Mars And Your Back On Track Secrets

woman in desert assembling robotsSome of us got totally off-track over the Eclipse weekend. Standard. Even to be expected and yes, we were warned.

Anyway, looking ahead now, how do we get back on track?

I am not talking here of massive detours or scary shite; more like a relationship bust-up, spending the weekend as apparently some sort of a human junk food processing unit, dipsomania, slightly psycho-emo and waking up Monday morning with the glorious combo of feeling both fat & broke.

When one wants to get back on track, one goes straight to one’s Mars and says ‘here is the mission’. It’s Mars with a bit of Saturn. Mars is helpfully right now in Virgo and moving toward Saturn so there is an awesome true grit and inner organizational resources to draw upon now. Great (practical) things can be accomplished.

So this is like a sort of Mars Sign Survey:  Citing your Mars, what are your back on track secrets?

My Mars in Virgo goes straight to the mall for cleaning implements and cleanses the hell out of the habitat. The idea is that action thus imposes a sense of order upon other, less orderly feelings or fears. And a clean  house is classy. Grubby thoughts are vanquished along with the official grime. Dirt is, besides, bad Qi. Mars in Virgo then goes to the gym and doesn’t emerge until maximum beta-endorphin saturation has been achieved. It requires disco remixed to be at a 180 bpm or something.

So what is your Mars sign and what are your back-on-track secrets? This has to happen relatively quickly. There is a New Moon Eclipse coming and then, ahem, a slightly turgid little bit of astro-weirding at the end of July and into August.

Back on track: Fast: Now.

Image: Jacques Dequeker

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L Cat

mars in sagg: get moving (walk outdoors, energetically clean the house, yoga) & reading inspirational philosophers – including the likes of Mystic’s great space, in which to regain sense of perspective/optimism – faith and groovy insights!…


mars in capricorn – never off track ! lol ! altho did have a massive bout of sugeritus over the eclipse.


mars in pisces…. means im only just thinking about getting back on track and I anxiously was hoping i wasnt off track for the last 3 days… after sedating self with solitude, herbal teas, hot baths, walks in gum trees oxygenating and free bush flower remedies, over eclispse time, my mind and motivation has gone to mush. Also, as I was concerned would occur, relationship merde continues to peak post eclipse and now I could be accused of being withdrawn just so I dont lop heads off. mars in pisces is a bugger of a placement, as my astrologer tells… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

“my mind and motivation has gone to mush”

That’s EXACTLY how i feel !!

Mars in Virgo.


have been wondering where you have been hiding scorpy!


ps. Got a pretty spesh weekend on 30/31st of July, 1st of Aug…any tips to survive this peculiar astro-turbulence?


Mars in Aries. A bit of heart-pumping exercise. And cheesy but ego boosting affirmations work wonders. Even if only to laugh at ones-self.


Mars at midheaven in Taurus. Three main strategies:

1. A walk. Preferably somewhere with trees.
2. A blank piece of paper, some pens, then a sort of freeform list-cum-flowchart.
3. A tidy bedroom, a home cooked meal and an early night.

However, my Virgo sun doesn’t feel it’s had a chance to get off track, being yoked to Saturn it just has to keep ploughing on through the to-do list.

lib rising ramzilla

Mars in pisces, not a good placement. Especially for a ram who already has venus on the rise makin her all rancho relaxo lazy and stuff. I *really* struggle with this getting back on track business.

What does a pisces to to get on track??


Mystic you’ve hit me with a realisation that’s been staring me in the face – fuqing brilliant as ever! My kids get me back on track – Kataka Mars in the 5th. Organising their social lives, cooking with them for them, just plain having them around me. Realised I lost my mojo bigtime when ex started having them more. Love school holidays eg went horseriding today, no i didn’t, but kids did with multiple friends and we (parents) sat around drinking tea in the bush and chat chat chatting – love that – Merc in Virgo/Venus in Gem. Have a… Read more »


Hmmm, I also have Kataka Mars in 5th, but don’t have kids nor do I particularly want them. So what should be my focus???


Fifth is the house of creativity – not only children but your art, whatever you do to feel creative – think Leo – the natural ruler of the 5th. Also romance/lovers as opposed to marriage partners (7th). Fifth is the house of fun DoubleMutable!


Mars in Cap… eat well, lots of water, limited alcohol, an early night; a bit of yoga meditation a brisk walk or jog, but I always stress to myself – the best results come after a few weeks of this work. Every little counts!


Too true…careful and methodical

Aqua Baby

Mars in Aries!

Just do something, ANYTHING.

Doing something you’ve been procrastinating about for milennia is really effective. Forcing someone else to do something they’ve been procrastinating about for milennia even more so 🙂

Leo with aqua rising, Cat who can get wet

Mars in Leo in 6th house If at home: Sunshine does it for me, a good blast of sunshine and / or great music (me singing to it of course) does it, or a good lie in. Lying in, in sunshine is better. This does not sound like Action, but it will motivate me to do the next bit. If at work: Cup of tea, a break, a refocus, I must admit, going on line to read Mystic for a few minutes – important to feel like a human again before tackling the To Do List. After these things, yes,… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Mars in Gemini. Heh. So not sure. Been quite depressed for the past week; not at work. I hate this part of bipolar. Suffice to say I adore the hypomanic stage! It’s not even an illness that part! 😀
Considering Mars is now transiting my 10th house my work has been in the dumps lately. Heh…I’m just tired


Fairly sure I’ve Mars in Libra – couldn’t wait for today – after a weekend predominantly as a human junk food processing unit @ about 7:30pm last night I had an uncontrollable urge to clean (i.e. my home/crystals etc) … followed by smudging, meditation and then finally a cup of green & ginger tea. Still woke up today fat and broke however I did wake up positive, fat and broke!


Mars in Gemini.
Eat lots of chocolate
Go to the gym
Hang around house in pyjamas

Libra sun/moon, Virgo asc

Mars in Aqua. I spent the weekend bunking off to catch up with my most fabulous friends, detaching from crazy inlaws as they descended upon us (this involves lots of baking and chasing the children when they are around so I can opt out of the conversation without seeming rude) and secluding myself for highly productive creative endeavours. I always get back to myself through my solo creative projects and losing myself in music, usually both at once. No idea if this fits the astro or not.


You were so right MM, the eclipse brought up past life stuff. For me this was just fabulous. Caught up with a friend from o/seas who I’ve travelled with to India and Egypt, so many past life memories! Reminising was just gorgeous!! Now my Mars is in Libra so today I went to the gym as usual even though I was still a bit drunk from last night! My libran PT who I adore just laughed at me cos I couldnt stop giggling 🙂 But have gotten around to updating my resume which I have been putting off for TOO… Read more »


Yep…fishy…what does Mars in Pisces do? Sun in Aqua is being tres cool…but Rising Cancer wonders…?

Water Pig

Mars in Taurus- slow and steady wins the race.

1) be kind & generous
2) keep going no matter what- you’ll get there
3) there has to be something good to come re career
4) make sense of new insights one at a time
5) walking/exercise
6) dust, vacuum, organising, clean bathroom & kitchen, sort washing at home
7) organise and declutter work space
8) healthy food, healthy mind

virgo rising

Mars conjunct Jupiter in 11th house Leo. Yesterday mowed the front lawn, using a pre-tech push mower; people power all the way. Was happy to see how my fitness has improved since I first started using it last year when I had to stop every couple of minutes to catch my breath. Yesterday went for over a half an hour without a break. Yay! Otherwise not feeling very motivated today; still in my pajamas at 3 p.m. and will not get dressed today, with nowhere to go… Saturn is approaching my 27 degree Virgo rising and am looking forward to… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

strange how most here seem to be hanging out with their MARS sign peeps in this thread?!! 🙂


Mars in Aquarius, conjunct the Sun 27 degrees. With Saturn bang smack in the middle of my tenth house I’m looking forward to Mars’ arrival and giving the grumpy old prick a kick up the arse, he’s really been doing diddley squat for ages.

There’s a track is there?


Mars in Virgo: Paperwork! Work out how to use early birthday present (SLR)! Paperwork! Cleaning, extra hot showers for tense muscles, smile at the baby lots! Work on the Cleaning Check List for Nana’s House.


Mars in Leo. Cryin a lot and then a very long, very hot bath with lots of essential oils in it.
Exercise. A half-day juice fast. Sleep.

Throwing everything metaphorically out the window, getting over it and getting on.


Mars in Taurus. Some bodywork methinks might do the trick. Yoga soon. Then some cooking. Got a recipe for salsa verde I want to try. And try not to ruminate on my radical realisations too much yet. What’s weird is that I have been wanting to find my true path, like Charles and others, and on the weekend told a patient I was caring for that, she said not to bother because I was a great nurse. I’m not sure why I find that unsatisfying. Probably because its something I have been doing for more than 30 years. And I… Read more »


Also Mars in Taurus. Tamberlaine: like you, I’m also thinking of career change when I’m told that I’m good at what I do. Maybe we go for ‘career change’ because we know we need change, and somehow
it seems an easier sort of change (it’s not) but it can be very rewarding to do so.

So look for the ‘essence’ of what it is that you do well…and take that into some new career angle.


Yuh weird eclipse weirding. The Virgo neighbour dumped the irritating Libran girlfriend. The Virgo bestie couldn’t move into her new house because the bank somehow “lost the settlement funds”. The normally placid Cappy bestie cracked the shits with just about everything. The schizo Leo had whopping fight with very strange Cappo husband causing car to crash and subsequently get totalled followed by some domestic violence incident and she rang me last night to tell me she’s goign to a womans refuge. The double Toro is ringing everyday for some obscure reason or another … normally he doesn’t ring .. at… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

Mars in Scorp. I like to gird up in my Xena outfit, polish my boots, saddle up, buckle up and find something to soften up my riding crop on, preferably some taut Aries buns. Ready to go.

Otherwise, yoga first thing in the morning does it.


Yikes! you scorps don’t do anything by halves.


you rang ?


ditto scorp mars.
Went out and bought some kick ass new boots! Closely followed by some bright red woollen accessories, beanie & gloves (very base chakra)


mars in libra. . . I can never decide how to get back on track . . .

Taurean Love Expert

Same – I was hoping some other Libran Mars would post & give me a clue! Mine is retro, too.

Kataka on Fire

Mars in Libra (detriment) sq Sun

This is my TOTAL back on track – took forever to find it but it works….

Yoga = physical, spiritual and emotional balance
or Dance, appeals to Libran beauty appreciation

Don’t be an ostrich, confront the Mars (anger, drive, sex, etc)
Find an artistic outlet

Meditation => concentrate on balancing your scales, fairness to all esp yourself

Anger => Learn how to safely get it out, throw, scream and release

I am writing a Mars in Libra missive! A lifetimes learning about this placement…..

leonine librarian

TLE I’ve got mars in libra too (house 5) and have found myself craving organic greens and nuts. Intellectually I know this is good for me but I usually have to be very deliberate about it, yet seriously the last couple of days it’s a compulsion. Was also discussing structure with Aqua friend the other day…as she said she was feeling out of sorts. I said to her lately I’d been doing a sort of quick checklist at the underlying structure in my life because then I can see if I’m making it harder to cope if I’m out of… Read more »

Broke Taurean

Likewise Charles – Mars in Pisces! What do we do now???? Keep swimming perhaps?

Sag blue horse

Marsin scorpio – not sure we need to do anything – tend to master getting back on track by analysiing the situation so intensely…..but do feel the effects of this eclipse v strongly. Perhaps thats it – not analyse things too deeply.


Who’s got Mars in Aries?

For me to get unstuck, the less I think before I act, the better…



and completely resonate with this


I do! To get unstuck, I go for a strenuous hike. Preferably alone, all day long, and someplace I’ve never been before. Works better if I don’t plan it first, just grab snacks/water and take off. Fixes me right up!


mars in scorpio. It’s so stereotypical but sex really is what really gets me back on track.

And drags me off track again too.

Ãœber Virgo

Two edged sword that.


aye – but double edged sword are fine as long as you remember they are sharp on both sides…


Mars in Pisces. I am waiting for the path to discover ME.


Mars in Pisces too.

I was going to post earlier saying what I did this morning: Read WORD magazine in sun while drinking coffee, deliberately starting the day slowly because being relaxed and remembering what I dreamed about is more important than rushing to ‘work’.

But I kind of wanted someone else to be spacey before I was! So thanks!


But Charles darling, you ARE on the path….At least that’s what I’ve found out even when I think I’m not on the path.

Anyway, I’ll let you have your Mars and I’ll stick to my own Mars biz…….I don’t mean to interfere. xo

tati scorpitini

Mars in Pisces also. Well put, Charles.

I generally get back on track by de-stressing ie. wine, slothfulness, movies, art, refusing to get out of bed, eating lots of chocolate mousse pots etc, generally disconnecting and ignoring everything I have to do. If I don’t make time to do that I get really strung out and stressy.

I do think about getting really organised and tidying stuff, and even get as far as making a list sometimes … before rolling over for another snooze.


Mars in Scorpio

So, apparently we like to make tests for ourselves and challenge ourselves to do the impossible. True enough, but it hits hard when you fail on your own terms.

My moon in Taurus says stay in bed amongst the silk pillowcases, my Sun in Virgo is disappointed, and my Capricorn Asc says you’ll never get anywhere with that attitude.

Lesson/back on track strategy: be kinder to myself?

year of the fox

Tearing up the digs and fixing it. This place is long overdue for feng shui-ing. Workplace is the next to be hit with the feng shui hammer. Mars in Libra in the 10th. Also visualizing new work strategy but can’t take action til tomorrow.

leonine librarian

I’ve got mars in libra in the 5th house and have had strong urge towards healthier food. As in just this evening I was walking towards the organic dark chocolate and ended up favouring organic nuts and berries instead. Also craving greens. Have also been looking at how I am with my overall goals and seeing what obstacles are currently slowing my progress and then planning how to nullify them. Also have been looking into volunteer work.Analysing current skill set and looking at how I can incorporate things that work for me…to hone skills and then unleash skills to those… Read more »


Mars in Taurus, lounge is a great place to navel gaze.


mars in Capricorn, new to this so insight from anyone would be great, thanks…
this morning finds me wandering round like one of Mary’s lost sheep(hence hitting mystic pages) feeling the need to find the track. I think I was pondering making a list of all the things that need doing before 30/6, when business and personal relationship of 20plus years officially ends…. almost too much to get onto one list, may need “business” “children” “home” “emotional needs” oh and “OS escape route” …. ;)) Is this the sort of thing mars in cap would bring up?


Yeah some sort of success plan to climb the top, you may have detours, but you always end up sticking to the plan. And you alway will succeed in anything you set your heart on!! Love mars in cappy..


mars in cap here too


Mars in Aquarius: detach and individuate. I had such a clear strategy prior to the eclipse but it seemed to go out the window on Saturday. I was in a daze all day Sunday trying to recover from the shock of realising what a moron I was. First thing I did this morning was to recall the strategy and WRITE IT DOWN so I can refer to it next time I feel like going off-script. I can ask myself: is what i’m doing now helping me to reach my goals? No? Well then fuqing STOP IT and do something that… Read more »


Hey Indigofish I’ve got that Mars too. I can relate to the detaching. I have a tendency to throw everything away and go weird places but i need to start doing that symbolically not literally or i’ll be buying a toaster for the seventieth time in my 50’s!

I was in a bit of a crazy state on saturday night but i armed myself with ‘guide for the advanced soul’ and meditated on the page i opened to, it was a paragraph about the only true courage being ‘to die to the past every day’. I love that!


i think it can be a nice balance to sun in pisces to have mars in aqua.

i should’ve had your sense to to the serendipitous advice trick and pull a “power thought’ card from my Louise Hay deck on Saturday instead of getting sucked into the current of stupidity i seemed to be so firmly plugged into. Sounds like your page was tuned right in to the theme of the moment!

i’ve been reminiscing about the time i threw it all in and skipped the country but know i need to be right where i am for now.

Equilibrium Girl (nee Stress Princess)

I like your stategy, indigo! It’s so true – write it down so when you turn into a wobbly pile of moosh, you have your own advice to follow. Sounds quite Saturnine. As a Cap I like it! Mars in Sagg – been looking at new cars online. Sunday night, it just came to me “enough procrastinating and driving around in a barely-working (but cute) car that I’ve had since I started driving. I’ve been whinging about needing a new car for 10 years now. Move-on to a better mover. NOW! Before your cute little rust bucket gets you killed!”… Read more »


We bought an-up-to-date Subaru Outback from the small inheritance I got when my father died, and it has been brilliant driving – for the first time in our lives – in a reliable car. It was really worth the outlay. We never knew with our previous cars when it would blow up on us, so it’s worth while getting a new car, if not for the reason that it’s good on your nerves (so far, anyway, lol).


oh yes, saturn has left me a few gifts over the past 5 years of being all over me. too bad i didnt get the inspiration to write down the battle plan BEFORE things turned to moosh… moon in cap so i had a total block in that practical area during the eclipse, only to have it lit up with 10 000 watt light bulbs as soon as it moved. dang it. maybe think of the car v $$$ issue as a freeing of energy – it’s a nice proud feeling to see the bank balance creep up but dont… Read more »


Mars in Cancer. I’m creating a Dreamboard to inspire my getting fit and working with dance as my movement. I’m also off to walk to an absolutely magickal, peaceful Nature Park close to my home, full of nature spirits and Aboriginal Elder spirits, to do some quiet time and meditation.


Ooh that sounds lovely LL. I’m Mars in Cancer too – so think I might take a leaf out of your book


Also Mars in Cancer! I was just going to hug people and be as loving and caring as possible, but man, those sound much better!! Ha ha!
(Though, I think hugging is still a good idea.)


I’m up for hugging too – except, as a man sometimes it’s more difficult to know whether hugging is acceptable or not 😉


Just ask the potential hugee Herby, ‘Do you do hugs?’ And take it from there.


I LOVE hugs, they warm the heart and just connect you with people. I never had many hugs as a kid, and the first time I met my to-be Reiki Master she gave me a hug, a complete stranger, and I freaked. But hey, I’ve never looked back! And I never got to the sacred space, we went to Scottshead Beach instead – mid-north NSW coast, about 20 mins from here, our favourite spot. It’s absolutely perfect, unspoiled, calm sea, small ripples, beautiful sand, blue skies, warm sun – god, what more could you ask for? And the dreamboard went… Read more »


Mars in Cancer also….wasn’t thinking nature stuff, was thinking more getting my emotions in check after eclipse disturbances. Focusing that emo energy in a positive way, getting STRATEGIC, rather than letting them take over and drowning.

What else might Mars in Cancer peeps do?


Mars in Aqua. Starting my own research agenda first time – field work in a poor community. Involves lots of political arm wrestling against local governance, prepping surveyors for survey/data collection, trying to fend off the project from termite attacks (people who want to use the project for political accolades, that is OK, as long as research independence is intact, I don’t mind). It is very late here but by 9 am in the morning, back to organizational details. I count on having ulcer at the end.


Despite imagining I could stay low down and drama free this weekend has left me up to the eyeballs, Mars in Sagittarius is urging me to run, run, run. Or at least have a holiday.


I’m also a Mars in Virgo girl, and I’ve done a fair amount of cleaning and organizing today thinking to myself that it was about time and wouldn’t all this work make me feel better? Especially since I had a slight hangover and was feeling like I was wandering way off track. Interesting how all this works!


Mars in scorp. Over the weekend had the ex tell me not to call him anymore because his gf gets upset.(Really, a bit silly, since we have a child together). It just hit me!!! He showed me that he is picking her over his son…and that outisde of his wkends he doesnt want anything to do with him!!! Quite a revelation yes, hard to take in but shit…Here i have been busting myself to push things spend more time with him, and very clear now.!! I must have had my head in the clouds for all this time. So, after… Read more »


Sassy – can relate as my ex husband actually told his own children that he gave up spending his allocated night with them so he could be with his new girlfried. Silly man just stuffed up his relationship with his own flesh and blood big time. Anyway, I finally went to the CSA to stop this ‘on / off’ child-care and they are looking after it all for me now. My / Our kids absolutely rock but he can’t see it at the moment because of his new love (he is a Libra) but I hope one day he wakes… Read more »


Oh god, please tell me what is it with Libran ex husbands? I just got it this weekend!! U know, what can you do? I have busted my everything over trying to be fair, for him to see him more, yada yada yada and im out. Im over and out now! No more…

Good for you bluelibra, re; CSA. Its just another thing you dont have to worry about, as they do everything!!

And its their loss, idiots!!!

Strength to you babe!! xxx


mars in leo. best thing for me is to haul my arse to the gym, blowdry my hair, put on something stylish – ie, best jeans, nice boots, doesnt get alot more than that for me- give my hair a big flick and go direct something- project, ordering a coffee, etc. it helps if in some way i am feeling magnanimous and warm. the vanity will get me back on track faster than anything else- the minute my skin starts looking spotty or tired i know whatever it is, it aint worth it.


Saggigal, your post just clarified something for me big time. I’m Mars in Leo too, and vanity boosts usually are a great way to jump start things for me – but I never made the connection before.
Alas, my hair’s a bit too short for a fresh haircut, but I’ve been getting the itch to color it. Rebooting my exercise plan and doing some positive affirmations/ visualizations about the grand new life I’m going to be manifesting (especially once Saturn moves back into Libra & kicks me in the ass) sounds just right.


p.s. I’ve also been weirdly (& uncharacteristically) obsessed with the idea of getting a mani-pedi, a facial & a massage – & now I know why. 🙂


Me too! I was wondering and wondering, “What do I do… I don’t think I do anything. I’m permanently off-track…” but you’re right, Saggigal, a little well-placed vanity is the answer!

A haircut *always* works. When I look in the mirror, I see myself again. Put on the ridiculously impractical spiked heels to go shopping (shop through the pain!) and buy something fabulously sexy ie. more heels that I really have no excuse for indulging in. Maybe even air out the cleavage a little 😉

venus a-go-go

I say gym, face mask, hot shower, slipping on a good looking outfit and having time to do my hair beofre steeping out of the house does make me feel like I am on top of the world. Mars in Leo.
Domestic goddessing the fuck out of my house and cooking delicious food to eat in my beautiful home is a sure fire way to feel like I am on it.
Toro Sun

venus a-go-go

Oh… and Odetta- DO IT.
Nothing like looking hot, poised and glowing when you are supposed to be under the pump.


Mars in Leo – hot shower to wash hair. Works every time!

But Saggigal, you pretty much perfectly summed up the back on track approach en mi casa.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

MARS & VENUS in LEO in the 5th!!

Hot hair, striding forth with confidence – boosted by the formerly machine washed iPhone coming back to life – 2.5 hours on soak with the linen & the sucker works, all apps / pix/ tunes etc intact – who’d believe? anyways after 2 wks of $50 Nokia it’s a sign for sure!!

also mindset changes re health / wealth / affairs of the heart – hanging with the INVINCIBLES!!

😉 xox


Hey Congrats RLP on your iphone’s regeneration!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

A-fugging-MAZED it works!!

should see laugh-fest on FB …. general consensus is am due for windfall – I reckon given Saturn’s ridden the hell outta life of late…..

thanks BL xox 🙂


Hey Rock a Bill,

They say that if you let a wet ipod or whatever dry out completely before you try to turn it on, it may end up working (I know cuz I tried too soon not knowing and I had to buy a new ipod).

So maybe you waited and let it dry out first? If so, smart cookie!

Congrats though as it all can be quite the pain, eh?


xox rockstar libran publicist xox

was resolved that had inadvertently fugged it ….. yest, bored on elongated hold for insurance dude, plugged the sucker in & she sparked up – go figure !!

Apple should add “washing machine proof” to the marketing guff 🙂

no longer texting like a teenager on a 50c Nokia –
who’da thought Apple’s compatable with Electrolux LOL !!




My Mars is in Gemini, which I believe is my house of true love (Sun Aquarius). Certainly helped me getting back on track to be adorably flirted with by the handsome checker at the grocery store this afternoon but I’d say my back on track is also home improvement. I’ve been painting walls, cleaning up and more than anything cleaning up my outdoor space and will be doing some planting this afternoon, too. That, I would say, does the most for me -interacting with nature. That and movement going for walks, etc.

virgo cat

Yes! Walks absolutely get me feeling back on track. Also Mars in Gemini.
Also have good chats, sending emails and connecting/reconnecting with people.


mars in leo. i… i don’t really know what i do to get back on track! i tend to blaze through whatever’s directly in my path, i suppose. good for getting things done, but can upset my virgo sun….


that should read ‘first thing’


this thing i did when i woke up this morning was take out the trash for collection. nicely symbolic of clearing the emo mess discovered over the weekend.


“Back on track”….Those were my EXACT words to the Internal Revenue in a letter I wrote just today.

So yes, got a bit off track with paying my estimated tax installment for June.

Guess with Mars in Gemini, words make me feel better as in straightening it all out in a letter.

That, and with Mars on the Asc, a good night’s sleep and a walk then meditation.

All better now. x

Genius as ususal Mystic…


I have been up early & nearly finished cleaning the whole house! I never usually do a ‘tidy’ it is all or nothing style of cleaning & I LOVE cleaning….. Mmmm bleach, lavender & vanilla first thing in the morning is definitely my fix. 🙂

Mars in Virgo

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