help myself, he kept bringing other people into this thread that had nothing to do with them, so I wrote back, to all… I’m sorry person “A B C and D” but for some reason it seems ‘person X’ really thinks you need to be reading these emails, which really don’t concern you in any way. So I’ll leave you in CC and apologise now for cluttering your inbox and wasting your time… So, he flipped, and he writes back JUST TO… Read more »


venus-a-go-go, people can’t forward or CC your emails if you don’t send them. There is a place for face to face communication, especially for issues that are delicate, emotionally charged, open for misinterpretation or all of the above.

Email can be very deceptive in its apparent “efficiency”. A phone call or a walk around to someone’s office is usually a better investment of time. Good luck. I am sure you will sort out this little hiccup and maybe the lesson will save a bigger one down the track?


Lexicorn- I admire that cc maneuver! You should write a book on how to deal with bs at the office place.
Honestly, throw in a bit of humor and it will sell. love it.

venus a-go-go

Nat- I you are right about the whole ‘face-to-face is better’. And my boss really does need face-to-face conversations, but I am currently working remotely (my other workplace is covering the world cup and we are seriously understaffed) so face-to-face is not an option. Making work phone calls to my other workplace is most likely to be frowned upon.
Just trying to keep all the balls in the air and failing a little:)


I have sun, asc., and venus all in Virgo and by Jove I am SO feeling Mars in Virgo! It is definitely about time. Mars in Leo has been driving me batty, especially with Saturn in Virgo going on. I think all of us virgoans deserve a little lovin’ at this point. πŸ˜‰

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Well said Lesly. πŸ˜† I’m feelin’ this Mars too alright!
About to meet my CEO later today to discuss more permanent shifts and, gasp, even the poss of a payrise (tiny, a dollar maybe) since I’m good at my job and have been doing what’s not in my official job description. It helps that my workmates can back me up with all this stuff, so it’s not just all in my head with grand delusions. πŸ˜‰


I am so happy! My poor Leo Moon was under siege for such a long time, and in the 12th house. Now, if Mars would just get to crossing my Ascendant…

year of the fox

Venus in Virgo conjunct MC. So yay I guess Mars will be good for my career!


I have Virgo asc.. So Mars will cruise over that whilst Jupe & Uranus cruise over all my Aries.. Funny though have had physical challenges (broken rib, flu) that slowed me down. Probably so I don’t go ‘ramming’ into where angels fear to tread!


Natal Mars in Virgo & feeling the need to resume work
asap, after stewing in my juices & just pottering around
since April & at last ready to go. Doors are opening & WILL open
i sense. A really good vibe. Opporuntity knocked & i answered the door!

After an electical blackout for 2 hours at the start of day (Uranus),
3 perfect advertising venues wanted my custom (Jupiter)
Electricity & Expansion.
Creativity blooming again…the Astro from Myst is right-on πŸ™‚

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

pegs – good for you!!

just read Dailies / Weeklies / Monthlies & man they’re SO bang on – fingers & toes crossed in anticipation & excitement!!



It could ONLY get better, HoneyChilde x

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

am hearing you babes – so hearing you!!

but the new ‘me first’ demeanor is still a novelty – hadnt realised how long I’d played everything / one else 1st. the stroke of Aries!!


Feeling that too RLP i’ve had an Aries zap ala previous post and completley come out of the doldrums despite a spot of bad news today but I hardly missed a stride.

I’m vibing a new me thing too but I’m not getting too excited. I’m starting with ‘accepting my life as it is’ kinda buddhist “it is what it is” concept can you dig?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

LG post just now on Uranus & Jupe page in summary:

delirious upon waking
flu returned
faked it at desk & fucked up
ex arrived for keys etc
recovered accidentally deleted docs
ploughed thru to-do list
ended day early, but satisfied given degrees of difficulty lol

nothing getting in my way. not aching shoulders. fogged brain. stoopid ex (phht!!). nothing!! step by step it’s all happening. πŸ˜‰


Great, hopefully now I can get a decent haircut. Mars in Leo has been a disaster for me, hair-wise… But I had time to think, and have decided to drop my old hairdresser and seek a new one.


Do let her get to know your hair before any big changes
that entail cutting.
Client & customer have different views on what’s long &
what’s short, Double Moon-Girl.
New Moon Saturday is in Gemini an Air (for hair sign), or maybe wait 4 weeks
when New Moon in YOUR sign, then she-he will have more to work with?
just a suggestion.


Mean Cutting vis a vis Re-Shape.


all the best w it, i had an awesome makeover (long hair to short) during this mars transit (but not when retro, as heeded mystics advice) so i think its a good time! x


i’ve got a mars/jupiter/north node conjunction in virgo in the 4th and also having a mars return.

so far am rocking mars in virgo – bought some flannelette sheets today! woo hoo! πŸ™‚ can’t wait for sleepy time.

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

IΒ΄m a Virgo with Mars in Leo. This means that I must have been double-slow, right ? And now I should be finally Getting Things Done ? Please ?


being a leo sun/moon but with merc/mars/venus/saturn/chiron in virgo …. i think i had some sort of weird spazz rebirthing moment this afternoon, it was really strange, i felt like like i was morphing from a leo into a virgo, and now all i want to do is explain very clearly and non dramatically exactly what i want, clean my room and start eating macrobiotically!!


Here we go with the Martian blinging up of my over-cramped first house. Felt it happen in an instant. At some point last night I suddenly became bilngual, out of nowhere, the last month of practice just suddenly clicked in. Now I read this and I reckon it was the second Mars hit my Ascendant.

And, um, yeah… then I took a hunky German home with me. πŸ™‚
Mars can stay in Virgo as long as he likes!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

go lexi!!


ya, ya, the language of love, now your trilingual, so, were there lederhosen involved ? just asking .


Kein Lederhosen. Aber, jeder hosen hat auf der Boden gelegen. NatΓΌrlich.


That was wortspiel by the way… Lederhosen / Jeder hosen… see how good this mars thing is for me?! I can even crack not particularly funny jokes in another language!!


ahaha brilliant πŸ™‚

I also love that mars in virgo made you suddenly fluent in Duetsche with an overcrammed 1st haus

what could be more fitting for Berlin?xx


More fitting ? A schnaps, some saurkraut and a nice large frankfurt πŸ™‚ mit mustard.


don’t make me hungry I am trying to enjoy my student bean slop here


frankfurt…? nein… it was more like a weisswurst!!


A knee slapper !! Wunderba lispschen, Yodaleyhihooooooo


My compliments Lexi & David…very clever repartee x


i second that, you guys cracked me up πŸ˜€


my natal mars in leo is now at peace YES!
“As anyone who knows actual Mars-in-Leo people knows, they can be slow to action. For fear of ego-erosion? Making sure they’re properly ready?” SOOOO TRUE MYSTIC!
lol my head has been spinning all day – at least mars in virgo lets me focus a bit more. am i right in saying that mars in leo makes you VERY overdramatic and easily frazzeled?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Matt – I’ve got both Venus & Mars in Leo.

yes re slow to start & want to be ready but once started watch out!!

but no to over dramatic / easily frazzled – actually am pretty cool in a crisis / the more the pressure – the cooler the demeanor.

thoughts from those experienced?


matt- mars in leo here too! but no, not easily frazzled, i am the cool head girl usually, though i think having such a long mars return for us this year (back and forth and back and forth) has been a bit much. It was like an extended dose of what we have going on natally all the time. i would say though that mars in leo is a tad, um, flamboyant! showman/womanship, love a bit of limelight, command attention, and can make a scene *if we want to*, but often choose not, to retain our coveted dignity. mars in… Read more »


OI! that was me above! cleared cookies before on computer, wiped me clean off…

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

hope you’re ear clears, the associated vertigo sux!!

same same re yr Mars in Leo – re perceived determination by others being determined not to fail …. tick also re show womanship – been in hiatis for last bit, time to unfurl!!


thanks rockstar. and here’s to…US! hahaha :p


Yes, I agree Saggigal, both re the back and forth mars return being a bit exhausting, and the determination thing. I have saturn and mars conj my leo asc, so bloody energy and structure behind how I come across. Good when you are on your game, not so much when you ain’t (cause they won’t let me rest?) I had some great energy/focus moment with the Mars conj, but I think three on them was all a bit much. I am certainly glad Mars is into Virgo, defn need to focus energy on details, even more looking forward to merc… Read more »


This stuff always happens in houses where I have no planets, no nothing. I have Virgo in the 3rd house, with no planets in Virgo in the 2nd either. The closest I have is Pluto at 29’48” Leo, which I suppose qualifies as a cusp. Hmm.. currently I have Mars conjunct natal Pluto, maybe I do have something going on. I don’t know what it is though.


Thank god. I am multiple Leo now I can finally have a break from myself. i have been doing my head in. Now I can kick back and let all the Virgos do what they do best. I’ll be having cat nap in the sun.


That sounds real nice.


Yay mars on my progressed descendant, natal venus then sun then mercury pluto and Uranus. I fell in love while mars was in leo (7th house for me) but I don’t think it is ever going to be, so some oomph in the bedroom would help take my mind of it.


please tell me significance of 7th house? Have so much huddled in there.


The seventh house tends to be about close relationships Littlefish AFAIK.


Thanks sb, thought that may be the case.


littlefish, 7th House is about relationships in the broader sense, not just romance/mates etc., but also business associates, customers, enemies, peers, and also, interestingly, unclaimed parts of self.


Hmmm, mars is soon to conjunct my natal pluto at 3 deg virgo, heavy man.


jeez doll. that and all the zapping of aries uranus merc jupiter.
big times for you?


WOW you guys!


LOL I’m sensing you’re digging the wow factor of the times blue?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

man this shit’s good!! the roaring into it & getting it all done I mean!!

sun at 1 deg lib
Mercury 15 Virgo
Uranus 11 Virgo
Pluto 14 virgo

so what’s with the Virgo mashup?
interps welcome!!
now racing like a barely bridled horse, yee haa!!

πŸ˜‰ xox

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

coolio!! tick to ALL of sentence 1 above!! all are in 6th house. evolving EVERY career sector to next level – applying knowledge. ditching old / staid / NON rewarding ppl / clients / stuff catch self in neg thought pattern – quick bitchslap, then thoughts reversed to the pos. CRAVING clean food. superfoods espesh. as in trawling city to find fave organic red quinoa. bring on the action!! shelved Le Ram & processed the sitch on hyperdrive, vowing immed readyness of infinitely more rewarding union. never complain, never explain. steering clear of dickheads & dullards. no time to fight.… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

& as said below to Matt – have both Venus & Mars in Leo in the 5th – no wonder life kickstarting with gusto!

*sips peppermint tea & ponders* …..


I have Mars, Saturn & Jupiter in Virgo 6th House….

‘Where-ever you have got Virgo in your chart – major extra oomph and you take no merde.’

Sing it Sista! πŸ™‚


Fab, have Mars natally in Virgo at 0 deg. Have had case of ‘brain-fry’ all day, literally can’t talk without stuttering.

Is this what happens when a planet is in transit in the same house as your natal chart? Is that a sentence?


Andromeda today you are having a Mars return…very exciting, check it out some more…. I have Venus at 0 deg Virgo, giving my drama-fatigued natal Mars in Leo a nice chill-out cuddle as he tries zen on for size….


Cool starstrokes! Now I know that a Mars return feels like an epileptic fit – I didn’t have one, but I have had them before and I felt like I was going to fit all evening.

I hope Venus and Mars got it on in your zen meditation room with style. xx.


is feeling highly um charged part mars going over mars?

super pouncy….

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