If You Can’t Stay Serene, At Least Be Amusing…

Okay, so you are off-the-Doctors (Dukan/Perricone/Atkins et al) and a bit bored with the radical-self-realization shit, preferring a modified version of the Mediterranean diet and Never-Explain…Complain a bit…

It’s SUCH a dirge of a Dark Moon.

Liven it up by going with the Dark Moon urge to (a) grizzle and (b) be a bit nostalgic. Grab a glass or trough full of your fave carbophiliac substance & answer the following…And remember, if you can’t stay serene, at least be amusing.

(1) Your Sun Sign  Is…

(2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs?

(3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation?

(4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion?

(5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it?

(6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be?

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56 thoughts on “If You Can’t Stay Serene, At Least Be Amusing…

  1. a. Libran
    b. Aries / LIbra / Taura – Aries
    c. retrospectively – nothing!
    d. yeah aries – Lib & Bull detonated bombs – other aries revenge mode
    e. believe what you see / not what you hear
    f. ‘the end’

    ps not intending to spark others challenged in current astro – but have entered uber green eat / clean live phase, am not in carb load, bitch, stalk mode – quite the opps actually…. happily cocooned

    learning how to retrain my (newly) deaf dog
    who somehow can vibrationally feel Cuckoo clock 90 meters away but not me 10 meters …..

    • soz that wasnt very amusing…. preoccupied ….. teaching old dog new tricks & winning!! 🙂

      • Hope he can deal with car traffic round your area, Rocky,
        poor love, so you CAN teach an old dog new trix 🙂

  2. Off topic, MM – do you think you will ever do t-shirts? I want a t-shirt to wear that involves Saturn and inspires in a ‘harden up’ way. But really simple..

    A dark moon themed t-shirt could be really comforting, as you would just be able to look down and be reminded it’s time to quieten down. “What’s up with me? Oh that’s right.. Hey, I can have that (family sized) square of chocolate”.

    A Uranian t-shirt I will leave to you to imagine. You ARE so very good with the images, I reckon we would all buy one!

  3. 1) Saggi (in the 8th house…)

    (2) sigh, i was desperately in love with a scorp friend for years, his wife is cancer. but he never knew. never quite got over him…and it is he who is the link to 2002 (upcoming venus retro in scorp thingy coming up in sept!)

    (3) that i could literally stare for hours at his forearms. and that he has held my hair while puking more than once.

    (4) all of us. his wife was total homebody, he was total intense emo (in a good way), and i was the galloping around saggi, with hidden intensity (aka, 8th house).

    (5) i learned you ‘cant always get what you want’. tres profound at that particular immediate gratification stage of life

    (6) ‘its a story about life… about love… in a small country town’.

    god none of this was amusing- just a nostalgia pang! ohh dark moon, you got me!

      • aww thanks, ill be ok, have been cleaning and smudging like a madwoman! plus got rid of some books my ex gave me (not the good ones, but some that ive been keeping for no good reason) so i feel lighter.

        • my ex had given me my undergrad books back, nothing else. after two years of daily cursing, one day I let go, not only my anger but the books too. That day I also learned something else, letting go in your mind is not the same as letting go in your heart. Once it is set in your heart, you walk away and never look back.

          Do feel light, after all there is soon to be Da-New-Moooonnn!!

          • agree about the heart. once the heart moves on, nothing can make you turn back.

        • BTW, this venus retro in September will be on my progressed DSC. Let’s compare our notes then, my hope is nothing linked to 2002, then my ex in my life, I would rather date an Egyptian mummy.

          • yeah well i doubt mr scorp is suddenly going to be my partner in sept either! (he has kids now) but mystic has said something relating to then could be evoked. tres mysterious stuff.

            love the comment about the difference btwn heart and mind. just today realised the ex is out of my heart (not in a bad way, but as in, i dont pine for him as if he is a lost soulmate) hence releasing the need to have his stuff and gifts sitting on my shelf. the very beautiful stuff, i keep, but i carefully pack away in one box. but the rest, bye bye.

        • ‘Can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need’
          Was that a Rolling Bones song?

          • so true about the heart moves on. This happened to me just last Monday and has surprised me since I don’t think anywhere near as much nor with any intensity about ex lusty. However i was very near his house visiting another friend this morning and got the hell out of there quickso so no feelings could arise. Proud of myself for taking care of my heart.

        • Touche Saggigal, I got rid of MORE Sewer books last weekend, and in an inspired move, resold one of them.. the first title to go, “How my Husband’s Affair Was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me.”

          Ironically, to a woman from the same city as the Gemini Tit Monster who home invaded me in 07 whilst in pursuit of Sewerage. I tried desperately to fight the urge NOT to leave her a compassionate note so went with a breezy “Best of luck” instead.

          It does make you feel lighter! And yes ladies, ’tis the Heart that truly marks a change. It takes root once the emotions and gut have set to the new vibe..I used to have conversations with my poor little heart, long ago when it was still being ground to a pulp by Le Sewer.. “do we really have to?,” it would plaintively ask. And I would say, “am afraid we must..”

          I’m so happy those days are over and my heart can breathe again.. I like to think it looks like this now: http://www.heartfoundation.org.au/SiteCollectionImages/happy%20heart%20jump%202.jpg

  4. (1) Your Sun Sign Is…Capricorn

    (2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs? Virgo and Taurus

    (3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation? Are you kidding, what would be funny with three earth signs involved? Okay, maybe tragically funny, my lover’s wife’s mother committed suicide during our affair, and his wife was incabable of dealing with the aftermath (they had been estranged for years), so we both flew out (Virgo and Cap) to clean up her apartment (post gun-shot, several weeks before neighbor discovered body). The mother had been crazy, and had set up the entire apartment as some kind of macabre discovery, hoping it was her daughter that was going to arrive on the scene, little notes everywhere with poisonous messages directed at her daughter.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? Virgos never truly commit, they don’t like melodrama, though they are great with details and clean up.

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it? Virgos never truly commit.

    • The affair ended about 6 years ago, but it feels like an eternity. I went through a dark night of the soul afterwards, and it prompted me to seek out spiritual work to recover, then I also had to deal with a looming immigration problem that disctracted me for some time, now these years later my life has been transformed into something very different, new city, quieter, less public, my current SO knows next to nothing about M (the Virgo) and that is just as well. But I have spent the last couple of days thinking over this time of my life, and especially the suicide, I only told a few close friends about it and the affair, and now I never speak about it.

      M (the Virgo) at the same time that this happened, had just received a previously-confidential FBI file on his father, and he was processing a lot, his father had been a French banker, and had helped the Nazis funnel money out of France during the war. After the war, he escaped to the U.S. with the wife of a French ambassador. The jilted ambassador was so angry, he turned in M’s father to the U.S. authorities and thus began years within the courts and incarceration. M was conceived when his father was very old, and nkew him only briefly with no mention of the past events.

      So M (the Virgo) was pretty stressed out, after the suicide was discovered, we flew out to his wife’s mother’s city, and rented a car to drive to her apartment. While we were driving on the freeway, M suddenly lost his sight. He literally was blinded while driving, we managed to pull over to the edge of the road, and within about half-an-hour his sight returned.

      M and my affair ended as abruptly as it had started (I believe I had Venus opp Uranus at the time). We had a very intense affair, Mar opp Venus both ways. It was highly addictive, and exhausting.

  5. (1) Your Sun Sign Is… pisces

    (2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs?
    ARIES [the beautiful foreign G/F] & VIRGO [“HIM” – very libran aspects in chart..]

    (3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation?
    Typical pisces, couldn’t confess all / pounce, even when he was actually available. couldn’t move on until situation was irretrievable.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? Me, probably, procrastinating these vital matters of the heart out of pure shyness. And the Libran Virgo, always polite, friendly, SO interesting, charming, never actively ignoring me

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it?… SPEAK UP if I am smitten?

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be? “In the tradition of Ian McEwan, another depressing movie about unfulfilled dreams”

    im over it now, mostly, but it was certainly a very strange period in my life…ah well!!

  6. (1) Your Sun Sign Is… Virgo

    (2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs? Cancer/Aries and me
    I was pursued by closeted Cancer chick and I was mad about an Aries bloke who was seducing me but he had a girlfriend overseas. I had a crush on both which I guess makes me closeted bi-sexual. It was a mess.

    (3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation?
    Everyone was holding onto a lie

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion?
    Cancer was madly emotional. Aries was charming seducer and sucked in a Virgo desperate for words of love.

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it?

    Ariens are great seducers but not much else. Cancerians are too unstable

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be? The Real True Lies

  7. 1) Aries

    2) This will actually be a sort-of love square/polygon/whatever – Aries/Aqua/Saggo/Virgo

    Reader’s digest version: Aqua and Saggo are in a serious relationship. Virgo is a confirmed single. Aries has just escaped from a 13-year relationship with a Taurus. Somehow Aries gets the idea that the Virgo would make a good bedtime partner, and all seemed to be proceeding along that track until Saggo gets jealous that a man is paying attention to someone other than her, and starts making eyes at the Virgo. Virgo then proceeds to sleep with Saggo, and Aqua goes batshit insane, complete with a stay in the psych ward and a fistful of happy pills as a souvenir. Saggo then proceeds to make her way through the men of this town. Aqua collects himself somewhat, and decides Aries would make a good bedtime partner. Aries and Aqua proceed to a friends-with-benefits situation. Saggo gets wind of this, and once again gets jealous and traipses back into Aqua’s life (while throwing her relationship with Virgo in everyone’s face the entire time). Aqua jumps in with both feet once again, ends up finding out that Saggo’s bed has seen lots of action, and loses his cookies again. This time, Aqua decides Aries wants too much from him, and falls off the face of the planet after Aries blows up at him. Aries gets upset for approximately 24 hours, and then decides she’s DONE with the whole thing.

    3) Oh gods, the whole thing is rather asinine now that I’ve taken a step back from the situation. Basically, how could I ever have thought that either the Aqua or the Virgo was worth my time? (Well, the Aqua made for some seriously steamy sexytimes. Virgo, though? Pfft.)

    4) Other than the Saggo flitting from man to man and possessing less tact than the average gnat, really not. The Aqua went totalultramegaemo, the Virgo ended up committing to the Saggo (and shocking us all in the process) and fueling the drama, and as the Aries, I ended up bowing out rather than fighting to the finish (other than my last nuclear explosion directed at the Aqua). Now have my eyes trained on a rather interesting Gemini.

    5) Drama sucks.

  8. (1) Your Sun Sign Is… Pisces

    (2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs? Two guys, a Cancer and an Aries

    (3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation? Dating both of them. Nothing serious, just dating. I locked myself out of the house. The Aries worked nearby so I walked to his work to see if he could get off early to help me break into my house. While trying to break-in the Cancer guy just showed up. The two of them worked together to get into my house.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? Once inside the house neither one of them would leave. I told them both I had things to do but neither guy would be the first to leave. They were questioning each other about what they did for a living and sizing each other up. Then they started talking about me. Things like how long they had known me, my quirks, my friends, etc… They both made a point of getting themselves beers from my fridge and acting like they owned the place.

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it? I told them both to leave but they refused and said they were having too good of a time. Since the boys were busy “marking their territory,” I got in my car and left them sitting in my living room. I spent the night at a girlfriends house because I didn’t want to deal with the drama I knew would be going on all night long.

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be? “Can you have too many stallions in the corral?”

    • 2Natured, OMG, they DO do that don’t they?? Wot is that?? That happened to me in an island whilst on hiatus. Yes, moi, here in LA, a city of roughly 4 million peeps where dating is a hazardous activity somehow managed to get 2 on a 5 day island jaunt in the Pacific.

      Anyway, Guy 2 is asking me out whilst trying to impress me with his manly knowledge of oil rigs (he’s an engineer) just as Guy 1 arrives to pick me up for dinner. Because yes, ’twas when I was hanging about the hotel veranda waiting for Guy 1 to show up. Guy 1 is a German fashion entrepreneur on hols. We leave for the dinner late, because why?

      Exactly the same damn reason as those 2.

  9. (1) Capricorn

    (2) My Aries ex-bf, and his “new” Libra gf

    (3) He turned out to be a complete waste of time, because he’s not doing much with his life except talking “big”. She’s an idiot, who is too concerned about attempting to make herself look good, that she comes off as blatantly fake 80% of the time.

    (4) He did… thinking he could have his cake and eat it too. 😉 but not sooo…

    (5) I cut him out of my life (snip, snip) FOREVER, blocked them both on social networking, and moved the fu*k on! Occasionally, I gleefully remind myself of how much better I’m doing than both of them. Which.. um, I AM.

    (6) What a waste of precious time.

  10. I’m a Leo

    Aquarius(he) and Scorpio(the other other woman)

    He was impotent

    Sure; I was SOOO charming and playful; the other woman just waited for pay back time (and went on a very strict diet, even though she was v. slim).

    God, how trivial fu**ing around is.

    Don’t know but it would be long and in French and the film would be with heeps of talking talking talking.

  11. (1) Your Sun Sign Is…Aries

    (2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs? Aquarius boy, Taurus girl

    (3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation? They were friends, she denied having feelings for him, I denied having feelings for him, and he sincerely didn’t have feelings for either of us.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? He was completely above and removed from the situation. I was determined and kept. going. back.

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it? Ha, I moved away from the city! And sometimes you DO need to give up.

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be? “Fumbling in the dark.”

  12. (1) Libra

    (2) A male Scorp with lots of Libra and a female Sagg with lots of Pisces. Male Scorp liked us both but was sneaky & tried to play us off one another. (Luckily, we compared notes.) I liked female Sagg and Scorp. Sagg liked me and was still stuck on her ex-bf.

    (3) Wasn’t all that funny. Lots of strange omens like being saved from serious hail storm by Scorp. The individual hail stones themselves were all shaped like roses made of ice. <—NOT a JOKE or exaggeration. We saved some of it to show others.

    (4) Yup. Scorp got enraged at one point and smashed all the windows out of my car. He stalked Saggo girl at one point and threatened her.

    (5) When you pull "3 of Swords" next time, even though it is minor arcana, take it seriously by not getting further involved.

    (6) 'A magical realism psycho-thriller'

  13. Your Sun Sign is. . . Gemini

    Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs? Leo and Leo

    What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation? The two Leos were the same guy!

    Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? Most definitely me!! It was the worst kind of crush–the can’t eat can’t sleep endlessly play the loved one’s favorite yet horrible music while trying to convince yourself it has redeeming values kind of crush. He was very charming, but emotionally unavailable–obvious to himself and everyone else except me. He told me he was ‘involved’ with some super secret romance, and disappeared for nights on end. It was killing me. So of course one night I followed him–I couldn’t stand not knowing who ‘the other woman’ was. Well, it wasn’t another woman, it was his alter ego! I had trailed him to bondage club where he was revered as some kind of Knot King. Apparently people would line up to get tied up by him. As for him, he loved it–it was perfect for him! An endless parade of worshippers who needed no emotional commitment. I was flabbergasted–He had a secret life didn’t tell me? Didn’t he know I LOVE secret lives? Ouch, ouch and ouch. I still adore this guy, in a platonic way, and never told anyone, including him, what I had discovered.

    What did you do to resolve/learn from it? FOLLOW PEOPLE! All the time! It’s amazing what you find out!

    If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be?
    Sheesh–any number of knot related puns!

    • When he disappeared for days did he tell you, “Sorry babe, I got tied up, yada yada yada?” 🙂

      • heh–if he had a better sense of humor he might have, 2N. He was given to quoting Trainspotting though–‘never let your friends tie you to the tracks’!

      • Thanks fox, but I have to say my jaw is still hanging open over rose shaped hail. . .

    • dds, OH YES, when in doubt follow. Fuq decorum and privacy. Really I’d rather mine was a knot king vs sleeping with the eastern seaboard.

      You must have amazing gag-joke control!! I’d have been pretending to wrap something up at home, called him over and asked him to tie it “securely for me” just to see what he’d do.

  14. yeah at the time i took that meaning the universe was happy with me, but maybe it was actually the universe’s way of saying stay away from batsh*t psycho by trying to knock me out with ice balls.

  15. (1) Sun Sign: Sagittarius

    (2) Stupidest Love Triangle involved what other two signs: Taurus and Aries

    (3) Stupidest/funniest thing about the situation: The way we dumped each other. Aries asked me out, then five days later, dumped me by email. Taurus and I never asked, we just got in bed and never got out, but every weekend he would try to break it off but I kept at it til one day I felt tired of it and when he actually wanted a relationship, I dumped him. Then Aries came back and tried to woo me, but I was like “um you flirted with my brother” and crushed him, and decided Taurus was my match.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? Everything Aries did was for himself. And oh my god, it was hell trying to change Taurus’s mind. I kept moving to a different time zone, lolol

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it? Taurus sent a shower of gifts from books to clothes and chocolate and he booked me a flight to Seattle. Aries just posted on my Facebook wall: “i miss you.” I just felt the latter was weak.

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be? “They’re Not Done Yet.”

  16. (1) Me: Virgo

    (2) Them: Gemini, Libra, Taurus

    (3) She was my boss and we were both married – of course it would get ugly

    (4) You better believe it! I played obsessive Virgo who never quite made a move and never knew whether she (G) was into me or just playing games, he (L) played the diplomat and she (T) just simmered

    (5) It’s still cheating if you don’t kiss or fuq the object of your affection

    (6) Mrs Robinson v The Boss

    • In true Virgo style I’ll just clarify that I realise 4 is a square – but proverbially it can still be a triangle 😉

  17. 1) Aquarius
    2) Gemini and Gemini – talk about twin aspect!
    3) That I should not feel this way at all and have no reason to, major guilt complex, stupidest thing is he has no idea and that is a good thing and second stupidest thing is that I should feel this way as I have a wonderful partner.
    4)No, other Gemini who steals my thoughts not like other Gem who I remain loyal too
    5) The best affairs are sometimes the ones you never had
    6)Three air signs and a baby!

    • AquaRam – I hear you about #3 and #5 🙂

      Best thing about your #5 is that they never had the chance to disappoint 🙂

      • Absolutley true, actually thank you for that, that is a good way of looking at the situation!!

  18. Sorry to be very unpiscean but I am banning thoughts of seduction or carbs til Saturn stops opposing Pisces near the end of July. Til then it’s 100% disciplined attention on ‘project awesome’.

    But I will let on that my Leo partner seems to get more inspired when I get a crush on someone else. I have 2 crushes right now but the more I block out lascivious thoughts, the more I learn about them that makes me want them even more. Drat it!!

  19. (1) Your Sun Sign Is Libra

    (2) Me Libra/him Pisces/his girlfriend Kataka

    (3) What was the stupidest thing about the situation? The whole damn thing! He sprung it on me that he had feelings for me a week before he moved to the UK with his partner. He and I had been best friends for 10 years leading up to this.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? The fish boy in the real relationship decides female best friend is the best thing ever and he loves her but too bad he’s leaving. Means he will mope about the UK in a fantasy relationship with me but a real one with her. If he wanted it to be real he would have mentioned something about it sometime in the decade leading up to this announcement. He doesn’t want it to be real. He’s a Pisces and he is a sucker for a fantasy love life. If he was with me in real life I would lose my sheen and he would find another dream princess to mope about.

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it? Boys are stupid.

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be? How to Lose a Friend in 10 Hours.

  20. Which one to choose from… lol…

    (1) Your Sun Sign Is… Saggo

    (2) Your Stupidest Love Triangle/Three-Way/Crush On A Taken Person involved what other two signs?… Sort of love triangle of Me (Saggo), Him (Taurus) and Her (Aqua) – Taurus and Aqua were together

    (3) What was the stupidest/funniest thing about the situation?… Stupidest thing was that I really thought it would all work out for the best for everyone and everyone would be happy. I think that’s also the funniest thing.

    (4) Did anyone behave in an astro-cliched fashion? Aqua went batso when she found out me and Taurus were together (i mean, throwing my stuff through windows, leaving toxically poisonous messages on my voicemail, 10 page long hand written letters damning me to hell). Taurus did nothing really, just pandered to both of us. I eventually got fed up and waltzed away, not before cutting them completely from my life… (Well, the Taurus took a while, but the Aqua and her friends went straight away).

    (5) What did you do to resolve/learn from it?… Resolve – forgave everyone involved, including myself. Learnt not to fuq with another person’s sh!t, and don’t sleep with a guy even if his GF is fuqing around on him.

    (6) If this love/lust triangle were made into a movie, what would the tag line be?…. A brillant Combination of Psycho/Half Baked/Trainspotting and Prozac Nation.

  21. 1) peregrine sag in 8th house

    2) my best friend was an uber-scorpy gemini, and my boyfriend was a cap stellium with heavy pisces influences

    3)we were living in a tent in the woods and he was wanted by the cops

    4)they bonded over astral projecting while I wandered around with my head in the sand trying to ignore that development and hope things would work out for the best

    5) don’t get sucked into people. distance is necessary for optimium personal development. cutting people out of your life can be very soothing

    6) I don’t think I could sum up the amount of mind fucking that went on, too extensive

  22. Slowly stumbling out of Dark Moon Stupor, Mystic did you write this post for me?? Bit o’ the Aries rubbing off me obviously. Very well, then..sniff as yes I fell off Dukan terribly and am now hopping back on the cow. And the French accent, it’s the only way to do Dukan.

    1. Your sign is Kataka

    2. Stupidest love triangle EVER, groan… Scorp Sewer & Sergeant Cappo, Scorp Sewer & The Eastern Seaboard, Scorp Sewer & the Sex Industry

    3. Stupidest/Funniest thing about it was… the variety of victims/participants the Sewer sucked into his icky mire. There was the Gemini Tit Monster, ex-pornstar extraordinaire whose massive fake tits were lopsided (think dune buggy headlamps slapped and askew) & who ironically, had the SAME last name as mine – she was white but adopted by Asian parents. And after home invading me walked around my house searching for her glasses w/c were atop her head. I don’t think she’s seen her feet since the 80’s. Or the Constantly Tired Piscean Hooker in HKG. Or Bangkok Lily who actually looked more like a tired hookah than the tired Piscean hooker. Or that when the confrontation with Sgt. Cappo (the Sewer’s wife) finally came and I had mentioned we’d gone to Therapy, she asked, “what’s that?”.

    4. Astro Cliched Behavior? Why yes. I’m pretty sure the Sewer bored a new wormhole into the deepest muck surprising even Pluto himself, he’s lower than low Scorp..in fact Hell doesn’t like to speak of him as he actually gives them a bad rep. Sgt. Cappo predictably clinging on to dead structures. And I very much tried to compassion my way through this in typical Kataka fashion..for a bit anyway.

    5. What did I learn from it??? What did I NOT? That a Sewer is a Sewer is a Sewer. And that my own Fabulosity can never be denied. Oh, and that his sewerage wasn’t about me..but that I had my own issues I was able to face sparked by his muck.

    6. Movie Tag Line: Sewer I, II & III “Oh yes, there will be Blood”
    Or, “New Game, Different Pieces”.

  23. Leo
    two other leos
    it started at the hairdressers
    all of us, me and her got hair extensions, he said he was getting therapy but cheating on us with his golf caddy
    i went blonder and began pilates
    Hair Today Goon Tomorrow